The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco (2018) s01e02 Episode Script


1 PREVIOUSLY: The article's about a woman murdered in a district called the Fillmore.
It's exactly the same as was done to Claire.
This could be a chance to find justice.
You're suggesting we travel to San Francisco? This is correspondence from one of our old SIS counterparts in San Francisco at the Presidio.
He simply went by Major Sixth.
Someone I want to bring on.
- I like to tinker.
I'm damn good at it.
- Hailey! GEORGE: The new Fillmore will be a model for every city.
Across the country.
I'm running for Mayor in 18 months, and I'll win.
Tonight's murder takes place here.
- There's a big protest there tonight.
- My son is part of it.
Dennis? Dennis? Dennis! (PANTING) No.
No, no.
Look what they did to him.
My son knows this boy.
- (DEMONSTRATORS CHANTING) - Just like Claire.
Someone strangles four women then murders a man? There's no pattern.
There is always a pattern.
We just haven't found it yet.
We need to call the police.
Say it proves we're right about the ledger's predictive code.
Who the hell cares? A boy is dead! I have to find my son.
Sarge? You call the cops.
I'll get her home.
Come on, Jean.
Jean, come on.
Dennis? Sarge! You can't tell anyone yet! Dennis! Dennis? Dennis? - Dennis?! - Mom? - (IRIS GASPS) - What's wrong? Miss me a little? I'm just uh happy to see you.
Well, we've got company.
Mrs Harrison can't find her son.
- Alma? - You know Isaac.
- He works the protests with me.
- Of course.
I taught Isaac piano.
Apologies for the intrusion but I got to worrying.
- It's not like him.
- No.
What happened tonight? Same as usual.
Stayed peaceful till the flatfoots harassed us.
Last I saw of Isaac, he was headed north down Larkin.
I'll go see what your son's up to.
I'll check if he's home then call you.
They're good boys, aren't they, fighting for this crazy place? Alma, I'm so sorry.
Oh, it's all silliness.
Everything always works out.
(SOBS) Just a quarter column on page nine.
(SIGHS) I can't get over the position of the body.
It's identical to Claire's.
Only now, he's not just killing women.
He's menacing a neighbourhood.
Yeah, and one not many people care about.
Hailey and I both agree.
We can't do this.
- It's hitting too close to home.
- Which is precisely why we need you.
There's a killer on the streets, YOUR streets.
You remember.
We'd spend weeks teasing out a cypher, only to hit a dead end.
But we'd sharpen our pencils - Stop.
You don't understand this place.
I've a good life now and a family to protect.
- How? - By knowing my limits.
Oh, Iris, can't we just try? Not me.
Not any more.
(DOOR CLOSES) (THUNDER RUMBLES) Anything good in there? Sure.
Just got to know where to look.
Roy Tullis.
I'm surprised you're still sticking it out here.
- What's it been, a month now? - Just one day a week.
It helps.
News I heard is you're spending time with my son.
We served together.
You know that.
Yeah, well, I want it to stop.
His mother and I live here.
We have our reputations to consider.
I'm well aware, Mr Mason.
Got me a front-row seat to your tidy little life.
Don't worry.
You can count on my vote.
MILLIE: 'Why a man? And why here?' These aren't botched muggings.
He moves them, cuts out their tongues.
I think I'm going mad.
What does any of this have to do with Claire? Well, Claire was a big talker, carping on about America's late engagement in the war.
Isaac Harrison dared to speak the truth to the powers that be about his neighbourhood's evisceration.
A warning to others to keep quiet.
If Iris is any indication, he's scaring a community into silence.
Then there are these palm drawings.
All told, it's a cascade of encryption.
So we start with our best lead, that list of men serving at Daws Hill when Claire was murdered.
We talk to every war vet who fits our profile.
Not easily done by a couple of foreigners.
- So we bring in Hailey.
- You heard Iris.
We're on our own.
Except you can be very persuasive, Jean.
I'm off to pay the police a visit.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) Millie Harcourt? You have a question for me? Even better.
Information on the Holy Palms Killer.
Sounds like you're visiting.
Funny way to spend a vacation.
One of our many unusual British amusements, like queueing up, cricket and collecting thimbles.
Did you know the bodies, including last night's, were moved after death? - Thimbles? - You didn't.
Look into these places, starting with last night's location at Fulton and Webster.
We got the addresses by decrypting those letters in the Chronicle.
They predict the murder sites and the body's destination.
- Well, I'll take a look.
- Please do.
Also, a list provided by your war office.
How did you get this? These names of every US soldier serving in England at the time when Claire Hopkins was murdered in identical circumstances.
One of these men, Detective, is your killer.
There's things I also know, starting with who the bad guys are.
These servicemen won't have jaywalking tickets, let alone criminal records.
That list is the result of careful cross-referencing, You're a tourist, not a detective.
I'm not pulling in honourable men.
Call me if you need a recommendation for a good teahouse.
Otherwise get some sun.
(HESITANT PIANO PLAYING) CHILD: I just can't get this.
(PIANO PRACTICE CONTINUES) Dang it! (PIANO PRACTICE CONTINUES) - Want some help with that? - No, Mommy, I want to do it myself.
What are you doing with that hat? - I like it.
- So does Daddy.
He worked hard for the privilege of wearing it.
When I grow up, I wanna wear one too.
Someday, Cady, you'll find one that suits you just perfect.
But I like this one.
Honey, girls can't serve the way Daddy does.
But you served, Mommy.
I saw the medal in your jewellery box.
Well, we were at war then.
They needed women.
They don't need us now.
I wish I was born earlier so I could be in a war.
Shall we try this? Mm? (LIVELY DUET) (CLATTERING) (SIGHS) - You looking for me? - Oh, you fix this yourself? Someone has to.
Like during the war, I suppose, with just us women around.
We had to make do and mend.
- I'm not supposed to talk to you.
- You're your own person Heiley.
And I got that way because Mrs Bearden took me under her wing.
There wasn't anyone else wanted to be sucking air next to a farm hick with the stink of cow on her.
You've grown up a lot since then.
All thanks to her telling me what's what.
If she says what I'm gonna do is right cracked stupid, I don't do it.
- And working with you is - Right cracked stupid, yes.
You know, I had a girl under my wing for a while.
- Claire, the young woman who was, - Strangulated and her tongue cut out.
Except, where Iris saved you, I failed her.
But with your help, we could get some justice for that woman.
Folks do bad things all the time and never get what's coming.
We can change that.
We whittled down this list.
But others could die before we get our man - unless we've got someone who can - Who speaks the language.
Be still my soul The hour is hastening on When we shall be Forever with the Lord When disappointment, grief And fear are gone Sorrow forgot Love's purest joys restored Be still my soul When change and tears are past All safe and blessed We shall be at last (PIANO PLAYS SOLEMNLY) That was beautiful.
This is no place to try and turn me.
I'm here to pay my respects.
You're right.
I don't understand your world.
- So you're giving up? - No.
But I know what it costs to keep secrets, Iris.
14 years, I've kept my secrets just fine.
JEAN: 'This looks promising.
' It'll be a nice change from the three duds we've hit up so far.
At least every man that doesn't fit the bill is one we can cross off the list.
What's he done now? Madam, your husband, to our knowledge, is not in any danger or trouble.
This is simply a visit so we can acquaint ourselves.
What the hell kind of talk is that? Well, it's Darlene, right? We're looking for Roy.
We need his help.
Honey, Roy can't even help himself.
He drops us money in the slot, only way I know he's alive.
Does he have a home or is he more of a you know, a hobo? Roy's been messing up since he came back from the war.
- Angry, remote.
- Violent? We served in the war as well.
And we're worried he's a danger to himself and others.
To women like yourself.
We hope we're wrong but there's a list and we can't yet cross him off it.
So was he violent or not? When I met him, no.
But the war changed him.
So they threw him in jail.
Then he could fight all day and they'd keep upping his time.
Where would you find him now? Not many places left will take him in.
- Fewer that will sell him a beer.
- But you know one or two? Looks like you could use this.
Another time.
My presence here doesn't seem to be helping.
You got more guts than I took you for.
I'd say the same about Iris.
You'd never know to look at her now but she was a wild one.
Now everyone's all tamped down, genies back in their bottles.
Settling down but not you.
I'm part gypsy, I'm sure of it.
(CHUCKLES) That's tough.
You can't know who you are until you know where your home is.
A heartfelt tribute, Alma.
You're very kind.
And such a bright light in this community.
- I'll miss it.
- Well, I'm not going anywhere.
But we are.
Enough's enough.
We're moving across the bay.
Oh, Alma, Oakland's a wasteland.
There is work at the docks for Lester.
A new start.
This place killed my baby.
No, a man killed your son, Alma, not the Fillmore.
It's just - This is our community here.
- (SCOFFS) And it is souring all of us.
It's high time Lester and I left it.
LESTER: Hello, friends.
A word to thank you all for coming.
And to thank my beautiful wife Alma for singing her heart out.
She sang mine too what's left of it.
Isaac was a good kid.
Such fire in him, working for us all.
And I know we didn't always see eye to eye on things.
Me the army vet and him hating wars.
But I see now that we were both soldiers, fighting for what we believed in.
Isaac stood up for us all.
And when he fell we weren't there to catch him.
And so I say to my boy, "Isaac you deserved better.
" (SOBS) You look like a new arrival.
George Mason.
Board of Supervisors, City Hall.
I'm sure your presence here is appreciated.
Don't worry.
The Fillmore's changing.
And I'm working to help it go right.
I'm just visiting, Mr Mason.
No doubt you'd rather speak to somebody who can actually cast a vote.
Good luck.
Mrs Harrison.
Mr Harrison.
George Mason.
I wanted to offer my heartfelt condolences.
- Thank you.
- I have a son.
I just I can't imagine your loss.
It's a terrible thing, sir.
A terrible thing.
If there's anything that I can do Anything.
Just it means a lot.
Hey, what? Did you? Hey! What the hell are you doing? - Mourning, son, same as you.
- You're grandstanding! You show your picture in the paper with your arm round black folk.
A grieving family! Shame on you! I'm their political representative.
I've every right to be here, as same as you.
Dennis, apologise.
You want to scare us out so you can move in.
Stay so we're getting squeezed out of our homes.
You wanna help? Find out who's killing us.
Dennis, out of here now! Why, Mom? Why are you protecting him? When are you gonna start fighting? You don't understand how it works.
You can fight, but don't get your right.
If your friends want anybody to give a damn about their plight, they'd better stop kicking up such a fuss.
Because if I don't like the noise I'll make damn sure no-one else hears it.
Excuse me.
(SIGHS) Your son in there, he was splendid.
He nearly got himself thrown in jail.
He's just a kid.
He shouldn't have to fight these battles.
He's defending his home.
Some home.
The Fillmore's falling to pieces.
I shouldn't complain to you, your whole city was bombed to bits.
And I saw the same thing in London that I saw here today, strong people who wouldn't dream of giving up.
I'm too close to this whole puzzle.
I don't have the necessary perspective.
You remember.
They wouldn't give a girl a job decrypting reports from a region her father or brothers were serving.
Except when they would.
Because that girl was the best person for the job.
That girl would work the hardest because she cared the most.
Is it worth it doing what you do? If we find out what happened to our friend, yes.
And to be honest, after all these years of being made to forget what it is we're capable of, it is something just just using our minds again.
I keep thinking I'll develop a taste for these things.
And I never do.
That's three veteran pubs I've found.
Hopefully we'll unearth Mr Tullis in one of them.
Oh, I know where those are.
I can get us there no problem.
Greetings, team.
- Such as we are.
- Looks pretty good to me.
Sarge? Oh, gosh.
I know I shouldn't be here You were doing the right thing.
And so am I.
So, what are we looking at? Working out why they take the bodies where they do.
Until Isaac Harrison's murder, there was a clear pattern.
They were all women.
Not just that.
And the bodies were moved, so they drew the next part of a circle enclosing Fillmore.
- Corralling us.
- Exactly.
So the next death we can expect to be here, here or maybe here.
But Isaac's body was found here.
So the circle's interrupted.
The pattern stops.
Maybe there's no message and they're brought here cos the Fillmore has so much crime.
Or he wants to taunt the police, terrorise the district.
The letters he wrote predict where the body will be, so the body placements can't be random.
It's like you said, there is a pattern.
We just can't see it yet.
Sarge, I think you're onto something.
What's that? Well it's like what we used to do on the farm.
Look at the order of the killings and where the bodies were placed.
Maybe the killer wasn't circling folks in a neighbourhood.
Maybe he's herding them, like sheep.
So forcing them out of the Fillmore? Out of the places the rich want to be, into the places they don't.
- Union Square, the Tenderloin.
- And even further.
Roy Tullis's wife told us how much he hated how his city had changed when he was overseas.
Who's Roy Tullis? A guy from a list of GIs in England when Claire was killed.
And our best lead.
We're gonna track him down.
I'd look at who's trying to silence protest.
Men like George Mason.
Let me look at that list.
I knew that name was familiar.
There is a Peter Mason's on this list.
Do you think he's related to that vile politician? He lives in the right neighbourhood.
And there's motive.
Mason serves a lot of wealthy voters out west, all looking for a little more elbow room.
So we pay the Masons a visit.
I do hope my tea's up to your standards.
I get it from this little man on Divisadero.
- Please don't go to any trouble.
- No trouble at all.
Socially it's feast or famine here.
If my husband isn't on a campaign trail, I can go days without a visitor.
You're very kind, given the reason for our visit.
It's your husband's camera.
Not the first time we women have cleaned up our boys' messes, is it? I imagine they'd be lost without you.
You've a husband and? A son, Peter.
He's here on leave from the Philippines.
My husband still serves as well.
Oh, well.
No doubt that's a good job for him.
How long has your son served overseas? Oh, goodness, over a decade now.
He's far from the line of fire, but still I'm very proud to have raised a patriot.
I'm sure he's a fine young man.
- Would you like to meet him? - Why not? Peter? Dainties! Right.
So, let's discuss who and what we're going to get, Hi, there.
I'm looking for a Roy Tullis.
Not sure you'll find him.
Any ideas where he might be? It's not really our business.
What do you want with Roy? - I owe him money.
- Doubt that.
If you're looking for Roy, it's to get money, not give it.
You'd be surprised.
He's a good guy.
Well, if I see him, I'll let him know.
- I'm sure he knows where to find you.
- Indeed he does.
I think we just missed him.
Could this be more of your hobo code? Yeah, it's handcuffs.
This one MEANS: Watch out for police.
I'd say the man's got good reason to be keeping an eye out.
But, you know, in many ways, you and I are neighbours.
- Only a few blocks away.
- And yet a world apart.
Ah, here he is.
Little Bear, come meet Miss Harcourt and Mrs Bearden.
Miss Harcourt is here from England.
Here from England? Can't see why.
And Mrs Bearden lives in the Fillmore.
It's terrible there, neighbours going after each other like that.
What do you make of it all, Mr Mason? Not much.
I'm more of a visitor nowadays.
Still, it must pain you to see your home town being harmed? There are terrible things everywhere.
Wich is why these days, I keep myself safe behind a desk.
Out there in Manila, my Little Bear may be small but he's mighty.
Not really.
I was never in much danger in the first place.
Because you were so clever.
What would you know mother? You weren't there.
No, of course not, darling.
Have a nice day, ladies.
We should be on our way as well.
Please pass along my apologies to Mr Mason.
I'll check in next week to pay costs.
Consider it covered by the sisterhood.
I may be in my gilded cage, but there is so much I'm capable of.
To that end, if there's anything you need, please do call.
We certainly will.
We'll track him down, build a case against him the police can't deny.
- We've proof he was in England.
- Cops? (GASPS) What the hell are you after? - Hm? - Roy Tullis? We we just want to talk, that's all.
(YELLS) (COUGHS) Let's not do that again, OK? - I don't hit women.
- A man with principles.
Did she send you? Who, your wife? I gave her every penny she's got coming to her and more.
You take that back to the Board of Charities and Corrections.
- I'm no deadbeat.
- Hang on! What's this? - A coaster.
- With your hobo code on it.
What the hell's "hobo code"? Handcuffs.
It means you know the police are looking for you.
(SCOFFS) Yeah, it's code for my life's infinite circle of crap.
I went off and defended my country, came back to find the only freedom I fought for was the freedom to get left high and dry.
- What happened to your hand? - What the hell do you want? - The truth! - And just want to know where were you two nights ago? You zip it, you hear? I see you again I'll make sure you stay zipped.
It was scary but exciting.
It was useful.
We got what we needed.
A choke hold from a lunatic? A glimpse of the truth.
Roy Tullis has it in him to do these awful things.
And you? Anything promising? Peter Mason has the temper of a killer, not the physique.
The poor man's half Isaac's size.
Roy's our guy.
He's angry, violent He threatened to silence us.
He's certainly capable of it.
Well, not with me around.
I think this hobo code is a dead end.
- He didn't know it.
- No, he must have been lying.
There's no way he can scrawl out the stuff he does.
Even if he does know hobo code, it doesn't make him a killer.
Our killer's gonna try again.
The letter? Deciphered.
And if my predictive decryption is correct, we know the next time and place.
And it continues the herding pattern, or will tomorrow night.
We weren't fast enough the last time.
We can't let that happen again.
We need to bring in the police.
- Millie? - Sign me up.
And that list we gave you, we cross-referenced every man - religious affiliation, length of time outside the country, current location and propensity for violence.
How did you do all that? Libraries, phone books, interviews You went and spoke to these men? You may have refused to do your job, but I wouldn't dream to shirk mine.
This isn't your job! Now, that's the kind of passion we'd hope to see.
I have been doing my job.
In fact I took a gander at that list of GIs you gave me.
- Don't ask me why.
- I won't ask.
I know why.
That list was a carefully organised, clearly presented, compellingly reasoned work of criminology.
I'm here to tell you, Detective, all roads lead to Roy Tullis.
I looked into Tullis.
The guy's a brawler, not a planner.
This Holy Palms Killer carries out complex murders, moves bodies all over hell's half-acre.
He does it all while creating his clever codes.
And he never cries in his beer to some poor shmuck about his evil deeds.
Do you think Tullis has the stomach or the brains? I don't.
One thing we can agree on is the same terrible thing will happen again.
It's here in his letters.
Those clever codes are predictive.
- I can't make arrests without grounds.
- I can't ignore what's in front of me! I'll alert the patrol division and they will send, Don't tell me, additional police cars.
You seem to be able to predict a lot of things.
You're an ass! Let me ask you this.
Roy Tullis, have you ever met him? - My friends have.
- Your friends? Why are you here? We mistakenly thought I'd be the one you might take seriously.
Clearly there are limits to my predictive capabilities.
I got to hand it to you, Miss Harcourt.
This is one twisted way to spend yourself a holiday.
We got the crookedest street in the world out there.
Treat yourself and take a look.
- (CHATTING AND LAUGHTER) - Where do you think you're going? If you don't ask, I won't lie.
And if you don't stop, I'll break your legs.
Marcus! Just calm down.
Mom lets me go to meetings and picketings if you're not around.
Except I am around.
And I'm telling you it's not safe.
- I'm going out to play.
- BOTH: No, you're not! Cadence, honey, why don't you go play in your room? You think staying inside's gonna make it safer? Right now, I do.
You don't care because you barely live here! Who you think looks after the family when you're not here? Dennis, your father puts a roof over our head, food on our table! I heard it a million times - the loyal patriot defending our freedoms.
I'll be damned if I go on my next deployment wondering if my family's safe.
I tell you, I am about ready to move this family to Oakland.
Well I'm not going.
If everyone moves up and moves out, we've got nothing.
- (PHONE RINGS) - The Japanese lived here before us, the Jews before them.
When the time was right, they left the Fillmore.
They were pushed out! And what happened to those communities? You can't make it your problem! - Hello.
- It's Millie.
- Bryce stonewalled me.
- (SIGHS) You're just gonna surrender? Tell me where you are.
Look at me.
I sailed halfway around the world with poor Jean in tow.
To find justice for a friend you lost.
You've solved these things before.
Yes with leads we could count on in a place we understood.
I can't face telling Jean we've run dry, not after dragging her all this way.
Maybe you're just too close to the battle.
Claire meant a lot to you.
I lost so many in battlefields, bombings.
Yet for some reason, Claire is the one who haunts me.
You blame yourself.
It doesn't take an ace cryptographer to decode that.
You've a fine city here.
You're just not in the habit of defending it.
Those cyphers you solved in the war were only abstract puzzles.
Until they weren't.
One time, I worked 11 hours straight to crack a code.
And when I finally backed up to read the plain text, I read about the sinking of cargo ship SS La Salle, November 7th, 1942.
She was torpedoed.
All 60 crew drowned.
I was the first person in America to know that fact.
And I knew my brother was among the dead.
It felt like I made it happen.
Made it real.
And all I wanted to do was scramble back up those letters and erase the truth I'd somehow uncovered.
Must have been horrible.
It was a day's work.
You asked me if this was worth it, and you said it was.
Even if it's just to use our heads again.
So that's what we're gonna do.
You're gonna go back to Jean and Hailey.
Keep building a case on Roy and a plan for how to stop him.
Me? I'll take Trudy Mason up on her offer to help the sisterhood.
The sisterhood? (CHUCKLES) That's a nice idea.
Just because we want this hobo code to mean something, - doesn't mean it does.
- You think I'm stupid? No, I think you're dead good at this, Hailey.
You saw the herding pattern, right? because you draw on what you know, not just the first idea that comes into your head.
He's not our guy.
Roy's our best lead and you want to drop him? - Hailey, he's still our man.
- No, no.
I know folks like Roy.
In my hometown, when something bad happened, everybody blamed the simple kid who couldn't defend himself.
The killer may be herding people, but Roy's no shepherd.
Is like what Bryce said it would take someone with brains to do the job.
A man with something to gain, a Mason, just not the kid.
It's possible the father was in England when Claire was killed.
Plenty businessmen went over to cut deals.
At the memorial, he threatened to cut out our tongues.
The politicians and developers looking to clear the Fillmore.
Iris told me that if a neighbourhood is deemed blighted, there'd be pockets lined, re-election guaranteed.
It could be the father.
- Oh, no.
- You don't agree? No, no, I do.
I do and that's a terrible thing.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Why, hello there.
I remember you.
(EXHALES NERVOUSLY) Would you like to come in? Thank you.
Mr Mason, I hate to impose like this.
Oh, not a worry.
It's always a pleasure to speak to one of my constituents.
Especially when there's no cameras around.
It seems your family is quite outspoken, the kind that turns my head.
I'd like to use you to send a message back to your community.
We believe we may have come to identify the Holy Palms Killer.
A man named Roy Tullis.
Can't say he's a stranger to me.
I'll happily walk you through our thinking if you, Ah, Trudy.
- Oh.
- My wife.
- Iris.
What a surprise.
- Mrs Mason.
This intrepid woman may have worked out who's behind those Fillmore killings.
No surprise.
Mrs Bearden proved brilliant the moment I met her.
Talk me through it.
I'll get on the blower to Homicide.
Those louts won't lift a finger until they see the whites of your eyes.
I could make it before my committee meeting.
Would you care to join? This is yours to tackle, George.
I'll get the goods from Mrs Bearden.
- Call me when you get to the station.
- (CHUCKLES) - Very good.
- We'll tell you what's what.
Well, you've proved quite the thinker, Mrs Bearden.
I'll get some tea started and you can tell me all about it.
Er Detective, is your phone working? Yes, it is, and so am I.
This may need your attention.
(SIGHS) It's no hobo code.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) I was told there'd be cake.
Little Bear.
Yes, that's what my parents call me.
Also the constellation.
Ursa Minor.
You know your Latin.
Yes, Ursa Minor's up there in the sky, the North Star on its tail.
Most people think it's the Big Dipper has Polaris.
But nope.
I'm the way folks know where they belong.
You know, it isn't easy growing up Little Bear when a big bear has his paws on your neck.
That's why it was a military life for me.
A chance to defend my country, but also to protect myself to escape this twisted constellation.
- You did this? - You talk too much.
Those people had families, loved ones.
Those people are already all forgotten.
I'm the one with a follower.
Someone tracks me, moves my bodies.
A fan.
Roy Tullis.
Someone you could frame.
That sad husk of a man? - I don't think so.
- He's strong enough desperate enough.
But not sick enough.
Not like me.
- Just stop talking! - (SHRIEKS) - Just stop talking.
- (CRIES OUT) - Let her out of there! - What? What are you talking about? Ugh! (GROANS) - I'm on my way into town! - She's not there.
- Where is she? - Your friend is with my wife.
(GRUNTING AND YELLING) (GASPS) He tried to kill me! - I'm so sorry.
- No! No, you knew! Help me! Help me! - No! - (BANGS ON DOOR) He tried to kill me! You knew! Help me! (CRIES OUT) (GASPS) - Sarge?! - Oh, my God.
- (CHOKES) (COUGHS) - HAILEY: The key! (CHOKES) - (GASPS FOR BREATH) - Sarge! Sarge! We're here.
It's OK! It's OK! We're here! It's OK! It's OK! What have you done? Oh, Little Bear.
I worked so hard to protect him from the world and now this? Your son killed a fine young woman I knew.
And God knows how many more while he was overseas.
- Little Bear.
- Get away from them.
What? What are you doing? We are not here to hurt anyone.
They're intruders, George.
They need to be silenced.
What? What are you talking about? See, our Little Bear, he's a fragile boy.
I was protecting him.
I did it for all of us.
Good Lord, woman! Peter may be the sick one, but you? You shaped all of this.
You used it.
Used what? Your son is a killer, Mr Mason, and your wife covered it up.
I thought military life would help him but when it didn't That's why you kept him away? This visit he was worse than ever.
So I I found a man who was loyal to the family.
- A man who needed cash.
- Tullis? He help to move the bodies to locations that would help us, to help you, George.
Your developments, your career.
Oh, my God! (GROANS) It's OK, Mom.
You don't have to protect me any more.
You're my Little Bear.
You understand, I had nothing to do with this.
But you did, Mr Mason.
You're gutting a neighbourhood killing us slowly.
It's called progress.
Well it seems it ain't doing either of us any good.
I can't believe that sad excuse for a human being is the one that killed Claire.
At least we found her some justice.
And stopped more deaths.
And now home.
Maybe a visit to the Big Apple before we ship out.
- Jean - Seeing as we're here.
You're the one that always tells me to be more adventurous.
The thing is Oh.
You're not coming back.
What's there for me? Another dreadful job.
And more pathetic suitors looking to corner me into kids and a kitchen.
(SIGHS) I'm there.
I'm sorry.
Hello, Johnny, babe - It's been a while - You sure been quiet.
Since I've seen you Got a job to do.
Make yourself comfortable I hope you'll be around For a long, long time Hello, Johnny Roy Tullis, you are arrested as an accessory to murder to Ruby Anderson, Cecily Blair, - Isaac Harrison.
- You're going to hell.
I didn't know he was yours.
I did it to support my family.
You led the cops to him.
It was all I could do not to bash his brains in.
But my son, my Isaac, he would have wanted it this way.
Well, I say we earned ourselves a drink.
You'll get no argument from me.
(SONG CONTINUES) Iris, I'm so sorry we've put you through all this.
Don't be.
I fought back.
And that's a wonderful feeling.
Oh four pints, please.
- And a shot of whisky.
- Make that two.
Sorry, ladies, but this establishment is for military veterans only.
Then we're in the right place, dearie, make no mistake.
( SONG INTRO) If they gave a prize For the biggest fool of all For the broken-hearted lover Who took the biggest fall They'd give me the gold cup Yes, the gold cup For believing all those lies were true Just give me the gold cup That beautiful gold cup And I'd trade it For one kiss from you