The Blacklist s08e01 Episode Script


1 [upbeat jazz music playing.]
[cell phone ringing.]
Hello? What? I'll be right there.
[elevator dings.]
- Excuse me, sir.
Your business? - Hotel Medical Services.
We received a call from a guest with nausea and vomiting.
We've got a defendant under house arrest.
We have orders to monitor the floor.
This guest is a UN investigator who thinks he may have been exposed to nuclear materials.
[knocking on door.]
[door closes.]
Hello? Oh, my God.
He's on fire.
This guy's prodromal.
- So, you're saying he was exposed? - He needs a hospital.
[elevator dings.]
Agonal respirations.
Thready pulse.
You're gonna need to ventilate.
- You coming? - It's contagious, right? Yeah, like the giggles, if the giggles could kill you.
We're in.
[woman moaning on TV.]
What the? - Who are you? - I'm here to get you out.
Who sent you? Coates? Bryson? We need to go now.
I hope you're not afraid of heights.
Step in.
So the feds won't know we removed your ankle monitor.
So, how do we get past the cops? [elevator dings.]
No one goes in or out of this room until it's decontaminated.
Got it? [chuckles.]
Hey! Hey! [suspenseful music playing.]
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Stop right there.
- [Raymond.]
When did it happen? - Over two hours ago.
Two hours? I didn't want to call till I knew the news was good.
It's good.
- How good? - It's safe to say he's back to his same old chipper self.
Hello, Dom.
You've been outflanked.
Katarina's been surprisingly formidable.
Like France guarding the Maginot Line during the Blitzkrieg.
She still hasn't found what she's after.
She captured and nearly killed you.
She put me in a coma.
Anything else? Or on the seventh day did she rest? - You should rest.
- So, there is more.
The seizures are gone, but the doctor says keeping it that way requires you to be calm and rested.
It's Masha now, isn't it? [dramatic music playing.]
She knows I'm not Ilya.
So, she knows I lied to her.
Elizabeth is here.
We want the same thing.
With her help, we'll get it.
I want Masha's trust.
I had it.
Thanks to you, I don't have it anymore.
How's the patient? Tired.
He just needs more rest.
We have a case to discuss.
Roanoke? [Raymond.]
He makes people disappear, - like Maddy Tolliver.
- Is that what her banker told you? She contracted him? [Raymond.]
At her instruction, the banker wired money to a Philadelphia account controlled by Roanoke.
Your tremors are gone.
They are.
But not the underlying condition.
I need you to focus on Roanoke, not on me.
Can you do that? General Kony gave combat-ready troops the slip in Uganda.
Achemez Gochiyayev killed 293 people in the apartment bombings that triggered the Second Chechen War and then was never seen again.
Both vanished, escaped capture, with the assistance of a man who calls himself Roanoke.
Like the Lost Colony that mysteriously vanished? Cute.
Do we have a name? We don't know his name or location or even if he's still alive.
Reddington says Roanoke was thought to be dead or captured, but a recent extraction in Pennsylvania proves otherwise.
We believe this is Roanoke.
I know this guy.
He was arrested after 9/11 for getting al Qaeda loyalists out of the country.
- If he's in our system, we have an ID.
- [Liz.]
We have his prints, his DNA.
We know he has a distinctive scar on his right cheek.
What we don't have is a name.
The authorities at Qincheng Prison got a series of aliases but nothing authentic before he escaped.
He escaped Qincheng? Tell us about the extraction in Pennsylvania.
Lev Pasternak, Russian oligarch.
Disappeared from a Philadelphia hotel room where he was on house arrest, pending trial for murder.
Let's get a team to look for him.
You should know the reason Reddington gave us this case is because the next person Roanoke is supposed to disappear is Maddy Tolliver.
What? Uh - I thought she was dead.
- Yeah, no, she's not.
Why didn't you tell us? [Liz.]
Because she's also not Maddy Tolliver.
She's my mother.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, uh, hang on a second.
The woman from across the hall is your That means you got to spend time with your mom, after all these years.
She was pretending to be someone else and trying to kill people you care about, but still, that must have been, you know, uh, meaningful? [Park.]
Does Reddington understand he's asking you to capture your mother? And if you do, she might get the death penalty? Yeah, I think he does.
- And so do I.
- Really? Because Park's right.
Your mother's life may hang in the balance.
And if we do this, your allegiance has to be to us, not her.
Can you promise me that? Yes.
I can.
Okay, then.
Roll out.
- How could you tell him that? - Because it's the truth.
You're not gonna tell your mother we're hunting her down? I don't have to.
She knows.
- How? Who told her? - She had the chance to keep Reddington from meeting her banker.
She didn't take it.
Why would she do that? I have absolutely no idea.
Because it makes her easier to be found.
Who was the mastermind behind getting me out? Roanoke.
Whoever that is, I'm gonna make him filthy rich.
The only reward he wants is for you to stand right there.
Okay, sure.
What happens right here? Oh, no.
I noticed it too late.
Two EMTs went in, three came out.
By the time I got down there, Pasternak was in the ambulance.
- [Ressler.]
Can you ID the guys? - ID them? I thought I shot them.
You didn't shoot anyone.
Maybe you missed.
But I did two tours in Afghanistan as a sniper.
I don't miss.
Aram just sent this over from the hotel security feeds.
- Ballistic glass.
- And armor plated.
Look how low it rides.
An armor-plated ambulance.
I told you I don't miss.
Whoever did the retrofit did it for Roanoke.
- Could be he knows how to find him.
- I'll text the man in the hat.
If anyone knows who makes armor-plated ambulances, it's him.
[blender whirring.]
What is the meaning of this? Who do you think you are? Fun fact: Li Qing Yuen ate wolfberries every day of his life and was said to have lived to the ripe old age of 256, from 1677 to 1933.
Imagine! He could have had dinner with both Newton and Einstein.
Separately, of course.
Elizabeth texted something about a custom armor-plate job? Give her Eduardo's number and tell her she may need to incentivize dear Eddie to get him to talk.
To immortality.
[ominous music playing.]
[Raymond sighs.]
My associate spoke to the doorman on his way into your building.
And the doorman said a downstairs apartment recently sold for 4-6.
There's another on the market, but I doubt the board will approve your application.
I'm surprised they approved yours.
Or did you fail to mention your role in helping Roanoke escape captivity? I suppose a lot of Park Avenue apartments are owned by your countrymen, but I doubt any of them used to be superintendent of a Chinese prison.
What do you want? What do I want? Years ago, I was in a taxi on my way to a rendezvous in Kowloon City.
This must have been around '98, '99.
They'd just closed Kai Tak Airport, and everything was going in and out of the big, brand-new Hong Kong International.
The place was "gigundous.
" Largest passenger terminal in the world at the time.
I'd come in on a cargo flight, and it was absolute madness over there.
My ground transport had gotten screwed up, so I grabbed a taxi.
I was running about an hour late and was a little out of sorts, so I'm sure I put the driver on edge, although he seemed pretty unflappable and he had a hell of a heavy foot.
Anyway, we're doing our best.
Traffic is terrible.
The guy is bobbing and weaving, and I'm trying to relax with one eye on the clock.
Meanwhile, Jerzy's been sitting at the Lucky Duck for 45 minutes, so, given his usual 15 minutes a drink, Jerzy's just finished his third gin and tonic, with a fourth on the way.
Now, I think the world and all of Jerzy, but at his best, he's a bit stroppy.
And after four or five G and T's, he's starting to look around for someone to mess with.
So, I'm feeling a little vulnerable.
I'm looking out the window.
We're stopped at a light.
And all of a sudden, right there in the middle of the intersection is this scrawny little cat, a kitten, really, crying, meowing, scared to death.
And traffic everywhere, I mean everywhere.
Four lanes.
And I just And then the cat looked at me stopped crying, closed its mouth, blinked and just stared at me.
Like Like it knew me.
It took a couple of steps forward.
I started to open the door and, whoom, the taxi took off.
And there we went.
And there went the cat.
Jerzy was fine.
But he was fine.
What do I want? I want that cat.
And Roanoke.
I wish I could help, but he didn't say where he was going.
- A name, then.
- I don't know his name.
The name you provided him with.
The passport, the driver's license.
I want that name and the cat.
Santiago Vega.
A name he may or may not be using.
- You don't know where he is? - Not yet but I will.
Heddie, I need you to reach out to your contacts at the IRS.
Dig into his financials, see if you can help us track this guy down.
All right.
I'll talk to my people and circle back.
Even if he's using an alias, sooner or later, the IRS is gonna find him.
Like Joe Louis to Billy Conn, "You can run, but you can't hide.
" The Brown Bomber.
I look for him in my dreams every night.
Don't worry, Raymond.
I'm on it.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Eduardo Martinez? Can I help you? Agents Ressler, Keen, FBI.
We're looking for a man who customized an ambulance.
- I'd have to check my records.
- That's a heavy door.
Armor-plated? Yes.
A custom job for a Thai executive.
The ambulance we're talking about was armor-plated.
Like I said, I have to check.
You do that.
And we will, too.
Make sure all your, uh, work visas are in order.
- Hey, I pay my taxes.
- And you employ a lot of people.
We don't want to mess with that.
And we won't, if you tell us who hired you to armor-plate that ambulance and where to find him.
There's a warehouse, 3rd and Windham.
Plans for the hotel where they took Pasternak.
Roanoke was definitely here.
Which means we're one step closer to finding him and Reddington's one step closer to finding my mother.
You said she wanted her banker to tell Reddington about Roanoke.
Okay, but how did she know Red was meeting with her banker? Who tipped her off? It was you, wasn't it? Yeah, I warned her.
She ignored your warning.
Why would she do that? [Liz.]
I don't know.
So, you have picked a side.
- Over his, yeah.
- And over ours.
What do you mean? You told Cooper that we have your allegiance.
Do we? Keen, do we have your allegiance or not? [knocking on door.]
You lied to me.
You told me Roanoke was your escape plan.
He is.
Then why is he surveilling the warehouse where my grandfather's being kept? The only way I can be safe is if Dom tells me everything I need to know.
That won't happen unless I get him away from Red.
- Roanoke can do that.
- Abduct my grandfather? Yes.
So your mother can survive.
I think it's time you tell me everything.
[dramatic music playing.]
Let's start with Dom and why you want to abduct him.
All you can see is what I want to do to him.
What I want you to see is what he did to me.
In the West, you tell your young men to stand up for their country.
In Russia, young women were told to lay down with the enemy.
That's how you showed loyalty.
As the daughter of a domineering spy master, I never had a voice in my future.
I was 15 the first time they ordered me to sleep with a young American soldier.
Dom was the man who ordered me.
That's awful.
I'm so sorry.
One reason I gave up my little girl arranged for you to grow up in this country, was to spare you my fate.
And because you had to disappear.
Which I never could have done or would've done if you weren't safe.
And you were safe, Masha.
Until that man who calls himself Raymond Reddington pulled you into the middle of everything I was protecting you from.
I don't know who Reddington is, but I know he betrayed me.
Reddington, along with my father and my best friend.
The secrets you're looking for, they tried to murder me to bury them.
What secret could be so powerful that a father would be willing to murder his own daughter? What do you know about N-13? N-13? I don't know what that is.
Not a what, a who.
N-13 is an operative.
The "N" stands for "neopoznanny, " the Russian word for "unidentified.
" Thirteen represents the 13 packets of intel he stole from Lubyanka Square in 1990.
You're talking about a KGB mole.
One whose identity remains unknown.
A turncoat who was never proven to exist.
Thirty years of hunting and still no one knows.
- N-13 is still active? - Depending on who you ask.
The CIA, MSS, MI5, the Mossad, all believe he continues to cipher some of their most damaging intel.
From other governments? - Why? To what end? - To build a compromising file.
The Sikorsky Archive.
You said it's a blackmail file.
One that started with 13 intel packets over 30 years ago and has been evolving ever since.
That's why there was a bounty on your head.
Because Dom set me up.
He leaked to the KGB that I was N-13.
That the dossier Ilya asked me to deliver that night was the elusive Archive.
- He framed you.
- And tried to murder me - before the truth could be known.
- Why? Who were they protecting? - [scoffs.]
- What? - You think Reddington is N-13? - Or Dom.
Or both.
I believe Dom framed me so everyone would stop looking for N-13.
Had I died that night, they would have.
But you didn't.
That's why you're still on the run.
Wrongly accused.
Hunted for a crime I didn't commit.
So, N-13 Reddington is a mole.
Who has manipulated you to gain access to top U.
Masha, Reddington didn't choose you.
He needed you.
He traded on the questions you have about your past to gain immunity.
He gives you criminals, and in exchange, he learns the names of every high-level official working in American justice, law enforcement and intelligence.
So, this whole time, Reddington's been using me.
The task force has been this Trojan horse he's been using to obtain classified intel.
A father figure is trying to manipulate you the way my father manipulated me.
Dom is lying about me.
I am not N-13.
I do not have the Archive.
But unless I get him to tell me who does, to give me proof that I can show the world I will be killed.
I get it now.
Why you let your banker meet with Reddington.
Why you wanted Reddington to have us chase after Roanoke.
So we would find the warehouse, find the photo.
Warn Reddington that you were going after Dom, while he's convalescing in a well-guarded warehouse.
- But if they think it's under attack - Reddington will move Dom.
- And while he's being moved - He's a soft target.
It's quite a plan, and it could work.
It almost has worked, in every way except one.
The FBI didn't find that photo.
I did.
Which means my fate is in your hands.
- As well as my grandfather's.
- And Reddington.
Someone who killed the man who raised you, was responsible for the death of the man you loved and who's so manipulative, he was willing to let you believe he was your father.
You wanted the truth.
I've given it to you.
It's up to you what you do with it.
[suspenseful music playing.]
And I'm supposed to believe you? [Raymond laughs.]
Of course not.
I'm a criminal.
Criminals are notorious liars.
- Everything about me is a lie.
- [Liz.]
Why me? I wish the answer were as simple as the question seems.
Are you my father? No.
[cell phone ringing.]
Thanks for calling me back.
I need to talk to you.
No, in person.
[dramatic music playing.]
We have a break in the case.
Tell me.
I will, but I need you to tell me something first.
When my mother abducted you in Paris, what did she want? From you, Dom, Dembe.
She's been on a rampage.
I want to know why.
He's a tough old bear.
I know you're angry with him, but for what it's worth, you inherited the best of him.
That's it.
That's your non-answer.
I've given you my answer every time you've asked.
That you don't lie.
You just withhold.
That I have things that are mine and no one else's.
So, what's the break in the case? [Liz.]
I found this at Roanoke's last known location.
Dom is his next target, her next target.
I can't lose him.
Not like this.
She's quite determined.
You'll have to be as well.
[somber music playing.]
[knocking on door.]
You okay? No, I'm not.
I realized my mother can't be trusted.
- Are you to be trusted? - Yes.
I'm glad.
And a little curious.
What did you find out about her? My mother's not using Roanoke to get away.
She's using him to get to my grandfather, Dominic.
What proof do you have? I found this where Roanoke planned his last job.
It's the building where - my grandfather's being treated.
- Grandfather? Wait, your mother's target is her own father? Yeah, it's a long story.
- She hired Roanoke to abduct him? - A very long story.
She's looking for something.
Scorching, burning anything - that stands between her and getting it.
- Including her father.
- Have you spoken to Reddington? - [Liz.]
Yes, he agrees.
Her next target is Dom and she could attack at any minute.
He wants to move Dom to a new safe house.
I offered one of the plain-wrap medical vans from the FBI fleet.
We'll coordinate with Reddington.
Put a TAC team in the warehouse.
Once we get Dom out, we'll be ready for Roanoke to walk into our trap.
[Latin music playing.]
Where are you on Santiago? In San Juan.
- Puerto Rico? - Mm-hm.
Short story long, I was able to use the IRS to identify 14 Santiago Vegas.
Seven were deceased, two are minors, and one has a current address in San Juan.
And, according to an old photo in the local newspaper, he's got the same exact scar on the right side of his face.
I have a contact in Bayamón.
We'll organize a team.
No need.
I just spoke to his sister.
I was gonna tell her that her brother has a tax refund The man's hiding in Puerto Rico to hide.
He's certainly not going to come out of hiding to claim a refund on taxes he never paid.
That's what Tony said, which is why I went with his idea.
I told her I'm with the Mail Recovery Center, which is just a fancy way of saying - The Dead Letter Office.
- Right.
I told her I had a package that's been searching for him for over four years, but that only he could take possession and that he had to sign himself.
She told me Vega was shacked up in some resort on Parque Isla Verde.
I'm following her there now.
Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night.
Bless you, Heddie.
Call me when you know more.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Four flat-free tires, as ordered.
And the name of the guy who'd be able to expedite a work visa, as requested.
You scratch my back, I scratch yours.
- No one's the wiser.
- It's like you were never here.
I got it.
I got it.
Leave me alone.
I might've known.
The minute you tell me I'm safe, the candy stripers go on attack.
I should've crawled out of here the moment I woke up.
I assure you the situation's in hand, but sometimes plans require changing, just like your bedsheets.
I don't like this.
He's in a fragile state.
- His life depends - His life depends on staying alive.
That means getting him out of here.
So, please, just try and do your job as best you can without making mine more difficult.
I've got him for that.
We've uplinked the CCTV feeds and got the snipers on the roof.
I want to be informed once you have Roanoke in custody.
You and Ressler take point on the escort.
- Raymond and I will be in the follow car.
- Copy that.
I'm sorry.
I have to be the one behind the wheel of that van.
Why? Is this some sort of FBI insurance thing? More like "an FBI agent demanding to protect her grandfather" thing.
We'll go check the vehicles.
You're angry with me and I don't blame you.
I misled you.
I'm used to it.
I know you have questions.
You know what, Dom, I really only ever had one question.
Why? If he's not my father, then why me? I asked you and you told me his real identity was Ilya Koslov, which it is not.
Another lie.
Are you really telling me you're ready to dive into the truth? Now? I'm in an impossible situation.
Yeah, that's about what I thought.
Guys and gals, can we please load the patient into the van? - We're frittering away time here.
- [Ressler.]
We're all set.
TAC team's on standby.
As soon as you roll out, cameras go up and we lay in wait.
When Roanoke strikes, we'll be ready.
Don't look so disgruntled, Agent Fredrick.
I don't bite.
Unless you ever utter my name.
In which case, I'll gut you like a fish and feed you to the lobsters.
Good pep talk.
What's our destination? I've secured a lodge on Deep Creek Lake.
High on a bluff, easy to defend, views for miles.
And the route? We'll take back roads to 135.
Then it's a straight shot to the lake.
- You get that? - [Bahar.]
I can't believe she's going through with this.
How'd you get her to wear the wire? A daughter's need for her mother's approval is nature's most powerful force.
Move your team out.
[suspenseful music playing.]
What is it, Raymond? - Just thinking.
- About? Roanoke's extractions are all inside jobs.
He succeeds by putting his people on the inside or buying the loyalty of those already there.
- Do you believe he turned one of ours? - No.
They know the consequences of betrayal.
Still, it's troubling.
Can't stay angry forever, you know.
- I'm not so sure about that.
- I only misled you because I wanted you to have some resolution.
It didn't help.
- Yeah, but I tried.
- No.
You lied.
- You made up an elaborate story - It wasn't all a story.
Enough of it was, because not you, nor Ilya Koslov, nor Raymond Reddington want me to know what you know.
Well, guess what? [over speakers.]
I know.
I know enough.
I'm gonna prove it.
Sitrep on the convoy? Transport is moving unimpeded west through Catharpin on highway 234.
What's this? The truck approaching Reddington's warehouse.
Running the plates.
Team Bravo, you have eyes? - [man on radio.]
- [Cooper.]
Hold your position.
- What's going on, Masha? - Just enjoy the ride.
Try and relax.
Stop telling me to relax.
What's going on? What are you up to? [Aram.]
Okay, that dumpster is valid.
It's part of the DPW fleet.
- Ward five.
- Bravo Team, stand down.
- We're clear on the vehicle.
- [man on radio.]
All quiet here.
Yeah, too quiet.
I don't like this.
What are we missing? [in Spanish.]
How's big brother feeling today? I brought you a visitor.
[in English.]
Santiago? It's me, Lana.
We brought you mail.
Thought it might be fun for you.
Boss, hey, we got a problem.
- What is it? - Vega.
I found him, but it's not good.
He's sick, Raymond.
Real sick.
Whoever pulled that job, whoever's looking for Dom, it ain't Vega.
Somebody's playing you.
Soon as you got behind the wheel, I thought you were up to something.
I gave you a chance, Dom, just like I gave Reddington chances.
I gave him seven years' worth of chances.
I had good reasons for telling you what I told you.
Oh, so help me God, if another person in my life tells me they lied to me for my own protection You don't understand the position I'm in.
- You're right.
I don't.
- Whatever you're doing, don't [monitor beeping rapidly.]
His heart rate's climbing.
Please stop.
We have to keep him calm.
[cell phone buzzing.]
- Yeah.
- It's a setup.
We need to get off this highway.
There's a turnoff about half a mile ahead.
I'll be gone by then.
But don't worry.
Dom will be safe.
She promised me that much.
Elizabeth, what have you done? [Clemons.]
Everything will be okay.
Just breathe.
We've been conned.
- Us and Mr.
- But not Keen.
She did the con.
- She and Katarina.
- It all makes sense now.
Why Katarina wanted Reddington to think she was going after Roanoke.
- Why she wanted him on the Blacklist.
- Except there is no Roanoke.
Just a shell of a man living in hospice.
Katarina couldn't hire him, so she imitated him.
Had her people abduct Lev Pasternak, then leave bread crumbs to make Reddington believe it was Roanoke.
She wanted us to believe he was still active, that she hired him to get Dom out of that warehouse.
A tactic designed to scare us, which only made him more vulnerable.
So, you know, kudos to us.
[pensive music playing.]
We need to find them, Harold.
I'm searching in my world.
Search in yours.
They must be found.
Elizabeth doesn't want to be found by either of us.
Forgive me, but at the moment, I'm not interested in what she wants.
At the moment or ever? All Agent Keen wanted from you were answers about her past, her parents.
You refused to give them.
What I've given her is an education on how people think what they want and what they're willing to do to get it.
We'll find her, but not so she can continue her "education.
" We'll do it because we're concerned about her and because she broke the law.
I'm angry with Agent Keen, but I'm livid with you.
Seven years ago, she was kind, enthusiastic, decent.
Under your tutelage, she's become someone I fail to recognize.
Oh, I think you do.
You may not want to.
You and I both may not like what it looks like, but we both recognize it for what it is: her destiny.
We will get her back.
We, not you.
- What are you saying? - This is an internal matter now.
Your assistance is not required.
It may not be welcome, but it is most definitely required.
Forgive me for not seeing you out.
I need to address my team.
Don't be cheeky, Harold.
You've never seen me out.
[dramatic music playing.]
A manhunt for Agent Keen? With all due respect, sir, isn't this a bit of an overreaction? - To abduction? - Of her grandfather.
A lying, deceitful KGB goon.
I missed the part in the criminal code that says we only care when nice people are taken.
I get it.
You don't want to do it.
I don't want to either.
But Agent Keen has betrayed this agency as well as everyone in this room.
She is responsible for the abduction of Dominic Wilkinson and is now in league with Katarina Rostova, who may be her mother but is also a wanted fugitive.
They don't need jail time.
They need family therapy.
Shouldn't we wait for her to reach out? Sorry.
Of course we'll do what you tell us, but personally - this feels wrong.
- I suspect we all feel the same way.
But we have a job to do, so let's go do it.
[cell phone chimes.]
[car door closes.]
[footsteps approaching.]
- What do you want? - Time to figure things out.
A favor.
That's what you want.
After lying to my face, you expect a favor.
I didn't know why she wanted us to go after Roanoke.
- No reason to believe me, but it's true.
- And Dom? - She needs to talk to him.
- She's gonna torture him.
Bleed him like she bled Reddington.
Are you okay with that? I would not let that happen.
- I want answers.
- You sabotaged an FBI investigation.
You shot the man responsible for your father's death.
I guess family just has a way of bringing out the worst in us.
This is different.
You know that.
I was a teenager.
I didn't have anyone to go to, but you do.
Liz, come in with me.
We'll talk to Cooper.
I'll back you, no matter what comes.
You saying that that means the world to me.
It does, but I know things now.
Things I need Dom to confirm about the Sikorsky Archive and N-13.
- N-13? - I need time.
Katarina needs time.
Not to hurt Dom, to convince him to tell us what he knows, what Reddington knows and refuses to tell me.
Yes, I need a favor, but I need it.
["Landslide" playing.]
And I need you to keep believing in me.
Took my love and I took it down Climbed a mountain And I turned around I won't give up on you.
But I still need to do my job.
I know you do.
Till the landslide brought me down Damn it.
You didn't trust me when we first met.
[Liz sighs.]
We've come so far, just to end up right where we started.
And can I sail through the changin' That's right.
First name's Elizabeth.
Oh, oh, I don't know Mm-mm I don't know Well, I've been afraid of changin' [knocking on door.]
'Cause I've built my life around you I just spoke to Dr.
They reached the new safe house.
Dom is stable and resting peacefully.
I'm getting older, too Yes, I'm getting older, too You did the right thing.
Oh Yeah, it doesn't feel that way.
I walked away from the only friends I have.
You did what you did to protect them and me and yourself.
We're not gonna hurt him.
Neither of us want that.
So, how are you gonna get him to talk? I'm not.
You are.
'Cause I built my life around you But time makes you bolder Children get older Raymond? And I'm getting older, too Yes, I'm getting older, too I lost her, Dembe.
We lost her.
I lost her.
We knew this day may come.
We talked about it.
This was always a possibility.
Yeah, I knew it.
Well, the landslide will bring it down And I let it happen anyway.
The landslide will bring it Down [theme music playing.]

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