The Blacklist s09e15 Episode Script

Andrew Kennison (No. 185)

You sure this is his place? According to his student record, this is it.
Then who is that? I'm guessing his roommate.
I'll go say hello.
You check the bedrooms.
Whoa! What the I'm sorry to startle.
We're looking for Andrew Kennison.
Who the hell are you? How did you get in here? I should clarify.
I'm not taking questions.
That's unfortunate.
- What's your name? - Marcus.
Our business is with Andrew.
Andrew's not here.
You're his roommate? Yes.
We're in the same graduate program.
Then you must be a smart young fellow, Marcus.
Smart enough to tell us where Andrew is now.
But I don't know.
When do you expect him back? I don't know that either.
Andrew's missing.
Missing? It's been a few weeks.
He left to go to the library at 5:00 p.
to study.
We had a Phys-Chem final the next day.
He never came home.
Nobody knows where he is.
Andrew, please try to understand.
How can I understand when you haven't given me any information? - I've told you what I can.
- You've told me nothing.
That my life is in danger? What does that even mean? I mean, if someone's threatening me, I-I deserve to know And I've tried to explain.
I can't tell you more without compromising a federal investigation.
Kennison, I came when the Marshals called because I know you're upset.
I didn't get to say goodbye to anyone.
My wife suffers from mental illness.
She's in a facility in Bethesda.
I'm finishing my graduate degree.
I'm missing classes and exams.
I'm aware, and I'm sorry, but keeping you safe is the Bureau's primary concern.
How long? How long do I have to stay here? I don't know.
We're still investigating.
My hope is that we can have a quick breakthrough, get you home very soon.
It's not good enough.
I'm not under arrest.
What if I want a lawyer? What if I just leave? We won't stop you.
But then again, we won't be able to protect you.
I'm asking you for more time.
Believe me, I don't want you to be here for one second longer than is absolutely necessary.
How'd it go with Kennison? Not well.
He's threatening to leave protective custody.
And you think he'll do it? He's understandably upset.
I bought us some time, but if I don't tell him something soon, he's gonna walk.
Our conversation was consumed by confusion, anger, fear.
His or yours? Both.
This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.
So, please tell me you found something.
You tell me.
Our working theory is that whoever is blackmailing you is a New York City detective, but that's about 5,200 suspects to start with.
But of those, about 2,600 are white males, which is how the bartender described him.
How many were working the night Doug Koster was killed? 1,400, which leaves about 1,200 names on that list.
Now, it's a lot, but odds are, one of the names on that list is behind this.
I'll take a look.
Maybe I'll recognize one.
But if there's an NYPD detective willing to frame me for murder, I have no idea why.
I got Weecha's text.
She said you have a case.
- I do.
- Fine.
Tell me where and I'll come meet you.
Not this time, Harold.
Assemble the troops.
I'll come to you.
Does that mean you found something? You all know we've been tracing the origins of this device we recovered from Elizabeth.
Have you figured out who made the tracking device? I have.
But it's not just a tracking device.
That's one of its features, but it was designed to help people, not to stalk them.
Who exactly was that thing supposed to help? Patients.
In this particular case, those with certain severe psychiatric disorders.
It's both a delivery and monitoring system.
Its capsule is loaded with medication, and as Aram previously discussed, when it makes contact with the patient's stomach acid, it sends a wireless signal confirming compliance and the location of the patient.
To whom? Doctors.
Loved ones.
Some patients have trouble remembering if they've taken their medication, or even where they are or where they might be going.
If we're talking about the most severe disorders, skipping meds can cause serious problems.
It can.
And in this case, it did.
Aram, Weecha sent you a profile.
Sent me an e-mail.
The designer's name is Andrew Kennison.
Several years ago, his young wife, over the course of multiple days, failed to take doses of the powerful anti-psychotic medications that her doctors had prescribed.
The result was horrific and tragic.
She took the lives of her sister and her mother when they came to stay for a holiday visit.
Oh, my God.
Afterward, Andrew Kennison went back to school, a graduate program at MIT.
He designed this, hoping that it might prevent what happened to his wife and family from ever happening again.
So, it wasn't him? I mean, he designed the device, but it sounds like he has no connection to Liz.
I don't know, Donald, because I can't ask him.
Why not? We can just go get him.
You said he's at MIT.
- He's missing.
- Since when? A few weeks.
He left the school library and hasn't been seen since.
That's probably not a coincidence.
I agree.
Which is why Andrew Kennison is the next name on the Blacklist.
- There's a chance he's dead.
- A good one, even.
At this point, all we know is that someone took him, someone who didn't want him found, and we need to know why.
So, where do we start? His roommate reported him missing to the Campus Police.
They've been investigating ever since.
I'd start there.
Harold? - What? - You okay with that? Yeah.
I mean, yes, of course.
Agent Ressler, Agent Zuma, head on up to Boston right away.
I want you to know, I realize how difficult all this must be for you.
- You do? - Of course.
I know how much you loved Elizabeth, how hard it's been to move forward.
When I came back, I knew what it meant to go down this road.
I knew what searching for the truth might do to me.
But I was so focused on my own need, I didn't think enough about what it might do to you.
You're apologizing? To me? Commiserating, really.
We all want the same thing.
And I'm confident that we will find whoever did this, and when we do, they will be the one who is sorry.
Agents Ressler and Zuma? Ted Morrison.
I'm the officer assigned to the Kennison case.
Thank you for meeting with us.
Are you kidding? I've been trying to get ahold of someone at the Bureau for a while.
Thank you for sharing information.
I'm not sure we follow.
We're not here to, uh, share information with you.
We were hoping you could update us on your investigation.
Update you? Okay.
W-What's going on? Is this some kind of joke? Hey, man, nobody's joking.
We're here to help.
Well, these are surveillance images from outside the campus library.
Andrew Kennison finished studying at 10:00 p.
When he exited the building, he was confronted by an unknown man.
They spoke for a few minutes, and then they both got into that sedan and left.
You run the plates on the sedan? The first day.
And guess what? It's a federal vehicle.
Registered to the U.
Marshals Service.
I've been calling them and the FBI for weeks to ask what I'm dealing with.
No one's gotten back to you.
Bureaucracy at its finest.
Yeah, well, now that you're here, I'm thinking the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.
Who the hell is that? You're not hearing me.
I'm saying it's connected.
- It's all connected.
- I hear you.
I'm just trying to understand.
Whoever killed Doug Koster, whoever's blackmailing me, also wanted Andrew Kennison to disappear.
Why? Because Kennison created the device that we found in Elizabeth Keen.
He must have information on who's responsible for her death, details the killer didn't want us to learn.
Slow down.
I didn't see it.
Whoever targeted me also targeted Elizabeth Keen.
And I helped him.
I disappeared the witness who could help us find the person or people who orchestrated her death.
Harold, take a breath.
Listen to me.
If you tell the truth now, there is a good chance that both of us are going to prison.
Harold? Harold.
Harold! I'm sorry.
What exactly is the question? The vehicle.
It's registered to the Marshals Service.
Yeah, it's one of ours.
Is there a problem? The problem is, we're with a specialized Bureau Task Force and we're looking for a man by the name of Andrew Kennison, and according to these photos, he was last seen getting into a Marshals Service vehicle on the night he disappeared.
Yeah, of course.
Of course? Does that mean he's in custody? Because we checked.
He has no criminal record.
He's not a fugitive.
Fellas, I'm not sure what's happening.
Andrew Kennison is in our custody because the Bureau requested it.
He's not a suspect, he's a potential victim.
Are you saying that he's in the Witness Protection Program? Yeah, because his life is in danger.
What makes you think that? Well, we didn't make the assessment.
The Bureau did.
And we're not in the business of second-guessing an Assistant Director of the FBI.
You're gonna have to repeat that.
You should talk to Harold Cooper.
He arranged for WITSEC protection.
That's not possible.
That's a fact.
He supervised the transport.
Hell, he met with Kennison yesterday in one of our safe houses.
You're saying Wait.
What exactly are you saying? Kennison's in Witness Protection because Cooper ordered it.
That's him in the photo.
I don't understand.
Why would he do that? For the same reason you put anyone in the program, you don't want them to be found.
- Found by us? - Yes.
And Raymond.
You can't be serious.
This isn't happening.
It's hard to believe, but I don't see any way around the facts.
Look, let's just go back to the beginning.
What do we know? One, we think that someone orchestrated Keen's death, someone who knew that Vandyke would kill her and used him as a way to get the job done without exposing himself.
Or herself.
Two, we think that Kennison may have information that could lead us to the real killer, and now we've learned that Cooper made sure that Kennison disappeared.
Because he didn't want us to find out who killed Liz? Aram, hey, we need to take emotion out of the equation.
- I cannot do this.
- We can't ignore the truth.
Cooper knew where Kennison was, and yet he stood there and said nothing while Reddington put his name on the Blacklist.
He sent us to Boston to investigate.
I mean, he intentionally hid the truth from us.
But there has to be an explanation.
I mean, look at the timing.
He put Kennison in the program long before Mr.
Reddington knew who to look for.
He did it after we found the device, because he knew once we did, we'd go looking.
So, what? What, Mr.
Cooper wanted Liz dead? Say it.
Be clear about what you are suggesting.
Cooper was working with whoever killed Liz, and now he is protecting whoever did it by lying to our faces? Aram, we're just looking at the facts here.
My question is, what do we do? Go to Reddington? I mean, if Cooper really is involved, who do we tell? Panabaker? We could work the case ourselves, try to confirm if it's true.
You mean set a trap.
For Mr.
I am not doing it.
We are not doing it.
There has to be an explanation, and I am going to go up there and ask him what it is.
If he knows we're onto him, it's gonna be a lot harder to find the truth.
I don't care.
I am not targeting Mr.
Cooper behind his back.
You know what? Aram is right.
We all love the guy, and God knows he deserves every benefit of the doubt.
I should have told you.
I'm not entirely sure why I didn't.
I've obstructed justice, tampered with physical evidence, lied to the police Those may be the least of your concerns, Harold.
It's no defense, but I want you to know, when I decided to put Kennison into Witness Protection, I had no idea he had any connection to Elizabeth's death.
You run the Reddington Task Force, and it never occurred to you that perhaps you were being targeted because of your connection to me? Not at first.
In the beginning, I didn't know I was being targeted at all.
Doug Koster, my wife's ex-lover, was dead.
I had no memory of what happened that night.
For a time, I honestly believed it was possible that I'd killed him.
And you didn't think I could help with that? I was frozen.
I could barely admit the truth to myself.
But it wasn't the truth, Harold.
The minute you realized you were being blackmailed, I should've been your first call.
It wasn't that simple.
By then, I'd gotten Charlene involved.
She lied to the assigned detective, and my good friend, Lew Sloan, had risked everything by altering my service weapon.
We're done here.
I told you the day I agreed to come back that whoever killed Elizabeth would be held accountable.
And I want that, too.
Then tell me where Kennison is.
Where can I find him? He's at a safe house being guarded by federal Marshals.
Where? I won't tell you that.
I'll have the Marshals bring him in.
We'll question him here.
My sources run deep, Harold.
With or without you, I'll have his location by the end of the day.
I won't help you hurt him.
Whether I hurt him or not has nothing to do with your help.
And I'm sorry to say, Harold, you're the one who needs help right now.
It was you.
I understand.
There's no defense.
I should have trusted you all, told you everything the day I woke up in my car and realized Doug Koster was dead.
So, this whole time, you've been investigating who killed him on your own? Not just Doug Koster, but the bartender who spiked my drink that night.
I wasn't entirely alone.
Lew Sloan's been with me.
I'm still trying to understand.
Someone framed you for Doug Koster's murder? Yes.
And it could have worked.
I woke up in my car with no alibi for that night.
And your gun was a match for the bullet that killed him.
So, whoever had you drugged must have used it to kill Koster while you were out.
Knowing the police would find it, and they would have, if Lew Sloan hadn't altered the barrel.
Why would somebody do this? At first, I thought it was just to get me, but now we know it was more.
Whoever's blackmailing me is also connected to Elizabeth's murder.
I think the original plan was to frame me as a way to hurt Reddington by damaging one of his most powerful weapons, this task force.
So, whoever's behind this, they know we exist.
And when framing me didn't work, the plan changed to blackmail.
To leverage me as a way to stay one step ahead of Reddington.
By using you to do things like hide Andrew Kennison.
So Mr.
Reddington's right.
Vandyke pulled the trigger that killed Liz, but someone else was behind it.
So, what now? I face the consequences of my actions.
I've called Panabaker.
She's on her way.
I've had some low moments these last few months.
Maybe the worst was asking Charlene to lie.
The idea that I've involved her in this is almost more than I can bear.
But lying to you all Whatever happens to me now, I deserve it.
How do you feel? How do I feel? I feel a sense of inevitability.
That it doesn't matter what I want or do.
The world is what it is.
The loss is permanent.
Elizabeth will always be dead.
What do I feel? I'm concerned that I won't be able to contain myself, that I still haven't seen the worst of who I am.
No, I don't think you have.
I'm just saying, when do I get to choose? - Never.
- Never? You guys are guarding me.
How is that fair? Government's paying, so we choose the restaurant.
Let go of me! What are you What is happening? Who are you? What the Remember why we are here.
I think that's just about everything, Cynthia.
You think? You knew your weapon had been fired, and because you ran your own ballistics test, thanks to your buddy, you knew it was a match for the Koster murder? - Yes.
- You lied to the assigned detective.
You actively concealed the match by altering the gun.
No, it was my friend who did that.
Did you turn him in? No, but he's aware that you and I are talking, and so is Charlene.
I convinced her to provide me with an alibi.
Asking her to lie for me is my greatest regret.
What about the bartender? You went to his home, you found him murdered, but you never called the police or told them what you knew? That's correct.
And Kennison? Where's he now? The Marshals have him.
You should know Reddington's looking for him.
I assume that whoever is blackmailing me was also behind Agent Keen's death.
They must want Kennison gone because he knows something.
We should bring him in, question him We won't be doing anything of the sort, Harold.
You went too far.
I can sell looking the other way when Reddington crosses the line.
Hell, we let Dembe Zuma join the Bureau.
There is a lot of stretch where this Task Force is concerned, but you? Obstruction, tampering, corruption, kidnapping, or at the very least unlawful imprisonment.
Excuse me, Cynthia.
This is Cooper.
When? I told you there was a credible threat.
Were any of the Marshals hurt? I see.
Thanks for letting me know.
My people will get right on it.
That was the Marshals Service.
Andrew Kennison was taken from the safe house.
By Reddington? Who else? Geez Louise.
So much for Witness Protection.
Do you know who I am? No, I don't.
My name is Raymond Reddington.
I'm a criminal and a fugitive.
I'm wanted in every country on Earth and at the top of the FBI's Most Wanted List.
I'm armed, and I'm dangerous, and the most important person in the world to me is dead because of you.
Because of your little device.
Do you recognize it? Mm.
It was recovered from a former FBI agent named Elizabeth Keen.
I don't know who that is.
Perhaps not, but you do know something.
Someone wanted you hidden so that I wouldn't discover what that is.
You designed this? Yes.
I-It's a medication monitor and tracking I'm past what it is and what it does.
It clearly wasn't made in a manufacturing plant.
No, it's a prototype.
My wife suffers from mental illness.
I designed it for people like her.
You gave it to someone.
Someone who used it to track and murder Elizabeth Keen.
- Murder? - Tell me who.
You You've got it wrong.
I gave that to a cop.
A police officer? Yeah.
I met him at a business forum.
You know, where people who are trying to start companies set up booths to discuss their concepts.
I was trying to find investors.
You were supposed to run a trial in a psychiatric clinic.
It got canceled.
And I was getting desperate.
And then this guy shows up, introduces himself as a detective from New York City.
He says that he thinks that my idea has potential, but not for medical reasons As a tracking device.
He says the NYPD might be interested in trying it out for a few investigations.
Did he show you identification? Yeah.
He had a badge and everything.
Reggie Cole.
D-Detective Reginald Cole.
I thought, hey, it's not what I want, but if the cops support my company, that's something.
So, you gave this to him? That was a few years ago, and then I didn't hear from him, so I just figured the top brass didn't bite.
That's the God's honest truth.
If it is, you'll be in class by this time tomorrow.
If it's not You won't.
Guys, I, uh I think I have got something.
I mean, I am, uh, pretty sure I've got something, unless I don't, but, uh, I do.
Okay, so, ultimately, the best way we can help Mr.
Cooper now is to find whoever targeted him.
Yeah, but it doesn't change the crimes that he committed himself.
But, yeah, that's the idea.
Okay, so, check this out.
Cooper recorded his last conversation with the blackmailer and sent it to me, and I have been listening nonstop.
I thought the voice was altered.
It was, but I listened anyway, you know, for something weird about word choice or maybe the sound of a train or something in the background.
- So you heard something? - No.
But listening over and over again did give me another idea.
A voice modification program is just modifying a voice.
It is an algorithm that changes key variables like pitch, tone, speed, distortion.
Okay, I actually understood that.
So I am thinking, why can't I just invert those changes? I mean, if you knew what changes were made, you could just reverse them, and get back to the original voice.
But you can't know the changes that were made.
You mean I can't know for sure.
Fortunately, this isn't my first rodeo.
I've, um I've never actually been to a rodeo, so I ever go, it, uh, will be my, uh, first rodeo, but, fortunately, this isn't my first time examining Fourier series and transforms.
And I'm lost.
The point is, I can't know what modifications were made, but I can make a series of educated guesses, and I know the best software out there and how I would sweeten the mix.
Andrew Kennison.
Well, I need him to go away.
Andrew Kennison.
Well, I need him to go away.
Andrew Kennison.
Well, I need him to go away.
Okay, so I have six different versions.
I can't know if any of them are right, but I did reverse the process a little differently on each.
So, one of these recordings is the blackmailer's actual voice, but which one? Cooper thinks the blackmailer's a detective from New York.
We could send all six to the Chief of Detectives.
Maybe one sounds familiar.
Agent Ressler.
Please place Director Cooper under arrest.
I understand he intends to make a full statement.
Not a chance.
It's okay, Donald.
The hell it is.
I mean, how many times has Main Justice looked the other way for Reddington or even Keen? No, this is your turn.
That is not up for discussion.
I will do my best to argue for leniency.
I hope you believe that.
What if we walk? There is no Task Force without Mr.
That would be a mistake.
There's still important work to do.
I want justice For what was done to me, and, more importantly, for Elizabeth.
The four of you are the best chance we've got to get it.
Harold Cooper, you have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.
Do you understand these rights as I've explained them to you? - Yes.
- And with these rights in mind, do you wish to make a statement? Obstruction, falsifying documents, tampering with physical evidence, misappropriating federal funds.
Oh, and I haven't even gotten to the charges of depriving Andrew Kennison of his liberty.
I know what he did, Marvin.
What I'm asking is how we make sure a jury never does.
Oh, Cooper's case isn't going to a jury.
He's gonna have to plead guilty and pray that he gets a favorable sentence.
It can't come to that.
I need you to go to the Post Office.
Harold's there.
Talk to him.
You want me to defend him? He can't go to prison.
For his sake or for Agnes'.
Well, you're the boss.
I-I just have this one appointment, then I can cancel the rest of my afternoon and meet you there.
Actually, I've got plans.
I spoke with the man who designed the tracking device we recovered from Elizabeth.
Good news.
What'd he say? Enough.
I know who I'm looking for and where to find him.
I'll take care of business, you take care of Harold.
Okay, guys, let's do this.
You really wanna do this? Make a full confession? Strange how things happen, isn't it? I wouldn't let Reddington see Agnes because I thought I should protect her from him.
She finally had a good home, a stable family.
And now I'm the one who You could fight it, force the U.
Attorney to make their case beyond a reasonable doubt.
You know I won't.
I've spent my life holding others accountable for their crimes.
I'm glad it's you.
Let's get it over with.
Yeah, um, that's gonna have to wait.
Sorry, not sorry to interrupt, but we have got a suspect, and Mr.
Cooper was right.
The person blackmailing you was a New York City detective.
Was? We just heard from the office of the New York Chief of Detectives, and apparently, a precinct captain in Brooklyn recognized one of the voices we sent as a Reginald Cole.
Spent 25 years in the NYPD, 17 as a Brooklyn detective.
Does that mean he's retired? I thought so at first, but then I took a closer look.
At the time he left the force, Cole was the subject of multiple I.
A Grand Jury was deliberating on an indictment for multiple counts of official corruption.
Drug money seized and unaccounted for, allegations of excessive force, witness intimidation.
In the end, the cases against him fell apart.
A key witness was found murdered.
Clearly, we're dealing with somebody with a malfunctioning ethical compass.
When he left the department, he left New York.
Now, he works here in D.
as a private investigator, and his website says he handles highly sensitive matters, both personal and professional.
What do you have? I'm in a hell of a rush.
My campaign won't wait.
Yeah, I know you're busy, but you hired me to find quality dirt, - the kind that "ends careers"? - Mm-hmm.
So I thought you might want to see this right away.
Oh, you did it.
What did he do? Infidelity? Oh, please let it be a sex scandal, that pious son of a bitch.
He has an office in Logan Circle.
I ghost-called him a few minutes ago, and he picked up.
If we roll out now, we can be there in 15.
Oh, my God.
How did you get this? - Does it matter? - Matter? I hired you to do oppo research, to get damaging intel on my opponent.
And I tried.
But turns out he's squeaky clean.
You, on the other hand, not so much.
You've been misappropriating campaign funds.
Bad Congresswoman.
I don't get it.
Who is this guy? Why would a shady former detective be connected to killing Keen? We're about to find out.
Let's pull a warrant and bring him in.
What do you want? Well, I'm a simple guy, Ms.
A hundred thousand should be good for now.
You're shaking me down? I'm your client.
I know.
It's a thing of beauty, isn't it? See, this way, you get to pay me twice, once to check out your opponent, and once to keep my mouth shut.
You have 24 hours, Di.
See you tomorrow.
Yeah? What? Okay.
Okay! Get outside, see if you can find him.
Damn it.
Still hot.
I've got eyes.
He's a runner.
So, Reggie Cole's retired, but he still has his detective shield? Every department is different.
NYPD makes you turn it in, but they don't always enforce the rule.
Well, maybe it's a replica.
Most people don't realize, but lot of cops carry dupe shields so they don't have to risk losing the real thing.
What the Are you guys seeing this? That's Cole! FBI! Drop the weapon! - On the ground! - Federal agents! Okay, okay! It's down! It's down.
I should've known.
Hey, sorry, fellas.
Too little too late.
I'm okay, Cynthia.
In fact, for the first time in a while, I'm hopeful.
Hopeful? We got a lead.
The man blackmailing me is named Reginald Cole.
He's a private investigator and a former NYPD detective.
That's good news, Harold.
I'm afraid I'm here to deliver the opposite.
You spoke to the Attorney General.
And he spoke to the President and the Senate Oversight Committee.
It's what we were afraid of.
As it is, they don't love our arrangement with Reddington.
Then they're wrong.
We're approaching 200 Blacklisters.
The man's done more for law enforcement in this country than anyone.
Preaching to the choir.
Remember, I'm the one that went to bat for reconstituting the Task Force? But they're not stupid.
They know Reddington continues to commit crimes.
And Keen's death was an embarrassment.
It's proof that things had gotten way beyond my control.
How do you think we got back here? I made promises.
I had to assure people we'd have a very tight leash.
How the hell was I supposed to go back now and say the man in charge, the Assistant Director of the FBI, committed, oh, I don't know, maybe a dozen felonies, but, hey, we should look the other way? So they want to indict me? I'm not giving up.
You know how it works, Harold.
Law enforcement is politics.
If we can make some cases, big ones, that expose whatever conspiracy is really going on They'll be too busy touting the victory to focus on me.
It's your best chance.
If the story has the right ending, they might forget this entire chapter.
Thank you, Cynthia.
I appreciate you shooting straight.
You got him.
Reddington almost beat us there.
Any news on Cooper? He's in with Ms.
Agent Ressler? I'm afraid you won't be happy with the decision on Harold.
- The AG wants to charge him? - For now.
But if we can make a solid case against whoever's responsible, we may be able to change that.
Who's running point? I am.
Well, then, you should know the pressure's on.
It is critically important that your suspect talks.
If he doesn't, we may not have enough to hold him.
I need a word.
You're making a mistake.
Agent Ressler is making a mistake.
I imagine he's trying to do what's best for Harold.
So am I.
And what's best for Harold is to find the person who orchestrated this insanity.
I'm in a considerably better position to accomplish that quickly.
There are times to handle things by the book, and then there are times like this.
So all you care about is answers.
What I care about is accountability.
And I respect that.
Hell, after what we've been through lately, I'm hardly one to get up on a high horse about the right way to do things.
Then let me handle this in the way I know is best.
If you do, anything you learn will be inadmissible in any prosecution.
I need to hand the AG solid cases, solid evidence.
Listen to me.
We're losing time.
Reggie Cole knew I was coming.
That means whoever he's working with knew as well.
They will not let you interrogate him.
What does that mean? We have him in custody.
Director Cooper's office.
What? What are you talking about? - How is that even possible? - It's too late, isn't it? Uh, bring him in.
I'll talk to him myself.
Security says Reggie Cole's lawyer is here.
Change of plan.
I'm at the Post Office.
Don't come in.
I'll meet you out back.
Senator Panabaker.
Tyson Lacroix.
You're an attorney? I'm Reginald Cole's attorney.
What is this? How did you know about Cole's arrest? How the hell did you even get down here? More to the point, how did you know this building even existed? There seems to be some misunderstanding.
I'm not here to answer questions.
I'm here to stop you from asking them.
Cole is my client.
As of this moment, you are precluded from questioning him under any circumstances.
I don't know who you are, Mr.
Lacroix, but I can tell you this, you are now squarely on the Justice Department's radar.
You don't want to answer our questions? We'll get the answers anyway.
Good luck with that.
I'd like to see my client now.
You think it'd be that easy, Mr.
Lacroix? Did you really think you could just waltz in to a federal black site and just start making demands? I have a right to see my client.
And you will.
At his arraignment.
Oh, please.
You don't have enough to charge him.
He murdered a man named Doug Koster.
That would concern me if you had a single shred of evidence proving that it was actually true.
He targeted Harold Cooper, the Assistant Director of the FBI, tried to frame him.
Mere accusations.
And the bartender that he forced into helping him was also killed.
How sad.
Not that some bartender was killed, but that you can't seem to accept reality.
Yeah? And what's that? You have nothing.
You can't connect my client to either murder.
This frame-up sounds like total fiction.
That we can prove.
He was blackmailing Mr.
We have your client's voice on a recording.
No, you have an altered voice on a recording.
You made assumptions when you descrambled the voice, but you can't be sure if you accurately reversed the process.
The NYPD confirmed that it was Cole.
It sounds like Cole.
Sounds like.
I've heard enough.
Get him the hell out of here.
Already? I'm just getting started.
Hell, I've not said a word yet about Agent Keen.
And there it is.
The motive.
I assume you know about the tracking device recovered from Agent Keen? I may have heard something, yes.
Then maybe you want to tell us why your client acquired a tracking device that was then used to stalk and murder one of our agents? He bought the tracker.
That's not a crime.
You can't prove he caused Keen to ingest it, and you can't prove he had any contact with Vandyke.
How do you know that name? Enough.
Agent Park, take Mr.
Lacroix to Interrogation Two.
Give him two minutes with his client, no more, understood? Thank you.
I'll leave you folks to talk amongst yourselves.
Don't even say it.
I have to.
He's right.
I warned you, we didn't have enough without a confession.
Don't tell me we're cutting this guy loose.
What do you want to do, Donald? Charge him? And then what? Watch our case just fall apart? No.
We're gonna do this, we do it once and we make it stick.
So that's a yes? We're just gonna let Cole walk out of here? Raymond was right.
Cole, your lawyer's here.
Took you long enough.
Have a seat.
I'd rather not.
I have a feeling we won't be staying here much longer.
They're releasing me? Let's not talk here.
My car is outside.
I'll explain when we get back to my office.
I'll say it.
This job can be confusing, and I've been lost plenty of times before, but I have no idea who those guys are or what the heck it is we're dealing with.
Let's get a wiretap warrant for Cole's phone.
I'll ask around on the Hill, see if anyone knows Lacroix.
I'll tell Cooper the bad news.
It's not over yet.
Raymond will know what to do.
What's his name? Reginald Cole.
He's a former New York police detective.
And they're releasing him? Not happily.
But they know the Justice Department is watching their every move, so they won't charge if there's a possibility the case won't hold up.
Guess it's his lucky day.
If Cole wants to live, his best chance is to stay inside that building.
He's burned, and whoever he works for knows it.
Well, he's not the only one.
Now the lawyer's burned, too.
I want them as soon as they're on the road.
That's them.
You want to hit them in transit? Don't you want to find out where they're going? They're leaving now.
Intercept in five minutes.
Weecha, get us out of here.

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