The Body Farm (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

You've Got Visitors

Quiz question.
"The undiscovered country "from whose border no traveller returns.
" Shakespeare.
The question is, what's he talking about? Death.
But even though you can't come back, your body may tell us your route there, and who took you.
No matter how hard they try to destroy the evidence something will remain.
Guess how much my sister spent on her wedding dress.
700? No.
Eve? Ten grand.
Ten grand? Yeah.
That's ridiculous.
No, three.
You're kidding! No.
3,000 quid just for one day.
How much would you let your bride spend? Well, whatever she wanted.
But then the woman I'd marry wouldn't go mad.
You hope.
Oggy? Oggy, the donor body's just come in.
Can you look after him? Thank you.
Welcome to the Body Farm.
Smell the lighter fuel.
Eve, Rosa, Mark.
Mike, yeah, it's early onset.
Obviously his condition doesn't permit formal identification, you can get that from DNA, but we pretty much know that this is, or well, rather was, Richard Warner.
What, the barrister? Yeah.
I remember.
He was the human rights lawyer.
Talked about the "dictatorship of forensic evidence.
" Always challenging unsafe verdicts and attacking the police.
A thorn in your side, then.
Not my side.
I love humans.
I think they should all have rights.
Always challenging unsafe verdicts and attacking the police.
A thorn in your side, then.
Not my side.
Could it have been an accident? What about this in his neck? I'd say that was caused by the fire postmortem.
Heat shrinkage splits the skin.
Yeah, 0K.
So no sign of a forced entry, robbery or struggle, hmm? So, Richard here, smoking, decides to refill his lighter, spills his lighter fuel onto his lap.
The shock, the pain, killed him.
Yeah, or heart attack or aneurysm.
I'll know more when I get him back to the lab, but You don't think so.
Well given the position of the chair, the body, I'd I'd expect more disarray.
Yeah, it doesn't look like an accident.
It looks like an execution.
- Sit.
- Stand for hanging.
And the firing squad.
Kneel for the guillotine.
Lie for lethal injection.
Sit in the electric chair.
And the care home.
How do you want to go? How about running? Running's not an option.
It's incredible.
You spend a lifetime fighting for the underdog, and this is your reward.
He's got his reward - fame, fortune.
Defending asylum seekers doesn't make you rich.
You'd be surprised.
Legal aid, your taxes and mine, are funding it.
Well, I'm glad they do.
I'm going to sweep the bathroom.
Hello? The body's fused to the chair.
Keep him in it.
What? No! No, you do not let them in.
You keep them there.
- I'm coming.
- Wife and son outside.
Details, details.
I want to see it for myself.
Look, I'm, uh very sorry.
We have to preserve the integrity of the crime scene.
The integrity of the crime scene? There was no crime.
It was a fire.
A fatal one, so we have to investigate.
I always told him smoking would kill him, but I thought it'd be lung cancer, not dozing off with a cigarette.
What a brilliant man, eh? Let's go home.
We'll keep you informed.
I've got your address, Mrs Warner, but yours, sir? It's the same.
Nick's living back at home.
Just temporarily, obviously.
Er, just one more thing.
Your movements last night.
Our movements? My dad would love you.
Really? Yeah.
He had a lot of respect for the police their intelligence, their lack of prejudice.
Come on, Nick.
He was at home with me.
We Actually, I was jogging with a client in Bletching Woods between seven and eight.
OK? He's a personal trainer.
Yeah, they don't need to know that.
Then he came home.
Chicken and what? Um with rice? Chicken and what kind of rice? You want spicy rice? Normal rice.
Normal rice.
Right, we're working on him in the chair.
It's like the dentist.
Not my dentist, mate.
Going into the trachea.
Inhalation of hot gases can cause strangulation when the epiglottis spasms, but that hasn't happened here.
There's no traces of soot.
He was dead when the fire started.
It would appear so.
Mike, do you want to examine his heart? Sure.
Right, I'll get a cup of tea, I think.
OK, let's deal with this.
Can you see here, in the middle of his heart? There's his wife's name, look.
Lots of other labs I could use Not like us, though.
Heart's in good shape.
No sign of cardiac arrest.
I'll Phone the police? Send me back to prison? You You You may have You You may have mixed me up with someone else.
Mistaken identity? Not this time.
I know you, Mr Warner.
And you know me.
Though this is new.
Sit down.
No! I'm No! When we first met, what did we talk about? Torture what had been done to me as I sat like you are sitting here now.
I'm sorry.
Blood contains alcohol and zolpidem.
Short-acting, non-benzodiazepine hypnotic.
It initiates sleep, but it doesn't maintain it.
Dose? Overdose.
Yeah? Is that what killed him? Blood concentration two milligrams per litre.
Four times the therapeutic level, but not fatal.
But enough to really slow him down, maybe knock him out.
He takes, or he's forced to take, extra sleeping pills plus alcohol.
But we're still looking for the cause of death.
No sign of smoke in the lungs.
Hang on.
What's this? Gold.
The cushions on the sofa.
Yeah, we bagged that.
Yeah, tinselly thread.
If he was suffocated with this cushion, his saliva will be on it.
Yeah, and if we're lucky, the killer's skin cells.
Cushion, pillow, murder weapon.
Opposite of a knife.
It may be soft, but it requires strength.
If the body wasn't burnt, we might find bruising to the lips.
So the killer smothers him, then sets him on fire? He could have poured the fuel on him while he was still alive.
Why? To scare him.
Which is worse pain, or the fear of it? With torture, you get both.
You do not know the meaning of pain.
I'll take a pineapple.
I'll take this one.
Hello? Here? Where? Urine samples are from two different people.
We've got Warner, and I'm just running a match on the other.
Good, good.
Well, not so good here.
There's no trace of his saliva.
One of a pair? Killer took it with him.
Shit! All right, where are we with time of death? Somewhere between 2300 and 0200 hours.
Yep, three hours - that's a wide window.
Well, blame the fire.
Could we get time of ignition and put the perpetrator there? We know the fire died just before the fire crew got there at 0610 hours.
What we don't know is how long he was burning for.
Why not? You've got the damage.
Charring depth analysis? Works better on wood than bodies.
Even then, you have variables which change how the fire burns and affect the charring rate.
Ventilation, room temp, fuels, fabric Body's weight, fat component, alcohol intake Race.
Sorry, race? Asian skin has more natural oils than Nordic.
Burns faster.
Utterly irrelevant.
The point is, you can try to model against archived examples, but your timings won't be safe for this unique case.
And what, so that's it, is it? Yeah? All this, the killer just goes free? I mean, is there nothing you can do? We could try to replicate the fire, use a donor body.
Get a closer timing.
The guy we got today.
Hang on.
He's meant to go to the new chalk soil.
Similar build to Warner.
You might not get what you want.
This is science, we'll get something.
This is what we should be doing.
I mean, who else could do this legally? Yeah.
Monitoring minutely, in controlled conditions, how the body burns.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! No, no, you are not using police time and money for your academic pursuits.
This is an experiment, Hale.
They don't come with guarantees, mate.
Did you? No.
Well, OK, go on, burn the body.
I'll set it up.
Hey, we've got a match on the urine.
From Warner's bathroom? Really? Joseph Marial.
An asylum seeker granted leave to remain in '06, convicted of violent mugging in '08, served three years, deported back to Khartoum nine months ago with no right to return.
He came back.
Can I have chicken? Wait a moment.
And the nice rice? Wait a moment.
Mummy? Daddy? Daddy! Jacob! You came back.
He said he would.
What happened to your face? I had an accident.
Got burnt.
Did you cry? For someone that was so anti-establishment, he's got a lovely HQ.
Well, where would you rather he worked, a dingy basement? Yeah.
Infested by rats.
And lawyers.
Miles Leighton, Sarah Haines.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
We're all in a state of shock.
Black day.
When did you hear about it? His wife called this morning.
He was here yesterday.
I was in court all morning, but I saw him in the afternoon.
How did he seem to you? Fine.
Didn't he, Sarah? Perhaps a little tired.
Did he have a client called Joseph Marial? Yes, some years ago.
We lost the case.
It's just that we think that he may have called into his office last night.
But he was deported, he's in Sudan.
He's come back? When he was convicted, did he blame Warner? There was nothing we could do.
A witness identified him, but we tried to challenge that as inconclusive, black man at night and all that, but we couldn't fight DNA evidence - a trace on the victim's coat.
We didn't ask if he was justified in blaming Warner, we asked did he? I don't know, but it must have been hard for him to be separated for years from his wife and son.
They went back to Sudan with him? No, they stayed.
They're here? He felt they'd be safer.
Do you have an address? It may well be in the, er, case files.
Sarah, would you mind? Sorry, I have to Can we take this? Sure.
If you do find them, please try not to alarm them.
She's, as I recall, quite wary, mistrustful of the police.
Yeah? There's a lot of that about.
I wonder why.
But I want to stay with you.
Go back to your hostel now.
I need to think, to make a plan, huh? And you must not tell anybody that you've seen me, yeah? So you're a secret? Rosa, that guy that you traced.
Mm? His wife and son are living in the country and I want to talk to them, so I think it'd be useful if you came with me.
Why me? Well, you know I just think they would feel slightly less threatened by someone who's Er, female? Thank you.
Thank you.
My husband is not here.
Well, hard to hide him.
Under the bed? There is no room.
You look.
He is not here.
He is in Sudan.
Wow! Look at that! Now, those really are difficult words, hmm? "Because.
" I couldn't spell that when I was eight, could you? I'm six.
Six? No, no, are you sure? You look eight to me.
I think we should be making a move.
Your dad must be so proud of you.
When did you last see him? Thanks.
Er, we should be going.
Was it yesterday, or was it the day before? He has not seen his father since he was deported last year.
Since he was a baby he has only seen him half a dozen times, visiting the prison.
Hey, I asked him a question, that's my job.
If his father has murdered a guy, and then decided to burn the body, that's not my fault, it's his.
Whose? The boy's? No, obviously not.
His father's.
You had to think about that.
Look, I am just trying to catch a killer.
So it doesn't matter who gets hurt, because you're on a noble mission? Yeah, yeah.
I'm like a terrorist.
Mmm, cool breeze.
We're replicating the wind speed and temperature at the location, factoring in elevation and orientation of north-by-northeast window.
As close as we can.
Sensors are implanted either side to chart the temperature of the experiment throughout the day.
Do you fancy a whisky? No? Lighter fuel? No, thanks.
Bum a cigarette? Yeah.
I remember you smoking.
'91 to '94.
You grew out of it.
Is that what happened? OK, everyone we've duplicated the chair and the conditions as closely as we can.
This is being filmed, and, crucially, it's being timed.
Body fat melts and seeps into the foam of the chair.
Forms a carbonaceous char.
Like the wick in the wax of a candle.
Keeps burning, but insufficient radiant heat to light the rest of the room.
Yup? OK, on my way.
Where is he? School.
This is like a dream.
Not a visiting room.
I should have come back with you.
You didn't tell me they'd done this.
You didn't need to know.
On the phone, every week, you said, "Everything is fine.
" And you don't tell me you're coming back? I couldn't.
I didn't know if I would make it.
Anything else you're not telling me? Anything else I don't need to know? No.
No? Like, what is your plan? It's OK.
I have one.
The scientific evidence I was convicted with is being discredited.
So I think I can appeal now, and get the deportation order cancelled.
What did you do? You're finished.
I'm sorry.
I put too much faith in Mr Warner.
I think I've made a big mistake.
I misjudged him.
I'm sorry.
Stay where you are! Round the back! Get in the vehicle! Or get after him! Are you still looking at Joseph's case file? Is that the woman he mugged? Allegedly.
Well, it's not really allegedly if he's convicted.
It's proved.
So, low template DNA analysis.
That's the same as low copy number, isn't it? Yeah.
There we go.
Yeah, well, keep trying.
Can you get that? Yeah.
Hello? Hello? Eve? Are you all right, Inspector? What? Eve, it's Hale.
He's heavy breathing.
He's either aroused or he needs an ambulance.
Hale? Eve.
Yeah, Joseph Marial, he is here.
What, you've caught him? Yes and no.
Well, more no, actually.
We're trying to triangulate his mobile, but he's disconnected.
He's taken the battery out.
Street corner's CCTV footage shows Joseph returning at 12.
OK, the experiment's still ongoing.
The very latest that Joseph Marial could have started the fire would be midnight.
Well, if this lasts six hours plus, he's in the frame.
No, we need a wide error margin.
The replication's imprecise.
Well, let's not argue minutes now.
We can do that in court.
Let's see how long this lasts, and in the meantime, I'm going to see how cooked Warner's brain is.
Yeah? How's Jacob? The boy.
I don't know.
He didn't say.
He's a good kid.
I've had a look at Joseph's case file.
Yeah? And the only concrete evidence against him is the low copy number DNA on the victim's jacket.
But I understood a witness identified him.
Yeah, but she only saw the attacker for a split second as he ran by her at night, and the victim couldn't give a positive ID, so without the DNA, there'd be no conviction.
You may be right.
The DNA could have got on the jacket by Joseph coughing as he walked by her the day before, or the day before that, even.
It was a tiny amount.
The prosecution may have magnified its significance.
These issues have recently been challenged in the Court of Appeal.
What if Joseph's aware of that? What if that's why he came back? You think something went wrong? Yeah.
I don't know.
If he was locked up for a crime he didn't commit, to be separated from your wife and your kid would make you want to kill someone.
You know what I'm going to say.
Low copy number DNA evidence and a racist witness.
A magic combination Can't blame the jury - they're bamboozled by the experts.
Even if it is low copy number, it's still, what, 10,000 to one? He's guilty.
Says who? The scientists? The trace was microscopic, from which they extrapolate these bludgeoningly big numbers.
Yeah, it's a dead cert.
You'd be mad not to bet on it.
Why would the police say he'd done it if he didn't? Plus he's African.
Maybe if you didn't spend half your time berating the courts and the police, maybe you'd get better judgments.
Maybe we all would.
Note of insurrection.
I'm just saying, don't take it out on everyone else just because you lost.
I lost and I lost nothing.
Unlike my client, who lost everything.
You OK? Don't mind the smell? What smell? Intense heat, but still contained.
Just over two hours.
So I've isolated seven different leaf fibres from the floor of the crime scene.
Six of them are from trees and common weeds off the street.
And then there was cynoglossum germanicum.
That's green hound's tongue.
And that's quite rare, and it was recorded locally in Bletching Woods.
That's where Warner's son had been running.
How old is the leaf fragment? A day, maybe two.
Wait, so he didn't tell you he was at his dad's? Hale This pay well? It pays nothing, I need to work.
Nice people here.
Some ex-offenders.
Ooh! Well, let's hope you count your llamas at the end of the day.
Nick went to see his father the night that he died.
Why did you give him an alibi? I just It was instinct.
Because you feared the worst? You know, your son killing his father.
N No! No, I just He's been under so much pressure.
His gym business collapsed, split up with his girlfriend, and now losing his father All I need's another ten, just to tide me over, to keep the gym open.
I lent you that six months ago.
And you'll get it back.
It'll work.
- I'm not going to invest another penny.
- Thanks, Dad Thanks for believing in me I didn't want you interrogating him.
Were they close? Similar.
They wouldn't admit it.
It was hard for Nick, in his father's shadow.
How do you grow? It was hard for Richard, too.
Nick was really aggressive sometimes.
That must have been alarming, for you.
What time did he get back that night? I was asleep, I don't know.
We need the clothes he was wearing.
Well, I washed them.
They were dirty, he'd been running.
Can I get a quick saliva sample from you, for DNA? To exclude you.
According to the records, you were on the defence team for Joseph Marial.
Mr Warner was leading, obviously.
See, forensically, given what's happened with the LCN evidence, to me it seems unsafe.
You agree, legally? Yes, he might be able to get the conviction overturned.
So you'll help him with that? I don't want to be a wet blanket, but I'm not sure how feasible that is, given he's re-entered the country illegally.
Yeah, but he never should have been deported in the first place.
Catch-22, yes.
Catch 23 is more of a problem.
What's catch 23? He's wanted for murder.
Yeah, wanted, but not convicted, so so wait.
And if he's exonerated, will you help him? Yes.
We'd owe him that.
Why don't you take my card? Great.
Thank you.
One brilliant legal mind.
We're just concerned Bollocks! Sometimes, it's better to jump rather than fall or be pushed.
What have you been up to? Are you interested? Course.
No, you're not.
Because I'm a privileged Western boy, and you don't like those, do you? Or is it just me in particular? Do you know why I could never win your respect? Because the only thing you value is suffering.
Suffering in the face of of injustice.
Nick, I'm so sorry.
Have they found him yet? Found who? The guy they suspect, Joseph Marial.
Violence, grudge - he's a good candidate.
I'll look him up.
I need Dad's password.
Who was the, um Who was the guy wrongly convicted of the Belfast bombing? It's not his name, it's yours.
Nicholas81 - you and the year of your birth.
No gaps.
I'd never have guessed that.
How did you know it? We go back years.
We trust each other.
Do you think Warner was seeing anyone else? Well, there's no sign of it in the flat.
Rosa, I want you to go back to Warner's house and sweep the bedroom.
'Where are you?' Sorry, I had to pop into town for something.
Yep, I'll get on it.
OK, bye.
Mike, got a time on the body burning yet? Wow.
What? Almost obliterated by heat damage.
From extensive atherosclerosis.
Warner had dementia - vascular dementia.
What?! Stage three or four.
But why didn't anyone tell us about this? Pronounced cognitive decline.
You forget words, names, places He was still working.
Yeah, but maybe not that effectively.
I mean, he hadn't been on a big case for, what, a year or two, had he? So he could have covered it up quite well.
With the help of his colleagues.
Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
Don't treat me like a stranger.
Yeah, hang on.
Hang on, whoa, slow down.
Where are you? We'll meet you there.
Nick Warner, says he can help us locate Joseph.
Un believable.
What? 70p.
For what? Chewing gum.
Having fun? You do know this guy worked as a cleaner in St Tom's Hospital for six months? No? Well, you should have checked it! He could be hiding there, he'll know staff there! Whoa, slow down.
You need to catch this guy! And stop hassling my mum and interrogating me! You want to blame someone.
Yes, I do, because I know he's guilty.
Or you know he's not guilty.
And how would I know that? You tell me.
Did you know your father was suffering from dementia? No.
Did he seem confused the night he died? What have you been up to? Yeah? Are you interested? Of course.
No, you're not.
Because I'm a privileged Western boy, and you don't like those, do you? Or is it just me in particular? What's wrong with you? I said, what's wrong with you?! I don't know why you're here.
No, neither do I.
I don't know who you are.
Do you know why I could never win your respect? Because the only thing you value is suffering.
Suffering in the face of of injustice.
He didn't seem his usual cutting self.
So you were able at last to crush him like he crushed you? I should have stayed.
I should have waited until this guy came, I could have Defended him? Yeah.
Um, I just wanted to apologise for my colleague, the policeman.
I know this trick.
No, it's not a trick.
Good cop, bad cop.
No, I'm not with the police.
I beg to differ.
You were with the police.
Yeah, but Sorry.
Um, I'm not actually a police officer, I was just Well, I was looking into your husband's case, and it could've been a miscarriage of justice.
I know it was.
So, is that why Sarah Haines was here? No, please.
Look is she helping you? To She's helping you to get away? With Joseph? He is innocent.
All right, yeah, good, I believe you, but what he needs to do is give himself up.
We won't convict him, not this time.
You don't know.
Please if you really want to help us, let us go.
Eve? I'm outside Amira's hostel.
Sarah Haines has just visited.
I think she's helping them to get away.
What was Rosa doing there? Shouldn't she be looking down a microscope, or something? Hi, Hale.
Yeah, I need an APB on Sarah Haines's car.
Joseph? It's me, Sarah Haines.
Your wife gave me this address.
I have their things in the car, and money for you.
You OK? Eve wants the bedroom stuff analysed.
Here, I'll take that.
Saline stain.
Tears on his pillow.
Like a map, a shoreline.
The undiscovered country.
I'm running the DNA.
It's not Warner's.
Don't do anything till I get there.
They've tracked Sarah Haines's car.
We'll meet them, and I'll drive you out of town to pick up a train.
To keep you going.
Are you expecting someone? No.
Police! Don't move! I didn't know.
She didn't know.
Take her downstairs, one of you.
Hold her there.
Stay there.
I did not kill him.
I went to him for help, to prove now my conviction was unsafe.
What, and then you attacked him? I was angry, yes.
But then I could see he was not the man he used to be.
Let me look at your case again.
I left him.
I left him alive.
Joseph Marial, I'm arresting you for the murder of Richard Warner.
You don't have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you choose not mention anything you may later come to rely on in court Take him away.
Rosa? 'Tears on Warner's pillow match DNA on Sarah Haines's business card.
' Right, get full kit out here now.
Sarah's DNA on Warner's bed.
Aiding a wanted criminal.
It's a serious offence.
He's not a criminal.
You want to do more than just defend them in court? Maybe you can bust a few out of prison as well? The autopsy shows Mr Warner was suffering from dementia.
Yes, that's not a big surprise.
But he wasn't being treated.
He was in denial.
But you knew, so why didn't you tell us before? It's not relevant.
No official diagnosis.
We were covering for him at the chambers.
To maintain the image? And the legacy.
He hid it well.
Yeah, but he wouldn't have been able to eventually.
You hid something as well, didn't you? How long were you lovers? You know what? That's none of your business.
You didn't go public? Were you going to get married? After the divorce came through? And then, of course, there's dementia rearing its ugly head - that must've made you think twice.
Can we borrow your necklace? What? You're a bit old for me.
Shut up! It's over.
It's finished.
Time? Four hours, 13 minutes.
So Warner would've been set alight at around 2am.
Given an hour for error margin, that's still 1am.
The CCTV footage shows him returning to the cafe at 12.
Joseph wasn't there.
What's the news? Just some forensics.
Conclusive? Debatable.
But I think Joseph will be serving life this time.
It'll be easy for a jury to convict him like before.
Means, motive, opportunity, his DNA at the crime scene, plus his previous.
As sin.
Unless you can prove otherwise? No comment.
Sarah, could we have your car keys? Your necklace has tested positive for naphtha ignition gases.
Why would that be? A barbecue, probably, a couple of days ago at my mother's.
It's going to have Warner's saliva on it, maybe some blood from his lips.
Sweat from your palms, from your fingers.
We found a fibre from it in his lungs.
I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry! What's What's What are you doing?! Let me go.
You've spilt lighter fluid all over yourself! I don't know the meaning of pain.
Richard, no, what are you doing?! You want to die in agony?! My choice.
Taking the coward's way out.
Because I know what happens.
It happened to my father.
And it gets worse.
And worse.
And there's no cure.
This way, I'm not quite the coward.
Give me the lighter.
No! Come on, let's discuss this.
There's nothing to discuss.
All the things we were going to do! We were going to be so happy.
We will be! We will be, I'll help you! Yeah? You'll feed me, wipe my arse? Yes, I will! Well, I don't want you to! That's exactly what I do not want! OK, when you get worse, I'll leave you.
You're such a bad liar.
I won't love you any more.
After loving you so long I won't know who you are.
It's my vision of hell.
It doesn't have to be! Don't you understand? I'm already there.
Please let me go.
He took the rest of the sleeping pills.
We waited.
We We talked a little.
I I held him.
It was almost normal.
I love you.
Why did you set fire to him? I don't know.
To fulfil his last request? To cover your tracks? And helping Joseph to disappear, well, that would've worked for you, wouldn't it? I know.
I was kidding myself maybe no-one would have to pay.
Yeah, you were.
Sarah Haines I'm arresting you for the murder of Richard Warner.
Good immigration lawyer for Joseph.
Thank you.
We've studied your previous conviction and consulted a lawyer.
Now, the prosecution relied far too heavily on flawed forensics, forensics which have since been discredited in a number of other cases.
So we're going to apply to the Criminal Cases Review Commission and the Court of Appeal to have your conviction overturned and your deportation order quashed.
And to restore your leave to remain.
We believe you're innocent, Joseph.
And if that fails, there's another case we can build.
- What? - Your bones.
If we can prove you were tortured in Sudan, you can't be sent back there.
So my enemies have set me free? Someone here to see you.
Hello, Daddy.
We'll leave you alone.
'Our leave to remain in this world will only last so long.
'Science may extend it, may find the cure, 'for miscarriages of justice, for disease.
'But it's only part of the picture '.
and can be misleading, and can be wrong.
'Science itself is human, after all.
'Trial and error, and hope, 'hope that we'll get it right.
' The name's Ray Quinn, night security guard.
He was coming to the end of an eight stretch for kidnap.
Raymond was, er, different.
Different? Harmless.
What in the name of God have you done? You're aware he's a possible suspect? Yeah, of course.
You have your laws, and we have ours.
I will arrest every single one of you if I have to! Subtitle by APOLLO