The Blacklist s05e13 Episode Script

The Invisible Hand

1 Yeah, so you've got everything? Wonderful.
Thank you so much for coming, and drive carefully.
All right, we look forward to having you again.
WOMAN: Bye, Zeke.
Zeke! Perfect timing.
Tim was just telling us how Sophia picked him up at a bar.
She used to be ‭the shyest girl in school.
Well, she wasn't shy with me.
Can we please change the subject? Sure.
I want to hear more about what Tim does for a living.
I told you.
I make security products.
You make the cheapest handguns on the market today.
You flood poor cities with guns that have no value to anyone but criminals.
Your sales drive up homicide rates.
You profit off misery.
That's blood money, Tim.
What the hell is this? It isn't against the law to sell guns.
No, it isn't.
In fact, the law protects gun makers like you from being sued.
Is that why you brought me here, to insult me? We all brought you here.
Not to insult you.
To punish you.
Keen, I have your husband's personal effects.
How'd you do it? Excuse me? I know you killed Navarro, and I know you left that bloody rag behind at his apartment.
What I don't know is how you broke into evidence lockup and stole it before it was sent to the lab.
Someone broke into the evidence lockup? I'm here to deliver Tom's things in person - Step back.
- and all you do is lie.
You know, you better be careful, Detective, because no matter what you believe, you're still talking to a Federal agent.
We'll see how cool you are when I do come to arrest you.
Because that day is coming.
Thank you for bringing Tom's things.
Cooper here.
I need your help.
Here outside the upstate New York town of Harrington, locals have long told ghost stories about these abandoned fields and the walking dead who haunt them.
Last night for a few teens, those stories became all too real.
Alex, can you tell us what happened? You know, we hopped the fence and walked into the fields, you know, on a dare, and that's when I saw the new grave.
So far, authorities have uncovered one dead body and are continuing to investigate.
I have to say, ‭I would've done exactly the same when I was a kid.
It's a ghost story creepy woods, rumors of corpses walking around in the dead of night.
Is that your dog, or a customer's? What a dear.
You're a good girl.
All right, off you go.
A few days ago, Tim Gorman, the owner of Ballistic-Nine, a controversial ‭gun manufacturing company based in Reading, Pennsylvania, disappeared.
That's who's in the shallow grave, Tim Gorman, the businessman who makes gun a fifth the price of an iPhone? Murdered, I believe, by a provocative group known as The Invisible Hand.
I saw the news.
They found Gorman.
Yeah, not just Gorman.
Long, hang on, I want to conference in Sophia.
So, they're vigilantes going after criminals the legal system has failed to convict? The criminals here aren't really criminals at all.
That's the point.
The Invisible Hand chooses targets who aren't actually aren't committing crimes under existing law.
Like Tim Gorman.
Everything he did was perfectly legal.
Yes, but morally reprehensible in the eyes of the Hand.
Eyes of the Hand.
What an odd turn of phrase.
- I'm on.
- Mommy, Mommy Everly, baby, Mommy has to take this call.
We don't really have time for this.
I'm sorry, but I wasn't exactly expecting the call.
Look, can we all just stay focused, please? Now, we all saw the news.
As we speak, the police are digging up the entire site.
- We'll be exposed - You don't know that.
- Oh, my God.
- Mom! I agree with Stephen.
We've always covered our tracks.
Nothing at the site leads back to us.
Look, let me do some sniffing around at the paper.
I can call a few sources, see what the police really know.
We meet up later at Zeke's.
RESSLER: Does Reddington have any proof that The Invisible Hand is killing these people? Gorman's body was found in a shallow grave in a Superfund site in a town called Brenford.
He believes others ‭are buried there, as well.
- Brenford Okay.
Uh, their biggest employer was the Atria Chemical Corporation.
They dumped so many toxins that the EPA set up the site, 10 square miles of uninhabitable land.
It's the perfect place to dump bodies.
Navabi, Ressler, reach out the investigating team.
Meet them on site.
If that is a mass grave out there, I want to know who the bodies are.
The chemical concentration in the soil isn't uniform.
Some of the pockets are highly corrosive, others are less toxic.
All right, here's your gun-maker.
They planted him where there's a huge concentration of chemicals.
How many bodies have you found? Six so far, but the topography makes me think we're gonna find more.
I pulled this down for you.
It's a surveillance camera.
The EPA monitors these sites to study terrain shifts.
Where was this installed exactly? Facing the one access road, in a birch.
It takes one photo a day.
It shows the changes in the topsoil caused by the toxins.
We're gonna need to see the images on this - as soon as possible.
- You got it.
BOBBY: Cops don't know anything yet.
They can't figure who most of the bodies are, let alone connect them to us.
Look, everything we do, we do together.
We choose who is deserving of punishment together.
We execute sentence together, and we all equally responsible, so if you guys want to stop, we stop.
But I think once you see this, you'll realize that isn't possible now.
You found her.
She's here.
She's back in the country.
But not for long.
She has to die.
Don't forget why we started this.
I say we vote.
Anna Hopkins, you will know The Invisible Hand.
We've discovered nine bodies so far.
Any idea how they were killed? The autopsies suggest they were buried alive, each of them put in the ground conscious, fully aware of what was happening.
I've got four names for you so far.
Gorman, the gun-maker, you know.
The second body's Ralph Ellis.
He went missing two years ago.
He works for Ace-Gen Pharmaceuticals.
The ones that ‭jacked up the cancer prices so high the poor couldn't afford them.
But the rest of them are mostly skeletons.
Edward Waybur and David Flynn I'd guess they were the first ones put in the ground.
Waybur was a retired judge.
Flynn was a lawyer in Philly.
- Hey! - Excuse me.
We know The Invisible Hand targeted the gun maker and the Big Pharma exec, but what did Waybur and Flynn do to deserve being killed? [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
Anthony Pagliaro? DEMBE: He won't leave, Raymond.
He said he's sorry for the unexpected visit, but it's a work-related emergency.
The man works at a post office.
What kind of emergency could we be talking about? Bring him in.
I know.
Don't even say it unexpected drop-ins, not kosher.
All I can say is I would never if it wasn't an absolute em Emergency.
Dembe said.
In my experience, everyone has their own definition of an emergency.
Somebody's trying to kill me.
That fits my definition.
It's my fault.
I needed some money.
So, there's this guy at work, you know, he has this route, told me about this house, said it was a big drug spot.
So I covered his route for a week, I found this package that I figured was loaded with, you know, whatever, something that I could sell.
It's drugs, so maybe they don't report it.
If they do report it, I say "I have no idea.
With everything I deliver, it must of went missing somehow.
" I'm remembering now why I make the plans when we do business.
And I was dead on.
Package was loaded cocaine.
So now, I'm rich, right? Boom! Next day, I get a visit from a walking refrigerator calls himself Big Willie Wilkins.
Imagine the confidence a man has to have in his own genitals to take on the nickname like "Big Willie.
" Oh, yeah, he's confident all right.
He's also koo-koo-ka-choo.
And he's not buying my story how his shipment went missing.
So I told him that it was stolen.
By another dealer, I hear the guys at work talk about from the neighborhood Momo, they call him, Momo Marinello.
Does Momo know you're the one who falsely accused him? Oh, yeah.
I'm his prime suspect, and he's going to kill me for sure.
What did you need the money for? I'd rather not say.
Does it matter? [CHUCKLES.]
It does to me.
All right, I-I'm I'm dating this girl now, okay, and, uh, you know, she's a little bit out of my league, so I just thought I could use a little, uh, you know, a little, uh, help in the liposculpture.
I know! ‭It's embarrassing, all right? I'm not proud of it.
It doesn't mean I deserve two in the back of the head from Big Willie Wilkins.
Come, let's take a ride over and see this Large William and explain the misunderstanding.
What? No.
That's a bad idea.
In a matter like this, honesty is always the best policy.
What's left? I want to get back to the hotel and take a bath.
Your last interview just got here.
You're punctual.
I like punctuality.
Anna Hopkins.
Nice to meet you.
Thanks for seeing me, Ms.
Take a seat.
Let's get started.
Smart of you to do this story now.
Once we announce this new initiative, we expect to be very busy here.
I-I'm sorry.
‭Do you mind if I have a water? Oh.
Thanks to Steve Jobs, every new product line has to be kept secret and then launched like a movie.
What are you doing? Sorry.
You don't mind if I record this, do you? I don't know how you even got a hit.
I mean, that camera takes one photo every 24 hours of that access road.
It's incredible.
What are the chances it would capture a suspicious car? I know, right? ‭They're like slim to none, which is probably why it didn't happen.
I looked at 730 photos.
No cars in the foreground on the road, but one photo had something in the background, and I enhanced it.
Why would anyone visit a contaminated site without protective gear? Now, who the hell is that? [TOOTH CLATTERS.]
LIZ: Oleander Tom was still researching the name when he was killed.
It's a person.
So you found something.
I made some calls, cashed in a few favors from friends working in counter-intelligence.
Oleander was the name of a Russian operative active during the Cold War.
A Russian agent? I'm not sure he's even still alive.
A few years ago, ‭the CIA thought he might be living here in the United States under an assumed name.
That was never proven.
No charges were ever filed.
Thank you for this.
Agent Keen, be very careful.
If that man is the operative they call Oleander, he's extremely dangerous.
And he won't appreciate FBI agents dropping by to ask him questions.
Dominic Wilkinson? Who's asking? Elizabeth Keen, FBI.
I was hoping to ask you a few questions.
There's something a little "on the nose" about a drug operation in the back of a candy factory.
I can't get Sammy Davis Jr.
out of my head.
Big Willie! I appreciate you taking the time.
Raymond damn Reddington.
I thought somebody was pulling my chain.
Certainly not me! Although I must admit, there has been a modicum of chain-pulling of late.
I believe you know my associate, Anthony.
- He's with you? - He is.
Look, Mr.
Wilkins um, Willie, [LAUGHS.]
About the package the thing is I know that I had told you that it was stolen, but the truth is I'm sorry.
‭I'm a lightheaded right now.
Oh oh, boy.
Oh, for God's sake.
Your package was stolen, Willie, but not by Momo Marinello.
I'm afraid your first instinct was correct.
Anthony took it in an extremely misguided effort to finance a personal procedure he'd rather not discuss except amongst friends.
What matters is, now that you know the truth, you can call off whatever search you're conducting.
Anthony will pay you back in full with interest.
No harm, no foul.
No harm? Oh, Willie.
You certainly work fast.
My guys caught up with Momo about an hour ago.
MUNCIE: All right, this is David Flynn, the personal injury lawyer from Philly.
The other body was Judge Waybur.
Both men have a connection to the ghost town where the bodies were found.
Waybur spent his entire career hearing cases in the City of Brenford, and before Flynn moved to Philadelphia, he was the general counsel of the Atria Corporation, the chemical company that poisoned Brenford.
Sounds like a good enough reason for The Invisible Hand to want them dead.
Yes, but what about Judge Waybur? Did Flynn ever appear in a case before him? I had the same question.
Flynn appeared before Judge Waybur to defend Atria - in one case.
- ‭About what? I can't say.
The records are sealed under court order.
Sealed by Judge Waybur himself? Another plaintiff sought to have the case unsealed almost 15 years ago and failed.
- Do we know why? - No.
All I have is the name of the person who tried Stephen Altman.
Oh, my God.
Look who it is.
It's our ghost the man from the photo walking out of the woods.
Stephen Altman was raised in Brenford.
His parents died of bone cancer, supposedly as a result of Atria's chemical spills.
Stephen was a teenager when he sued Atria for wrongful death.
Ultimately, his case was dismissed for failure to meet the burden of proof.
I can't find any record of him over the last two years no taxes paid, no driver's license, no address.
Maybe he moved back.
Look, I know it sounds crazy, but if he's out there walking around those woods without a hazmat suit, maybe he's reckless enough to move back to Brenford.
DOM: Well, what brings and FBI agent out to visit with an old, retired systems analyst? You're not a retired systems analyst, Mr.
Then who am I? I think you're a former Russian operative codenamed Oleander.
Oleander? That's why you're here, chasing that old ghost story? You were investigated by the CIA.
Yes, I was investigated by the CIA, and I was cleared.
The case was put on hold due to insufficient evidence, but if the CIA came after you, they had a reason.
What's this all about? Be straight with me, young lady.
I'll be straight with you.
My husband was killed over a year ago, and I'm trying to understand why.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
I'm not Oleander.
The CIA took a look at me because I used to work with Russian intelligence, but I was I was not an apparatchik, an agent.
I was an analyst ‭in the civilian sector agricultural production, sugar beets.
There had to be more to it.
After the Cold War, I came to this country to teach analytics.
I was granted asylum and citizenship.
I changed my name, I stated over.
I wish I could help you.
I can see that you're a good person, kind.
Your eyes remind me of someone.
You said you worked for Russian intelligence, so you knew operatives.
Yes, but not Oleander.
What about Katarina Rostova? Yes.
Yes, I knew Katarina quite well.
Hey, I thought Momo stole from me.
What else was I supposed to do? You didn't have to kill him.
If I don't respond, ‭I look weak, and if I look weak, somebody's gonna wrap me up in a plastic bag.
Leadership is about more than the showing of strength, William.
It's also about knowing when to show restraint.
Restraint? Oh, you mean like me not putting a bullet in your man's head for lying to me?! Okay, like I said, bad idea.
My associate here is the least of your concerns right now.
Do you realize what you've done? Momo's guys are going to have to retaliate.
Put the gun down.
Hey, we got some cars coming up.
William, you've started a drug war.
Raymond! [GROANS.]
Oh, shoot.
Anthony? Anthony! [GAGS.]
Dembe! I don't want to die.
You're not gonna die.
We're gonna get you help right now.
Looks like the end of the world.
This is where Altman grew up.
The whole town's dead, no power for miles.
Why is there smoke ‭coming out of that chimney? - Go! Go! - To your right! Clear! He must have heard us.
It looks like he took off.
What is this? Surveillance gear.
So he's tracking someone.
We know Stephen Altman was tracking someone or something using the gear we found in his house.
We have to assume it's The Invisible Hand's next victim.
There, for the last 22 minutes, that tracker hasn't moved.
The Braxton Hotel? Maybe that's where their next target is staying? ARAM: Probably.
I'm working on it now.
Fortunately, the device they're using is a three-axis accelerometer on steroids.
It doesn't just track front-to-back and left-to-right, it also tracks up-and-down.
You can determine the altitude? Yeah, I think whoever The Invisible Hand is watching is currently at this point in space 282 feet above the ground, and I've been roughing out a 3-D simulation of the Braxton Hotel, and if I can superimpose it over the tracking point then that is the 17th floor.
Ah, I know.
I know.
Isn't he adorable? Call the hotel.
Find out who's staying in that room.
You two, get there.
Her daughter? Masha? Of course.
T-That's who you remind me of.
Ah, there's such a strong resemblance.
I never knew my mother.
Ah, Katarina and I, we worked in the same building for a time.
Ah, she was a legend already, even then.
Everybody wanted to know her.
And you were friends? I saw you with her once.
She had to stop by the office for something urgent, and and there you were, maybe 3 years old.
Did you know Reddington? I don't want to talk about Reddington.
Why not? [GLASS CLINKS.]
I just don't.
Do you think she's dead? Katarina? I know they say she committed suicide, but there was a man, Anton Velov.
He was a Colonel in the Spetsnaz.
He said she might still be alive.
I never heard from Katarina after she left for America.
What really happened to her I think there are some people who want to keep ‭that information a secret.
And I think they will do whatever is necessary even now to keep it that way.
All right, the guest is Anna Hopkins.
She's Executive Vice President of Optimize, a European company that specializes - in green energy initiatives.
- Green energy? Doesn't that make her one of the good guys? Why is she being targeted, then? It seems before Anna Hopkins started trying to save the planet, she was one of the people polluting it.
She was a senior executive at Atria Chemical.
Hopkins was in charge of matters related to the chemical spill on behalf of the company.
Yeah, and apparently after Atria shut down, she accepted a job in London and has been overseas ever since.
- And it looks like she's just in town to give a speech announcing a new product that her company's working on.
- Yes? - I got a priority overnight here for an Anna Hopkins.
ANNA: Thank you.
Leave it outside.
I can't do that.
You need to sign.
Hang on a sec.
Hello? Yes, this is Anna Hopkins in 1712.
There's a courier here who says he has a delivery for me.
I'm just confirming you sent him up.
I see.
- Braxton Hotel, security.
- Security, this is Agent Navabi with the FBI.
We have reason to believe that one of your guests is in imminent danger, Anna Hopkins.
MAN: Room 1712 Yeah, we just got a call.
I'm about to send a team up right now.
What call? What's happening? - Excuse me, sir.
- There's no problem, Officers.
I'm just trying to deliver a package.
MAN: Not without checking in first, you're not.
Let's go.
Thank you so much.
Aah! 15 seconds.
Get her up.
- Stop! FBI! - FBI! Lower your weapon! [GUNFIRE.]
RESSLER: She's still alive.
Roll an ambulance with backup to our location.
- Hands up! - Suspects in a maroon van, unmarked, no rear plate.
STEPHEN: Hello, there.
What's going on? When we bury you, we want you to feel as powerless as your victims did when you were at Atria and destroyed our town.
Brenford? That's what this is about? We know what you did.
One of our neighbors sued you over a year before everyone else got sick.
You ordered your lawyer to negotiate a secret settlement with them.
Which was perfectly legal.
Your blood money bought their silence so you could go on making millions while we got to watch everyone we love get sick and suffer and die.
I felt horrible about what happened.
I-I left the business.
I'm working in alternative energy now, trying to make amends.
Amends? ‭For killing our parents? For killing me? [MUFFLED MOANING.]
RESSLER: Where were they going? Hey, answer the question, because if that woman dies I can't.
Look, we know about The Invisible Hand.
We know you're working with Stephen Altman.
It's over.
‭We know about Tim Gorman, David Flynn, Judge Edward Waybur.
Whoever you're working with, you can't protect them You don't understand.
They're not peop lem I'working with.
They're my best friends.
We grew up together.
SAMAR: You care about your friends, but do you care about them more than your own children? We're giving you an opportunity here perhaps the only chance you'll get to see them outside of prison.
It was just supposed to be them David Flynn, Judge Waybur, and Anna Hopkins.
They did this to us.
They settled that case, made sure that it was sealed.
The law allowed them to kill all those families in Brenford.
We all agreed we had to do something, so we did.
We found all of them except Anna Hopkins.
And after, I knew we should stop.
But Stephen he said that there was no going back.
We were killers now, and we owe it to ourselves and the other victims to keep going.
Where were they taking Hopkins? Stephen's dying.
He found out almost two years ago the same bone cancer that killed his parents and mine and Zeke's and Bobby's Sophia, where were they going.
Back to that wasteland to bury her in the same ground she destroyed.
To the Superfund site.
That's the one place they know we'll be looking.
You can try, but you'll never find them in time.
It's 10 square miles of brush and wilderness.
I can show you where they are.
There's a clearing 40 yards west of our old high school.
How do you know that's where they'll be? Because that's where we dug the grave.
What the hell was that? The FBI was waiting for us.
- Take it easy, Bobby.
- Easy?! We were sitting ducks.
They knew we were about to make a move on Hopkins.
- Yes, yes.
- ‭How did they know? Probably because they raided my house in Brenford.
They found all our surveillance gear.
What? No, Stephen, no.
You should've told us that.
W-We would've called it off.
That's exactly why ‭I didn't tell you, 'cause I knew none of you would step up to the plate and finish what we started.
We finally got Anna Hopkins.
Nothing else matters.
Nothing matters to you, 'cause you're dying.
We have things to live for.
For now, until you get sick.
Don't think that you won't.
We have kids and families.
We love you, S-Stephen, but you s-should've told us.
Let us decide for ourselves.
- I'm sorry, Bobby.
- ‭Yeah.
I won't make it to a hospital.
You finish what we started.
Have a seat.
I'm not asking, William.
Look, man, why am I here? I'm not gonna touch your boy Anthony, if that's what you're worried about, all right? I got enough problems now.
You're here because I want some information.
Truth be told, my desire to help Anthony with his little situation was not entirely altruistic.
I have a project that would benefit from your experience selling narcotics.
Which is? The Nash Syndicate.
I want to go after the Nash Syndicate.
Nash? Come on, man.
You want to go up against those guys? You're a big enough fish.
Why risk that? I'm not a big fish, William.
I'm Moby Dick.
Even so, those Nash guys are untouchable.
I got 10 guys in lockup right now for every one Nash soldier inside.
And when was the last time a shipment of theirs got seized coming in at the port, hmm? Doesn't happen.
Why not? Who knows? But what they say? It's 'cause the Nash Syndicate is protected by the cops.
- Stop! FBI! - FBI! [SCREAMS.]
RESSLER: So, you confess to murdering all those people? The Invisible Hand is a corrective force.
I corrected what I knew to be wrong in the world.
And you deny nothing? Deny it? I'm proud of it.
Long after I'm gone, the story of what we accomplished will live on.
And, uh, what story is this? The story of six kids who lived on the same cul-de-sac in an idyllic town, six kids who thought the world was a beautiful place where wonderful things would happen if they just worked hard, played by the rules if they were just good people.
Then one day, they watched while everyone they loved got sick and died.
Killers never held responsible.
But you know what those idealistic kids did? They stayed idealistic.
They went out into the world to try and change things, make it a better place, pursued careers to help the powerless, to unearth the truth and expose the bad guys, and they tried to see the good in the world.
And you know what they learned? It doesn't work.
The world hadn't changed.
They hadn't made it a better place.
And then one of our six heroes died of the same bone cancer that took his mom and his dad.
The other five met up after years away at his funeral, and there, standing over his coffin, a plan emerged, a new plan to change the world, only this time being as ruthless with the world as it had been with them.
And this vigilante justice You really think that that's what this world needs? I'm done trying to figure out what this world needs.
I will die knowing I did what I could.
Just because something's legal doesn't mean that it's right or that it shouldn't be punished.
What's wrong? [LAUGHS.]
Nice greeting.
How the hell do you know something's wrong? Because you're calling, and I don't hear from you unless it's urgent.
She was here Masha.
- How? - ‭How is a problem, yeah, but not as big a problem as why.
She was here looking for Oleander.
Apparently, she thinks tracking him down will help solve her husband's murder.
What did she say? Be specific.
She doesn't know Oleander's me.
I certainly didn't tell her.
And since I know ‭all you care about is yourself, you can stop worrying.
I didn't say a word about you.
My own granddaughter three feet away after almost 30 years, I couldn't say a damn thing to her.
I can't talk about this now.
You should tell her.
Enough secrets.
She deserves to know.
We can talk about this later.
Samar's here to question Bobby, but I asked if you could speak with him first.
Liz says he might be able to help locate Tom's killer.
How? ‭I asked the same question.
Hello, Bobby.
You know, I once knew a man who was shot 20 times in the torso and survived 20 times.
Achiko Takahashi.
Who are you? You see, poor Achiko found himself at mortal odds with a particularly vengeful yakuza kumicho - Guard! - ‭Oh, never mind.
It's not a great story.
Except for the fact that young Achiko lived.
God, apparently.
He was absolutely certain it was God who saved him, which may be true, but science, believe it or not, was somewhat on his side.
They say over 80% of targets on the body are not fatal.
What about you, Bobby? After all those people you and your friends have killed, you think God smiled down on you today? What do you want? I want the one they call the Toymaker.
I know he did work for The Invisible Hand.
Word is he built you and your friends some rather remarkable surveillance equipment.
Where can I find him? How do you know about the Toymaker? You're not a cop.
Who are you? Answer the question, Bobby.
Or what? Or I'm going to do to you what those 20 bullets couldn't do to Achiko Takahashi.
Right with you, friend.
I appreciate your optimism, Mr.
Bandicott, but I fear we aren't going to be friends.
Please, ca call me Cleveland.
You know who I am, Cleveland? Good.
That's helpful, and only fair since I also know who you are.
The Toymaker.
May I? I've always wanted a soldering gun.
- I ain't the one - Here, you take mine.
- I say, I ain't the one - [STAMMERS.]
You're not gonna need that, Mr.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
I'm I'm guessing you didn't drop in to pick up a used VCR? [LAUGHS.]
A VCR? Gosh, I've got a couple of boxes of VHS's in a storage unit somewhere.
My God, I haven't seen them in years.
A bunch of Laurel and Hardy's, "The Conversation," "Singin' in the Rain.
" This is what we're here to talk about.
You custom built this for a drug dealer named Navarro.
I don't know who that is, sweetheart.
I ain't the one I ain't the one that you're looking for now Call me "Sweetheart" again.
Hey, I'm serious.
Look, I-I-I'm cooperating here.
Guy who came in, I never worked with him before, but he wasn't the kind of dude you say no to, which I'm guessing you guys know by now.
He never told me his name, and I've been doing this long enough not to ask.
That's all I know.
RED: That's not all you know, Cleveland.
He had specifications.
Man knew exactly what he wanted.
And that that eye was only the beginning.
I've built him what might be the most advanced surveillance and counter-surveillance gear out there right now.
And this man was familiar with the state of the art? Are you kidding? We spent five minutes talking about conical R-F energy frequencies for handheld wall-penetrating Dopplers in both azimuth and elevation.
Man, you know, it was almost like the guy was A cop? Thank you, Cleveland.
You've been a terrific help.
- "Get ready to party"? - Best I could do.
They were fresh out of "Sorry I Shot You' balloons.
Careful now.
Lomay says to expect some light bruising around the ribs, and don't remove the compression garment.
I ain't the one - I ain't the one - You didn't.
I figured since you were going under the knife anyway, it would be a good opportunity to get it over with.
Hey, yeah Thank you.
Give my regards to your new girlfriend.
I ain't the one [SNIFFS.]
What about Big Willie? Doesn't he, uh, still want to kill me? Get some sleep, Tony.
Big Willie won't bother you again.
I'm confused.
You made it very clear that coming back to work on cases wasn't your top priority.
It still isn't, but I think under the circumstances, it's what's best for everyone.
Under the circumstances? Meaning that whatever you learned about Tom's death you think having a badge is necessary to get revenge.
Why? Because I think whoever killed Tom has one, too.
He's police? Federal or state? I don't know, but if he is a cop, he's not the only one.
And I'm gonna need you, everyone, if I'm gonna have any chance at taking them down.
Welcome back, Agent Keen.
We've missed you.
I've missed you.
You got to get everybody together.
Agent Keen could become a serious problem.
Why? She worked her way up to Navarro.
She killed him.
I'm more convinced than ever.
We can deal with Keen.
I'll call a meeting.

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