The Blacklist s07e15 Episode Script

Gordon Kemp

1 Glen, it's fine.
We're already here.
It's right up the street from Cher's hotel.
Yeah, we get the ice, pick up the diva, and in a half-hour she's serenading Trudy with "If I Could Turn Back Time.
" Best retirement party ever.
Glen, I told you.
It is what it is.
There's no all of a sudden requesting "Half Breed.
" All right.
Okay, thank you.
Yes, bye.
Do you have any of the really big bags of ice? Miss? Sorry to pry you away from your text or tweet or t-whatever.
Are you all right? It wasn't a tweet, it was an e-mail.
I just got accepted into college.
Oh, my God! Dembe, look.
- Chapel Hill.
- Yeah.
Wow, congratulations.
Your parents must be so proud.
Yeah, my father passed last year.
Actually, I have to call my mom.
The ice is in the back.
Thank you.
Congratulations! Thank you.
Oh, my gosh.
This is a moment that woman will never forget.
We should buy her something to celebrate.
I got accepted.
Put the phone down.
Give me the money.
Come on.
No alarms.
Hear me? All right.
What did you do? - I didn't do anything.
- What did you do? I said no alarms! Raymond.
Raymond, we have to go.
You don't have to do this.
I'm afraid I do, love.
The plan.
Tell me what you remember about that plan.
- Frank? - Stop.
I need to bring him out.
- No.
- Frank.
What? You're looking at the cars again.
What? There's nothing out there.
The blue car's back.
Frank! Frank, stop.
It's the blue car.
- Frank.
- It was back.
It was right there.
Frank, come inside.
Come on.
Come on.
An armed robbery at a mini-mart.
- The clerk was shot and killed.
- That's the case? A shooting that left the clerk and one of the robbers dead at the scene.
There was only one robber.
The police suspect he was killed by an accomplice who wanted the cash for himself.
They're wrong.
And how do you know that? Because I shot him.
Well, we shot him.
Dembe and I.
You were there.
She'd just been accepted to college.
The girl, Sophia.
Had her whole life ahead of her.
All the good and all the bad.
The triumphs and mistakes, gone.
Like a story erased.
You know how he was killed because you killed him.
We killed the man who committed the crime, but not the man I hold responsible for it.
And who might that be? Fine Caliber Arms International, a 100-year-old gun manufacturer run by Gordon Kemp, who inherited it from his father eight years ago and promptly started making the FineCal 9.
Gun of choice for violent young criminals in Chicago and Atlanta.
And dozens of other cities.
It's the cheapest 9 mm on the market.
A gun with no collectible value except that it's a readily available, affordable weapon for street-level criminals.
So? Edward Martel, a 19-year-old with a long rap sheet, murders a clerk with a FineCal.
Reddington puts the company that legally manufactures them on the Blacklist? Reddington put Kemp on the Blacklist because police have seized more FineCals than every other semiautomatic weapon combined.
And Kemp keeps flooding urban markets with them.
There's been a local shooting.
Victim had just been accepted to college, press is working that angle as well as the rising number of deaths connected to the FineCal this year.
Get the team.
I want the narrative changed.
By lunch! Reddington holds Kemp responsible for the death of Sophia Salgado.
For some reason, seeing her die really got to him.
We're supposed to believe Reddington's after Kemp because he's emotionally affected? Or because Kemp sells guns? Mr Reddington sells them too.
Maybe he's targeting a competitor? As far as I know, Reddington only sells weapons for military use.
Of course, that includes armed insurrection, but military nonetheless.
He's asking us to target a company that's not committing any crimes.
It's okay to flood high-crime neighbourhoods with cheap guns? You want my personal opinion, buy me a drink after work and we'll talk.
Or you can have my opinion now.
This is a crime problem, not a gun problem.
The task force investigates crimes, not legal conduct we disagree with.
It's a crime to knowingly sell a gun to a criminal.
Does Reddington have a good-faith basis to believe that's what Kemp is doing? Maybe.
He gave me a lead on the man who sold Edward Martell the murder weapon.
He says if we find him, he'll give us all the good faith we need.
James Dalman? Yeah, I don't think I know you, chief.
No, but I know you.
Take a walk.
It's okay, baby.
This will just take a minute.
Here's what we know.
You have felony convictions for assault and burglary.
You're hooked on oxy and you make ends meet trafficking guns.
Is this about child support? Sophia Salgado was murdered by Edward Martell, who used a FineCal 9 he bought from you.
So this isn't about child support.
We know you sell FineCal 9s.
With your record, we know you don't buy them yourself.
What we wanna know is who you get them from.
You're going to prison.
This is your one chance to help yourself.
Give us a name.
Can't do it.
I think you just did.
We issued a press release condemning the shooting and made a $100,000 donation to the NRA's safety education initiative.
Make it 250.
Leak our agenda for the sit-down with Senator Jennings.
To discuss sensible gun legislation to curb senseless gun violence.
Use that in the release.
Where are we with the ex-boyfriend? We're not sure that's something we should leak to the press.
Research uncovers that the victim dated someone with a connection to a local gang and we're not going to leak that? The connection was second-hand at best.
Right now, we have broad industry support.
We could lose it playing that kind of hardball.
This girl's death was a tragedy that we are not responsible for.
If it requires playing hardball to keep us from getting blamed for it, then that's what we're going to do.
There's a gun show in the county where the shooting occurred.
Maybe you should go.
Keep our talking points in the press.
Ilya, what's going on? I've got a shadow.
He's outside my place.
Who is outside? A Chevy Malibu.
He's been out there for over an hour.
Listen to me.
Stay where you are, I'm gonna send Dembe.
For all I know, he's not alone, Raymond.
There may be others.
It may be her.
Ilya, Dembe will be there soon.
Just keep your head down.
- Is he having another episode? - Yes.
Blue Chevy again.
Just drop me at the Post Office.
You go make sure he's okay.
When I'm finished with Harold, I'll call you.
Why are you doing this? - Doing what? - Speaking with Harold.
Giving him this case.
She was an innocent.
So many for so long have been innocent.
I'm sick of it.
She bought 30 FineCal 9s at a gun show in West Virginia.
- From the booth run by Judson Firearms.
- Federally licensed dealer.
Passed the background check with no problem.
She told them she was starting a personal collection.
She gave all 30 to Dalman, the boyfriend? Yes.
He turned around and sold them on the street.
She can't be more than 23, 24? She's a classic straw purchaser and we can definitely charge her.
Her? I'm interested in more than her.
You need to take this up the food chain.
How do you suggest we do that? For starters, you can make a case against Judson Firearms for selling guns to a buyer they should have known would put those guns in criminal hands.
You know how hard a case like that would be to prove.
I disagree.
A young woman with an address in the city who's suddenly decided to collect guns.
Thirty identical guns, 30 of the cheapest guns on the market, which just happen to be the most popular among young violent criminals? - She passed the background check.
- How did she pay for them? - Cash - Harold Her age isn't enough.
I'm not sure the volume of the sale is either.
Now, if there were a second sale If Judson sold to her again only a few months after she bought 30 guns, there's no way they think it's because she's a collector.
You wanna send her back in, this time on the record.
And tell her to buy another 30.
For her collection.
You were my friend.
There are things about this you can't possibly understand.
But I want to understand.
In fact, I insist.
I'll die before I talk.
Linda? Honey? I've been hunted like an animal.
What pushed you from me? - Go to hell.
- We need to stop.
- Reddington.
- It's me.
Whoever he is, he's still out there.
Answer me! Why? It's me! Ilya, it's me.
I know what I saw, Dembe.
- You're tired.
You should lie down.
- It's her.
I know it.
Why don't I get you something to eat? You know I'm not making this up.
I know what I saw.
Yes, he says he needs to speak with you.
Are we concerned? Of course.
But I think the public understands we can't be held responsible when violent individuals commit crimes with our weapons.
Comm check.
Everyone read me? I'm here.
Loud and clear.
We hear you.
We could use a visual.
Cameras up.
Anyone seeing what I'm seeing? It's Gordon Kemp himself, sweet-talking the press.
Let him.
One big fish at a time.
I've got eyes on Carly.
She's approaching now.
Excuse me.
Hey, I know you.
We've done business before.
No problem with the last sale, I hope.
No problem.
The opposite, actually.
I liked them so much, I was thinking I'd buy more.
Really? How many more? I was thinking another 30? I'm sorry.
Remind me your name.
Carly Ambers.
Are you okay? You don't look so well.
- He knows something's wrong.
- I'm fine.
He has to know she's not a bona fide collector.
She's a wreck.
You'd have to be blind not to see it.
The 30 you bought last time, that was for a personal collection? Yes.
I just wanna get more.
No worries.
We can do that.
Look, I've got the cash, if that's what you're worried about.
I need to get a little more information.
I can buy from someone else, you're not the only There's no reason to raise your voice.
- Can I grab you for a moment? - Heads up.
That's Kemp.
Stay with him.
Keen, adjust your position.
- What's going on? - Got a few red flags.
She bought 30 FineCals a few months ago.
Now she wants 30 more.
- We can't hear.
- They're too far from your mic.
mini-mart shooting just happened.
If she's passing them on to somebody else Unbelievable.
Did you catch that? Did he warn Kemp that this might be a straw purchase? I'm sorry.
It's so loud in here, I didn't hear all that.
- He heard.
- Damn right.
I didn't hear what you said.
I don't see an issue, she's a collector.
It's your job to run a background check, - and if she passes - I agree.
Just Kenny, make the sale.
I say we take them both.
We can't unless they know they're selling to a prohibited buyer.
Kemp doesn't wanna know.
- Agents Park, Ressler.
- Sounds like Kemp's the one driving this.
You pick up a gun manufacturer, better be ready for the heat that follows.
To hell with the heat.
I'm asking if you think Kemp's guilty.
- Yeah.
- Then take him.
But do it quietly.
Gordon Kemp.
Agents Keen and Ressler, FBI.
You're under arrest.
Come with us.
- Did you say FBI? - Keep your voice down.
I won't keep my voice down.
- FBI, it's a raid.
- They're undercover, posing as part of the crowd.
Got a search warrant? If not, you got no right to be here.
You're gonna be arrested for obstruction.
So back up.
Calm down.
No need for this.
They don't have a case.
Let's not let them provoke us into violence to justify attacking us and taking our guns.
We're not the lawbreakers.
They are.
We have you on video advocating a sale of 30 semiautomatics to a 24-year-old woman.
You had to know it was a straw purchase.
I had to know? You guys are agents, right? Not lawyers.
It has to bother you that a young woman like Sofia Salgado was murdered using one of your guns.
I feel terrible about Ms Salgado and every victim of gun violence killed by my weapons or any weapons.
I make guns.
I don't get to choose how people use them.
Nobody goes after the car makers when a driver intentionally runs someone down.
Is that your vision for the world? That we only care about people, about human life, when the law explicitly tells us we have to? I'm sorry, I thought I was with the FBI, not the Brady Campaign.
I'm a member of the NRA and I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but what you do, pouring more and more weapons into high-crime areas, that has nothing to do with keeping a well-regulated militia and everything to do with making a buck.
And I make more of it every time a shooting goes viral.
Not only am I not stopping, I'm ramping up production.
In fact, I just ordered shipment of 6000 FineCals from my factory in Atlanta to my distribution centre in Chicago.
We're done here.
Mr Kemp's attorney just secured a hearing on his arrest.
Is this a great country or what? You watch the cars.
All day, Raymond.
That's what he does.
He watches the cars.
I know what I saw, Raymond.
She's watching.
Nobody's watching, Frank.
This isn't happening.
Tell him.
There was no car when I came.
Ever since that woman broke into our apartment and dragged him off and tried to access his memories - Whatever they did to his - Linda, stop.
It's okay.
Things in our life were normal and quiet and ordinary before you came back.
I know the two of you share a past I can't even begin to imagine, but Frank and I had a life too.
Our life was good.
It's his life with you that's troubled.
- It isn't fair to blame Raymond.
- Listen to your wife.
You're sick, Frank.
Something is wrong.
And we need to get you help.
She's right.
You need help.
- There are people I know who can - Raymond.
You don't understand.
We need to do this on our own.
I'm sorry I ever dragged you into this.
I'm so sorry.
You did the right thing.
Too little, too late, I'm afraid.
I never should have involved him.
Let alone her.
The whole thing I'll be damned.
Good for you, Ilya.
There's someone in the driver's seat.
I wonder what the hell this means.
Thank you for joining us, Director Cooper.
Before making a record at open court, I thought it best to have a private conference.
- Your Honour - Not you.
I'm here to hear what he has to say.
I assume you knew this arrest would be controversial and yet you did it anyway.
I believe Mr Kemp knew Ms Ambers wasn't the actual buyer of those guns.
He conspired to sell them to someone prohibited from buying them.
My client had no way to know that.
You've seen the video, Carly Ambers is 24, a pawn being used by her boyfriend, a two-time felon.
- She was visibly nervous - Is that the legal standard now? Is my client supposed to assume customers who seem nervous are buying their weapons on behalf of criminals? She was paying in cash, a classic indication of an illegitimate purchase.
My client is a manufacturer, not a mind-reader.
Bottom line, Carly Ambers can pass a background check.
He's not obligated to investigate who her boyfriend is or anything else about her.
His arrest is all over the press, this is outrageous.
What's outrageous is Mr Kemp's disregard for reality.
Your Honour, you know what happened here.
Carly Ambers didn't wake up one morning and suddenly decide to collect 60 identical guns over the span of four months.
That is unreasonable to believe.
She doesn't own any other guns, she doesn't know anything about guns.
She's not required to own other guns.
Mr Kemp isn't obligated to test her knowledge.
The dealer knew there were red flags.
He warned Mr Kemp that she might be a straw purchaser.
It is not apparent what was said.
The audio's poor.
My client clearly didn't hear that warning.
It's for the jury to decide.
Well, I'm not even sure you'd get to a jury with the facts before me now.
Oh, okay.
I see what's going on here, you called us into chambers because Your Honour didn't want the public to see you toss a valid arrest warrant.
- Watch it.
- Watch what? We're off the record.
What are you afraid of, incurring the wrath of the gun lobby? I've heard enough.
All right.
Get out.
All of you.
I will review the evidence and let the parties know when I have my ruling.
We are on the record.
Let me be clear, it's not for this court to tell the FBI how to do its job or who to arrest, but I do note, however, that the U.
Attorney's Manual, FBI Handbook and Justice Department policy says that no prosecutor will bring a case he doesn't have a reasonable belief that he can win.
- We believe we can win.
- But you face an extremely high burden.
You need to prove that Mr Kemp knew, or he should have known, that he was actually selling those guns to a prohibited buyer.
And don't get me wrong, straw purchases, serious problem in this country.
There may be more than 30,000 attempted straw purchases every year, but the seriousness of the problem does not change the requirements for what the government needs to make its case.
Well, Ms Ambers' age, the volume of the purchases, they're facts that certainly give me pause, but are they enough to conclude that Mr Kemp and his associates committed a federal criminal offence? I think not.
I find the evidence insufficient to sustain the charges.
Therefore, in the interest of justice and judicial economy, this case is dismissed without prejudice.
- May I address the court? - You may not.
You have my ruling.
The matter is sealed and the defendant will be released.
We are adjourned.
Hey, I respect you for trying.
It's not about passing new laws, we should be doing more to enforce the laws we have.
Murderer! Selling the gun that killed her wasn't enough? Now you have to lie about her being a gang member? We don't make the facts That's assault.
Aren't you gonna arrest her? Get your client out of here.
Before someone does something even worse.
You heard Judge Borns dismissed the case against Kemp? Elizabeth brought me up to speed.
I assume she also mentioned Kemp's next shipment? - She did.
- I know Agent Keen's frustrated.
We all are.
- But the law says Kemp can ship those guns.
- How did Dickens put it? If the law says that, then the law's an ass.
I want your word that you won't interfere with that transport.
Frankly, the thought hadn't even occurred to me.
But now that you mention it, that sounds like a rather splendid idea.
Listen to me, I know we've looked the other way or even helped blur the lines from time to time in the interest ofjustice, but going after a legal shipment because you believe it deserves to be stopped is over the line.
And I won't allow it.
How are you going to do that? By sending me to my room without supper? By stopping you.
Heddie, I need you to reach out to Chuck and Morgan and some of the boys.
We have a job to do.
You're doing good! Straight.
You can't be serious.
You expect me to trust you? We understand your reservations, but the fact is the last time we met, we were just doing our jobs.
That's what we're doing now.
Informing you of a threat made to your next gun shipment.
What kind? The FBI has credible intelligence that your next transport from Atlanta to Chicago will be hit in transit.
- What kind of intelligence? - We're not at liberty to say.
You're not at liberty to I see what's going on.
You think you can scare me so I'll give you details of my shipment.
You can't stop me.
This way, you can track where the guns are going.
We're here as federal agents because your shipment is in jeopardy.
Personal feelings aside, we're here to assist you.
I have my own security.
If you refuse, we can get a court order.
Stop transit altogether.
On what grounds? Our intel makes transport on a public highway hazardous.
You can fight us, or you can accept our assistance.
What a waste of tax dollars.
So glad the Bureau could be of service.
What do you think? That's a bold plan.
You will need to keep your distance.
I'll hang out on the jet.
Edward's gonna make a run to this restaurant he loves, China Moonlight for some of that tea-smoked duck.
You should look at the menu.
If everything goes as planned, we'll be in and out by dusk and have dinner on the flight home.
- Are we ready? - Good to go.
I've got three routes mapped out.
And agents are on site.
Talk to me.
We're looking at three identical trucks.
Is this necessary? Unless you want your shipment hijacked, it is.
Can't you just protect the one with the guns? We roll all three.
Two haul empty containers, only one carries the guns.
Each truck will take a different route to Chicago and be led by an FBI vehicle with four armed agents.
Just let me know which one is real.
I'll tell my people to load it up.
I can track each route via satellite.
I need to know which one is real.
Keen, I want you chaperoning the real shipment.
Agents Park and Ressler will escort the decoys.
Perhaps Reddington will be more reticent about hijacking the vehicle you're with.
We have a problem, the task force is escorting the shipment.
Harold couldn't leave it alone.
- No matter.
We stay with the plan.
- There's more.
They're rolling three identical trucks.
We only prepared to stop one.
We'll have to guess and get lucky.
Lucky? There's no luck in Three-card Monte.
It's a sucker's game.
And we are the ones being hustled.
I don't play sucker's games and I don't like to guess.
I'll call you back.
- We're ready to roll out.
- Stand by for my command.
Checking CCTV feeds, confirming all routes are clear.
Not now.
- Elizabeth - Not a good time.
I know about Harold's decoys, I need to know which truck has the goods.
- Cameras are up.
- Agent Ressler, you have the all clear.
Let's load up.
- I can't talk.
- Then just listen.
Because while Harold may be dedicated to getting this shipment through, I am equally dedicated to stopping it.
Not for me or for the woman who lost her life to one of these guns, but for her mother.
Could you imagine your only child just about to go off to college, how proud she must have been? How proud Sam was when you got into the FBI Academy, - how proud you'll be? - I'm hanging up now.
Elizabeth, please.
Let me get these guns.
Hell, we'll sink the truck in a lake somewhere.
- Keen, you ready? - Copy that.
On your go.
I'm hanging up.
Keen, who are you talking to? Theoretically, one should assume Ressler would drive the shipment.
He's the most experienced field agent, the obvious choice.
- Which is why, perhaps, it won't be him.
- Keen? And Agent Park, she's new.
I don't know.
My hunch is Harold put the shipment with the badass in the bunch.
I think it may be you.
- Does your truck have the guns? - Keep a bumper lock on that truck.
- You two, eyes wide.
- Elizabeth, please.
Is that Reddington? Yes, and I'm explaining to him that we have a job to do.
You don't have to say a thing.
I'll count to 10, if it's not your truck, hang up before I get there.
But if it is your truck, stay on the line till after the count of 10.
- One, two - Tell Reddington, I'm sorry, - three - he's on the wrong side of history.
- four - If he thinks we'll bend the law - five, six - because of his opinion on this issue, - he's dead wrong.
- seven - All right.
Here we go.
- eight - nine - Understood? Ten.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
They're leaving now.
Okay, Agent Ressler, stay south on 21 toward Independence.
Copy that, Aram.
Agent Park, CCTV shows you're clear.
Though you wanna take the second exit.
- Confirm second exit.
- Affirmative.
Second exit.
- Stay on 65? - Yes, Agent Keen.
That is right.
Stay on State Road 65 for 12 miles.
Aram, we're on Talmadge approaching Younes, there's smoke on the horizon.
Do you show any hazards ahead? Smoke? Hang on.
There are no accidents reported in that area.
Don't stop.
I have to.
Road's blocked.
Driver, lock down the cab.
Do not exit the vehicle.
You three, watch for an ambush.
Heddie, what's happening? Hang tight, sugarplum.
They're approaching us right now.
- Officer, I'm with the FBI.
- Hands.
Cooper, it's a trap.
We've been hit.
It's a trap.
Heddie, what's happening? What's wrong? It's empty.
Truck's empty.
- We hit the wrong convoy.
- That can't be.
Babe, it is.
Thank you, Mr Reddington.
It was a pleasure doing business.
- Any problems? - No, none.
You lied to me.
When you told me I'd be carrying the guns, you knew you were sending them with Ressler.
- Yes.
- That whole conversation was fake.
Put on for my benefit so I'd think I had the guns.
- You don't trust me.
- I'm sorry, you're actually angry at me? You betrayed us.
You told Reddington which truck to hit.
I was right not to trust you.
You chose them over us, over your job.
Over the law.
Some laws deserve to be broken.
Not by you.
Not while you're carrying a badge.
You knew I would tell him? I thought you might and I couldn't take that chance.
I'm angry at you, Elizabeth.
And disappointed.
But most of all, I'm worried.
With Reddington, we blur the line so often it's sometimes hard to see.
For all of us.
What worries me is that at times it can be especially hard for you.
Because I have dark impulses.
And today you gave in to them.
So, what now? I just delivered 6000 guns to a man I believe to have no moral compass.
God knows how many people may die as a result.
Today was a terrible day.
And it might be more than I could handle if I thought you and I couldn't forgive each other.
So I was right.
You were.
- Where will you go? - I don't know yet.
Someplace far away.
Whoever it was, it wasn't her.
She's dead.
Because she did this to him.
I'll look into it.
We'll take care of this.
All you need to do is take care of yourself.
Stay safe.
Dembe, perfect timing.
- Here is the Scrabble and the Parcheesi.
- Thank you.
These are great.
Are you sure board games are the best tools for interrogation? You'd be surprised.
The real breakthrough actually happened during Oregon Trail.
And then there was such a great feeling of comfort and familiarity with Chutes and Ladders.
- A real sense of nostalgia.
- She tell you who hired her to watch Ilya? Not yet.
But I think you're gonna be very surprised with the level of detail we're going to get with Scrabble.
Okey-dokey, here we go.
Everything's accounted for.
Midwest shipments are going out now.
Thanks to the FBI, this should be our best quarter yet.
I'll see you in the morning.
Who are you? - What do you want? - I want you to come have a seat.
You know, for my entire professional life, I've been a fervent and faithful supporter of gun manufacturers.
These people take great pride in their history and exquisite craftsmanship.
The guns they make are the tools of my trade.
In the right hands, that's exactly what they are.
A proper tool.
For sport, protection order.
In the wrong hands, the hands you put your guns in they subvert order tearing communities apart ruining lives resulting in tragedy.
You're Raymond Reddington.
I've lost so many friends to gun violence.
Dear friends.
Not because of me, not because of anything I did.
Yes, yes.
Of course, you dot the I's and cross the T's.
And in your world, those rules protect you.
But in my world, there are no laws to hide behind.
You can act in bad faith, as long as you're willing to face the consequences.
What consequences? The wrath of men like me.
I object to what you're doing.
And I don't need to convince any court to agree with me.
In my world, if I think you're guilty I just execute sentence.
Please Please don't do this.
I heard someone else beg at the point of one of your guns.
She said please too.
And then she was murdered.
Now, I understand it can be hard to see tragedy for what it is until that tragedy befalls you or a loved one.
Well, I'm here to tell you it's happening to you.
About an hour ago, a violent criminal bought one of your FineCal 9s on the street for $100.
And now that criminal is going to shoot you with it.
It was Cooper.
He tricked me.
You seem put out by it.
Don't be.
Take it as a compliment.
That he doesn't trust me? That he knows you're a person of conviction and principle.
A lot of good my principle did.
Kemp got all of his guns.
He got his.
What'd you do? I acted on my conviction and principle.
Cooper says we blur the line between right and wrong so often we can't see it clearly anymore.
I know I can't.
I disagree, I find you increasingly clear-eyed.
I'm sorry that the task force had to take sides today.
But it meant a great deal to me to know you were on mine.
Excuse me.
Any news? The woman in the blue Malibu.
She's a private eye, Raymond.
Hired to learn what she can about Ilya.
It was Elizabeth.
She hired her.
She knows you're not Ilya and she's been keeping it from you.
I understand.
Is everything all right? To being on the same side.
At long last.

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