The Blacklist s06e14 Episode Script

The Osterman Umbrella Company

Rise and shine.
- You're up early.
- It has been a morning.
Two small grease fires in the kitchen, one almost-disastrous juicing mishap.
But, voilà.
Breakfast in bed.
What's on the menu? French toast, hash browns all your favorites.
Those are none of my favorites, but I love you anyway.
Well, I got the orange juice right, uh, fresh-squeezed.
But, um, careful might be a part of my finger in there.
What's the occasion? I thought you'd want a full stomach before our trip.
Our trip? Where we going? The Lodge at Glenforest.
Rural Pennsylvania.
Three days, two nights.
Our own cabin in the woods.
Dinners in the main lodge, crackling fires.
I look really, really good in flannel.
What do you think? It sounds amazing, but don't they need you at work? I'm the only one retiring.
I cleared it with Mr.
The team can manage.
It's not like the world's gonna end.
Aram, we worked together, remember? We both know the world could literally end if you're not there.
It's a few days.
Eat up.
I'll pack.
DEMBE: He will be pleased to hear it.
- Yes.
As soon as possible.
- Ahh.
- That was Spalding Stark.
Where is he on the clinical trials? - Blind testing.
He's almost ready to deliver.
- Elizabeth.
- Dembe.
- Health kick? They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
They're wrong.
Your mother loved that photograph.
Represented everything she wanted but couldn't have.
Not after she betrayed the KGB.
After that, she was a hunted woman.
Burned agents always are.
Hunted by the Osterman Umbrella Company.
Something tells me they don't sell umbrellas.
A burn notice can mean kill or capture.
When it's kill, they're the hit squad of choice.
The KGB farms out hits? The KGB.
The CIA.
Over the years, most agencies have come to the conclusion that terminating their own was bad for business.
It strained loyalties, created tension within the ranks.
Where most agencies agree on nothing else, this, they agree on that a neutral third party is critical in the elimination of their own operatives.
The world's intelligence agencies have a go-to company for contract kills? Of their own agents, yes.
They sent killers after my mother? They did.
Which is all the incentive I need to put them on the Blacklist, but as the FBI may need a bit more bait on the hook, there is this typically, the Umbrella Company operates on foreign soil, but I've been led to believe their next target is here in the United States.
Kevin Major, Nicolai Druganin, Shirley Wei.
All agents for MI6, FSB, and the Singapore Security and Intelligence Division, who Reddington claims were murdered by the Osterman Umbrella Company.
Their agencies claim they were patriots killed in action.
Reddington says they were traitors that their agencies had terminated.
- He says the CIA's involved? - Which part? Targeting your own agents for murder or farming out the hits? Not only is the CIA involved, but that the next hit's going to take place in America.
Not if we can help it, it's not.
He made it sound like this was accepted practice.
Maybe it is, but that doesn't make it right.
There's someone I can reach out to at Langley.
I'll get to the bottom of this.
How well do you know them? I introduced him to his first wife.
Let's hope he's forgiven me.
What can you tell me about a group commissioned to scrub rogue agents? The Osterman Umbrella Company.
I can tell you that you shouldn't be asking about them.
I wouldn't be if they only operated abroad.
That's your turf.
But, uh, from what I hear, their next target's stateside, and that turf's mine.
I can't confirm or deny.
An American is gonna be killed.
No trial, no due process.
I can't confirm or deny because I don't know.
You expect me to believe that? You're the C.
Maybe you got bad intel.
My intel's never bad.
If an American's being targeted, it wasn't sanctioned by anyone I know.
So, what? This Umbrella Company is operating on its own now? I told you I don't know.
But I intend on finding out.
You better find out fast.
A person's life is at risk.
It's supposed to rain today.
You got the wrong forecast.
Best to be prepared.
This is a bad idea.
Worse than murdering an American citizen? I'd like to arrange a meeting.
My name's Harold Cooper.
I'm the Deputy Director of the FBI.
There must be some misunderstanding.
Yes, I believe there is.
You thinking you can get away with murder.
I've spoken with Lansky.
Lansky is misinformed.
Lansky wasn't informed.
I informed Lansky, and now I'm informing you.
I know about the Umbrella Company.
I know what you do.
You do it here, I'll make sure you're prosecuted.
He was misinformed.
Has a contract been ordered on an American agent? I have very powerful friends.
I have handcuffs and backup.
They'll come here in cars with sirens and lights.
Makes quite a scene.
An American agent.
Is that what you asked me before? Is one being targeted? At this time, the Company has no outstanding tokens on American operatives.
You people are so antiseptic.
Are we through here? For now.
- We tailed him to his office.
- Global Systems Imports.
DCRA records show that it incorporated in '87.
Taxes, license fees are paid up.
Top executives are pillars of the community, not a parking ticket among them.
Which is why we couldn't pull a search warrant.
We could sweat the executives.
They're covering for the Umbrella Company or at least work for it.
If they're anything like Hobbs, they won't sweat easily.
They would if we turned up the heat.
And how do you propose we do that? Jason.
How are you? Jason? My name's not Jason.
I want to know the name of the American agent you're targeting.
And why.
Did Harold Cooper send you? Is that what this is? - The name.
- He didn't like my answers, so he dispatches muscle to rough me up.
This would all be much more pleasant if you'd give me a name.
I told him no American agent is being targeted.
A lexical ambiguity.
The agent may not be American, but he is being targeted here.
Who? No? Nothing? Hm.
- Where are we going? To visit a friend.
Was thinking this was more of a romantic getaway, but, you know, if you feel naked without a gun, we can role-play.
Force of habit.
How about we start some new habits? You're absolutely right.
New life, new habits.
Unless you want to role-play.
I think a cabin in the woods is a perfect place to start.
No phone reception.
No Internet.
Meeting a stranger.
Maid/butler secret rendezvous.
Thank you for not letting me push you away.
Yeah, you tried pretty hard, but lucky for you, I can't take a hint.
So, hitchhiker.
- I have an idea.
- Teacher/pupil.
Why don't we make our own fantasies? Okay.
- HOBBS: No.
HOBBS: Please.
We can talk about this.
The first installment from Mr.
HOBBS: Hey! You hear me?! Ahh.
HOBBS: Take this thing off of me! Let's be reasonable! Let's talk, please.
- HOBBS: Hey, come back here! - Where are you going?! - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Betsy's famished, and I left the goats in the truck.
If I'm not back before he starts passing out, use the chinchillas.
Thank you, Teddy.
Lunch after? Oh, I can't today.
My sister's in from Sarasota.
We're going hot-tub shopping for my back patio.
Doctors keep telling me it's good for my rheumatoid.
Rain check, then! Okay, guys.
RED: Ohh.
Don't you know I'm untouchable? [CHUCKLING.]
Well, you look touched to me.
Snug, really.
Funny word, "snug.
" Comes from the German "snoggr," meaning shipshape, prepared for bad weather.
Are you prepared for bad weather, Mr.
Hobbs? Because from the look of things, you're in for a terrible storm.
You will never get away with this.
I'm told Betsy there has a weakness for chinchilla appetizer.
Mine is gougère Gruyère cheese puffs.
If there's a tray within a nautical mile, I won't make it to the main course.
Unfortunately for you, these little guys are far too cute to be served up as a starter.
And what with Brimley's congestive heart failure, diabetes, and asthma, the chances are slim to none that he'll be back with a goat before Betsy there swallows you whole.
So a name.
- Reddington.
- I didn't get the name, but I got the address where you can find it.
They wouldn't have just left this behind.
We got here before the cleanup crew.
What is it? It's the dropped token.
The person they're targeting.
I'm leaving you another message.
It's important, Aram.
You need to call the office.
It's urgent.
- I'm getting nothing.
Both of their phones are going to voicemail.
Pull GPS off their cells.
Run their cards.
The works.
It's Samar.
She's the target.
But we can't get ahold of her or Aram, and no one knows where they were headed.
When did you hear from her last? Last night.
Aram told Cooper he wanted to take Samar away for a few days.
You don't think the Umbrella Company got to them already, do you? We would have heard something.
I don't understand.
Who would do this? A state-sanctioned hit? - The Mossad comes to mind.
- It's got to be them, right? The more pressing question is whether her assailants can be called off in time to make a case for her life.
What could Samar possibly know that would make her such a liability to the very agency that trained her? Elizabeth, all that matters is that you find Samar right away.
And what are you gonna do? I'm gonna pay a visit to an acquaintance of mine - from Tel Aviv.
Oh, no, no, no.
I am not going to be seen with you on those snowshoes.
But it's the best I can do.
You said the world needs me.
Can't go breaking a hip in a snowmobiling accident.
We are off the grid.
Thank God.
They only have service in the Big House.
How great is that? The sound of silence.
Or not.
- Hello.
Mojtabai? - Yes.
This is Rachael in guest services.
I'm afraid there's a problem with your credit card, sir.
The one on file has been declined.
Do you have another card we could use? That's weird.
I, uh I do have another.
It's a Visa.
Can I Can I give you the number? I'm afraid you have to come down to the front desk so we can scan the chip.
For security, of course.
Uh, no problem.
I'll, uh, be right there.
Credit card's not working.
I need to bring them another.
Don't forget your sweater.
- I'll be right back.
RED: Recognize that? Your driver is relaxing in the footwell of my Mercedes with a gun barrel in his mouth.
So tell me about the chess piece.
I know what it means.
That a contract's been taken out on Samar.
LEVI: Yes.
Call it off.
I can't.
It had to be done.
Samar knows that.
That's why she kept her condition secret.
Call the Umbrella Company and cancel the contract.
- It's too late.
- Is it done? Awaiting confirmation.
The agent went off-line as soon as the target was located.
" How conveniently impersonal.
You don't know about her condition.
The only condition that would justify what you've done is if she were a traitor.
She isn't.
Not now, but she will become one.
She may not want to, but it will happen, and there's nothing she can do to prevent it.
How can you possibly know that? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
I'm so sorry to bother you.
My fiancé and I rented one of those stupid snowmobiles, and it stalled in the woods.
We only get a signal at the Big House.
Could I maybe use your phone, see if we can get one of the guys to help us out? I got a call.
There's a problem with my card? I'm sorry.
What cabin are you in? - Uh, Sutton's Cabin, by the creek.
- Oh.
All charges have cleared.
That's so weird.
I think his pride's hurt more than anything.
I mean, he's still down there thinking he can get one of those things running.
Is, uh Is the spa still open today? 8:00 to 7:00 every day.
Did you want to make an appointment? No.
No, we're fine.
No one's hurt.
I'm so sorry about all of this.
I will, uh, call the spa later.
I'm a sucker for a good scalp massage.
Aram, where are you? We've been trying to reach you for hours! ARAM: Sorry.
The, uh, cell service is terrible here.
Aram, where are you, exactly? The, um, Glenforest Lodge in the Allegheny Mountains.
Why? What is, uh What's going on? [BOTH GRUNTING.]
You're not safe.
Samar's been targeted by a group called the Osterman Umbrella Company.
Shelter in place.
I'm sending Keen and Ressler to you right now.
Oh, my God.
You're bleeding.
SAMAR: We have to get out of here.
Um, um, whoa.
Uh, is she, um Is she dead? Um, oh, uh, okay.
Uh, I spoke to Mr.
Cooper, and, uh, they are after you, the Ostark, uh, um, Umbrella Company or something.
- Osterman.
- You know them? Yes.
Aram, we have to run.
- Okay.
- Now.
If she's dead, you're next.
I told you why we did this.
Yes, you did.
Is it done? We got to get you to a hospital.
This doesn't make sense.
I was out.
The Mossad cleared me.
Uh, all right.
Just, uh, back up.
Who, uh Who are these, uh, Umbrella people? Uh, they're freelancers, mercenaries.
They'll go anywhere.
They'll do anything.
And if that was their operative, then the Mossad was behind it.
Why? You were cleared.
Is it Is it something you know, maybe? Or something I'm forgetting.
If they found out about my issue, if they thought my memory was a liability, they would vote for a dropped token.
That's code for? What are you talking about? How do you know any of this? Aram, I was one of them.
You voted to have people killed? We need to get off this road.
These people, they'll keep coming, no matter what.
All right.
So which way? LIZ: The room's destroyed, and the assassin's dead.
RED: An assassin's dead.
There'll be more.
Samar knows that.
That's why she and Aram aren't here.
They're on the run.
But why? Have you found anything? Agent Navabi has vascular dementia.
What are you talking about? From her near-drowning.
Her brain was deprived of oxygen.
Yeah, and she recovered.
Well, the truth is, she didn't.
Not fully.
Okay, so she didn't fully recover.
So what? Why would Mossad want to kill her for that? Because it's irreversible.
Samar has top-level security clearance.
Today, she knows how to keep a secret, but someday, she won't.
That's why they're coming for her, because someday she may not be able to keep a secret? The only person with the authority to call off the contract is the Mossad's D.
Station Chief.
We'll have Cooper reach out.
They're trying to kill Samar because she's sick.
She knew they would.
That's why she kept it a secret.
Yeah, but if we didn't know, how did the Mossad find out? It had to be the doctor, someone on her medical team.
They're the only ones who knew I was sick.
Okay, um, uh, Samar, hold on.
I Can we just talk for a minute? Give me your cellphone.
Uh, I was due for an upgrade anyway.
Uh, what what are we doing here? Resupplying.
We need to move fast, keep our heads low.
I need to tell you something.
It was me.
I told them.
You what? Levi, he came to me, and Samar, you failed your polygraph.
They thought you were acting suspicious during your exit interview and that you might be a traitor.
I didn't want them to hurt you, so I I told them about your condition.
I thought I was helping.
- Please.
Say something.
You thought you were protecting me.
I get it.
But what you didn't stop to think is that I can always take care of myself.
Excuse me.
We're in the middle Skylark.
Agent 3426.
I need my laundry.
- Take a breather, everyone! - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Give me the bag, Professor, or your next lesson will be about percussion.
Be smart.
That looks quite painful.
It is.
Stay in school.
I'm not sure what you want the Mossad to do.
My COOPER: Let's cut through the red tape, can we? I know Osterman has operatives in the country.
I know they're targeting Agent Navabi.
I need you to do whatever is in your power to call off the hit.
Even if I was willing to confirm I've confirmed it.
We're past that.
I won't allow this to happen on U.
soil, and I won't allow you to send these people after one of my own agents.
Whatever decisions have been made, I wasn't part of the vote.
I'm not saying you were.
I'm asking for your help.
You know, the Mossad enjoys a strong working relationship with the United States.
If word of this incident were to get out, I would hate for something to happen and change things between us.
I'll make the call, get Tel Aviv involved.
- It could take some time.
- We don't have time.
Pick up the phone and save a life.
- Can I help you? - Yes.
Agents Navabi and Mojtabai, FBI.
We have a couple of questions for a patient of yours in room 312.
Abramson? Uh, are you sure? She's 86 years old and blind.
They'll be quick questions.
- Should I call the head nurse? - It's a standard SR-22.
It won't take a minute.
In and out.
I like it.
What is that? Certificate of insurance with the DMV.
Okay, so, the Mossad has sent trained killers after you.
- How do we fix this? - Sadly, there is no fixing this.
The best we can try and do is survive.
There's got to be a way.
There is always another way.
Osterman will send an army if they have to.
- What about going to Mr.
Cooper? - Aram, you're not getting it.
Give me the bandage.
I can't go back to my old life.
I can't go back to the FBI.
My only chance is to disappear.
I'm sorry.
We have to get out of here.
Abramson thank you.
What's wrong? The two men at the front desk, they're operatives.
How can you tell? Because I know.
We need a new exit.
How are they tracking us so fast? They would never have guessed that I would go back for my bag at the music school.
We picked the hospital at random.
Osterman is good, but they're not that good.
Let's just focus on what is next.
Okay, what is next? I vanish is what's next.
I find a nice, warm corner of the Earth and disappear.
Okay, so, where do I take us? Aram.
What? What? What? I'm sorry, but there is no "us.
" I'm the only target.
I'm the one who has to disappear.
You have a life.
Absolutely not.
It's about you and me.
You don't get to say goodbye.
I won't I won't let you.
If you're gonna go riding off into the sunset, I'm riding right beside you.
That was before all this.
Before the dropped token.
Before the Osterman Umbrella Company.
You don't know what you're offering to give up.
If you come with me, you could never come back, you could never see your friends.
You could never see your family, no one at the office.
You'd be putting them all in danger.
I can't let you do that.
You have a life.
Stop saying that.
Okay? It's our life.
You are my life.
You are my business, and I get to decide if if Oh, my God.
- What? - Oh, my God.
Hang on.
- What? - Hang on.
The The The business card.
- What business card? - Levi's.
He, uh He gave it to me the last time I saw him, and I'm, uh I'm sorry.
I didn't even I didn't even think that that's Ah! Levi, that bastard! He He's been passing along our tracking information to the Ostermans.
That's how they knew.
Shots fired! Shots fired! Federal agents in need of assistance! DAGAN: I passed along your request.
I took it as high as it could go.
- And? - My superiors have no idea what you're talking about.
Really? You're going to stick with that story? And we're supposed to ignore the corpse up at that lodge? Ignore my agents running for their lives out there? [GUNFIRE.]
This is a non-event.
- What about what Hobbs told us? - Who? The man that works for the damned Umbrella Company! Sorry, Director Cooper.
The Mossad can't help you with this.
I need another mag.
Hold on.
- ARAM: Where you at? I'm almost out.
We need to get out of here.
MAN ON RADIO: Adam-12.
This is a 10-33.
ARAM: Those guys really won't stop, will they? Never.
That's why I have to go.
Someone else will get killed.
- Samar.
- I don't want it to be you, and I don't want someone caught in the crossfire.
I'm fine with that, but what you said back at the car doesn't work for me.
- I'm coming with you.
- No.
Listen to me.
You say you don't want me to go through that the new life, the never looking back but you do not have the right to make that decision for me.
You cannot force me to live without you.
That is not living.
This is my decision, and I'm coming with you.
Okay, but if we do that, we have to move quickly and leave zero footprint.
I have small feet.
The first thing is getting out of the country.
The Umbrella group will be monitoring airports, subways, train stations.
ARAM: Okay, we need to tell Mr.
I know he'd help in any way he can.
That's not a bad idea, but to do that, we'll have to split up.
I thought you said we're in this together.
We are.
I'm not ditching you.
But But I can't go back to the office.
The whole place will be under surveillance.
To do this, you'll have to go in alone, tell Cooper what's going on, and get him to arrange safe passage for us.
All right.
Passage to where? I don't know.
I've got friends abroad.
- Europe, maybe.
- Okay.
ARAM: But what are you gonna do? I'm gonna try and stay alive.
Do you remember the loft building on Meredith? Yeah.
That safe house.
Meet me there with Cooper in three hours.
And we're gone.
You be safe.
Like the rest of our lives depended on it.
You took Levi Shur! I want him back! I could ask around, but I doubt the FBI would even know where to start.
Putting the Umbrella Company on Navabi was his job.
It's the way things work! Well, it shouldn't work that way.
You and your colleagues should shut the Umbrella Company down.
HOBBS: Yes, sir.
We can handle that situation.
Where in Greece? That's not going to happen.
COOPER: In that case, this sounds like a non-event.
I'm confident Levi Shur will turn up, but the FBI can't help you on this.
I'm not much of a company man.
Conformity doesn't interest me.
There's profit in it.
And power.
But no soul.
The company man is rewarded for following the rules.
The better the company man, the less it matters what the rules are, how ethical they are, how just how humane.
In your company, the rules called for you to kill a good and decent person, a colleague and partner.
And you followed those rules blindly and without question.
Samar would have done the same to me.
Which only proves my point that the company can corrupt even the best among us.
You're acting like I wanted this to happen.
I didn't.
This is the last thing I wanted.
And yet you did it anyway.
Look, you're upset.
I get it.
I am too.
We feel the same way about this.
No, I don't believe we do.
What I really can't get is how you used Agent Mojtabai, how you manipulated him into telling you about Samar's condition.
He told you so as to protect her, but because of you, he has to live with the fact that he betrayed her, that his words put a target on her back, that he is the reason that they will never be together again.
Aram trusted you, and because of that trust, his life has been devastated.
I was just doing my job.
And I suppose I'm just doing mine.
No! No! [MUFFLED.]
These are clean passports, nothing Mossad can track.
A team of agents is standing by to transfer you to a safe house in Baltimore.
From there, you'll be flown to Taipei.
After that, you're ghosts.
Thank you, sir.
This is the number of a friend of mine, ex-Special Forces.
He does some work in Southeast Asia, so, after Taipei, give him a call.
Use my name.
He can get you set up anywhere.
Are you sure this is what you want? You know, she's always asking me that, and I honestly don't know why.
To me, it is it's so simple.
I just I want to be with the person I love, and I love her.
So yeah, it's what I want.
The reason she's asking you that is because, for most people, it isn't so simple.
I don't think Samar or I would be safe, alive, or even together if it weren't for everything you've done for us over the years.
Thank you.
Uh, those, um those words seem so small compared to what you've done.
COOPER: Those words are plenty.
You've always looked out for us you and Agent Navabi.
Now it's our turn to look out for the two of you.
What's going on? Where's Samar? Samar isn't coming.
What are you talking about? We, uh We have a plan.
We have, um We have papers, uh, money, uh, a place to go.
I-I think you, um I think you misunderstood.
Samar has new papers, different place to go.
You're taking her away from me? I'll see to it she's well cared for.
You have my word.
I want to know where she is! This is what she wants.
You tell me where she is.
For what it's worth, I tried to talk her out of it.
I want to talk to her.
Call her.
I know you can.
She knew you'd insist.
Just hit "redial.
" She's waiting for your call.
Aram? ARAM: Where are you? W-What are you doing? We had a plan.
I know we did.
What about what we said? You and me, you know, we're in this together.
You said it wasn't my decision to make for you, and you were right.
But I need to make this decision for myself and what I need, and I ne [VOICE BREAKING.]
I I need to know that you're safe They won't find us.
and that you're happy.
No, no, no.
I can't be happy without you.
I won't forget you.
I may forget everything else, but I won't forget you.
Who's gonna t-take care of you if I'm not there? [SOBS.]
I love you, Aram.
No matter what happens, I won't I won't let you slip away.
I'm sorry, Aram.
I will never forgive you for this.
Lovin' every night and day, yeah Lovin' all our troubles away We're gonna love like there's no tomorrow Lovin' every minute and hour Lovin' past our own power We're gonna love like there's no tomorrow We're gonna love like there's no tomorrow We're gonna love like there's no to Love like there's no tomorrow Ah, yea-a-a-a-a-h Lovin' on down to the wire Ah-hmm Love burnin' like a wildfire We're gonna love like there's no tomorrow Oh, yes Love stompin' like a floorboard Love givin' me a little more We're gonna love like there's no tomorrow Ohh, ohh, ohh Love like there's no tomorrow Oh, Lord, we're gonna
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