The Body Farm (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

If You Go Down To The Sea Today

In our pursuit of the truth, we must protect the unknown.
There must be a pristine separation of fact from fiction.
And when we are not safe in our findings let us give full heart to the assumption of innocence until proven guilty.
Rescue One to base.
Rescue One to base.
We have a body in the water.
Repeat, we have a body in the water, over.
Who is he? Er, Connor Ryan.
Aged 35, recovered dead from the water.
And his boat was found adrift with no other crew on board? Well, it's not his boat.
It belonged to his brother-in-law, Rob Fay.
He's at home nursing a hangover.
Turns out it was being skippered by a Patsy Fay, who's banned because of a previous for drug smuggling.
Did 18 months, came out about a year ago.
And she's missing? Yeah.
Her and a guy called Tom Wilkes.
Seems odd.
No life raft on the boat and the coxswain here reckons the boat was in perfect working order.
So what do you think they were doing out there? I think they were collecting the post.
Ships go past from South America, crew dump the drugs overboard.
This lot go out there, dive, pick it up, bring it back on shore.
Dad! Dad! Dad, I think they found them! Dad! What? I think they've found them! All right.
Calm down.
Come here.
They should be OK.
Breathe, son.
They just pulled a body from the sea, Rob! I think it's Connor, and they've just took him away.
Where is he? Oh, God, what's happened? I'll phone the police, Susan.
I'll find out.
Oh Yeah.
Everything's changing, you know? No-one's ever home.
Eve and Mike are always out doing stuff, and Rosa Oggy? I swear, if I have to come out there, Oggy I'm actually really rather busy.
I'm working with Old Tom.
Well, Old Tom can wait.
We need you in the lab.
We?! Yeah.
Eve's coming in with a body.
Time is 07.
Beginning autopsy of one Connor Ryan, male, aged 35.
He was recovered from sea at 0230 hours and pronounced dead at scene.
Initially, we want to establish time and cause of death.
Does he have a family? Yeah.
There's something very restless about him.
Oggy, we need to focus.
Yeah, he's got invertebrates - sea worms in his ears.
With a bit of luck, mate, you were submerged long enough to attract sea anemones.
I think he's been in a kelp forest.
His suit's just covered in sargassum.
I'll run it.
I'll draw blood and run serology and toxicology.
Rosa, marine botany.
Oggy? Parasitic sea life.
I'm on it.
Right, once you've gathered, I'll start the autopsy.
What the hell are you doing? Cooking.
What? What?! Look at the state you're in, is what! Can't a man have a drink? That depends on the man, doesn't it? You can't forgive me, can you? You think I'm a coward.
I think you're an alcoholic! I'm a man! A man earns and he puts food on the table and he puts a roof overhead and he's dependable! You are a liability! I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I am tired hearing it, Rob, and I can't eat it! And it doesn't pay the bills.
Really sorry.
Making an examination of the lungs.
Trachea is undamaged.
Entering the lungs.
Everyone, stop what you're doing.
What is it? Connor's lungs are void of water.
Does that mean he didn't die from drowning? No.
No blows, no defensive wounds.
The mechanism of death must be internal.
I'll check his blood for CO2 levels.
Are we looking at a murder here? I don't know.
Argh! Look at the state of him! I'm not his keeper, you know.
Well, he's been dry for 18 months and then you show up.
Yeah? I showed up with some work! Look, I told Wilkes that I knew people who were dependable.
You told me he could do this.
Who's going to skipper now, huh? I'll take you out.
You're banned.
Well, I'm going to do it.
It has to be done.
Wilkes knows all about him.
Wilkes will just have to know what he needs to know.
Just leave it at that.
What the hell do you see in him, huh? Connor, you're my brother and I love you dearly, but he's my husband, and don't forget that.
He's an alcoholic.
You watch your mouth! Or as God is my witness, I will put my fist through your There he is! Hey, come here.
Give us a hug.
See you later, yeah? Eve.
Yep? Connor's blood is loaded with CO2.
So he died of oxygen deprivation.
Yeah, but look at this.
The blood samples from his spinal cord indicate that it was flooded with nitrogen bubbles.
Heads up, boys.
This is your five-minute warning.
Five minutes of air left.
Do you copy? 'Copy that.
Five minutes.
On our way up.
' Roger.
Mum? Mum, are you there? I'm here.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Just checking everything's all right.
I'm fine.
Is your dad OK? Yeah.
Is he drinking? No, he's asleep.
When will you be home? 'I'll be home tonight.
' I've got to go, darling.
Love you.
Love you, too.
Firstly, we know that Connor Ryan didn't die from drowning.
But the CO2 levels in his blood show he did die from oxygen deprivation.
So he was suffocated? Well, also, there was a huge quantity of nitrogen bubbles in his blood.
The bends.
All right.
So he's diving, runs out of oxygen, rushes to the surface and dies of the bends.
Yeah, but the nitro wasn't moving through his lungs, so he wasn't breathing when he made his ascent.
So the nitro bubbles tells us he was dead down there before he shoots up? Maybe.
Somebody held him down there until he ran out of oxygen? Yeah, or some thing.
He could've been snared and broken free.
He wasn't wearing his dive belt when he was recovered, was he? And he'd need his belt to dive.
He's working at depths of 300 feet.
There's no way he could've done that without dive weight.
And the samples from his suit say he was definitely deep in a kelp forest.
Yeah, and those forests are as dense and dangerous as tropical jungles.
So he's looking for the drugs and he gets stuck.
Yeah? Time of death? I can answer that.
When diving, kelp algae cells contaminate the skin, but the body's defences fight against them.
However, once we enter decomposition mode the cells begin to grow.
So we have the beginning of a time map.
He's been dead for 14 hours.
So we've got a time of death.
We've got a cause of death.
Even better.
Was he murdered? I don't know.
I don't know the manner of death yet.
All right.
Look, are you happy to say that the manner of death was accidental, natural or suicide? No, I'm not.
So I'm going to organise a forensic sweep of the skipper's house.
Well, have you got a warrant? Just about to get one.
All right.
Come on.
Mike, grab your things.
We're going.
Going to do more samples on his suit.
Are you all right? Everyone's gone again! Oggy, we've got an investigation.
I know.
Just go.
Are you going to be OK on your own? I'll be fine.
Anyway, actually, I'm not on my own.
I've got Connor.
Ah, yeah.
Are you all right? Thanks.
Off we go.
What is it? Is it Connor? Yeah.
And what about Patsy? Can we talk alone? Robbie, go and stick the kettle on, will you? There's a good lad.
You do the kitchen, I'll start upstairs.
What are you doing, love? Just going to take a look around.
Why? Look, I've got a warrant, but I'd rather do it with your co-operation.
Go on.
But me brother-in-law's been pulled from the sea dead, me wife's still missing out there and you've come in here with a warrant?! It's a police investigation.
Into what? Well, a family of colourful characters who are involved in something very suspicious.
What do you mean "colourful"? Connor's got previous.
What, a fight in a pub? What about your wife? I'm not even going to go there, mate.
So you've read her file.
Well done! What was she doing, skippering a boat? She's banned.
There's nothing illegal.
Sorry, did you miss the part about being banned? The fact that she's out there at all is illegal.
The fact that she's out there is my fault.
She was covering for me.
I was supposed to do it, but I was unwell.
She just didn't want to lose the job.
Job? Yeah, this guy - Wilkes.
Tom Wilkes.
He's a marine biologist.
He wanted to collect soil samples from the seabed.
Why? I don't know.
I really don't care.
He hired the boat to dive and that's it.
This guy Wilkes and your wife they're missing, along with the inflatable.
And yet the boat's in perfect working order.
Don't you find that a bit odd, mate? Where could they be going? I don't know.
What's that you've got there? It's my ship-to-shore.
I always have it on when me mam or dad are out at sea.
Good idea.
Just cos me Uncle Connor's dead doesn't mean me mam is, does it? We just don't know.
That's good then.
Is me mam in trouble with the police? No.
Not that I know of.
Then why are you here? Well, um when an accident occurs, we have to look for an explanation.
What are you looking for? Robbie, in my job, um there are a lot of rules and one of the rules is that I can't tell you what I'm looking for.
What does that machine do? Oh.
You're not allowed to tell me that? It, um sucks in the air and analyses it.
If you're finding anything bad, it'll be me Uncle Connor's.
What sort of thing? His wacky baccy.
Wacky baccy? Yeah.
He was smoking it out the back with me dad.
Me mam hates that stuff.
She has nothing to do with it.
I see.
I don't want me mam to go back in prison.
Are they your drawings? Mermaids, yeah? They're selkies.
Irish mermaids.
They're brilliant.
Tom, this is Patsy, my sister.
Patsy, Tom Wilkes.
How are you? Nice to meet you.
Our new skipper.
Con? What? A second.
What happened to Rob? He came down with something.
Is he OK? Yeah.
He'll be fine.
Are we good to go? Yeah, yeah.
Nearly there.
It'll be all right.
Have you co-ordinated the GPS? Yeah, it's done.
I think that would freak me out, you know.
You're still here, aren't you? You have to go soon, you know.
If you linger too long, you get stuck.
You end up being a ghost.
You don't want to do that.
Some of the ghosts that hang around here aren't right in the head, if you know what I mean.
Apart from Old Tom, who's pretty cool.
'Can anybody hear me?' 'Can anybod Can anybody hear me?' Oh, right.
It's the mask.
'Mayday!' 'This is the coastguard.
We have you.
Seelonce, seelonce.
'This channel is now for emergency use only.
' 'Eve, Eve, come in.
' Yep, Oggy.
'The dive radio in the mask' Calm down.
- What is it? - 'We have your location.
' What? 'We have your location.
' 'I'm adrift on the water.
'My name is Tom Wilkes.
' They've found Wilkes.
Can I help you? Yeah.
DI Hale.
Looking for the guy who was pulled out of the water? He's in Ward Thank you B.
Tom Wilkes? Yeah.
I'm, er I'm DI Hale.
Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? No, no.
Is this his dive suit? Yes.
A selkie can become a person.
Really? Yeah, but they have to go back to sea one day.
You know, at the end of their human life.
Oh, I see.
Do you think selkies and mermaids exist? Who knows? Have you got your radio on? Robbie, turn your radio on.
They're alive! What? They've found Wilkes! Did they say they found Patsy? No But if he's alive, then she is too, right? Ssh! Right? Yeah I don't remember too much about it, you know.
Connor got snagged up down there and I quickly grabbed another bottle, dived in again to help him, but it was, er It was very deep.
Looked like he was snared in an old fishing net or something.
It was just drifting.
I tried to cut him out, but he was just sinking all the time.
And when I got to about 300 feet, I just I just blacked out.
You're a marine biologist? No.
No, I'm a marine geologist.
And you hired Robert Fay to take you and Connor diving? No.
Er, um Connor arranged for the boat.
But you were diving.
Why was that? Er, I've a research permit to look for sustainable resources.
You say you're a geologist.
So you were looking at sub-sea bedrock and not marine life? Yeah, that's right, yeah.
Taking samples for the environmental impact of industrial activity along the coast.
Who pays for all that, then? The GSSP.
It's an NGO.
The project has a worldwide fund.
I've got a grant.
I see.
How are they? Who? Connor and Patsy? Oh, I can't tell you that.
I'm pretty much done here.
Before I go, I just need to take a picture of that.
Won't hurt.
Argh! Thanks.
Oh, um, the samples you found on the seabed - where are they? Where I was staying.
Um, Connor's place.
Spare room.
Thank you.
They're saying on the radio that Wilkes was found in the water.
That means me mam is in the life raft, doesn't it? Right now, you probably know as much as I do, Robbie.
Found anything yet? Nope.
So that means me mam's not in trouble? 'Harbour Master, be advised we are towing the abandoned vessel, 'The Clara, into port, over.
'Harbour master, be advised' Dad! Dad, the radio! All right, Robbie.
Calm down.
But they're bringing her in! All right, Robbie.
You finished? Um, yeah.
Thank you for the tea.
Dad, can I go down to the docks? No, son.
Why? Because I need you here.
What about Mam? I'll go and find out.
Are you going to the pub? No, Robbie.
I'm not going to go to the pub.
I'm giving up the drink, all right? You always say that and go back on it.
Yeah, I know but this time I really, really mean it, OK? So where are you going? I'm going to go find out what happened out there.
Eve, I'm on my way to the Clara.
I'll meet you there in five.
' What the hell happened out there? Where's Patsy? Is she not on the boat? No! Well, maybe she took the dinghy.
She wouldn't do that.
The boat isn't holed.
I don't know, Rob.
What happened to Connor? We dived.
Er He got snagged.
I tried to help him, but it was just so deep.
You know I blacked out.
Well, where the hell is she? Rob there's, er something I really need you to do for me.
Rob? Hey, what's going on? I can't talk, Susan.
Oh, for God's sake! Connor's dead! What am I going to do? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry! I'll look after you.
You can't even look after yourself.
That's going to change.
Where's Robbie? I don't know.
He's at home, I think.
You think?! Rob, he needs you to look after him right now, not What? Running off, getting hammered, sticking your head in a bottle.
I'm off the drink.
If you had a tune to that, you know, you could sing it.
I've got to go.
Mum, can I go out with you in the morning? I'd love that, but I need my main man on land.
I need you to look after your daddy.
Why's he like that? I don't know, love.
We can only do our best.
How long will you be gone for? Just the day.
I promise.
But why do you even need to go? Because we need the money.
I hate money.
Why? Cos everyone's always arguing about it, trying to get it, and no-one ever has enough of it.
Yeah, well that's about the way of it.
Yeah, I'd say Wilkes was in the same kelp forest as Connor.
Oggy! Did you feel that? What? Connor's presence is changing.
Connor? Yeah.
Connor's been hanging round since he came in, but now Now he's angry.
I wouldn't be surprised if we started to see some paranormal activity.
Oh, yeah? Like what? A drop in the room temperature.
You can feel it here, close to Connor.
Have you taken your medication? Did you hear that? I think the kinetic energy from the presence is coming through the radio.
Ha! Oggy, what are you doing? Dad? I told you to stay inside, Robbie.
Are you in trouble? I don't know, son.
It'll be OK.
When mum gets back, she'll know what to do, won't she? Yeah.
I've really messed things up, son.
Come on.
Come on, where are you? Come on, come on.
Talk to me.
Talk to me! Hello? 'Is anyone there?' 'Can you hear me? 'Mum? Mum, is that you?' Oh, no, no, no.
Mum, talk to me! Talk to me.
Please! 'Hello.
' Who's this? My name is Oggy.
What are you doing on this channel? This is Connor's radio.
I'm a scientist.
I've been trying to help him.
But he's dead! I know, er I'm a scientist that helps people when they're dead.
How do you help someone when they're dead? I find out how they died.
My name's Robbie.
Oggy, what are you doing? We've got work to do! OK! OK, I'll be there in a minute.
Since when did you become the boss of me? 'So, what do you do? 'I mean, like what sort of tests?' Well, I specialise in entomology.
What? You're joking me, right? No! How can you need money that badly? It's complicated! Oh, I bet it is.
Where's the food? So when do you get paid? Soon, OK? No, it's not OK.
It's not OK! You have been on the rigs for six months and not sent her a penny! Listen, I told you I invested the money, all right? In what? New equipment for this dive job! So when do you get paid? Three days! We need to buy food, Connor! Shut your mouth! Do you have you any idea how skint we are? I know.
No, you don't know.
How could you bloody know? You're never here! Keep pushing me! Hey, none of that.
None of it! OK? Sorry.
The money - when? It's in the post.
And that's the expression he used, was it? "It's in the post"? Yeah, hm.
Yeah, and I've checked the post, and there's nothing in it but bills.
Gosh, this doesn't seem real.
You know? I'm even afraid to take a nap because when I wake up, I just think it's all been a bad dream.
Do you know what happened to Connor? We think he was involved in smuggling.
Do you know anything about that? You what? No! Because if you did and you were lying, that would make you what we call an accomplice.
I don't know anything about it.
You could go to prison.
No Tell me about Patsy.
Patsy is a decent person.
But she's a drug smuggler who's banned from skippering a boat.
Yeah, and she was innocent of that.
How do you know? I just Well, she said.
She had to collect a boat from France, but she didn't know what was in it.
A hull full of drugs.
What if she lied to you? I I don't know.
Look, tell the truth and you stay out of prison.
I swear I swear I don't know anything.
All right.
This guy Wilkes, tell me about him.
Er, Wilkes works with Connor, diving on the oil rigs.
So Connor finished his stint on the oil rigs and came back with Wilkes.
Yeah, and this job to do, this exploration thing.
And all his stuff is upstairs, yeah? Yeah, it's upstairs in the back bedroom.
- You don't see them any more.
- What's that? Stamps in a passport.
Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Angola, Siberia.
Oil fields.
He is in demand.
Where was he last? Um Venezuela.
Six months ago.
History of his dive hours.
Been in the North Sea for the last two months.
Working the same rigs as Connor.
Hmm, that's unusual.
What? The chemical signature.
A complex mixture of hydrocarbons.
Drugs? Not unless they've been masked with petrol.
Of course, mermaids could be the descendents of Neanderthals forced from dry land by the arrival of the Cro-Magnon.
Who are you talking to? Robbie.
Robbie Robbie who? Robbie Fay.
The skipper's son? 'Oggy, are you still there?' Yeah.
Oggy, you need to disconnect.
What's wrong? Look, just tell him you're really busy.
We've got to present our findings to Eve now, so disconnect.
Thank you.
Mike? Yeah.
Can you give us a hand? Yeah.
Dive weights.
Rosa? Yeah, here.
Can you check Wilkes's dive belt and see if there are 'any weights missing?' Yeah, I've got it right here.
Yeah, it's missing two.
'OK, good.
' Give the pockets a thorough examination, OK? 'OK, will do.
' Right, Eve, over here.
On the anchor, blood, hair and skin.
Consistent with the violent contact of a scalp, I'd say.
Any drugs on board? No, absolutely no traces.
Whatever it was, it wasn't drugs.
'Eve?' Yeah, go ahead, Rosa.
Can you get a visual? 'Er Yep, got you.
' 'OK, so we ran some tests on Connor and Wilkes' dive suits and came up with some interesting stuff.
We think Wilkes held Connor underwater until he ran out of oxygen.
You have my undivided attention, Rosa.
So a wetsuit has a layer of air between it and you, and when you dive, that layer's filled with water and then it's heated by your body to maintain your temperature.
Connor's suit had a layer of liquid, but it wasn't sea water, it was his own urine.
Suffocation causes contortions in the neuromuscular junctions, which in turn compresses the bladder, causing urination in the victim.
And this links to Wilkes how? The outside of Wilkes's dive suit is also covered in Connor's urine.
Rosa, everyone knows divers piss their wetsuits all the time.
Yeah, but they're not normally hugging each other when they do it.
You see here? Wilkes would have to be really close to Connor when he's suffocating.
And then there's the nitro in his blood.
Connor was found floating without his weight belt.
Because when he was dead underwater, Wilkes removed it to allow him to return to the surface.
But the inside of Wilkes's weight belt is much more interesting.
Oh, yeah? Why? The empty pockets were heavily contaminated with strong traces of sodium hydroxide and polycyclic hydrocarbons.
We ran them, and they're the chemical signature of currency.
Unique to the denomination of 500 euro notes.
'That makes sense.
' The 500 euro note is the chosen currency for international drug dealers.
I thought British banks weren't issuing them any more.
They don't, but our European friends still make them.
But if you want to do your drugs deals, you have to smuggle them in.
What do you think? Do you think this cross-contamination of urine is enough to tie Wilkes in to the killing of Connor? No, I don't.
The contact could have meant that Wilkes was trying to save his life.
It would still have resulted in cross-contamination, and it fits with his story.
Yeah, but Rosa said Rosa's got a lot to learn.
I'm going off to see Wilkes.
An underwater beacon.
And a tracker.
OK, we need to pack up here.
I got us a couple of rooms over at the pub.
What's up? Hmm? Ah, it's just Robbie.
He's terrified his mum is going to go back to prison, and now it seems we're going to connect her to a crime.
It just feels like we're tearing him to shreds, you know? Yeah, well, we're forensic investigators, not social workers.
Yeah, and I signed up to run a research facility.
Yeah, and we don't have that luxury any more.
Yeah, I'm very aware of that.
Thank you.
Yeah, yeah, of course I will.
Where was I? I told you, I really don't know anything about this money.
You're lying.
I've got no reason Ah-ah! I know you're lying.
It's one of my special powers.
Oh, and you're contaminated with the evidence.
Search the place, there's no money.
Tom, I don't care about the money.
That bit's easy.
I spoke to the doctor.
I know Rob Fay was in here, I know you gave it to him.
But what I'd like to know is are you willing to go down for the murder of Connor Ryan? I want to speak to a solicitor.
Yeah, you do that, that's the right thing to do.
And he'll tell you exactly the same as I'm telling you now.
Make a deal.
Give up the rest of your crew and reduce your sentence.
Of course you could just stay silent, let Rob and Patsy keep the money.
I'm sure they'll send you a Christmas card every year.
What's this? I want you to take it.
It's euros.
You can change it in the bank.
I don't understand.
Rob, what is going on? I've got to go, Susan.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
I was out of order.
It's OK.
No, it's not.
All right.
Apology accepted.
Do you want a drink? Yeah.
Hi there, could I have a glass of white wine and a lager, pint of lager, please? .
In yonder garden grows Hey.
Have you been drinking? No.
I'm high.
Jesus, Rob! On life! What are you talking about? I got a job.
What? A job! An earner.
Doing what? Skipper.
Three days' charter.
What do you think? That's great! That's great! That's great! Yeah, it's a big payout.
What are you like?! I'm going to take you out.
Can't you just wait till we've earned the money? I am made of money! You are.
You are! I guess I owe Connor for bringing in the job, eh? Oh, I feel like a man again.
You are a man.
Eh? You're my man.
Red is the rose in yonder garden grows Fair is the lily of the valley Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne And my love is fairer than any Come over the hills My bonnie Irish lass And I'll be your true love for ever Oggy, you there? Hey, Robbie.
'How are you?' Waiting, you know.
- Yeah, I know.
- 'Launch to base.
'Launch to base.
Be advised, 'we're coming into port with Patsy Fay.
'Be advised, we're coming into port with Patsy Fay.
' Oggy, it's me mam! Robbie! 'No, don't go down there, Robbie.
Robbie, don't go down there!' What's going on? What's wrong? I can't get a signal.
They're bringing in Patsy.
Robbie! Robbie! Robbie! Robbie! Oggy Robbie! 'Don't go down there, Robbie! Robbie, Robbie, no' 'We're bringing in the body of Patsy Fay.
' 'Robbie!' Oggy, stop! What's the matter with you? Eve.
Go ahead.
'Patsy's boy, Robbie, he's heard she's coming in.
' He's heading to the harbour.
He thinks she's alive.
Hey! Stop, stop! Stop, Robbie! Mam! Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Mam! Get off! Mam! Robbie Robbie, she's dead.
No, get off! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
No, I heard them! I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Why? Hey, hey.
I don't know yet, mate, but I promise you I'm going to find out, OK? Here's your dad.
Can I see her? Yeah, yeah, of course.
Hold on one moment.
Is it all right? Yeah.
Oh, Patsy Mam.
What have I done? Mam! I'm so sorry.
We need to take care of her now.
Mam! It's all right, son.
I'm sorry.
You're going to have to come with me.
I'd rather do this without any fuss.
Do you understand me? Listen I've got to go.
Dad's going to come with me and do some paperwork.
I'll take him.
I'll look after him.
Now you stay with your Auntie Susan until I come back, OK? Good lad.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Let's go home.
Oggy Robbie's going to be OK, you know.
Come in.
Rosa I'm sorry.
Come on.
Patsy needs our help now.
She's waiting for us.
Cause of death was a fracture to the skull just here.
I've matched the samples from the anchor to her scalp.
For Patsy? Yep.
And she was dead before she hit the water, right? Maybe.
I'm saying there's only one way that she went into the water with Wilkes, dead or alive, and that's if he took her in.
Yeah, but we can't prove that forensically.
Hey, I've got a hit on the prints from the flask.
Wilkes? No, Patsy! And I can prove the money was in the flask before it was in Wilkes's dive belt.
Right, so it was dropped off at a pre-designated spot with the beacon, they dive with the tracker and bring it up.
Yeah, if you knew the GPS and you didn't go below 300 feet, it would be relatively easy to find.
So they were collecting the post.
No, but look at the size of the flask.
The amount of money you could get in here, even in 500 euro notes, would only be about half a million.
I know.
It's not big enough for currency smuggling.
I think it's a payoff.
But for what? I have absolutely no idea.
Oggy, pull up the picture of Wilkes's eye injury.
What? It's an imprint of Patsy's wedding ring.
Look, I'm not stupid.
The most you can charge me for is having that money.
We both know it probably won't even go to court.
No, you're right.
Your lawyer will tell you to say you found it and that you know nothing more about it.
The thing is, we can prove that Wilkes killed Connor and Patsy.
He's going down.
Killed? Yeah.
Y-You sure? Oh, I'm sure, mmm.
Tom Wilkes killed Connor and your wife.
But the problem is, Rob, we don't have motive.
We don't know what Wilkes and Connor were doing out there.
What that means is we can't prove Patsy's innocence, so it'll be assumed she was part of the crime Wilkes committed.
I believe there's something very important at stake here, Rob.
Patsy's memory.
That's all that Robbie has left of his mother now, and if she is indeed an innocent in all of this, he needs it to be proven.
He deserves that.
So does she.
No, she She deserves more than that.
Tell us where the samples are what you know about it.
We dived for two days.
For the samples? No.
Well, they weren't bringing anything back up, so I asked Wilkes what it was they were looking for down there.
What did he say? 'He told me to mind my own business, he'd paid for my time.
'First thing I thought was drugs.
' You know, there's a lot of questions I could ask and I don't.
What do you mean? It means I want my money.
I'm in the hole for ã1,000 already.
It costs 500 quid a day to run the boat.
So? You'll get paid.
When? When I say so.
Now, go home to me sister.
Did you tell Patsy? No.
I should have just turned them in to the police right away.
But I didn't.
'I took the coward's way out.
I got pissed 'so I didn't have to skipper the boat.
' Bottle, Jimmy.
I didn't think Patsy would take them out cos she's banned.
Obviously needed the money more than I thought.
So I went round to see Wilkes at the hospital to find out what happened and that's when he gave it to me.
The money.
So I figured that's what they were looking for down there.
What was the money for? I don't know.
I've got no idea.
I swear if I knew, I'd tell you.
But there's something else I want to put on record here.
Patsy's previous for smuggling.
It was me.
I brought that boat into port and she covered for me because she knew that I couldn't handle the time.
Yeah, great.
Do you know where the samples are? Hey, what are you doing? Just having a look at something.
What are they? What is it? Soil samples from the sea bed.
That's what he said he was collecting.
Yeah, these are not from our waters.
Oof! These soil samples aren't from round here.
They're loaded with petroleum.
We've got Rob's statement.
We can prove that you killed Connor and Patsy.
And the soil samples.
They're from an oil field in Scotland.
Every court in the land is going to know that you're up here fiddling your claims.
So you get a choice.
You can go to court, having said nothing, you can be perceived as a cold-blooded killer who took two lives to cover his crime.
Or you can tell me what happened.
If you don't tell me the truth now, I'll still prove you guilty, and without a plea from you, you're looking at an extra 20 years on top of what you would have got.
So Get your sample? Yes, thanks.
Hey! Hey! Rich soil we have down there.
I looked under your bed and I found your samples, the oil-rich ones that you brought with you from God knows where! You don't know what you're talking about! Huh! Well, let me guess.
You have an exploration licence for this area, and if you happen to hit upon a potential drilling site, you can sell it on and make your millions.
Have you any idea what'll happen to what's left of our fishing industries here if major explorations begin? They won't stay here! There's nothing down there! They'll think it was a fluke.
What, after you've made your millions and cleared off, and they've wrecked the sea bed and we're left with nothing? I'll cut you in, yeah? What? No way, mate! Look, listen.
Oi! Oi! Hey! Hey! Hey, what you doing? What are you doing?! Get off! Get off! Get off me! Get off! You fool! Are you all right? Get off me! 'Mam? 'Mam, are you there?' 'Mam? 'Mam?' 'Mam, are you there?' 'Mam?' I-It was an accident.
I believe you.
So Patsy was an accident, you're looking at between, what, four and seven? But Connor wasn't an accident, was he? Well, I killed his sister, so So what? What, he was going to kill you?! Yeah.
You don't know Connor.
I saw him slice a guy up once with a knife on the rigs, just over a game of cards.
'So it's safe to say that he'd have put that six-inch diving knife 'to good use on you, then?' 'I knew he was nearly out of air, so I quickly grabbed another bottle.
'I dived in and 'and took him way back down.
' Held him under till he was dead.
'And then you came up to the surface, got on the boat, 'you transferred the money into your dive belt.
'Then you got hold of Patsy, 'took her back over the side, down to a depth where you thought' she'd never be found, is that right? Yeah.
OK, look, this is where we're at, OK? Connor is murder, Patsy is an accident.
You're look at between 7 and 14, but - and it is a very big but, Tom with a full and frank confession from you you might get a bit of time knocked off, if you tell me what happened.
Who gave you the money? Wish I knew.
It was all set up by an agent.
This was supposed to be so simple.
Just dive for three days, look like you're bringing up samples.
The payoff's dropped for you on the third day, pay the crew, go home.
An agent? Just some middleman for another middleman, you know.
I suppose if you did trace it back, it would come out to some Russian broker who would sell the duff claim on to the Chinese.
I mean, they're buying up every exploration long shot they can get their hands on.
We find the defendant, Tom Wilkes, guilty of conspiring to commit an act of fraud.
Guilty of the manslaughter of Patsy Fay.
Guilty of the murder of Connor Ryan.
And how do you find Robert Fay? Your Honour, we find Robert Fay guilty of being an accomplice to conspiring to commit an act of fraud and attempting to pervert the course of justice.
You may sit down.
Dad R I made you this for your wall.
It's Mam, back in the sea.
That's what she said.
A selkie has to go back to sea one day.
She was right.
Can I come with you? I don't think they're going TO allow it, son.
What will happen now? I'm going to go to prison for a few months.
Susan's going to look after you.
When I get out, I'm going TO be sober and you and me are going to make a fresh start, OK? OK.
OK? Good lad.
'Why did your daddy say you were a selkie?' 'Well, one time I was out playing on the shore 'and a big wave came and took me out to sea,' and they all knew there was no way a young child could survive that.
But you did survive it? Of course I did! Well, it got about that I must have been dead and brought back to life by a selkie, making me a half-selkie.
So, that would make me That would make you a half-selkie as well.
'This is how we go on.
'We find our private truth that becomes a shared truth.
'The truth is our salvation, so that the memory of our lost loved one 'is served justice and at peace.
'This is our only comfort.
' Her name's Beth Fox.
Somebody got into her cell last night, slit her throat, etc.
No witnesses.
The body's a mess.
It's not pretty.
'Tell me about Tess.
' 'She's up on the roof.
' You can nip up there and ask her yourself.
I have the Home Secretary on my back about this.
Do you want me to make something up to get the press off your back? Is that what you want me to do? I need to know where Tess is, Nicole.
Where is she?