The Blacklist s07e11 Episode Script

Victoria Fenberg

1 - Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Lift tickets.
To Whistler Blackcomb.
Blackcomb's the sickest snowboarding on earth.
- So says the Internet.
- And we got him a bath caddy? - He said no gifts! You said no gifts, right? - I know, I - The presence of friends is a gift.
- Indeed.
Thank you, Teddy.
- I can't wait.
- You're welcome.
Open this next.
- You really didn't need to, Raymond.
- Come on.
Yes, sirree! This is the one we saw in a village outside Lusail.
The same.
You knew, right? But you got it? - You didn't know? - No idea.
I went back to buy it and she said it was sold.
- That guy in the jacket.
- The one you said was following us? He wasn't I had to say something to get rid of you.
I smuggled the damned thing onto the jet in my hat like some B-movie drug runner.
Thank you.
It's perfect.
Happy birthday, my friend.
Excuse me? I'm sorry, say that again.
Mr Orville.
Hello? - The nesting casket.
You have it? - I do.
She has a potential buyer.
- No.
For all six? - Yes.
The entire set.
The team is gathering.
She wants everyone to bring their caskets to the island.
Spend the weekend.
Meet the buyer.
Seven p.
, Friday.
Come alone.
That's nowhere near enough time.
Seven p.
There will be no extensions.
Don't let the others down.
We'll have to eat our cake and ice cream on the jet.
- You and I are going to Artemivsk.
- We can't.
It's too dangerous.
- We have to get that casket.
- Things are different now.
The entire neighbourhood is controlled by separatists.
They know you supply arms to the Ukrainian army.
They have Russia for their guns.
They don't care.
They want your head.
This is bigger than me.
I have an obligation to the others.
If she has a buyer for the entire set, the profit would not only be obscene, but flagrant.
We have to go to the vault.
- Get that casket.
Time is precious.
- I can go for you.
Only my print opens the locks.
How do you suggest we get you behind enemy lines? I don't know, if they want me dead, maybe we should give them what they want.
Bring him around back.
Good Lord, that was rejuvenating.
I slept like a vampire.
Raymond! Good to see you, Vasyl.
You look well.
Are these your guys? Yes.
They know only of the job, not who the job is for.
Let's be quick.
There's a mob's worth of separatists who want my head on a stick.
- Look at that.
- What is it? It's one of six.
They descend in size from largest to smallest, each one fitting inside another.
Like Russian dolls? Same idea, but the Matryoshkas didn't appear until the late 1800s.
This is Byzantine, 12th century, found in Turkey.
Simply put, they weren't supposed to exist, not in that time, not in that part of the world.
Once joined with its five partners, this little box will be more valuable than all the treasure in this vault and more.
Not another step.
Anything you care to share? Oksana.
They took her.
They threatened to kill her if I didn't When were they called? Soon after you arrived.
So they're almost here.
Raymond, I'm sorry.
- I didn't They know nothing.
- Do they know? They're here to get you out like we planned, but, Raymond, the rebels Dembe, let's move.
Look what the cat dragged in.
I've missed you, Cynthia.
- Dembe.
- Cynthia.
In anticipation of a sale, I need you to appraise an item.
Shouldn't take more than a moment.
This can't be what I I had heard rumours, and I never dared believe them.
Here, here, here.
I'm in a bit of a rush, my love.
What do you think it's worth? About as much as a politician's word.
It's a fake.
That's impossible.
The etchings were made with modern tools.
This is no more authentic than the Cardiff Giant.
Were there any signs of a break-in at the vault? Anything missing? No, nothing.
Whatever thief is responsible for this must have forged and replaced the caskets before we ever got our hands on them.
We stole a bunch of counterfeits.
Oh, my God.
This is unbelievable! You're taking this better than I might have expected.
The others are gonna show up at our meeting and have no idea the entire thing is a hoax.
A big, fat bungle.
Six marks, six cons.
Oh, my goodness.
Cynthia, thank you for your expertise.
I am terribly embarrassed.
Better luck next time.
You said it.
You know what occurs to me? If we can find the counterfeiter who created this, we might be able to recover the entire set of original nesting caskets for ourselves.
And make a flagrant profit.
That's the spirit.
Lemons to lemonade, Dembe.
Lemons to lemonade.
You brought down the president of the United States.
I wouldn't say that exactly.
You found out he was gonna kill the first lady, stopped him from doing it, then he resigned.
Well, when you put it that way.
So you do that and deal with people who weaponise beetles? Okay.
What we do is full-service and classified.
And the beetles eat their victims from the inside out? Why do you wanna know all this? Who comes up with all the nicknames? General Shiro.
The Pharmacist.
The Apothecary! Okay, now you're actually scaring me.
What can I say? I love a bad boy.
He's gone into A-fib.
Call 911.
My husband's having a heart attack.
My name? Mrs Elodie Radcliffe.
I owe you an apology.
Oh, boy.
What'd you do this time? I killed your mother.
I didn't shoot her, - but she's dead because of me.
- Ressler.
I went looking for her after you asked me not to Ressler.
She's isn't dead.
But you I mean, you told Cooper that Reddington saw her gunned down in the street.
She staged that for Reddington's benefit.
So he'd tell everyone she's dead and the dogs would be called off.
But they'll be back unless she finds another way to protect herself.
And until she does, we can't tell anyone she's alive.
Did Reddington admit it was her? Not to me.
And I don't wanna admit it to him.
He must know it's what I'm thinking.
So play dumb.
I mean, ask if it was her.
He'll say no, and then it's done.
I don't know.
- What's the munchkin dancing in? - Sleeping Beauty.
She's a lilac fairy.
I was in the chorus.
You danced? In tights? Well, that's an image I'll never be able to forget.
You're welcome.
Play dumb.
It's the smart move.
What do you know about antique nesting caskets? Can I ask you a question? Some years ago, five colleagues and I acquired a complete set.
Was the woman from Paris my mother? A kindly woman comes into your life and takes an interest in you and your child.
It's only natural for you to make that wish.
Was it her? I know you don't want it to be true, Elizabeth, but your mother is gone.
Tell me about the caskets.
Mine is a forgery.
The casket you stole had already been stolen? The irony is rich.
As is the forger.
If they fooled me, they've fooled others.
You want us to find who's responsible so you can get your casket back? Forged or stolen art and antiquities represent up to 10 percent of an art market valued at over $50 billion.
That's 5 billion.
And, yes, I have a stake in your finding this forger.
But if they're as good as I believe them to be, I'm giving you the tip of an enormous iceberg.
Reddington actually underestimated the problem here.
It turns out that up to 20 percent of the art and antiquities market is made up of forgeries.
That's almost $10 billion worth of counterfeits being passed off as real to governments, museums and individuals.
Ten billion's a lot of fakes.
Can it be that easy to do? - These are great pieces of art.
- Forgers don't have to be artists.
- Just great engineers.
- What do you mean? No matter how good a forger is, he's basically copying, right? And there are technical ways of doing that.
Like camera obscura.
By using mirrors, you can project an image onto a canvas.
And if you project that image in small sections, you can essentially do a paint-by-numbers masterpiece.
Hey, Victoria, are you here? It's time.
Reddington and his pals lifted the caskets from the Olympian Gallery.
So he's an art thief now.
He thinks that if the person we're looking for was able to forge one piece of art, he forged others.
There's thousands of pieces in the museum.
Where would we start? With a self-portrait by Judith Leyster.
- He thinks it's a fake.
- Contact the museum and see if he's right.
But before you do, Agent Ressler told me you've been hiding something from us.
- He did? - Yes.
Something very important.
- Agnes is in Sleeping Beauty.
- Wait, Agnes is in Sleeping Beauty? That's what he? He told you about Agnes' ballet? And how great he looks in tights.
What can I say, it's a gift.
We want tickets.
Victoria! It's been too long.
You screwed me, Saul.
And I wanna know why.
We had the Olympian Gallery test the Leyster.
Reddington's right.
It is a forgery.
Using a spectrometer, they were able to detect trace amounts of a synthetic pigment that was invented centuries after Leyster died.
Did they test the painting when it was donated? Yes.
The painting was everything it should be.
So when they hung the portrait, it was the original and now it's not? - Any idea how they pulled that off? - The trust is separate from the company.
But the company funds it.
And now the funds are needed elsewhere.
To pay for the lawsuits to defend the indefensible.
- Your father doesn't see it that way.
- My father doesn't see it at all.
Smoke, level zero.
I don't know what's going on, but protocol is we should evacuate.
I'm not going anywhere until I get answers.
Probably a false alarm.
You sit tight.
I'll go check it out.
Please exit the building immediately.
Curator says that a year after they acquired the painting, they had a gas-line explosion in the parking structure.
- Took out the security system.
- That's the only time they were blind.
Did you pull the feeds? From before and after.
Park's reviewing them now.
Please exit the building immediately.
- Victoria? What are you doing? - I was looking for the bathroom.
- I must've got turned around.
- Boiler overheated.
Looks worse than it is, but we need to evacuate.
Please exit the building immediately.
I hope this doesn't damage any of the collection.
That would be a real shame.
Mr Thornberry, your guest is waiting at your table.
My guest? I don't have a guest.
Your wife's ex-husband.
My wife doesn't have an ex.
He said you'd say that.
He said you'd want to be discreet.
Croft, I can't tell you how happy I am to see you.
Who are you? And why are you telling the wait staff my wife has an? No, no, no.
You understand.
I had to tell them something.
The truth would have been so uncomfortable for everyone involved.
"Ex-husband" popped into my head.
I don't know if you have a wife.
Do you? Don't answer that, doesn't matter.
Please, have a seat.
I took the liberty of ordering us a few martinis and the seafood tower.
You're not allergic, are you? I'm calling security.
I thought we could crack some claws, get to know each other, see what hobbies we have in common, like, I don't know, say, art theft.
Don't fret.
I'm not the police.
I'm certainly not here to arrest you for buying a painting you knew was stolen.
Then why are you here? To tell you that I happen to know that the FBI are aware of the painting.
Aware of the theft of the painting.
Aware of the sale of the stolen painting.
But not yet your whole part in it.
That's it? That's why you're here? Yes.
Well and for a name.
Of the person who sold you the painting.
And if I refuse? Well, that would just leave you and the FBI and the painting.
Very awkward.
Very awkward.
- Your seafood tower.
- Magnificent.
Perhaps a couple of bibs for the gentleman and me.
You know, there are easier ways to get more fibre in your diet.
Sorry? Sorry.
Elodie's husband had a heart attack this morning and was rushed to the hospital.
- I'm waiting to hear how he's doing.
- I'm so sorry.
That's terrible.
Can I ask you something? Do you think it's natural, when someone is suffering as much as he is, to want them to find peace? - Yes, of course.
- You think it's natural to want that when you're in the next room sleeping with his wife? Aram, we've talked about this.
- It's a complicated situation.
- Not for Elodie.
If you'd seen her this morning, you'd know that all she wants is what's best for him.
We got the footage from the museum.
This is from the day the gas line erupted.
Check it out.
Once the explosion occurs, all the surveillance goes black.
Giving the forger time to swap the painting.
We already knew that.
But what we didn't know was that a car was parked next to the gas line.
We hadn't seen this: The gas-line rupture didn't cause the car to explode.
It was the car exploding that ruptured the gas line.
Can we see it again? The licence plate's blocked by the column.
There's no video after the explosion.
But what about before, how far back can you go? There.
Run the plate.
Now, who might you be? The car's registered to a Richard Vitaris.
I got a Maryland address.
Park, Ressler, roll out.
Keen, Aram, see what you can dig up on Vitaris.
I wanna know if he's the trigger man, the forger or both.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Eagleton's appraisal is done.
It's exquisite.
I wouldn't be surprised if Anastasia herself looked upon it in wonder.
- So we have a deal, then? - Only if we can agree upon a price.
I'll give you 900.
Nine hundred? Its market price is 3.
On the open market.
But on the black market, Fabergé eggs sell at a discount.
- I'll take 1.
- Victoria.
I shouldn't.
But for you, my dear, I'll happily overpay.
The money's been wired.
Until next time.
It's not enough.
I know.
I talked to Kathryn.
She's buried in discovery.
She's hired three more lawyers, and that's before she's taken a single deposition.
The other side's pouring millions into its defence.
When my next piece is finished, we'll be able to pour millions into ours.
I promise.
I'm sorry.
You're the last person I should be complaining to.
You have nothing to apologise for.
Not after what you've lost.
You know how much I appreciate what you're doing.
I haven't done enough.
Not yet.
But that's about to change.
Richard Vitaris.
Mechanical drawings for gas and electrical at the Olympian Gallery.
I got a ferry schedule for an island off the coast of Maine here.
Architectural drawings for an estate there.
So he hits museums and private residences.
And law firms apparently.
We have proof it's Vitaris.
We have motive.
Vitaris is the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company owned by the Fenbergs.
Now, if the lawsuit is to be believed, then they're misleading the public and the FDA on how addictive their drugs are.
- Did Vitaris get addicted? - No.
His son did.
After a football injury, he was prescribed pain killers.
Got hooked.
Overdosed a year later.
- What's this have to do with the forgeries? - The counterfeit Leyster? The real one belonged to the Fenbergs.
So did Red's nesting casket.
We need to warn the Fenberg family they and their art are being targeted.
Keen, Aram, get to the Fenberg estate.
Ressler, Park, bring in the evidence so we can start digging into Vitaris' plans.
Past and future.
First Vitaris slanders me in court.
Now you're telling me he's stealing from me as well? It appears so, yes.
I've asked my family to be here.
They're every bit the victims that I am.
This is my wife, Sue, and our daughter.
Have you identified the thief? We've identified a suspect.
But we're not sure what role he played or if he was acting alone.
We believe that he may have an accomplice.
Have you identified him? Not yet.
But we will.
You sound awfully confident.
Yes, we are.
Please, come in.
Tell us what you know.
Counterfeits? That's impossible.
Victoria manages our family collection.
She knows her work.
Every piece in our collection has been authenticated.
The work you acquired was real.
The forgeries came later.
The Leyster was taken three months after you loaned it to the Olympian.
But you can get it back.
The suspect must know where it is.
He may.
But we don't know where he is.
How hard can he be to find? He's the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against us.
You'd think trying to destroy us in court would be enough.
He lost his son.
I don't think he thinks anything would be enough.
So you're saying we're responsible for his loss? You're taking his side? No.
Of course she's not taking his side.
Are you, sweetheart? I'm just saying it's a stressful time.
For all of us.
Tell us how we can help.
One thing you can do is to go through your entire collection.
Now, I know that is a logistical nightmare, but if you have pieces on loan, get them back and authenticate everything.
You've told us what we can do.
I'm gonna tell you what you're gonna do, find Vitaris.
And if he has an accomplice, find him.
And when you do, despite my daughter's misplaced sympathies, I'm gonna use my considerable power to make sure they pay for what they've done.
You got my text? This It's brilliant.
It'll be our biggest take yet.
The FBI came to our home.
To warn us about you.
They searched your property.
It's over.
Okay, hang on.
We need that money to keep the suit going.
They're looking for you.
You're going to be arrested.
Forget about the case.
At this moment, art handlers are starting the process of re-authenticating my family's entire collection.
They're crating it up.
They're putting it in secure storage.
There's no way we can make the swap now.
Hear me out.
What if there was a distraction? Could you substitute the painting then? Elodie, hey.
What'd the doctor say? Another blood clot was blocking one of the arteries in his lungs.
He went without oxygen for a while, but he'll live, so So that's good, right? I don't know.
What do you think? - What do you mean, what do I think? - It's okay.
If it makes you feel any better, I was thinking it too.
Thinking what exactly? That it'd be better if, you know, the outcome were different.
- If Charles had just passed.
- No.
That is not what I was thinking at all.
Why would you say that? Aram, if we're gonna be together Sorry, I'm gonna have to call you back.
I have work.
Anything specific? I just can't tell what's been completed and what's planned.
There are no dates.
Bank statements show Vitaris is deep in debt.
- He's gonna need to make another score soon.
- Well, what's the next target? Wait, I have a lead on that.
Okay, looking at the previous forgeries from the Fenberg collection, it seems the counterfeiter specialises in replicating pieces from the 19th century or before.
According to the Fenbergs' portfolio, the only painting left in their collection that matches that description is a Hoogstraten worth 24 million.
That painting's hanging in their house.
We just saw it.
Based on everything we know, it's safe to assume that Vitaris is going after the Hoogstraten.
Vitaris knows we're after him, may get desperate and change his MO, skip the paintings and go after Mr Fenberg himself.
Mr Eagleton.
I'm sorry to interrupt your ablutions, looks delightful, but I'm in a bit of a rush and have some pressing questions that can't wait for your contemplative soak.
Who the hell are you? What are you doing in my bathroom? - Who did you buy this from? - I've never seen that before in my life.
Maybe the bubbles have addled your brain.
What are you doing here? You can't be here, get out of my bathroom! I love a good bath as much as the next man, but does it ever get into your head? The idea that you're simply soaking in your own juices like a brining turkey? - What? - I digress.
Doesn't matter.
Take a closer look at the piece.
I know you've been fencing items on behalf of a counterfeiter who steals art from the Fenberg family, that same counterfeiter is responsible for this breathtaking forgery.
While I admire the accomplishment, I prefer the original.
So the counterfeiter's name? I need it now.
That'd be suicide.
How apt! Just give us a second.
It's the damn GFCIs.
This might tickle.
- Okay, okay.
Wait, wait.
- Might even make your toes curl.
Or not.
- What the hell do I know? Let's find out.
- No, no, no! Please, don't.
The name.
Victoria Fenberg.
You see? There it is.
That wasn't so hard, was it? Antony, let me ask you a question, are you hungry? I'm hungry.
Dembe, are you hungry? Okay.
Hop out.
Let's get cooking.
This is a violation.
It's only a precaution.
A precaution? Do you see what's happening? This Vitaris character is dismantling our lives.
You sound surprised.
Don't start, Victoria.
His son died.
He's angry.
Then he can settle it legally in a courtroom! - But this - He can't afford that.
How do you think any of this is our fault? We didn't kill that boy! And attacking us isn't going to bring him back.
- Hello? - Miss Fenberg, this is Agent Keen.
I'm calling to let you know we're sending units to your house.
- Why? What's wrong? - It's Vitaris.
He's still at large, but items in his home indicate that he might be targeting you and your family.
Targeting us? Do you mean physically? We're not sure.
That why we're sending units.
All we know is Vitaris is angry and has a vendetta, and we don't want him to act on it.
We'll be there soon.
We'll talk more when we're on site.
- So I assume they're here to protect us.
- I'll get Mother.
We have to call it off.
They know.
- Who knows? - The FBI.
They're on their way.
They think you're targeting the family.
We have a plan.
Did you hear me? The police are here.
- There's no way we can get near the - The police.
What's going on? It's okay.
They're here for our protection.
Where's your father? Downstairs.
Go, go.
I'm right behind you.
You have to get out while you can.
- We can do this.
- No.
Victoria, listen.
That painting, it's our future.
- You have to go.
- The plan remains the same.
Get the painting.
Sell the painting.
Fund the lawsuit.
- We can't - We can.
- You have the forgery? - Yes.
If they see you, they'll arrest you.
- Exactly.
- Richard, you'll go to jail! How else do you think this ends? With me going home? To my son? He's gone.
The only way to make sure others don't die like him is to see this through.
And to do that, you're gonna make the swap.
- Okay.
- And, Victoria, thank you.
Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI.
Trooper Sharp.
Mr Fenberg says his wife and daughter are on the property along with four house staff.
- Show me.
- Help me gather these movers.
The Art Crimes Unit is en route.
I don't want any of this leaving here without them cataloguing it.
What's going on? Why isn't this crated? You got police everywhere.
Is everything okay? No, everything is not okay.
The police want everyone downstairs.
Right now.
Go! Sorry, ma'am.
Vitaris! Ressler! - Gun! Gun! - Hey! Stop! - Stop! Stop! - Put the gun down! - I'm not here to hurt anyone.
- Put the gun down.
It's over.
You're under arrest.
Why don't you go arrest the real criminals, the white-collar monsters in that mansion who profited from the death of my son? We'll talk about it after you put the gun down.
- My son's gone! They murdered him.
- We know, Richard.
We're sorry.
But hurting someone else isn't gonna bring him back.
Put the gun down.
- Are you okay? - No.
Do you know what he was after? Thank God.
It's here.
Send the Art Theft Unit to the living room.
We got it.
Don't you dare let that painting out of your sight.
I know you don't understand, but it's better this way.
It had to end this way.
I know, Daddy.
He stole the paintings to finance his lawsuit against the Fenbergs.
Says he did the forgeries too.
Insists he worked alone.
He gave himself up as a distraction so someone else could swap out the Hoogstraten.
If someone did.
Do we have confirmation? The painting's being authenticated now.
But if he has a partner, we have no idea who it is.
We searched everyone.
Wait staff, security, every box, bag, briefcase or purse.
Offered him a deal.
He wouldn't budge.
- Guy's a true believer.
- Send him to lockup.
When he sees what his future holds if he doesn't cooperate, maybe he'll talk.
Tell us who he's protecting.
Prepare to be amazed.
I'm bringing you a masterpiece.
- But this time, no discounts.
- Miss Fenberg.
Please join us.
A waffle? They're buckwheat.
- What is this? - Just hear him out.
Have a waffle.
I love a juicy family drama.
And your secret! Oh, my.
Using the spoils of your father's avarice to bankroll his destruction.
- The tragedy is positively Grecian.
- Who are you? A man on a quest.
Does this look familiar? He knows, Vicky.
Just tell him.
- It's from my family's collection.
- Yes.
But it's part of a larger set.
I came to acquire this one some years ago.
Imagine my surprise when I learned it was a counterfeit.
But tell me, did you make forgeries of all six boxes? No.
Just the one.
It was my first test.
I wanted to see if I could fool people.
- You certainly fooled me.
- Would you like syrup, berries or both? I'm sorry.
I'm confused.
- Both, then.
- No.
Not about What is it that you want? The original casket.
I want the name of the person who has it.
Eagleton says that's the one item of yours he didn't fence.
That's all you want? A name? Your father's a drug dealer.
The fact that he deals a legal drug is no consolation to the addicts he's created.
He's the villain in this story.
Your efforts to bring him to justice, however convoluted, are, as I've said, admirably Oedipal.
Not only do I have no intention of stopping you, I believe we may find occasion to work together in the future.
I am nothing if not an avid patron of the arts.
So, please, a name.
Vicky tells me that you're a collector.
Just a dabbler.
I told Victoria I didn't want to impose.
Oh, nonsense.
I love showing people my collection.
I'm sorry.
But before we start, might I trouble you for a glass of water? - Of course.
No trouble at all.
- Thank you so much.
You have a good eye.
That's my prized possession.
Is it? Who would have guessed! Cheers.
You confessed? - They don't know about you.
- Then I'll tell them.
You can't do that.
I can't let you take responsibility for what I've done.
What you've done is give me hope.
You need to keep doing that.
My only purpose in life is avenging Justin's death.
The only chance of that happening is if you continue what we started.
Visiting the enemy? Yes.
I wanna know where the art is that he stole.
- And you thought he'd tell you.
- I don't know what I thought.
I just know I wanted to look the person who did this to my family in the eye.
The authentication came back on the Hoogstraten.
- It's a forgery.
- I can't say I'm surprised.
But you were there.
You must have some idea who took it.
Who his accomplice is.
I didn't at first.
I mean, we inspected everybody.
Bags and boxes.
No one we checked could have possibly taken it.
Then it hit me.
See, there were three people we didn't check.
Your father, your mother and you.
- You think we stole from ourselves? - No.
I think you did.
- The distraction he caused, it was for you.
- Don't be ridiculous.
To give you a moment alone in the living room.
To put the real painting inside your briefcase.
The only one we didn't check.
I think we're through, detective.
It's special agent.
And, yeah, we're through.
For now.
But you wanna look the person who did this to your family in the eye, you and I both know all you gotta do is look in the mirror.
I'll be in touch.
It really is exquisite in its way.
It's exquisite because of what you know about it.
Where it came from.
Who made it.
It's intellectual.
I like art that's more emotional.
The forger certainly played on our emotions.
"The forger.
" The one you found and won't turn over to us.
The counterfeits are nearly flawless.
Which is enough, because our desire for them to be real obscures any imperfection.
Much like your desire for the woman in Paris to be your mother blinded you to the fact that she wasn't.
It wasn't just my desire.
So she told you she was Katarina? She did.
And it's difficult for me to believe she wasn't.
I was convinced my casket was authentic.
It was nearly impossible for me to believe it wasn't.
But it was a fake.
And she was too.
Is that why you gave us this case? To show me how easy it is to mistake something fake for something that's real.
I gave you the case so I could get my casket and sell it for an obscene amount of money.
- Got it just so you could sell it? - Yes.
And the buyer is apparently very impatient.
Is there somewhere we can drop you? We're wheels up in one hour.
You can just let me out here at the end of the block.
Wherever you're going, I'd like you to be back in time We'll be back for the ballet.
- Harold told you? - Harold thought I'd like to know.
He was right.
You're amazing.
So are you.
Well, not really.
But you think so.
We think so.
About each other.
Which is, well, amazing.
Now that that's settled, do you wanna come in? No.
I wanna break up.
I don't want to.
I mean, it's the last thing I want, it's just We should.
That is, we have to.
- I don't understand.
- What do we do when we're together? We trespass.
We crash weddings.
We break the law.
We made love in the Gemini capsule John Glenn took into space.
Which I still can't believe how small it was, right? Scratch that.
That's off-topic.
My point, such that I have one, is this: Making love in a rocket ship is one thing, one amazing thing, but, Elodie, hoping your husband dies there's nothing amazing about that.
- How is he? - He's on a ventilator.
I am so sorry.
So am I.
This is a really bad idea.

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