The Blacklist s05e14 Episode Script

Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III

1 You're late.
I came as soon as I could.
The train was delayed.
I was very clear about being punctual.
What? You're joking, right? I'm five minutes late.
Barrett, if this were to work, it will depend entirely on on the routines and the patterns that I set forth.
And as you're failing already, I doubt your ability to stay the course over time.
I-It won't happen again.
Tell me again about that day how you found her, how it felt.
What? Walk me through what happened with Nicki.
You came home early because? We'd been having problems.
I wanted to surprise her.
I remember her shoes.
There was a set of keys on the table.
Don't tell me what you saw.
Tell me what you felt, what you feel.
- I felt - [MOANS.]
Nothing else.
I wasn't hurt or sad or betrayed.
All I felt was rage like the only thing that mattered was that she - [MOANING CONTINUES.]
- I wanted I wanted to hurt her.
Not him.
That feeling you have right now that anger I want you to hold on to that, because that malice you feel in your heart is more dependable than any contract killer or hit man or third person.
Can you do that, Brian? Is your hatred big enough to sustain you? [MOANING CONTINUES.]
You remember that.
I will contact you again when you have gathered the items on this list.
Three pairs of yellow running shoes, an iPhone an apartment on Washington Place? It's a lovely little unit.
Just around the corner.
You want me to rent an apartment in Manhattan? You want a perfect alibi for murdering your wife? I'll do it today.
When you're watching your wife die, it it will be well worth the wait.
That detective, Singleton, he was in my apartment while I was out.
- What? - No warrant.
Just broke in.
Where did you get these? I installed cameras in my house.
I had my suspicions, and now I have proof.
The lead detective investigating Tom's murder is a dirty cop.
Where are you on reinstatement? I have my fitness-for-duty evaluation tomorrow.
50 minutes of pure reflection and self-evaluation.
- You've been to therapy? - God, yes.
Therapy helped me become - an entirely different person.
Agent Navabi is ready to meet.
Several years ago, one of my bankers in Liechtenstein shared with me some unpublished works by Carl Jung handwritten notes on napkins, journals, and such.
It was easily the most enlightening, consequential five days I've ever spent in a chalet.
What about that week in Davos? Yes.
That was a cottage.
Agent Navabi, are you familiar with the Innocence Project? Of course.
They use DNA evidence to exonerate the wrongfully convicted.
The majority of the convictions they overturn are based on eyewitness testimony.
People who swore they'd seen something they hadn't.
What does this have to do with Sam DeMarco? Mr.
DeMarco was brought in for questioning in connection with the untimely demise of his business partner.
As it occurred in the wake of a bitter falling-out between the two, the police identified Mr.
DeMarco as a prime suspect.
Until four eyewitnesses placed him miles from the scene of the crime.
People think memory - works like a video recorder The mind records events and then, on cue, plays back an exact replica.
In truth, memories are reconstructed more like putting together an ever-changing jigsaw puzzle than replaying a video.
So the witnesses are wrong? Manipulated.
Into providing a killer with an airtight alibi by a master in the art of misdirection.
The next name on the Blacklist.
A man appropriately known as The Alibi.
NAVABI: Albert Gelfeld.
The prime suspect in the death of his estranged father.
Caroline McClean.
Person of interest in the disappearance of the heir to a real estate empire.
Bjorn Erikson.
The last person to be seen with a Lebanese diplomat before his body turned up in the East River.
Three suspects in three unsolved crimes.
Like Sam DeMarco, each had motive, opportunity, and, according to Reddington, they are all guilty.
How does he say this "Alibi" does it? Witness tampering? Bribery? Could be that he just gets someone else to commit the crime for his clients.
Times it so that when it takes place they're someone else, like out in public so other people see them.
The details in your inquiry They were pretty vague.
It is a strange type of request, but easy money, as they say.
What do you do? You an artist? In a manner of speaking, yes.
Apparently, The Alibi only works with people who want to commit the crimes themselves.
He doesn't offer hit men, only alibis.
That allow people to be in two places at once.
The Alibi can exonerate anyone from any crime by getting people he's never met to swear to things they've never seen.
Ressler, Navabi, find the witness that says she saw DeMarco at the time of the murder.
Press her for details, flaws in her story.
I want to know if she made an honest mistake or is an accessory to murder.
Like I said, I already told the cops what I know.
You saw DeMarco on the day of the incident.
- Did you speak to him? - No.
I was on the phone.
How do you know it was him? - Because I saw him.
- Did you? Or were you paid to say that's what you saw? You think I'd be working here if someone paid me off? Look, I know what I saw.
The guy comes in every morning for coffee and a paper like clockwork.
You can set your watch by him.
- Every morning? - Yeah.
For coffee, paper, his lottery tickets.
He bought lottery tickets on the morning in question? 20 bucks' worth.
Right after pulling cash out of the ATM.
We're gonna need access to that camera.
NAVABI: Certainly looks like him.
The hat and the sunglasses look a little suspicious.
That's what I thought.
And here we go.
- It's him.
- Yes.
Except it's not.
Facial recognition software says it is only an 81% match with discrepancies in vein pattern, eye distance, and pitch of the lower lip.
- Maybe the system's wrong.
- Oh, the system could be wrong, but if it's right and I suspect that it is then you are looking at an exceptionally convincing double who helped Sam DeMarco get away with murder.
Release the photo to the Bureau and local PDs, see if we can't get a match if he's been arrested, charged.
Whoever this double is, he's got a name, and I want to know what it is.
You did well.
About this routine.
Who are you trying to make me look like? Mr.
Thompson, we agreed.
No questions.
It's just you're paying me a lot of money to go on a jog and get a cup of coffee? Is this who I'm supposed to be? This Barrett? Brian Barrett? I wish you hadn't done that.
I'm, like, doubling this guy? Are people supposed to think I'm him? - Look, if this is illegal - I'm sorry.
Unfortunately, this won't work with you.
Don't fight it.
Oh, don't fight it.
Hey, this is [CHUCKLES.]
How it would have ended anyway.
Mm? Let it go.
Just let it go.
Thank you for coming.
I assume it's a pressing matter.
It's about Agent Keen.
I know you've been helping her look for the man who killed her husband.
- Yes.
- I would imagine the methods you and she have employed have been, shall we say, fast and loose.
I asked you here to tell you that has to end.
BOLO went out an hour ago.
Still nothing on Shula.
This was the man eyewitnesses ID'd as Sam DeMarco.
And this is DeMarco.
He's using doubles.
A homeless man matching DeMarco's description was picked up for public intoxication last month.
Kahil Shula.
Where he is now is anyone's guess.
Some guess.
Others know.
May I? We'll do everything we can to help Elizabeth find Tom's killer.
But once she's reinstated, Elizabeth will have to enforce the rules, not break them.
Let's talk about your daughter.
She's with her grandmother until this ends.
Until what ends? Until I find closure.
And how do you envision that happening? Through revenge.
That's why I need you to help me find another way.
Does the desire for revenge come naturally to you? I think it comes naturally to anyone who's seen her husband murdered.
Let's talk about Raymond Reddington.
What about him? Well, I know something of your relationship to him.
I can't make a worthwhile evaluation until I know everything.
What did psych services tell you about me? Only that, in order to get my badge back, I need your okay.
Before I give you that, you feel you need closure.
Don't you? If by closure, you mean become numb to the pain caused by Tom's death or anesthetize it, then, no, I don't think you need that.
Anger is not an unhealthy emotion.
It generates passion, risk, the desire to paint outside the lines.
I'm drawn to that.
And my guess is that you are, too.
What makes you say that? Let's talk about your father.
Oh! If it isn't R Squared and my man Dembe.
Hello, Marion.
- It's been too long, Marty.
You look wonderful.
Well, we're up to 700 meals a day.
We got housing for another 60.
Wouldn't be half that without your help.
I give, and I get the eyes and ears of an invisible army.
Speaking of which, Kahil Shula.
Homeless, in considerable trouble.
I need to find him.
So please circulate the photo and the word.
Done and done-r.
Now, how about you two come and try some of Randy's raisin bread pudding? Sounds absolutely delightful.
Let's go.
SINCLAIR: Ritual is everything.
Respect it, and, in time, it will become second nature.
Until then, find the signposts.
Each morning, your run will begin between 8:00 and 8:10.
Along your route, there's a young man who opens 192 Books a falafel vendor on 10th Avenue a doorman at the Flemming who is there rain or shine.
Make sure to acknowledge these people.
Let them see you.
As your pattern emerges, you'll find others with ritualistic behavior neighbors with patterns.
Double espresso, shot of milk.
The falafel vendor waved when you passed.
You didn't acknowledge him.
He needs to know your face.
He sees hundreds every day.
Hey, I've been at this for months.
I could care less about the falafel guy and what he needs.
He could be critical to our story.
Do you know who likes falafel?! Phil.
Who was screwing my wife when we started this.
When you promised to get me a double.
And now he's moved in with her.
He's living in my house with my kids.
And I'm out here waving to falafel guys.
This routine is not for you.
It's for them.
We have to get them to remember you when it's not you.
Any good news? Now, we haven't found the person you're looking for, but we found a woman who knows him.
Her name is Delores.
I'll put you on the line with her.
Hello? Delores.
Thank you for agreeing to help.
You're looking for Kahil? That's right.
Kahil Shula.
- What can you tell me about him? - Good person.
Last time I seen him, he was talking to a man in front of the, um, West 26th Street shelter, Said something about a job.
Got into his fancy car and drove off.
- A fancy car? Gold with four doors.
Oh, and it had an E-Z Pass in the window.
It's Elizabeth.
She wants to meet.
Delores, do you like veal? My chef is preparing osso buco for dinner tomorrow night.
Would you care to join me? I could have a car pick you up.
Say, 6:30, quarter of 7:00? Uh, yeah.
What? Wait.
I-I'm confused.
I don't I have nothing to do with your reinstatement.
My therapist disagrees.
And it's up to her.
Besides, I thought you liked therapy.
It can be transformative for people who need it.
We don't.
If Singleton works with Tom's killer, if they're both on the force, we're gonna need the Bureau's help.
And to get that, I need my badge.
And to get that, you need to go to therapy.
Reddington, please.
Singleton was in my apartment.
- That won't happen again.
- You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
Text Dembe the time and place.
Keen's working for Reddington.
Could be her husband was, too.
The guy's got judges, cops, and prosecutors in his pocket.
- Why not an FBI agent, too? - It explains everything.
Her husband gets in over his head with the Nash Syndicate.
They come for him.
What they don't know is, Reddington's protecting him.
He leaves five dead in the apartment.
Keen knows it, but won't give him up.
Think he moved in, took control of the Syndicate? He takes over, uses his FBI stooge to keep us a step behind.
We get a lead on a shipment in Maryland, it don't show.
We get a witness who agrees to testify, he turns up dead.
You think Keen's working with drug dealers? A drug dealer killed her husband.
Is she in Reddington's pocket? Sure looks like it.
Then how much of a Girl Scout can she be? I say we keep following her, and we tell no one outside this room.
Reddington's the biggest fish in domestic law enforcement, and if Detective Singleton's right, we got him on the hook.
I understand you'd like to talk.
I am so sorry.
I tried getting him to come to your office.
This is as close as he would come.
Nothing personal.
May I pay you the courtesy of being blunt? Please.
You disgust me.
I was told you wanted to talk about Elizabeth.
You're a glorified serial killer.
Everything I hear about Agent Keen is that she's talented, smart, tough, resilient.
Recommending reinstatement would be a no-brainer if not for her relationship with you.
Remind me.
Was "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" a psychological theory first pioneered by Piaget or Lucy in "Peanuts"? She murdered the attorney general of the United States I killed a key member of a global conspiracy.
and went on the run with you like a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.
And in the process, I helped prevent a false flag operation that could have put this country on war footing with Russia.
Some kids run from their father's sins.
She embraces them.
Are we finished? "Fidelity.
" This is the Bureau's motto.
Do you honestly believe a child of yours can honor that? Would you honestly believe any answer I gave? I doubt it.
But Agent Keen's future with the Bureau depends on you giving it your best shot.
Elizabeth's future with the Bureau depends on her giving it her best shot.
And your willingness to judge her on her merits, not mine.
Push her.
Provoke her.
Figure out a way past her grief and anger, and you'll see her for who she really is.
And who is that? Everything that I am not.
Oop! Time's up.
I'm afraid that's all for today.
Good session, though.
Tough stuff.
Eckhart? Da Da David? Yeah.
Who's asking? My name's Ben Rowe.
Uh, I-I'd like to talk with you about a job.
All right, say I do agree to do this, - to go on this assignment.
- Right.
Well Well, nobody would know.
Because it's illegal.
No, not at all.
Not your part.
Your part is, uh It's quite simple.
But should we agree to proceed, I will provide you with a sequence of detailed actions that you will be required to complete.
These tasks - are are quite simple a street to take, a food vendor to pass, a face to wave at on your morning jog.
What about these changes you say you want to make? Should you be willing and able to follow this script, then then we would need a few modifications.
This is, what to make me look like someone else? Some Some stranger? I can't tell you that.
You give me a makeover, you tell me to go for a jog and wave at people.
Why? Who am I pretending to be? It's not important.
Now stick to the script.
I'm not an idiot.
Whatever this is isn't good.
How do you know I won't say no? It's amazing the depth of personal information that one can access with just a few keystrokes.
I know about your upside-down mortgage, your alimony, the mounds of debt that you can never overcome.
Do you think I would have offered such a significant amount of money unless I thought you were going to say yes? Hmm? You are gonna say yes, aren't you? NAVABI: We've created a list of E-Z Pass users based on the description of The Alibi's car.
We cross-checked that with the toll roads closest to the 26th Street shelter.
So, how many cars are we talking about? We contacted the Toll Road Authority and pulled the video from every license plate of every car.
And out of the 840, 582 are licensed to men.
Any of whom could be our Blacklister.
Pull their license photos from the DMV and get them to Reddington.
See if his witness can make a positive I.
Thank you, Paris.
All he does is cook for you? Yes.
Every day? Every day.
He's also a hell of a chess player.
Even better than Dembe and way better than me.
Well, it's delicious.
Delores, the man Kahil left with.
Did you find his picture anywhere in the book? You know, when I lost my apartment, it was the dead of winter, and I would have froze to death if it wasn't for Kahil.
The man Kahil left with, the one in the fancy car I worry that he may hurt your friend.
Please help me to protect Kahil.
You have an honest face.
I'm an honest man.
You should call Harold.
Tell him we have an address for the Blacklister.
RESSLER: No wonder DeMarco walked.
This guy laid out every step of his alibi.
Down to the kind of lottery ticket he was supposed to buy the day of the murder.
Proof that DeMarco killed his business partner, which makes his double an accessory if he's still alive.
You think Sinclair's murdering the doppelgangers? It's a theory.
None of them have turned up alive or gone to the police.
And we have, what, a dozen of these facial casts in the room? Another two dozen here? It's like he's keeping trophies of his conquests.
We now have at least twice as many murders to charge him with.
We have something.
Sinclair's not finished.
Aram, I think we found Sinclair's next client.
- There's another? - [RINGING.]
- Reddington.
- Agent Navabi, what a pleasure.
We found a plaster mold of a man presumably Sinclair's next client but not his dossier.
And that presents a problem? Sinclair is painstakingly precise.
He keeps detailed records of every alibi he creates, and yet the one dossier we can't find is for his next job.
Maybe you should keep looking.
Maybe you took it.
I'm sure it'll turn up someone, and when it does, let me know.
Then we can celebrate.
Your treat.
You could give them the name.
They'll put it together.
They have the face.
And we have a long drive.
- Double espresso, shot of milk.
BARRETT: Hello? Good news.
I found your double.
Why do you want to be reinstated? To find the man who murdered my husband.
Five other men were murdered in your apartment that night.
Are you interested in finding out the man who murdered them? Not as much, no.
The police think you're not interested at all, that you're protecting him.
A man who killed five people.
Is this your way of, uh, pushing me? Provoking me - like Reddington told you to? He said it would reveal who you really are.
I know who I really am.
You're the daughter of the most wanted criminal in the country.
I'm a widow, a mother, and a good cop.
And that's it? That's all that matters.
You say you want closure.
About Tom.
So I can get my life back on track.
That has nothing to do with Reddington.
Closure requires a reckoning.
Not just about Tom or what happened to him.
But why it happened.
What role, if any, you or Reddington may have played in it.
- I know it's complicated.
- It isn't, actually.
And I understand why you don't want to confront it.
I do.
But you have to.
Agent Keen, you're a profiler.
I'm not going to reinstate you until you can honestly profile yourself.
Where are we on identifying the mold found in Sinclair's apartment? Okay, so, uh, our facial recognition software wasn't able to pull a match on the mold, but Agents Ressler and Navabi were able to find additional points of comparison at Sinclair's workshop.
Looks like they're reference photos for a client he's trying to match.
- So the double's still a mystery.
- NAVABI: Yes.
But not the client, because, okay, I think I think I just found him.
Brian Barrett, 33.
An aerospace engineer working for a defense contractor in Greenbelt, Maryland.
Married to a Nicole Rose Adler.
Two kids.
Looks like the wife filed for divorce five months ago.
Aram, reach out to the ex.
Let her know we have a situation.
Ressler, Navabi, have the Greenbelt Police Department throw a net over the city and find Barrett.
- Sir, what about the double? - We find Barrett, we find the double.
But right now all I'm worried about is keeping his ex-wife alive.
I almost thought you were gonna be late.
Are we good My God.
How did you Please, we have a schedule to keep.
Now, gentlemen, the routine.
Let us, uh, review it one more time.
Mm-mm, mm No answer on Nicki Adler's phone.
What about the boyfriend? Out of town on business.
Her assistant couldn't reach him.
ARAM: Okay, I was able to access the GPS on Nicole Adler's vehicle, and she just stopped.
I've got her at what appears to be a parking garage off Westpark Drive and Tyson's Corner.
- That's her work.
- We're en route.
Mm-mm, mm Yeah, ayyy Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh - Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh - [VEHICLE ALARM CHIRPS.]
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh - The devil you know - [GASPS.]
My God.
You scared me.
- Hey, Nic.
- What are you doing at my office? Why are you even here? Oh, that's the thing.
I'm not here.
What What is this? Well, this isn't even happening.
Not with me, at least.
See, actually, I-I'm in New York.
In fact, right now I'm leaving my apartment in Manhattan about to go on my morning jog like I've done every morning since I found you and Phil together in my bed.
So I'm not here.
- Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh - Brian, please.
Whatever it is that you think that you're doing, I I remember that moment so vividly - [LAUGHS.]
- Holding that champagne bottle in my fist.
Wanting to crack it over your head Please but knowing that if I did, I would go to jail.
BARRETT: - So I waited, and I planned.
And now I'm actually about to get away with putting two bullets in that smug little face of yours.
Make that money pile up, baby Pile up higher Make that money pile up, baby Miles higher Double espresso, shot of milk.
Make that money pile up, baby Pile up higher Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh - Ooh, ooh, ooh - [CRYING.]
- Goodbye, Nic.
- [SOBS.]
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh - You okay? - Yeah.
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh The devil you know It's okay, it's okay.
Here we go.
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh The devil you know Make that money pile up, baby Pile up higher Make that money pile up, baby - Pile up higher - [GUNSHOTS.]
Make that money pile up, baby - Miles higher - [ENGINE REVVING.]
Make that money pile up, baby Pile up higher The devil you know Ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh Thanks for the assist.
Ooh-ooh How did it go? - Just like we said.
- [BLOWS.]
- Deviations? - Nope.
The train? Nobody followed me.
I went for the run, went to his apartment, and changed.
It went just like we said.
Very good.
About your payment [TAPPING ON WINDOW.]
- He'll take the gun.
- Please, and thank you.
What's going on? You were about to leave.
- Who the hell are you? - I haven't been paid yet.
Eckhart, go now, and you'll live to die another day.
Cover up.
It's mucky out there.
I've been looking for you.
Let's go for a little drive.
Look, whoever you are, I-I-I can assure you that confronting it with violence is no way to resolution.
A pacifist.
How refreshing.
Did Hulton send you? Is that what this is about that absurd assignment in Jakarta? Mr.
Sinclair, I have no idea who Mr.
Hulton is or what he's up to in Jakarta.
My name is Raymond Reddington.
Should I know who you are? I know who you are.
You're obsessive-compulsive.
You have a mind-numbingly patient and thoughtful attention to detail.
I've admired your work for some time.
This is a strange way to show it.
I'm a strange fellow.
I've heard whispers of your work for years now stories of your legerdemain, your ability to put a man in two places at once.
The concept of bilocation is appealing even if not without consequence.
I suspect you're a fan of quantum theory.
I've read quite a bit of Schrodinger myself.
I-I'm more a Dostoyevsky man.
Yes, of course.
"The Double.
" I love a good doppelganger story.
What about Ursula Le Guin? Oh! "A Wizard of Earthsea"? [LAUGHS.]
- Yes, yes.
A delightful tale.
And "Aiding and Abetting.
" - By Muriel Spark.
- Yeah.
One of my favorite British writers.
I-I'm sorry.
What's your name again? It's not important.
What is important is that you and I may have much more in common than just reading.
I thought you you brought me here to kill me.
Oh, goodness, no.
I brought you here to protect you.
From the FBI.
I have it on good authority that they've taken possession of your files.
Without me, they'll take possession of you.
And you can keep that from happening? Yes.
If you do as I ask.
I'm listening.
Hands where I can see them.
- We need to talk.
- No, you need to put your hands in the air.
I saw your surveillance cameras.
I know you're scared.
You should be.
- But not of me.
Yes, I'd like to report a burglary.
I saw you meeting Reddington near Dupont Circle.
You're not the only one doing surveillance.
You report me, I'll report you.
You want to talk? Why don't you start by telling me why you broke into my apartment twice? Our investigation into the Nash Syndicate isn't getting anywhere.
Witnesses won't talk.
Others disappear.
Someone's ahead of us.
Someone on the inside.
The people I work with think it's you.
You think I'm protecting the people who killed my husband? I think you know Reddington killed the men we found dead inside your apartment the night your husband died.
I think you killed Navarro and stole the information that could prove it out of the evidence lock-up.
I think you did all that, and yet looking at what you're trying to do, my instinct tells me we're on the same side.
And that we need to work together if we're gonna get who we're looking for.
A dirty cop.
But not you.
You can ask around about me.
My reputation.
I'll check out real quick.
I want to trust you, but you and Reddington I don't see any way you can explain that away.
There is one way.
But to do it, I'd have to trust you.
And if you betray my trust, I assure you, Raymond Reddington will kill you.
So you do work for him? I need to make a call.
I'm sorry.
Y-You let him go? The Blacklister.
I cut a deal, Donald.
You do it all the time.
In pursuit of a more just outcome.
Somehow I think your goal was a little more self-serving.
What's this? The Alibi had 51 clients that we know of.
Because of his handiwork, none were ever convicted of murder.
RED: With the evidence you obtained from his place of business, you can file charges against 27 clients who never went to trial.
But thanks to your justice system's quaint notion of double jeopardy, it's too late for the 24 who were already tried and acquitted even though you now have proof of their guilt.
These are the locations of where The Alibi buried the doubles.
Yes, who he murdered.
Murders you can accuse all the clients of conspiring to commit.
This is good.
- This is very good.
- Except for one thing The man who actually murdered the doubles is The Alibi, and you let him go.
In exchange for that list.
So, what? Case closed? - Not quite.
- I want something from you.
And what's that? To give me one of the doubles when you unearth him Kahil Shula.
I want to give him a proper burial.
Birds will gather at my side Tears will gather in my eyes JUDSON: - What are we waiting for? We bring in Keen, she gives him to us.
"Bring in" an FBI agent? My guys will get her to talk.
You do that, you'll have the entire Bureau out looking for her and us.
Why do that when we can have Singleton do our dirty work for us? He tracks Keen.
We track him.
He finds out how to get to Reddington, we get to him first.
And the Bureau's none the wiser.
Detective Singleton, this is Special Agent Samar Navabi.
She's been authorized by Deputy Director Harold Cooper to inform you about this task force.
The Reddington task force.
That's right.
This I gotta hear.
Step out of my shadow Take me as I am A man COOPER: - He was never reported missing.
And no inquiry's been made with MPDC or the medical examiner's office.
Some people are truly alone in this world.
I can see it in them now Yep.
Reddington's your CI and on your Most Wanted List? And if anyone knew he worked with us, his intel would dry up.
He'd be of no use to us at all.
But he'd be in jail.
And all these criminals would be on the street.
You said I couldn't explain my relationship to Reddington.
Look around, Detective.
This is my explanation.
It's a pretty good one.
The dirty cop - who killed my husband I think I can help you find him.
Looking for the water Um, I just need another minute.
We'll stay as long as you like.
Looking for the dance For the dance that I did Looking for the dead The dead that I left You're blunt, and I'd like to return the favor.
This is a waste of time.
I want to be reinstated.
I took a big step toward finding Tom's killer today, and that is not gonna happen by my sitting here listening to your misguided preconceptions.
I'd like to straighten you out, get a clean bill of health, and get back to work.
Enlighten me.
My profile widow.
That's all there is.
I think there's more, and that you're afraid to examine it.
I know you do.
Which brings me to fear.
You think I'm afraid to acknowledge the weight of having Raymond Reddington as a father.
It's an understandable point of view.
And one that I shared.
He's evil.
He's my father.
- I must be evil, too.
- But you're not.
See, that's our problem.
Your preconception.
You see him as, um what did you call him a glorified serial killer? He disgusts you.
You see him differently.
When I was little, I loved ballet.
Whenever I performed, I felt a presence.
At graduations, too.
And my wedding.
I don't know.
I just always felt I always knew someone was watching over me.
Protecting me.
Guiding me.
Some of what he's done is unimaginably bad.
But some of what he's done for me is unimaginably good.
So, if you want to push me.
Provoke me.
Find a way past my anger and grief and see who I really am.
A widow.
A mom.
A cop.
And one more thing.
What's that? A daughter.

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