The Blacklist s06e13 Episode Script

Robert Vesco

1 - RED: Fabricio? - ‭Yes, sir? Than the one next door.
They need help in the back room.
More servers.
At least one.
Maybe two.
- Yes, sir, Mr.
- And, also, let's open another couple of cases of the Reserva.
And, please, tell Amelia to keep the drinks flowing.
Champagne, the wines, cocktails.
I don't care if they're drinking milk I don't want an empty glass out there.
Of course, Mr.
And, Mr.
Reddington, it's good to have you back, sir.
Oh, it's good to be had.
Nolan! You made it! - Thank you for coming.
- Wouldn't miss it for the world.
- Wonderful party, Red.
Not nearly as wonderful as your daughter's beautiful wedding in Berlin.
My head's still throbbing.
Vivian, where's your husband? - He couldn't make it.
- Thank goodness.
Find me later.
We have some catching up to do.
- Red! Hey! Red! - Teddy! ‭I can't hear a damn thing with all this music! It's much quieter on the veranda.
Miranda's in the toilet! The balcony.
It's much quieter outside.
Forget it! ‭I'll be out on the veranda! I can't hear a word you're sayin'! Oh.
Uh, Mr.
Help me out.
I'm looking for a girl on the wait staff.
A brunette with a nose ring? - Sidney.
- Yeah, Sidney.
- Think you could introduce me to Sidney? - Funny thing, that.
She asked me to introduce her to you.
- Oh.
- Heddie! Would you be a dear and introduce Vontae to your young waitress friend? Oh, my God.
Will you come with me and meet this girl already? She has been making eyes at you all night.
‭She has? MAN: Heard about ‭the break-out, Red! Genius! How many lives do you have anyway? [CHUCKLES.]
Honestly, Roger, I lost count at a baker's dozen.
Give my regards to the captain.
Good to see you guys.
Hey! There you are.
We've got a situation at the buffet.
- Oh, dear.
What's wrong? - You're out of those jumbo shrimps.
I let the kitchen know.
Hey, uh, while I got ya, I've been meaning to apologize about that whole jury mix-up.
- I feel real bad.
- Eh.
It's behind us.
Not to me, it's not.
I dropped the ball.
Screwed the pooch.
Bungled the job.
If there's anything you need, any way I can make it up to you, just let ol' Jelly Bean know.
- Thank you for coming, Glen.
- No problemo.
I thought you'd want me here.
I'm sort of the straw that stirs the drink.
By the way, Mom's over at the punch bowl.
She's always had her eye on ya, if you know what I mean.
- Drop by.
Say hi.
And don't forget the shrimps.
Did you find it? - I did.
- And? There's a body.
What? That can't be.
I'm staring at it right now.
Put it on the jet.
Bring it here.
- I want confirmation.
- You want me to bring you a decomposed body from Cuba? Yes.
And hurry home, Dembe.
Heddie's dying for a dance.
SAMAR: I went to the ‭neurologist for another MRI.
The headaches, the ‭forgetfulness, the confusion it's all symptomatic of something called vascular dementia.
Apparently I have been having a series of mini-strokes.
I don't feel them.
I don't know that they're happening.
But they are, and each one causes damage.
I'm glad you resigned.
That gives us the time to get you the treatment that you need.
It's not just work.
It's family, too.
Aram, I can't have kids.
Let's just stick to one major life decision at a time.
We have to talk about this.
And we will.
After you get better.
I'm up for anything but false hope.
No anger, no denial.
No bargaining, no depression.
Can you do that for me? No.
Okay, then please promise me this don't tell anyone about my condition.
I don't want them to know.
Of course.
That I can do.
RED: Walt Whitman lived in a boarding house at this address during the Civil War.
Did you know he was an ardent prohibitionist? Imagine that a sober poet.
Mmm! Have I ever told you about my mentor? You mean, somebody actually taught you how to drink this early? Is it early? I thought it was late.
Robert Vesco.
Robert took me under his wing.
He taught me how to be a fugitive.
I trusted him with my life and my life's savings.
Which he convinced me to invest in a cattle ranch in Paraguay.
Or so I thought, until I went down there and found out it was a whorehouse just outside of Asunción.
- He conned you.
- Out of everything.
I got my first taste for vengeance which I was never able to satisfy.
Why not? Because Vesco up and died on me.
Robert Vesco was a central player in American financial and political scandals in the 1970s.
In 1971, the SEC accused Vesco of looting $200 million out of a mutual fund he controlled.
And a year later, Vesco made an illegal campaign contribution to Richard Nixon, hoping that Nixon's attorney general would let him off the hook.
And when he didn't, Vesco fled the country, living the rest of his life in glamorous exile in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, The Bahamas, and Cuba, where he reportedly died in 2007.
- Reportedly? - When Reddington was in prison, he heard a rumor that Vesco faked his death to avoid capture.
Does he have any proof? He sent Dembe to Havana to dig up his grave.
He asked me to have the M.
run the DNA on the remains he unearthed.
COOPER: There was a time when the Bureau was actively hunting for Vesco, but we're not anymore.
If he did fake his death, - I doubt it was to avoid capture.
- Reddington agrees.
He thinks Vesco found the De La Cruz a Spanish ship filled with gold that sank off the coast of Florida in the 1700s.
Vesco always told him that if he found that treasure, that he would disappear forever.
- Does Mr.
Reddington know him? - ‭Know him? Vesco was Reddington's mentor until he swindled him out of every penny he had and left him high and dry in a whorehouse in Paraguay.
- I like this guy already.
- In the last 50 years, there have been two truly mythic fugitives Robert Vesco and Raymond Reddington.
If one can help us get the other, I'm all for it.
Ressler, Keen, find out where the M.
is at with the remains.
Before you do that, I want you to know that I'm resigning.
You're leaving? For what? The Mossad? No, I'm leaving them, too.
COOPER: Which reminds me they've called to schedule an exit interview.
I know I speak for everyone when I say we'll miss you and we're happy for you.
Thank you.
Pop quiz guess who's buried in Vesco's grave.
- So it's not Vesco? - No.
His name was Anderson Mount.
- Who's that? - Run-of-the-mill goon.
His greatest hits.
Did enough damage to get into CODIS.
And when we put the DNA from the body into the system, we got a match.
Thanks, Doc.
So, if Mount's in Vesco's grave maybe Vesco's in Mount's life.
It says in his file, Mount was in Truro, Nova Scotia.
If you want to get off the grid, you can't get much further than that.
Looks like we're going to Nova Scotia.
- In the middle of winter.
- Come on.
We're gonna need warmer clothes.
LEVI: Hello, Samar.
It's good to see you.
I hear congratulations are in order.
Can you believe it? I'm engaged.
Um, this is Dr.
He will administer the polygraph.
Is this really necessary? It's protocol.
You know that.
Let me guess Tel Aviv regrets having loaned me out to the FBI.
They think my allegiances have shifted.
You have level-four clearance.
They want to make sure I've kept what I know from the Americans.
Or Reddington.
I'm just the messenger.
Yeah, and the message I'm getting is that you think I have something to hide.
LIZ: So much for glamorous exile.
I don't get it.
Why would Vesco fake his death so he could live here of all places? I think we need to get the local police involved.
We talked about this Reddington said a guy like Vesco would have every cop in town on payroll.
We go to them, they tell Vesco, and he slips away.
SANDS: Have you provided any classified information to the FBI? - No.
- ‭Were you loyal to the state of Israel? - Yes.
- Have you broken any laws while working with Raymond Reddington? - Yes.
- ‭Have you withheld any information - from your Mossad handlers? - ‭Yes.
- Information about your resignation? - ‭Yes.
- Have you shared it with the FBI? - ‭No.
- Is this personal information? - ‭Yes.
Do you have any serious medical issues? Yes.
What is it? I'm pregnant.
Vesco, or whatever he's calling himself he would have the resources to go anywhere he wanted to, - create any life.
Whatever brought him here, it's personal.
Well, you can ask him all the questions you want once we find him.
First, we got to clear those kids.
Something about this guy what Reddington told us it doesn't add up.
- Yeah.
- MAN: One unmarked outside.
Two agents just entered your building.
Exit down the alley to the east.
Will advise.
He's on the move! ‭Alley to the east! On foot! Exit the alley and turn right.
Street's clear.
Keen, tell me you got something.
Head south towards the shoreline.
Crossing Acadia Street! Headed east! Blue denim.
Tan sweater.
Stop! Get in.
- Robert.
- Stop! - [TIRES SCREECH.]
Like I said whatever brought him here, it's personal.
RED: You look awfully good for a dead man.
Where the hell's my money? Are you still upset about Asunción? I trusted you.
You were my mentor.
And I was mentoring you in survival, in being selfish.
And looking out for yourself.
My money.
You think I'd be living in Nova Scotia if I had it? I know why you're living there you found the De La Cruz.
The treasure.
Where is it? If it's real, I believe I know where it is.
I never went after it.
Oh, I wanted to, but enemies were circling.
I had to flee.
So I staged my own death and I fled the country.
And by the time the dust had settled, I I realized that I had changed.
" ‭I'd lost the itch.
I walked away.
Being forced to lie low and live the simple life was the best thing that could've happened to me.
I-It forced me to turn the world off and to tune into myself.
- Oh, my God.
- ‭I have my cat.
I have plenty of glorious books.
Robert, you conned me once.
I won't be conned again.
Untether yourself from social expectations and this destructive life of crime and and look inward.
I'm happy to.
‭Right after I get the gold.
You can have it, Ray, but [SIGHS.]
It won't give you inner peace.
I already have inner peace.
What I could use is a new yacht.
The last one was seized in Mallorca.
All right, I believe the gold is buried under the Old French Opera House in New Orleans.
I can prove it to you, but we'll have to reroute the jet.
- To where? - ‭Washington.
There isn't a treasure map, but there is a clue trail in the Library of Congress.
Robert, if you're lying, I will shatter your serenity by burning your home, drowning your cat, ‭and cutting off your big toes.
You wouldn't dare drown my cat.
Maybe not.
But I will take the toes.
- ARAM: How'd it go? They sent Levi.
A friendly face to put me at ease while they administered a polygraph.
They gave you a polygraph? Why? To make I wasn't leaving because I'd been turned.
That's ridiculous.
And insulting.
Listen, Aram, I meant what I said earlier about having children.
We need to talk about it.
I can't believe they think that you could be a traitor.
- Aram, it doesn't matter.
- Listen to me.
Listen to me.
You know, we should tell Mr.
Cooper, and he'll strengthen them right out.
It doesn't matter what they think.
What matters is us, our future, whether or not we can have a family.
Why? Why is that so urgent that it cannot wait until you get help or convince Levi that you didn't dump him to join Hamas? He does know that I'm, like, a quarter Jewish, right? Reddington screwed us.
Took Vesco for himself.
He knew Vesco would have the local cops in his pocket, so he tipped them off that we were there.
So he gets his revenge.
Yesterday the world thought Vesco was dead.
By tomorrow, he will be.
Reddington wants more than revenge.
He wants treasure.
The De La Cruz? Reddington said Vesco already found it.
Well, judging by his modest apartment, I'd say that if he knew where it was, he never found it.
Reddington called us from his jet to give a gloating apology and to say the hunt was on.
Then let's join in.
If we solve the mystery, maybe we can get to the treasure first and arrest Vesco.
RED: Robert, I appreciate that your love of literature is almost as keen as mine, but why on Earth are we in the Library of Congress? Uh, you want to know how I decoded the myth and located my white whale? The answer is in the poem.
"The Ballad of the De La Cruz.
" It was written under a pseudonym.
The author is a mystery, but when Reddington gave us this case, he said this poem somehow holds the key to where the gold was hidden.
The poem is an opera singer's lament about a Spanish ship bringing silver and gold to the American colonies during the Revolution.
But the ship sank in a storm somewhere along the East Coast, killing over 120 men aboard and sending over half a ton of gold and treasure into the deep.
RESSLER: We had the NSA run the text through decryption and steganography programs.
They came up empty.
If there's a secret hidden in that text, - they couldn't find it.
- SAMAR: Maybe it's in the subtext.
Dates and times.
Who'd know about that? The Naval College? The Library of Congress.
They have more primary source material than any library in the world.
COOPER: Keen, Ressler.
Get there.
Decode the poem.
Samar, Aram, you're on Reddington.
I want him found.
According to the poem, the De La Cruz sank the spring of 1778.
But there's no record of any storm big enough to take down a galleon of that size.
So I started thinking what if it never sank? What if the "storm" that presumably destroyed the De La Cruz was actually a metaphor For something else catastrophic.
Or someone.
It didn't sink.
It was taken.
The De La Cruz was headed to Philadelphia.
The route from southern waters would take it right past what used to be known as Hell's Gate, an area known to be frequented by pirates.
Enter Ernesto Hidalgo.
He and his men dominated that area at the time.
How can you be sure he was the one who took the galleon? Because Hidalgo and his men were in all the papers in the months before May 1778.
But afterwards? Nothing.
He took the treasure and he fled inland.
Naval records indicated the Navy hunted them down, killing Hidalgo and his entire crew near New Orleans.
But there's no mention of any recovered treasure.
Hidalgo hid it somewhere before he died.
The question is where.
Enter Judith Snell, one of the most famous opera singers of her time.
Just like the poem.
Apparently, Judith liked to hang around with the bad boys.
And the papers of the day were full of her exploits with any number of rogues and scoundrels, Hidalgo being one.
And I believe that he gave her the task of hiding the bounty in a place where nobody would dare look her dressing room in the opera house in New Orleans which later burned to the ground, killing her and 28 others.
My theory? Whatever remains of Judith Snell's dressing room is located here, directly under the stage of the new opera house, which was built on the remains of the old one.
If the treasure's real, it's there.
What a tale.
An opera.
A romance with pirates.
A fire.
Shipwrecks and gold.
Just the sort of thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.
It won't make you happy, Ray.
It won't make you whole.
Oh, but you're wrong.
It will make me happy.
Dembe, phone Ruddiger.
Tell him to sober up.
We're gonna rob the opera.
Agents Keen and Ressler, FBI.
- How can I help you? - We got a poem we're looking for.
We think it may be some sort of treasure map.
- I know that sounds crazy - "The Ballad of the De La Cruz.
" How could you possibly know that? Because you're not the first people who've asked me about it.
Two old white guys.
And an African-American gentlemen.
We need to see whatever they looked at.
Whatever you gave them, you need to get for us right now.
VESCO: To access the treasure, we need to get inside Judith Snell's old dressing room, which is located here, under the stage.
Now, the only way to get to that room is through here the south wall of the basement, and we would need that explosion to be timed precisely - so the audience doesn't hear.
- The audience?! In order to pull off this heist, the theater has to be full.
And why, pray tell, is that? For cover! Look, getting inside the room is one thing, but getting the loot out without detection is decidedly more difficult.
We're talking about a truckload of gold! And without cover, we'd be spotted before we got the first armful out.
Now, "Barber of Seville" closes tomorrow, which means we're gonna have to wait for next month's show in order to pull off this heist.
Next month? Be still my beating heart, next month.
Raymond, it's not meant to be.
This is a job that requires weeks of planning and practice.
This is a heist that has to be perfectly arranged, perfectly choreographed, each move timed to the opera.
And literally leading to an explosive crescendo.
We're gonna need distractions to get past security.
We're gonna need explosives to penetrate the concrete.
We're gonna need vehicles to move the loot.
We're gonna need disguises! I don't think you truly appreciate my dedication to this project, so let me tell you exactly how this is going to play out.
You and I are going to "The Barber of Seville" tomorrow night, and we're not leaving until we have that treasure.
So you better start studying that sheet music.
Raymond, I don't think you I'll take care of everything else.
You need munitions? My little German friend was born with a schnapps in one hand and a detonator in the other.
- I'll have him here in eight hours.
You need vehicles? Drivers? I've got trucks.
I've got guys.
I've got women who can handle the guys.
I've got people with faces so fresh, they'll never see them coming.
You need a distraction to get backstage? I've got a guy who can talk faster than a hot, buttered bullet.
The truth is, Robert, my only real concern is you.
- Your attitude.
- ‭My attitude? The pep in your step.
The lust in your life.
If we're gonna pull this off, we need to get you right.
You need to be your very best.
We need to reawaken the old Robert Vesco, rediscover that dapper rascal whose charm and wit could deceive even the very best of us.
How do you feel? Like I'd rather be home with my cat.
Trust me, Robert, that feeling will pass the moment you hear the music.
You'll feel your heart pump again.
You'll feel truly alive.
I'm sure of it.
Franton, we'll take two.
This is really happening.
I mean, I know it is, but Whoa.
You are tall.
What? ‭ That's the first thing I ever said to you.
When, uh, Mr.
Cooper brought you into the war room.
I was thinking, "Whoa.
You are, like, super pretty.
" But instead you said I'm tall? We need to talk.
And as my dad used to say, now is as bad a time as any, so How many aliases do you have? Four.
I won't need them for work anymore.
But if I ever want to disappear, they'll come in handy.
Well, then I better memorize them.
That way, I can always find you, if, um Wait.
Oh, my God.
That's it.
How to find Mr.
Better tell Cooper.
Um Uh, you stay here.
I'll I'll tell Mr.
And then, um, I'll get us some coffees, and we'll talk.
- You're really tall.
I didn't read this many books in high school.
The answer's here somewhere.
I'm sure Reddington figured it out.
Well, he had Vesco.
We got nothing.
Aram, did you find him? Mr.
Homan just made a sizable donation to the Marigny Foundation for the Arts.
Homan? He's one of Mr.
Reddington's aliases.
So, Reddington made an anonymous donation to an arts organization? COOPER: One that comes with season tickets to the New Orleans opera.
Aram, you're a genius.
Reddington just bought tickets to the opera in New Orleans, just like the one mentioned in the poem.
So we don't have to decrypt it.
We're going to the opera.
I thought the library was dull.
Samar failed her polygraph.
What What are you doing here? She's hiding something from me.
I need to know what it is.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
And I-I don't really appreciate being followed.
Hey, we both want what's best for her.
Yeah, well, questioning her loyalty is a funny way of showing it.
I know she didn't betray us.
But my bosses they might look at the results and come to a different conclusion.
What is that supposed to mean? Is that some kind of threat? She knows too much.
This could be a liability.
Uh, are you guys gonna order, or? ARAM: Sorry.
Please go ahead.
Look, Samar, she's not looking out for herself.
I'm here because I was hoping you will.
In case you change your mind.
Just Hang on.
There was an accident.
She Her brain was was deprived of oxygen.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Listen.
This is very private.
And she wants to keep this to herself.
It's something called vascular dementia.
Will that be enough to satisfy your bosses? Uh, I would think so.
Hey, uh, congratulations, by the way.
Samar told me the good news.
Do you know if it's a girl or a boy? I [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Um, I-I have, uh, absolutely no idea.
It's better that way.
Why ruin the surprise, you know? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
That's our door.
Stage left.
I hate to walk out on "Figaro's Aria," but I've seen it before.
I'll see it again.
Places, everyone.
Here comes our cue.
Three, two, one [VOCALIZING.]
Germany, you're up.
Four bars out.
And hold.
And cue Germany! I did no such thing.
And I've only had two drinks.
The hell you have.
And you touched my breasts! What's going on here?! - He's drunk! - He's drunk.
I told you I took those drinks to my wife.
I am not drunk! You were hittin' on me, you ape, and you most certainly are drunk! - Okay.
That's enough.
- Aah! No more drinks.
That's it.
- Hit me.
He's drunk.
We need to take him through the back.
We're past security.
Carter, we're on our way to you.
Watch your tempo, Ray.
Allegro vivace.
Half note, whole note, turn to the left.
Are you the guy from the pharmacy? What took you so long?! This big guy won't let me past! - He says he has a delivery.
- I've got it all.
Everything from wet wipes to adult diapers.
I got your Maalox, your Mylanta, your Kaopectate.
I got a vaporizer Those things don't even all do the same thing! What's going on?! All I know is I got a call 45 minutes ago saying Count someone-or-another had the runs.
It's for Count Almaviva.
Rolando, he's come down with the flu.
What did he eat? Maybe he got a bad oyster.
I had a nasty Blue Point once.
Ohh, turned me inside out.
I was playing tango with the toilet for the better part of a day.
- 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 Fascinating as this is, we need to get you to the Count now.
He's on in 10.
Tutti mi vogliono Donne, ragazzi Vecchi, fanciulle Qua la parrucca Presto la barba - Qua la sanguigna - Cue Vontae and Dembe! Step-ball-change, step-ball-change, step-ball-change.
Figaro Ruddiger, what the hell's going on? [VOICE BREAKING.]
The voice The heartbreak and sorrow! - Ah.
- ‭It's a comedy! No, my sorrow! When I was a boy, all my friends wanted to be football players and racecar drivers, and I dreamed to be a tenor! - Oh, dear God.
- This is bad, Ray.
I'm sorry, Raymond.
I lost my place! The music, it took me back! We're on a clock! We're timed to the music.
If the detonation doesn't go off exactly with the applause, everyone will hear it! - I'm so sorry! - Okay, that's it.
Set the charges.
Robert, give us a hand.
Ray, we don't have time to set all the charges.
- He's nearing the end of the aria now.
- ‭[SOBS.]
Glen! We have a situation.
- [SIGHS.]
What situation? - [APPLAUSE.]
We're behind, and if we blow the charges late, we're gonna have the police here in seconds.
We need a distraction.
Something loud.
Really loud! - What the hell do you want me to do? - I don't know, Glen! That's why you're here! You wanted a second chance! This is it! Figure it out! Think fast! Make some noise! [BOTH SINGING IN ITALIAN.]
It's time to make your Broadway debut.
- Everybody out! There's a grease fire in the kitchen! It ain't good! [AUDIENCE SHOUTING.]
Run for your lives! Run for your lives! Blow it.
Oh, my God.
The De La Cruz.
It is real.
Now, there's the twinkle in your eye I've been looking for.
Sir, what on Earth would make you shout "fire" in the middle of a crowded theater when in fact there was no fire? I thought I smelled smoke.
All I was trying to do was save lives! RESSLER: I'm telling you, Keen, he double-crossed us.
We're not getting Vesco or the money.
He gave me his word.
I believe him.
- Is that it? - Last one.
Time to roll.
Look, I'll talk to the local PD.
See what they have to say.
I'll talk to fire.
- Mr.
- You know this guy? Elizabeth Keen, FBI.
Can I talk to him for a minute? [RADIO CHATTER.]
Hey! What are the odds of seeing you here? - You an opera fan? - Drop the act.
Where is he? Don't know what you're talking about.
He was here.
How long ago? Don't lie to me.
You just missed him.
- This isn't a good time.
- I'm at the opera house.
Did you enjoy the show? You got your treasure.
Now I want Vesco.
We'll be at Lulu's enjoying their key lime pie.
I'll get your slice to go.
- [SIGHS.]
Sex and treasure.
People will betray for both.
Like you're betraying me now that I've gotten you the gold.
You can turn me in at Lulu's, and your revenge will be complete.
It's okay, Ray.
I forgive you.
More, I understand.
You were my protégé, Ray.
I loved you.
But I took you for everything you were worth, and I left you in an Asunción whorehouse, and I never gave it a second thought.
And now? Now I'm free.
I have no intention of turning you in, Robert.
And we're certainly not going to Lulu's.
Place is bursting with tourists, and their pies are terrible.
We're gonna go find ourselves a nice, quiet cup of coffee somewhere.
Is it true that you introduced Nixon's brother to Castro and then swindled them both into investing in a bogus drug trial? And got tossed in a Cuban jail for my troubles.
Nixon and Castro! My God! It boggles the mind.
Truck's in the warehouse.
Locked tighter than a clam at hide tide.
- Where are the others? - [KEYS CLATTER.]
Killin' bourbon on Bourbon Street.
- Why don't you join them? - [LAUGHS.]
Hoo! Well, boys, I am off for a night of debauchery in the Big Easy.
Like Blanche DuBois, I depend on the kindness of strangers.
Cheerio! [CHUCKLES.]
Well, I feel like a walk by the river.
That's a great idea.
Oh, I'm afraid I wouldn't be very good company.
I'm old.
I'm tired.
And I'm at peace.
The airport, then.
Tomorrow at 10:00.
I'll drop you wherever you want.
I was filled with vengeance for so long, I never saw the gift you gave me in Asunción.
I never trusted anyone easily after that.
That's why I'm still alive.
I'm in your debt, my friend.
Believe me, Ray.
You've more than repaid your debt.
Change of plans.
I just got off the phone with Levi.
I have been honorably discharged.
- I'm, uh, not surprised.
- ‭I am.
During the polygraph test when he asked me why I was leaving, I said it was personal.
I didn't want him to know the truth, so I lied.
Well, whatever you told him, it's over.
So now we can talk.
About you being pregnant.
Aram ‭That's what you've been trying to tell me, isn't it? [CLATTERING.]
So, my parents made this for me 30 years ago for the day I became a dad.
Uh, all I, uh, remember are the fruit-flies and the, uh, cheesecloth.
And the fancy crystal that my mom insists on using nine months from now when we pop the cork to celebrate unimaginable love.
I'm not pregnant, Aram.
That was the lie that I told Levi to cover the truth about my health.
You're not? The truth is that I've never wanted children.
I used to be self-conscious about that, about the fact that I didn't have any kind of maternal instinct.
But I made my peace with it a long time ago.
And then I met you.
And you changed everything.
And now there's nothing I would like more than to be pregnant.
Nothing either of us would like more.
But it can't happen.
I can't raise a child.
Okay? If you don't think we should have kids, - then we shouldn't have them.
- You say that now, Aram, but in a year or five years - I'll be saying the same thing.
- ‭No.
Someday you will have regrets, and I don't want to be the reason why.
Aram, that's why I've been wanting to talk.
I think you deserve more.
That's quite the little stunt you pulled.
RED: It was, wasn't it? I was quite pleased with how it all came together.
Where's Vesco? - He inside? - No, he's not.
- The treasure is.
- You let him go.
Turns out, he's reformed.
A reformed fugitive.
Sworn off greed and avarice.
So you commuted his sentence? Like the President commuted yours? Yes, and in honor of his ascetic existence, I've decided to hand over $100-something million worth of 18th-century gold.
You're just gonna give it to us? Every last doubloon.
It's inside.
Or it isn't.
I'm in your debt, my friend.
Believe me, Ray.
You've more than repaid your debt.
He's reformed, is he? "Given up greed and avarice"? - Do you have a phone? - [LAUGHS.]
I'm sure he'll be a real ascetic with your $100 million.
Come on.
Take my picture.
It's not often I get egg on my face.
But to be egged by the same person twice? That needs memorializing.
RESSLER: You think this is funny? This was a complete waste of time.
Waste of time? We've been decrypting legends.
Chasing pirates.
Hunting hidden treasure.
And come up empty.
We lost Vesco.
How can you lose something you never had? I gave you a Blacklister you thought was dead.
Now that you know he's alive, you can hunt him down.
Plus, you witnessed my humiliation.
I think that would salve any wound.
It doesn't.
But it's a start.
Get in here, Dembe.
I see a little yolk on your cheek.
Smile, suckers.
- You're wrong about me.
- How did you find me? When you said there's nothing I want more than to have a child.
I mean, that is That is what I thought, what I had always imagined.
Until I met you.
And then you changed everything.
What we have This is our story, and if our story doesn't involve having kids, well, that's okay.
Tell me there's nothing to fear I don't need to wait nine months to celebrate unimaginable love.
And I certainly don't need fancy crystal.
- Aram.
- We are never breaking up.
Okay? Ever.
And I don't want any denial anger, bargaining or depression.
Can you do that for me? No.
Promise me this.
that you'll do everything humanly possible to try and get better.
I promise.
It's going to be okay.
Tell me that again.
Everything will be okay.

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