The Blacklist s07e14 Episode Script

Twamie Ullulaq

How long has it been since we lost contact with the driver? 18 hours.
Any chance we will find the cargo intact? That would take incredible luck.
And the only time I have ever been lucky in Alaska was when I was bumped from behind at an ice bar in Fairbanks.
I stumbled into the arms of a lovely Nordic princess.
Literally, she was a princess in Norway.
We flew straight to her castle outside Bergen and watched the Northern Lights till dawn.
Otherwise, Alaska's shown me all the mercy of a Greek tragedy.
According to the tracker, we should be right on top of the containers.
Looks like it's time to cue the Greek chorus, Dembe.
Elodie lied about not having a prenup.
And now that her husband's dead, she stands to inherit millions.
The way you described her husband's condition, it sounds more like a mercy killing.
Maybe, but he didn't have a medical directive, and she couldn't have know what was going on inside of his head.
You mean like dreams and memories.
Maybe even a deep and abiding love for his betrothed.
- Exactly.
- A love so deep that he would have preferred that Elodie end his life so that she could move on with hers.
If only he had the power to tell her.
- Wait, what? - How can I help you, Aram? I want to know if Elodie killed her husband.
If she did, I have to arrest her.
I'm definitely I'm definitely breaking up with her.
But I don't really know yet, But I need to know, you know? Need to know what? Oh, um whether Elodie killed her husband.
And you want Reddington's help? Get a blood sample from the body before it's buried, and I'll have it tested, no questions asked.
Or crazy idea you could let the police investigate.
I should go and let the two of you do whatever it is you two do.
Do you know why I'm preparing this salmon? If this is about your libido, I'm I'm good.
W-Where are we? Why are we here? It's for a celebratory meal when the case is solved.
And what case is that? I've been robbed.
Trucks of mine have been stolen.
Precious cargo has gone missing.
You want us to find your trucks.
I found the trucks.
Sunk in a lake in the Alaska Triangle.
Wait, the Triangle's real? I don't want you to find my trucks.
I want you to solve one of life's great mysteries.
The Alaska Triangle.
A place where some people go and never return.
Supposedly 16,000 in the last 50 years.
That can't be true.
The question isn't whether they've disappeared.
It's why.
Find the people who stole my trucks and you may get the answer.
This is former U.
House Majority Leader Hale Boggs.
Now, in 1972, his twin-engine Cessna vanished somewhere between Juneau and Anchorage.
The nation's largest search-and-rescue mission was mounted.
The Coast Guard, Civil Air Patrol, the Navy.
All scoured the area for months, but no trace of Boggs' plane was ever found.
He was lost in a section of the state known as the Alaska Triangle.
Like the Bermuda Triangle? - Yes, only real.
- What's real about it is that an unusually large number of people do seem to disappear there.
And this connects to Reddington how? Four months ago, he lost a shipment in the triangle.
He attached a GPS tracker to the next one and found it here.
And he thinks whoever put it there may be behind the Alaska Triangle myth.
- What was on the truck? - He wouldn't say, but some of it has apparently shown up in Italy.
- He's on his way to find out how.
- What about the drivers? Mr.
Reddington thinks they went down with the shipment.
- Do we have any leads? - The container numbers.
They're marked on the roof for the benefit of crane operators, so I was able to pull them from the photos.
Based on those numbers, do we know where the cargo was coming from? Each truck was carrying cargo offloaded in the Port of Anchorage.
Dispatching, routing, tracking, transpo it's all coordinated by the port manager.
I've heard enough.
Ressler, Keen, I want you two to interview the port manager.
Park, I want you to set up a liaison with your old field office.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Oh, and why not? I'm not real popular in Anchorage.
It's a good thing it's not a popularity contest.
Someone really wants to talk to you.
- My brother.
- Oh, you never talk about your brother.
Come in.
You and I had an agreement.
I'm here on a case.
Our agreement was you wouldn't be here at all.
I was sent here by Assistant Director Harold Cooper.
This is his authorization.
Computer access.
Underwater search and rescue.
To recover three semi-trucks.
Under water.
- I'm not here to look for him.
- You better not be, because I won't protect you if you do.
Not again.
There was a problem with the shipment.
There's something we didn't expect to find with the cargo.
I wonder how much you're worth.
That's the reason why Aram wants to draw blood? To see if Elodie poisoned her husband? It's why Reddington wants him to.
I think he should tell the police.
That's why your phone's been blowing up.
What's he done this time? Don't know, and I don't want to know.
You can't just ignore him.
He's family.
Watch me.
- Park? - I pulled the port records.
It appears the same shift manager was on duty when the cargo for all three stolen trucks was offloaded.
Name's Maxwell Barrett.
All right, we're on our way to the port now.
He's not at the port.
He's off today.
He's got a place in Wasilla.
3250 Sun Ridge Road.
I know what's inside all them containers.
Four of those containers are currently sitting at the bottom of a lake.
I talked to the police, and I'll tell you what I told them.
Accidents happen.
Oh, this was no accident.
The cargo's missing, along with the drivers.
Those trucks have only one thing in common you cleared them through the port.
You two think I took them trucks? Why? To pay for my millionaire mountain chalet? This is a waste of time.
I don't know.
- I don't like it.
- The old man can barely walk.
I mean, it's not like he's John Dillinger Ressler, check this out.
I'll call Park, get a forensics team up here.
Maybe they can figure out who this guy's been communicating with.
She is kind and nice.
He's in a better place.
And I I'm a total diphthong.
Hey, hey.
Uh, you want a ride? I, uh, figured you wouldn't want to do this alone.
The guy outside your place, he, um he looked so familiar.
He was a friend of Charles.
He had so many, and they all feel awful.
Of course.
They, um They lost a friend.
All I feel is relief.
For him because he's finally at peace and for me because I get to move on with my life.
With our life.
Picking a casket is a big decision, so while I, uh, hunt for a bathroom, you take your time.
Charles is gonna have to live with your choice for, like, ever.
Sorry about that.
My, uh, deepest sympathies.
I, uh I know this is super awkward.
But I think this might be in your best interest.
Quick stick.
Oh, God.
I got it.
I got the goods.
- What goods are those, Aram? - The sample, the blood sample.
- I have it.
- Yes, of course.
I'll arrange pickup with the lab tech for tonight.
The bike path in Fort Slocum park.
- Midnight.
- A bike path.
At any rate, it's not much of a bike path.
If you want a real cycling adventure, you should look into the Cowboy Trail, - a defunct stretch of rail line - Aram? Fort Slocum.
Got to go.
Got to go.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
Everything's Everything's fine.
Did you, uh Did you find a casket? I did care about him, you know.
I know it doesn't always seem like it because, well, you make me so happy.
But, anyway, yes, and I'm glad you made me take the time to do it.
Charles deserved that.
We made a copy of the hard disks from Maxwell Barrett's cabin.
We were able to trace one of the downloads.
What are TEU values? It's the insured value of each cargo container.
The highest one on the list there is over $14 million in German pharmaceuticals.
- Could be the next target.
- I'll contact the carrier.
How were you able to locate the missing trucks in the first place? We can't tell you that.
I wasn't asking you.
Look, we're just here to do a job and go home.
Is that gonna be a problem? That's up to Alina.
You getting chilly yet? You think you might want to start talking in exchange for some clothes? I t-told you what I know.
Edward Lussier.
Night security at Prudhoe Bay.
But what you didn't tell me is why you were all trussed up in the back of a trailer full of smuggled goods.
I was t-taken.
M-M-Middle of the night.
Please, I-I don't know why Well, you're worth something to somebody, and you better figure out what before you freeze to death.
If we want to find them, the pharmaceuticals may be an opportunity.
- An opportunity how? - What if we let the shipment go as scheduled.
Allow them to steal it.
You want to catch them in the act.
We're the FBI.
We're supposed to stop crimes, - not facilitate them.
- That being said, uh, what exactly are you suggesting? That 40-foot of pharmaceuticals is offloaded.
Should be on the road within two hours.
I'm gonna give you some alone time so you can reflect on your self worth.
Wait! I-I told you everything I know! Please, y-y-you can't leave me in here! I'm gonna I'm gonna freeze to death! - Buongiorno! - Don Reddington! Signore Rossi.
Look at you.
Oh, how are you, friend? Living la dolce vita.
And what brings you to my little corner of paradise? - My nose, of course.
- Oh, of course.
Word has it you've formulated a new fragrance with musky depth and a passionate animalic note.
You are referring to the Rossi Grande Estratto No.
- Oh, dio mio.
- Uh-huh.
So warm on the top.
- Honey-like.
- Yes.
With a lustful, almost bottomless bottom.
Is that ambergris? Wow! You have very refined senses.
I find ambergris to be an absolute marvel.
Digestive juices of the sperm whale powerful enough to break down squid beaks and fish bones until the glorious beast excretes the waxy mass into the ocean.
Whale vomit worth more than its weight in gold.
It's true.
Ambergris is very difficult to come by these days.
And yet you managed to find some.
I was contacted by a private party in Alaska.
A private party in Alaska just stole a shipment of ambergris from me, worth about $3 million.
- Oh, that's terrible.
- Mm.
Who's your supplier? Raymond, you know I cannot divulge my suppliers.
Ambergris is illegal in many countries.
I understand.
You have to protect your supply chain to maintain the high quality of your fine merchandise.
Such as this extraordinary item.
Quanto costa? 6,800.
That must be a heavenly scent.
White birch? Mmm.
I smell clove.
- Yes.
- And oakmoss.
This one is pretty.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
You win.
I'll give you the name.
I'll give you the name.
- Grazie.
- Please, no more.
Write down the relevant details and, please, gift wrap one bottle of Rossi No.
You, uh You want me to put the item in in the basket? Do I, um Do I get a receipt or anything? No? Shalom.
Everybody on the ground.
Nobody move.
Records division? Yeah, this is Special Agent Aram Mojtabai.
I'd like to request the case file for Thelonious Prackett.
Yeah, with a "P.
" You're like an ice-road trucker.
Got to be if you live up here long enough.
Even if your toes can barely reach the pedals.
10 hours on the road, we haven't seen one sign of a suspicious vehicle.
GPS says you're still inside the triangle.
- They'll take the bait.
- It's possible the hijack crew was tipped off that I was driving.
More than likely they got word that we shot their inside man.
You shot their inside man.
Yeah, but I saved your butt.
Hey, guys, hold up.
I've got something here.
Accident blocking the road.
All right, here we go.
Keep this line open.
We're two minutes out and closing.
Everyone okay? We got an airlift en route from Bartlett.
We can try and guide you clear, but we can't move those vehicles.
That would be great.
Let's try and squeeze you through.
I'm clear.
What do you mean you're clear? They let you through? You sure they're not tailing you? No.
I think the accident was just an accident.
I just passed a sign for a weigh station a few miles up the road.
I'll wait there, and we can regroup.
Copy that.
Hello? Hello? Hello? Hey, Park, medics are on-site.
We're just waiting to see if they need any assistance before we head your way.
Park, do you copy? Alina? Alina, can you hear me? Are you there? Park, do you copy? Park? Found a GPS tracker hidden in the truck.
We had to dump it.
And we found her.
What do you want to do with her? No, no.
It's okay.
I'm not with them.
I Here.
Take this.
Where are we? We're gonna d-die here.
I'd say we're in the foothills of the Chugach range.
If we got out and found a trailhead, I think I can get us to an access road.
- You live here? - I did.
Swore I'd never come back.
Then why did you? What were you hauling when they hijacked you? Hauling? I was being hauled.
You know, I-I-I got abducted, thrown in the back of a truck, and then that truck got hijacked.
And you don't know why? Lady, I'm a nobody.
Why would anyone want to abduct me? Here.
We'll take turns.
Why did you? Come back? To catch the hijackers.
I'm an FBI agent.
My name's Alina Park.
What's your name? Me? I told you.
I'm nobody.
Well, Mr.
Nobody, I'll let you in on a little secret.
I died once in Alaska.
I didn't come back to do it again.
She was taken from a weigh station.
It's isolated.
No surveillance.
Target vehicle approaches, gets waived out of line and hijacked, the GPS gets pulled, and no one's the wiser.
That was Mr.
I, uh, patched him through to the call and told him about Agent Park.
This just came for you.
Case files on Les Fleurs du Mal.
Don't tell me you listened to Reddington.
I told you to have the police look into it.
- Into what? - Nothing as important as finding Agent Park.
- Mr.
- Speaking.
Keen and Ressler are coordinating with state and local authorities.
They have roadblocks in place and aerial surveillance.
Twamie Ullulaq.
- Who? - The stolen cargo I traced in Milan, Twamie took it.
- Do you know where he is? - I do not.
But someone in your government does.
They created him.
Twamie Ullulaq is a native Alaskan who the U.
military armed and trained in counterterrorism.
The army doesn't train civilians.
They did during the Cold War, didn't they, Harold? Go on.
Tell the kids about Operation Washtub.
During the Cold War, the Pentagon worried that they couldn't defend Alaska, so it rounded up locals hunters, bush pilots and trained them in counterinsurgency against a Red Invasion.
They volunteered in exchange for land and a promise that housing would be built.
And when the Red Scare ended, so did that commitment.
Imagine that.
Your government breaking its promise to indigenous people.
How much does the FBI know? - I-I'm not an agent.
- We don't know each other.
You expect me to believe you two being here is a coincidence.
Because it is.
There's no coincidences here.
The land they were given, find it.
Just because nothing was ever built on it doesn't mean they're still not there, and it doesn't mean she's not there.
And if she is, we're gonna find her.
How much do you know about us?! Why would I tell you that? 'Cause if you don't, I'll kill him.
N-No, no, no! Don't! Please! No.
Don't! Twamie, we got a problem.
We'll continue this.
Twamie, Old Mac's dead.
The FBI gunned him down inside his cabin.
Just a matter of time before they find this camp.
Pack it up! We're pulling stakes! - You heard him.
- Come on, guys.
- Come on! Move it! - Let's go.
- Come on! - Right now.
Wilbur Eaton? Special Agent Aram Mojtabai.
If this is about Prackett, I made a deal.
Got immunity for testifying against him.
I read the testimony.
I know what you did for Prackett.
You made the torture chambers that killed or disabled anyone who was put in them, including Charles Radcliffe.
And yet, you were at his widow's house yesterday.
To offer my condolences.
For the death of a man you almost killed.
What can I say? I'm soft that way.
Your immunity agreement required full disclosure about any and all crimes involved in Prackett's ventures.
If you fail to disclose one, the deal will be torn up, and you will go to prison.
Why were you really at her house? Because now she can pay me what she owes.
Because of the prenup.
Wait, why does she owe you money? I remember you.
From The Defiance.
What did you do for her? You don't want to know.
You were gonna let him kill me.
He was bluffing.
He was right about coincidences.
They don't happen here.
You need to have a purpose to come here.
I know yours was to kill me.
- Put them on.
- Or what? You're gonna shoot us? You want us to wear these, you're gonna have to put them on us yourself.
You're too feisty for your own good.
Anyone ever tell you that? All the time.
I know you blame me for what h-happened, but I didn't kill her.
Lussier But looks like you did come back here to die.
AKRCC's running search and rescue assets out of Elmendorf, and the state troopers have their infrared chopper in the air as we speak.
Were you able to monitor radio frequencies up here? All 406 emergency locator beacons.
She knows your protocol, so if she still has a radio, expect her to try to make contact.
What about the land granted to Operation Washtub? - Have you located it? - We're working on it.
Yeah, well, work harder.
This mission was a mistake to begin with.
Park got herself into this situation, and it's an unfortunate one, but these people, the ones who are searching for her, they're the very best at what they do, and they will do whatever they can to find her.
Now, if you'll excuse me, we got a location on the camp.
What is it with her and Park? Park's history here is complicated.
Meaning? Park made mistakes.
Connor covered on the promise Park would not return.
Covered? What did she do? You have a black sheep in your family.
Let's just say Park has a black sheep of her own.
You'll never make it.
Really? Watch me.
I stand a better chance.
I doubt it.
Seeing as how I'm the one with the gun.
You're lucky if it's 20 degrees right now.
Once the sun drops behind that ridge, it'll fall below zero, and that's before dark.
I'm not letting you out.
I know we're on the south side of the Bagley Icefield.
I also know if we can get to Quill Creek, it'll point us toward the highway.
You, on the other hand, you're a junkie lost in the woods.
A nobody from nowhere.
You said so yourself.
Why would you h-help me? I'm helping myself.
You'll die out there, Edward.
But if you leave me, I'll die in here.
- The bullets.
- Hmm? I don't care if you carry the gun, but I carry the bullets.
Think of it as the first step towards you and I trusting each other.
Ullulaq, we have a situation.
I'm sorry.
I never saw it coming.
Well, they couldn't have gotten that far.
Take Gerrit with you.
Radio the camp when you find their footpath.
As far as I'm concerned, there's no end to the charges they could bring against you, but murder is the only one that matters.
I know you think that, but you're not gonna do anything about it.
You killed my mother.
You tell anybody, I'll go public.
I know what happened at Anchorage Correctional.
How you put J.
Yost in a wheelchair.
I know about those cops you paid off.
I know how you, uh, held Wade Leek at gunpoint.
And I know you you broke the law in enough different ways in order to try and find me that you friends at the FBI had to cover it up.
We need to keep moving.
You hear me? It's getting late.
You turn me in, I'll tell them everything.
Every gory detail.
No, you're not gonna say anything to nobody.
'Cause you're not walking out of these woods Aah! Oh! Don't move! Hold on! Hold on! Pull! Harder! Harder! I'm trying! I can't! I'm begging you! Please! Please! I'll be back.
Don't leave me.
You can't! I'm begging you.
Sweetie, I'm begging.
I'll die here! I can't open the trap.
Not on my own.
I'll get help, and I will come back.
And if they get here first? You only got six.
Aim carefully.
Twamie, we got a situation.
You find them? Scouts radioed.
We got a breach.
Feds on the south ridge.
FBI! Hands in the air! Put your weapons down! Freeze! Sir.
She's not here, sir.
Hey, where is she? Answer me.
- Why would I want to do that? - Twamie.
Your men have her or are looking for her.
Either way, you've been in communication.
Where are they? Now, that's a piss-poor hiding spot.
Put it down.
Okay, wait, wait.
Just wait! All right? Please.
I can help you.
I don't think you're gonna be much help at all.
No, listen.
I have information about your FBI agent there.
You know, things she's done.
You could use her to barter with the police, cut a deal.
We don't have orders to make deals.
Our order's to make examples out of you.
Wait, hold on.
I'm telling you, she's a dirty cop.
Not anymore she's not.
FBI! Put the gun down! You okay? Keen! You okay? Better than him.
My mother's boyfriend from Anchorage.
The one you've been hunting all these years.
How is that possible? - Did you know he was here? - Of course not.
How did you two end up in the same place together? I think we both know the answer to that.
I can't believe I'm back in a blacksite.
You know, I knew that you had a cool job, but, I mean, this is so cool What's he doing here? - Sit down.
- I can explain.
Explain what? That Charles didn't find Les Fleurs du Mal? You did.
I told him about our arrangement.
There is no arrangement.
How you came to me, got me to invite your husband and made sure he was selected for the challenge.
- He came to the house - Selected to die.
He wanted money.
He said he would tell these lies if I didn't give it to him.
But Charles didn't die.
And then I showed up.
When we insisted you go to The Defiance, you got Eaton to pick you.
I thought I was saving you, but you two had worked out a way for you to save yourself.
I would have died without you.
You used me.
You got me to open up to you.
That's why you kept asking about Blacklisters.
To seduce me into giving you a murder weapon.
You can't believe that.
I can't believe you would take his word over mine.
Your word, then Did you kill him? I love you.
Did you kill Charles? No.
I hope that's true.
Agent Park.
You kidnapped Lussier.
They found him inside your truck, didn't they? We can discuss that over Shiozake.
You orchestrated this whole thing.
You put us together.
I intended on bringing you together, yes, by abducting him, not you.
That was unforeseen.
But in the end, it served the greater good.
You have no business interfering in my life.
I do when your life interferes with my business.
I know about your mother and her relationship with Mr.
How could you know that? Because I must.
You're an excellent agent, Alina, and a loose cannon.
I need the first, and I won't tolerate the second.
So you put us together so I could, what? Exact my revenge and become less uncontrollable? My world is filled with people seeking revenge.
I can see it every time I look at them.
It's as distinct as a birthmark.
But I look at you and see none of that.
I don't see a quest for vengeance.
I see a smart, capable young woman filled with self-loathing, and I think if you have a debt to settle, perhaps it's with yourself.
Lussier's an addict who supports his habit through armed robbery and theft.
I settled my debt with him when I gave everything I knew about his crimes to the Alaska bureau.
And the debt you owe yourself? I settled that by giving them nothing about what he did to my mother.
Because he did nothing.
The heroin did.
They were addicts, and they were helpless to help each other.
I was helpless, too.
You were a child.
You couldn't be expected to help.
You shouldn't hate yourself for that.
After he left, she was shaking and vomiting and doubled over in pain.
I was 7.
All I saw was that she was in pain, and I wanted that pain to stop.
Sweetie, I'm begging.
So I did as I was told.
At first, she was so happy.
The pain just disappeared.
And then her eyes rolled back into her head, and she died.
She overdosed.
I overdosed her.
I don't hate myself because I couldn't help my mom.
I hate myself because I killed her.
Thank you.
Agent Park, come in.
I hear congratulations are in order.
Thank you, sir.
We got lucky, sir.
Diligence is the mother of good luck.
What's on your mind? Anchorage and my past there.
I've read your file.
I know things got a little bumpy near the end.
Bumpy would be a gracious choice of words.
Sir, there are things that happened in Anchorage, things I did that you're not aware of.
You should be.
So, what sort of things? It's strange.
I know we solved at least part of the Alaska Triangle, but after all he was promised, it's hard not to empathize.
I've spoken to Agent Park And now he's going to prison for the rest of his life.
She told me about Anchorage.
She told me you know.
I'm curious as to why you didn't feel the need to say anything to me.
I didn't say anything because I don't think you should do anything.
She didn't just bend the rule book.
She broke it.
And I can understand why you would have a hard time accepting that.
But when it comes to family, it's complicated.
I know that's true for me.
You know better than anyone, I haven't always been my best self.
I don't think any of us have.
Honestly, I think you should give her the benefit of the doubt.
I think in a situation like this, we should give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
Do you understand these rights I have just read to you? No.
I don't understand it at all.
Neither do I.

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