The Blue Rose (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Girl Afraid

Two people are dead now? Rose had the DVD of Cranston killing this poor girl the night she died.
I worked for Karl.
He owned the premises, took a cut from us girls.
How did Karl know that Rose had the DVD? I don't know But he's well connected.
Simon Frost? He called me after Rose died, asked questions about her.
Maybe it's at the apartment.
Hello? Is someone here? When you're in the middle of an investigation, you don't go round sleeping with the suspects.
Last chance, last dance.
Huge thanks to everyone who donated.
Yes, I know what goddam time it is.
Of course it's bloody urgent.
Do you think I'd be calling otherwise? Yes, I need to see you.
I'll be in first thing.
What are you doing? I couldn't sleep.
Yeah, well, um me neither.
Can I do anything? Just get dressed and get going, eh? Got a bit of stuff going on.
I need to get my head together.
Sure I can't help? I said it's time to go, love Fine Charlie.
What're you doing? Hey.
Why are you here? Just thought I'd catch up on some work Beats waiting around the hospital.
Mum and my sister are gonna call when it's time Shit.
Do you think there's, like, one switch, and then bye-bye Dad? And who actually gets to do it? Seriously, Charlie, go home.
Follow me, please.
Shut the door.
One more time.
How did you get into my apartment building last night? The building manager let me in.
You're lying.
No, I'm not I spoke to the building manager this morning.
You didn't ask him for access.
In fact, you didn't need to.
He checked the security footage and saw you using a swipe card.
OK You returned the one I gave you, so the question is, how did you get it? I took a copy.
You what? I'm always losing things.
And I'd would've hated to Cut the crap, Jane.
Tell me what you were doing in my apartment.
I want the truth.
I was looking for my earring.
Bullshit, you were! So? That's it.
That's all I've got.
You are my employee, and you broke into my property.
I trusted you, and Tell the rest of the staff you're not feeling well, and go home You can spend the rest of the day writing your resignation letter.
Are you OK? Yep.
I'm going home.
What happened in there? Nothing.
Um, I'm just not feeling well.
What did Simon say to you? You should go home too, Charlie You look like hell.
Don't change the subject, Jane.
I mean it.
Um, see you later, Charlie.
I'll call you.
Can I help you? I need to see Helen.
- She's busy.
- It won't take a minute.
No, it won't.
Because you're not interrupting.
You know what? I am so sorry.
Charlie is at work, and given the circumstances with his father, I really don't think he should be.
Peterson's here.
I can see that, Krystle.
Thanks for letting me know.
Good morning, Mr Peterson.
Thanks, Jane.
If you're stuck for something useful to do, you can get Mr Peterson his short black.
Perhaps you could get it yourself.
How rude! You've been fired? Not fired; asked to resign.
And the difference is? It can't be your work word around here is that your work is average to above average.
Who said that? People Mainly Krystle.
So, what did you do? Last night, Simon caught me.
In his apartment? And he knows I had a copy of the swipe card.
You should get out of here.
We shouldn't be seen together.
Go! Go! Gah! IT, this is Ganesh.
Linda? Simon caught Jane at the apartment last night, and she got fired.
Asked to resign.
He caught you? Jesus Christ.
And what did you say? That I was looking for an earring.
Did he buy that? No.
Well, it is pretty feeble.
Shit, shit, shit.
And he said he doesn't trust me.
Fair enough, really.
I suppose there's no point asking if you found what we were looking for? I don't think it's there.
Are you sure? No, not 100%.
But I did have a good look, before he I'm so sorry.
Last night wasn't one of our finest all round.
Peterson kicked me out of his house.
You got caught doing something too? He was up last night, checking his emails, then he phoned someone just after 2.
Who was he talking to? How would I know? But whatever was on his computer had him really wound up.
Perhaps it was spam.
Spam really gets my goat.
I'm sure others feel the same Peterson was at Mosely's when I left.
He was talking to Helen.
Yeah? So maybe he was calling her.
Because? I don't know.
But you're coming with me To do what? I don't know shit about computers.
Not Peterson's computer? Yeah.
No, I'm not cut out for breaking and entering.
You don't have to break into anything; you just do your geek-boy business.
Sounds like a plan.
And Jane, you and I will see what we can find on our prime suspect, Karl Villiers, who may have a copy of the smoking gun.
What? The DVD, it could be at his house, new place of business.
He must have the equipment somewhere.
You're happy to give me a hand? I don't have anything better to do.
I don't really see how this is gonna help.
If anyone asks, you're a cleaner.
Thanks, Dimitri.
Well get it back to you by lunch.
Come on.
No one will believe I'm a cleaner.
'Course they will.
Would you stop that? Stop what? That noise you're making.
You mean the noise of me breathing? I have to breathe.
Could you not do it so loudly? What if someone's here apart from Peterson? The housekeepers in at 8, gone by 11; the gardener comes at 2 on Thursdays; the woman who does the flowers is week on, week off; the pool guy is on a Wednesday, but not every week.
Wow, you've got to know Peterson quite well.
That's interesting pillow talk.
Thanks very much.
Sorry to bother you.
Not a house of ill-repute, I take it? No.
Karl Villiers is their landlord, but they deal with a property manager.
He has a couple of properties South Auckland, one in Swanson, and two over the bridge.
That's a lot of properties.
Very impressive for an ex-con.
Driving around all these places will take all day.
Do you have any other suggestions? We could just ask someone.
I did try Kat at the IRD, but she's away at a tax conference in Canberra.
Rather a dull place to have a conference.
Hello, Hannah speaking.
Hi, Hannah.
It's Jane speaking.
Um, you very kindly met me and Linda I'm sorry, I've said enough.
I'd just like to ask you a really really quick question.
Leave me alone.
Damn it.
She might be more reasonable in person.
That's one address I do have.
- How are we going in here? - It's going.
Any hold-up? No hold-up; he's just got a whole lot of crap on here.
He really needs to upgrade his memory.
Shit! Hurry up.
I said I'm going as fast as I can.
No, I mean there's somebody here.
You said there wouldn't be.
Just finish what you're doing.
I'll take care of it.
You're new.
Oh, we're just, uh, doing some spring-cleaning.
Really? Mm-hm.
My husband ordered you, did he? Your husband.
Gosh, this house must have been in quite a state.
Seen worse.
Bet he's been up to his usual tricks.
Like what? Oh, you know, cat's away having his cronies over for business drinks, throwing one of his parties.
How much red wine and cigarette ash did you have to clean off the patio? Not too much.
Well, as long as they didn't throw up.
Are you finished in there? Everything is tidy, yes.
Uh, computer cleaning is all part of our service.
Actually, since you're here, would you mind giving the bookcases a proper dust? Rosetta's not so good at reaching the high ones.
Sweet as.
Who is that? The wife.
So, was that awkward? Let's go.
What are you doing here? Could we come in? I already told you I've got nothing else to say.
I just We won't take up much of your time.
Who the hell are you? I'm Elizabeth.
She's a friend of Rose's.
Really? A good friend, actually.
We'd just like to ask a couple of questions about Karl and Apartment 101, and then we'll be out of your hair, I promise.
Please? All right, you've got five minutes.
When Apartment 101 was shut down, was that straight away, or? The night Katya died was the last time I ever went there.
He called the next morning, said not to come in.
And he never opened up shop again, as far as you know? No.
So, when you were at Petersons party the other night? I wasn't working for Karl.
I've got a place with another girl, a flat in town.
It's what Rose was saying that we should do that we should go out on our own.
Very sensible.
Well, the money's good, and I can work part-time.
Is that all? I don't suppose you know where Karl lives? We weren't exactly friends.
Absolutely no idea? No, sorry.
Look, I've got things to do, so Hey, Debbie.
Karl came round to my place.
Why? What's going on? He went mental, said someone had stolen something of his.
He thought it was me, but I don't know what he's talking about.
Are you home? I'm coming over.
It's fine, but you need to get out of there.
I should call Lisa.
OK, honey.
I'll call you soon.
What's going on? What have you said to him? Sorry, what? Karl's beater up my friend Debbie.
He said he was looking for something.
- Oh shit.
- No, no.
Just stay back.
It's him.
Is there a back way? Come on, what are you doing? Hannah! I know you're in there, Hannah! Open the door, sweetheart! Just want a wee word that's all.
Dumb bitch.
Hannah! Come on.
Come on.
- Oh! - Hannah! Oh.
Oh, hell's teeth! Nice work.
Shit! Run! Any sign of him? No.
Oh God.
What if I killed him? You've got a good arm, but not that good.
I need to get my car.
No, you can't go back.
My son's in school.
What if he goes there? We'll get there first.
Jane, you call us a taxi.
And get it to pick us up where? Uh, end of the street.
Come on.
Let's not dawdle.
Are you going to be all right in those shoes, Hannah? Yeah, thanks mate.
I owe ya.
- Is it all there? - All here.
- Check the emails first.
- I was going to.
We're looking for something that came in last night.
At 1.
26am? 'Think you can rest easy.
' Check it.
Oh, no.
This isn't good.
Oh! What is it? It's not nice.
It's not nice at all.
Let me see.
Now, Billy, there's a TV in the spare room, so off you go.
Go on, honey.
I'll come and see you in a minute.
First room on the left.
What if he finds us here? He won't.
Your car's at my place.
What if he traces the registration? He'll find it in my husband's name and under my old address.
That's not gonna stop him.
What am I gonna do? We can't go home; we can't go anywhere.
Listen to me.
It's going to be fine.
Now, you can stay here.
We haven't got any things.
I promise you, we'll look after you.
You'll be fine.
Sonya's right.
Who's Sonya? I mean Elizabeth.
Why did you just call her Sonya? Whatever.
I'll make us a pot of tea and a snack for Billy.
I should check on Debbie.
Can I use the phone?' Uh, no, not that one, for goodness sake.
Charged and ready to go.
Prepaid, so you won't be traced.
Who are you people? Friends of Rose.
You can use my bedroom if you want.
How are you holding up? It's been interesting.
And productive.
Mr Villiers' motorbike registration.
You're very good at this.
Not bad for an old accountant.
I think I might have found my calling.
Oh, it's Linda.
We have it the smoking DVD.
You've got it? How? - What have they got? - The DVD.
Not a DVD.
It's a compressed video file - At Peterson's? - Shush, I can't hear.
- Well, tell them to bring it over.
- Come to Sonya's.
We're on our way.
Actually, hold on a minute.
Sorry, could Billy have a drink? A juice if you have any.
Yes, I'll bring it through to you.
On second thought, scratch that.
I'll call you back.
What're we do? I'll stay with a house guest.
But we can't let up.
Not now.
So, Hannah's upset, obviously, but at least we got her away.
Did you really whack Karl Villiers? Even though I never played netball.
And with a swingball set.
Go, you! That's excellent.
It really wasn't great.
Are you ready for this? It is not pretty.
I don't need to see any more.
You get the idea.
OK, we need to know who sent that email.
Can you track the IP address? Of course not.
It's impossible.
But we need to know who sent this to Peterson and why they sent it to Peterson.
Isn't it obvious? He's clearly involved.
He's mates with Cranston he knew about this somehow.
Or somebody wanted him to know.
Who? Whoever has the hard copy.
How many copies could there be? Hannah only made one, on Villiers' equipment.
So whoever sent this could have got it from Rose the night that she died.
So the person who sent this email is the killer.
If you can trace that, we can nail them.
I already said I can't trace it.
'IT' doesn't stand for impossible tasks.
And why do you people always except me to perform miracles? Yes, Logan, what is it? It's Simon Frost.
Where are you? Oh, um, I just had to step out of the office to get some leads.
I need an access code to get into a computer.
No problem.
Which machine? Jane's.
My PA.
That is a problem, actually.
Why? I need to get at a file, and she's sick today.
Uh, the thing is, Simon, I'm not supposed to give out access codes over the phone.
I don't care about that; I need to get into the computer.
I don't remember Jane's access code off the top of my head.
I'll try the other guy.
No, no, Logan's not authorised.
Only I am authorised.
Then perhaps you should get your authorised self back to your place of work.
On my way.
That would be helpful.
Bloody hell.
Simon Frost wants access to your computer.
- Why? - To get a file.
I don't have any files on there that aren't on the server.
Are you sure? There might be a letter to my mum.
Is there anything incriminating? Anything to do with Rose, Lancaster? No.
I've been really careful.
So Simon can go for his life? He won't find anything? He won't.
Were OK.
But why is he looking? You're missing the point.
Simon Frost is looking into you, into Jane.
What do I do? Get back there.
I told you he was a dodgy bastard.
Why is he doing this? He's on to you.
I don't have a car.
Call a taxi.
All right.
But if he got so bent out of shape about you belong at his place, then he must be guilty.
In what way? - What if he sent that email to Peterson? - You don't know that.
Then why is he freaking out all of a sudden? I don't know.
But if he wants a resignation, he can have it.
What are you doing? I am writing my resignation, which I intend to deliver personally.
If you like, I could call her and tell her that we need the password.
Yeah, OK.
Um, I have to go to the hospital.
Yeah, that's fine Take all the time you need.
Well, um good luck.
I will be in touch.
Yeah, great! Hi.
Have you got that code? Jane is still quite new, so I'm not sure of the access code.
This may not work.
So just use your administration code to override.
You are very helpful.
Can we get on with it? Thank you.
Are you sure you don't want me to locate the? No, Krystle, I don't.
it's just I know how busy you are.
If there's I'm fine.
Yes? Oh.
Uh, I have upgrades for all of the machines.
And? I could star with Jane's, since she's away.
But I'm using it.
Charlie had to leave.
You can star with his one.
Right, then.
Actually, he probably won't be here tomorrow either, so why don't you start with my computer? I'll get to yours later.
Like you got to my printer issue? Sorry? You see? You don't even know.
I have left two messages about my printer connections.
I have four printers running from the drive.
Can you imagine if? Can we take this conversation somewhere else? Please.
I'll get on to your machine as soon as I've looked at this one.
All I ask.
I still don't know if this is a great idea.
I'm just gonna tell him that I formally resign, get my things and leave.
And that's all? What are you suggesting? Well, you seem a bit uptight.
After all this, and he is accusing me of not belong trustworthy? Well, you were snooping the whole time.
But if we know why he is thinking that, and if he did actually send that email, then that's important.
You can't ask him.
I know that.
Why are you giving me that look? Why are you so upset about this? I don't like belong fired, that's all.
By Frost, who you have a thing for, who is number-one suspect.
For the last time, I don't have a thing for him.
Jane, you cannot blow this.
I won't.
All right.
Just don't whack him with your swingball set.
Vehicle registrations, Sheena speaking.
Sheena, it's Linda.
Hello, stranger.
Where have you been hiding? So busy with work and all.
Too busy for netball? Not that I'm complaining.
You heard my team aced the league? Bullshit.
No bullshit.
Well, where's the congratulations? Congrats.
Why, thank you.
And what can I do for you? I need a favour.
I, uh, need a rego traced.
What've you done now? Not me.
Not this time.
Go ahead, caller.
OK, it's Q, seven, N, X, R.
Q, seven, N, X, R.
I really appreciate this, Sheena.
Actually, having you off your team is just what we needed.
So cheers for that.
And we have a motorbike registered to one Karl Antony Villiers.
Is there an address? Hi.
You wanted my resignation.
Here it is.
Is that sufficient for HR? That's fine.
Did you find anything interesting on my computer? How do you know about that? Cos I have friends here.
Just lowly people, who don't matter to anyone else, but they care about me.
What were you looking for? Well, I was concerned, given your activities.
My activities? OK.
You break into my apartment; you have been through my safe.
Who are you working for? What? Well, since you're here and you've resigned.
Is it Peterson? You're the one that works for Peterson.
You're the one that does whatever he wants, no matter how dodgy, immoral or illegal.
He's a client and has done nothing OK, fine.
Lancaster, the oil company, the parties and the hookers, but as for Keith Cranston What about him? But how can you possibly condone something like that? It is just business.
That's how you see this? It's It's It's just business? Quite frankly, you disgust me.
You say that you can't trust me, but what about you? You talk about a moral compass, but you clearly don't have one and never have! I hope you will be really happy with Peterson and Cranston, all that they do, but Keith Cranston should not be allowed to get away with something like that! That's enough from me.
I'm out of here.
I thought you were sick.
Whats happened? How sick are you? As if you really care.
I'll find out from someone else, then.
Are you OK? I'm fine.
Karl Villiers is on his way up there.
Up where? Mosely's.
I just saw him.
I need to see Helen Irwin.
Is she expecting you? So what did Jane do, do you think? Hmm? It must've been something pretty bad for Simon to want access to her computer.
I don't have a clue.
No, I don't suppose you would.
But she had her box, and we all know what that means.
Krystle? There's a man here to see Helen, but he doesn't have an appointment.
As you know, Helen's tied up all afternoon.
Take his name and his number and I'll call him.
I tried that, but he wouldn't leave.
Well, just tell him that And there he is.
Excuse me.
Where's Helen? You can't just come in here.
Hey! - I am so sorry.
He just came in.
- It's all right, Krystle.
- What about your next appointment? - Cancel it.
I have no idea.
But admitting strange people is never a good idea.
I didn't, OK? Where are you going? I'm finished.
What, already? Yes.
All done.
What was the hold-up? Hi, Ganesh.
Karl is here at the office.
I know He almost saw me.
You're here too? Not any more.
I'm very confused.
Tell Ganesh to keep an eye on him.
We need at least an hour.
Can you keep an eye on him? How do you mean? We need at least an hour.
- He can tell us know when he leaves.
- Why? We're going to his place.
No! That cannot be good.
I have to caution you that this is not a good idea.
You up for this? Shit yeah.
Call us when he leaves.
Go, tiger! I'm not noticing any difference.
That's because I didn't finish the install.
You said you did.
But I only gave you the standard upgrade, not the superior.
What? Why? I thought only the partners were entitled to the superior, but as a personal assistant to a senior partner, you might be entitled to the superior as well.
Of course I am.
This may take a little time.
Due to the superiority.
It's very very superior to the standard.
I might get a snack, then.
Just some nuts.
So, how'd it go with Simon? Not brilliant.
What did you do? I just said that he was immoral and illegal and a shit.
Go, you! I could have overstepped it.
Yeah, well, you've always needed to grow some balls.
I blame you.
Me? Yeah.
You're a bad influence.
Nah, no way.
You've always been harder than you look.
Is this it? Villiers central.
Let's start with the garage.
Why? It's locked.
What if he turns up? If he turns up, I'm sure you can deal to him.
It might take more than a swingball set.
Here we go.
What's the bet this is all the shit from Apartment 101? Do you think the recording equipment will be here? If he was smart, he would've dumped it.
It's probably quite valuable, though.
It's not like he's gonna sell it on Trade Me.
Could be in the containers.
Thanks, Karl! Thanks for that! So, that's it, then? We'll try the other container, then the house.
Since we're here.
Seriously, this is dragging on.
If I have to work late It is the superior upgrade.
It does take time.
Thank you for coming in.
It's been real, as always.
And it's finished.
Are you sure? Of course.
Just restart your computer, and you're good to go.
- The eagle is flying.
- What? Karl is on his way.
Go, go, go! Right, thanks.
Karl's left Mosely's.
We should go.
What? Look.
Dead grass.
You're worried he's not looking after his property? No, it's the same shape and size as that.
Oh, right.
It's been moved.
Linda? Come on, help me with this.
Gotta get the chains on it.
You know, I have never, ever, done anything like this before Come on! We don't have time.
Linda! The eagle Karl is on his way! Yeah.
It's rush hour he'll be ages.
If he even comes straight back here.
He might be off beating up other women.
Oh God.
You're hard now.
Medium hard.
Left a bit! Yeah, left.
Left a bit! No, no, no, no, no, right, right, right! Yeah.
There OK? Yeah, that's good.
Just hurry up! Here we go! Whoo-hoo! Shit, that was cool! What do you reckon? Oh no.
He took her body, so he must have buried her.
Yeah, I know.
Don't wimp out on me.
I don't want to sound pathetic, but I really hope you're not gonna ask me to get a spade.
And police have been called to a property in West Auckland where a body has been found.
Police are seeking the property's owner, Karl Villiers.
Mr Villiers is Oh God.
Let's turn it off.
She was a good person, she was.
We know.
We really do.
But Karl's still out there.
Yes, but we will handle that.
And if your sister will take you She could.
I'll book you for tomorrow.
But we don't have our passports.
Already on to that.
Just need some happy snaps.
Really? You can do that? Totally.
I've got friends in low places.
And we owe you.
I'd better go check on Billy.
Maybe it's time we forward the footage of Cranston to the police.
We can't do that, not yet.
Why not? Because if we do that, then all that happens is an MP gets busted for killing a prostitute.
And how does that help us with finding out who killed Rose? We know there's a connection.
We have to get him.
Who says it's a him? Simon Frost that's who my money's on.
That is fair, but we still don't have any proof.
You're still so loyal after all this time? Actually, no.
Yes, finally! Oh, look, the news is on.
After an anonymous tip-off, police discovered the remains of a female body in a grave on a property west of Auckland.
Police are now seeking the property's owner, Karl Villiers, to help with their enquiries.
Mr Villiers is described as a European male, 186cm tall, and So, who sent the email? We know it wasn't Karl.
I don't know.
I'm doing what I can.
Because I have worked very long and very hard to keep things contained.
I will not have it all turn to shit now.
Huge thanks to everyone who donated.