The Blacklist s06e21 Episode Script

Anna McMahon

1 Previously on "The Blacklist" The President's expecting me.
I have to show this to the Americans.
You have to tell them that I'm keeping the dossier.
- Sir.
- We can't trust them with the proof until we know who's involved.
RED: Christopher Miles.
Former MI6.
If there is a dossier, he's precisely the kind of intelligence officer who would compile it.
The assistant attorney general plotting against America? RED: We thought she had the dossier.
She doesn't.
This is it, everything we have worked for.
You need to mobilize your men right now.
Find the dossier before Reddington does, and we finish this.
Tell me.
- Uh, blue.
- Definitely definitely? Or you're too busy to focus, definitely? Definitely, definitely you are going to land this account, blue or red.
Hello, my love.
And when you do, we should celebrate.
- Pick a winner, buddy.
- Blue is four letters.
I hate the number four.
Go red.
Sound reasoning.
Wish me luck.
You have the Joint Chiefs at 4:00 and the DNI at 5:00.
And then you and the First Lady are honoring veterans at a reception.
I'll meet you in the briefing room.
- Did we get it? - Mr.
Sandquist is en route.
- Yes or no? - We are about to, Mr.
Well, you better.
Or heads will roll.
His and yours.
- [BEEP.]
- Hey, man.
How's it goin'? - What the hell are you up to? - What are you talking about? The drive you asked me to decrypt.
Do you have any idea what's on it? LIZ: The drive contains the dossier.
I thought McMahon had the dossier.
That's what we all thought, but Reddington told me McMahon hired a finder to locate it for her.
Did the finder tell Reddington where it is? Yes.
After he told McMahon.
Moreau slipped the drive into the backpack of a passing child.
Named Parker Grimm.
She already has a head start.
Ressler, scramble WFO SWA and coordinate with Keen on the location.
ARAM, alert the Grimms.
If what Reddington says is true, they have no idea that Bastien Moreau slipped the plans for a terrorist attack into their son's backpack.
TAMMY: Okay.
- I won't be long.
- Tammy Grimm? - Yeah, that's right.
But I-I'm just running to the store, so whatever it is can I'm with the Secret Service.
Is something wrong? It's about your son.
JOHN: A plot against the United States.
On the drive I found under my son's bed? You need to get over here.
- Is this a surprise party? - What? No.
It's not Because I specifically told Tammy I didn't want It's not a surprise party! [CELLPHONE RINGS.]
All right.
Tell me what it says.
- Voicemail.
- Try his wife.
The man who put the drive in your backpack was a terrorist.
But why? I mean, why me? Can't say.
It's a matter of national security.
Which is why you need to give it to me.
Well, we would if we could, but my husband couldn't open it, so we took it to a friend to have a look.
I'll need the friend's name.
I need his name.
She didn't pick up, either.
If something happens to that kid or his family Couldn't we prevent that by just arresting Anna McMahon? Based on what? Reddington's word? The proof is on that drive.
We need to get it first.
Sam Whatley.
Special Agent Sandquist.
Secret Service.
I believe you know why I'm here.
- I'm sorry, but, no, I-I don't.
- Mind if I come in? Actually, I was just on my way out.
Change of plans then.
SANDQUIST: Where is it? Where is it? Where's the drive? [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
MAN: FBI! Clear! WOMAN: Top floor clear! RESSLER: Well, either they're a really messy family, or else they left in a hurry.
Or they were taken.
All clear, sir, ma'am.
- No signs of forced entry? - No, sir.
But there wouldn't be.
The family left on its own.
How do you know that? This would have been much easier if I'd found what I was looking for.
That's all I have.
A copy.
I need the original.
I saw what you're planning.
You won't get [YELLS.]
- The drive.
Did Grimm keep it? [GROANING.]
This needs to be done in under an hour.
Disposal and clean-up.
Why? Because I love my country.
ARAM, are you getting this? Yeah.
We're patched into the system.
This was taken 40 minutes ago.
RESSLER: He looks panicked.
That's it.
That's the drive.
From the look on his face, I'd say he knows what's on it.
If he did, why wouldn't he call the police? Probably because what's on it makes him think he can't trust them or us.
LIZ: Or maybe because an hour earlier this guy showed up on their doorstep.
- ARAM: Who is he? - LIZ: No idea.
He avoided the cameras.
Well, we know as of 40 minutes ago they were okay, but what we don't know is where they are.
And if I put out a BOLO, McMahon will know, and it could lead her to them.
So we have to find three people who don't want to be found who are probably using fake names and cash.
Which means we have nothing to go on.
LIZ: You said they think they can't trust us.
If they've seen the dossier and it indicates the government's involved, they think we're looking for them on every CCTV monitor, surveillance feed, or private video the government has access to.
Well, that rules out airports, train, bus stations.
You think there's a chance they haven't left the city? An insurance broker and his teacher wife and kid? Yeah, I think there's a big chance they're laying low in a motel room, scared to death right now.
COOPER: If you're right and they are hiding out, we're still looking for a very small needle in a very large haystack.
Yeah, but I think I have a way to narrow it down.
No sign of the targets but the FBI is on site.
- Did you find Grimm? - No.
Neither have the FBI.
But they're at his house.
Which means they know the dossier is in play.
I should've killed him when I had the chance.
- Who? - Who do you think? The bane of our existence.
The reason the FBI is now one step ahead of us.
I need to talk to him.
What you need is Jin to work your pressure points.
You've got a problem, reflexology will rub it right out of you.
The man is a healer.
The Grimms have the dossier.
But they're on the run with it.
We need Rogelio to help us find them.
Sometime this year would be good.
So be it.
But when my sinusitis flares up, I'm blaming you.
Xièxie, Jin.
My friend.
Guess he's still angry.
- I admire her joie de vivre.
- That's not an apology.
I hired Rogelio's niece to work in my warehouse in Lisbon.
Before she started, our margins were 18%.
After, 13%.
You blame her? My angel? Your angel slept with my foreman.
And when his wife forced him to quit, she slept with his replacement.
- She likes powerful men.
- Is Is that a crime? - No.
It isn't.
- Will you just apologize? - Me?! Her snogging cost me my entire management team! We need his help.
- Rogelio, I'm sorry.
- LIZ: Great.
Let's skip the kisses and hugs and get straight to business.
We're looking for a family who doesn't want to be found.
A husband, wife, and 11-year-old son.
We think they're holed up in a hotel room somewhere within a 60-mile radius of D.
I need you to circulate their photo to every maid, busboy, and janitor in your undocumented army.
I'll pay $20,000 to the person who locates them.
$50,000 if they do so by dinner.
Speaking of which, we passed a Bolivian food cart on our way here that serves the best tucumanas this side of Sucre.
When you have news, that's where we'll be.
How stupid do you think I am? Anna.
It's good to see you, too.
You think you can lie to my face and I won't know it? That you can go behind my back and succeed? The Grimm family.
What's your interest in them? I'll be happy to tell you after you tell me why you're having my agents followed.
I assume that's how you know what they're up to without my informing you.
The only thing that's important is that you didn't inform me.
- So do.
- You want to be informed? Fine.
I'll inform you.
You're involved in a plot against this country.
You know why we're looking for the Grimms because you're looking for them, too.
They have a flash drive that details your treason.
I'll have your job for this.
I'm sure you will.
Unless we get the drive first.
I can't prove a thing without it.
Or stop you from whatever it is you're planning.
The only thing I'm planning is to shut you down.
Go ahead and try.
LIZ: I know we were supposed to talk tonight, but I have to reschedule.
I'll call you later and figure out when.
A deep-fried pocket of heaven for your thoughts.
I was supposed to meet with Scottie tonight and figure out a transition plan for me to bring Agnes home.
The only reason I'm not with her is because I thought figuring out who you really were would put her in harm's way.
Now I know it won't, but in trying to find out if you were the devil, I learned my mother was.
That tape they played at your trial? She destroyed my father.
She's the reason he ran.
I shot him, but she's responsible for his death.
Your mother can't hurt you.
Because she's dead? The Russians don't seem to think so.
When Ressler was trying to help me find out who you were, he went looking for her and was confronted by the KGB about what he found out.
What if I bring Agnes back and they're right - and she's alive and she finds us? - [TIRES SCREECH.]
And she's more of a threat to Agnes than you ever were? Raymond! I may have something.
Before I give you the address, I want an apology.
I'm pretty sure I already apologized.
No, not to me.
My angel.
I am very sorry that I forgot what my father always told me: no good deed goes unpunished.
You look stunning.
I'm doing this out of respect for their service, not as a photo op.
Well, it's both actually.
After all, we are gearing up for a re-election campaign.
Are we? Because I'm pretty sure there's something you have to do first, and you haven't done it.
You have a call.
Do it, Robert.
Or I will.
WOMAN: Ladies and gentlemen, First Lady Miriam Diaz.
- This better be good news.
- The Deputy Director of the FBI just accused me of being a traitor.
- So he got the drive.
- No.
And he can't prove anything unless he does.
Then why are we having this conversation, when you should be making sure that doesn't happen? Sir, I think we should consider a change of plans.
Absolutely not.
The situation is untenable.
We proceed as planned.
Now get that drive.
MIRIAM: The President and I are so grateful for the sacrifices you've made in defense of our country.
RED: They're being followed? COOPER: If you'd have let me know you had a location.
- That's what I'm doing, Harold.
- Now.
After Keen and Ressler are already on the scene! Anna McMahon knows we're after the dossier.
She does, and if she thinks that's what Keen and Ressler went to the motel to get, she'll come with force.
And they're going in unaware and without backup.
The manager confirmed.
This is it.
Grimm, FBI.
Open the door.
LIZ: Ressler! Hey! No! Stop! TAMMY: Please.
Please don't hurt him.
He doesn't know anything.
LIZ: We're here to help.
RESSLER: We know you have the flash drive.
You don't know what's on it.
Why do you say that? Because if you did, you'd know we could never trust you.
People in the government are involved in a plot against this country.
Why should we believe you're not part of it? Because if we were, you'd be dead already.
- Sam.
- Who's Sam? Sam's a security analyst.
The most tech-savvy person we know.
When I saw the drive was password-protected, - I gave him a copy of it.
- Was he able to read it? Yeah.
And it freaked him out.
He called and said I needed to come to his house.
Something about German Intelligence and a plot against America.
By the time I got to his place, two men were there.
If you are who you say you are, you'll send someone to his house.
We have the Grimms.
Bring them in.
Because McMahon found you.
You're being followed.
If her team isn't there yet, they will be soon.
You said you gave Sam a copy? Please tell me you have the original.
I mailed it to The Washington Post.
People need to know what's going on.
And when they do, we won't be a target.
- Jonathan Grimm.
- Yeah? Special Agent Tyson, Secret Service.
Sir, we need you to come with us.
Agents Keen and Ressler, FBI.
What's going on? We have a situation.
We believe Mr.
Grimm may be in danger.
Grimm and his family are safe in our custody.
You need to come with us.
I'm sorry.
That's not happening.
- MR.
SANDQUIST: Stand down.
Mr Grimm.
With me.
Right now.
RESSLER: Hold up.
We're federal agents.
You're not taking him anywhere.
- That's him.
- Who? That man, the one who's in charge.
He came to the house earlier today.
- He showed me a badge.
- RESSLER: federal warrant I told him we gave the flash drive to Sam.
You saw him? TYSON: We're operating under the authority of the DHS Secretary.
It's for the safety of you and your family.
Don't listen to him, John.
This man doesn't have the authority to take you anywhere without my consent.
You want me to get the Secretary on the line? That won't be necessary.
I went to see your friend, Mr.
It was a dead end.
I told you how important - the information on that drive is.
- That's him.
Grimm, if you don't come with us, I have the authority to place you under arrest.
SANDQUIST: These people, these agents, I don't know their involvement or what their interests are.
That's him! That's the guy! The one I told you about! He's the one who was torturing my friend Sam! - Oh, God.
- I said get in the car.
Put it down.
I said put the gun down! You better holster that weapon before you make another decision that you're gonna regret.
John! Do not get in that car! - We're taking him with us.
- Jonathan, no.
Don't! You have no idea who you're dealing with, Agent Ressler.
- You need to stand down.
- Not a chance.
- [CLICK.]
- I'm out! The supply case in the back! Can you get to it?! They're exposed! Take the wife if you can! Get rid of the kid and the two agents! JOHN: No! Please, no! - Can you get eyes on Grimm? - I can't get him! [TIRES SQUEAL.]
- You all right? - I'm fine.
- Get everyone out of here.
- Where are you going? After the dossier.
COOPER: These poor people, neck-deep in a world of hurt that has nothing to do with them.
LIZ: Did you get ahold of Reddington? Please tell me he tracked down that fake Secret Service and got ahold of Grimm.
RESSLER: We haven't heard from him.
But we do know this they're not fake.
ARAM: Agents on scene identified the deceased as one Steven Jacob Tyson, a Special Agent detailed to the National Threat Assessment Center.
What about the burner he was carrying? Right.
I ran the info from the SIM card that you gave me.
Now, that phone has only corresponded with four numbers in the past six months, none of which I've been able to ID.
Now, I'm running a tap on all four now, but there's nothing I can do until someone calls.
- Reddington.
- RED: I lost them.
Grimm and the dossier.
That's bad, but this is potentially worse Grimm's wife told us that the man who came to their house was Milian Sandquist.
I've seen him at the White House.
That's not surprising.
He's one of the President's body men.
Grimm also said that he's the one who tortured their friend.
Yeah, we sent units to Whatley's house, but he's missing, and his computer's gone.
And his house is neat as a pin.
Yes, it was.
He's not missing.
He's dead.
They sent a cleaner.
If the people closest to the President have been corrupted, then the President's life is in danger.
Or he's part of the conspiracy.
Let's be realistic here.
Realistic, Donald? Might I remind you I blackmailed your President over $300 million in illegal campaign contributions he took from a Russian oligarch over three years ago.
The man has money, not sense.
If the DOJ and Secret Service are involved, we have to warn President Diaz directly.
Do that, and you show your hand.
Yeah, to the Commander in Chief.
There's no scenario where I can sit on information that the President's life is in danger.
ARAM, stay on MPD, see if they can tell us anything about Grimm's whereabouts.
- Okay, but where are you going? - To see the President.
AGENT RANDOLPH: What do you mean you mailed the drive? Mailed it where? To a friend at The Post.
TAMMY: Her name is Stacey Aguilar.
We went to college together.
- She's a reporter? - Yeah.
She's one of their national-security correspondents.
AGENT RANDOLPH: You thought giving the dossier to this friend was gonna keep you safe? Look, if you let me go, if you don't hurt me, - I can contact her.
- No, no, no, no.
- That's not how this works.
- I can get it back.
RESSLER: How do you know she even has it? Why wouldn't she? So, you said you mailed it.
When? After John got back from Sam's.
Have you found him? Do you know where my husband is? We're still looking, but right now I need you to focus on that drive.
What mailbox? I want the location.
Please - [SQUISH.]
Okay! Okay! Okay! Stop! [WHIMPERS.]
TAMMY: It was on our way out of the city.
We went over the Key Bridge.
Drove right into Rosslyn.
The box is on the corner.
If you're lying, our situation will become markedly more difficult.
I'm not lying.
I promise.
LIZ: This is good, right? We can still get to the drive before Sandquist.
RESSLER: I'm not sure.
If Tammy told us, then John probably told his captors.
And if he told them, that means They're already on their way.
- Hey.
So, I may have some good news.
You figured out who was calling that burner? No.
Not yet, but I did check with the post office in Rosslyn, and it turns out that specific box that Grimm used to mail the drive was scheduled for a pick-up by the driver over three hours ago.
Meaning the dossier is not there.
We still have a chance.
RESSLER: ARAM, get in touch with Rosslyn.
Have them locate the truck and driver.
Tell them we're on our way.
Harold Cooper to see the President.
Yes, Mr.
I'll let him know you're here.
ARAM: No, uh, please.
I need to talk to the postmaster.
Okay, ma'am, I already told you I'm with the FBI and that this is a matter Okay.
- I know you're busy, too, but this - [FINGERS SNAPPING.]
I'm sorry.
Uh, now I'm sorry.
You've got to You have to hold on.
Give me a second.
What is it? It just came online.
Literally 20 seconds ago.
ARAM, I need to call you back.
ARAM: No, no, no, no, no.
Don't do that.
It's about one of the four phone numbers we pulled from Agent Tyson's burner.
I'm at the White House.
Uh, one of them is live, like like right now.
And it's Anna McMahon.
Speaking to whom? I don't know.
Uh, I'm pulling it up.
ANNA: The Secret Service is aware of the incident, but none of it is traceable to you.
- MAN: And if it is? - ANNA: You simply say agents in your security detail were killed trying to obtain Intel about an attack on this country.
They died doing their patriotic duty.
MAN: The FBI knows differently.
ANNA: Only Cooper and his Task Force.
Which may be to our advantage.
Okay, whoever's receiving the call, they're on a burner.
Has he seen the dossier? Do they have it? - This is a chance to find out.
- MAN: Hold on.
ANNA: Talk to Cooper.
See what he knows.
You're positioned perfectly to find out just how far along they are.
But I already know the answer too far.
You were right.
Tell me something I don't know, Harold.
The President's involved in McMahon's plot against the U.
How is this even possible? Diaz? The highest office in the country? That explains the Secret Service.
But the President.
Involved in a plot against America.
To do what? And why? I feel terrible.
I voted for him.
Diaz has already phoned me twice, and that's not a call I can dodge.
The only way to unravel this is with that drive.
Where are we at with the mail truck? Any updates? Oh.
Uh, not yet.
I sort of got distracted by the whole "President is part of the conspiracy" thing.
Well, it's out there.
And we need to find it.
Before Sandquist and McMahon.
Earl Wilson.
Agent Sandquist, Secret Service.
We're acting on a credible threat from Homeland that you may be unintentionally transporting classified material.
Classified material? A-Am I in some kind of danger? We believe one of the boxes on your route was used as a dead drop.
We need to escort you to a secure site, where we can explain everything.
H-Hey, mister? We got two other trucks that, uh, run pick-ups in this neighborhood.
Uh, do you want me to notify my supervisor? [MUFFLED.]
Hey! - Go! You gotta go! - Be quiet! Who's that? [MUFFLED SHOUTING.]
One of our suspects.
Um I'm sorry.
What did you say your name was again? [MUFFLED.]
Go! Run! They'll kill you! No! No! No! No, no! [YELLS.]
Get him off the street and into the truck.
What is it? All right.
I've got bad news.
Now, the mail truck is a Grumman LLV built 30 years ago, so there's no radio, no GPS.
- No way to track it.
- What about the carrier's cell? - Can you trace that? - That's the thing.
The driver's name is Earl Wilson.
Married, with two kids.
Now, the two kids are in middle school, which is why the wife says they use an app to track their family's movement.
Tell me he's logged in.
He was logged in before the signal died, but his last location was headed northeast on Rhode Island Avenue, just past Eckington, which is over 8 miles off his route.
The bags.
Let's go.
RESSLER: So, is this where we think he is? ARAM: No.
And that's the problem.
The vehicle was traveling at 68 miles per hour when the signal went dead.
So it tells us the direction he was headed in, not where he is.
COOPER: Pull CCTV in the area.
Have local police canvass the area where the abduction took place.
Find a witness.
Whatever it takes.
We need to find that driver.
We have a problem? No, it's just I can't Without my glasses, I can't see.
AGENT RUDOLPH: Hey! That's a bad idea.
Pepper spray.
SANDQUIST: Take it easy.
We're all here to help you, John.
Tell us what we're looking for.
I don't know.
It's a small envelope.
Like a bubbled-wrapped envelope.
Maybe 5x7.
Okay, gentlemen.
You heard the man.
Small padded envelope.
Stacey Aguilar.
The Washington Post.
Let's get to work.
- ARAM: Sir.
I think I figured it out.
Uh Not by tracking the driver of the postal truck, but Sandquist.
Tracking Sandquist? I can't believe I didn't think of it before.
He is Secret Service.
So I accessed their employment files, which is, like, total legal, and I pulled his phone number - Which you tracked.
- which is not so legal.
- You have an address? - Six miles north of where Earl Wilson's cellphone went dead.
Nice work.
Notify MPD.
Tell them we're on our way.
That's the last bag.
- I'm telling you, I'm trying.
- Not hard enough.
Maybe you need some incentive.
The mailman.
Bring him over here.
No! Please! I'll find it! No.
No, no, no.
Please, please, please.
No, no, no! No, no, no! Please! [TIRES SCREECH.]
What do we know? No movement.
No one in or out.
- No idea who's inside.
- We can't wait.
- Please stop! I'm begging you! I don't think we're gonna stop until you find that letter.
Maybe you stopped the wrong truck, right? I mean, maybe that's the problem.
We got the wrong guy! I don't know, Mr.
You think we got the wrong guy? - [SCREAMING.]
- I'm looking! I'm looking! MR.
Grimm, you have the help of six men, and we're all looking.
What worries me is that you lied to me.
The drive isn't here.
Now, we can do this without you.
We can simply open each piece ourselves, Before we do that, before I blind poor Mr.
Wilson for life, I'm gonna give you one more chance.
RESSLER: FBI! Show me your hands! - [ENGINE STARTS.]
- RESSLER: Call it in! - We need a medevac! - [TIRES SQUEAL.]
Take him! I'm going after Sandquist! - LIZ: Hang on.
Hang on.
Don't talk.
We've got help on the way.
JOHN: pocket Listen to me.
You hear my voice? Hang on.
Stay with us.
Hey! Stay with us.
Anything on the dossier yet? Keen and Ressler are en route.
Don't you love the anticipation? The moment before the curtain goes up, wondering if the show will live up to all the hype and expectation.
- I'm rooting for underwhelming.
- Aww.
Whatever Intel the dossier contains, too many people have been killed to keep it secret.
John Grimm.
Christopher Miles.
Ava Ziegler.
You were nearly killed.
I never properly thanked you for making sure that didn't happen.
I was doing my job.
You respect authority.
You follow the chain of command.
And yet you marched into the White House and ordered the President to stay my execution.
Desperate times What you did wasn't a desperate measure.
It was an act of bravery and friendship.
I can count on one hand the number of people to whom I owe my life.
You are one of them.
For that, I am forever grateful.
They're here.
Okay, just, uh, give me a second.
I need to make sure we run this through our AV malware.
RED: Remember when classified documents were classified documents, Harold? Typewritten on onion skin, mimeographed, and stamped "Top Secret" just like in the spy movies? That was fun.
Simpler times, I suppose.
ARAM: All right.
Here we go.
LIZ: "The Princip Initiative.
" What's that? Princip? Gavrilo Princip, the Bosnian Serb who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand of Austria.
That single act set into motion the chain of events that ignited the First World War.
LIZ: What are we looking at? COOPER: Code names.
Operational details.
ARAM: There's a hyperlink here.
Madam Ziegler, if you're watching this, it's only because your people have vetted my story.
As you know, in September this year, the BND contracted my private security firm for an intelligence-gathering operation.
It was during that op that I unintentionally stumbled upon a plot, one to assassinate the sitting American President.
Diaz's plan is to assassinate - Himself? - So much for underwhelming.
Contained in this dossier are the cables, intercepts, and secret sources I've used to unravel this plot.
There is a lot of data-sourcing here.
To the best of my knowledge, the operation appears to be led by Anna McMahon, a high-ranking official in the Justice Department.
I believe McMahon, along with select others, are working in concert with members of the President's security detail.
He doesn't sound like he thinks the President is in on this.
I don't know exactly why this is happening or who initiated the hit, but I do know the when and where.
President Diaz and his opponent will be conducting a series of presidential debates.
I have reason to believe the hit will be carried out during one of them.
I'm not sure who I can trust within the U.
government, which is why I'm coming to you.
Because we have a history.
Because I can trust you.
And because I think you have the best chance to save Robert Diaz's life.
RESSLER: All right.
There are three debates.
One last month, one next month and one tomorrow at Fillmont.
RED: See if the Third Estate pulled a permit to protest outside.
You told us McMahon had nothing to do with them.
She doesn't.
But perhaps she wanted us to think she did.
Why? And how does it fit in now? The Third Estate are domestic terrorists dedicated to bringing down the rich and powerful.
I'm sorry, but, uh, am I understanding this correctly? The American President is part of a plot to assassinate himself.
It doesn't make any sense.
I'm sorry.
What are we missing here? - He's not gonna kill himself.
- Uh, okay, well, it looks like the Third Estate will be protesting at the venue.
Of course they will.
They hate Diaz.
McMahon needs a patsy.
Who better to blame for decapitating the head of state than a group named after people who decapitated heads of state? The debate is tomorrow.
That gives us a day to figure out how to prevent the assassination.
But if the President supposedly wants this to happen, we can't inform him or the Secret Service.
So we're on our own.
And we're on a clock.
I want the blueprints to that venue and the path to Diaz's motorcade.
I don't care if the President is involved in the plot to assassinate himself or not.
Our job is to keep that from happening.
POTUS is about two minutes out.
It's over.
They have the dossier.
We don't know that.
Listen to me.
Listening to you got me shot and five of my men killed.
- They know.
- Which is why we can't call it off.
If we do, they'll arrest us and we'll hang for treason.
We are gonna hang for treason.
Not if someone else takes the blame.
The Third Estate can't save us now.
Only Reddington can.
We can get what we want.
And take him down once and for all.
But if POTUS knows that we lost the dossier, he'll get cold feet.
Diaz cannot know the truth.
Milian, listen to me.
I know we haven't always agreed on tactics, but you have to trust me on this one.
- How do you feel? - Fine, sir.
Next question.
And this time I want an honest answer.
Did you get it? Yes, sir.
We did.
Please tell me this makes sense to you.
The President conspiring to kill himself? RED: He took foreign money to get elected.
If he did that, who knows what else he's done.
Maybe people found out, and the walls are closing in, and he prefers to go out as a martyr to the cause.
Many presidents only live for their legacy.
Whatever the reason, he's carrying a heavy burden.
People who kill themselves always are.
Burdens they can't imagine ever being able to cast off.
Are you talking about the President or my mother? Your mother was not as bad as I understand why you might think she was, but she wasn't.
She was a young woman trying to make sense of a world that was falling apart around her.
She was on one side of an unbridgeable divide.
Your father was on the other.
And you were in between.
Over the years, your mother's legend has grown.
Mythic spy.
Bloodless turncoat.
In the process, people forgot the person behind the legend, but I haven't.
If she were here, I'm sure she'd tell you she made so many mistakes.
She was scared and uncertain and just trying to do the best she could.
Bring Agnes home, Elizabeth.
If there's any risk There isn't.
Bring her home.
Thank you.
If you need me, I'll be at Jin's.
Sinusitis acting up again? - Nah.
I'm telling you, the man is a wizard.
Be sure to get all the case files, paperwork, electronics.
- Oh, my God.
This can't be good.
- RED: What? RESSLER: What are you doing here? Sir, please put your hands where I can see them.
Elizabeth, what's happening? McMahon's here with DHS agents.
ANNA: Agent Mojtabai, you're under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder.
- Murder? Wh Um - [HANDCUFFS CLICK.]
What's going on? LIZ: They're arresting everyone.
You're going to prison, Harold.
- You and your entire team.
- And why is that? 'Cause I know about your plot to assassinate the President.
My plot? You know we have the dossier.
Diaz refused to commute Reddington's sentence, so he convinced you to seek retribution.
You're trying to get us before we get you.
You have the right to remain silent.
I strongly suggest your exercise it.
You do know you actually need proof.
We have it.
You don't.
What I have are five dead Secret Service agents, murdered by your Task Force for trying to stop your conspiracy.
- No one will ever believe you.
- No one has to.
I have CCTV footage that proves your agents murdered them in cold blood.
And John Grimm.
Who tortured and murdered him? I'm fairly certain there's traffic-camera footage - that confirms your agents did.
- Doctored footage.
He and his friend Sam Whatley.
Poor man.
Gunned down for simply try to blow the whistle.
On corruption in law enforcements.
You wont get away with this.
Take him downstairs.
Harold, I told you I'd shake it down.
I can't just stand here - and not to do something.
- Wait Elizabeth.
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