The Blacklist s09e18 Episode Script

Laszlo Jankowics (No. 180)

Come on, Raymond.
You really think Kate Kaplan is alive? I don't know, Marvin.
I never had divers recover her body.
She chose the Potomac as her final resting place, and I chose to respect her wishes.
I loved you, Raymond.
Kate! So it's possible she survived.
And what? Surfaced downriver and somehow got help without us knowing and waited years for just the right moment to exact her revenge? I'll tell you this, Marvin Kate loved Elizabeth.
She helped to raise her.
There is not a chance she sent Vandyke to kill her.
So maybe she sent him to kill you.
She didn't know about Townsend's wish for me to watch Elizabeth die.
So she couldn't have known Vandyke would kill Elizabeth first.
If it's Kate, we'll find her.
She's good, but we're better.
I'm not in D.
I'm God knows where I am.
Weecha and I are on our way to West Virginia.
Maureen Rowan lives there.
Kate's sister? I thought she was in witness protection.
She is.
Living under an alias in a little town called Silver Glade.
If Kate's been alive all these years, it's possible Maureen would know.
I should've called.
You should have.
But I wouldn't have answered, mostly because I don't have a phone.
What a lovely place.
You've done all this yourself? I'm designing my own retirement plan.
One day, I'm gonna build a gazebo out here and just sit.
Why wait? You should do it now.
Mm, right now, it's a little out of my price range.
Oh, it's been a while, Raymond.
Last time we saw each other was the day you came to tell me my sister had passed.
I wish I could have told you more about the circumstances.
I don't.
Kate and I never spoke about her work.
But I always thought it was kind of you to let me know she was gone.
That's why I've come, actually.
I can't be certain, but it's possible my condolences were premature.
I never asked about how Kate died.
I assumed you made arrangements for her remains.
Her body was never recovered.
I see.
And this associate of yours, the one who claims he saw her, you believe him? I believe he thinks he saw her.
But that may be what someone wanted him to think.
You do remind me of her.
Of better times.
If Kate is alive, she's been in hiding for a while, and it's likely that she's in some trouble.
If you've had any contact I don't understand.
If she's in trouble, wouldn't you be the first person she'd reach out to? So you haven't heard from her? That's no surprise.
Kate and I were close, in our way, but she would never come to me for help.
What about the woman, you know, the one Kate was seeing around the time she supposedly died? Kate was seeing someone? Well, I only know this because you weren't the only visitor then.
A woman came to meet me and to pay her respects.
Clara Moore was her name.
She worked with Kate.
Said Kate had taught her everything, like a mentor.
It was clear they'd been in a relationship and she loved my sister very much.
If you could find her, she might know something.
Clara Moore.
That's very helpful.
I've been waiting for this day for a long time.
Psilocybin, ketamine, LSD, MDMA.
For the first time, mainstream medical institutions are taking a long, hard look at the healthcare benefits of psychedelics.
Major universities in this country and around the world are studying these drugs and how they can help patients.
You can just leave it.
No can do.
I need a signature.
This is our moment.
As we speak, venture capitalists are spending billions of legitimate dollars on companies that make and sell mind-altering drugs.
I want our share.
Hell, I want more than our share.
We are the future of healthcare! One day, you're gonna look back on this day, and you're gonna tell your grandchildren you were there.
I warned you.
Did you really think I would let you set up shop in my city? Oroszlan, there's no time.
Always glad to see you, Raymond.
But I have to admit, I was hoping you'd give this next new case to Aram.
He's in charge of the task force now.
Have you thought any more about giving him another chance? I have, and I'm sorry, Harold.
I just don't trust him.
He's simply Wound too tight.
When I left the office last night, he was agonizing over this year's annual review.
He has to fill out a report on all the agents under his command.
I must say, it's got him pretty stressed out.
I wonder if he'd consider therapy, specifically guided therapy aided by psychedelics.
Properly applied, I find LSD to be helpful in dark times and a blast in good times.
Nothing loosens a tight sphincter like a good eight-hour acid trip.
LSD is illegal.
Well, it doesn't have to be LSD.
Ketamine, psilocybin.
The point is, there's new interest in these drugs.
It's been almost 60 years since Harvard University fired Timothy Leary.
Now even Harvard's studying the health benefits of the drugs he so famously touted.
That's good news.
It is, for everyone except the criminals who still make a living selling these drugs, criminals like Laszlo Jankowics.
Why do I know that name? Because his father, Marko, was once on the Blacklist.
He used to be one the world's biggest LSD distributors.
Until Agent Ressler killed him.
But as dangerous as Marko was, I'm afraid his son, Laszlo, is even more unhinged.
This morning? Six homicides? Reddington thinks that this Laszlo just gunned them down in their chairs? It's nine, actually, including the guards and receptionist.
This happened just because he didn't want a legitimate company trying to make these drugs legally? Could that really be the only motive? Who in their right mind would kill nine people for that? Well, that's the thing.
Apparently, he's not in his right mind.
Laszlo's known for being addicted to his own product, a liquid form of LSD.
And when abused, LSD can do some pretty serious damage to the brain.
In some cases, your hallucinations can become permanent.
Reddington says they call him Oroszlan.
That's the Hungarian word for lion.
Because he thinks he's the king of the jungle? No, because he thinks a fully grown African lion goes wherever he goes.
Oroszlan, we're running low on product.
We need to make new arrangements.
I already have.
The Phan organization has sent a shipment.
It's arriving at the port today.
Today? Oroszlan, the port is not safe.
Why would you take such an unnecessary risk? But it is necessary.
We need product to stay in business.
So, this Laszlo Jankowics is the next name on the Blacklist? Correct.
That's who Reddington wants us to find.
Why? We're looking for whoever orchestrated Elizabeth's death, the same person who's been blackmailing you.
What's the connection to this Oroszlan? I don't know.
Reddington just said it was important.
To us or to him? Agent Ressler.
Look, I, um I know it's weird that I'm, like, the boss or whatever, but, uh, please just let me know if you're gonna be late.
That was my fault.
You all know Agent Ressler and I have been investigating Reggie Cole and Tyson Lacroix.
I asked Agent Ressler to apply for a warrant to search Lacroix's home office.
And that request was approved by Judge Perez 20 minutes ago.
Good news.
Aram, if it's okay with you, Agent Ressler and I would like to execute the search warrant.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, yes, that is perfect.
Agent Park, Agent Zuma, we have an active crime scene at Virtual Horizons Lab.
Why don't you two head on over there? Good.
Don't worry about me.
I'm just gonna be filling out a thousand pages of paperwork, judging you all for the Bureau.
Avery, thank you for speaking with me.
I know how difficult this I have to tell the families.
These people, my staff, they had wives, husbands, children.
The Bureau can help with that.
Right now, I would like to focus on the company meeting you had this morning.
We just started.
Today was our first day in our brand-new lab.
You're a chemist.
Is that right? I have a degree in neurochemistry, yes, but I consider myself a medical futurist.
My work is about advancing healthcare, improving lives.
By manufacturing psychedelic drugs? By studying them.
And, yes, maybe one day selling them.
The problem is, some people already sell them, and they don't want any competition.
Is that why this happened? The Bureau is aware of a criminal organization that sells illegal psychedelics.
We think they were sending you a message.
By murdering my entire staff? How many gunmen were there? I don't know.
Avery, you were the only survivor.
I'm sure you're scared, but if there's anything you saw, anyone No, I wish I had.
When I heard the shots, I immediately ran.
I was hiding in that room, so I never saw their faces.
Agent Zuma.
Sorry to interrupt.
You should see this.
Excuse me.
Caught a break.
You're looking at acrylic plexiglass.
It's over 3.
5 inches thick.
It's installed to weather an accidental chemical explosion.
But today, it functioned as bulletproof glass.
The slug never fragmented.
Let's pull it and run it for ballistics and latent prints.
I don't understand.
Why is any of this necessary? Mrs.
Lacroix, you've seen the warrant.
Please stand aside.
Let us do our jobs.
Your jobs? My husband was murdered.
It's your job to find and arrest his killer.
That's exactly what we're trying to do.
By seizing my husband's files? He's the victim.
You're acting like he was a criminal.
I'm sorry, but we're here because Tyson, whether he knew it or not, was connected to a criminal conspiracy.
Conspir What kind of I can't discuss our evidence.
With one exception.
This man, you ever seen him before? His name was Reginald Cole.
I don't know who that is.
But I knew my husband, and you're wrong.
He was a good man and an honest lawyer.
We're almost done.
We'll be out of here within the hour.
Check this out.
Lacroix and Cole weren't just lawyer and client, they were working together.
Makes sense.
It's not unusual for a civil attorney to have a private eye on the payroll.
What is unusual is what Cole was hired to do.
He was keeping around-the-clock surveillance on Stanford March.
The tech executive? Sent Lacroix a full dossier.
Photos, itinerary, a detailed list of his known assets.
What are you thinking? I'm thinking where's the case? Lacroix never filed an actual suit against March.
Maybe he was planning to but didn't get the chance.
Maybe, or maybe that was never part of the plan.
Cole was blackmailing you.
What if he and Lacroix were doing the same thing to others? Let's go see if Mr.
March can enlighten us.
Good news.
We got a latent print off a slug recovered at Virtual Horizons Lab.
Print comes back to a three-time felon named Sebastian Graham.
What's a three-time felon doing out where he can kill people? He's on parole for a weapons charge.
Felon in possession of a firearm.
We talked to his parole officer, and she's calling him in for a meeting.
When he shows, we'll bring him in.
Sounds good.
Um Keep me posted.
Hey, I need a sec.
What's up? That's the annual review paperwork, right? Unfortunately.
You do mine yet? Because if you haven't, I was hoping to talk to you first.
You know, give you an update about my condition before you report it to Main Justice.
Yeah, I was kind of gearing up to ask you about your headaches.
They're so much better.
In fact, you may not really even have to even mention them.
If they're still happening They're not, not really.
I mean, once in a great while, but nothing like before.
Now something needs to trigger them, like an extremely bright light or super-loud noise.
I'm not asking you not to mention them.
I-I realize that would be improper.
But if you didn't feel the need to Look, I love this job.
You know how much I love being in the field.
I'm afraid if they see it, they'll sit me down, and I can't handle that.
So We're good, then? I'm not sure I-I can leave it out entirely.
But I guess I need to think about it.
But I will.
Think about it.
Oh, Raymond, you didn't have to.
I often do what I have to, Maureen, but this I did because I wanted to.
The instant you told me about the gazebo, I knew I'd be back to see it happen.
Is it a thank-you? Does that mean you found Clara Moore, the woman I told you about? Not yet, but I have some of my sharpest associates working on it as we speak.
And I thought, while I wait, we could spend a little more time together.
I really do remind you of her, don't I? Yes.
We really are very different, you know.
It's ironic, don't you think? That I gave up a normal life to catch a criminal, and Kate gave up a normal life to become one.
I've never asked you about your decision to testify against Alexei Lagunov.
Do you regret it? I asked Kate for advice.
When I saw those men moving that man's body, I asked her what I should do.
And she said, "Do nothing.
" Not because she was afraid for me but because she really didn't believe it was any of my business.
I remember hanging up the phone knowing I was going to call the police.
Why? Probably because she told me not to.
I didn't answer your question.
Do I regret it? I did, for a long time.
Kate wasn't the only one with dreams of a bigger life, excitement.
I wanted to travel, told my mother I'd become the youngest curator in the history of the Metropolitan Museum.
All of that changed when I took the stand.
But I've come to enjoy the quiet.
I work part-time at a bookstore in town.
I'm on the board of the Silver Glade Public Library.
I have my garden.
I think I've redefined what I consider excitement.
This life has been plenty big for me.
And I'm content.
Somebody want to tell me what this is about? Who are you people? I need to get home.
I think you know what this is about, Mr.
You left your print at Virtual Horizons.
I read your sheet.
Plenty of warning signs, but nine homicides? That's next level, even for you.
How do I know this is real? You'll know when the judge admits it at your trial.
We know you work for Laszlo Jankowics.
I don't know who that is.
You call him Oroszlan.
Where can we find him? Where can you find a Hungarian lion? Try the Budapest Zoo.
You're going to prison.
There's no need to protect him now.
Protect him? Look.
I don't know the man, but I know his reputation.
You want to talk about next level? From what I hear, he's done so much acid that his brain is permanently damaged.
He'd order your death and then forget about it the second he said the words.
Oroszlan's the reason you're here.
Unless it was your idea to shoot up a room full of innocent people.
Well, they weren't all innocent.
What does that mean? If you know about Oroszlan, then you know that he inherited his organization from his father.
Sarkany built an empire, but he didn't do it alone.
He had a partner.
A chemist who knew how to turn the ingredients Sarkany got from Eastern Europe into product.
Wallace Avery.
He tried walking away.
All this talk about people spending billions to develop the same drugs he'd been making for years? He cut Oroszlan out.
Figured he had the experience and the degrees to go legit.
I won't help you get Oroszlan.
But Wallace Avery can go to hell.
We haven't found Jankowics, but the key to that may be a chemist named Wallace Avery.
Jankowics targeted Virtual Horizon because Avery used to work for him, but then he made a play on his own.
How can I help? We sent units to his address, but he already cleared out.
He knows Laszlo won't stop looking until he's dead, so he's probably in hiding.
I was thinking maybe Rogelio could find him.
Send me the details, and I'll reach out right away.
You're insane.
And you're a dead man walking.
My people say you've cleared out of your apartment.
What do you think my dad would have done to you, Wallace? What would he want me to do? He owns a laundry business, but in reality, he's the architect of one of the best intelligence networks in existence, an army of bellhops, busboys, waiters, waitresses, housekeepers.
Rogelio took people who often go unseen and fused them into one, great, all-seeing eye.
Rogelio! Thank you for coming.
Mi amigo, I have to hurry.
I told you, I have an appointment.
Yes, but perhaps you could reschedule.
Something's come up.
Reschedule? No.
Oh, impossible.
I didn't tell you, but I applied for my citizenship.
Ah, after 20 years of living in this country, I'm finally gonna be a naturalized American.
My word.
Yeah, my Civics interview's in two hours.
I waited over a year for a time.
I'm studying 120 questions on American history and government.
And how many questions will they actually ask you? Only 20, but I won't know which ones.
I have to get 12 right to pass.
I see.
I've never been much for pledges of allegiance, particularly when it comes to governments, but I respect and honor your decision.
Two hours, you said? Until the test.
I'm going to my sister's to study.
I'll tell you what.
There's a man I need you to find.
We think he's holed up here in D.
No, I can't.
Hear me out.
I'll give you the details, you reach out to your network, and while we wait, I'll help you study.
March, thanks for taking the time.
Your assistant made it clear your agenda was full.
And you made it clear you didn't care.
Here I am.
How can I help the FBI? We're investigating two suspects.
Two recent murder victims we think you may be aware of.
I'm confused.
Were they suspects or victims? Both.
An attorney named Tyson Lacroix and a private investigator named Reginald Cole.
Lacroix and Cole are dead? So you knew them? Mr.
March, we'll cut right to it.
We have evidence that Reggie Cole was engaged in blackmail, and we think that Tyson Lacroix may also have been involved.
Now, your name came up as someone they may have been targeting.
I always thought blackmail meant paying someone to stop them from revealing something that you did.
This was more like extortion.
I had some trouble recently.
A young woman who worked as a nanny for my son made some accusations.
What type of accusations? Sexual assault.
Look, I have no interest in rehashing her claims.
Bottom line, she went to the police, filed a complaint, but no charges were ever filed, so I thought that was the end of it until Lacroix showed up with his investigator and said he represented the woman.
He wanted money, or else he'd file a lawsuit? That's right.
And as you know, burden in a civil trial, lot lower than a criminal one.
Did you reach a settlement? Confidential one.
Million five, which I only paid to spare my family.
You two look like you know your business.
I'm sure you don't need my advice.
We're listening.
I'm not a detective, but in my business, most mysteries get solved if I do one key thing.
And what's that? Follow the money.
Okay, now concentrate.
I'm picking up the pace.
What founding document was written in 1787? The U.
How many amendments does the Constitution have? Twenty seven? Are you asking me? Twenty-seven.
Final answer.
The first 10 amendments are known as - The Bill of Rights.
- You're crushing this.
Take a break, have some water, check the network.
Nothing yet, but we'll find him.
One hour left.
Keep going.
Name the three branches of government.
Executive, judicial, mm Rogelio, we just went over this.
Yeah, I know.
I know this one.
- They write the laws.
- I know, it's the people, the Congress, the I know.
Okay, pass.
We'll come back to it.
Name one writer of The Federalist Papers.
Big Lou just bought a beach house in Margate because Because he made a boatload of cash scalping tickets to Hamilton.
Boom! Why is it important to pay federal taxes? Ugh.
Don't answer that.
I'm getting a little carsick.
Ooh, I told you.
We found him.
Your boy Wallace Avery's in a motel by the airport.
Clarissa just brought him some towels.
Clarissa just made 10 grand.
- Let me write down the address for you.
- Here.
I can't thank you enough, Rogelio.
Good luck today.
That was the third branch.
You see? You've got this! Let me know how it goes.
So, what now? Tell the task force where to find Avery? Actually, I have another idea in mind.
Any sign of Oroszlan? Who are you? What are you doing here? You're a very popular fellow, Wallace.
You already know Laszlo Jankowics is looking for you.
Unfortunately, the FBI is, too.
They know you and Laszlo used to work together.
Oroszlan sent you to kill me.
No, no, nothing like that.
In fact, I'd rather not get involved in the little dispute you two are having.
But I do need to find someone, a woman you may know named Clara Moore.
You're looking for Clara? You do know her.
My sources tell me she works exclusively for Laszlo, but we're having a devil of a time trying to find her.
You won't.
Only Oroszlan knows how to reach Clara.
And why is that? He's psychotic.
And paranoid.
And she literally knows where all the bodies are buried.
I see.
Well, that changes things.
I'm sorry, Wallace, but it seems I'll have to involve myself in your dispute after all.
What do you mean? Well, if Laszlo is the only one who knows how to reach Clara Moore, I'll have to give him a good reason to do just that.
What if Laszlo didn't get the message? Patience, Weecha.
Just him.
Oh, oh.
Raymond Reddington.
I always hoped we'd meet.
We did meet.
I was introduced to your father once on a yacht in Monte Carlo years ago.
You were with him.
I'm sure you don't remember.
You were just a boy at the time.
I was surprised to get your call.
Why would a man like you want to do me a favor? No favors, just business.
When I heard you were down a chemist, it occurred to me you may be running low on product.
Am I right? I made arrangements.
The Phan cartel sent a shipment.
Should get into the port of D.
Ask around.
Port security's a specialty of mine.
In the future, I'd be willing to guarantee safe transport For the right price, of course.
Now I know why they call you the concierge of crime.
Do they? Well, I'm a problem-solver.
Like Wallace here.
Your people have been all over town looking for him.
Well, here he is, a good-faith gesture to get our dealings off on the right foot.
Oroszlan, please, you can't.
He kills people! My staff! He's a monster! I said quiet.
You can't hand me over to him! - Oh, for God's sake.
- He's a killer Oh! Hey.
You're not gonna believe this.
I just got off the phone with Susan Powell, the woman who accused March of assault.
She's never even heard of Tyson Lacroix or Reginald Cole.
Say that again? Lacroix wasn't her lawyer.
He went to March claiming to represent her.
He negotiated a settlement for a million and a half.
They've never even met.
So it was just a scam.
Just a scam? This is brilliant.
I mean, Cole found the cases, complaints made by victims that didn't result in criminal charges.
Now all Lacroix had to do was claim to represent the victims and then negotiate deals.
It's meaningless.
It's inspired.
I mean, I don't know how I've never even heard of Donald! I get that you appreciate the ingenuity, but how does this keep me out of prison? Panabaker was very clear.
My best chance to avoid prosecution is to give Main Justice something big.
The truth behind a major conspiracy that caused Elizabeth's death and my blackmail.
Look, we're trying.
Yeah, but what if we're wasting our time? What if none of this is connected to the bigger picture? You can't think like that.
We've just got to keep moving forward.
I can't think like that? That's easy for you to say! No, it's not, Harold! It's not easy for any of us! I can't deal with this right now.
I've gotta clear my head.
Where are you going? Home.
To see my family while I still can.
You killed him! Well, I thought you wanted him dead.
Not here! Not now! He talked to the feds this morning.
I would've found out what he told them first.
Nothing, I'm sure.
The man's hiding out in an airport motel.
If he talked to the feds, he'd be locked in a safe house.
He was my chemist.
You should've let me handle it.
- You're over-thinking this.
- Oh.
You should go.
I'll make a call, have my Cleaner here within the hour.
What? Oh, well, how was I to remember that? - What's the problem? - There's no problem.
Apparently, my best Cleaner is on a flight somewhere over the Atlantic.
She went to take care of something for me in Tel Aviv.
- Oh.
- Don't even worry about it.
I'll use a backup.
Although it occurs to me my next choice is in New York, so it may take a couple of hours.
- A couple hours? - I know.
I wonder if they do turndown service here.
I've got someone.
No, no, no, please, let me.
I think you've done enough.
I'm getting out of here, and you should do the same.
Well, if that's what you want.
I'm calling her now.
I'll look for my shell casings.
Guys Let's go.
Well done, Wallace.
Think he bought it? I do, which means you need to leave town immediately.
Weecha will arrange it.
Where am I going? How about Acapulco? You can set up shop, perhaps send us a sample or two from time to time.
Acapulco? Just a thought.
Consider your death a new lease on life.
Please excuse me.
Dembe, any luck finding our little wack-job? None.
That's why I'm calling.
I was hoping Rogelio found his former chemist.
Wallace Avery.
In the wind, I'm sure.
That said, I do have another lead.
I heard from a source that Laszlo's expecting a shipment from the Phan cartel to arrive today at the port in D.
How reliable is the source? Pretty good, I think.
And if he's right, and if you're waiting at the port, perhaps you could grab Laszlo along with the goods.
Clara Moore, welcome.
Please, come in.
You wanted to see me? Yeah.
Hey, please, come in.
Look, um I have been doing a lot of thinking, and I have decided that it is not my place to say anything about your headaches.
Uh, thank you.
Uh, well, let me finish.
See, um, the thing is, I haven't really been feeling, uh, like myself lately.
So it just feels wrong for me to be evaluating you, all of you, when I have been going through some struggles of my own.
So I have decided that you should fill out your own evaluation.
Are you serious? Very.
I trust you.
If your headaches aren't an issue, don't report them.
I'll submit what you think is best.
I suppose Cleaners have to go where the work takes them.
Although we both know what Kate Kaplan would think of a buffoon like Laszlo Jankowics.
Still, I'm sure he keeps you busy.
Say something, Clara.
You know exactly who I am, and I suspect you know exactly why I'm here.
Laszlo gave me up.
Certainly not.
Laszlo has no idea we're meeting.
Please, don't let me keep you from doing what you came here to do.
You want me to clean? Indeed.
Fortunately, it's mostly corn syrup and food coloring, and if Kate Kaplan taught you the trade, this should be a walk in the park.
Tac team stand by.
We have eyes on the shipment.
We're in position.
Nobody moves until Laszlo and his men take possession.
On your go.
Sure that's the right container? Has to be.
It originated in Jakarta where the Phan cartel has people at the port.
Manifest says it has two dozen crates of spearmint-flavored aerosol spray.
Could be liquid LSD.
Or Laszlo's a real stickler for fresh breath.
East entrance, rolling in now.
We have Laszlo plus five.
He must have a connection.
That's a port manager.
I'm told you and Kate were very close at the end.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry? You murdered her.
Okay, Clara, we've reached the end of the friendly, get-to-know-you portion of our little chat.
I'm afraid things get harder from here.
First, I didn't kill Kate Kaplan.
Fact is, she took her own life.
Second, I feel terribly about that.
Regardless of how she felt about me at the time, we'd been friends for many, many years, and I cared a great deal for Kate.
And I've had to live with the circumstances of her death ever since.
That is, until yesterday, when it came to my attention that she may not be dead after all.
Kate's alive? I wonder, was that a genuine question or just an attempt to keep her hidden? I don't know what that means.
Not that it matters.
I'd die before I'd tell you anything.
Here's an idea.
Why don't I introduce you to an associate of mine? Brimley.
- Yes.
You've heard of him.
- No.
- I'm not surprised.
- Please.
No, no, no, not to worry.
You'll love him.
He and Kate were old friends.
Wait for the hand-off.
That's all we need.
Team Leader, move in.
We're good to go.
We got movement! Two o'clock! - Laszlo's running.
- I see him.
Drop the gun! Dembe, I don't have him! I'm coming.
Which way's he moving? Alina.
Alina! Alina, are you okay? How do you feel? On the bright side, I can hear and see again.
But that would be the only bright side.
SWAT's been all over the neighborhood.
No sign of Laszlo.
Or his lion.
A round went off inside the container.
From then, I just Couldn't think.
And then the sunlight when I ran out again Your two triggers Bright lights, loud sounds.
Maybe you should let them take you to the hospital.
I've seen enough doctors.
We both know what happened and why.
Worst part? It's not about me.
I lost Laszlo.
We needed him for Cooper.
He's almost out of time.
Thanks for calling.
How is she? Okay.
You know, pretty shaken up.
And Laszlo? We lost him, but it's not over.
Dembe's got Metro P.
and half the Bureau out looking.
I went home, saw my wife, lost a vicious game of Crazy Eights to Agnes.
What I'm saying is that I took a minute to remember what's important to me.
And you, Donald, you're high on that list.
- I'm sorry for earlier.
- You don't have to say that.
Yes, I do.
I'm well aware that the trouble I'm in is trouble of my own making, trouble that's affecting everyone around me.
I'm sorry.
And if I haven't said it, thank you for doing everything you can to help me.
You'd do the same for me.
The point is, you were right.
At the moment, nothing makes sense.
Maybe this scam that Lacroix and Cole were running is meaningless, or maybe it's the key to everything.
Only way to know is to keep moving forward.
It's Reddington.
I don't have good news.
You lost Laszlo Jankowics.
How did you know? He just reached out to Marvin, asking for my help in getting out of town undetected.
Not to worry, Harold.
He won't be going anywhere.
Our little lion tamer is in for a big surprise.
It's an evening of surprises, and that one's not even in the top two.
I need to see you.
Come to the warehouse.
He has a line on Laszlo, and he wants to talk.
You want to say that again? I'd rather not.
You think Kate Kaplan's alive? I didn't say that.
I said it's come to my attention that she may be alive.
And that's why you gave us Laszlo Jankowics? To get to his Cleaner, who knows for sure? I said she may know for sure.
It's a fluid situation, which is why I asked Brimley to join us.
- Brimley's here? - He is.
I don't understand.
Kaplan survived that fall, and, what, she's been in hiding all these years? Unlikely, but unknown.
If she'd lived, she would have needed help.
The woman's name is Clara Moore.
She and Kate were very close.
I'm done, and I'm certain she's telling the truth.
What the hell is this? Like I said, it's a fluid situation.
Telling the truth about what, Teddy? Is Kate alive or not? She don't know.
Until two days ago, she thought Kate was kaput like the rest of us.
But then she got a note.
She came home.
It was in the bedroom on her night table.
And, yes, she's convinced it's Kate's handwriting.
She destroyed it, so we can't be sure.
Two days ago? That's her story.
And believe me, she's sticking to it.
According to her, the note said, uh "Clara.
I'm sorry.
"So much to explain.
"I'm hoping you'll let me try.
" That's it.
Then an address downtown, 10:00 p.
, Friday.
That's tonight.
Less than two hours from now.
So much to explain? Why now? After all this time, why reach out like that? Let's take a ride, Harold.
Who knows? Maybe I'll be reacquainted with an old friend.
Agent Park, hey.
Uh, you're here.
Is everything all right? I thought you were going home.
I'm going now.
But I wanted to get this back to you.
I know I said my headaches weren't an issue.
Alina, I am so sorry.
You don't have to worry about reporting it.
I did it myself.
It's all in there.
Are you okay? I was pretty hard on Ressler for putting the rest of us at risk with his addiction.
I may be disabled, but I'm not a hypocrite.
What if Main Justice takes you out of the field? If they don't, you should.
It's okay, Aram.
Just send it.
You believe it? Elizabeth's death, Doug Koster, that poor bartender, my blackmail.
I'm sitting here, trying to understand how or why Mr.
Kaplan could have done it all.
I've often wondered what I'd say to her if I had the chance.
And? The prospect is more overwhelming than I'd imagined.
Seeing her again? And what? What do I do if it is her, Harold? Oh, my There she is.
Oh, my God.
It really is her.
I don't know if I'm ready to do this.
You stay here.
Watch that window.
We got this.
Are you sure, Weecha? I'm sure.
We're in the stairwell, moving to the third floor.
Two down.
She had guards watching the stairwell.
Kate heard the shots.
She knows you're inside.
No, no, move, move! - Weecha.
Weecha, what's happening? - Move! We're losing transmission.
Weecha, she knows you're coming! You need to get out of there now! Go! Back, go! It's a trap! Weecha! Weecha!
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