The Blacklist s09e21 Episode Script

Marvin Gerard (No. 80) Conclusion Pt.1

Blood leaking into the lungs is a very common blast injury.
Doctor believes it was re-induced by sudden stress.
Such as the stress of seeing a sniper rifle aimed at her sister's head? Yes.
I was conducting the fire ritual far away from you.
And yet I still almost lost my life.
And my sister hers.
I'm facing a savage opponent.
Why was Weecha with you? She was supposed to rest and recover.
Well, she followed me.
Against my advice.
I have no control over the women in my life, nor do I seek it.
You're both free to come and go as you please.
We'll be going.
My sister and I are as different as the sun and the moon.
But the same blood flows in our hearts, and the fire ritual has called that blood home.
We're not safe here.
I want to be able to come with you.
This is all gonna end soon.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
Will you stay and be with her? What do you think, Raymond? You don't, do you? United States Marshal Service has authorized a fugitive task force to find Marvin Gerard.
Local, state, federal agencies.
I know you're looking for him, too.
We should pool our resources.
Why? What do you mean why? We have the same goal.
We do? My goal is to shoot Marvin dead.
What's yours? You know the answer to that.
With Gerard in custody, I can prove his role as my blackmailer, stay out of prison, resume my life.
Gerard will be tried and convicted for his crimes.
Your storybook version of events leaves out one very real consequence of arresting Marvin Gerard.
And what's that? Have you heard of the Trembling Giant? If you're hiking through Utah's Fishlake Forest, you'll wander into the most glorious grove of quaking, quivering aspens.
50,000 spread over 100 acres.
What a sight.
In autumn, you look up, every leaf a flaming torch dancer.
What you don't see is that the entire grove is one plant, interconnected by an enormous underground root system that forms the largest living organism on Earth.
Harold, my criminal empire is the Trembling Giant, and Marvin is one of those trees with my roots.
Reddington's on his heels.
That little bodyguard of his is on life support, and the woman he loves has one foot out the door.
Your insight into your opponent's every move is an ongoing one.
It's a survival mechanism.
You think I'd go to war with Raymond Reddington if I didn't know his every move? I understand.
You're worried that Gerard will expose you.
Like a Central Park flasher.
He's my bag man.
He cuts every deal I make, and if he's taken into custody, he'll cut one with the DOJ, trade everything he knows.
It will destroy my organization, the Blacklist, your task force, and I will be running like a rabbit for the rest of my foreshortened life.
Reddington knows that the only option he has left is to kill me.
Now, I need to feel confident that you have the capabilities to deal with him.
I can assure you my men are unlike anything Reddington has ever faced.
Just name a time and a location.
I can accept losing the task force.
What I can't accept is Agnes losing another parent.
I promised that girl I'd be there for her.
I can't keep that promise from prison.
Harold, the last thing I want to see is Agnes hurt.
I'll thread this needle.
I always do.
You will not languish in jail.
You don't know that.
I can't take that leap of faith.
Then we have nothing left to talk about.
I know Reddington better than he knows himself.
His next move will be to consolidate his power base, or what's left of it.
Soon as I know the location of the meet, I'll let you know.
As long as it's not in the next 14 minutes.
I'm about to break my personal record.
Hey, this isn't a game, Fisker.
I'm paying you enough to buy your own country.
Relax, Mr.
Reddington is a dead man walking.
He just doesn't know it yet.
He better be.
I devote my entire life to that son of a bitch.
I helped him build an empire.
I did time for him.
And he's giving everything to her? He's turning it all over to Elizabeth Keen, like he's buying her a damn pony? Whoa! Calm down.
Sorry about that, Darcy.
Put the new mirror on my card and another round.
I never know what the hell it is between him and her.
But Raymond has some kind of Achilles heel when it comes to that woman.
Doesn't she have a daughter in grade school? Oh, yeah.
But you know how crime bosses are.
They schedule their business meetings around their parent-teacher conferences.
I'm telling you, man, I'm gonna end up doing all the work with none of the rewards.
Well, if it bothers you so much, why don't you do something about it? Making obstacles go away, isn't that your job for Reddington? Reddington He would never be where he is today if it weren't for me.
You remember that drinking game we made up at Harvard? Yeah.
The Foolhardy Boys.
One of us would come up with the craziest crime that we could think of Then we'd take turns devising the perfect plan to pull it off.
So, how would you murder an FBI agent? Better yet, how would you get your enemy to murder her? Oh, you're getting ahead of yourself.
What are her vulnerabilities? First of all, you gotta find a way to keep tabs on her.
And I just read an article about this new sort of GPS device that works in the form of a medical pill.
I like that right there.
Like that? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Foolhardy Boys.
Foolhardy Boys.
May I speak privately with you? Of course, Dembe.
The man who Raymond relies on and trusts the most in his organization has betrayed him.
The woman who guards his life is lying in a hospital bed.
Raymond is at great risk right now.
I'd like to be there for him.
Did Reddington send you? No.
But I know he needs someone.
He can't win this war by himself.
Are you asking for my advice or my approval? Because Aram's in charge of this task force.
Aram has deferred to your wisdom.
Well, that puts me in a challenging position.
Because Reddington has a very different agenda than we do.
Not so different.
He wants to stop a man from destroying his life.
He wants to murder a man in cold blood.
I won't assist him with that.
I'm an FBI agent first.
But I can protect Raymond and the organization that I was once a part of.
His work is the life blood of everything we do here.
I can make sure that's not compromised.
Did Harold send you? No, but he gave his approval.
So you're here on his behalf? I'm here as your friend.
I've missed you a lot.
I hope it works out.
Marvin has declared civil war against me for Control of all of it.
Losses are inevitable, but perhaps we can minimize them if we move fast enough.
I'll set up a meeting with some of the players.
Maybe up at the lake.
Yeah, that's straight out of the playbook.
Unfortunately, Marvin acquired my playbook when he stole the DVDs I recorded for Elizabeth.
We'd be walking into an ambush.
The safe houses are out of the question.
Marvin purchased most of them for you and knows about the rest.
I own a hunting lodge up in Owego.
Up on the Susquehanna River.
I bought it for Marvin years ago, a surprise for his 50th birthday.
I never gave it to him.
It would've been in poor taste.
Why? Because he doesn't know how to shoot a gun? No.
I found out his girlfriend was vegan.
I gave him three weeks at a yoga retreat in Tulum instead.
We'll fly up tonight.
Chuck, you and Santiago stay with the team at the warehouse.
And let's get word out to some of the ones we know we can trust.
Whoever can make it should be at the lodge in Owego by tomorrow.
I know what Reddington pays you.
I cut the checks.
And I'm offering to double it.
We've got a location.
Upstate New York, sometime tomorrow.
Call Fisker.
Tell him to mobilize.
I'm gonna end this war by tomorrow night.
So what do you say? If you've ever wondered what's worse than death, I'll tell you now Cold cheese.
You see, I can conceive death.
I distribute death.
It's a commodity that's generally earned in our business.
But cheese, straight out of the fridge, or betrayal, I personally cannot conceive.
And therefore, I fail to see it coming every time.
Call it my blind spot.
As we speak, Marvin Gerard is using the trust I placed in him to attempt to take over my organization.
Dembe, what's the latest? You just lost your shipping corridor out of the Middle East.
Marvin Gerard now controls the trading hub in Kuala Lumpur.
Would anyone care for some chilled Camembert? No? Bingo.
We'll move on Reddington's Balkan route next.
The Russian sanctions have created a sweet spot of instability.
Is Fisker's team in place yet? Waiting on confirmation.
I suppose everyone has at least one bad betrayal in their lifetime.
The challenge is to not let it diminish your trust and faith in others in the process.
You all are here with me in this room because you've demonstrated tremendous reliability and loyalty over the years.
And you're also the ones who could get here in time.
McDougal just arrived.
The final member of our little inner circle.
Better late than never.
Listen, I need your commitment now more than ever.
If we can remain steadfast together, vigilant, we can stop the bleeding and put our operations back on their feet.
If we don't, I fear we'll end up like poor McDougal.
He accepted a payout from Marvin for his place on the map.
Wretched decision.
So, let's talk strategy.
All right, your wire transfer went through.
Thank you, Mr.
I've arranged live video feeds of the attack.
Maybe we can get a good shot of Reddington going down.
I-I don't need to see that, and I don't need for him to suffer.
Tell your troops to put him down quick.
It's a no-smoking room.
The whole hotel.
Didn't realize the punishment was death.
Take out your piece, put it on that table, and sit in that chair over there.
I work with Raymond Reddington.
I gathered.
How did you find me? You were on our radar the moment you stepped into town.
Just a lone wolf out for revenge, right? Reddington just took out Neville Townsend, your boss and mentor.
A man you learned from and even idolized.
A man who gave you self-worth when you were filled with self-loathing.
When Neville's eyes rested on you, it was like a warmth of sunshine on your face.
And now he's gone.
How do you know all that? That's who Reddington is to me.
Then I'm as good as dead.
Not necessarily.
You see, if you really wanted to avenge your boss, you wouldn't take out Reddington.
You'd make him suffer.
That's what Townsend was planning.
He wanted to murder Elizabeth Keen in front of Raymond, because that would've been the cruelest thing that he could've done.
Much, much crueler than killing him.
And I can help you do it.
Why? Why would you do that? I need Keen to die and Reddington to live For my own reasons.
And if you can help me pull it off, you would be fulfilling your mentor's dying wish.
How do I find Keen? She'll have a GPS tracker on her person by this time tomorrow.
There's an app on here that will lead you straight to her.
As soon as Reddington shows up, take her out.
Obviously, our first step is to stop the infection from spreading any further than it already has.
Won't be easy.
Marvin started calling my people in the middle of the night.
Got most of them believing that you stepped down.
Anyone else having cell problems? I suddenly can't get a signal.
Raymond! Curtains! Shut the curtains! Turn off the lights! Why aren't our people firing back? Nobody in sight, nothing to shoot at.
Single shooter? Not likely.
How about I spray the trees and find out? No, no, no, no, no! Stay down low! How did he find us? I don't know.
But whatever army they hired, they're combat-trained.
We need more guys, bigger guns.
Line's cut.
Cell phones out.
They must be jamming the signals.
CB radio? Creepy, huh? 10-4, good buddy.
I just got a call from a trucker on the Southern Tier Expressway.
He received a distress call on a CB radio from a Mr.
Homan, who's under heavy fire and needs immediate support.
He gave me coordinates.
I'll scramble an HRT chopper.
Make it three, with full tactical support.
Have them on our rooftop in five.
Agent Ressler, gear up.
You're in charge of the Tac Team.
How long is this gonna take? Their ammunition won't last long.
In the meantime, you paid for this entertainment.
Sit back and enjoy the show.
Who is ready for a good time? Par-tay! Tyson, really? I got work here.
This is Polly, and this is Esther.
Polyester! Their real names.
Can you believe it? No.
I got an antiquities shipment stalled at a checkpoint in Geneva.
I've got to deal with it.
Play now, work later.
We are the Foolhardy Boys! Enjoy the spoils of your empire.
Okay, get out.
Come on.
Get the hell out.
- Whoa, whoa, okay.
- Get 'em out of here! - Okay, okay, it's okay, it's okay.
- Get out! He's not normally like this.
It's okay.
I'll call you later.
What is wrong with you? I had a message on my voicemail this morning.
He's coming back.
It's been, what, two years since he took off? I was hoping he was dead.
Well, he's not.
- Where has he been? - I don't know.
Central America, South America He was only in touch sporadically.
He'll be here tomorrow.
Maybe you should just take him out when he shows up.
I can't.
He's my friend.
This is my last mag.
Mine too.
I don't think we can hold them off much longer before they breach the lodge.
You think Harold got the message? Well, the trucker's handle was "Spanky Britches," so we got that going for us.
Down! Down! Oh, bother.
Come on.
Hiding in the pantry.
It's undignified.
Fight's out there.
Shh! Hold still.
You can't shoot if you can't hold a weapon straight.
You're a great friend.
I've missed you a lot.
Have I said that already? If there's any comfort in knowing that there's one person in your life that will never betray you, then take that comfort now.
Oh, look.
Duck call.
I had one like this when I was a kid.
They're inside.
You ready? To die, you mean? Dembe, I've been living the bonus round for years.
Stop! Stop! Don't! Don't shoot! Friendlies, friendlies! Is that a duck whistle? Are any of my people alive? Some.
Ambulances are on their way.
We arrived just after the attackers breached, but we were able to drive them out.
Where are their bodies? There are none.
I know we got some of them, but, look, these guys had full body armor on, assault rifles I mean, they looked like some kind of a death squad.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
How the hell did Marvin know we were here? I don't know.
Maybe another one of your people sold you out? What, one of the dead or wounded inside? Seems unlikely.
Well, the only people who knew about this lodge were the people inside that we called.
From the car.
The car.
Here it is.
I've switched it off.
We have to assume Marvin put one of these anywhere he had access to.
Which is everywhere.
How do you want to handle this? Well, we swept the jet and the warehouse.
We should clean the Airstream and anywhere else we go.
But put this back in.
We may be able to use that to our advantage.
How is she? Stable.
You don't look so good yourself.
Please don't go.
Not yet, Mierce.
I want you to stay, both of you.
I've just struck on a plan that will make it safe, for you to stay.
There, that's better.
Now at least you look like him.
Like who? Buluc Chabtan.
The Mayan god of war, violent death, and human sacrifice.
Nobody will ever be safe around you, Raymond.
An army.
I bought a literal army.
And Reddington is still alive.
You paid for services that you'll receive.
These things take time.
But he was at a lodge in the middle of nowhere! Do you know how hard it is to find a perfect situation like that? No offense, but it was far from perfect.
The man was surrounded by his people, all of them armed.
We'll pick the next point of attack together.
I'll find a place for us to meet.
We'll figure this out.
Damn! So you're back to being the number two.
Worse things could happen.
And they will happen, my friend.
That man raises obsession to a new level.
As soon as he's back, all he's gonna think about is Elizabeth Keen.
But that's handled.
The perfect crime, right? Some guy pulled the trigger for you, and now he's dead, too.
No, no, no.
See, Raymond will find that loose thread to pull, and he will keep pulling at it and pulling at it until he's unraveled the whole poncho.
And I'll be exposed as the traitor, shivering underneath.
Okay, okay.
So what options do you have? I don't know.
I might be safe if I could take away his best tool.
He has an entire FBI team in his pocket.
So how do we get them in your pocket? Mm.
The lead guy Cooper.
Maybe there's a way I leverage him, turn him into my tool.
Somehow do a frame-up.
Okay, I got a guy, a reliable guy.
Former NYPD, Reggie Cole.
Knows all the tricks.
We pulled some scams together.
Maybe Reggie can figure out a way to knock this guy on his ass for a couple hours.
When he's out cold, you could plant some bogus evidence on him.
Or maybe when he's out cold, we borrow his service weapon and shoot someone.
It's the only way to do it right.
We get rid of someone that he has the motive to kill.
After a good night's sleep, Cooper wakes up in a strange place, and I'm holding the strings to make him dance.
The numbers are rolling in.
Eleven dead so far.
That's 11 murder charges against you, maybe more on the way.
You're really gonna take the fall for your entire team? Cooper here.
Harold, I'm calling to thank you for saving my life and Dembe's and the others.
Red, as hell-bent as you are on finding Marvin Gerard to satisfy your own purposes, I'm just as hell-bent on finding him to satisfy mine.
What progress have you made with the operative you captured? Very little.
Although I must say, with us working at cross purposes, I'm very reticent to tell you anything anyway.
I give you my word, if I can figure out who your man in custody works for, I'll tell you right away.
Harold, describe him in detail.
Light eyes, fair hair and skin, extremely fit, military bearing.
Any unique body features or scars, embarrassing tattoos, white nationalist iconography, mark of the beast? Our attending physicians said he clearly once had multiple tattoos on his arms, but they've all been removed.
You may have hit pay dirt.
Henrick insists on laser tattoo removal.
So if any of his soldiers get captured by the authorities, they can't be identified.
You're looking for Henrick Fisker.
Who is Henrick Fisker? That was the extent of our deal, Harold.
Happy hunting.
Henrick Fisker.
What was his pilot's name? Gomez something? Gomez.
Edward used to fly choppers with him.
I'll bet Fisker's still in New York.
We need to get to him before the FBI does.
Our target is Henrick Fisker, former captain of the MJK, Norway's special operations commando unit.
Fisker led successful operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan and conducted anti-piracy raids in Somalia.
After his military service, Fisker formed an international mercenary army of highly paid ex-commandos, accepting only those who could survive his intense training techniques.
Not all of them did.
My contact at Interpol said they have at least six confirmed deaths of men who died trying to make Fisker's army.
They were tough in the field, that's for sure.
So Gerard used Reddington's money to buy an army and to kill Reddington? I'd be pissed.
Do we have any leads? None yet, and Reddington's working against us on this.
Whoever reaches Fisker first may win the race to Marvin Gerard, so let's get on it.
While your troops may be like some horde marching out of Mordor, it turns out your helicopter pilot is not.
I just had a lovely chat with Gomez.
What a sweet guy.
Mutual friends and all that.
He sent his regrets, by the way.
That's not the way he put it, but Any whoo, Gomez told me he was supposed to pick you up here to fly you to D.
to meet with Marvin Gerard.
I need to know exactly when and where that meeting is scheduled.
Don't waste your time.
When my client buys my army, he buys my loyalty.
Oh, for heaven's sake.
You're a mercenary.
You have no loyalty.
I'm a soldier You're a killer for hire.
How much do you want? I won't sell him out.
You know, Henrick, extracting the information I need from unwilling participants is, without a doubt, the most tedious part of my job.
But in your case, with your legendary survival training, this might be fun.
Why? You enjoy torture? No.
Bobbing for apples.
He's really quite calm under there.
How long, Red? Till he's breathing water.
Thanks for trying.
Just, uh, checking in.
I talked to Homeland.
They've got nothing.
No intel on Fisker's location or base of operations.
Okay, thank you, but I'm checking on you.
I know how much you hate riding a desk, and I'm sorry.
Don't be.
I'm not fit for the field right now.
My migraines, they're only getting worse.
Now they're coming with bouts of nausea.
Nausea, too? Have you thought about medical leave? No.
What I want is to help the team find Gerard before Reddington does and keep Cooper out of jail.
There's actually no fun in this at all.
How long has it been now? Oh, my.
18 minutes.
What's the world record, I wonder.
When we're young, we feel so invulnerable.
Sadly, we're not.
No matter how strong the will or well-trained the body and mind, we're just organic matter, slowly decomposing in bags of skin.
I'm happy to have provided this late life lesson for you.
The question is, have you learned from it? Or is it back in the tub? Agent Mojtabai.
Guys, it's Dembe.
They found Fisker.
Agent Zuma, you're on with the team.
I'm sending you an address to a rooftop where you can pick up Henrick Fisker.
Is he still alive? Yes, Raymond wanted to kill him, but I convinced him to allow the task force to make the arrest.
Reddington wouldn't leave Fisker behind unless you knew Marvin's location.
We know where Marvin will be in an hour and a half.
He and Fisker were to meet.
We're heading there now.
You need to tell us where.
You cannot let Reddington get to Gerard before us.
You know the stakes.
I can't share that information.
I'm sorry.
I made a promise to Raymond.
You made a promise to the Department of Justice, as well.
You're the FBI agent, Zuma.
If you let Reddington shoot Gerard, you're an accomplice to murder.
You'll lose everything you worked for.
Come on, Dembe, we're trying to keep Cooper out of jail here.
I promised Raymond I wouldn't tell you where we're meeting Marvin, and I won't.
But Fisker might.
Maybe you can see a way to make him talk.
I've got an address.
Agent Ressler, with me.
Agent Mojtabai, you know what this case means to me, and we're running out of time.
I want to be there when we reach Fisker With your permission.
Oh, my gosh, of course.
Uh, you go with Agent Ressler.
Agent Park and I will hold down the fort here.
Target arrives in about 45.
Goal is to take him alive.
But just in case, I want shooters outside, covering the exits.
You do not let that man leave this building alive.
- What if he brings his army? - He can't.
He's expecting to meet the commander of his army here.
He could be expecting a trap, too.
Normally, I'd agree, Chuck.
Marvin has the survival instincts of a cockroach.
But we're gonna make sure that, this time, he doesn't see the heel coming down.
Yes, Raymond? I'm at the warehouse.
Can you pick me up? Where are we going? We need a secure location out of town to regroup.
Julio offered his penthouse on Park Avenue.
He's got a great chef and no army's gonna make a raid on a Manhattan high-rise.
Besides, we've dealt with Julio's doormen before.
They're not to be trifled with.
I could barely get my dry-cleaning delivered last time we were there.
I'll call the jet.
I got you.
You're not actually gonna roll an army down Park Avenue? Don't be dense.
I know the private landing strip they use outside New York.
I'll tell Fisker as soon as I see him.
And when Reddington steps off his jet, he can say hello to a hail of bullets.
No blood, no gunshot wounds? How the hell did Reddington make you talk? Where'd they go? Where'd you tell him you were meeting Marvin Gerard? Where? Afraid there's nothing in it for me except a bullet from Raymond Reddington.
And unlike you, he will pull the trigger.
So why did Dembe send us here? He specifically said, "Maybe you can see a way to make him talk.
" Sounds odd.
"See a way to make him talk.
" It's got a built-in microphone.
We need to find the building security room.
Well, this is unexpected.
You're slipping.
The old Raymond would've never been caught with his pants down inside that lodge.
How many of our people did you lose? The battle was yours.
I can't deny that.
But the key to winning a war is to know your enemy.
And, Marvin, I can read you like One Fish, Two Fish.
You think you know me? Do you really, you son of a bitch? Here's what I think.
You're done.
You'd be circling your wagons right now if you had any wagons left to circle.
Where are they meeting? Culpeper Regional Airport.
Ressler just left on a chopper.
Second one's on the way to transport me and Fisker to the Post Office.
Culpeper is 70 miles southwest of D.
When's the meeting start? Anytime now.
I'm gonna make you a one-time offer, out of respect for our shared history.
Walk away.
I'm actually quite comfortable where I am.
I'm serious.
Take your women and go back to the jungle.
You were happy there.
And what if I don't? I'll tell you what if you don't.
I'm about to walk into a meeting that's guaranteed to seal your fate.
'Cause I got your number, pal.
I know exactly where you are at every minute of every day.
I know where you're going to be before you even do.
You were saying, Marvin? Here's the airport.
Ressler's helicopter is still 30 miles out here.
He won't make it.
Take him to Holding.
Dembe, are you at the airport? No, I'm driving there now.
Ressler's on his way by air.
But not in time.
Reddington will kill Gerard, and we can't stop him.
Oh, I think you can.
I should've shot you the day you came back.
Why didn't you? Why do you think? Everything I did, I did for you.
You just can't see it.
You took Elizabeth's life from me.
I loved her more than anyone on Earth, Marvin.
You were going to give that young lady our life's work.
It wasn't fair.
No, it wasn't fair.
This is FBI agent Harold Cooper.
I need to speak to your operations manager immediately.
We have a developing crisis at your airport.
If it wasn't fair, why did you do it? Why did you force my hand, Raymond? Because I know something about you that you don't.
Something I saw in your eyes 30 years ago, the day I interviewed you to serve as my personal solicitor.
What's that? The void inside you.
And my power to fill it.
From that day forward, I knew that I would be your older brother, your teacher, your Pagan idol, your hope and dread and rapture.
I knew that you were mine.
You aren't a leader, and you never will be.
You were destined to serve.
So, come quietly, and none of these good people around us will get hurt.
You smug bastard.
Screw you! Attention.
Please evacuate immediately to the nearest exit and await further instructions.
Check the gates! Find him! I repeat Check the other gate.
instructions from airport police.
Lewis, go down to the baggage claim area.
Did you tell Harold? There was a security camera on the rooftop.
I think they watched the footage.
Harold Cooper.
You have no idea what the hell you've done.
I told you from the beginning, I couldn't let you kill him.
I couldn't let you do it to me.
I couldn't let you do it to Agnes.
Well, you just did it to you, and you just did it to Agnes, because we've lost him Elizabeth's killer and your blackmailer.
This burns you as much as it does me.
My team won't give up the search.
Your team? Your team doesn't function without my team.
And I'll tell you what else you've lost, Harold.
You've lost me, your most important friend and ally.

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