The Blacklist s09e19 Episode Script

The Bear Mask

Okay, so, Agents Park and Zuma are reviewing security footage from around the site of the explosion.
Agent Ressler is looking for anything he can find on, uh, Reggie Cole or Lacroix, but I still need to, uh, look over the forensics report from the crime scene.
I sent you my notes on the report last night.
I'm discussing the findings with Reddington later this morning.
Right, sorry, I knew that.
Okay, so, I'll be in no later than 2:00.
If something comes up with Mr.
Reddington - call me.
- I will.
But don't worry.
Everything's under control.
We'll see you when you get in.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy.
How long have I been down? Almost four days.
Where's Morgan? I saw him walking into the room Morgan didn't make it.
I am so sorry.
Weecha, before the explosion There was the woman.
Was it Kate? I don't know.
You should rest.
We're gonna get you home as soon as we can.
How's Weecha? Tenacious.
I didn't expect her to last the first night, let alone three.
Something to drink? No, thank you.
What do you have? Forensics ran the DNA from the woman in the apartment against the sample you provided for Mr.
The fire caused by the explosion degraded the samples significantly, but there is an overlap.
As far as the M.
's concerned, it's her.
You're not convinced.
DNA evidence notwithstanding, something doesn't add up.
I have a hard time believing Mr.
Kaplan would hire Reggie Cole to kill Doug Koster in order to blackmail me.
I understand why Kate's involvement would be difficult for you to accept, Harold.
We negotiated a stay in your prosecution on the condition that you could expose a broader conspiracy.
If the one person responsible died in that building The only head left to serve to the Justice Department is mine.
You stay on Reggie Cole and his lawyer.
With any luck, you'll find a connection to Kaplan.
In the meantime, I'm gonna get a second opinion.
I've been dealing with anxiety and OCD and depression pretty much my whole life.
I've been able to manage with, um, support and therapy and medication, but lately, nothing helps.
I haven't been sleeping.
I can hardly eat, which is not like me.
I just, um I feel like I'm barely holding it together.
Would you like to set those down? Yeah, sorry.
I appreciate you bringing me in so early, by the way.
Homan was a supporter of some of my earliest research.
Any friend of his is welcome anytime they like.
You know, when I, um, first heard about psychedelic therapy, I imagined something a bit more Tie-dye and trance music? Yeah.
We get that a lot.
But the truth is, Ketamine and other psychedelic therapies are revolutionizing care for people with treatment-resistant anxiety and depression.
The treatment we're offering is experimental, but it's legal.
Any questions? What's your fish's name? What fish? His name is Frank.
- That was a joke.
- Oh.
Shall we begin? - Okay.
- The medication you will be receiving today is derived from psychoactive plants Little stick.
- Ow.
- and is delivered alongside an imidazopyridine class agonist to induce REM states.
So I'll be dreaming.
In a manner of speaking.
We'll be playing music to help you relax - throughout the treatment.
- Thanks.
But if you see something that upsets you, just try to be curious about it.
We can always reschedule if you want more time to think about it.
No, um I'm ready.
See you soon.
Good morning! Hey.
Oh! Figures! How was your appointment? Excellent.
Thank you for asking.
Well, at least one of us is in a good mood.
Some TikToker in a 6 Series rear-ended me on my way in.
His car was fine, of course.
If you need a mechanic, I know a good one.
- Fast, cheap, and reliable.
- What's the catch? He used to work for the Albanian Mafia.
I'll keep him in mind.
You know what I was thinking on the way over? We should take a trip, all of us.
Someone just tried to blow up Reddington, so, maybe next week? Yeah, obviously for the future.
I just I think we all deserve something to look forward to.
- Sounds like fun.
- Great.
If anyone needs me, I will be reviewing these upstairs.
I know, I know.
No knocking.
But Reddington called.
He's on his way in.
Sounds important.
Um, do you, uh Do you know who sent this? Beats me.
What? What is going on? Someone tripped the emergency alarm on sub-section C.
- What's wrong with that feed? - I don't know, but we have bigger problems.
Oh, my God.
We have small teams moving down multiple hallways.
Who are they? Where did they come from? I don't know, but they've taken the elevator entrance.
Cell reception's down.
We need backup now! This is Special Agent Dembe Zuma.
We are under attack.
I repeat, we are - Did they hear you? - I don't know.
Look, whoever these guys are, we need a plan.
Now! Hey, Aram! There's a phone, in the storage bay on sub-section E.
I couldn't integrate it into our comms system, because it's connected to a totally, uh, different That doesn't matter.
Okay, if Ressler and I can get there, we can call for backup.
- What should we do? - Uh, you two stay here.
Everyone, everyone, take defensive positions! Let's go.
Better make this quick.
Aram, can you hear me? Mr.
Reddington? If you want it to stop, you have to get everyone out.
Aram, we've gotta go now! - Mr.
Reddington? - Aram! Okay, okay, okay.
- Let's go! - Okay.
There! - Dembe.
- Reloading.
Eleven o'clock! Alina! No, no, no, no, no.
No! No! No! No! No! I'm sorry.
Oh, my God.
No! No! No! No! Elevator! Figures.
Alina? - You're alive.
- So it would seem.
I don't understand.
There There was an attack.
An attack? It seemed so real.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
If you'll just, um, excuse me.
Just I pulled every piece of paper I could find on your blackmailer and his lawyer, Lacroix.
Did you find anything connecting them to Mr.
Kaplan? No, but I did find the shell corporations that Lacroix used to hide the profits from their blackmail operation.
The guy had seven properties, a half dozen bank accounts, even a yacht.
Not exactly the upstanding lawyer his wife described.
You think she knows more than she was letting on? I do.
I called her office.
Her assistant said she got in 20 minutes ago.
Send me that address, and I'll meet you there.
And, Donald, thank you.
For everything.
Look, whoever's behind this, I'm keeping you out of prison.
Whatever it takes.
Ah! Ernest Glampers.
Glampers, Trout, and Pilgrim attorneys-at-law.
You have the body of Ms.
Kathryn Nemec, is that correct? I'm sorry, sir.
You're not actually You see, Ms.
Nemec was a Rosicrucian.
- A-A what? - A Rosicrucian.
A member if a small religious and cultural community whose laws demand that the bodies of the deceased are buried within 24 hours of their deaths.
- I'm sorry - You should be.
This is a copy of the complaint which I am prepared to file with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.
It asserts that by denying Ms.
Nemec's family access to her body, you and your superiors have violated their civil rights.
Now, Ms.
Nemec's family have instructed me to refrain from filing the suit, if you will simply allow me to perform the rite of "alure plurot.
" You're a "rosarian," too? By marriage.
So, if you could be so kind as to show me to Ms.
Nemec's body, you can get back to your sandwich, and we can all avoid an awful lot of unpleasantness.
What do you say? Please, lead the way.
Yeah, hi.
This is, uh, Aram Mojtabai.
I was in the office earlier today, and I-I seem to be having some kind of really, really intense deja vu, and I need to speak to Dr.
Idigbe right away.
Hello? I know, I know.
No knocking.
Reddington called.
He's on his way in.
Sounds important.
What did you just Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Okay, so, uh, I know this might sound crazy, but, um, I think we're about to be attacked.
- Attacked? By who? - I don't know.
That is what I am going to try to figure here.
I'm sorry.
Aram, what is going on? How did you know that would happen? I've seen it before.
At first, I thought it was a dream or some kind of weird deja vu We have small teams moving down multiple hallways.
On the phone, Mr.
Reddington said that to make it stop, we have to get out of the Post Office.
When did you talk to Reddington? They've taken the elevator entrance.
If I could just find us a clear path - Cell reception's down.
- We need backup now! Okay, there, there! The south-east exit! Are you guys seeing this? This is Special Agent Dembe Zuma.
We are under attack.
I repeat, we are This is a dream.
I'm still in the doctor's office.
- Aram, what is going on? - I don't know.
But there is a clear path to the south-east exit right now.
So, everyone! Aram! Okay.
I know this doesn't make any sense, but We need to get out of the Post Office.
We trust you.
We make a left out of the stairwell.
Then it's 50 yards to the exit at the end of the hall.
Aram! Thank you.
It's not working! That's not possible.
What? I don't I don't understand.
I-I wrote the security protocols myself.
To access those, you'd need military-grade hacking tools or Greylock.
They used your software to hack the system? - I don't know.
- I thought you destroyed it.
I did! We gotta fall back! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We gotta get out.
We don't have a choice! Let's go! No! Come on, we have to get out! No.
We have to get out! Hey.
Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey! Figures.
Excuse me, Mrs.
Donald Ressler, FBI.
I need you to step out of the car.
Lacroix? We're gonna need a crime scene unit.
This is Harold Cooper.
I need a crime scene unit sent to my location.
She's still warm.
Don't move.
I'm FBI.
Put your gun on the ground.
Whatever you're thinking about saying, don't.
- Aram, just slow down.
- Please just listen to me! Every time I get off that elevator, we have this same conversation, and then a few minutes later, all of you are dead, alright? This is some kind of a bad acid trip, and we're all in it? Yeah, and I am sorry about that, but what matters is that I heard Mr.
Reddington earlier, and he told me to get everyone out.
Look, I know how this must sound, but I think to make this stop, I need to get us out of the Post Office - Aram - Look, I can prove it.
You were in a car accident earlier this morning, right? Rear-ended by a guy in a 6 Series.
- How did you - But it's no big deal, because Dembe knows a mechanic who used to run guns for - The Albanians.
- The Albanians.
Look, I would love to discuss the metaphysics of all this, but any second now, they are going to come - through sub-section C - Who's coming through - sub-section C? - I don't know.
There is, like, a guy in a bear mask with, like, a bunch of mercenaries, and it's like we're in a maze.
And if I can't find a way to get us out, it's gonna start all over again.
It's It's a loop.
Aram, just breathe.
I can't watch you all die again, okay? Listen, I know you've been under a lot of pressure lately.
There's nothing wrong with taking some time The sewer.
I saw workers accessing it on my way in.
My God.
There's a mechanical room in sub-section C that runs alongside an old Water and Sewer service shaft.
We have small teams moving down multiple hallways.
They've taken the elevator entrance.
They staged in the shaft and blew through the walls.
All the other exits are locked down, so the only way out is the way they came in.
I don't understand.
I thought Mr.
Kaplan died years ago.
So did I, but the authorities weren't able to definitively determine whether the woman who died in the explosion was Kate or not, so I went to the morgue to collect a sample for you to analyze.
I don't want to keep you from your vacation, Vlad, but I have to know for sure.
I need eight hours.
Edward will be waiting for you on my jet with the engines running.
So, just assuming you're right, and this is all a hallucination, what happens if you die? - Does everything reset? - I don't know, and honestly, I'd rather not find out.
Aah! How did you Duck.
How many times have you done this? Enough.
This is how it stops.
Come on.
Go now! Come on.
Sorry, bear-face.
Not this time.
I got everyone out.
Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Figures.
The medication you will be receiving today is derived from psychoactive plants Little stick.
Wait! Mommy! Oh! Please.
This isn't real.
This isn't real.
Who are you? Oh Oh, no.
I'm you.
- Anything? - Nothing.
Guy won't say a word.
- Maybe he won't have to.
- We found confirmation of a secure payment for $25,000 on our suspect's phone.
We think it was down payment for the hit on Mrs.
Any idea who made the payment? Not yet, but it came from a numbered account which we've traced to the Hatem Trust Bank in Lebanon.
The only problem is Hatem Trust Bank closed over three years ago.
How was a payment made from an account at a shuttered bank? We're not sure, but the payment was time-stamped for the morning of the bombing, so it's possible Mr.
Kaplan was the one who made the transfer.
The timing might work, but the motive doesn't.
Why would Kaplan bother killing Mrs.
Lacroix when the plan was to kill herself? Maybe she has co-conspirators that she wanted to protect.
The only way to know for sure is to identify the owner of that account.
Contact former bank clients and employees.
We need a name.
There you go.
I'm not an invalid.
No, you're not, but you suffered a major percussive trauma and pretty severe burns, and you need to rest.
I'm tired of rest.
Remember what you told me on the Brazo Morales the night we met? Be quiet.
Go to sleep.
There you go, sweetheart.
You get the sample to Cvetko? Yes, I did.
What is it? Ah, Mierce.
Oh, I'm so glad you came.
I wasn't sure if I came to help Weecha get better.
- That's all.
- Okay.
It would be bad enough if you were the only one to suffer the consequences of your decisions.
But vengeance is like a virus In time, everyone close to you becomes afflicted.
And still, you won't stop, will you? - Mierce - Then we have nothing left to discuss.
Excuse me.
Remember junior prom? Came back from the bathroom to find Linda Beckman making out with Dominic Angelella.
You should have hit him in the face.
This isn't happening.
- You're not - Real? Oh, I think I am.
I'm part of you.
And I've been waiting a long time for this.
No point running.
Can't escape yourself.
I got 'em out Wrong.
Getting everyone out of the Post Office was a lie you made up because you can't face the truth.
And you want to know why you believed it? Because Reddington said so.
Gotta love the comforting voice of authority when you're too weak to trust yourself.
But, hey, I don't blame you.
I wouldn't trust you, either.
Nick was my friend.
- I didn't know - "I didn't know!" You know they thought you were the smart one, right? Admit it, man.
Deep down, when it really matters most, you'll always be a day late and dollar short.
I mean, if you weren't, she'd still be alive.
She was right in front of you and you were too scared to stop her.
But, hey, at least you managed to make Agnes Keen an orphan.
And then there's Samar.
Come on! You know, I don't actually know what happens when you die in here.
But the truth is, I don't really care.
Because in here or out there, I'll be waiting.
And it's only a matter of time before you realize you need me.
You know the most amazing part about all this? I can't do a thing in here that you don't want me to.
It would be sad, if it wasn't so pathetic.
God, I thought he'd never shut up.
Samar? This is just another hallucination.
Yes, and yet here I am.
You look incredible.
- You look like hell.
- Yeah.
Well, it's, um, kind of been a rough day.
Seems like it's been a rough couple of years.
If I knew all it took to see you again was a medical-grade acid trip You've been living a lie, Aram, and I couldn't sit back and watch it any longer.
- What lie? - The one you've been telling yourself since I went into the water.
The one you repeated when Liz died and when Nick hijacked your code.
The one convincing you that you'll fail as leader of the task force.
I don't I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, you do.
And I need you to see it.
The man in the mask had your face.
- Why? - Why'd you leave? Aram, please, we don't have much time.
I would've taken care of you.
Even if you forgot everything.
I just wanted to be near you.
Why did you make yourself into a Blacklister, Aram? Because it's my fault.
All of it.
If I had just gotten to you sooner, you'd still be here with me, instead of wasting away alone on some island.
It was my choice, Aram.
I was supposed to protect you, and I failed.
Just like I failed Liz and I failed Agnes and I failed Greylock and Just like I'm gonna fail the task force.
That's what he wants you to believe.
That doesn't make it true.
He wants you to believe that if you were only stronger or smarter or more ruthless, that you could have stopped everything from happening.
But no one has that much control.
Not Cooper, not Reddington, not you.
It wasn't your fault.
For what it's worth, the savior complex was more charming when it wasn't completely homicidal.
Oh, God.
You've always been enough.
It's about time that you see it.
Welcome back, Aram.
Where are you going? I thought I'd give you some space.
You can always reach me on the usual number.
Oh, Raymond.
I don't know what you want me to say.
You don't need to say anything.
You warned me that if I continued down this path, terrible things would happen.
And they did.
I knew they would.
They always have.
I want so badly to be angry with you.
I think you want me to be, too.
But the truth is, I'm not.
I'm just sad.
Ah, Vlad.
- Am I interrupting? - No.
Mierce, this is Vladimir Cvetko.
Vlad, this is Weecha's sister, Mierce.
- Mucho gusto.
- Encantado.
Vlad, you have a plane waiting.
The woman in the apartment Was she Kate or not? No.
After compensating for the damage caused by the fire, I found that the samples were a 50% match.
This means the woman in the apartment - was not Mr.
- It was Her sister.
Thank you, Vlad.
- Adios.
- Adios.
Raymond, go.
Do what you will.
So, that's not normal? It's not uncommon for patients to encounter feelings of shame and grief or even experience radical confrontations - with the self, but - Murder loops? Not something I've heard before.
I'm not sure I'd put it in the brochure.
How do you feel? I don't know.
Um It's like I was certain that it was just a matter of time before everything fell apart, and so I fought as hard as I could to stop it, even though I knew I couldn't.
And now, for the first time that I can remember I don't feel like I have to fight anymore.
I'm glad, Aram.
It's not uncommon to feel like one has a new lease on life But? This treatment isn't a cure-all.
Do you understand? I understand about as much as anything that happened to me today.
So, 50%? Good enough.
That night, before the explosion I was wondering what I would do if all this really was Kate's doing.
I remember knowing with absolute certainty that Elizabeth would have wanted me to show her mercy.
I can still hear her voice.
Me, too.
Before the bomb went off, I thought maybe I just might rise to the occasion.
At least now we know Mr.
Kaplan wasn't responsible for Liz's death.
You have something new on Mrs.
Lacroix? Mystery, really.
The assassin was paid via wire transfer from an account at a Lebanese bank.
The only problem is that, according to public records, that bank has been closed for years.
Trying to figure out how the payment was made now, but so far, we haven't been able to find out anything about the account holder And you never will.
That account is part of a financial network more secure than any other bank on earth.
That's why I opened the account in the first place.
The payment for Mrs.
Lacroix's assassin, it came from your account? It did.
Our enemy is closer than I ever imagined, Harold.
How was your appointment? Oh, it was You weren't in a fender bender this morning, were you? No.
Why? No reason.
Uh, look, before we get started, I need you to do me a favor.
This is gonna sound strange, but I need you to slap me in the face.
- I know that's a weird - Ow.
Thank you.
Happy to help.
Ever since I got back, I've been wondering why now? I've been feeling guilty about Samar, about Liz for years, and what happened with Nick and Greylock was awful, but Why did I choose that moment to totally fall off a cliff? I'm not sure you chose anything, but I'm curious if you have any ideas.
Well I can't be sure, but I actually think it's all your fault.
I mean, with you in charge, I always had someone to rely on.
To make the hard calls.
Take the blame if things went wrong.
I knew I wasn't ready, but I was hoping I'd handle it a little better.
You're handling it fine.
I've been so anxious and depressed, I took an experimental hallucinogen.
You got help.
And I'm proud of you for that.
This place is a crucible.
Of course you were overwhelmed.
You remember you were kidnapped about a month ago, right? This job demands that you recognize the things you can control and the things you can't.
You make the best choices you can, then you find a way to forgive yourself so you can move forward.
That sounds completely impossible.
I know.
But you'll learn.
And I'll have your back while you do.
We all will.

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