The Blacklist s07e12 Episode Script

Cornelius Ruck

1 Mr.
So pleased you made it, sir.
Ha! So am I.
What a ride.
You can't imagine what it took to get here.
And might I say not a moment too soon.
We are in for quite a storm.
Arthur Rodman.
I'm at your service.
What a place.
This is lovely.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't prepared for You were told no seconds are permitted? Oh, no, no, Dembe won't be staying.
Raymond, are you sure this place is secure? Oh, you needn't worry.
The island is a safe haven.
Vries, our owner, offers it to men and women such as Mr.
Reddington as a place to do business or resolve disputes with absolute privacy and security.
And your property is the only one on the island, yes? Yes.
My employer provides staff, lodging, fine dining.
You should go before the sky gets any darker.
And don't worry.
I'll see you here in two days, and we'll celebrate.
I don't trust Cassandra.
Eat a whole pizza, read a couple of great books.
Maybe take the kids skating.
My God, I can't remember the last time you had a whole weekend off.
Two days, Raymond.
Remember, you promised Agnes to be at the ballet.
I'll see you Sunday.
Not to worry.
All firearms will be kept in a safe until the proceedings are complete.
There he is.
In the flesh.
Hello, Cassandra.
You're looking like the best of times.
I wasn't sure you were going to make it.
I had to come.
I couldn't let down the others.
The others.
Well, to be honest, I was hoping that part of you came for me.
The best part did.
You brought your piece? Of course.
Then it's official.
We have the complete set.
You're convinced it's the right time to sell? I am.
But, um Relax.
Business later.
I'll lay everything out for the group tonight.
We will stay out of your way during your stay, but anything you need, Mr.
Reddington, don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you, Arthur.
Think it's bugged? Annika, your brow is already furrowed.
I swept my whole room the basket, the vents.
It appears clean.
That's a relief.
You bring it? Hmm.
I brought it.
I didn't want to touch it, but Same old Annika.
You've been reading ghost stories.
Not ghost stories news stories.
It came from a tomb, right? The original dig was in Turkey Give me a hug.
Three of the archaeologists are dead one pancreatic cancer, one suicide, one heart disease.
You think the caskets we stole gave an archaeologist pancreatic cancer? They are cursed.
I believe you.
- Well, I believe you believe you.
- Mm-hmm.
That innate sense of danger is what drove you to become perhaps the single best security expert I know.
I'm right.
Don't touch it.
Have you seen the others? Mm, just Margo.
You think I haven't changed? Come on.
She's exactly where you'd think she'd be.
Ready, Margo? 30 seconds.
Know what I'm thinking, Margo? I'm thinking of all the ways I'm going to be spending your moneys, yes? No, no.
No, no, no, no, no! Boo-yah! I can name three other can openers who could crack those locks.
Only one could do it in 30 seconds, and none could do it after a half pint of aquavit.
Reddington, you dapper dog.
Margo, you're a Viking.
5 grand says I can do it again in 20.
No dice.
I came here to make money, not give it away.
Good evening, Margo.
Hello, Mahmoud.
Mahmoud, your hearing has gotten worse? Oh, it's not all gone.
But soon.
I'm terribly sorry.
You're kind.
But when I decided to blow things up for a living, I knew there'd be occupational hazards.
Tell me, did I detect a chill in the air from the two of you? Are you on again or off again? Ah.
Welcome, everyone.
Thank you for coming.
I hope after what you're about to hear, you'll decide that it has been worth it.
Let's talk business.
It's been just under three years since I first went to Reddington, told him about the caskets, asked him to fund the job You have buyer or not? Let her talk.
I want to say we did the right thing.
No legitimate fence would've touched what we had.
Every art crime cop in every continent was watching.
The right thing to do was split it and wait.
And you think it's been long enough? I do.
We've seen a number of high-profile thefts this year.
The FBI, INTERPOL, they're busy elsewhere.
It's time to move.
Who's the buyer? A collector, with a particular interest in Byzantine art.
I did some research and floated the idea last month.
You should've asked us first.
- I agree.
- I don't.
As the architect, it's Cassandra's right to explore a next move.
Everything was done anonymously.
He has no idea who we are, but he is on his way, and weather permitting, he should be here this time tomorrow.
What kinda bread we baking? Ah, it's hard to know.
Each individual piece could be worth a few million, but the complete set increases the potential number to maybe No, that's high.
Come on.
The Blue Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond went for over $23 mil.
The Qianlong vase went for 53, or maybe you think I'm too dumb to do my homework.
- Take it easy.
- Easy? The five of you got 18% each.
That's even cut for each specialty.
But me, I'm just a goon with a gun, so I only get 10%? No way I'm letting you undersell and cut my take even more.
- Keep your voices down.
- Nobody wants to undersell You know what? Rules say we don't sell unless it's unanimous, so maybe I don't agree to anything until my cut is even! That's enough, Joko.
You got 10% because you came in late, not because anyone here undervalues your contribution.
As far as I'm concerned, the goon with the gun, he's the real operator.
He's the one who has to handle himself under pressure when things go sideways.
He's the one everyone else has to rely on.
The goon with the gun doesn't do his job, there is no job.
We needed you.
Nobody's ever said otherwise except maybe you.
At the end of the day, you accepted your cut, and it's done.
So, let's all take a breath and remember we're friends.
I vote we sell.
The sooner the better.
- Agreed.
- Then I make five.
Holy Mary Mother of God, protect me now and always.
Margo, yours is the last.
It's beautiful.
Your nose.
You should sit down.
Margo! Margo.
Can you hear me? I'll ask Mahmoud if Margo has any family, and if so, I'll see that they get her remains.
Grab a tablecloth there.
What do you think happened to her? What is it? What do you see? It was the curse! Annika, please, that's not helpful right now.
Y-You think I'm kidding? Margo was number four.
Four bodies connected to these caskets in the three years since they were found! - She said stop it.
- Everyone, just try to calm down.
What could've happened? Come on.
Are you serious? I'll tell you what happened.
Hypertension You hardly knew her.
I don't have to know her.
Look at her.
Morbidly overweight, probably alcoholic.
- Did she smoke? - Yes, but Then the question isn't why it happened.
It's why it didn't happen sooner.
All right, Joko, you made your point.
Margo could crack a bank vault in less than eight minutes under withering pressure.
She had ice water in her veins.
Okay, she didn't make healthy choices, but this had nothing to do with stress or hypertension or a curse.
You think somebody killed her.
Why? Who would do that? Someone who stands to gain from her death.
That could be any one of us.
Before, it was a six-way split.
Now it's only five.
Perhaps, but only one of us was complaining about the size of their percentage.
You think I killed your girlfriend? She wasn't my girlfriend.
That's right.
You two broke up, so maybe you killed her.
Maybe you can't handle idea of her shacking up with someone new.
Go to hell! Mahmoud, look at me.
We are genuinely sorry for your loss.
But the truth is, we don't have enough evidence to start accusing each other of homicide.
I suggest we all turn in early and look at this with fresh eyes in the morning.
What about Margo's casket? If everyone agrees, I'll hold onto it for now.
We do.
Everyone else, take yours with you.
We'll reconvene here at 7:00 a.
Do you remember what happened the last time you knocked on my door at 2:00 a.
? Yes, you shot at me.
I thought you were someone else.
You thought I was your husband.
I like committing crimes of passion.
Want to commit one now? I had something a bit more frigid in mind.
Petechial hemorrhages? Broken blood vessels in her eyes.
Also on the inside of her lips and underneath her fingernails.
That means she was poisoned? Not definitively, no, but it certainly suggests it.
We won't know for sure until we open her up.
What? We need towels tongs, and a ladle.
Doesn't matter what size.
Boy, you really know how to show a girl a good time.
Tell me, do you do autopsies during all your dates, or am I special? I never heard from you after Marseille.
Was a perfect job.
An even more perfect four days together at Hôtel de la Mer.
Can I have a towel? Raymond.
I've walked away from Marco.
From everything.
I thought you would, too.
I was going to.
Till I found out we took nearly $40 million from that vault, not 30.
You're either very bad at math or very good at lying.
I'm good at both.
What I'm terrible at is life.
Another towel.
After Marseille, I heard about a job in Lisbon.
Big score, but it came with a big overhead.
Tunneling gear, commercial grade, the works.
I thought about bringing it to you, but I couldn't.
You say you walked away because I took the money, but I took it because you'd already walked away.
Can you hold that? I shouldn't have done it, but I was hurt, and I regret it.
You have no reason to believe me, but I do.
Tell me about Lisbon.
Uh I invested everything I had and even some I didn't have.
And then, at the last minute, just two days before we were set to move, the museum shipped the piece back to New York, made a secret deal to trade exhibits, and that was it.
I lost my entire investment.
Why are you telling me this? You asked.
You brought it up.
Why? Because I've had a run of bad luck lately, and I've been thinking a lot about why.
You sound like Annika.
It's no accident that things went wrong when I burned what we had.
I would do anything to take it back, to go back to that suite at Hôtel de la Mer.
The ladle.
The ladle.
She bled to death internally.
Must be half her blood supply.
How? Some kind of anti-coagulating agent.
When blood's that thin, you can spontaneously hemorrhage.
Every organ, all your veins, arteries start leaking into the viscera.
You're sure? This didn't happen naturally.
Someone killed her.
Some one on this island.
Murdered? You wanted a forensic investigation.
That's what it showed.
Where's Joko? I-I knocked on his door.
And you're sure? Yes.
She was poisoned, dosed with an anti-coagulating agent.
D-Dosed? You You mean injected? It seems more likely it was administered orally in her food or something she drank.
Last night at dinner? What I saw would've taken hours to develop six, maybe even eight.
What time did Margo get here? - Yesterday morning.
We all did - W-W-What you saw? You did an autopsy? You cut her open? So it happened here on the island.
I saw you having breakfast with her.
- You think I killed her? - As far as motives go, there aren't any more powerful than love.
Maybe, but if money were the objective, why stop there? Why not kill the rest of us, too? I have no idea.
But I'm sure as hell going to ask! Ask who? Well, only one of us isn't here.
Mahmoud, the man's three times your size.
What do you intend to do, poke him to death? He's right.
Will you stop? We don't even know it was him.
Joko! Come out here! Watch out.
Oh, my God.
None of us are capable of this.
For a treasure like the caskets, people are capable of anything.
I agree.
But he wasn't killed for the treasure.
I don't know what's happening, but clearly, this isn't about the caskets.
Annika, you can't leave.
Are you kidding me? I am not interested in dying here! Oh, look, we should stick together until we know what we're dealing with.
You have my casket.
It is yours.
I don't want it.
That's ridiculous.
You're walking away from millions.
Five bodies! I won't be the sixth.
You going? Damn right, and if you are smart, you will go with me you, Cassandra, and Mahmoud.
Where is he? Mahmoud? Annika, listen to me.
Please, please, please, please.
Hello? - Hello? - If we just stick together, we can talk this out.
Hello? Anybody here? Mahmoud.
Hello? Hello? Is anybody here? - Please - Annika.
- Somebody help! - What are you doing? Where is Arthur? I want to see him right now.
I want off this island.
I want him to fly me home! Annika, stay calm.
No one's going anywhere in this weather.
The plane can't fly.
We have to wait for the weather to clear.
You! You brought us here! Wait, Mahmoud! Please! You did this! - You poisoned her! - No! You put something in her nebulizer! You poisoned us all! Mahmoud! Mahmoud.
Lower the gun.
Think! It had to be her! She set us up! She walked us into a trap! Lower your weapon now! Get away from her! Mahmoud, I won't tell you again.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You were right.
I have no reason to believe you.
About Marseille or about this.
I didn't do this.
But I know who did.
I worked through a fence in Boston.
He introduced me to a potential buyer who turned out to be an FBI undercover agent.
He played with me for a few days.
He made sure he got me on tape, and then he arrested me for theft and interstate transportation of stolen property.
And you cut a deal.
Is that why you brought us together? Save yourself by giving us up? I didn't give them your names, and I got it in writing that they wouldn't ask for them.
Well, if they didn't want us, what did they want? You remember where the caskets were found? An archaeological dig in the Kayseri Province.
One of the archaeologists was a CIA agent using the dig as cover to meet with his Turkish sources.
Source What sources? American operatives inside the Turkish government.
They told you this? The FBI? The Turks had figured out who he was.
They knew that he had a list of American assets inside their country.
They killed him for it.
But they didn't get the list? No, because he'd already hidden it as a microdot.
That's what this is about.
The Smithsonian had sponsored the expedition.
He knew that he could get the intel out of the country in the caskets, which would be sent to D.
for further analysis.
So he put the microdot on one of them.
And the CIA wants it back to protect the identities of their undercover agents.
We made a deal.
I'd help them to recover the caskets and secure their intel, and in return, they'd let us walk all of us.
But then it all went sideways.
It went sideways because they weren't CIA agents.
They lied to you.
And we won't know why until we read the microdot.
Do you have your cellphone with you? It won't work.
There's no service.
We're hundreds of miles from the nearest tower.
I don't intend to make a call.
Ah, perfect.
Now we just need a screwdriver and some tape any kind of tape.
My father was fascinated by insects.
Fancied himself an amateur entomologist.
Ah, great.
By the time I was 6, my father had taught me that a microscope is essentially two convex lenses in relationship to one another.
I'll never forget the joy on his face as he helped me make my first one, then watched as I went into the yard in search of bugs.
The idea that a whole world that I couldn't see had suddenly revealed itself and been brought into focus felt like a miracle.
Because it was, given how often we miss what's right in front of us.
What I see right in front of me is someone I misjudged.
What's happened tonight, I should've known.
You could never have done it.
But we do that, you and I misjudge each other.
I tonight, you in Marseille.
I wanted to run away with you.
You didn't.
What you misjudged was the reason why.
You thought it was about you.
It wasn't.
I had obligations.
To the young woman you were watching over.
Her husband wasn't who he appeared to be.
She was in jeopardy.
I had to intervene.
And is she still in jeopardy? I hope not.
Then maybe you're no longer under obligation.
Not except to watch her daughter dance in "Sleeping Beauty" tomorrow night.
You have the caskets? Yes, four of them.
Where's yours? In my suite.
Mahmoud's must still be in his, as well.
If one of these four has the microdot, all we need is a little light, and we should be able to read it.
Damn it.
It's so fussy, this.
We need tape.
We really need tape.
Raymond? Who are they? The island staff.
Turks got here before we did.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Thanks for coming.
We have so many questions.
Let's try this again, shall we? I want to know who you are and why you are here.
I think you and your homicidal brethren masquerading as house staff are in fact Turkish operatives.
I think you're here to recover the microdot, the one the CIA officer hid in one of the caskets.
Is that why you're here? To get the list of Americans working in your government? Do you know which casket you're looking for? Fair enough.
Maybe you don't speak English.
Let's see if you recognize numbers.
3, 2, 1.
The smallest one.
Ah, so you do understand numbers.
The smallest casket.
That's why you targeted Margo first.
That's what the American told us before he died.
We don't know if he told the truth.
We're about to find out.
The plan was to poison the woman only.
Once you were alerted, our objective changed.
We were told to eliminate everyone.
Retrieve and examine all six caskets.
Looks like your poor CIA officer did tell you the truth.
You found it? Yes, but it's not a list of American assets in Turkey.
It appears we had it the wrong way around.
Ahmet, come in.
How many operatives does he have? Never mind.
I'll ask him myself.
Ahmet, report your location.
Ahmet's taking a nap.
To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking? Reddington.
I know that voice.
Arthur Rodman.
Cassandra, do you realize what this means? The butler did it.
Oh, I'm no butler.
Oh, I know exactly what you are.
You're the bloodhound the Turks hired to find the list of Turkish assets working within the American government.
Wait a minute.
Oh, my God.
You're Cornelius Ruck, aren't you? I'll be damned.
You tracked Korgeneral Ordu across the Gibson.
They say you made do for three days on nothing but honeypot ants and eucalyptus.
Oh, my God.
Of course the Turks hired you to find the list.
Where's the microdot? We have it, and we're taking it with us when we leave the island.
Don't be absurd.
You're never leaving this island.
You're in a storm with no transportation or heavy weaponry facing a dozen of our best agents.
Surrender, and I'll consider showing you mercy.
We'll need a little time to think about that.
You need a little time That's long enough.
We've decided.
We're going to forego the offer to surrender.
Wish us luck.
We don't have a choice.
We're either leaving here with the caskets or Mm.
We should definitely leave with the caskets.
Hi, there.
The knife.
Cassandra, are you listening? You have something I want the caskets and I have someone you may like to trade for.
Either you bring my casket to the Bibliotek, or I put a bullet in Mr.
Reddington's head.
You should have come to me from the outset.
So many lives might have been spared.
Open it.
Get over there with her.
So what now? I get rich.
You die.
Well, any time would be good.
Like now.
You all right? Raymond! It's over.
No! No! Goodbye, Mr.
Well, hold on.
You forgot the fish.
What What fish? The sailfish.
Above the mantle.
What do you know? It stopped snowing.
So? Cynthia is nothing if not a fan of the dramatic reveal.
I can't believe it.
I'm not here to test your faith, love.
Just to get a number.
That's a nice number.
This calls for a celebration.
In the south of France, perhaps.
Do you mean that? As you said, I fulfilled my obligation.
All but one.
- You guys! - That was a great show.
- And she was adorable.
- Right? Wasn't it so cute.
Oh, my God.
The cutest.
She may actually be more adorable in tights than me.
Hey! Ohh, hi, Agnes.
Oh, my God.
Ready? I am.
To say goodbye.
I told you, I'm under no obligation.
I know.
But I saw you watching, how you looked.
You may have come into her life out of obligation, but you're staying in it for love.
Cassandra Who knew that underneath it all, you're so sweet? I didn't think you'd made it.
Watched from the wings.
And you brought a friend.
- If you have plans - I don't.
Thank you, by the way, for the intel on the Turkish agents.
You know, you were right when you recently told me that, um, it's been difficult since Tom, but that I have Agnes, and I should be looking forward and not back.
And that you deserve a bigger life.
I agree.
I do.
But so do you.
I don't know how to do that.
That makes two of us.
Mommy, where are you? You should get back.
Thanks again for coming.
It means a lot.
To me, too.
We may not have bigger lives, but we have each other.

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