The Blacklist s07e19 Episode Script

The Kazanjian Brothers

Previously on "The Blacklist" You know his identity.
I do.
I know you're Ilya.
- Who told you this? - Dom.
It worked.
Hello, Ilya.
Been a long time.
My nanny.
You put your granddaughter in harm's way.
You lied your way into my life.
Maddy Tolliver, your new neighbor.
You shot your father.
You've caused pain and suffering for everyone I've ever cared about.
Give me one good reason I shouldn't end this right now.
You already know the reason, Masha.
I'm your mother.
She told me you lied to me about who Reddington is.
It's over.
She's dead.
Gunned down in the street less than an hour ago.
- Raymond! - I think we need to look at this event as a wake-up call, Raymond.
Maybe you can get him to listen to reason.
His life depends on it.
- Where are you now? - On my way to you.
Where are you specifically? New York.
But I'll be there.
You haven't left? Are you insane? Even I'm hearing about people who want to put bullets in your back.
If you want my services, you get to D.
and now.
, I know.
The chess shop.
I'll be there at 9:00 tonight.
You'll never clear the airport.
I'm not going through the airport.
I contracted transport.
Just be ready.
Passports, new names everything we talked about.
No, wait, please! Mr.
Merwin, what's going on? NYPD! Drop your weapons! Mr.
Merwin, what's happening? Mr.
Merwin? Mr.
Merwin, hello? Talk to me.
What the hell is going on? 9:00 tonight, the chess shop.
Just be there.
No phones.
No talking.
What's in the briefcase? Protection.
From my clients.
It's what's keeping me alive.
Well, now you have us.
What would I even say to you if I could? I don't care who Reddington is, his secret the one you lied to me about.
But the people who've died to keep the secret Tom, Mr.
Kaplan I did care about them.
I loved them.
And when they died, a part of me died with them.
A good part here, a kind part there.
Until, after seven years, I'm not sure what parts are left.
That's what Elizabeth Keen was going to say to her grandfather.
But she didn't get the chance to because, like all of you Our lives were put on hold because of the coronavirus.
Back in March, we shut down production halfway through filming this episode.
I remember I was wearing gloves between takes, and then right before we yelled "action," I would take them off.
Things were getting scary.
And, eventually, we finally did shut down.
The entire city shut down.
But I thought it might be for a few weeks, a month, even.
We might finish the episode.
And then it soon came to our attention that we weren't coming back at all.
But, since then, with the help of people working remotely from their homes in cities All the way from Los Angeles to London, using our imaginations We've been able to complete the episode, an unusual solution for a trying time.
Keep your distance.
Only go out when you have to.
And, um, make sure you tell those that you love, you love them.
I love you.
I know I speak for everyone on the show when I tell you that we hope that you are healthy and safe.
And we hope that we get to see you on the other side of this very soon.
So, I can't wait to see it.
I can't wait to see what is now the season finale of season seven.
And now back to Agent Keen, as she imagines Telling her grandfather that I feel like a series of lights have been turned off and I'm standing at the edge of this darkness and that if I take one step closer to it, if I lose one more good part of me, I'll be transformed.
Your grandfather is doing better.
Please, tell me.
We've been reducing the sedation and monitoring his brain activity.
Serial EEGs show the seizures are decreasing.
His body is starting to regulate the flow of oxygen on its own.
If you and Mr.
Reddington approve, I'd like to suggest we try and bring him out of the coma.
- You think it's time? - I think we need to be cautious, but there's a chance we could have him talking soon.
That would be nice.
Wouldn't it? - Talk to me.
- Whoa.
Yesterday, you were outside my house.
The day before, you were outside my daughter's school.
You're following me for her.
Take me to her.
Come on.
- Dom is off-limits.
- Thank you, Simms.
Did you hear me? Stay away from him.
And stop following me.
You gave me your orders.
Now I'll give you mine.
Don't pick Dom over me.
- Knowing what he did - What he did? - You put him in a coma.
- Because he stole my life.
He trained me, and then he betrayed me.
I want my life back.
He won't give it to me.
After Koslov, the interrogation, - when you went away - I went in search of answers, and I found some why the Townsend Directive is after me.
Tell me.
Are you on my side? I'm your daughter.
But are you on my side? You know, you say you want answers.
Well, so do I.
When you're ready to tell me yours, let me know.
Until then, we've got nothing to talk about.
And stop following me.
Do you think she knows? That her beloved mother is alive? I'd have to say yes.
Which may mean she has taken Elizabeth into her confidence.
Which means Elizabeth cannot be in yours.
- Are you all right? - It's a beautiful day.
You and I are playing well with each other.
And I have a case for you.
What do you know about the killings this morning in New York? I know four people were left dead, including two cops.
New York Field Office says it was a botched hit.
On an accountant for criminals.
He survived and escaped.
- The accountant? - His name is Frank Merwin.
You want us to find an accountant? No.
I want you to find the men who facilitated the accountant's escape the Kazanjian brothers.
They provide security to criminals.
They're ruthless and entirely indifferent to the carnage they leave behind.
Even the whisper of a contract with the Kazanjians can deter those with a vested interest from attempting to intervene.
And you're interested in these criminal escorts because? Because apprehending the Kazanjian brothers will take two bloodthirsty killers off the streets while pointing the FBI to the last-known whereabouts of any number of wanted fugitives.
That's why the Task Force should take the case, not why you're giving it to us.
The Kazanjian brothers Would you care to hear more? Pasha and Nshan Kazanjian.
Conceived and born in prison, the only children of a female inmate held at the infamous Perm-36 labor camp.
Taken from their mother and placed in a state-run orphanage but raised on the street.
Today, they make their living as muscle for hire.
Muscle Like they're what, bodyguards for bad guys? Yes.
Only these bodyguards kill to protect their clients.
A missing Indian crime boss, an exiled Thai politician, an accountant who hides millions for criminals all contracted by the Kazanjian brothers.
According to Reddington, the bloodshed in New York this morning was in service of protecting their newest client Frank Merwin.
Merwin is an MIT graduate with degrees in quantitative economics and financial mathematics.
He's a forensic accountant who moves money for criminals and criminal syndicates around the world.
Merwin's on the Bureau's radar, but we've never made the case.
- So why hire the Kazanjians? - Maybe somebody doesn't like the way he's been cooking their books.
Reddington says Merwin is about to go underground, but if we get him first, he can lead us to the brothers.
We have a lead.
Billing address is a PO box in Logan Circle, but last-known residence is in Jarrettsville.
- Family? - Ex-wife.
One daughter.
Ressler, Park, talk to the wife.
See what she knows.
Keen, Aram, pull Merwin's financials.
See if we can find out whose money this guy's hiding.
I need to ask you something.
- About what? - Her.
Your mother had you followed? Why? To get the answers she couldn't by abducting Dembe's imam.
- Can you confirm that? - She told me she did it.
She told you? I made the tail, had him take me to her.
If you know where she is, Keen, you got to tell Cooper.
He'll have her arrested.
Yeah, that's generally what the FBI does to killers.
If I turn her in, Reddington will get to her.
She's a wanted fugitive.
And so is he.
Yeah, but he's got immunity.
- Have you found him? Is he okay? - We don't know.
We were hoping you could tell us.
I-I mean, yes, but we're recently separated.
I have no idea where he is.
I haven't spoken to him in nearly two weeks.
Last I knew, Frank was traveling for work.
- But you knew he was in trouble.
- He's an accountant.
For criminals.
We all know that.
And because of his work, he's in danger.
The sooner you are honest with us, the sooner we can try to bring him home.
- He said he'd taken money.
- From a client.
He said he needed to leave, and that was over a week ago.
Has his client reached out to you, tried to make contact? No.
I don't know about his work.
He doesn't exactly tell me details.
- Hey, kiddo, it's me.
- Where are you, Daddy? I'm I'm out of town, sweetheart.
When are you coming back? Um, I don't know.
- But it's gonna be a while.
- Before my birthday? Sweetheart, I don't know when I'll get to see you next.
But I need you to know I love you very, very much.
- Give me the phone.
- No, please.
- My girl - Now.
- Mom? - Oh, honey, what's wrong? It's Daddy.
I talked to him.
I'm gonna need to see your phone.
Guys, I got it, a trace on the call that came into Pearl Merwin's cellphone.
- Any idea where the call came from? - A landline in Manassas the Whitmore Hotel.
All right, alert hotel security and local PD.
Tell them we're on our way.
What if he gave us this case just so the Task Force would find her for him? Because he knows you won't.
He doesn't know she and I are talking.
And she doesn't know that he might've given us a case that could lead him to her.
Which puts you right in the middle.
The last place I want to be.
Well, we gotta chase down this lead.
I know.
I'm just afraid of what we might find when we do.
- Birch.
- It's me.
- It's Merwin.
- What's going on? That New York incident is all over the news.
I need to move things up.
I can be there by 6:00.
6:00? No.
I said 9:00.
I know what you said, but there's been a change of plans.
I spoke to my daughter.
The feds were at my house.
- They know.
- Fine.
Agents Ressler and Keen FBI.
Kathy Guard.
We spoke on the phone.
I printed a list of all our guests.
Frank Merwin wasn't one of them.
He look familiar? No, I What did he do? Hey, you got a problem.
You got feds in the lobby asking questions.
- Hey, what's going on? - We're done here.
Time to leave.
Let's go.
Hey, who were you talking to? I asked you a question.
My wife.
Why? Are you staying at this hotel? Sir, answer my question.
Krupin's a guest.
He has a block of six rooms upstairs.
Upstairs where? Where? They'll kill you both.
They'll kill all of us! - Keen, you got a visual? - Nothing yet.
Get more units here right now.
Ressler? It's clear.
They're gone.
Put your weapons down.
Let her go.
Toss your guns.
Throw them, or I shoot the woman.
I said toss the guns, or I kill her.
- Put it down.
- Put the gun down.
Put the gun down right now! Katarina Rostova.
Know her? Maddy Tolliver? The Townsend Directive? Oh! Hold on.
You need to hold on.
I need an ambulance.
Female gunshot victim.
2424 Salem.
You, come here now.
Yes, the Whitmore, 2424 Salem.
I want you to go to your room, get towels, put pressure on her stomach.
So this is about my mother.
He didn't tell you he knows is her? He didn't say he knows, but he still told me.
With a look.
I'm telling you, they know her.
I was right to suspect there's a connection.
Reddington's using us to get the Kazanjians so he can get to her.
Found this broken phone in the stairwell.
Can I see your lost and found? Sure.
Last call was made just before we arrived.
- An SOS.
- Or a warning.
Either way, it was a call to someone he trusted.
Get Aram to run a trace.
- Who are you calling? - Reddington.
It's time to get out of the middle.
- Hey.
We need to meet.
- I'm on my way to the restaurant.
- I'll get there as soon as I can.
- With a break in the case? - That depends.
- On what? On how well you answer some questions.
Does Elizabeth have a lead? I fear she has a suspicion.
He was at the hotel with the Kazanjian brothers.
They paid him to rent the rooms.
He doesn't know anything more.
But we were able to ID the Kazanjians off hotel surveillance.
Have these been circulated? To local and state police, every airport, bus, and train station.
- They're not getting out.
- Why come in? The man they're protecting is from Maryland.
Why come here? What are they looking for, or who? Any news on the shooting victim from the hotel? Shot through the kidney.
She's in surgery.
Keen and Ressler Have they found anything at the scene? A lead? Uh, yes.
Well, that is, I think so.
- Talk to me.
- It's, uh - Well, you know.
- No, Aram, I don't.
If I did, I wouldn't be asking you, would I? No.
The thing is, is, uh, m-maybe I should tell Mr.
Cooper first.
This isn't happening.
The name, Aram.
What's the name? Stanley Birch.
Stanley Birch.
I need you to pay him a visit.
Stanley Birch.
- He runs a chess shop in Adams Morgan.
- Or fronts one.
The Kazanjians aren't taking Merwin there to buy a chess set.
Roll out.
If Birch has a record, I'll have it pulled - by the time you get there.
- Uh, sir, I, uh, I may have told Mr.
Reddington about Birch.
And what possessed you to do that? Uh, a desire to, you know, uh, live? Get there.
In the back.
Just him.
I thought we had a deal.
We do, but we don't.
Dembe, thank Raymond for the tip.
I'm in his debt.
Let's go.
Who are you? Let's go.
Sorry it took so long, but there's nowhere to park, and, apparently, the owner is too cheap to hire a valet.
If we had a valet, you'd walk right in.
Without one, you park far away, and by the time you get here, you've worked up an appetite.
Admit it, you're a little hungry.
I am.
For the truth.
Any chance that's on the menu? Specialty of the house.
I'm never dishonest, only withholding.
I know you gave us the Kazanjian brothers to find Maddy Tolliver.
I know you think she's alive.
And I know you know I'm not Ilya Koslov.
I'm past caring who you are.
Really? Then why hire a private investigator to prove it? We have a lead on the Kazanjians.
Stanley Birch The number from the hotel, - it belongs to him.
- How do you know that? We go back a ways.
Stanley could make a black bear disappear in a snow bank.
Whoever is after Merwin, they'll never find him.
- Aram told you.
- Sensing you wouldn't bring the Kazanjian brothers to me, I had to make alternate arrangements.
You sent Dembe.
He won't get there before Park.
- Back's clear.
No sign of Birch.
- We missed them.
Have a local PD set a perimeter.
I gave you the case to find Maddy Tolliver.
I think she's alive, and I think she means us all harm you, Agnes, me, Dom, Dembe, his imam.
- Why? - What difference does it make? Does she have a reason to harm us? Did you give her a reason? I'm sorry, are you upset with me? Yes, I am upset with you.
All of this is because of whatever it is you did to her.
- Don't put this on me.
- We're only here because of you.
- That's not t - Whatever you did, whatever happened between the two of you - has put all of us in this situation.
- Please.
- Please.
Please, don't raise your - You withhold information.
- You won't answer my questions.
- It's not I-I don't Yeah, you've never heard -You won't tell me the truth.
Me raise my voice.
But I'm trying to tell you, this is not my fault.
Do you understand? This is not my f It's not It's not my It's It's not It's not What is it? What's happening? Reddington, can you hear me? Is he all right? Reddington, can you hear me? Reddington, can you hear me? Someone should call 911.
I need a car.
We come by bus.
Are you still having me followed? Get in.
The building where you found me this morning, we need to get him there now.
- Now you're following me, too? - Simms, me, both of us, others.
- It's a team effort.
- That doesn't make it okay.
You know I didn't have to help.
Take Fullerton.
It's faster.
So why did you help? Because he's important to you and because he was once important to me.
I don't want him to die.
No, no, no, no, no, no, it's it's okay.
Y-You don't Uh, we're getting you help.
You nearly bled him to death.
For a truth that could save my life.
You know I have no idea what's wrong with him a tumor, cancer.
I see him every day, and I haven't got a clue.
You two, the truths you won't share, the secrets you keep, I'm tired of it, of being caught in the middle.
Do you know what the Sikorsky Archive is? Don't start, not unless you're willing to go all the way.
- It's a blackmail file.
- I'm serious.
I'd rather hear no truth than a half-truth.
It has compromising information on very powerful people.
I've been accused of stealing it.
He knows I didn't.
I think he knows who did.
Which you want him to tell you.
That's the truth you're looking for? This Archive? There's a bounty on my head.
And there will be until I'm dead or I can prove I don't have the Archive.
- Does he know that? - Of course.
And he still won't say.
Can't you go any faster? I didn't think you were caught in the middle, not after you saved my life.
It's complicated.
Seems simple to me.
I'm trying to save his life, even though he won't lift a finger to help save mine.
If I had a brother, I would do anything for him.
You can make it stop by telling me where she is.
Does Townsend know that you faked Katarina's death? No, he does not.
So he didn't send you.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
But I know someone who does.
We faked her death for a cut of Townsend's bounty.
We got our piece, but we still owe hers.
We're supposed to pay it through an intermediary Wayne Otte.
We pay him, he pays her.
Which means he knows where she is.
Make it stop.
Soundtrack to "Skloni Hala Chalya.
" Russian horror flick.
It's no "Gunga Din," but the screams? Like 102 minutes of my Uncle Saul passing a stone the size of a Torah scroll.
I don't understand.
My brother.
Hello? What? When? I'm on my way.
Set a meeting with Otte.
I want to know the where and the when.
Or the next time your brother screams will be for real.
I'm back.
And I brought you company.
And questions more questions.
More secrets.
The weaning is going well.
He could be up and around in no time.
So he's really on the mend.
That's great.
- What about Reddington? - We did an MRI.
He had a cerebral edema, which we treated with Sorry, I didn't mean what are his symptoms.
I meant, what's the cause? What's wrong with him? I, uh, can't say.
Because he told you not to? I've had the most interesting headache.
Colors and images.
An acid trip but with pain.
I'm glad you can joke about it.
It terrified me.
Thank you for getting me here.
I had help.
Did you? We were talking about her.
You were yelling at me about her, and then you collapsed.
She's a threat.
Or she was.
- Was? - Wayne Otte.
He knows how to find her, and I know how to find him.
Because Dembe got to the Kazanjians first.
I should rest.
It'll be over soon.
I promise.
It's for the best.
That was a risk.
I need to know where Elizabeth stands.
So I put bait on the hook.
And if she bites? Then I know she stands against me.
Take the win, Harold.
You tasked us to find the Kazanjians.
- We didn't.
- No.
I did.
And Stanley Birch is gone.
That's not a win.
I'm not even sure it's a pyrrhic victory.
Frank Merwin has information on hundreds of high-value clients.
He's keeping it in a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist as an insurance policy.
Find Merwin, and you find his clients' secrets.
And the Kazanjians? Frank Merwin.
The Black Oak helipad in Loudoun County.
You don't want to talk about it.
Then listen.
I've spoken with Elizabeth.
I know you're using the Kazanjians to get to Maddy Tolliver.
I know she's alive, and I know she's Agent Keen's mother.
I am also all but certain that when you do get to her, you intend on killing her.
And that, to be completely clear, is a non-starter.
I'm serious.
You can't touch her mother.
And I won't.
You have my word.
Then what are you going to do to her? The Black Oak helipad.
As one of my favorite people likes to say, get there, now.
Why would he tell me about Wayne Otte? Why let me know that he could get to my mother? Either because he trusts that you wouldn't do anything to stop him or because he knows you can't.
But I can stop him, and I think he knows it.
I can pick up the phone and warn her off, tell her not to send Otte.
Forget about what he knows or he doesn't know.
What you know is this You call her, and she lives.
You don't, she dies.
I need you two in Loudoun County with Park.
She has the details on Frank Merwin.
You spoke to Reddington? I did and told him your mother was off-limits.
He assured me that he understood.
- He always says that.
- Do you believe him? I don't know who to believe or what to do.
You went to Reddington to find your footing, to get out of the middle.
Then he collapses, and she saves him.
- What's your point? - Well, my point is that you got to decide between the two of them, and I'm just wondering, does the fact that she rescued him tip the scales any? Okay, I have to confess, you completely fooled me.
I mean, I thought she was dead as a beaver hat, with the gunshots and dragging her off and convincing Townsend.
To be honest, it didn't even occur to me the whole thing was an act for me.
And what did I do? I bit like a bass on a top-water lure.
It was clever.
I mean, really clever, guys.
If I don't end up killing the two of you, you should maybe consider the stage.
Everyone loves a brother act.
The Kazanjian Brothers so vaudevillian.
We set the meeting with Otte.
What else do you want? - I want him to show.
- I told you, we set the meeting.
You're not the variable I'm worried about.
Raymond, it's time.
I can feel it.
She's not with me.
- We're heading out.
- On my way.
He's on to you.
- Elizabeth.
- Reddington knows.
About you, the Kazanjians.
- Okay, back up.
- Let's go.
Uh, it's Agnes.
She fell at school.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah, she's fine.
It's just I think she's scared.
You go.
Take care of it.
Ressler and I can cover.
He gave us a case, which led him to the Kazanjians, and, I don't know, he must have threatened them or something, but they admitted that they were delivering a payment that was meant for you to someone named Wayne Otte.
Reddington knows about Otte? A fact he normally would keep to himself, but he didn't.
He's testing me us.
He wants to know if I'm helping you.
And if Otte doesn't show, he knows you are.
Which I don't care about.
All I care about is that if Otte does show, Reddington will use him to get to you.
I got to go, but you got to call it off.
Otte cannot meet with Reddington.
- Hello? - Where are you? On my way to the Kazanjians.
Why? We may have a situation.
Hello, Mr.
This is Birch.
We need to move swiftly, as time is working against us.
I have a car on its way to you now.
Inside, you will find all your necessary documents and cash for your travels.
The car will take you to my custodian, who will see that you make it to your transport.
Our pilot will escort you to Dulles.
From there, a jet will take you to Caracas and on to Madrid.
Box 724 at Banco Chamberi has keys to the apartment on Calle de Velazquez.
Again, we must move quickly, as the dibbles are closing in fast.
To the best of our knowledge, the property doubles as a safe house.
Anticipate cameras and armed security.
Alpha Team, we approach from the south here and here.
Bravo enters from the north here, here, and here.
There you will find all necessary financials, along with the dossier on your education, work, travel histories, and family life.
Safe travels, and best of luck, Mr.
Our driver will take you to the tarmac.
Edward will have you airborne in a matter of minutes.
Thank you, Dembe.
Bravo Team, we've got a visual on the chopper.
It's got to be his exfil.
We move now.
Go, go, go! - Clear.
We have location confirmed.
- Move, move! - Stop! FBI! - Hold it! Turn around, put your hands in the air! - Hands! - Stop! Stop moving.
- Hey, let me see hands! - Get on the ground! I said, get down! What's in the briefcase? Put the briefcase down.
I'm not gonna minimize how serious this latest incident was or that it's your second one this month.
But adjusting the meds should take care of the tremors.
Other than that, my prescription is rest.
And honesty.
Are you my doctor or my conscience? Liz asked about your condition.
I think it's unhealthy to keep it secret from the people who care about you.
In my position, it's not easy to know who cares and who wants to cut your throat.
Tell me.
Raymond, he showed.
Otte He's here.
She didn't warn him off.
You have the account number? She wants 75 grand to go to the first account.
The balance goes to the second.
You underestimated Elizabeth.
She's on your side after all.
There's no point in staying silent.
Our agents are reviewing the documents we recovered as we speak.
We'll make the case against you.
In that case, I'm not sure what you're so worried about.
We're not worried.
We just want to let you know that we're gonna put you behind bars for as long as possible.
If you cooperate, that could change.
Do either of you think I'm really worried about your case? - You're going to prison, Frank.
- For a while.
I'll get a few years.
Good behavior, early parole, but soon enough I'll be out, you know why? Because I'm very, very good in what I do.
And yet you're here with us.
The only way you'll be able to link me to any criminal wrongdoings is through any shred of financial data you may recover.
But what you don't seem to understand is that I move money for incredibly powerful people.
Yes, some are cartels and hit men and white-collar criminals.
Who want you dead because you stole from them.
But I also represent corrupt cops, dirty politicians, judges for sale.
All these people want to protect me, not because they care about me, because they care about themselves.
I think we're done here.
Yes, I agree.
But remember, I know you feds aren't all as squeaky clean as you want the world to believe.
What's that supposed to mean? Probably nothing for either of you.
You're by the book, aboveboard.
I'm sure there's no way my arrest can implicate either of you.
So, yes.
Yes? Yes.
We're finished here.
Otte gave you an account number? Two, actually.
Of her share of the bounty, $75,000 was transferred to the first account.
The rest went to her personally at the second number.
So she's paying someone.
- Otte didn't know who.
- And the Kazanjian brothers? Chuck and Morgan took them for a drive.
Elizabeth, I have a lead.
You do? Tell me what happened.
Otte happened.
Otte? He showed? You sound surprised.
No, I'm just Was he helpful? Tell me about Merwin.
He refuses to cooperate.
Otte Was he helpful? Yes.
Thanks to you.
I didn't do anything.
No, but you could have.
To be honest, I thought you would call her, take her side.
But you didn't.
You took mine.
Well, I How you feeling? Happy as a seagull with a french fry.
I don't understand.
I warned you.
- Yes.
- I told you Reddington knew about Otte - and to call off the meeting.
- You want to know why I didn't.
No, I want you to know what happened because you didn't.
Otte gave Reddington a way to find you.
- I'm sure he did.
- Because you let him.
Which I did because I'm sure you were right.
It was a test.
To see if you were really in the middle.
If I'd warned Otte off, Raymond would know that you weren't.
Sure, Otte gave him intel on how to find me, but I know that and can defend against it.
But what Raymond doesn't know is that you're not in the middle.
Are you? I'm on your side.
And he can't defend against that.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Everything's good.
Doctors say you're gonna wake up soon.
When you do, I need you to know the person who did this to you, my mother, I'm on her side now.
I'm committed to helping her find the truth she's looking for.
Anyone who is in her way is in my way.
That includes you.
And that includes Reddington.
It's strange.
I was afraid earlier of that darkness I was telling you about.
I've always feared it.
Ever since Reddington entered my life, I've worried that his darkness might somehow overtake me, that it might just swallow me whole.
But now that I'm here, I'm not afraid.
In fact, I embrace this part of me and wherever it takes us on our way to the truth.
You and me and Reddington, I'm at peace with that.
I embrace that.
I consider it my destiny.
Mother, it's me.
I'm ready.
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