The Blacklist s06e20 Episode Script

Guillermo Rizal

I thought I was a star Until I started fadin' From the sky, I free fall Every single day, I Go out, look up at where I'm from 'Cause I thought I was a star You know what your problem is? Yeah, my speed control suck What sucks, besides your language, is the color of your ball.
It's blue.
Your lucky color's pink.
Go find Mom by the DayGlo dinosaurs, and I'll get you a pink one.
The color won't make a difference.
Oh, really? Then why does Tiger Woods always wear red on Sundays? Because he's superstitious.
And superstition sucks.
Well, when you've won 15 majors, you can do without it.
Meantime, try to get between here and Mommy without using the S-word, okay? I thought we'd gone too far We started walking on the water Felt like we'd been reborn When we woke up in nirvana Up in the clouds, not coming down 'cause Mom? Hey.
I'm looking for my daughter.
She's 9.
She has a turtle shirt? - You try the bathrooms? - Anything? - I've looked everywhere.
- The bathrooms, too? Mark, she's gone! Every patrol car has Corinne's photo.
Every bus and train station.
Train station? You think she's being taken somewhere? We don't know, but, as a precaution, we entered her into the nationwide database for missing children.
Is it true that unless you find her within the first couple hours, odds are you never will? We're doing everything we can.
And I promise, as soon as we have any more information, we'll let you know.
- We already do.
- Did you find her? - I don't know.
It's - Is everything all right? It's hard to explain.
That's her! That's Corinne! OFFICER: Yeah, that's the thing.
It's not.
That's Corinne.
And that - Who's Nora Anne Mitchell? - According to our records, she's a missing child who was abducted 37 hours ago from her home a thousand miles away.
Hey, stranger.
It's been a week.
I haven't had a case for you until now.
Okay, but the last time we spoke, it kind of changed everything, and I thought maybe we should talk about that.
I thought we covered everything we needed to.
Oh, you mean, "I am what I am, Popeye the Sailor Man"? Come on.
I know you don't want to talk about it, but you should.
We should.
Why? Because we've never been able to be completely honest with each other, and now we can.
This case has twins who aren't twins.
Child abduction.
And a mysterious connection to Anna McMahon.
- Care to hear about it? - No.
Not until you tell me why you're doing this.
Are you upset? Conflicted.
About what? I live and work by a very strict code built on loyalty, justice, trust.
I survive because I eliminate those who betray it.
Up until now, no one has been spared, not even my closest associates.
Not even Kate Kaplan.
So that's what you're conflicted about? Whether or not to kill me because I betrayed some "code"? You can mock it because you live in a world with institutionalized codes, where order has already been imposed by powerful forces outside of yourself, where there are laws and rules for everything.
I live in a world with no laws, no rules, and certainly no order.
So I have to impose my own.
I'm not conflicted about killing you.
I'm conflicted because I can't.
Because I can neither kill nor trust nor forgive.
You forgave Dembe.
Dembe hid your misdeeds.
Not his.
So where does that leave us? With a case.
Until it's solved, our conflict can wait.
LIZ: Corinne Walker was abducted from a family arcade outside Minneapolis.
37 hours earlier, Nora Mitchell went missing from a park in Seattle.
Living in different cities.
- Twins who aren't twins.
- According to birth records, Corinne was born March 2, 2011, to a Heather and Mark Walker, and Nora was born a day later and over 2,000 miles away to a Sara and Ben Mitchell.
RESSLER: How is that even possible? COOPER: And what possible involvement could Anna McMahon have in it? LIZ: Reddington isn't sure, but according to the surveillance team he has following Anna McMahon, she's connected to the abductions.
He's got a surveillance team? This photo was taken last week, and then this next one was taken yesterday outside the same arcade where Corinne Walker was abducted.
RESSLER: It's the same guy.
COOPER: Does Reddington know what his connection is with McMahon? ARAM: What does a top Justice Department official have to do with a series of child abductions? He doesn't know, but he said he has a line or two in the water.
Then while he's fishing off that pier, we'll focus on the families.
Ressler, Keen, talk to the parents.
Something's tying them together.
Maybe they know what.
Where have you been hiding? - What do you mean? - You've been a ghost ever since I told you that I've been looking into who Reddington was.
Thought maybe you were still pissed at me.
What? No.
I'm grateful.
You did what you thought was best for me.
I'm grateful for that.
HEATHER: They look exactly the same.
MARK: This other girl, Nora, is it possible that she is our daughter? Fingerprint and hospital records confirm they are different girls.
Nora's parents are just as desperate to find their daughter as you are.
Desperate's an understatement.
You said you had new information? - Yes.
We ran a DNA test.
- And? SARA: She looks exactly the same.
The girls are identical twins.
How can this be? There's more.
There's something else.
And this isn't going to be easy for you to hear.
RESSLER: According to the report, the two of you are not genetically related to your daughter.
- What? - No.
I'm sorry, but we ran the test several times.
LIZ: It isn't just you.
Neither you nor the Mitchells are biologically related to either of the girls.
- You're telling us what? - [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
That we got some other couple's eggs by mistake? - So you did conceive through IVF? - Yes.
But now you're telling us that Nora is someone else's child? What sperm, what egg doesn't matter.
We want our daughter back.
And we're doing everything we can to find her.
Can you tell me the name of the IVF clinic you used? New Dawn, outside Minneapolis.
Our doctor recommended it.
- New Dawn? - It was nearby.
I was finishing my degree at Saint Mary's at the time.
MARK: We'll do whatever you need, but you need to be completely honest with me.
I need to know, do you have any idea where our little girl is right now? Completely honest? [INHALES SHARPLY.]
Not yet.
Hello, Corinne.
My name is Doctor Rizal.
I'm pleased to meet you.
I know you've had a very long journey, so I got you a gift.
I want to go home! I know, sweetheart, and you will.
Very soon.
But let's get you changed.
There's something I want to show you, something I built for you.
Corinne, Nora.
You're both unique individuals.
And together, we're gonna change the world.
Obviously, we're horrified to think that there could have been any sort of improprieties here at New Dawn.
We have stringent protocols that would render a mistake nearly impossible.
Well, we have reason to believe this wasn't a mistake.
The Walkers and the Mitchells, they were both clients? Anne, before you answer that RESSLER: We can subpoena medical records.
I want to be clear we're ready to cooperate in any way that we can.
The Walkers and Mitchells were both clients.
In June of 2010.
And they shared the same doctor? Actually, they had two different fertility specialists working with two entirely different staffs.
So how does that explain the mix-up? You do not have to answer this.
I've looked at their cases, every staff member, every person in the chain of command and the only possible wrinkle I can imagine might be in embryology.
- Meaning? - On the day of transfer, the cultured embryo is taken from our incubators on site directly to the mother.
Now, it's possible, yet highly unlikely, that the embryologist could have swapped out the cultured genetic material with I don't know.
Something else.
Like an embryo cultured off-site? Y-You said that the women had different teams, different doctors, but did they have different embryologists? No.
But his reputation - We need a name.
- He's one of the best.
Miss Mauler.
A name.
LIZ: Miles Gordon, FBI! I'm not gonna ask again! [FOOTSTEPS APPROACH.]
Something going on? I had the TV on.
I don't hear a TV.
Mind if we ask you a few questions? Right.
Let me just, um That was stupid.
Now I get to arrest you.
Senator Christensen! I'm terribly sorry to interrupt.
I know you're very busy getting stroked here, but I only need a moment.
I'm in the middle of a meeting.
I'm looking for this man.
I'm sorry.
Do I know you? I've searched near and far, and it's come to my attention he may be in your employ.
If you want to set a meeting, you call my office, just like everyone else.
Who is he? I have no idea.
Senator, unlike your lunch date here, I'm not interested in foreplay.
I've spoken with a number of sources who tell me the man in the photo is in the business of finding difficult-to-find items and is presently trying to find something for you.
How could you possibly know that? Will the gentleman be joining? No.
I-I will take a martini.
Two olives.
I met him through a friend.
This isn't the place.
Maybe if we went somewhere more discreet.
Actually, I find indiscretion often works to my advantage.
Go on.
They call him Mr.
Francis Cotton.
That's not his real name.
I hired him to find a missing work of art for my wife's collection.
- How do I reach him? - You don't.
He contacts you after you place an ad in the wanted section of the Post.
It took two months before he reached out.
He has my number.
He said he'll contact me when he finds the piece.
What is the piece? Of art? Ah! Vaisravana.
Uh, sir, are you leaving? I have your martini here.
No, no, no.
It's for the Senator.
He could use a good stiff drink.
You want to help ARAM in there or should I? He seems to have it under control.
Looks can be deceiving.
What I said earlier was true.
I'm grateful that you're a good friend.
But, um, I'm also grateful for what you did, for telling me about my grandfather.
I found him, and he told me about Reddington, about who he was.
You You know? His name was Ilya Koslov.
He and Katarina were childhood friends, and then they were in the Cabal together.
But why take on Reddington's identity? After the fire, after I shot my father and the world was after Katarina, the only way for her to survive was to access the funds they used to frame Reddington.
Yeah, but they couldn't do it without Reddington.
Since he was already dead, Ilya Koslov brought him back to life.
That's the answer that Reddington killed people to keep quiet? - I mean, why? - I don't know.
To protect me somehow? To protect himself.
Ilya Koslov and Katarina Rostova disappeared after betraying powerful people with long memories who were willing to kill to find out information about their whereabouts.
Or try to.
A couple of weeks ago, I got the drop on some KGB mook who had heard that I was looking into Katarina.
Wanted to know what kind of leads I had.
That's why he's keeping it a secret.
That's why we can't tell anyone.
Yeah, but we got to tell Cooper and ARAM.
Whoever he was, he is Reddington.
Cooper will understand that, but he might feel obliged to tell someone in the Bureau who doesn't.
Anna McMahon does not trust the Task Force, and she hates Reddington.
She's looking for any excuse to shut us down.
You're worried that they'll void his immunity agreement.
I'm pretty sure I had the right to know the truth, and I'm absolutely sure no one else does.
Look, I get that, but is it the truth? I mean, does it make sense that this is the answer he'd kill to keep quiet? That so many people have died trying to find out? It's because so many people died that I gave up my child.
To protect Agnes until I learned the truth.
Am I sure I know why he guarded his secret? No.
Is it possible that I'm overlooking some of the holes in the story because there's a sweetness to it? Yes, it's possible.
But it's more possible that it's true.
"More possible.
" Ilya Koslov had motive and opportunity.
If this were a crime, you'd say it was solved, and you'd believe you were right.
Well, you and New Dawn are the only thing connecting the abductions, so if you didn't take them, who did? I told you I have no idea.
You had some legal trouble before your time at New Dawn, right? I was working at a clinic in Boston after I finished my degree.
There was a power outage.
Core temperatures never moved outside the acceptable range, but one child was born very sick.
That must have been a very difficult time for you.
Plus, the large settlement, legal fees, school debt It was difficult, yes.
It's why I moved to Minneapolis.
- But, look, I didn't - The thing is, is five months later, you signed a mortgage and bought a new car.
- That That was I - I'd like to think it was a lucky break, the lottery, a bequest, even.
But come on.
I'm guessing that wasn't it.
Someone approached you, offered you money? No, it's not like that.
Those parents just want their girls back.
If you tell us the truth, we can help you.
Who approached you? I don't know his name.
Just He said the parents would never know, that it was a simple swap.
- You switched the embryos.
- It was a lot of money.
And the chances of all three embryos - implanting successfully was - I'm sorry.
Did you say "three"? Yes.
All three embryos we swapped were carried to term.
The third child remember her name? LIZ: Grace Draxton.
We're here to take her into protective custody.
- FBI? I don't understand.
- Is this connected to the CPS complaint? - CPS? Agent Cavali from Child Protective Services got here maybe thirty minutes ago.
He said he needed to speak with Grace about some problems at home.
He's in with Grace and the school Counselor.
You need to take us there.
Call 9-1-1.
Tell them a child has been abducted from your school.
Good afternoon.
I have an item for your catalogue.
Got the wrong place.
I fix clocks.
Fat Joe says you do more than that.
Don't know any Fat Joe.
He told me to tell you there are moles in your garden.
He say what I should do with them? Call the exterminator.
Let me see the item.
That's a photo of the item.
And this is a suitcase filled with $50,000 in unmarked bills for putting it in your catalogue.
I fence items, not photos of items.
There's another suitcase for letting me use your back room to talk to the buyer.
You got a lot of suitcases.
Do you know who I am? Yeah, a guy with a lot of suitcases.
How many will it take for you to circulate the photo? Do you have the item, or are you just using me to smoke out the guy who wants to buy it? Four suitcases, no questions, and you throw in the mantle clock.
I'm a sucker for Limoges.
The triplets they're not the only ones who've been taken.
What makes you say that? I went back into the database and found this kids taken from Miami, Chicago, Dallas.
There are more.
Twins and triplets, all of them born to different parents, all of them reported missing in the last 18 months.
You think this is some sort of sick, sci-fi version - of human trafficking? - ARAM: No.
I think this is some sick, sci-fi version of human experimentation.
I had the girls' DNA sequenced.
The differences are 90,000 base pairs.
Now, that sounds like a lot, but when you consider that the human genome has about 3 billion base pairs, it's nothing.
My guess is that the person we're looking for took a fertilized egg, split it into three embryos, and then made changes.
Resulting in identical triplets who are genetically unique.
Grace, this is Nora and Corinne.
Can you say hello? Now that you're all here, we can begin.
How exciting.
Genetic differences.
You think they could be random? I would, except the insertions and deletions around the effected areas suggest that someone used a virally delivered editing tool to rewrite Corinne and Nora's DNA.
Rewriting DNA? Who can do that? Are the devices active? - [COMPUTER BEEPS.]
- Bringing subjects online now.
Hey! Look! [SOFT BUZZING.]
Begin at 95 degrees.
Set humidity to 50%.
LIZ: You said two girls had their DNA altered.
What about the third? ARAM: Preliminary samples taken from her home suggest it wasn't edited, which is what leads me to believe it's some kind of experiment.
NORA: What's happening?! Why are you doing this to us? CORINNE: Let us out! - Increase it to 100.
- RESSLER: It's a control group.
They created identical triplets to restrict outside genetic factors and left one embryo unedited so they could establish a baseline, a way to measure the effect of the changes.
But who? And for what? Are you out of your mind? What the hell is wrong with you? - Excuse me.
- You think I want my picture above the fold on the Post? More bad press? He could've killed me.
Slow down.
What's wrong? What's wrong? How about lunch with a fugitive? - I don't understand what you're - Reddington.
He came to see me.
Hold on.
What did he want? Your friend.
The Finder.
He wanted me to put him in touch.
- And what did you tell him? - What did I tell him? Anna, it doesn't matter what I told him.
All that matters is what I'm telling you.
You introduced me to Cotton in exchange for my vote on the farm bill.
Well, guess what.
You're not getting my vote.
Did you talk to Cotton? Less than an hour ago.
Good news.
He had the information we were looking - Doesn't matter.
Listen to me.
- I'm sorry.
"Doesn't matter"? I need you to reach out to Cotton, bring him in.
- What's going on? - Reddington knows.
I don't know how, but he knows.
He's looking for Cotton.
If he gets to him, I guarantee you he'll get him to talk about our plans.
You need to find Cotton before Reddington does.
I heard you have moles in the garden.
So? Have you considered calling the exterminator? It's in the back.
I'm here about the Vaisravana.
RED: No, you're here for a little chat.
Let's hope the conversation is fruitful.
The britches! I'm gonna need you to take them off! You do know this is a matter of some urgency, right? Legends aren't born, Bite of the wife's Reuben? Teddy, I need to know where he took the children and what he's doing for Anna McMahon, and I need to know now.
Corned beef's as lean as a dog in lent.
If I end up needing an actual exterminator, you're paying.
If Demby was here, he'd take a bite.
- Ah, here we go.
- What? If he was here, he'd take a bite.
He's not here, so he won't.
That's all I'm saying.
- That's all you're saying.
- The man loves a Reuben.
For all we know, he's having one now.
Only we don't know, because you fired him.
I didn't fire him.
In fact, I forgave him.
- And he doesn't eat meat! - Forgave him for what? For not following your rules, your do's, your don't's? There's a code of ethics! Why is that so difficult for people to understand? How 'bout 'cause you got a guy in the next room getting his avocados pollinated? The code's like the suit and the hat.
You feel good wearing it.
Look good, too.
Million bucks.
But and I gotta think deep down you know this it's like lipstick on a pig.
It can cover a lotta sins.
End of the day, it's still trayf.
Anything? The man who hired him to abduct the kids.
He coughed up a name.
Guillermo Rizal.
Reddington says he's the one responsible for the abductions.
Does he have a location? No.
Ressler's working on that now.
What do we know about this guy? Heart rate's slightly elevated, perspiration rate increasing.
Bring the temperature to 105.
Introduce hydration.
ARAM: Okay, so, Rizal basically invented gene mapping.
At 24, he wrote the code that runs the gene-sequencing software used by every hospital, laboratory, and university in the world.
COOPER: If anyone knows how to rewrite DNA, it would be him.
ARAM: The IPO was launched 12 years ago, and he resigned later that year.
And a year after that, the first set of twins was born.
- You want to back it off? - No.
They may be scared, but these girls are pioneers.
In many ways, humanity depends on them.
Introduce the solution.
RESSLER: Real-estate records show that Rizal has a warehouse in Howard County.
What makes you think that's where he took the girls? Well, the guy's got houses in New York, London, Bermuda.
But Reddington said the Finder handed off the girls in a roadside exchange somewhere in rural Maryland.
- Howard County.
- Get there.
ARAM, notify HRT and pull a warrant.
I want it issued by the time they arrive.
Try again.
I'm telling you, Mr.
He won't give it up.
Anna McMahon.
I need to know what she's instructed him to find.
I know that's what you want, but whoever this Anna McMahon is, she put the fear of God in him.
So much for making this a family business.
- Dad, I'm telling you.
- Hand it over.
Hood, hive, the works.
Thank you, Teddy.
You want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.
Nothing hurts so bad as when a child disappoints.
Like being impaled by a unicorn.
This doesn't look very friendly.
He's not alone.
Three guards in the booth, two more at our six, and another watching from the west.
Agents Ressler, Keen.
We have a warrant.
I, uh I don't have the authority to let you inside.
- My warrant's your authority.
- Right.
I just need to notify Mr.
Rizal's general counsel.
No, you're not notifying anyone.
You're gonna open that gate right now.
Our SWAT team is en route.
Is this gonna be a problem? Hey, you! Put the phone down.
Who are you talking to? RONSON: Subject one's numbers plummeted.
Subject three is radiating down.
Subject two? BP stable, pulse-ox normal, perspiration steady.
That can't be.
She's steady.
Please! She needs help! Please! RESSLER: Look, we have reason to believe that you have children being held inside against their will, so you're gonna open that gate right now.
Hey! Not a good idea.
Put the gun down.
You want to be arrested for obstruction? Is that what you want? It's okay.
Open it up.
They're police.
Let them inside.
- RESSLER: Open the door.
- FBI.
Radio the lab.
Tell them we have a breach.
Code White.
- But the police are - I said Code White.
The hell is this place? [ALARMS BLARING.]
I'm not leaving without her.
We have to go back.
We need to get you out of here.
I don't think you understand how significant that little girl is to my work.
She's coming with us.
You understand? Take him.
I'll clear observation.
It's okay.
I'm with the police.
We're gonna get you out of here.
Listen to me.
We got kids at the Rizal property.
A dozen.
Maybe more.
I need you to send a medic, protective services.
I'll go check it out.
You stay with the kids, get them help.
Copy that.
- Corinne.
- What did you do to them?! I'll explain everything later, but right now we have to go with these men.
- No! - Corinne, please.
What's going on? Feds are on site.
You gotta go.
The system's wiped.
Nothing can be traced.
LIZ: FBI! I'm gonna show you my credentials.
- We're hearing gunfire.
- Last door on the left! There's another agent down there! [ALARMS BLARING.]
- One down! - Where's the girls? MAN: They're back there! Let go! Let go of me! - Be careful with her.
- Stop it! No! They have a vehicle waiting for you at the south entrance.
Take the girl.
Make your way on foot.
Move! FBI! Hands! Cover him.
RIZAL: Hang on.
You're almost home.
- Hands.
Show me your hands! - Don't shoot! Please! Put your hands in the air.
Step away from the girl.
I said put her down! I can't! She's been shot.
All right.
Back away.
Put the girl down.
I said back away! I got a minor with a gunshot wound.
We need an emergency Medevac now.
3121 South Broxton.
She's not breathing.
She can't die.
I'm begging you.
She cannot die! [DOOR OPENS.]
How is she? In surgery, if you care.
Of course I care.
I created her.
I created all of them.
To be human guinea pigs.
Why? Because you eat meat.
Waste water.
Guzzle gas.
You like riddles? Not particularly, no.
How many SUVs does it take the FBI to bring in a single suspect? I counted six.
You think I've committed a crime? - You're killing the planet.
- And I suppose that you're trying to solve it by, uh, experimenting on children.
50,000 years ago, a relative of the modern-day human lived on the Indonesian island of Flores.
Because resources were scarce, people adapted by becoming smaller.
Adults were only three feet tall.
As a result, they consumed less, had a smaller carbon footprint.
If we're going to survive climate change, we have to adapt to our environment the same way Homo floresiensis adapted to theirs.
I want us to survive.
To do that, we have to evolve.
And since we don't have time to wait on natural selection, I figured out a way to speed up the process.
Oh, by changing their DNA? As temperatures increase, fresh water will become scarce.
Rivers will dry up, springs and aquifers will become contaminated by the rising seas.
People will die of thirst.
Unless their kidneys become more powerful, capable of processing the higher salt content.
Yeah, CSI said that you forced those little girls to drink salt water.
And expose them to extreme heat.
The genetic changes I made to Corinne's DNA increased her tolerance to both by 12%.
Multiply that by 7 billion people, and you begin to see a glimmer of hope.
So, Corinne, the little girl you tried to save, she's she's your chosen one.
First of a new breed.
Homo solvos.
The savior of humankind.
COOPER: I just spoke with the hospital.
Corinne's out of surgery.
She's gonna be okay.
That's great.
And the others? Corinne's sisters are in stable condition.
All the other children have been released.
Any word from Mr.
Reddington? We still don't know how any of this connects to Anna McMahon.
Home is where I want to be, pick me up So? Sang like the Mormon Tabernacle during Vespers! Why did McMahon hire him? If he knows anything, he hasn't told me.
Given how angry he is with me, I think I'd be the last to know.
- Why's he angry with you? - Family squabble? Family? Is that what we are? I'm not so sure.
I've been thinking about it a lot recently, and, uh I don't think I know what "family" even means.
Before we had Agnes, I thought Tom and I were gonna adopt, that family had nothing to do with biology.
If this case taught us anything, it's that it doesn't.
COOPER: Family isn't about bloodlines.
It's about commitment and love and a whole lot of faith.
The parents of Rizal's children.
No one would blame them for walking away from those kids.
But I'm guessing that learning biology isn't what's keeping them together is a powerful reminder of all the other things that do.
Every family has challenges.
God knows yours with Reddington has more than most.
No one would blame you if you chose to walk away from them, but you never will.
And not because you can't.
Because you don't want to.
Because in spite of his His way or the highway.
In spite of everything, he's committed to you, he loves you, and he has faith in you.
And I think you have the same for him.
LIZ: Thank you for coming.
I came because I have news.
About Anna McMahon.
I've been thinking a lot about what you said.
About your code.
She hired Mr.
Cotton to find the dossier.
We thought she had it.
She doesn't.
Did you find out who does? Yes.
A child.
A random child that Bastien Moreau gave the dossier to in the moments before he was killed.
A child who has no idea that they possess a detailed description of a plot against the United States.
If Mr.
Cotton told you, then he told McMahon.
He did.
Just before I got to him.
Which means she has a head start.
I have a code, too.
I don't kill people who violate it, but it's every bit as important to my life as your code is to yours.
Do you want to hear it? She's gotten so big.
Love wins.
That's not a code.
It's a greeting card.
You won't stay angry with me.
I know you think you will, but you won't.
Parents don't stay angry with their children.
Or their grandchildren.
And that's who you are to us.
It doesn't matter who you were.
This is who you are and who you'll always be.
Because you believe love wins? Every day and twice on Sundays.
Says so on the greeting card.
When I was little, did you train me for everything you knew I'd have to face? If you're asking whether it was a surprise that you became an FBI agent, the answer is no.
I want to know what you did for me so I can do the same thing for Agnes.
To train her for everything I know she'll have to face.
Sam did what I told him to.
Will Scottie do the same for you? She won't have to.
She will if Agnes is to get what she needs.
I left Agnes with Scottie because I was afraid of who you were.
But I'm not anymore.
Scottie won't have to train Agnes.
Because Agnes won't be with her.
I'm bringing her home.
- [BEEP.]
- Yeah.
- ANNA: So, did you find him? - Not yet.
- Which means Reddington did.
- I'm still working a few And if he found him, he got Cotton to talk.
Which means he knows where the dossier is.
- You don't know that.
- I do know that.
That's the one thing I know.
Did Cotton tell you where the dossier is? - Yes.
- Then he told Reddington.
This is it, everything we have worked for.
You need to mobilize your men right now.
Find the dossier before Reddington does, and we finish this.
Let him beat you, we're no better than dead by morning.
- Now go.
- [BEEP.]

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