The Body Farm (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Wealth Pays The Rent

Release, that's what we long for an end to our craving which death, perhaps, will provide.
Until then, we are locked into our bodies, consumed by what we lack at the mercy of ourselves and of each other.
Release, that's what we long for.
What? Am I for you? Are you the one who wants it? Or are you taking me to someone else? BIRDSONG INTERCOM RINGS Mmm! Postman Pat.
Oh, sorry, Pat.
Your name's not down on the list.
Detective Inspector Hale.
Oh, Hale! Right.
BUZZ Hmm, you brought me a present! Thought I'd give you a hand.
You should have left it where it was.
That's what I told the woman whose dog dug it up in the woods.
She brought it into the nick.
I've been up there with the Scene Of Crime guys - nothing else.
Thief, chopped his hand off.
But he's still alive - severance postmortem.
Male or female? I'd say male and weeks.
Implement? Chainsaw, hacksaw, jigsaw? No, unserrated.
Axe? Could be, yeah.
Sharp force, trauma and crushing.
Do you want to do the DNA? Yeah, sure.
Have you got the coordinates of the find site? Oh, yeah.
I'll do that geodata and I'll get it up on screen.
OK, the hand has been degloved.
Outer skin's gone - no fingerprints.
When you've got that much money, you live outside the law, outside of society, or at least you think you can.
He's locked himself away in there for the last 20 years.
Total recluse.
Conducts all his business on the phone.
What's wrong with that? All right, here it is.
suddenly drops the charges then he disappears.
And you think that's his hand? by Harold Penton.
The next day, suddenly drops the charges then he disappears.
And you think that's his hand? Well, we can't trace him.
Where are we going? Oh, mate, you don't want me to look at you, I won't look at you.
We've got a positive on narcotics.
There's a speck of heroin deep under his fingernail.
Sam Villiers could have been a user.
A drug dealer.
Rival gang dismembered him and then to avoid detection they scatter his body over ten counties.
Stick with the material, Oggy.
Why ten? Two hands, two feet, two arms, two legs, torso, head - ten.
Oh, right(!) The older punctures look vulpine.
See, he's cleverer than he pretends to be.
Foxes bury food.
How far would they go before they buried the food? Not far.
Probable radius less than a kilometre.
I'll get the warrant.
And let's go and see Mr Penton.
If you loved me you'd go.
You'll be back in no time.
No time.
He sounds like a sicko, though.
What if he wants to hurt me? Don't be a pussy! Shut up! Don't go, suit yourself, and then we won't have any gear! That won't hurt, will it?! There used to be a public footpath running through these grounds.
Penton closed it.
Got his security guards to menace the walkers.
I didn't know you rambled.
PEACOCKS CRY What other hobbies have you got? Look at the right to roam campaigns in the 1930s.
They helped to inform the creation of the welfare state.
It's not about hobbies, it's about whose country it is.
The rich screw the poor.
Yes, they do.
So, what are you hoping for here? Well, you know, rape and murder.
Oh, and world peace, of course(!) DI Hale.
Good morning.
Mister, er West.
What's the problem? Do you live here? Yes, I work for Mr Penton.
Can we come in? Please.
PEACOCKS CRY DOOR SHUTS CLOCK STRIKES Have you worked for him long? Only 30 years.
So, er, what is the problem? Oh, we need to speak to Mr Penton.
I'm sorry, that isn't possible.
(Oh, is he OUT?) He's not out.
No, I didn't mean out in a gay way.
Neither did I.
It's a health issue.
What's the issue? What's wrong with him? Chronic lung condition.
Exacerbated by a number of phobias centring around human contact.
If you try to interview him now, you'd be breaching explicit medical advice It's not an interview.
Which will give you a lot of legal problems.
Would you like it in black and white from his doctor? Only one phobia really.
Fear of justice.
So, tell me, Mr West why do you think we're here? I have no idea.
We found a hand.
A right hand.
And you're his right-hand man, aren't you? So we'd presume that it came from this property.
It's not Mr Penton's, is it? He hasn't lost one lately, has he? No.
No? I'm thinking it may be some kind of terrible money-counting accident.
He's trying to aggravate me.
Did you cut the body up? No.
Ah What body? You should have said "what body" first(!) OK, this is harassment.
We need to find him.
You need a warrant.
Oh, yeah This is for the grounds only.
So get out of this house.
BEEPING Did you see Penton? Yeah, looks scared.
Good, so he should.
Like he'd sentenced himself to solitary confinement.
Oh, what? You feel sorry for him?! Yeah.
Me too(!) I mean, you can't help sympathising with a reclusive sociopath, can you(?) Poor thing.
Must be so isolated.
The hand was found 100 metres on the other side of that point in the wall.
OK? Yup.
He sounds like a sicko though.
What if he wants to hurt me? Don't be a pussy! Shut up.
There's a possible fox trail here.
Eve? Yeah? HE COUGHS AND SPLUTTERS Hale! Someone was digging here.
I'd say about four weeks ago, judging by the new growth.
No body? No.
An attempted grave, but they couldn't get deep enough too many roots.
See the spade cuts? Right.
Would have gone straight through the wrist, I suppose.
So he gave up.
West drives the body from the house.
He's identified this as the perfect burial place it's secluded - but hadn't reckoned on the roots.
So he goes off to find a new burial place, comes back to pick up the body.
Mr Fox has run off with a severed hand.
That works, yeah? In theory, yeah.
What killed these? Um, let me see.
Where would be the perfect place for the new burial site? No trees, soft ground.
A vegetable garden? A vegetable garden's good.
Loose soil.
Turned frequently.
Yeah, but too easily discovered.
Well, you cover it with compost and disguise it.
Cook it.
What? Compost generates heat.
Accelerates decay.
Cooks the flesh right off the bone.
A great place to bury a body.
Anything? Yeah, there's a lot of heat from the core.
You've found something? Materials in a state of rapid decomposition.
A reactive compost heap.
Thermal won't tell us if it's animal or vegetable.
So what's the point of having the gizmo? Why not get a dog? Ah, hang on! Woof, woof! Big hot spot.
I'd say we were down to around four weeks ago, but this This is a lot older.
From the bottom? Yeah.
So, does that mean somebody has dug down into it? A month ago.
Mike, get me a tub.
Oggy, help me out with this.
Is this what I think it is? Hello, mate.
Skin beetle, consistent with the fourth stage of cadaver decomposition.
We're in the right place.
LABOURED BREATHING What are the five stages again? Fresh, bloat, active decay, advanced decay, dry remains.
Story of my marriage.
You fell to Earth, you got lost and left behind.
FLIES BUZZ I'll go and break the good news.
Help me out, yeah? Just a ten bag.
I'll pay you tomorrow.
No, see that's the thing about tomorrow, man.
It never comes.
It will.
You You need to make someone happy.
Move! PEACOCKS CRY Where are you off to? I'm, er, taking Mr Penton for a drive.
What's that, his wallet? You should say goodbye to your career, mate.
He's got the best lawyers in the country.
So you're leaving now, are you? Yeah.
Are you going to take the body with you? Yeah, that's right.
We found him.
No comment.
Whose body? That's what you're supposed to say.
Whose body? So, who murdered him? Was it you or Penton? OK, if you want to arrest somebody, arrest me.
I'll bet Mr Penton's worried sick, isn't he? Why don't you pop up there and tell him that he's got every right to.
Oh, er have you got his passport? Thank you.
Tell Mr Penton that I'm really looking forward to meeting him after I've got what I want from the body.
Like an alien.
His skin proved too thin for this world.
You got Sam Villiers' dental records? Yeah, they've just come through, but this is not Sam Villiers.
It's not him?! Well, who is it, then? Don't know.
We're still working on his clothes, but, um, no ID.
There's just a syringe - unused, still packaged and the key in his pocket.
Into one of a million doors.
The body decomposed more rapidly in compost than it would have done underground, which makes cause of death difficult to determine, but there's no sign of blunt trauma, bullet or knife wounds.
Asphyxiation? Could be.
Strangulation? Suffocation? I'll need to work on the airways and lungs, which aren't well preserved.
They cut out his tongue and buried him in grass, like a warning to grasses.
They cut out his tongue?! Mm.
Eaten, I think.
By maggots, not cannibals.
OK, liver sample says heroin addict, plus two different STDs in the blood plus hepatitis B and C.
Rent boy.
What? Sexually transmitted diseases, plus smack, plus malnutrition, yeah? West picks him up, takes him back to the mansion so that he can satisfy Penton's perverted lust.
It fits.
This is a guy who's afraid to go out, he's a confirmed bachelor, there's the sexual assault allegations Sorry, when you say perverted, do you just mean gay? No, Rosa.
When I say perverted, I mean someone paying for sex and then killing them.
So Penton doesn't like human contact? SHE MOUTHS Let's go and visit his doctor.
There is a thing called patient confidentiality There is a thing called murder, and this guy is hiding behind your diagnosis, so we'd like to hear it from you.
HE SIGHS It's, um a psychosomatic condition.
Mental/emotional and physical.
He doesn't want to be touched by human hand or human anything.
Nor does he want to touch.
The prospect horrifies him.
When you say "horrifies him", what do you mean? It disgusts him? Yes.
Revulsion, nausea, and, er, an overriding panic, which can affect his ability to breathe.
His lung capacity isn't great anyway and he had TB as a child, which may account for his fear of contact - his fear of infection.
The body that we found in the grounds was a young man, a prostitute.
Does Mr Penton use rent boys? Of course not! I've just explained his condition.
Yeah, well, maybe he's making it up, you know, to avoid the boring stuff, give himself a bit more space, bit of time, a bit more privacy to play with who he wants to.
Maybe he's deceived you, Dr Grove.
I don't think so.
Well, we need to speak to Mr Penton now and we'd like to take a DNA sample from him.
I don't want to encounter any medical problems, so do you mind coming with us? HE MOUTHS OK, mate, I just need to put you to sleep.
Sorry, I mean death.
The plants from the first burial site were killed by cold.
What, frost? Colder, like something minus 20 was pressed down upon them.
The body - it was frozen.
Penton kills the kid, they don't know what to do with the body.
They need time to think, so they put it in the freezer, come back to the burial a couple of days later.
Or weeks later.
Don't eat all the ice cream, children(!) And, er, why do they need to look in the freezer? You look worried.
It's all right - they won't touch the ice cream.
Now, we need to take saliva samples, so, um, do you mind opening your mouth? Thank you.
Right, let's do Mr Penton.
BREATHLESSLY: You've come to take something from me.
Yeah, we have.
I just need to wipe the inside of your cheek with this, gently.
Then you've got me HE WHEEZES in your system.
Oh, it's your system too.
It's our system.
You're a citizen, you pay tax don't you? It is safe, Mr Penton.
Minimal risk of infection.
I won't touch you.
This will take a while to process.
And then we'll see if it matches what we found inside the dead boy.
BREATHLESSLY: What did you find inside him? Guess.
HE PANTS HEAVILY Yeah, I thought he'd get that.
That's provocation! You're deliberately exacerbating his condition! Doctor, you're a witness to this! Let's all just calm down, yes? Now you've got what you came for.
Thank you.
Mr Penton needs to rest.
I'll be in touch.
Nice bluff.
Ace in the hole! I use "nice" in the sense of cruel and unethical.
Might not be a bluff.
You might find an ace a trace in the hole.
Semen? I don't think so.
Decomposition's too advanced.
Pleased with yourself? Can I go now? I have to pick up my kids.
So put me out of my misery.
Anything interesting in the freezer? Just a bit of blood.
Blood? Blood's good! Well, only if it's human.
Eve? Yeah? First blood sample's bovine.
Oh OK, thanks.
Rosa, do you recognise this mould? Hmm? Er, it's paper.
I'd say 180 gsm, non-gloss, peach base, two no, three-colour print.
Business card maybe? Mind you, it's square.
Oh, see this ragged edge, someone's probably just torn a strip off it, for a roach, maybe? Roach, a cockroach? You joker! You're not joking.
A roach - a little cylinder that you use for a filter for a spliff.
Have you never skinned up before? Yeah obviously.
I'm not seven.
ROSA CHUCKLES A roach Roach.
Torch Eve? Eve! Come back in.
Sorry about that.
Thank you.
People do come and go, they disappear.
Often we don't know if they've gone home or what.
But I'm wondering if it's Jason.
Not tall, you said? No.
Right, hang on.
Er, has anyone seen Jason this past month? MURMURING Jason? About this height, dark hair, smackhead.
Sean, you seen him? No.
Right, thank you.
I bet it's Jason.
Do you have an address? I've got his phone number.
Haven't got an address.
He lived in a squat, derelict street in Southfields.
I gave him a lift home a couple of months ago.
Kelsey Road, about halfway down on the right-hand side coming from city centre.
Thank you.
Thanks very much.
He's one of those ones who wouldn't look after himself.
I told him, "You're coughing, "you're not well, see the doctor," but he never did.
Nice kid.
Not a survivor.
Cheers, mate.
SIREN WAILS I wonder who killed this street.
No-one you can prosecute.
DOG BARKS So Anything? No.
Let's see what's left behind.
Hello? Anyone there? Hello? Is he alive? Just about.
Hey HE SHOUTS What you doing here?! SHOUTING Please! Get off! Drop the knife! Police! Wait, he's dropped the knife.
What have I done?! The other guy that lives here, young guy? Jason? Have you found him? Is he OK? No! I'm sorry.
Jason's dead.
Here, come and sit on the bed.
Where's his family live? I don't know - he wasn't in touch with them.
You're not well.
I'm just going to take your temperature.
When did you last see him? Hey! Now concentrate! I need He is too ill to be interrogated! Is there someone who can look after you? Your parents? No, I don't Look, hang on What's your name? Sam.
I'm Sam Villiers.
Can I see Jason, please? Sam Villiers? You used to work for Harold Penton? Yeah.
Well, of course you can see him, son.
No problem, no problem.
You can identify the body.
See you later.
I love you.
Familiar? Yeah.
You don't have to do this.
Are you sure? All right? Jesus! Sorry.
Oh, Sam! Whoa, he's banged himself.
Get him some water.
HE COUGHS Are you all right, lad? Interesting, the way he's not dead.
You know that thing, you weigh someone just before and just after they die and there's a difference of 21 grams.
Hmm, not much.
The weight of the soul.
Is he a junkie too? Yeah.
Why do they do it? Because you feel fantastic.
Best you've ever felt.
And then you wake up in hell.
So you'll meet me back here when you've done, you give me the cash and I'll give you some good shit.
HE COUGHS SIREN WAILS No! I know you did not just try and thieve from me! Meet me here when you're done.
You were working for Penton and he sexually assaulted you? I don't want to go there! You made the allegation and then you withdrew it.
Why? Did he scare you off? Huh? No, they paid you off! No.
Of course, and now the money's spent, like you say, you don't want to go there, so you get Jason to go there and ask for a little bit more.
No! No, to earn some more.
No! No, he got a phone call, right, a voice mail and he didn't tell me at first.
He thought the guy's voice sounded weird.
He didn't want to go because he thought he might get hurt, but I made him! What, a complete stranger? Yeah, he just says, "Market Corner, ten tonight, 100 quid.
" Did Jason advertise his number? Is that how he does business? No, he just works the streets.
Someone must have give the number to this guy.
And is that someone you? No! And is the guy Mr West? Shut up! I didn't set him up, all right? This isn't my fault! No-one told me he was gonna get killed! What's going on? No, it's fine, thank you.
No, he's dead! He's dead and no-one cares.
I care about what About me?! No-one cares about me! He was the only one! You wanna give us a minute? Yeah.
HE SOBS If we get on a programme, do the methadone It doesn't work! I've tried it.
I haven't.
It might It doesn't! I'm telling you, I've tried it! You could try again.
Try harder.
Try harder? YOU TRY HARDER! GO ON, YOU TRY HARDER, SEE IF IT WORKS! Is there something I can get you? Yeah, I I just I just need a a little bit.
Just so I can sleep.
I I close my eyes and I see his face and then I get these cramps and it's just HE GRUNTS OK, it's OK.
Please, Rosa, please, there must be something here, something powerful like morphine or something.
Look, it's not a hospital.
I've got this number, just a tenner I can't do that.
I'll pay you back, I swear! It's not money, I'll give you the money.
You can take this pain away.
Have Have you got a pen? It's It's 0779 Have you got paper?! Look, I can't.
I can't help you.
SHE YELLS Don't! You remind me of my brother, which is good and bad.
Hey, Rosa.
Yeah, you were listening in? Yeah.
It wouldn't help him, you know.
I know, Eve! I'm not a child, I get it! He thinks his one true love is lying there in the morgue.
He's kidding himself.
His one true love is heroin.
So, yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe you should get him some, cos YOU can't save him.
Nobody can.
YOU TRY HARDER! You try harder! If you loved me, you'd go.
I just need you to do this for me.
All right, I will.
You'll be back in no time.
He sounds like a sicko though.
I love you.
See you later.
I won't ask again, I swear! Eve, look at this.
Penton has hep B.
Sam, wakey-wakey.
Here you are, look.
Five sugars.
Did you and Jason used to go to the drop-in centre together? Not for months, no.
I I don't want to run into West.
Sorry? That's how I got the job.
I met him there at the centre and I started talking to Penton and he offered me the job.
What, Penton was there? At the centre? Yeah, he visits now and again, doesn't say who he is.
He's allowed to just Drop in? Yeah.
He funds the place.
Hale, Penton's sicker than we thought.
Yeah, that's what I was gonna say.
No, with hepatitis B.
Is it sexually transmitted? Not exclusively.
Eve, come on, Jason had it, Penton's got it, his doctor fails to mention it.
Oh, and the phobia - bullshit! You wanna know where he met Penton? Go and ask Sam.
We know how you recruit them, or should I say "groom"? Nice move.
Fund the drop-in centre, collect the vulnerable, the kids that nobody's gonna miss.
What are you talking about? He's afraid of human contact? Yes.
Hm, unless, of course, they're junkies, the homeless, boys He makes an exception for the centre.
What, so he can get to choose 'em? This This is in your mind! Those visits are innocent, they're completely innocent.
He's OK.
He's eccentric, yes, but he's not like that.
He's like a lot of rich men - he wants to give something back.
Move amongst the poor? Yeah, it makes him feel Good? Good! Yeah? Well, let's go and discuss it with him, shall we? Stop! I've got enough to charge you both.
This is not the way it seems, I swear.
Mr Penton never touched him.
He never even saw the body.
I found him.
You found it? Yes, buried, out by the rhododendrons.
I could see a foot sticking out.
I did the decent thing - I buried him properly.
Hm, the decent thing? The innocent thing, my friend, is to report it to the police.
I had to protect Mr Penton's privacy.
So who killed him? I would like to know.
Somebody has driven in here in order to get rid of the body.
The only crime I'm guilty of is failing to report it.
You wish(!) Don't you go anywhere.
Nice try, confessing to a lesser crime to appear honest.
So you're not going to give up Penton.
The doctor might.
Protecting Penton might be very good for your bank balance, but come on! You're a family man.
It's sick what they're doing, using the centre as I wish I could help you.
Who's going to be next? Could you live with that on your conscience? Thank you.
Thank you.
And you think that's all the tree, what you can see.
But there's roots.
Are you all right? Are you cold? Want to go back in? I thought maybe he's all right.
Maybe someone's took him home who, like, liked him and that's why that's why he never came back.
But he wouldn't have done that, though, would he, just left you? No.
That's what I'd have done.
Jesus, he wasn't well! He really didn't want to go, but I made him! He wanted to give up the gear, wanted us both to, but I wouldn't do that! I wouldn't even try! He would have done anything for me! So do it for him now.
He was so ill.
I wish he'd have seen the doctor at the centre, but he wouldn't.
He said he had like like a whatsit.
A phobia.
I mean, he's OK.
, though.
He must be a good doctor, too, because he treats Mr Penton.
Dr Grove? So they didn't know each other, he and Jason? But he might have seen him there? Not seen, seen like a doctor.
Just laid eyes on.
Hey, one minute.
This must be very hard for you PHONE RINGS Oh, sorry.
Because he's so alone, afraid to trust anyone but he does trust you.
We're not blood brothers.
It's a professional relationship, a transaction.
Without affection? Affection's overrated.
In his view, Penton has sought and found other satisfactions making money, building power, using it.
Maybe that's enough.
Got to take this.
Your colleague's very driven, fighting the good fight.
Yeah, fighting something! HE CHUCKLES Maybe Penton doesn't need what we mere mortals need.
Doesn't crave the human touch.
But sometimes the thing we deny, the thing we claim to abhor, is actually our deepest desire, isn't it, which we try to suppress or conceal? Sex with a drug-addicted, disease-ridden boy.
Fear and desire, a compulsion to do the forbidden, which can prove irresistible.
You're his doctor, not his priest.
If you knew he'd done something terrible, your duty would be To betray him, yes, yes.
But I do not have that knowledge.
Doctor? Got a young man back at the facility needs medical attention.
I wonder, do you mind coming with us to take a look at him? Won't take long.
Um, sure.
No problem.
It'll be interesting to see the place.
So Grove sees Jason at the drop-in centre, gets his number off Margot's sheet and then calls him, picks him up Yeah.
And then delivers him to Penton.
I'll call Mike, get him down here.
HE MOUTHS So it really is a farm! Yeah, it is.
Dr Grove, could I take your mobile phone and your car keys, please? Why? Well, we can't have you, um, stealing the worms, can we, driving off? No, I'm joking.
It's Home Office rules, I'm afraid.
Just while you're here.
Lab's this way.
CAR LOCKING BEEPS What do you think? Amazing.
You'd never know it was here.
It's humble, but we think of it as home.
Don't look at this - very messy.
Our latest victim.
So what was the cause of death? We don't know yet, we're working on it.
Possible suffocation.
Poor kid.
Strange, what we become.
How inhuman.
DR GROVE: 'at the moment, please call back later.
' 'I'm sorry, I can't take your call at the moment' That's five.
Five different hairs.
Sam? Sam, the doctor's here to see you.
So how are you today? I met you before.
At the centre.
Oh, right.
Could you just lift up your shirt? Take a deep breath.
And again.
HE BREATHES DEEPLY Well, it, er, looks like a chest infection.
Yeah, all that hanging about in the cold at Market Corner.
Do you know Market Corner? Market Corner? Er, no.
They don't wear decent coats.
Who don't? Oh, the boys, the girls.
Well, all young kids, really.
I can give you a prescription for antibiotics.
Are you allergic to penicillin? Good.
OK? Yes.
I'll show you round outside.
He sounded like the voice mail.
Thank you, Sam.
OK This is our last hair sample.
How are we doing with number four? Anything? Yeah, maybe just maybe.
COMPUTER BEEPS You were in his car.
You're lucky to have a place like this.
And a career that's a kind of cause to consume you.
Don't you have that, as a doctor? In theory.
But your heart's not in it? Who knows where your heart is? Yeah.
PHONE BEEPS Do you like working at the drop-in centre? Oh, what? So you're going to say that I was concealing that from you, as well? Yeah.
Right, so I should reveal every place I've ever worked, every patient I've ever treated, every thought I've ever had? He was in your car.
You picked him up.
We know you did.
You cleaned the car, yeah? You missed a hair.
YOU took him to Penton.
What happened next? Did Penton kill him? I'm afraid you're wrong.
He was never in my car.
As you so rightly say, I work at the drop-in centre one day a week.
That's where the boy's hair must have come from.
Caught on my jacket, which I then put in my car.
Reasonable doubt.
I do need to get home.
Think we could go and get my things? Yeah.
You got this off the side of his freezer? Yeah, looked like raspberry ripple, but was in fact bloody mucus.
Why, have you got it here? You can see how miscarriages of justice happen.
You've got a match.
One piece of evidence, misinterpreted.
Hello?! You killed him.
NO, I DIDN'T! His blood's in your freezer.
You don't know how it got there? You called him, you picked him up.
I didn't rape him, OK? It was consensual.
Consensual? OK, er, a transaction.
And killing him? Was that consensual too? It was an accident.
I didn't mean to do it.
I'm not some kind of monster.
I just wanted him.
I got his number from Margot's office.
"Will he come? Will he come?" I could see how frail he looked, desperate.
Don't look at me.
You're the boss.
Get in the back.
I know.
As a fellow human being, as a doctor I should have tried to help him.
I should have taken him to hospital.
I should have just given him money, money for nothing.
But I was desperate too.
I I couldn't help (I couldn't help myself.
) Wake up.
You You wanna make some money? Yeah? Don't look at me! Undo your jeans.
Face down.
HE COUGHS I don't know what I did.
I must have, um pressed his face into the seat and, er, suffocated him.
I was going to lose everything my job, my house, m-m-my children.
I was I was going to ruin their lives.
Nightmare(!) I had to get rid of the body.
I couldn't dump it there - too many cameras, someone might see me.
Didn't know what to do.
We don't, er, use that freezer much.
Told my wife I'd mislaid the key.
Gave me time to think.
And it, um It struck me the next day when I was at Penton's.
It was an ideal place to bury it.
No dog walkers and no-one was ever going to dig it up.
I dealt with Penton and as I drove out, I stopped by the rhododendron plantation to bury it.
I didn't do a very good job.
But, um But I-I-I just hoped, you know, that that it would be all right.
And then you drove away.
How did you feel? SOBBING: Terrible.
And relieved.
Then West found the body, made it disappear.
That That's what I guessed, yes.
PHONE RINGS Hello? 'Eve, you need to come down now.
' OK.
What is it? Take a look at this.
I've been culturing the blood and mucus samples from the freezer.
Look at the bacteria.
It's streptococcus pneumoniae.
He had pneumonia.
He was critical.
Goes suddenly from the cold night air into the hot car, accelerating the process.
Lungs fill with fluid.
And that's what killed him.
No, No, no, no.
Grove killed him.
No, Grove thinks he killed him, but he didn't.
Nobody did - he died.
Listen Listen, we have got the guy's confession.
Come on, a jury's gonna convict him! Yeah, but the evidence Maybe murder, at least manslaughter.
Yeah, but the evidence SHUT UP (about the evidence.
) Why did you have to find it? Was it you? SHE SIGHS All right, I'm sorry.
Good work.
Very good.
That's amazing.
He was dying.
You should have taken him to hospital.
You could have saved his life.
I fear that it was already too late unfortunately.
Is that your expert medical opinion? Look, I'm not proud of what I did.
What it does show, I think, is that I was experiencing some kind of mental breakdown.
Due to stress and overwork.
Oh, I see(!) So you're the innocent victim in all of this(?) It was a moment of madness.
Do you think your wife will buy that? You know what? She buys a lot.
She's very good at buying.
So what exactly are you charging me with? Failure to report a death in accordance with the law.
So I won't be held on remand? I can go home? Mm-hm.
Today? Excellent.
No harm done.
So your evil Mr Penton's innocent.
Of this crime.
Yeah, apart from the sexual assault Sam invented to get a payoff.
Yeah, took a while to get that out of him.
Yeah, who'd have thought, a junkie lying(?) Amazing(!) Poor old Mr Penton.
Well, I wouldn't quite go that far.
Look, this, um this now.
Your hands are tied? Yeah.
The CPS were very clear with me I'm here as expert witness to verify the mechanism of death, the pneumonia, not to go into the circumstances.
Both sides have agreed to keep that out of the public domain.
So he doesn't get exposed, probably get a fine.
He didn't kill him, that's a fact.
That's a scientific truth.
Not the only kind.
I know that.
Untreated pneumonia in its later stages causes organ failure.
This, combined with the shock of the change in temperature from the cold of the streets to the warmth of Dr Grove's car, caused fluid to collect in the boy's lungs, preventing him from breathing and precipitating his death.
When you say "the boy", you mean? Jason Quinn.
He was 18, I believe we've established, Your Honour, so technically a man, yes? Yes.
Who died from natural causes? Yes.
Thank you.
I have no further questions.
MAN COUGHS Thank you, you may go.
DOOR OPENS Your Honour, before I go, I thought that the court should know, that the public should know, that those who knew Jason Quinn should know the circumstances of his d No! We've agreed Er, excuse me! I do beg your pardon, Your Honour, but both myself and my opposite have agreed not to, er expose Expose what? The truth.
The truth is that Dr Thomas Grove took Jason Quinn into his car for one purpose only his own sexual gratification.
He saw that he was seriously ill and he didn't care.
Even in that state, he exploited him, and that's how Jason Quinn died, in that man's hands.
This was the opposite of charity, the opposite of compassion and the opposite of what is right.
Thank you.
Mr Penton.
Always knew I'd see you in court.
Well done, you.
When I think I was sending him to work with the children at the charity Inviting the fox into your henhouse.
A narrow escape.
A stranger to himself.
You should thank me.
Failure to report a dead body.
I could have charged you.
No problem.
Mr Penton.
I'm sorry for what I did.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
There we go.
Come on.
Wasn't so bad, was it? DOOR SLAMS If, in the end, all we are given is release, to be no longer consumed by what we lack, then that must be our consolation and a kind of mercy.
Connor Ryan, recovered dead from the water.
Turns out it was skippered by a Patsy Fay, who's banned because of a previous for drug smuggling.
What the hell happened out there? Is she not on the boat? No.
Mermaids, yeah? Selkies, Irish mermaids.
Ah! He's terrified his mum is going to go back to prison and now it seems we're going to connect her to a crime.
Mum! Feels like we're tearing him to shreds.
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