The Blacklist s06e12 Episode Script

Bastien Moreau Conclusion

1 Harold Cooper to see the president.
Do you have any idea how this happened? Sir, we don't have much time.
How Germany's chief intelligence officer could die in FBI custody? I don't know, but Reddington does.
And he'll tell us if you stay his execution.
We need to work together to keep this tragedy from becoming a a diplomatic crisis.
And we need our allies to know that everything will be done to find out what happened and to apprehend those responsible.
Reddington knows who that is.
Director Cooper, I don't think you understand the sensitivity of this matter.
You want everything to be done to find out what happened.
The only way to do that is to call off the execution.
You're sure that Reddington knew how to stop the assassination.
I'm not.
A man about to be executed will say anything.
That is not what happened here.
He knew the truth, and you chose to ignore it.
I suggest you watch your tone.
Ava Ziegler may have died in FBI custody, but she died because you refused to spare Reddington's life.
How dare you speak to me like that! Like I'm responsible for this?! I am the President of the United States! It's too late for Ziegler, but if you call off the execution, we will find her assassin.
I've given you my answer on that.
Then let me give you mine.
If you let Reddington die, I will be obligated to inform my German counterparts that their compatriot's blood is on our hands a fact I'm certain they will consider an act of aggression.
Is that a threat? It gives me no pleasure to make it, but, yes, sir, it is.
And if you don't make that call in the next 60 seconds, I'll make good on it.
Do you have any final words? I'll save my words for the next life.
On my instruction, the execution team will administer the injection.
Please tell me someone's gonna answer that.
Yes? It's done.
It's Keen.
I can't imagine what it must have been like being there.
Hey, Liz.
I'm here with Samar and Aram.
- How are you holding up? - He did it.
He called.
Who Sorry.
What are you talking about? The President.
He stopped it.
- What do you mean? - The execution.
- He called it off.
- Wait.
Wait, wait.
Reddington's alive? They took out the IVs, and he just walked away.
RESSLER: That's incredible.
Did the warden say why the President did it? I don't know if he got clemency or a stay or what.
But all I know is he's alive.
Will you tell Cooper? I'm pretty sure he already knows.
He was at the White House all night, trying to change the President's mind.
Diaz may have stayed his execution, but Cooper saved Reddington's life.
You've given a psychopath a second lease on life.
The President made the right call.
You put a gun to his head, and he cried "uncle.
" What's the hold-up? We're good on our end.
Just waiting on Terre Haute.
You can go.
I don't know how this ends for Reddington, but I know how it ends for you - and it isn't pretty.
- [BEEP.]
Aren't you a sight for sore eyes.
You remember Anna McMahon from Main Justice.
Like my first STD.
You have not been granted clemency.
You've been given a stay 48 hours to find the person who killed Ava Ziegler.
If you succeed, your immunity agreement will be restored.
If not, your execution will proceed.
Has that understanding been memorialized in writing? COOPER: I'm reviewing the paperwork now.
If Harold is satisfied with the language, we can proceed.
MCMAHON: The particulars are as follows the press has been told the stay was granted to study the USP's administration of lethal injection.
- As far as they are concerned, you will remain in prison.
So whatever you do in the next 48 hours must be done in secret.
You will be in the custody of Director Cooper.
He is responsible for you.
For his sake, I suggest you try your best not to kill, maim, or torture anyone for the next two days.
As long as I'm not left alone in a room with you, I'll be fine.
Is 48 hours enough time to find the assassin? I'd think it was more than enough time, considering all your assurances that you knew how to apprehend him.
Thank you, Harold.
48 hours is ample.
During that time, you will wear an ankle monitor.
Both Director Cooper and I will know your location at all times.
If you try and escape, we will find you.
If you disable the device, the director will be prosecuted for aiding and abetting a fugitive.
You have 48 hours.
Starting now.
It was pubic lice.
Caught them on Hammamet Beach in Tunisia.
She was a Vassar girl traveling with a bunch of pals from the French house.
Two years after graduation, and they were still making up for lost time.
My God.
What a weekend.
But like you, they get right in there and feast away without mercy until you want to douse the whole area with kerosene and set the little varmints on fire.
You and the crabs, not the Vassar girls.
You've been genuinely hospitable, but I sincerely hope we never meet again.
You're a lucky man.
People make their own luck, some more than others.
- I make a prodigious amount.
- Mm.
What was this all about? The President wants an assassin found.
I know how to find him.
MCMAHON: Cooper doesn't know it, but he might have done us a favor.
The stay makes it look like you actually want the assassin found.
You know, I got into politics to root out corruption.
I was an idealist who was gonna change the world.
- And you have, for the better.
- Right.
Try telling that to the German people.
We did what we had to to keep you where the country needs you to be.
So, Reddington what's our exposure? None.
Our associate has obtained the second target and should have the dossier within the hour.
Reddington knew Ziegler was gonna be killed.
How? And if he knew that, how can you be sure he won't know how to find our associate? How's the First Lady? That's a problem for tomorrow.
Today's crisis is Reddington.
- 48 hours is a long time.
- That's the length of your stay.
I have a considerably shorter timetable in mind.
What does that mean? It means you have nothing to worry about.
Good night, Mr.
Please give my regards to the First Lady.
Ohh! I can't believe you're here! [LAUGHS.]
- Raymond, welcome back.
- So where is he? - Who? The assassin who killed the German spymaster.
Ah! I have no idea.
What? But you said I said what I had to to survive.
Is it just me, or is this an absolutely spectacular night? You seriously have no idea where he is? None whatsoever.
We only have 48 hours to find him.
I suppose we should start looking.
Always knew you dealt from the bottom of the deck but cheating death well, that's impressive.
I didn't cheat death.
I cheated the President.
Get the others.
We're on a clock.
Man, am I glad to see you.
Thank you for everything, Harold.
What ever happened to telling him you knew he was an imposter? I didn't get the chance to.
Didn't get the chance or, uh, decided not to? I'm gonna get Samar and Aram.
Um You're incredible.
You can't leave the bike in the living room.
No, Your brain it is incredible, the way it's been able to compensate.
We've talked about this.
Actually, we haven't, not Not this.
These, uh these incident reports.
My incident reports the ones you fished out of my trash.
The cross-outs, the misspellings uh, organizing thoughts, expressing yourself.
You know, I know you had reached out to a speech pathologist, but I had I had no idea how rapid the decline has been.
Now you know.
We have to tell Mr.
No, don't have to do anything.
This is my choice.
It is my problem.
I know that you're worried about me, but you have seen me in the field.
I wouldn't say it's incredible, but I am compensating, so please just let me handle it.
Reddington's back.
Cooper wants us.
RESSLER: Let me Let me get this straight.
You bluffed your way off death row? I exaggerated.
That you knew how to find the assassin, which you don't.
The Corsican is the last piece of a very complicated puzzle.
The Corsican.
Uh, Bastien Moreau? Isn't he the sociopath who tried to bomb the U.
? - The very same.
- Tried to bomb the U.
and killed Germany's top spy.
What's the connection? As I said, he is the last piece of the puzzle.
We've already gotten all the other pieces.
I'm quite confident we'll get him.
"We've" gotten the other pieces? Yes.
You have been instrumental in putting it together.
After all, I was in prison.
Except when I wasn't.
Your competency evaluation you requested it because you wanted to be transferred to that psych ward in Springfield.
One of Moreau's few known associates was there.
Mad as a hatter, but I had reason to hope that if Moreau were planning something big, the madman might have a lead to follow.
General Shiro.
- The bug man.
- Yes.
People who poison the planet present a mortal danger that must be eliminated.
RED: After you got the good doctor in custody, Dembe discovered that he'd sent an ampule of his toxic bug juice to Moreau in London.
Armed with the address, Dembe broke into his flat and found that Moreau had wired $5 million - to Axion Cryptosolutions.
- The Cryptobanker.
LIZ: Who deposited the money in Jonas Kruger's account at the Banque Vertrauen.
ARAM: As payment for intel and his credentials so that Moreau could get into Ava Ziegler's hotel room.
NAVABI: Where he used the bug toxin to poison her before she had a chance to meet with Senator Wade and present a dossier documenting an impending attack on America.
Did you know all this from the start? God, no.
All I knew was that, without an immunity agreement, I would have to leverage my way to freedom.
Luckily, that's exactly what this conspiracy provided.
A conspiracy to attack America how? I don't know.
And Moreau has the irksome habit of killing anyone who does.
Or trying to.
We stopped the bomb at the U.
from going off.
If Moreau was trying to kill someone who knew about the conspiracy, that person is still alive.
Could you please put that away? [CHUCKLES.]
As soon as I have the dossier.
COOPER: Aram, pull up the incident report from the attempted bombing.
I want a list of everyone who was in the conference room where Moreau placed that device.
RESSLER: A diplomat? A member of the secretariat? Him! That's him.
Christopher Miles.
- Security consultant.
- Former MI6.
RED: If there is a dossier, he's precisely the kind of intelligence officer who would compile it.
But he's very discreet.
If we're going to get to him, we're going to need some help.
There's a safe behind the mirror.
Step back! How many copies are there? None.
I destroyed the others.
I so wish I could believe that.
You have my word.
And your word will be enough.
As soon as I'm satisfied that you understand the consequence of lying to me, then your word will be just fine.
So, do I have your word that this is the only copy? - Married his stepdaughter.
- Woody Allen.
- Uh-huh.
- Yes.
- He's a Scientologist.
- John Travolta.
- The other one! The other one! - Tom Cruise.
- Yes! - Yes! - "Fatal Attraction.
" - Uh, Glenn Close.
The guy in it.
"China Syndrome.
" - Uh, the guy with the father.
- What father? He got throat cancer from oral sex.
What? Not Michael Douglas.
- Reddington.
Most people get it from smoking.
He got it from cunnilingus.
You should be dead.
Christopher Miles.
Where might we find him? Reddington? Raymond Reddington? Honey, what's this all about? You must be Marty's wife.
He spoke of you so often during our time together in Greece.
Uh, I-I didn't know he was ever in Greece.
Come with me.
Uh, I'll get you the address.
Please excuse us.
How do you play? Greece? Really? What? You did speak of her.
Or mentioned her.
Over coffee that last day.
Given the way you chewed through Mykonos, I'm surprised you don't have throat cancer.
What do you want with Miles? Information.
That's all.
- He's a good man.
- Mm.
I mean him no harm.
But as my resurrection depends on my finding him, I'll harm anyone who stands in my way.
- A drink.
- "Ahh!" - No.
- Thirsty.
What we're having.
Ahh! Ahh! HELEN: I'm sorry.
I-I can't.
- Dembe.
- It was "having a nightmare.
" Sorry to break things up, pal.
Thank you for playing.
Elizabeth, Christopher Miles works out of an address near Columbia Heights.
Dembe is sending it to you now.
35 hours and counting.
I'd say things are going quite well.
We should celebrate, yes? [CHUCKLES.]
You have it? - I do.
- When do I get it? MOREAU: As soon as I'm satisfied it's the only copy, I'll take it to the drop point.
Because we have a new problem that requires your full attention a loose end.
I don't leave loose ends.
Yeah? Then why is Raymond Reddington telling the Department of Justice he can deliver the assassin who killed Ava Ziegler? Raymond Reddington? He's in prison, about to be executed.
He's out because he convinced the American government he can find you in the next 48 hours.
You can't let that happen.
You want me to kill him.
Reddington knows everything.
He's jeopardizing our entire operation.
We've come too far to stop now.
- I'll find him.
- You won't have to.
I know exactly where he is.
OFFICER: We got here to secure the perimeter and heard screams coming from the second floor.
I put a spotter across the way.
- Said he I.
'd two figures male.
- Moreau? It could be he's taking care of some unfinished business from the U.
Our best guess is our perp is Bastien Moreau, 60, white male.
If it is him, he's holding this man hostage.
Christopher Miles.
We need them both alive.
We're breaching two separate entry points.
Team Alpha with Navabi.
Team Bravo with me.
We've got civilians everywhere, so watch your step.
Let's make this fast.
We breach on my go.
RESSLER: Navabi, where'd he go? The fire escape.
He's gone.
We need a medic, now! [SILENCED GUNSHOTS.]
Stay with me.
Hold on.
The dossier.
- We'll find the dossier.
- He has the dossier.
- We'll find it.
Password? [GASPING.]
Fox glove.
Foxglove? Hold on.
Stay with me.
Can I get you anything else? Yes.
Some more deviled eggs and another Manhattan.
I thought one would suffice, but we're celebrating, and I definitely need another if I'm to get the job done.
I just talked to Ressler.
Moreau got to Miles before we could.
Now he's dead, and Moreau got away.
- And the dossier? - Gone.
You were right about Miles.
He compiled it.
Before he died, he told Samar it was password-protected.
Did he give her the password? Yes.
" But it doesn't do us much good if we don't have the dossier.
It's so nice to finally make your acquaintance.
Do you like magic? I love magic.
Card tricks, coin tricks, close-up magic.
Even those guys with the tigers.
I heard they trained their cubs by masturbating them.
Is that even conceivable? I'm sure it's just a vicious rumor.
But talk about a commitment to one's craft.
A tiger? Quite a handful.
What are you talking about? You.
You're the tiger.
A wild creature someone is trying to stroke.
A magic trick is a con, and you're the mark in the middle of a very complicated one.
And the only reason I'm still alive is because you know it.
You could have tracked me down anywhere.
In a dark alley, in the bathtub.
Instead, you came here, to a public place.
Why? Because you know you're being had.
I'm listening.
Let's start with how you found me.
You were given access to the signal from my ankle monitor.
Who has the access to that? You tell me.
My contract is with the Black Fist.
Ava Ziegler stood between them and the resurgence of German nationalism.
Pick a card, any card.
How do you fit into this? I don't.
But I can show you how the trick works, which is why she wants you to kill me.
- She? - I know her as Anna McMahon.
Red hair, green eyes, no heart.
The magician who made you think you were furthering your agenda when, in fact, you were furthering hers.
We have the same agenda.
Killing Ziegler advanced it.
And Christopher Miles? He knew too much.
And his dossier? Well, now you also know too much.
I know you haven't read it, because you can't decrypt it.
But I can.
You think a terrorist group hired you to kill Ava Ziegler because she uncovered a plot to resurrect German nationalism.
I think someone in the U.
government hired you to kill her because she uncovered a plot against this country.
But there's only one way to know for sure.
I never like to know how a magic trick works.
Spoils everything.
This has been quite enlightening.
For you.
How about returning the favor by letting me read it? I'm letting you live.
That's favor enough.
Is it sexual assault with a tiger? Apparently, one of the divine creatures thought so.
Mauled one of those guys.
Looks like Moreau might do the same.
- Elizabeth.
- We got nothin'.
No leads on the Corsican.
I know his next target.
How? Who? Uh, hold on.
Cooper and Ressler are here.
I'm gonna put you on speaker.
Okay, say that again.
You said you know Moreau's next target? - Anna McMahon.
- From Main Justice? Why do you think he would go after her? Because she just sent him to kill me.
- Okay.
What? - A tactical error she'll pay for with her miserable life, unless you roll out or scurry on over or whatever it is you do.
You have a lot of explaining to do.
And I'll have plenty of time to explain it once he's captured.
- Notify McMahon's office.
Find out where she is and roll units to her work and home addresses.
- Have you seen Samar? - Not since the raid.
COOPER: After what happened, I wouldn't blame her - if she needed some time.
- Neither would I, but without saying anything? Ressler, Keen.
Find McMahon.
Aram, you and I will find Navabi.
- Where the hell have you been? - Slight delay.
- We need results fast.
MOREAU: You want me to handle Reddington.
That takes time.
But as promised, Mr.
Miles is no longer a liability.
And his dossier is in my possession.
And there are no copies? None.
It's at the drop site for you.
And now I'm gonna go and deal with Reddington.
Call me when it's done.
: final boarding How much does Reddington know? - Why? - Moreau paid him a visit.
It was supposed to be conclusive.
And it wasn't.
And you're worried he may have turned.
Depends how much Reddington knows.
Well, you should assume he knows too much.
Excuse me! You dropped something.
- What? - You dropped something.
I understand.
My office keeps trying to reach me, and now is not the [SIGHS.]
I don't care.
Just tell them something came up and Uh, yeah.
I need to call you back.
Forgive me.
But I thought I should bring the dossier to you myself.
His officer can't find her.
She's still not answering her cell.
Moreau is motivated by some warped political idealism.
He's a nationalist.
So why target a deputy A.
like Anna McMahon? We'll find her, Keen.
We're about two minutes out.
And why go after Reddington? How does he fit in? What the hell did you do? I read the dossier.
You told me you were part of the Black Fist, that my targets were obstacles to German nationalism.
But that's not true at all, is it? - [SIGHS.]
- You lied to me.
- No! - You used me.
That's not true.
Then why does this dossier outline a plot against the Americans? What do you do for the American government? Why are you plotting against your own country? [TIRES SCREECH.]
Expecting someone? [VEHICLE DOORS CLOSING.]
No! Please don't shoot! Please! I-I came home, and he was in the house.
I-I don't know who he is.
I didn't see his face.
I-I didn't see his face.
- Who's she? - I have no idea.
That's him! He's on the move! Stop! FBI! [ENGINE STARTS, TIRES SCREECH.]
FBI! I said stop! Hands where I can see them! Show me your hands! [SIREN CHIRPS, TIRES SCREECH.]
She said hands.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
I've got a weapon at my waist.
Turn around.
Put your hands on the car.
- Come on.
Bastien Moreau, you're under arrest.
I don't know who that is.
You did all that work to change your face, and look where it got you.
I'm gonna be a great asset for you.
I know a secret.
- Where'd it come from? - It came from the north.
AMAR: Hey.
I heard about what happened.
How Miles died in your arms.
I I'm so sorry.
NAVABI: So am I.
Yeah, I didn't know you smoked.
I don't.
I quit five years ago.
Did you hear? Uh, Moreau is dead.
Reddington's immunity agreement is being restored.
He didn't.
What? Die in my arms.
That makes it sound peaceful.
Like I was there for him.
Like I protected him.
I'm sure you did.
You always give people the benefit of the doubt, even when they don't deserve it.
Which you do.
See? Tell me.
It was like a blinding light.
A white-out or sensory deprivation something.
It doesn't matter, but the point is the only point is that one minute, I could have protected Miles and arrested Moreau, and the next, Moreau was gone, and Miles was dying in the arms of the person responsible for his death.
You are not responsible.
You tried to help me Moreau is.
He shot him.
to get me to do the right thing, to tell Cooper.
Christopher Miles is not dead because of you.
Aram, you always do the right thing.
It's time for me to do the right thing.
I'm I'm going to tell Cooper.
That's good.
I am sure he'll understand.
- Yeah.
I know he will.
- Right? See? That's right.
Everything's gonna work out, okay? It's gonna be just fine.
It's gonna be fine.
The new immunity agreement is identical to the ill-advised one signed in September 2013.
You mean the one that saved your life? Because of it, Reddington is our C.
Because he's our C.
, we were able to prevent Bastien Moreau from killing you.
I want to highlight three conditions.
One, if you acknowledge the agreement, it is revoked.
Two, if Reddington commits a crime, it is revoked.
And three, if any members of the Task Force are aware that Reddington is committing a crime, they will be prosecuted as co-conspirators.
And the young man Reddington met in prison Vontae Jones? Yes.
Jones will be paroled as a condition of this agreement.
But let me be very clear.
We do not work for Raymond Reddington.
He works for us.
And by "us," I mean me.
Because once you sign, my job will be to oversee the Task Force for Main Justice.
I'm looking forward to that.
Your sarcasm is duly noted.
And yet, I'm being completely genuine.
You want me to take the job.
I do, because it's proven to be one with an extraordinarily high mortality rate.
Shall we sign? It's official.
He's back.
Not quite.
First, he has to break out of prison.
ANCHOR: We begin tonight with a developing story.
Notorious fugitive Raymond Reddington is once again on the loose after a daring escape from federal custody.
Moments ago, a Justice Department official issued the following statement.
After collapsing in his cell earlier today, prison officials were transporting Raymond Reddington to a nearby hospital for observation.
While en route, Reddington overtook two EMTs and a prison escort.
Reddington, who was just moments away from execution when concerns over the drugs used in lethal injection resulted in a stay of execution, has once again been placed on the FBI's Most Wanted List.
Well, that was a long three months.
- Thank God it's over.
- Almost over.
You still haven't explained why Anna McMahon wanted to kill you or why the Corsican tried to kill her.
I don't know what the plot against this country is, but I do know she's orchestrating it.
COOPER: The Assistant Attorney General, a top Justice Department official, plotting against America.
She sent Moreau after me because she thinks I know more than I do.
As she could track me through my ankle monitor, I was unusually vulnerable.
Fortunately, Moreau turned out to be a man of deep political conviction a nationalist who killed for that cause and that cause only.
McMahon hired him under false pretenses.
When I set him straight, he went to settle the score.
And got his brains blown out for his troubles.
AMAR: We, uh We have no leads on his killer.
RED: And you won't get any.
His killer has friends in high places.
- Thank you.
- For what? - You said we had no exposure.
- I'm not sure we do.
Which means you're not sure we don't.
Until I do, I'm overseeing the Task Force.
Everything they know, I'll know.
As long as Anna McMahon is sniffing up our skirts, an abundance of caution will not be enough.
If we're gonna uncover the true nature of the conspiracy, we'll have to engage in active disinformation.
Lie to Main Justice about what we're doing.
Wouldn't it be easiest just to arrest her? Based on what? My word against hers? The dossier was proof.
LIZ: Moreau confronted McMahon with it.
Now he's dead, and it's gone.
Or in her possession.
Moreau read the dossier.
As far as I know, he didn't tell anyone what was in it before he died.
But he had the only copy, and now it's missing.
You better find out where it is.
It'll all be over soon.
COOPER: We have our work cut out for us.
We know there are people plotting against our country, and at least three people have been murdered to keep that plot secret.
As is all too often the case, we're looking straight down the barrel of what's wrong with the world.
But tonight, we're also witness to something pretty great that the man we hate to love lives to fight another day.
Well, thank you, Harold.
Call me when you have a lead.
I'm wheels up in 45.
- Where are you going? - I have no earthly idea.
Anywhere but here.
I'd forgotten how much this place reeks of stress and anxiety deodorized body odor and old coffee.
The old man's back again Was he talking about me? I'm going to talk to Cooper.
Of course.
Do you want me to come with you? No.
I'll do it.
Hey, it's, um it's the right thing to do.
I know.
You never answered my question.
The reason you didn't ask him who he really is, uh was it because you didn't get the chance to or because you decided not to? I decided not to.
You're just gonna let it go? You're okay with that? I am.
And I hope you are, too.
Do you have a minute? Of course.
What's up? I'm leaving the Task Force.
I'm sorry to hear that.
So am I.
May I ask why? No.
Is there anything I can do to change your mind? I've loved working here.
The cases, everyone's dedication.
And I met Aram.
Then why leave? Because it's time.
Thank you for everything.

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