The Blacklist s09e16 Episode Script

Helen Maghi (No. 172)

Looks like the FBI already took anything useful.
The FBI has no idea what's useful to me.
Maybe we'll find the shooter.
I don't know, we've got everyone out there, but a guy on a motorcycle? That bike's in pieces by now.
The shell casings are a dead end.
Shooter could be anyone, anywhere.
All we can do is keep looking.
Whoever killed Elizabeth is going through a lot of trouble to keep you from finding them.
Seems like it would just be easier to take you out.
Perhaps they need me.
Or they're saving me for something special.
Could be they love you.
Or it could be all three.
This is something.
What is this? Oh, this is an item that definitely should not be in the possession of a former NYPD officer, even a crooked one like Reggie Cole.
What is it? It's a key to a vault that's inside one of the most inaccessible, enigmatic security facilities in the world.
How do you know that? I have one just like it.
Oh, wow.
That's a long time.
Apparently Harold.
The judge is taking the bench now.
She's gonna arraign Lew Sloan first.
I'll give you guys a few minutes alone together.
Thank you.
Do you mind giving them a few minutes? Is it true? About the cop? Mateo said that he was killed? He and his lawyer.
We couldn't hold them.
As soon as we left the Post Office, they were gunned down.
By who? Why? I don't know.
Other than somehow it's connected to Elizabeth's murder.
Which means it's connected to Reddington.
Oh, he's not to blame, if that's what you mean.
I lied for you, to the cops to give you an alibi.
I lied for you, not him.
No charges will be filed against you.
Cynthia gave me her word.
Yeah, well, Senator Panabaker lets Reddington do as he pleases.
And as soon as you and poor Lew try to figure out who framed you for murder, she just lets you both rot.
This isn't on her, Char, this is on me.
Based on my years of service, my attorney expects that I'll be released without bail.
So hopefully I can return to work.
Elizabeth left Agnes with us as parents, role models.
You want to make this right for me, I understand.
But you have got to make it right for her.
Thank you, Walter.
What a delight to see you.
I've been making a great effort not to be seen.
By anyone.
How did you know where to find me? The real mystery is why you're hiding in the private room and why you aren't returning calls.
Too many questions, Raymond.
- Mm.
- What can I do for you today, other than marvel at your deductive powers and tolerate your unwanted presence? A dead cop was storing something of value in Mount Bastion.
I need to know what.
I need to get inside this vault.
You engineered the impossible when you carved out the core of a granite mountain to build your impenetrable facility.
Well, I have more pressing concerns than enabling your criminal mischief, Raymond.
Tell me.
I recently consulted on a job.
A heist crew needed a way to steal cargo from a heavily guarded container yard.
My rig worked beautifully, but the crew left evidence behind.
Now they're in federal custody using my name to cut a deal.
If I'm not a wanted woman already, I fear I shall be at any moment.
It seems we both have itchy backs.
An opportunity to scratch each other's itch.
Cooper, it's not every day an assistant director of the FBI graces us with his presence, particularly on the wrong side of the bar.
How do you plead to the charges against you today? Not guilty, Your Honor.
I'll hear the defense on bail.
Defense asks for release with no bail, Your Honor.
Harold Cooper's led a long and distinguished career in law enforcement Long and formerly distinguished until 10 years ago.
After that? Who knows? No one will say.
Everyone knows everything in this town, but what he does and how he does it is - No one has a clue.
- Oh, Your Honor.
Which means he can go anywhere anytime, which makes him, by any reasonable standard, a flight risk.
Bail is set at $300,000.
Trial in six weeks.
Honey, we can get the money.
We can cash out an insurance policy if we have to.
I'm sorry I couldn't do more.
You kept Charlene out of this mess.
That's enough.
We're not stopping until we find out who's behind this.
If I had any say in this, the only Blacklister we'd go after is the person who did this to you.
You do have a say.
The say.
You haven't told him yet? Until the judge miscarried justice, I was hoping I wouldn't have to.
Have to what? Give you my job.
What? No.
You have my full confidence and blessings.
And you Harold, you have to go.
I can't do this.
Probably not.
But Harold chose you.
What about Agent Ressler? What about him? You eat life, or life eats you, Agent Mojtabai.
You're the boss now, so bon appetit.
This is only until Mr.
Cooper is back, which I hope is really Really soon.
Um, I'm just a figurehead, like Colonel Sanders.
They need a face on the bucket.
It should've been your face, obviously.
Square-jawed, dimpled, top of the pecking order.
I had my shot.
It's your turn.
You'll be fine.
I understand congratulations are in order.
Says the man who really rules the roost.
If I may offer some counsel "Do not go where the path may lead.
"Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
" In the spirit of that, I bring an unusual case.
A Blacklister not to catch, but to release.
Ah, here we go.
Good luck.
Helen Maghi, one of the world's most accomplished structural and geotechnical engineers.
In the invasion of Iraq, Maghi designed a floating bridge to carry tanks and heavy-armor vehicles across the Euphrates River in the dark of night.
Her crowning achievement is Mount Bastion.
Using proprietary drilling techniques, she carved into a Pennsylvania mountain of solid granite to create an impregnable storage facility favored by the criminal elite, with more safeguards and redundancies than the U.
Bullion Depository.
And you want to break into it.
Well, we found this key in Reggie Cole's office.
A key to a storage vault in Mount Bastion.
Mount Bastion would never rent a vault to a former police officer, but they might to his employer.
His employer, Harold's blackmailer, Elizabeth's killer, all the same person.
What are we waiting for? Let's storm the mountain.
Impossible without Maghi's help.
That's where the task force comes in.
She provided engineering services to some heist crew working the Port of Virginia.
The crew was just arrested by the FBI, and Helen is afraid they'll sell her out in a plea bargain.
You want us to make the criminal case against Helen Maghi go away, in exchange for her help breaking into Mount Bastion.
How do we feel about that, team? Show of hands for yes.
I am in charge here.
Okay, uh, Agent Ressler, Agent Zuma, track down the FBI team that made the arrest.
We'll start by trying to find out what kind of case they have.
You got it.
And Harold.
How is he? Not good.
He's stuck in jail with a bail he can't afford.
They cut open a shipping container right in the middle of the yard, directly in front of security cameras, and nobody saw a thing.
How did they do that? Look at the red container.
Now check it out 15 minutes later.
And after that And after that.
Who was moving it? It was moving itself slowly.
So slowly, motion cameras didn't detect it and security guards never noticed.
The heist crew was hiding inside.
They retrofit the container with hidden wheels, then crept it into position next to the stolen cargo to block security cameras.
It was brilliantly engineered, which makes sense given the woman who hired them.
Helen Maghi.
Now, our intel says that she was hired by the crew, uh, as a consultant.
Someone is playing you.
The crew we're talking about are high school dropouts.
What did they steal? Six crates of RPGs.
According to our suspects, Maghi made plans to ship them to separatist forces in Kazban.
To put it simply, she's arming terrorists.
Homan? I don't know who that is.
Our friend with the hat.
He posted bail? All $300,000.
Once payment goes through, you can go home.
Have you spoken to the prosecutor about a deal? A deal? A deal for what? She says she'll take two years if you plead guilty to conspiracy.
No! Char, it's 15 if I go to trial.
But you were framed.
And to find out why I tampered with evidence and witnesses and let you lie to create my alibi.
You were right, I have to make this right for Agnes.
A deal is the best way to do that.
So, Harold, tell her we're good? On one condition.
I won't testify against Lew.
He wouldn't cut a deal to hurt me, and I won't cut one that hurts him.
Go ahead, read the results.
I'm not trying to read anything.
I'm trying to remember.
I miss Mierce.
Is it done? Well, we spoke to the Bureau about the heist crew you say hired her.
Only, uh, they say she hired them and that, uh, she's a terrorist.
While dramatic statements are effective attention grabbers, overstatement merely serves to try your listener's patience.
I'm not being dramatic.
Or maybe I am, because, well, stealing RPGs to arm extremists in Kazban is, well, pretty dramatic, and apparently what she did.
We need the FBI to lose interest in Helen Maghi.
It's the only way for us to obtain information we need to avenge Elizabeth and free Harold.
You asked us to look into Maghi's claims, and we did.
And now I'm asking you to do the same, respectfully.
Please? Another word of advice, moral relativism.
That's two words.
Yes, but one piece of advice.
Did you lie to me, Helen? Fresh intel says you've been arming the separatists in a war-torn country, putting innocent civilians at risk.
And you know me better than that.
I do.
But my best contact in law enforcement has replaced by a conscience with ears, so I am unable at present to wave your federal troubles away.
Then we have little to discuss.
On the other hand, I could make you disappear.
I'm sorry.
Is that a threat? What I'm offering is a gift.
While I can't stop the FBI from looking for you, I can certainly make sure they never find you.
New papers, private estates.
Reflexologist on call, day and night.
I prefer shiatsu.
If I just help you break into the mountain fortress I designed.
There must be something quite valuable hidden inside that vault.
I hope so, Helen.
I really do.
Can I help? I got it.
I insist.
What are you doing? Taking this back where it belongs.
Raymond gave us a case that can help find the person who framed you.
He's the one who should be on trial right now, not you.
I'm not On trial.
I agreed to plead guilty.
Wait, what? No.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You can't because, um, you're not.
But I am, and finding the person who set me up won't change that.
Two years.
With good behavior, maybe 18 months.
Then it's over.
Unfortunately, so is my career, so thank you, but I'll take the box where it belongs.
Ah, Harold.
Hello, Mr.
Thank you for my bail.
I'll repay it.
I'm not sure how or when.
Harold, the deal, your plea to fall on your all-too-honorable sword, have you told Agnes about it? Have I told her her life is being upended again? No.
Of everything that's happening, that's the thing I dread the most.
Then don't.
You want to repay me for bailing you out Say nothing.
I can't protect her from this.
No, but perhaps I can.
Then you have my word.
And my curiosity.
All I need is your patience.
Helen Maghi denies arming terrorists.
Do you know a lot of people who would admit to arming terrorists? I do, yes.
I also enjoy that degree of honesty with Helen Maghi.
A fact I only mention to put your righteous mind at ease about working with her.
I can't make the heist crew's testimony go away.
She She will be indicted.
Yes, wheels of justice and all that.
Terrible metaphor, really.
Wheels turn, justice sits.
Nonetheless, Helen has agreed to help us break into Mount Bastion.
How did you make her agree? The only relevant question is, will you agree to help? You do know that's your chair now, right? Go on, it won't bite.
Uh This feels wrong.
Well, I'm sure there's a knob underneath you can adjust.
Not the chair.
Oh, well, give it time.
You'll do fine.
No, I don't mean the job.
I mean the case.
Despite what Maghi told you, I have solid intel that Kazban rebels are expecting a shipment of stolen RPGs from the U.
And, well, Maghi is accused of stealing RPGs, so I can't let the team work with a woman who is actively arming terrorists.
I'm right about Helen Maghi.
You need to trust me on that and move on with this case.
If for no other reason than if you don't, Harold will never be able to reclaim that seat.
Mount Bastion.
How do we get in? My contract with Mount Bastion was to engineer impenetrable storage vaults inside a mountain with one heavily fortified way in and out.
To hide its existence from the outside world, the entire facility had to remain unconnected to the municipal power grid.
So to stay off the grid, Maghi built her own geothermal power station inside the mountain, but this created a hidden vulnerability 'cause the system needs a constant supply of circulating water to dissipate the thermal load.
That water is piped in underground from a nearby lake.
If anything happens to that water supply, the entire system, including security, will overheat and shut down.
So Maghi provided us with GPS coordinates of an emergency valve hidden on the mountainside.
Once Mr.
Reddington and Agent Zuma are inside the mountain, you two need to close the valve and cut the water supply.
How do Red and Dembe get inside Mount Bastion? I thought the place was like Fort Knox.
Turns out Mr.
Reddington has a vault of his own there, and, as his former bodyguard, Dembe has security clearance, too.
This should the enable the both of them to clear the three levels of biometric scanners, and from there, it is 30 floors down to the subterranean vaults.
But, as you know, the guard will escort you to your private vault, so you have to go there first.
By the time you reach the vault, your support team needs to be in position.
Mount Bastion keeps the water valve under tight watch with two guards.
Now, you'll relieve them just before their shift ends, which gives us a short window before the real guards arrive.
Hey, guys.
We got it from here.
You're early.
We still got a half-hour left on our shift.
This is our first assignment on the mountain.
Didn't want to be late.
Be our guest.
When you get the signal, you need to find this high-pressure water valve and turn it off quickly.
Without water for cooling, the power system will immediately shut down and switch to auxiliary power.
When that happens, the guards are ordered to lock clients into their vaults to keep them safe and then report to the perimeter to provide security for the facility.
At that point, the Mount Bastion controller will call Maghi, the systems designer, to figure out what the problem is.
Hello? Helen, it's Terry.
We have a Tier One problem on the mountain.
Send me a remote access code, and I'll take care of it.
All right.
I have surveillance running on an endless loop.
How long do we have? You have six minutes to get to the other vault and back.
After that, the system reboots, and it's shoot to kill.
I'm sorry, I wish I could give you more time.
You've given us enough.
- I hope.
- Go now.
It can't be.
But somehow it is.
We put it in a safe in Tivat.
Only two people could open it.
And neither of us did.
If it wasn't you or Elizabeth, then who did? And how? This was her future.
What she needed to succeed.
She would've been great.
Stronger than me.
You have 30 seconds.
We have to go, Raymond.
It's time.
Nothing serious, I trust? Not at all.
A venting issue, but we have the all clear.
And we have what we came for.
Well, it sounds like a win-win.
You got what you wanted, and I got a new contract to retrofit the geothermal piping that caused the shutdown.
A contract you'll be undertaking in a new life from an undisclosed location of your choosing.
Oh, I've chosen.
The Villa Peduzzi on Lake Como.
A stone's throw from Clooney.
Aram asked me to text him when we're in the air.
If you see him, please remind him he still owes me a case of tequila for our wager on the Palio di Siena.
Tac Ops, initiate takedown.
FBI! Hands up.
Hands where we can see them! - No, no, dear.
- Don't move.
- No need to die on my behalf.
- Don't move.
- Back, please.
- Not today.
Thank you, Walter.
Pancakes are not a snack food.
According to whom? I think everyone.
Well, "everyone" hasn't tasted my pancakes.
Let's see.
A little butter.
That's a little-and-a-half.
And a little-and-a-half of syrup.
Go on, sink your fangs into that and tell me it isn't amazing.
Hello? Harold, we have to talk.
It's about Lew.
What happened? Is he all right? He's fine.
You're not.
You agreed to testify against me? You shouldn't be here.
I would never sell you out, never.
I was planning to do jail time to protect you, two years.
Now the D.
won't offer me less than five.
Well, I'm sorry, but I wasn't prepared to go to jail, okay? I got two teenage boys who need their father.
You should have thought about them before you altered the barrel of my service weapon.
I did that to help you! I never asked you to.
You made that decision on your own.
You decided to tamper with evidence.
You're my friend, and this breaks my heart.
But I've got a family I've got to look out for.
So do I.
And thanks to you, I'm not gonna be able to.
We broke into a mountain fortress for a box of homemade DVDs? That's it? That's all that was in the vault? What was recorded on them? They are a series of instructions recorded by Raymond for Elizabeth and advice on how to run his empire after he died.
A master class on how to become a criminal.
And to think I signed up for a mixology class.
Why would Reggie Cole steal them? I mean, what good did they do him? And where did he steal them from? Those are good questions, and Raymond can't answer a single one.
Well, you all did good work on the mountain.
Reddington got what he was after, and so did we.
What did we get? Helen Maghi, our Blacklister.
She's in holding right now.
How? While you were all pulling off the heist, I dispatched a van with an IMSI-catcher to intercept any mobile phone traffic emanating from the mountain.
Once the repair call went out to Maghi, it was just a matter of using her cell signal to track her location.
So when you asked me to notify you that we were in the air Yeah, that was the signal to move on the target.
You should have notified me.
I'm sorry, but I did not want to put you in Mr.
Reddington's line of fire, any of you.
It was decision, and if there's fallout, I'll take the heat.
Looks like the heat's here.
Put him on speaker.
You don't have to deal with this by yourself.
We had an agreement.
We agreed you wouldn't act on Helen unless I confirmed your intel.
It wasn't exactly an agreement.
It was more like an order.
Which you disregarded.
Yes, I did.
Where is she? Two agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force are on their way to take her into custody.
And I was just on my way to take her into hiding, which I promised to do in exchange for her help.
I don't break my promises.
It's bad for business, mine and therefore yours.
I'm, uh, sorry, but it's done.
Harold Cooper knows when to compromise, and he knows it isn't immoral because he accepts moral relativism.
Clearly you do not, which is a problem because I can't work with you until you do.
Then remove me as head of the task force, please.
I am aging in dog years here.
But I urge to use whatever you learned on Mount Bastion to help us find Elizabeth's killer and prevent Mr.
Cooper from going to prison.
Helen first.
Helen is going to prison, which, I am sorry, isn't about moral relativism.
It is about doing what's right.
Clearly you do not see that, which is also a problem because I can't work with you until you do Sir.
You don't have to knock.
Took a lot of, uh, balls to do what you did yesterday.
For which I assume we will all pay a painfully stiff price.
You gave him what he wanted, but without compromising your principles.
Thanks for the pep talk.
You're welcome, but that's not why I came up.
The, uh, agents from JTTF are here to transfer Maghi over to Central Detention.
Agent Mojtabai.
You're here for the prisoner? We are.
Agents McCoy and McConaughey, JTTF.
I've reviewed their paperwork.
Everything's in order.
Park's bringing out Maghi.
Just a little heads up on the transfer, fellas We have it on good authority that Raymond Reddington wants to spring Maghi loose.
The Raymond Reddington? Thanks for the tip.
She's all yours.
Well, well, well.
After all these years.
You got a lot to answer for.
Can't wait for our chat.
You'll chat with my lawyer.
I trust everything is in order? Very good.
I'll meet you in a half-hour.
I got the information you wanted about your lady friend.
I don't know if we need to worry about that anymore, Weecha.
Too late.
I already got to the bottom of it.
Oh, my.
And whom exactly did you get to the bottom of? This is Mehmet.
He received the cargo from the shipping container job Helen engineered.
Well, hello, Mehmet.
So you know what was stolen and where it went? Tell me.
Agent Aronson.
How can I help you? Helen Maghi's a big fish, and we all reeled her in together.
I didn't want to miss this.
These gentlemen are with the Joint Terrorism Task Force.
They'll be taking Maghi into custody.
The JTTF was already here.
They took Maghi half an hour ago.
Agents McCoy and McConaughey.
We are Agents McCoy and McConaughey.
He didn't.
He couldn't.
He did.
Raymond? What's going on? Who are these men? Imposters.
My imposters, to be precise.
I told you, Helen, you had nothing to worry about from the FBI.
Please, sit.
I just had a very interesting conversation with a young man.
I believe you know him.
Mehmet? Well, he knows you anyway.
He says you sold him six crates of heavy artillery that you stole from the Port of Virginia, which are now on their way to a group of extremists in some faraway desert.
I didn't do it for money, if that's what you're thinking.
I'm thinking about survival.
My survival depends on relationships.
I'm gutted you've poisoned ours.
You lied to me.
Why? My son.
They killed my son.
Beheaded him.
He was an aid worker in Kazban, providing food and shelter for people with none, but the state heard a rumor he was a rebel, so They cut off his head.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
I wish you'd shared this painful story from the start.
We're not going to Italy, are we? You've proven you can't be trusted.
And you know much too much.
If you were in my shoes, what would you do? What would you do if you were in mine? If someone butchered your only child for no good reason? I'm willing to bet that you would stop at nothing to scorch the very earth they walk on.
That may be.
But if I were you and you were me I would never, ever lie to you.
Take her to Como, see to her needs.
I need to talk to you, honey.
Did I do something wrong? No, I did.
I did something very wrong.
I lied to a police detective.
I thought I was doing it for a good reason, to protect my family from getting hurt, but I learned something.
I learned there's never a good reason to tell a lie.
Well, that's okay.
At least you learned, right? That's what you always tell me.
Well, the reason we teach children when they are children is because when you're an adult, there can be serious consequences for bad behavior.
And now I have to pay for mine.
Really? In the Senate parking garage you send two guys to "give me a lift"? You're the fox in the henhouse, and I'm the sheepdog, which is not a good look.
Harold is scheduled for sentencing this afternoon.
He's pleading to five years he doesn't deserve.
I'd help him if I could.
If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, oh, what a Christmas we'd have.
You're not a sheepdog, Cynthia.
You're Santa Claus.
And you're not going to give Harold coal.
Harold is clenched firmly in the jaws of the legal system.
There is no path forward here but to let it play out.
Now if you don't mind, I'll just be going.
"Otherwise Illegal Activity.
" Excuse me? A federal agent, usually undercover, fills out an application that, when approved, authorizes him or her to bend laws with almost no judicial review or oversight, all to catch a criminal.
Harold was operating with no such authorization.
But he was chasing a killer who murdered Doug Koster and framed Harold to gain leverage over him.
How hard could it be to backdate one of those fancy forms to explain his actions? As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I won't participate in a cover-up.
If Harold had nothing to hide, he shouldn't have hidden.
Agreed, but he did.
Cynthia, to spare our loved ones from pain and to get to the truth, who among us wouldn't abandon a few of our firmest principles, like rats from a sinking ship? I'm sorry you have such a dark view of humanity, Raymond, but not all of us would compromise our ethics so willingly.
Is that a fact? You seem ill at ease.
Yes, well There is a line I have studiously avoided crossing in my career, until now.
That terrible sound came from a woman you brought to me two weeks ago to interrogate for information.
You recorded that? She'd harmed your daughter-in-law, who was harming your granddaughter.
I wonder how that recording would play for your judiciary committee.
I thought you were trying to help me.
I did help you.
And now you can help me.
Or Harold, to be precise.
You son of a bitch.
Okay, but then again, you didn't know my father.
It's time.
It'll be okay.
I'm not gonna let you go.
You don't have to.
I'm never gonna let go of you.
But you do have to let me leave.
I'll see who that is.
You get your things and then we'll go.
I'm gonna call you every day, okay? I am not going to let you go.
Cynthia, what do you want? Reddington paid me a visit today.
If it's all the same to you, I really don't want to hear about Reddington right now.
Oh, I think you're gonna want to hear this.
What are you doing here? We were just on our way to your sentencing hearing.
Panabaker got it postponed.
One month.
To allow me time to finish investigating.
Why did the senator change her mind? I don't have the details, but I know Reddington got involved.
Does that mean you're back? Please tell me you're back.
I'm back.
You're back.
You're back! Oh, Mr.
Cooper! Mr.
Cooper's back.
I could kiss you.
You know what? I will kiss you.
You don't understand.
The office, the title, the headaches, they are all yours.
I tried to make you proud.
I stood up to Mr.
I showed the courage of my convictions.
And then he sent two fake JTTF agents who trampled all over them.
My convictions and me.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm back only as an agent.
Unless and until we can figure out who set me up, you're still the boss.
Uh, okay, but, uh, you can just tell me what to do, and I'll pretend to boss you into doing it.
Now I just need to show results.
Don't worry.
This time you won't be working alone.
We're gonna find your blackmailer, all of us.
There is no more peaceful sound than the quiet of a home with a family tucked safely under the covers and fast asleep.
I envy you, Harold.
I'm not sure how safe anyone is with you in the house.
I'm a guardian angel and an angel of death, all rolled into one fiercely protective package.
Thank you, for the look I saw on Agnes' face when I told her.
Now we have a month to figure this out.
I came here tonight to tell you that from now on, I won't be working with the rest of the task force on this case or any other.
He leaves me no choice.
I don't trust him.
That's ironic, because you won't find a more trustworthy soul on this planet.
Then he has you fooled, Harold.
Because he deceived me.
The sort of deceit that gets people killed.
Was it? Or did he give you a taste of what you give us and you didn't like it Any more than we do? I have to operate the way I do.
I give, but I get.
And nine times out of 10, my get is the very thing that enables me to give you what you need.
And as I explained to Aram today, that's why we need to trust you, even when you're not forthcoming with us.
For our team to work, one side needs to adhere to rules, be held accountable.
That's our role as FBI agents.
I forgot that myself, nearly went to jail for it.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
I won't if you won't be too hard on Aram.
Give him another chance.
He's new to the job, he'll learn.
He's also my boss, so I have to back him.
We'll see.
I'll consider your words.
Well, when you're done considering, turn off the light, lock the door behind you.
Good night, Raymond.
Good night, Harold.

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