The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Charlotte's Web

1 BUZZ CLIFFORD: Pididdle (TIN CANS CLATTERING) Well, I'm a ridin' down the highway Just my baby and me Hoping for a kiss or two or three Well, holy smokes, this gal is so shy All she does is sit and stare and smile Well, Pididdle-a-diddle, Pididdle-a-diddle - Pididdle-a-diddle - (TYRES SCREECH) Pididdle, oh, baby Just want a kiss from you Oh, my God! (MUSIC PLAYING NEARBY) (BIRDSONG) Little girl Ahh.
Makes me sweat, how tidy Lydia keeps everything out here.
It's always lovely to see an old friend.
It's her other friends I never feel right with.
Hard to imagine she's the same gal you broke code with at the Presidio.
I know.
If she's as quiet as she was last year - I won't last for dessert.
- Mm.
We can figure out a signal.
- BOTH: Hi! - Iris! Hailey! Look at us, the gang back together! Lydia, you look, uh radiant.
- I do, don't I? - Mm-hm.
Now, where's that husband of yours? Oh, dear, didn't you get my message? Of course I did.
We'll send you home with a plate.
Now, come on in.
There's some people I'd like you to meet.
Patricia, James.
Meet my friends I was telling you about, Iris and Hailey.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Would you believe we worked together in the war? Interesting.
No doubt the three of you made quite an impression.
Didn't we? Thick as thieves, all of us, with our shoulder to the wheel.
And trouble! The things we got up to.
Ooh! It's darling the way you've stayed in touch.
- That's the wonder of America.
- Ladies.
Oh, I'm here for what this guy has on offer.
Hailey! Great to see you.
What's the chemist shaking this year? Well, last year, I made mudslides Next morning, I felt like I had been hit by half a mountain! - (LAUGHTER) - They did pack a punch.
Who could forget Frank streaking down the street! This year, Kenneth made Sidecars.
Cognac, orange liqueur and lemon juice.
- Streaking is optional.
- I brought my birthday suit.
Cheers! (LAUGHS) - Iris? - They do sound a treat, though I'll take an iced tea if you have it.
Hang tight.
Thank you.
What a difference a year makes.
She's just so happy now.
Well, we tried Mexicans, but just you try getting them to understand.
Plus, there was theft.
Iris, you must know a good housekeeper.
Mrs Bearden's a research assistant at Berkeley.
Why on God's green earth would she know any housekeepers? I just assumed living in the city.
- (DOORBELL CHIMES) - I'll keep an ear out.
- Excuse me.
- Charlotte, there you are.
- Get yourself in here.
- Iris! Oh, Charlotte.
I was hoping you'd be here.
I was just thinking of you yesterday, as I stumbled through the Sunday crossword.
If you ever need a hint, I'm only a call away.
Now, there is a friend.
- And there's Howard.
- Ahh.
Taking up space and a little oxygen.
I've read about how some people are called introverts.
For them, parties are nothing but a slog.
Oh, Howard's just a pill.
Iris, you marry a man because he says he loves you, and next thing you know, every single thing he told you he loved about you now drives him bonkers.
I say to hell with it.
I'm stealing away to Monterey tonight.
Put that in your puzzle.
Those were wonderful canapes, Lydia.
- And delicious.
(LAUGHS) - Mm-hm.
Come on, sit down and relax.
Look at us, all back together, just like our days at the Presidio.
I'm full to bursting with the war stories, and not another soul I can talk to.
Well, they are still state secrets.
What for? We've got peace now.
After Korea, there's nobody left to fight.
- What about the Reds? - Never gonna happen.
Oh, this all brings me back, getting recruited out of Wellesley, so full of dreams.
Those buses in town, loaded up with boys leaving for Europe I would have married any one of them.
The town felt so empty after they left.
(GIGGLING) Ooh! (CONTINUES GIGGLING) Charlotte does love a cocktail.
She seemed to have been pacing herself.
- Charlotte.
- Oh You're making a fool of yourself.
What, Howard? I'm dancing.
When was the last time you did that? You're an embarrassment.
We're going home.
You ruin everything.
I need more, Howard.
And I'm getting it.
You're not making any sense.
Come on.
I said, come on.
Howard, you're hurting me.
Well, this is awkward.
He's sure being rough.
Should we do something? She told me she's keeping a list.
When it all comes out, she'll be free.
- No.
You think he'll miss one sandwich? The one member of my family I wouldn't mind clapping eyes on, and he had to go and run away.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Edward! Over land and sea, the mighty winds have carried you to me.
(LAUGHS) Nice to see you.
You look ravishing.
Edward Harcourt, meet Jean McBrian.
- A pleasure.
- It's all mine.
I must say, I barely recognise the place.
It's been a rubbish tip since I moved out.
You always had a knack for ameliorating your surroundings.
It's the least I could do.
We're so grateful for the use of the place.
Apologies for being out of town for your arrival.
Oh, not at all.
Come, please.
I think you'll agree the place has tremendous potential.
Not just your flat here, but I mean, the whole city.
I suppose that's why I've decided Well I've decided to stay.
You have? Yes.
Only, you don't seem too happy about it.
Of course he is.
I'd love to be of help, Camilla, but, unfortunately, the apartment's not for rent.
I start renovations here, end of the month.
But why? Millie's done wonders with the place.
Plans are already afoot.
Is that so? It was an alarming sight, sir.
That's why I'm here.
At the party, what did you see? Her husband.
He was short with her.
- Cruel.
- That's a matter of opinion.
He grabbed her arm and dragged her out.
She kept telling him to stop.
The Crawfords tell me that Charlotte was drunk out of her mind.
Sir, they didn't see what I saw.
A right-minded husband reining in a wife gone out-of-hand.
Charlotte and Howard Williams.
How well do you know them? Hm? Are you even friends? No.
But Charlotte told me at dinner that her husband stopped loving her.
That she was going to Monterey last night, - and Howard didn't know.
- Well, she was walking in the wrong direction when she got hit by that car.
A car? What happened? I typed up those reports.
Thank you.
It's an open-and-shut hit-and-run.
Not even your little soap opera can muddy the waters on this one.
Iris! Olivia.
I remember Lydia.
It was horrible, reading the awful facts of her friend's death.
Awful facts? Is that what's in there? It's Charlotte's file.
I thought you might take a look.
No-one else is.
She was inebriated, on foot, found ten miles from home.
A man may have walked that far, but not a woman in heels.
- That doesn't prove anything - No.
But it suggests something.
The men inside here, they don't want to hear about it.
Thank you for this, Olivia.
Just do right by her.
I have not come this far in life just to share a flat with a stranger.
Well, come back to England with me.
And give Edward a victory? Never.
What, you're staying to spite a cousin you haven't seen for 15 years? I like it here, Jean.
I've made friends.
I can make a life.
Well you've done it before.
(WASHING-UP CLATTERING) (HE SIGHS) If you're gonna do it, do it right.
I'll fix my damn pipes how I want to.
Then I've got to fix them all the next time you ship out.
You women you think you can do anything.
- Why not? - (HE CHUCKLES) Oh, Hay-bale.
When are you shipping out? When the brass gives the orders.
(HE GRUNTS) Ten miles from home.
The police report said she was wearing different earrings.
And oiled up the way she was? I don't buy it.
Iris, you stay out of it.
The cops won't take kindly to you interfering again.
Of course, baby.
Not my business.
I just don't think it was a hit-and-run.
We saw her husband roughing her up.
The police report said he works in insurance, had big-time coverage on his wife's life.
- There's your motive there.
- It does sound suspicious.
Charlotte was wearing flower earrings at the party, but was found with a crystal one missing.
So why change earrings? To impress someone you're going to meet? There's an inkling of a motive, but what about the means? Of course, there are means.
Someone follows her ten miles down a country road? If the husband found out about the Monterey affair She'd be driving south, not walking east.
Lydia did tell us that Charlotte made a list, and that when the truth came out, she'd be free.
So we go in and get it.
If you want to put someone in prison, make sure it's not yourselves.
We won't, if Howard invites us in.
Why would a grieving widower invite in his dead wife's nosy acquaintance? He wouldn't.
We could talk to Lydia.
She'll hit us with a hundred theories.
Besides, Howard's not keen on Charlotte's friends.
He's not gonna like one of them nosing around.
So, we make it a stranger.
Mr Williams? Whatever you're selling, it's a bad time.
I know it is, and I'm so sorry for your loss.
My name is Frances.
I'm with the local chapter of the National Bereavement Society.
- National - Bereavement Society.
We're here to help.
Well, thank you.
I don't need any.
I know it's a terrible time, no doubt, but well, we've found the best antidote to an empty heart is a full stomach.
For you and Arthur.
My son is with his grandmother.
All the more for you.
We've some sliced meat, some lovely cheeses, a pot of mustard, and tea, of course.
That's what you Brits fix up, when the going gets rough? I can vouch for its restorative powers.
Also, a bunch of flowers.
They'll need a trim and some water.
A pinch of sugar always helps.
- I could come inside - No, no.
No, it's It's just that it's not as clean as I like it to be.
Thank you.
Very kind.
Her shoes, her clothes, her things.
This must seem awful, I know.
We all have our own ways of grieving.
It hurts so much, I can't bear to see her things right now.
I heard Charlotte was quite the free spirit.
It's what I fell in love with.
But that changed.
Excuse me.
It's all gone so terribly wrong.
What changed, if you don't mind my asking? I, uh I lost her somehow.
It was as if I wasn't enough any more.
Being alone in your own marriage, it takes a toll.
And after everything I did for her.
Damn it, Charlotte! I just never knew how terribly out of hand things could get.
(CLATTERING) I'm hopeless now.
There's all these things to do and I have no idea how to do it.
(HE WHIMPERS) You'll be all right, Mr Williams.
You'll be just fine.
Thank you.
(HE SNIFFLES) (LAWNMOWER WHIRRING NEARBY) Stealing it from a poor man? That's beyond the pale.
Technically, the ledger was Charlotte's.
- Her name's inside the cover.
- What's it like in the house? From what I saw, the man lives an inordinately tidy life.
Well, he sure got angry when Charlotte got messy.
He said she'd become unhappy and it had taken its toll.
He couldn't wait for the body to cool before binning her things.
- Sounds like he's the one.
- Or he's simply mourning her death.
What about this? Rows and rows of nine-digit numbers.
A running tab? Except these amounts don't look like dollars and cents.
These last four digits could be dates.
Look, 04/29, 04/30.
29th of April, 30th of April.
Yes, then that leaves these first five digits.
What has five digits and increases over time? - Charlotte got a car? - She lives in the suburbs.
- Of course, she has a car.
- Bet they're odometer readings.
I kept a similar log for service vehicles at the Presidio.
And the red horizontal lines every 15 or so rows? That's each time the car was gassed up.
So Charlotte kept a driving log.
Except that's not her handwriting.
I saw her penmanship in the garage.
It could be Howard's.
He does seem quite the controlling husband.
Each day of the week has similar mileage numbers.
She had a routine, places she went, times she went there.
Except on the day she died.
20 miles more than any other Saturday.
Where did you go, Charlotte? I suppose this is something we could take to Lydia.
- So much life here.
- This courtyard? Lydia, you have an exquisite garden.
All of it pruned within an inch of its life.
It's all too brief, Iris.
Must be what Howard's thinking.
Ken checked on him.
He's managing.
Are he and Kenneth close? All they discuss is golf and lawnmowers.
My husband needs to get out more.
The four of us should get together sometime.
That's a great idea! I mean(LAUGHS) .
the two of you the two of them Men.
- Husbands.
- (PILLS RATTLING) Well, how's tonight? Well, not if you're feeling poorly.
Oh, it's just the sun.
Gives me a headache.
It'd mean a lot of driving for you in one day.
I practically live in the car.
School, grocer, St Mary's Church, that is the circle of my existence, so any excuse to come downtown is a thrill.
- Hello? - Out here, baby.
- Marcus.
- Lydia.
I am I am sorry about your friend.
You'll be able to watch me drown my sorrows tonight.
Lydia and her husband are joining us at the club.
After all, we missed you at dinner.
I think I will take Cadence to the market.
I saw your shopping list on the counter.
You've got yourself a good one there.
TAKE FIVE (INTRO) (MUSIC CHANGES) (CHATTER AND LAUGHTER) We need a little fun right now, don't we, Kenneth? Iris was always the one, knew how to find it! Was I? Remember when you took me to the Swing House? Best night of my life.
Those were the days.
Weren't those the days, Iris? Well, you've new friends now and they're lovely.
The ones who manage to stay alive.
Lydia mentioned you spoke to Howard.
- What's his state of mind? - Iris Howard's not much of a talker.
Marcus gets it, a military man like me.
Military? Kenneth, you sell pharmaceuticals.
Sure, and the Army's a big client.
Means I work for the military.
Kenneth does well.
Don't you, Ken-Ken? So very very, very, very, very, well.
(THEY CHUCKLE) It's a right-place, right-time kind of thing.
How is it in the Army these days? I mean, is there anything left to do? Marcus is a sergeant, just made Green Beret.
Isn't that great! A Green Beret! Don't you face problems? Negro giving orders and all.
Well, any soldier respects his rank.
I've been given opportunities that weren't always available.
And I'm sure you deserved every one.
Still Must be difficult.
- Kenneth - I'm not saying it's right.
I'm just saying that's the world we live in.
But if they keep you busy, then that's great.
- Yeah.
They keep me "busy".
- Good.
Doing what? At the end of the month, I'm off to Vietnam to assist in training.
Vietnam? That's not even our war.
- Where is Vietnam? - Southern Asia.
They're like Japs with a tan.
We're not fighting.
We're just training the folks in the south.
Let's hope that's all you do.
Hell, we just got out of Korea.
Iris, you did not tell us a peep about Vietnam.
Well, I guess it was a right-place, right-time kind of thing.
Best seat in the house.
You say that to everyone.
- Bourbon sour on the rocks? - That would be divine.
I was thinking I had the wrong place.
Archie, this is my cousin, Edward.
What'll it be? Tom Collins, please and thank-you.
Looks to me like you have an admirer.
We're here because it's the one place I know.
That, and my friend Iris wants to ask you some questions about driving routes in the suburbs.
I know you get out there, with all your real estate.
A little too much for my liking.
This here is more my speed.
(LIVELY MUSIC) (GIGGLING AND WHOOPING) Shall we drag out our husbands? What for? He hadn't told you he was shipping out again, had he? Let's forget about them and have some fun.
It's a great city for meeting people.
And a crowded one.
Yet here you are, houses full of apartments to rent.
I wish I could help you, Camilla.
You can, Eddie.
You just don't want to.
All the years I've lived here, I never once heard from you.
The same could be said of you.
Except I'm not insinuating myself into your life.
"Insinuating"? What possible reason do you have to be here? Because it's beautiful, because it's a blank slate.
- Oh, stop.
- Why else would I be here? To spy on me.
- Oh - Admit it.
My father sent you.
- How much did he pay you? - You're insane.
Not even a convincing cover story? I've a right to a new life, same as you.
Then choose another city.
I'll pay your way, whatever you need.
What are you so afraid I'll find out? We were close once.
I cared for you.
Times change.
I don't.
I'll be out of the apartment end of the week.
You can paint over the fact I was ever there, find some nice stranger to rent to.
We can account for everything, the trips to the school, the market, the mother.
Everything except the last 20 miles she drove before she died.
Sarge used to say if you've wrung out every possibility, you go back to the source.
That's Howard.
He wrote the mileage, he knows where it leads.
We can't go back a second time.
Millie returns the ledger, says she thought it was her client book, and slips in a question about the mileage.
Even if he hadn't killed his wife, he's not gonna tell us the truth.
- Then we catch him in a lie.
- Oh.
- This is getting out of hand.
- I know! Isn't it great? Things got a lot more fun since you showed up.
You are just buttering me up.
Iris and I will visit Howard.
You and Millie figure out where Charlotte could've gone on those last 20 miles.
There's only so many roads that lead out of Santa Clara.
- We don't have a car.
- Take mine.
Don't worry, we drive on the right side here.
It's a lot easier.
I was gonna tell you, Iris.
It's just, that fellow, he got me so angry.
I know the feeling.
So, this is our third road out from Charlotte's house.
And here is ten miles.
Everything's either too small, too expensive or too dire.
Ten miles out.
That leaves ten to return.
Can't say it looks very promising.
Let's take a look and make sure.
You know, if you stayed, we could get somewhere really splendid together.
I've a good life in London, a good job.
Which you've been desperate to leave.
We've accomplished what we came here to do.
You're living a life already written.
Isn't it terrifying, being trapped in a cage you know you'll never leave? We're not all gypsies, you know, Millie.
Most of us never live to our full potential either.
We're different.
We want different things and we take different roads getting there.
Well, this isn't one of them.
Come on, let's try the next.
And this time, try driving on the right side of the road.
Was I? I'm afraid, Jean you were.
- Car's gone.
He's not home.
- Then we wait.
Or we could peek inside while we have the place to ourselves.
- Hailey, we are not going to - We could find that list.
Lydia said Charlotte said it would set her free.
Dollars to doughnuts, she wasn't talking about odometer readings.
We came to return the ledger and ask about mileage, not to break into the man's house.
Who said anything about breaking in? That's the suburbs for you.
Same distance, different road.
Not exactly King's Cross, is it? (SIGHS) Ten miles out, and still nothing to see.
Millie was right.
Sure is tidy.
No list, but I did find this photo in one of her purses.
"To J with love.
" How tall would you say Charlotte was? About the same as you.
Yeah, except I can't reach the pedals.
Someone adjusted the seat.
- Someone taller than Charlotte.
- Her husband, Howard? Gas tank's empty, but from the last ledger entry, it should be nearly full.
(CAR APPROACHING) - Holy doodle.
He's back.
- (CAR DOOR CLOSES) (HORN TOOTS) Howard? I've been worried about you.
You haven't answered my calls.
- I'm sorry, I just - The only way through this loss is to accept the love of those around you.
Lydia, I have a freezer full of casseroles.
Everyone on the street Well, I have two more at home.
Help me bring them over? - What do I do with this one? - Well, we'll bring it with us.
Come on.
Perhaps it was an animal.
Except I don't think it was.
The missing earring.
So, her last drive was to her own death.
Then the killer drove her car back home.
It has to be someone who knew her.
Someone like her husband.
Iris! (WHISPERS) Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I thought that was you.
- Now, tell me, what's going on? - Well, we felt bad for Howard.
We came to see how he was managing Iris, you barely know the man.
You think he murdered his wife.
- (GASPS) - Never crossed our minds.
Well, it sure as sugar crossed mine.
Talking to you the other day got me thinking.
Well, you're thinking wrong, Lydia.
It's darling how you try to play dumb, a ploy I spent years mastering.
Whatever you're up to I want in.
I thought he was gonna run us over, right there in the garage.
He'd have done worse if he'd found us.
Let's hope your friend Lydia remembers how to keep a secret.
The mileage leads us to the crime scene, which means Charlotte didn't walk down that road, - she drove herself there.
- Someone drove her car back.
Howard, obviously.
The car seat and mirror were adjusted to his height.
Except why record the mileage? That's evidence of a crime.
Perfectionists can't help themselves? Except he didn't reposition the seat and mirror.
This is a nice earring.
Perhaps from the mysterious "J"? Olivia could help us verify the jewellery.
Did you guys visit the country club? What country club? Half a mile past - where Charlotte died.
- If they'd gone that far, the mileage wouldn't add up.
Except Howard didn't record tenths of a mile.
Quite a distance unaccounted for.
So she could have left the club, upset, on foot, then someone ran her over using her own car.
Maybe our friend, "J".
Why else go on that godforsaken road? Except it wasn't a hit-and-run.
Howard murdered her.
We can prove it.
You can prove it? Who's "we"? There's evidence.
In the house.
Lydia, you're not making any sense.
The police concluded it was a hit-and-run.
The girls, they found something.
They know more than we do.
They're smart and they're finding things.
None of this makes any sense.
Don't you say that to me.
Don't ever say that to me.
Things are finally adding up again.
Howard, he killed my friend.
I know it, and I'm not the only one.
Darling, I'll call the police.
We'll have them look into it, OK? OK.
I'm not crazy this time.
I know it's more than you expected.
Rest assured, it's also more than I expected to offer up.
Well, I appreciate it.
Truth is, I like coming down here.
Walter's on lunch, but he lets me visit.
- And Walter is - He's the coroner.
Amazing, the things you can learn.
- How many bodies are in here? - Ah, depends.
I think there's three right now.
Busy weekend.
I had a look at the schedule and they just finished your friend Charlotte's autopsy.
Different when you know the person.
If you don't want to do this Earring's the same as we found.
Autopsy says her stomach included lobster.
- Her last meal was a good one.
- Maybe not.
Look at her mascara.
She'd been crying.
- Smells of new money.
- And old salesmen.
Hopefully, someone can place Charlotte here the day she died.
- Ladies.
- Good afternoon.
We're looking for a friend, Charlotte Williams.
It's a school reunion and we'd like to find her.
We don't share information on members.
- Oh, so she is a member? - This is a private club.
If you're interested, you might ask your husbands to join, but I can't tell you anything.
Well, that was one hell of a bunker.
So, we chip over it.
It's the same at home, members pay high fees for their privacy.
Everyone has their price.
That girl does not take "no" for an answer.
Piece of cake.
Marcus, you would not believe my day.
(SHE SIGHS) I saw an old friend at the morg Morgan Spring Luncheon.
Beautiful flowers.
What a nice surprise.
You told Lydia their neighbour is a murderer? Well, I never said that.
She's convinced a killer's on the loose.
You can't go stirring up this stuff.
Lydia lost a friend.
She's not herself.
I've seen a change in her.
I don't know what it is, but Look, Iris, stop it.
Kenneth, we're sorry.
There won't be any further trouble.
That's all I want to hear.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) You don't get to say what I will or won't do.
Well, then, how about you don't lie to me? What the hell have you gotten yourself into? Marcus, I knew this woman.
The police are quick to rule out foul play, but I am not turning a blind eye when the evidence suggests otherwise.
Ten to the hour.
Caddie says the guy Charlotte was with tees off at four.
Oh, that's the Crawfords, from Lydia's dinner.
Is that who Charlotte was here with? I'll take the wife, you drill the husband.
Hey, there! Hailey Yarner.
From the Nolan dinner? Those were some Sidecars.
(LAUGHS) Small world.
- How'd you get in here? - My boyfriend Chuck.
I'm supposed to meet him in the the dining hall.
Heck if I know where that is.
Just left, off the main entrance.
I'm all a-pitter-patter.
I'm betting today's the day my boy's gonna propose.
Good luck with that one, darlin'.
Oh, no, no.
He's a real peach.
Peaches rot.
I'll show you where you're going.
Well, make it fast.
We tee off in ten.
Of course.
- Shall we? - Mm-hm.
Hello, there.
We've low handicaps, but if you care to make fours I'm afraid not.
We're not here to play games.
Are you new to golf? We invented the thing, dearie.
What does the "J" stand for? - That's "James".
- Interesting.
- Are you here alone? - We're looking for a friend.
Charlotte Williams.
We're told she frequents the clubhouse.
Charlotte? Well, she's no longer with us.
Word is, you were the last person to see her alive.
If you don't mind Must be difficult to concentrate, I know.
Don't want to be putting that ball of yours where it doesn't belong.
You'd given Charlotte this.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You were with her at the party and took her to the clubhouse.
- I'm calling the manager.
- Would you? - We'd love to speak to him.
- What do you want? First off, to know what happened the night of your girlfriend's death.
I'm a married man.
Which must certainly be awkward for you.
And more reason to tell us what you know, so we can be on our way.
We'd broken it off that day.
All right, you can pay off any of the lads in this restaurant, and they will tell you what happened, how hysterical she became.
She threatened to tell Patricia I took her with me on my hunting trip.
She started off making a scene, and then she just got ripped instead.
You were afraid Charlotte would tell all.
Aren't you a real crack shamus! Is that why you mowed her down afterwards? If I were you, I would let us play right through, forget this ever happened.
Otherwise, you may end up getting personal with a nine-iron.
Except you don't know who we are "J".
I'd work on your parting shot if I were you.
- You sure don't waste any time.
- Just hit the ball.
Just quit it, will you? I'd love to, Marcus, but someone has to get dinner started.
You break into someone's house and get thrown in jail.
Now, what kind of mother risks jail-time? What kind of husband sides with a man over his own wife? I was worried.
You're hiding things from me.
Last I saw, you're hardly an open book.
(SIGHS) I was trying to find the right moment.
Well, you sure found it! Seeing Kenneth bait you into blurting it out was a wonder to behold.
I have no control over my deployment.
It is my job.
You knew that when you married me.
And you knew what you'd signed up for with me.
Only the smartest women were chosen as codebreakers.
And, thanks to the war, I found out that I was one of them.
I finally found out what I was good for.
But I've had to put that all away, forget it for far too long.
The moment I laid eyes on you, I saw a beautiful woman and a beautiful mind.
Every time you leave, it's like I gotta go pick a fight.
It's how I know you love me.
- We fight for each other.
- Till our dying day.
Well Iris? Where are you going? I've got somewhere to be.
- I'm so sorry.
- Thank you, Iris.
I appreciate that.
I'm actually just on my way out.
I have to ask you something.
If it has to do with the offer of a casserole, the answer is "no", thank you.
What chances would you give to the idea that Charlotte was murdered? (HE SHUTS CAR DOOR) What are you implying? I think that was pretty direct.
I know that you didn't kill her.
A murder like that requires passion, a loss of control, and, well Howard Williams doesn't lose control.
You stopped fighting for her a long time ago.
I didn't know her any more.
Charlotte did whatever Charlotte wanted to, regardless of how I felt.
I know the feeling.
The secrets she held, the places she went I stopped asking.
When was the last time you drove her car? When I took it for a test drive.
Then why was the seat all the way back? I have no idea.
That's news to me.
I think the last driver wasn't Charlotte.
It was the person who killed her.
Excuse me? How do you know about Charlotte's car? Simple.
I looked.
These are all her belongings.
I bought Charlotte a lot of things, but I never bought her these.
All of them.
We started living separate lives, and then this.
How do you know they weren't gifts? I saw other women wearing them.
There's all this talk of sticky-fingered housekeepers, but it was her.
All along, it was her.
I thought life out here would be simpler, happier, a safe place to raise our son.
And it was, until Charlotte started getting antsy, going on about how everything here was beneath her.
And the other wives, she was obsessed with the other wives.
She had to have everything first.
Everything had to be the best, all of it.
Charlotte was this bright, beautiful woman when I first met her.
And then something inside of her soured.
And it broke my heart.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - I checked with the club.
They served lobster the night Charlotte died.
So, James fed her well before breaking her heart.
Iris wants us down at the police station.
- That list of Charlotte's.
- She found it? It was an account of jewellery she stole from her friends, mostly from Patricia, who knew everything.
- About the stealing? - About the affair.
Charlotte wrote beside Patricia's name, "Knows about J.
" Dated the day before the party.
Oh, I want to be there when they get her.
(HE CLEARS HIS THROAT) You have a moment? I told you we'll be out by the end of the week.
The place is yours, if you want it.
I figure it's a big city.
Countless ways to hide.
You can leave the money with Mrs Gill, let her know if anything breaks.
I'm sure nothing will.
All the best here, Camilla.
I'll be happy here, I'm sure.
Thank you.
(CHATTER) Iris, what are you doing here? Charlotte was murdered, and we can prove it.
We know.
We received a tip from a neighbour and made an arrest.
- The husband, Howard.
- Except Howard didn't do it.
Under her car they found fabric from her skirt.
He ran over his wife.
Oh, no.
Olivia, you've got the wrong man.
They have the evidence.
You may have tried, but it's a closed case.
They're seeing it wrong.
Charlotte's killer is still out there.
It's one of the Crawfords.
I'm not an idiot, James.
I saw the way you were all over those two women.
I told you, they were just tourists, asking directions.
At a private golf club? How stupid do you think I am? You think I don't know what you're up to? (HE CHUCKLES) Not again with this.
- I know you play around.
- You're a mess.
Screwing pretty Charlotte.
For God's sake, Patricia, it was one slip.
You were slipping plenty! Do you know what that does to a wife? I am done being disrespected! Sweetie put down the knife.
I will, darling.
But first I have a job to do.