The Blue Rose (2013) s01e11 Episode Script

This Night Has Opened My Eyes

It's safe, secure and it's yours for as long as you need.
I really appreciate this.
He lied to you, Jane, and now he's got you in his shag pad.
You must have heard about my old man.
He's He's in jail.
All the big guns are in tonight Cranston, Peterson, Simon.
Fun meeting.
Believe me, he is not a nice person.
What do you want out of life? Mates, somewhere to live.
Not exactly ambitious.
I didn't call you.
You called me.
So you have to want something, and you can tell me or not tell me, but I will work it out.
Huge thanks to everyone who donated.
Yo, Linda.
Love the way you never sweat the small talk.
So? It's been a while.
I was thinking tomorrow night, my place.
Just you and me? Well, this could extend your horizons while the cat's away.
We got the main points.
Helen's doing copyright.
We're on potential damages.
I'll type up the notes.
I can do it.
But I'll be more accurate.
Did you get the summons? What summons? Peterson's having one of his parties.
Great! Do you know what's plaguing me here? You didn't get an invite to Peterson's party? Something way hotter.
You, me, pash of the century.
- Charlie - What a kiss it was cheeky, impulsive, with the promise of so much more.
I can take that if you like, put them in the dishwasher.
Well, I am doing the notes.
You cannot talk about this at work.
What about outside work? I'm I'm-I'm busy, OK? Jane, Jane, I'm in such pain.
- One more snog or I'll go insane.
- Get up.
Is everything all right? Yep.
Just dropped my pen.
Have a good weekend.
You too.
You are really really embarrassing me.
True, but I'm no quitter.
I could keep this up for weeks.
OK, fine.
Lunch, maybe.
Michael Sturridge, retired teacher.
You know him? No, but he had a deal with a supermarket to get leftover bread and cereal to supply breakfasts for children at the Kate Sheppard intermediate decile three.
Oh, that's sweet of him.
But he's had to stop because there's been a complaint the food might be past its use-by date.
That is a fair point.
How? Well, mouldy bread is a super-toxin.
Well, I thought we could help Mr Sturridge get food.
And he has such a nice face.
If you fancy the guy, why don't you just ask him out? We're meant to be here for the little people.
If we give to every worthy cause, then where will it end? He does have a point.
Oh, so that's a no, then, is it? Mm-hmm.
To Mr Sturridge? Mm-hmm.
I-I would like to help.
Yes, but it's still a no.
Fine, I get it.
Excuse me.
So, what are you guys doing at the weekend? Oh, I I'm just gonna have a quiet one.
More wine, you beautiful thing? Stop it.
You know what I'm working towards, and you did agree we'd discuss this.
Yes, but only because you blackmailed me.
It was just quid pro quo and other words in Latin.
Most PAs don't do Latin.
Or the world's hottest kiss.
How about a small reminder? Hold that thought.
Why? What's wrong with him? Oh Christ.
No, I can go.
I'm I'm in town.
What's happened? That was my father's lawyer.
Um, Dad's been beaten up.
He's in hospital.
Thank you.
How's he doing? They're saying he's stable.
For Christ's sakes.
You saw him.
He's got head injuries.
Half his ribs are broken.
He can't even talk.
He shouldn't have even been in there.
I'm so sorry.
Please put your phone in here.
Why? It's policy.
Enjoy your evening.
Look who's here.
Said I would.
I like a woman who delivers on her promises.
Get you a drink? Ah, yep.
A lager with single malt chaser.
So what's with the phone thing? It's just a wee thing I have.
What, a 'piss off your guests' thing? It's a private party.
My guests don't need to be splashed over some idiot's Facebook page.
What are they likely to get up to? Things can get a bit untidy later.
So who are these wankers? There's a couple of ABs over there, the odd model, heads of some major companies, the odd judge.
You are raising the tone already.
There you are sir.
Gidday, how's it going? My dad's in intensive care.
How bad is it? He had the crap beater out of him.
What do you think? Look, this isn't a good time.
- Can you give Warren my best? - I would, but he's barely conscious.
OK, that's not good.
But I will call you tomorrow.
Give my regards to your mum That arsehole.
A judge? Yeah.
That must be interesting.
Well, it's absolutely fascinating.
- What about you what do you do? - I'm in freight forwarding.
Freight forwarding? Freight forwarding fascinating business.
You know I've got shares in a freight forwarding company.
We've had them for I'm just gonna get another drink.
I'm Linda.
It's an interesting party.
Or is it just me? You're new, aren't you? I'm friends with Derek.
We're all friends of Derek.
I'd better get back to business.
So, did you hit it off with Alistair? Was I meant to? He's a High Court judge.
Are there hookers at this party? There are all sorts at this party.
It's all part of the fun.
- Screw this.
I need to get in.
- Sorry, sir.
I'm telling you, he knows me.
There's nothing I can do.
You can't come in.
We need to talk.
Take him inside, get yourselves a drink, some food.
I'll catch up with you.
Keith, you old bastard.
They finally let you out of Wellington? How are ya? Wow, all the usual suspects.
Do you know these people? Some of them.
Help yourself, mate.
Having a nice time? Never better! I'll be right back, I just need to deal with my gate-crasher.
He's a highly strung wee fellow.
Let's take this somewhere else.
Wouldn't want to bring everyone down.
Ruin your party.
You have fun there, Jenny.
What the hell are you doing here? Piss off.
Do not talk to me.
You know what I wanted.
He should have been moved months ago.
I get this is shit, but there is nothing I can do right now.
All your mates are here Cranston, bloody judges.
OK, son, I get that you're upset Do not patronise me.
I will do what I can, I promise you.
What's up with Charlie? His dad got beater up.
He's in intensive care.
Is he going to be all right? Um,.
it actually looks not so good.
Anything I can get you? I'm good.
Jenny? It's Jane, Derek.
Look at you you and the lovely PA.
It's just like old times, eh? Sorry about that.
Did? Did Rose come to these parties? Sometimes.
Not that she liked them much.
I should take Charlie home.
That's very kind of you.
I didn't think you two were Oh no, no, we're not.
We're just friends, colleagues.
Of course.
How'd it go with Peterson? Arsehole.
Come on.
Did you want to stay? No, no.
Oh God! I'm such a klutz.
It's quite all right.
Where do you think you're off to? Home.
You've got plenty of eye candy to keep you busy.
Don't be like that.
They'll all be falling in the pool soon.
He's a good guy, my dad.
He's your dad.
There were so many guys that got away with it, so why does my dad take the rap? You know, why not Peterson and his mates? You saw them.
Yeah, I know.
Peterson can pull strings when he wants to when it suits him.
How do you mean? Oh, come on Jane.
The oil deal, the stupid port.
He's got contacts in high places.
But my dad he's like some kind of embarrassment, because he's where they could have been.
Now they don't want to know.
You know, Dad didn't grow up rich.
All he ever wanted to do was provide for Mum and us kids, make sure we got a proper education.
And you did.
I scraped through.
My sister's at Harvard.
Yeah, I'm the loser screw-up.
No, you're not.
I just feel so useless.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Hi, this is Hannah.
Leave me a message and I'll get right back to you.
Yeah, hi.
This is Linda.
I met you last night.
Just had a few questions for you if you wouldn't mind calling me back.
Thank you.
Is there any word from the hospital? He's still the same, no change.
I guess that's a good thing, is it? Yeah.
Would you like some breakfast? No, I should get going.
I've got to pick Mum up from the airport.
But thanks for the pity bonk.
It wasn't a pity bonk.
It was.
But don't worry.
I won't mention it at work.
I know I can be an idiot, but I do like you, Jane.
And I I-I like you too.
But I have to go, sorry, so, um, you can have a shower if you like the towels are just in the cupboard And then you can just let yourself out.
No chance of a rematch? I'll call you.
- I don't even kno whow she knew - She was definitely there? Yeah, I saw her, and then she wouldn't even What? I think you owe us an explanation.
Why were you at Derek Peterson's party? You were there too with Charlie.
Charlie and I are colleagues, and you hate Peterson.
Why were you there? We were at a dead end.
Thought it was a good time to check his place, find out some shit like your mate Frost hassling hookers at the party.
There were hookers at that party? They don't all wear boob tubes and a tramp stamp.
So who-who was Simon hassling? This girl, Hannah.
She did not want to talk to him.
I dunno, maybe he screwed her, he didn't pay her, something.
Hannah? Yeah.
Rose had a friend called Hannah.
Rose did used to go to those parties.
How do you know that? Simon told me.
Well, you are very matey with the lawyers.
And what about you and Peterson? You guys seem to know each other pretty well.
I've seen him a couple of times.
- You've seen him? - And you didn't see fit to tell us this? No, I knew you'd have a cow like you're having now.
When you say you've seen him, been seeing him We went out.
You went out with a suspect? Well, somebody had to do something, and if that's what it takes, then, yeah.
You slept with Peterson? No.
And what about her with Charlie? Charlie and I are friends.
He was really upset about his dad and so I took him back to my house.
You screwed him.
I didn't mean to.
Honestly I think we need another rule here.
When you're in the middle of an investigation, you don't go round sleeping with the suspects.
I didn't sleep with anybody.
Charlie's dad got beaten up.
He's in a really bad way.
Warren Bryson is a convicted fraudster.
So that means he deserves to get the crap beaten out of him? You want us to feel sorry for him? He's already doing his time.
This is just thuggery.
You've got contacts in justice, right? You could get him moved to another prison.
You won't feed hungry children, but you're happy to defend a fraudster.
Who is also a human belong who is currently on life support.
What a shame! My God.
I can't believe you're belong so heartless.
The main problem here is you two going off and sleeping with the suspects.
We're meant to be a team, not going off belong rogue operators who only care about their sex lives.
That is not fair.
Oh! Where are you going? I'm leaving.
Guys, come on.
Nah, stuff this for a joke.
I only slept with Varsha and only because you made me.
Well, it hardly matters any more, does it? Hello, Jane.
S-Sorry, I I was expecting Charlie.
Charlie is not too good at the moment.
Wh-What's going on? It's all right.
I can handle it.
Could you give him these? Certainly.
We'll talk tomorrow.
I didn't think you were talking to me.
I said hi, didn't I? Get you a coffee, tea? No, thanks.
So, when did they all leave? Around 4 After the last moron fell in the pool.
Last night, I think you went away with the wrong impression.
Did I? I have a hell of a lot of respect for you, Linda.
I wouldn't want you to think I see you in the same light as the other lades who were here.
Though as a matter of fact I fully respect those ladies.
We've all got a crust to make.
So why were they here? Gotta keep the boys happy.
It's good to mix it up a little.
Are you finished talking? Why? You want to have sex? Whoa.
You have a problem with that? No.
Not at all.
Right then.
What brought this on? Keep talking, I'll change my mind.
The order is to go to the Kate Sheppard intermediate attention Michael Sturridge.
Yeah, I know, he does.
He seems like a really nice man.
Hmm? No, I don't want to give a name.
You got a busy day? Always.
You? Breakfast meeting with a bunch of boring number crunchers bloody ticket-clippers.
I had fun last night.
Me too.
Let's do it again.
So I will see you again? Hmm, could happen.
I'll call that a deal.
Shut the door on your way out.
Do I need a code? Nah, don't worry, housekeeper will be here in a minute.
I, uh, work for Derek.
I was just dropping something off.
Do you want me to help you with these? They look heavy.
Oh, thank you, dear.
You can't go in.
Shes expecting a call.
She doesn't do walk-ins.
I'll take the call later, Krystle.
Come in, Jane.
How well do you know Charlie? We're, um We're friends, colleagues.
He's a He's really nice guy.
Charlie's been through quite a bit, what with Warren's conviction and all that.
There were people here at this firm who didn't want to keep Charlie on.
That's totally unfair.
Yeah, I agree but the stress has had some effects.
Charlie's had some issues with drugs.
Oh, I didn't know that.
There were concerns about his performance, and finally he confided in me.
So you know him quite well? I know the family.
But I've kept this quiet here for obvious reasons.
I just thought you should be aware of it.
And if you have any concerns, you know where to come.
You can tell Krystle that I will take that call now.
This is Linda.
I left you a message.
Yeah, OK.
I'm a friend of Rose's Rose Harper.
You knew her.
Sorry, you have must have the wrong number.
Rose drowned at the Viaduct.
She used to go to Derek Petersen's parties, and you knew her and Simon Frost I have to go.
Shit! Well, if anyone out there knows the saviour of Kate Sheppard, - we want to know about it.
- If you have any information Oh, bloody hell.
Did you enjoy the party? It was fine.
I balled not long after you.
There were some interesting people there.
I, um, got talking to a girl called Hannah.
Really? Yeah.
She said she was an escort.
Peterson likes to mix things up.
Anything's possible.
I really wouldn't know.
The Marshall depute you're right.
Let's delay till next week.
I've got that lunch at 12.
I'll be back at 2.
Oi! What have you been up to? Nothing.
I heard it on talkback.
Mystery donor gives breakfast.
They want to know who did it.
Oh shit.
Excellent work, Sonya! Great job! Well, you were going rogue why shouldn't I? OK, this Hannah person.
Yeah? What about her? She's denying that she knew Rose when you said she did.
Might be a different Hannah.
Short and sweet.
So what do you know about her? Did you meet her? No.
- You have a file on all Rose's friends? - No.
Here we go Hannah Dobson.
She was one of our Davy Hulme connections.
She had money in Lancaster? Invested from her property settlement.
God knows why she did that.
Well, then she did know Rose.
Yeah, I've already told you that if it's the same person.
Got an address for her? I'm sorry, this number is no longer in service.
Please check the number and try again.
Charlie here.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I am so sorry to bug you right now.
It's OK, any distraction's good.
Can I ask you a question? Fire away.
Have you heard of a place called Apartment 101? Sure, I've heard of it.
It's in the Whitehall building.
Is it a brothel? It's a little classier than that.
And how do you know of it? Uh, I'd better go.
I'll talk to you later.
Charlie, can I talk to you? There's no one there.
It's vacant? It is a top-class property.
Could I have a look at it? My boss is looking for a place, but he's too busy to do it himself.
You know how it is.
Come on in.
Take your time.
Have a look around.
Well, it's a lovely space.
And all the bedrooms have en suites.
So, why did the previous tenants vacate? Money issues? Not really sure.
Is it possible to get a contact for the previous tenant? That's not our usual practice.
It's just that my boss is really fussy about everything, if you know what I mean.
Hmm, accountant? Lawyer.
They do like to cross their T's.
They definitely do.
I'm sure we can arrange something.
Thank you.
Aroha uploaded a virus.
- Right.
- What is it with you women? Have you heard about the mystery breakfast angel? - No.
- First Linda, then you, now Sonya's got in on the act.
The breakfast thing? She did it? Yes, and now everybody wants to know out who she is, and it's turning into a novelty news item, and some stupid journalist will decide that it's scoop of the day and they'll track the money.
They'll track it to us Ganesh, Ganesh, Ganesh.
I'm too young to go prison.
There is something more important.
- Than me going to prison? - I was following something up Oh were you? Yes, I was.
I thought you were sleeping with suspects and having a hissy fit.
Ganesh, can you just listen to me? No, why would you bother to talk to me? 'Ganesh who? We don't need him.
Why would we discuss anything with him? I'm trying to discuss something with you now, if you would listen Please tell Aroha that her firewall is now secure.
- Hi.
- Hi! Good lunch? Fine Hi, it's me.
Is it about Sonya? No.
It's something bigger.
What, your boyfriend? He's not.
And I don't have time to fight about this now.
OK, well, what's the big deal then? It's about Rose.
We know that Hannah is a hooker.
We know that Hannah knew Rose.
And Hannah probably worked out of Apartment 101 in the Whitehall Building.
- How do you know that? - Because Simon had the number.
He had been there.
The point is who held the lease previously? Simon.
It was Karl.
It was Karl Villiers.
Karl Villiers was running hookers? Rose knew Hannah because of Peterson's parties.
Hannah must know Karl.
And Karl was there the night that Rose died, so there has got to be a connection.
Yeah, like what? I don't know.
Well, we better find out then.
Please just leave me alone.
I know you don't want to talk to me, OK, but Rose was my best friend.
She had a daughter called Nina.
She's 9 years old.
Her favourite band was The Smiths.
She's real kind and amazing.
And I don't think her death was an accident.
And we know Karl Villiers was with her the night she died.
He was? Yeah.
How do you know this? If you meet me, I'll explain.
Um, hi.
Um, I'm Jane.
What's all this about Rose and Karl? Karl was with Rose in a bar at the Viaduct on the night she died.
She took this picture.
We found it on her phone.
Oh shit.
We think Villiers followed her.
Do you know why he did that? It's my fault.
How? I worked for Karl.
Well, he owned the premises, took a cut from us girls.
Rose thought we were crazy, said we should go out on our own.
You knew her that well? We met at one of the parties, got talking about our kids, our jobs.
So did you get your clients through Peterson and his contacts? Sometimes.
Was Keith Cranston one of your clients? How did you know that? Uh, I-I work at Mosely's.
I took over Rose's job.
And Cranston seems quite close to Peterson.
Yeah, he is.
So he was a client? Not our favourite.
But he paid well and he was important, apparently.
When Cranston was in town we'd take it in turns.
Then it was Katya's turn.
She was a sweet girl Russian.
Tourist visa.
Yeah, we all looked out for one another with Cranston.
I kept texting her, no reply.
I knew something must have happened, because Karl hardly ever came in.
And just after that, there was Cranston.
Katya? I went to see if there was anything on the footage.
There were cameras? In the bedrooms for security.
And, uh, I watched it.
Cranston had a choke chain around her neck, and he was pulling on it, while he She was struggling.
And then He killed her? She was just lying on the bed.
And I saw it all of it.
I made a copy.
I wanted to go to the cops.
But then I realised that Karl would know it was me or one of the other girls.
And then he said that Katya had gone back to Russia.
In the end, I called Rose.
Oh my God, Hannah.
Are you all right? I feel like such a coward.
No, this is huge, and you shouldn't have to deal with it.
Well, neither should you.
I'll be fine.
'She offered to take the DVD to the police.
' 'So when did that happen? 'We met at lunch.
' Friday.
The 28th.
She said she'd go to the cops.
If there was any comeback, I could take a holiday.
She'd even pay for it.
But it never happened.
I kept watching the news, waiting for something about Cranston.
Then it was in the paper about her, and I just knew she wouldn't have got drunk and fallen off a whart.
And if you say that Karl was there How did Karl know that Rose had the DVD? I don't know.
But he's well connected.
Simon Frost? He called me after Rose died, asking questions about her.
If I'd seen her, what I knew.
So he knew about it? I don't know.
I stayed right away from him.
Karl knows Helen and Peterson as well.
So you don't actually know what happened? No.
That's why we're asking you.
Well, I need to go.
Do you have another copy of the DVD? No.
But if you watched it, if you saw Cranston kill your friend, you could still go to the cops.
Are you insane? The police they would protect you.
This is Karl Villiers and Keith Cranston and whoever else.
And I have a son who is everything to me.
Do not contact me again.
Two people are dead now? This is seriously heavy shit.
We're closer to an answer.
A cabinet minister killing someone that is not a good answer.
And I thought we were broken up.
The point is what do we do now? Nothing.
Nothing? After all this? OK, we have the word of some hooker lady, but that isn't exactly evidence.
Rose had the DVD of Cranston killing this poor girl the night she died.
So what's happened to it? Who's got it? Maybe Villiers.
He must have the original.
Yeah, but we can't exactly go and knock on his door.
Rose might have made a copy.
So where where would Rose hide a DVD? It might not even be a DVD.
She could have used a flash drive.
Where would she hide that? Her place? You said she got it at lunchtime, then she had the client function.
She wouldn't have had time.
So it's at Mosely's? But we looked everywhere at Mosely's.
Maybe it's at the apartment, at Simon's? We searched that.
But a flash drive would be tiny.
Have you still got the key? No, I had to give it back.
Why do you have to be so honest? I had to give it back.
This should work.
Did you make a copy of the key? Where did you get this? That's why we have contacts.
OK, hand it.
No, you should go.
It'll be less suspicious.
It will.
But if I do this, can you do something for me? Like what? Talk to your friend in the Ministry of Justice about Charlie's father.
I know he's not a hungry child Yes, all right.
Thank you.
Where are you off to? Seeing Peterson.
Is that a good idea given that he knows Cranston and Villiers.
We've got one more day to crack his place before his wife comes home, Go for it.
But isn't that going rogue? Not if we know about it.
I'm sorry.
But what is going on here? Are we back together or not? Of course.
Of course.
Um, just some food.
Thank you.
Sorry it's so late.
Come in.
So why were you calling about Apartment 101? I-I just noticed that, um, Simon had the number.
Well, he is a part of the boys' club.
How are you? Oh, you know.
Helen said you'd spoken.
Um, I have been thinking about your dad, about getting him moved from Mt Eden.
And I've got a friend who might be able to help.
Dad's gone into a coma.
Oh shit.
They say the signs aren't encouraging and we might have to make a decision about life support.
Oh God.
My mum's a mess.
We're just waiting for my sister to fly in from the States.
Do you want a coffee or something? Um, no, no, thanks.
I actually better go.
No wonder you want to ball.
I feel for you, Charlie.
I really do.
As a friend.
I'm sorry I have to go.
This is a nice surprise.
Last chance, last dance.
I'd like to think it doesn't end here.
Hello? Is someone here? What are you doing here? Hello.
I I am looking for my earring.
I think that I left it here lost it here the night that I that I stayed.
How did you get in? The building manager let me in.
I'll let you know if I find it.
Any particular description? A pearl.
Huge thanks to everyone who donated.