The Blacklist s09e20 Episode Script

Caelum Bank (No. 169)

I want to understand how you move our money.
Well, I can be on site within 12 hours to begin withdrawing funds from your Caracas accounts.
I convert to bonds as an air gap safeguard so that the liquid capital cannot be electronically tracked.
I then reconvert for deposit, and the funds are controlled here digitally.
You can access your accounts from anywhere in the world.
What guarantees do we have? Of safety, security? Your reputation precedes you, but We are not men you fail.
Gentlemen, nobody can rob a bank that's always on the move.
Our portfolios.
You protect them with your life.
You understand? I do.
I shall begin setting up your accounts immediately.
In the meantime, an attendant will be in with some beverages.
Mierce's worked wonders for you, Weecha.
Your recovery so far is absolutely remarkable.
What you both have accomplished is a miracle.
Maybe it's time for me to get back to work.
Weecha, you were nearly dead a week ago.
You need to continue to rest.
Eat good food, take naps, read a book, listen to music.
I belong out there with you.
You belong here getting stronger with your sister, if she'll stay.
I'm getting the cold shoulder.
She told me she still thinks this place is no good.
For whom? Any of us.
She needs time.
She said a fire ceremony may help guide her path.
A fire ceremony in an Airstream? Exactly what does one of those entail? Can you do it outside on the grill? Raymond, stop it.
She said she needs to consult the other side for guidance.
Who on the other side, and what other side? Mierce, we're right here.
Yes? - Marvin.
- Hello.
Oh, this must be the famous Mierce.
I'm Marvin.
Raymond has told me so much about you and how glad he is that you're back.
Raymond says a lot of things.
Oh, did I come at a bad time? I've experienced hostage situations that are less tense than this trailer.
I keep visiting, and the trailer seems to keep getting smaller and smaller and smaller, and I don't know, I guess time will tell.
Keep your fingers, legs, and eyes crossed.
But I sent you on a chase.
I hope it wasn't of the "wild goose" variety.
This is a statement of the bank account in question.
The same one used to pay for the murders of the Lacroixs and Reggie Cole.
You were right, it's a numbered account held at Caelum Bank.
Heaven's vault.
Marvin, I haven't done any banking with Harris Gramercy in, what? Years.
And no new accounts have been opened in your absence.
You still hold several accounts on that plane.
Those accounts are still active? Yeah, we never closed them.
No place is safer than Caelum for those funds.
Fair point.
Raymond, someone had access to this account and paid for those murders, and they may also be responsible for the death of Kate's sister, Maureen.
Problem is it's a joint account.
Electronic petty cash, accessible worldwide for operational expenses.
Do you know how many of our people had access? Like, where do we start? We start on the plane.
The scary call is very much coming from inside the house.
So you reached out to me? Well, we've had experience together with Caelum Bank.
Before you take on Gramercy, you better be sure.
Someone paid for the deaths of Reggie Cole, Tyson Lacroix, Michelle Lacroix, and used a Reddington account to do it.
This same someone blackmailed Harold Cooper and is almost certainly responsible for Elizabeth's death and probably the same for Maureen Rowan.
Look into my eyes.
I believe every word of it.
That's your assurance.
It's a bank on a plane, actually several planes, with one main branch with a man named Harris Gramercy as the chairman, president, and head teller.
It operates like a ghost plane.
No flight plans filed and no GPS transponder.
On top of which, its onboard severs are protected from outside interference with elliptic curve cryptography.
No one is hacking their way inside there.
I've never been this close to an answer.
I'm inches away, and I can't get it.
I need Harris Gramercy to tell me who accessed that account.
And you and I both know he's the only person who can.
Caelum works under strict secrecy.
Both the accounts and clients are identified by numbers, and only verified clients may access the accounts.
Val Messick was the assassin paid to kill the Lacroixs and Cole.
He was paid with Reddington's account 4626329.
So we just need the number of the client who accessed it.
That's not gonna be enough.
We need to match a number to a name.
You can't force Gramercy to give you information.
That won't work.
Who said anything about forcing? By the time I'm finished, he'll be happy to give me what I want.
You're gonna run a con on the president Caelum Bank? I can't very well put a gun to his head, not with the friends he has.
Once we get him on the ground, I'm sure Harris will be reasonable.
If we help you with this, once this is over, the FBI keeps him.
Whatever you want.
What do I care? But you're losing focus.
Gramercy isn't the goal here, finding Elizabeth's killer is.
My focus is clearing Harold Cooper's name.
If the information on that plane helped to vindicate that man, that's my goal.
So how do we ground him? Raymond has a plan, but the FAA isn't going to like it.
Hey, um, can we talk? I have news.
Of course, but we're gonna need to get on it to find this plane.
Right, I'm sorry, but I heard from Main Justice.
They processed your review, and they're revoking your field status due to medical liabilities.
I can't let you work this case, at least At least not in the field.
You know, I was talking with a friend recently about the first time I ever flew on this plane, and it was a turbulent ride then.
Of course that's also a turbulent friendship now.
I guess no matter where you are, you should prepare for rough air.
Raymond, you have a lot of money in this bank, which is why I was obligated to take this meeting.
So, what can I do for you? I need a favor, Harris.
Oh, what's this? A cricket score? You know what it is.
You have every account on this plane locked up in that safe deposit box mind of yours.
That one belongs to me.
I need the name of the last person who made a withdrawal from that account.
It's your account.
You should already know who's accessing it.
It is my account, so you should have no problem telling me who made the withdrawal.
Oh, you know the rules.
No names.
If my clients found out I'm a client.
It's my money.
Why would anyone else care? If I were to give out one name, the perception would be that I'm likely to give out others.
If someone is accessing your money, it's because they had permission from you.
And if you don't know who that is, well, I'm afraid there's nothing else I can tell you.
How's the tracker holding up? We've got him pinpointed within a geographic meter.
You want me to what? Under Title II of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, the FBI has authority to investigate any threats to national security pursuant What language are you speaking? As acting director of an FBI task force, I have a credible threat of terrorist action to US Route 1.
The Overseas Highway? Ground all flight traffic.
I've got six flights leaving Key West.
I've got a billionaire landing at Key Largo, and I've got a soccer team sitting on the runway in Marathon.
You want me to Ground them all.
Or my next call will be to the Air Force to ground them for you.
We can start with a plane that is not on your ground radar.
I have its coordinates.
Uh, excuse me, sir.
We've just been informed we're currently over United States airspace and must land under its authority.
Have they told you why? No, sir.
But we were encouraged to comply under threat of the US Air Force.
Well, then, by all means, comply.
Copy that.
Perhaps we should drink up.
Is this a problem? No, nothing that a little talk or time or perhaps a small donation can't fix.
I'm not entirely comfortable with an unscheduled stop like this.
It was better than an F-16 blasting the two of us out of the sky.
This feels unsafe, Harris.
Please fix it promptly.
I just need a moment to speak to whomever is in charge.
We have a credible threat, and we've had to ground all air traffic now.
If you gentlemen would give us a second.
We'll inspect your plane and have you on your way.
Happy to assist a US agency.
Wait, I know your face.
I know who you are! You're Raymond Reddington.
Who's he talking about? Me? I don't know that man.
Redmond Rillington? I don't know.
- Let's go.
- All right.
Everyone on this plane is under arrest.
What the hell is happening here? Hello, Val.
How you been? You're the fed who arrested me.
So what? You've come to personally escort me to detention? See this? I'm not escorting you anywhere, and you're not going to jail.
This is a transfer order.
You're going to witness protection because you snitched on the people who hired you.
I didn't say anything.
This says you did.
And we had you on triple homicide, so you must've really given up the goods.
What are you doing? You get handed over to WitSec, they begin your paperwork for induction.
That process is long enough that anyone paying attention, like the person who hired you, can get word that you snitched.
Then WitSec follows up with me, and I suddenly have no record of you helping on an active case.
That's when you're cooling your heels in central detention.
You, a known snitch, sitting in gen pop the length of time it takes for me to make up my mind.
That's a death sentence.
I'm a man with a lot to lose, Val.
So I really don't care about you.
Now, I could misplace this piece of paper, and then you go to trial like you're supposed to, and no one is the wiser.
Triple homicide? You'll be a big man on campus.
You might even make some friends to keep you safe.
What do you want to know? Who hired you and everything you were paid to do.
Spare no detail.
I never got a name, and you know what I was paid to do.
This van is leaving in five minutes, Val.
Where do you want it to take you? Okay.
There was one thing.
After I killed Michelle Lacroix, I was supposed to go to the Lacroix house, but you arrested me first.
And do what at the house? Burn it to the ground and start the fire near Lacroix's desk.
I've had nightmares that begin this way.
I'm in federal custody.
My plane impounded full of the most sensitive banking data in the world.
Raymond, what the hell are we gonna do? Calm down.
Federal or not, they're all just cops.
I can get us out of here.
How? We haven't been given our phone call yet.
A while ago, I won a game of roque against the lieutenant governor of Florida.
He owes me a huge favor.
One call gets the both of us out of here, or just me.
I'm not giving up a client to you.
If the FBI starts poking around that plane, you'll be giving up a lot more than that.
You're a real villain, aren't you? This villain can have you airborne within the hour.
One name seems a small price to pay for your freedom.
You know what? This situation, as sudden and horrible as it is, seems to have greatly improved your ability to make requests, hasn't it? What are you trying to say, Harris? Under no circumstances known to God or man will I cooperate with you.
Well, now you're just being unreasonable.
It doesn't expose any of your other clients to tell me about a transfer from my own account.
No, it exposes me, because I represent something Trust.
Trust in me.
Trust in my bank.
People come to me not just to protect their money, but to protect their secrets.
And I do not divulge names.
I am a man of my word.
And I'm a man of mine.
You should reconsider, Harris.
Is that a threat? I'm Redmond Rillington.
I don't have to make threats, I just have to speak.
This entire arrest is a sham.
I mean, were those even real agents earlier? I've got nothing to fear.
Just the man in this cell with you.
It was a nice speech you gave, all that trust and trusting, but you're certainly no paragon of virtue, Harris.
I know where the money in your bank comes from.
Criminals, war lords, drug dealers, bankers, and politicians who've defrauded nations.
Shall we find out if this 9mm is a sham? Go to hell.
Oh! Gee, I guess it's a real gun after all.
We have to get in there.
That man may have the name of the person who ordered Liz's murder.
So we do nothing? Give it a minute.
I'm not losing sleep over some criminal banker.
Oh, where are the police? Someone must've heard that.
But you called it, Harris.
There are no police.
This isn't even an active station.
That's why they brought us in the back door.
It's just you and me.
I need an ambulance.
I need a name.
I keep a backup log of all transactions with a colleague in Riga, just numbers on paper.
Oh, God.
I didn't want it to play out like this, but now that it has, just get me the name.
It's me.
Ego confido in pecunia 123.
I need the transfer history of account number 4626329.
Just Just give me the last line details.
Client 4836924, got it.
Okay, 4836924.
You know who it is, tell me.
Hedwig Hawkins.
Heddie? That can't be.
Numbers don't lie.
Wait, I I need an ambulance! It'll be here.
You followed me down here? You are absolutely incorrigible, sweetheart.
Your sister allowed this? She didn't know I left.
She was out shopping for her ceremony.
Oh, my God, we are going to pay and pay.
At least give her a call, let her know you're safe.
I told you you're not well enough yet.
If something happens You needed a ride, so sit back.
Thank you.
This is Federal Agent Zuma.
I need an ambulance for a gunshot wound at gulf and aviation right now.
This blood's dark.
I think the bullet hit his liver.
I knew this would happen.
Look, we got the name, didn't we? We did.
God help Heddie.
This is all from Lacroix's home office? I had an evidence team bag every shelf and cabinet near his desk.
It's where Val Messick was told to start the fire.
It stands to reason someone wanted to make sure it burned more than anywhere else.
I'll start at this end, you start at that end.
You know why I'm here helping you and not down in Florida with the rest of the team? I figured you'd tell me when you were comfortable.
I've been demoted to a desk role.
The headaches? I don't blame Aram.
He only did what I asked.
I was honest in my own review.
He did his job by submitting it.
But I'm frustrated.
Believe me, I know a thing or two about feeling frustrated lately.
We just keep working.
How was Gramercy when you left? Headed into surgery.
He'd lost a lot of blood.
It was 50/50.
It gets worse.
He realized it was a ruse before Raymond shot him.
He didn't think we were real FBI.
Which means, if he survives, we have to let him go.
It's the only way to protect Mr.
We need to protect Heddie.
Is it conceivable she could be behind any of this? All we have is an account that led to her name.
We don't know enough yet.
Reddington will kill her.
He's already left one person for dead.
We need to keep Heddie alive.
I told Raymond, this isn't just about the person that ordered Elizabeth's death.
This is also about that person framing Harold.
Dembe's right.
Whatever Heddie knows, whatever she's done She is Mr.
Cooper's best chance.
We need to stay ahead of Reddington.
Does anyone know where Heddie is? Miami.
She has a condo in Miami.
There's a helipad in Islamorada.
I'll send a chopper.
You want that one? Oh, what a good girl.
One more strawberry.
You want that one? Good puppy.
You want that one? All I can hear right now is Heddie's laugh.
All these years, that laugh.
Oh! No, no, no, no.
It's Heddie.
I guarantee it's unlocked.
She was just here.
And then she was tipped off.
Okay, I-I-I got out.
We'll be on the ground in five minutes.
We'll pick you up around the corner at Flamingo Park.
I'm on my way.
Is it true? Is what true? I-I don't even know what I'm being accused of.
Did you have something to do with Keen's death? What? How could you Is that what you think? Is that what Raymond thinks? Okay, I don't know what's going on here, but I never did anything to hurt Elizabeth.
You have to believe me.
Dembe, come on.
Actually, Heddie, he's the one you'll have to convince.
I know you have her.
We're just trying to keep her safe.
Do you know what she might have been a part of? What she could be responsible for? Raymond, you're blinded by anger right now.
You'd execute this woman before you can get answers.
Harold is counting on those answers, so is the rest of the FBI, and so are you.
You cannot kill Heddie before you get the truth.
I tell you what this reminds me of.
The coast of Madagascar in 2010, on that stunning Spirit's Loop, all that beautiful mahogany bright work.
What was it? 80, 90 feet? And then we saw the skiffs, pirates out of Nacala.
I wanted to fight.
We were certainly armed for it.
High seas adventure.
But you insisted we stand down.
What was it you said to me? Surrendering loses us nothing we'll miss but gives them the world.
Not one shot was fired.
They took the boat, the brandy, my Sea-Dweller I loved that watch.
You got another.
Spent six hours, us and the crew in that tiny life raft.
Ah, Dembe, I've always respected your level-headedness, your refusal to just say yes, your willingness to put me in my place.
I hardly see how what I said then applies to now.
No, I don't either.
I was just killing time till we caught up with you.
Hello, Heddie, let's go.
All right.
You're coming with us.
Harold, take a look at this.
Lacroix had a hell of a movie collection, right? Then I opened this one.
All right, there's some minor security here, just a password protection.
Give me a minute to go ahead, and here we go.
It's loading now.
So what is it? Looks like a digitized record of payment of some kind.
Both Lacroix and Reggie Cole were involved in those civil settlement shakedowns.
Could this be that? Got a lot of names here.
That scam must've been a lot bigger than Lacroix and Cole.
Let's look for the names with the biggest numbers next to them.
Lawrence Knell and Angela Sherwood.
Who were they? Angela Sherwood for sure and, yep, Knell, too.
They're both lawyers at the same law firm.
Let's find out what they know.
Where are you two headed? We got a lead.
Maybe promising.
We don't know yet.
Can I come with you guys? You don't know what you're walking into.
No, I can't let you.
It'd be a violation of bureau protocol.
And I have to pay attention to that stuff now.
Sorry, Alina, but you're out of the field.
I can't believe this.
Gramercy died in surgery two hours ago of a gunshot wound.
Collateral damage was always a possibility.
News is spreading like wildfire, and his people knew he was meeting with you.
I've got half the criminal underworld asking me if my boss murdered the head of Caelum Bank.
Do you understand? I do.
I just don't care.
I have what I was after, and I'm bringing her back.
Her? It was Heddie, Marvin.
All roads led to Heddie.
And so help me, she will atone for her sins.
I'm taking her to the warehouse where I'm going to really get to know my old friend, Heddie.
Well, if that's the case, I might be able to add to your interrogation.
How so? When you asked me to look into that bank account, that wasn't the only digging I did.
Now, I don't want to speak too soon, I still have to confirm something first, but, uh, I may have a special guest for you by the time you're back.
We'll be there in three hours.
We have your names here.
We have dollar amounts.
Reginald Cole was bringing cases to Tyson Lacroix who fraudulently settled those cases and kept the money.
If the two of you weren't involved, then you knew about it.
How long do you thin Can we stop you right there? We know we're screwed.
We knew we were screwed the minute you showed up at the firm.
We'll deal.
We want statutory immunity, and we'll tell you what we know.
This isn't difficult.
Give me a sample.
We can give you names, more names than are in that document.
Lacroix might've kept records, but he wasn't Claudius.
We can't give you Claudius, though.
We don't have that information.
Claudius? Who's that? The mastermind.
The architect of the whole damn spider's web.
He dreamed the whole thing up.
Forcing settlements while never repping the clients and pocketing all the money? It was genius.
Every one of us kicked back a percentage of every case to Claudius.
There must have been a way you kept in touch with him.
Everything was done through anonymous e-mails, burner phones, real cloak-and-dagger-type stuff.
Personally, I never believed there really was a Claudius.
Somebody somewhere would say they met him or her, but I never did.
Me neither.
Like I said, we can give you other names.
We can't help you with the one name you'd really want.
Raymond, I-I'm innocent.
I-I don't understand what's going on, but I'm telling you No, no, no, please, I've heard every variation on that theme before, and I don't want to hear it again.
No more bloviating.
What does that mean? It means I could wax poetic about the nature of betrayal or be begging your forgiveness for the rest of this flight, and you know what? Either way, I talk too much and so do you.
I'm tired.
So, please, do me a favor and shut up.
What have you done? You know everything we're looking for depends on the answers Heddie can provide, not to mention you almost killed Dembe and Ressler.
I most certainly did not.
The airbags deployed, and their egos were bruised.
You can't say that for Harris Gramercy, I found out.
That was poor luck, but it provided me with one of the answers I'm looking for.
If you kill that woman, we'll lose everything valuable she has to say about that's been going on, including how to find this mastermind Claudius.
I could never let her testify in open court, Harold.
You know that.
What are you gonna do? I'll hold my own trial.
Don't worry, I'll get answers for the both of us, you can count on it.
Agent Park, are you here to make a claim for Heddie, as well? I came to ask a favor.
I have a lot on my mind this evening, but what can I do for you? I want to help.
I was thinking, with all that's going on You want a job? Not a job, just to stay a part of this.
If you're close to Keen's killer I'm good at what I do.
Hmm, that's quite a bold line for me to cross.
I admit I made that leap before, but at the moment, I'm swimming in hot water with Harold and the FBI as it is.
The FBI doesn't want me anymore.
They've made that clear.
Alina, I can see you're suffering.
And with your maladies as they are there's no task I can afford or even feel right about offering you.
You know, I've had about all I can stand of people telling me what I can and can't do.
I'm sorry, I've made enough mistakes for one day.
You're making another one right now.
I can't help you today, Agent Park.
I need to attend to another matter at hand.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
I can take care of myself.
Raymond, Heddie is waking up.
We'll talk tomorrow.
You should exit out the back.
This is it.
Not one stone has been unturned.
The lawyers were a dead end.
Reddington has Heddie.
We can't give up.
I appreciate your faith, but what else is there to do? We do it all again.
All of this? Park found that payout record on a disc somewhere where it wasn't supposed to be.
What else is here that we might've missed? We didn't miss anything.
You want to bet your life on that? Or do you want to help me look again? Didn't expect anyone to be here.
Oh, I guess I just love my job Double-checking Tyson Lacroix's entire John Grisham movie collection.
You've been gone a while.
You okay? I went to Reddington and offered him my help.
Don't worry.
He rejected me, too.
I don't have a place there, either.
Of course not, because your place is here with us.
I know desk work doesn't have the thrill of the field, but what we do in here, it saves lives, too.
Help save mine.
Right now, I could really use you.
Take the other half of this pile.
I think I'm going cross-eyed.
Marvin will be back in a moment.
Now is the time to speak freely.
You think that I had something to do with Elizabeth's death? But why? What reason would I have? History's full of unlikely characters and unlikely events.
But how? The coordination alone, forget about the planning, and you never found out? That's something you actually believe? You either had help or you helped someone else.
Well, helped who? Or helped from who? From where? Do I look anything other than hopelessly alone right now? Raymond, this is Micky Croft.
Micky is the arms trade along the Canadian border.
Yes, I know who he is.
Your reputation precedes you as reasonable and reliable.
I was looking for any of our people who might've been disloyal, maybe shopped around their services, and that's when I found Micky, heard his story.
She came to me Has to be three years ago now.
Said she was looking for employment opportunities, said she was done with how you ran things.
She showed me how you cook your books.
She's a real whiz with dodging tax law.
Yes, she is.
I only listened 'cause I thought she was all the way gone from you.
Heddie? What do you want me to say? You never thought I was anything special.
I was overlooked.
So I went hunting for work.
Should I be killed for wanting a better job? Micky, I appreciate you coming.
I won't forget it.
Now if you wouldn't mind finding your way back out to the comfort of Marvin's car.
Thanks, Micky.
Let's get on with it.
It's late.
Sun will be up soon.
Make it quick.
Do you want a moment? For what? Now we have to deal with the fact that I killed Harris Gramercy.
His clients will be out for blood.
You want to deal with that this minute? We'll fly to Latvia.
Several of his biggest clients are based thereabouts.
If we can call a meeting, perhaps we can plead our case.
Jet's waiting on the runway.
Marvin, you coming? Hey, hon.
I know it's late.
I'll be here a while.
They need me.
I'm watching a wedding video of two people that are dead.
Hey, you asked.
Okay, I'll text you when Hon, I got to go.
One of the videos was the Lacroix wedding.
Exactly as it was labeled, right? Nothing to see there.
Except I watched it anyway.
You were right.
It's not a thrill, but damn it if desk work isn't gonna save your life.
Okay, that's enough embarrassing stories.
And now for someone who's very special to both Tyson and Michelle, a lifelong friend and Tyson's best man.
To Michelle and Tyson, I love you guys so much.
May I only find my own Michelle one day.
To Michelle and Tyson.
May their marriage be blessed forever.
So it's 8:00 a.
in Latvia.
We have 10 hours of flying time Hold that thought.
Where are you? I'm on the plane.
Red eye to Riga.
Marvin's here, too.
Reddington, listen to me carefully.
You cannot trust Marvin Gerard.
Come again? Tyson Lacroix and Marvin Gerard were old friends.
They've known each other for decades.
Reddington, I can't connect all the dots, but something is very wrong.
Harold, I appreciate the call.
What is Edward doing? Are we gonna take off soon? He's probably flipping switches, checking gauges, plotting our course.
What What's going on? What is this? I don't I don't understand.
I'm sure Heddie is as interested as I am to hear how and why you did what you did.
So I'm gonna have a drink.
- I'll pour.
- Hm.
And I hope your story is good.
Your life depends on it.
I am the most loyal to you and always have been.
But I never swore an oath to Elizabeth Keen.
I never made it a secret that I didn't trust her.
She was unworthy and unqualified.
To have her run things? Over my dead body.
Careful what you wish for, Marvin.
Everything I did, I did in the best interest of your empire.
After Elizabeth's death, when you took off, I kept things going as best I could, and I did a pretty damn good job.
When you came back, I I thought you'd finally be over it.
You've lived your life with so much death and loss.
You've always gotten over it.
But you were utterly determined to get to the bottom of how she died.
And I couldn't let that happen.
I tried everything I could to slow you down, to stop you.
I went after your money.
I had my own friends killed.
I went after Harold.
Nothing worked.
You just kept coming.
So then you went after me.
Serving you up, Heddie, was a last resort to protect my life with Raymond.
That's all I am anymore.
That's my life Raymond Reddington.
What a waste.
What a terrible, terrible waste.
How did you figure it out? I didn't.
I've gone over it and over it, thought of it and thought of it.
I remember the day Elizabeth died better than entire years of my life.
I remember what she wore, the smell of rain in the air.
The sound of her voice.
The last words she spoke.
The look in her eyes in that moment, that last moment when she looked at me, as if for the first time seeing me for who I really was.
But I'd forgotten about the headache until today when Agent Park was in front of me with her headache and a glass shattered.
All the time I spent agonizing over that GPS tracker that Elizabeth ingested, where it came from.
But I'd forgotten about Elizabeth's headache.
The morning of her death, we stopped by your office to sign some paperwork, transfer some holdings.
We had tea.
She had coffee.
What was in it? She got a headache, and you gave her aspirin.
That's how you bugged her.
You did it right in front of me.
Why this ruse with Heddie at the warehouse, the The gunshot.
I can answer that.
Raymond wanted to make you feel safe.
Feel safe for what? To get you on the plane.
It'll be a nice, long flight, give us time to clear your offices and apartment, the place at the beach.
Enough time to sift through everything and decide what to do with you.
Don't you need to get that? Actually, it's for you.
Excuse me? When I drove to the warehouse, I didn't know if I was in the clear yet so I put a small insurance plan in place Just in case.
I sent a panic alert with this watch five minutes ago.
If my shooter doesn't hear from me in the next two minutes, he'll splatter her lovely mind all over that trailer.
I'm walking off this plane, and you are going to let me.
- Oh! - Weecha! Weecha! You'll kill him.
Stop it! Stop it.
I never wanted any of this.
You've had an odd way of showing it.
You You're the one who showed me the way.
Those recordings you left for Elizabeth telling her how to run things I ran them while you were gone.
I've run them since you've been back.
May the best man win, old friend.
Good luck, Claudius.
Oh, Raymond, help! Please! Weecha, Weecha, Weecha.
Weecha, Weecha?
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