The Body Farm (2011) s01e06 Episode Script

Scientific Justice

There are two key forensic moments in the investigation of an act of homicide.
The last moment of the victim's life and the first moment of their death.
I think that somebody wants us to think it's a robbery gone wrong.
Very wrong for the victim! Oh, wow! What? - Whoa, excuse me, excuse me! - Hi, sorry, I'm Mick Flannery? - Oh, right.
- Yeah, I called it in.
Can you wait just behind that line there? - Just over there? - Yeah.
I'll just be right over there.
Just behind that line, thanks.
No problem.
Rosa? - Yeah? - Did you give it to him yet? Not yet.
Don't forget.
It's very important.
Name's Ray Quinn, night security guard.
- Found this morning as is.
- Is he known to the police? Well, I put out a call for a background check.
Still waiting.
No rigor, so he's still within the first three hours of death.
Scratches to the face.
- Branches? - Yeah, possibly.
Except there are signs of haematemesis around the mouth.
- Haema what? - It's when you vomit up blood.
No sign of blood on the scene, then? His clothes are covered in mud, as are his boots.
Yeah, there are a lot of footprints up here.
- Can you tell us how many, roughly? - It's hard to tell, really.
There's been so much traffic around here with your lot and the bloke who found him.
We need to account for everybody who walked the scene before we arrived.
We'll need to get elimination samples from the owner and from the employees - all right, Rosa? - OK.
- I'll get him prepped for removal.
- Yeah, could I have my bag? - What do you think happened here, Eve? - Well, I can't say yet whether he was murdered, but I don't think he died here.
Martin Flannery, I own the garage.
Why the hell - is he still lying here? - We're just about to move him, sir.
I don't want to seem insensitive, but we're at a standstill here.
- Is there somewhere we could talk? - My office.
I need to speak to you, as well.
I thought you was going to leave me out.
- No chance of that, Mick.
- Inspector? - Yeah.
- This is for you.
- What is it? - I don't know.
Oggy told me to give it you.
I do find it easy to talk to you, Tom.
Maybe that's because you don't expect much.
I think I need to find a new friend who gives.
Someone alive.
I have someone in mind, actually.
- When did you employ Ray Quinn? - About three months ago.
Took him on as night watchman.
Yeah, against my advice.
Really? Yeah.
Just had a feeling he was one of those bad-luck blokes, you know? I guess I was right, cos you can't get worse luck than being murdered, - can you? - No.
So did you know about his previous before you employed him? Oh, yeah.
Um, working here was part of his parole agreement.
Right, so you must have known that he was coming to the end of a stretch for kidnap.
And that he was the only member of a gang convicted.
I'll translate that.
Are you the other gang members that Ray didn't shop and is that why you gave him a job when he came out? That actually is a better way of putting it.
- Well? - Are you telling me I'm a suspect? Everyone's a suspect until they're not a suspect.
Well, when you want to accuse me of murder, let me know, I'll get a lawyer.
In the meantime, I've got a business to run.
You've offended him now.
What about you? Nah.
I'm the one with the thick skin.
That's it? For now, yeah.
I'm not hurt.
You just have to stay calm, and they will contact you.
You just have to open up the shop and let them in.
They won't hurt me.
- Rosa, can you stay and work the scene? - Sure.
I want samples from the floor area, doors and surfaces, and those footprints.
- Got it.
- Hale? Yeah? Can you have one of your lot - stay with her? - Yeah, of course I will.
Look, I'm going to go to the victim's home.
Keep me posted with the postmortem, thank you.
- Rosa? - Mm-hm? You're aware he's a possible suspect? - Yeah, of course.
- Good.
Oggy, can you prepare the lab? Oggy? Oggy, can you prep the lab for an autopsy? Are you on your way back? Is Hale coming with you? - No, why? - No reason, just thinking.
It's a brew, mate.
It's a cup of tea.
Do you want a cup of tea? Look, I only put a drop of cyanide in it, I promise.
Well, in that case go on, then.
- Some biscuits there as well.
- Lovely.
- So how much longer, do you reckon? - Sorry? - Before we can get back to business.
- Oh, I can't say.
You could, but you won't.
Honestly, I don't know.
But if I did - Then you wouldn't.
- Yeah.
So, um, was he your friend? Ray? No, I didn't like him.
- Oh.
- He didn't deserve that, though.
You know murdered for a few car parts.
Anyway, enjoy your brew.
- Thanks.
- And yourself.
Is that yours? Yep.
Restored it myself.
Very nice.
Initial examination of one Raymond Quinn, recovered from scene.
Scratches to his hands, face and neck, consistent with running - through bushes, trees.
- To be verified.
Bruising to his ribs is in the initial trauma state.
The flare didn't get a chance to swell, so he would have died during the infliction of this injury.
I can confirm the haematemesis.
His stomach - and lungs are full of blood.
- From the liver? No, a ruptured portal vein.
However, the liver was already in a state of inflammation from cirrhosis, ready to pop.
Time of death? The core temperature from the liver is 32 degrees, so, given the conditions, I'd say he's been dead somewhere between four to six hours.
So his time of death fits in with the robbery theory, - the early hours of the morning? - Well, difficult to be precise, but it's somewhere in that region.
He drowned in his own blood.
- Yeah.
Thanks, Oggy.
- You're welcome.
Eve, we know that he didn't die of natural causes? - Possibly.
- So it could be a murder investigation? And we know that the garage is a dump site.
- Yeah.
- Might be a Mafia message to the owners, someone making them an offer they can't refuse, like a horse's head in bed, - but with a guy in a garage instead.
- Yeah, OK, Oggy.
Er, got to go, mate.
- When will you be back? - Er, bye! Be careful out there.
- Are you lost, mister? - Um, I don't think so.
I'm looking for Eileen Quinn.
And which Eileen Quinn would that be, now? It's the Eileen Quinn that was the mother of Ray Quinn.
Look, the probation records show that he lives here with her.
So what's all this about, like? It's about a police matter.
I can go away, I can come back with backup.
No, no.
No need for that, now.
She's over here.
Eileen! Policeman here for you.
Um are you Ray Quinn's mother? I am.
Can I come in? - No.
- No, no, that wouldn't be right at all, now, for you to be alone with a woman, no.
OK, I see.
Um Um, Mrs Quinn, we've found your son.
Oh, did you? And I'm afraid he's dead.
No! Oh, no! Oh, Jesus Christ! Jesus I'm so sorry.
It'd be better if we talk away here, now.
Yeah, I need to see where Ray lives.
You see, most murders occur in the kitchen, or the bedroom, generally in the home of the victim.
- Because most murders are domestic.
- Right.
- He might be a domestic.
- Right, - we need to start on secondary.
- Already done it.
Oh, good.
OK, well, we know the garage is a dump site, so we're looking for any indication as to where the murder site could be trace elements carried between the two.
The scratches on his face come from trees embedded with pollen.
Shall I run these? No, no, I'll get Rosa to do it when she gets back.
These two look different from the others, as though they've not been made by branches.
- Can you run that? - Yeah, sure.
Keeps a tidy home.
Well, I wouldn't know about that, I've never been in it.
- Someone cleaned this? - His mother would do that for him.
When will she have his body? - When I've finished with it.
- What are you doing with it? I'm trying to find out who killed him.
Or don't you care about that? Oh, I care about it all right, don't you worry about that.
What's that supposed to mean? It means we'll find him and we'll take care of it ourselves.
That's not a good idea, taking the law into your own hands.
Whose law? Yours or ours? There is only one law, it's the law of the land.
No, no, no, no.
You have your laws, and we have ours.
Yeah, but whilst you're living Sorry, what is your name? Barney.
Why? Barney, whilst you're living in our country, you will abide by our laws.
I don't want this caravan touched.
I'll be back.
Oh, my gosh! This is so cool! - Can I rev it? - Go on, then.
What are you looking for? My earring.
Oh, yeah, and why would your earring be in my car? Out.
Ask your dad for a new pair - I'm sure he can afford it.
Rosa, can you hear me? Um, turn it off.
All right.
What? Turn off the engine, please.
Eve? Are you OK? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- Are you coming back - to the farm with the samples? - Yeah.
- Now.
- OK.
I've got to go.
Ah, your mother calling.
Yeah, something like that.
Keeps you on a short leash, eh? - In her world, everyone's a suspect.
- And I'm a suspect? You distracted me.
I need a swab.
For what? Just to eliminate you from the crime scene.
- Just - Just around your mouth.
And then your hand Cool.
All done.
The autopsy confirmed my suspicions.
Right, so he was beaten to death? Well, to be precise, he was punched a number of times in the ribs, but it was a blow to the stomach that caused the liver to rupture and death to occur.
Yeah, I got something interesting on the swabs from the scratches on Quinn's neck.
They were made from the nails of a female.
- Hm, a violent confrontation.
- Can you pull a profile from that sample? Yeah, I've done it.
She was white European.
OK I think everyone needs to be aware of the nature of Raymond Quinn's previous crime.
It was a tiger kidnap of a wife of a postmaster.
That's like a normal kidnapping where the hostage is held captive by the criminals, but it's called a tiger kidnapping because of the level - of predatory stalking involved.
- Very good.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I have soil and oil samples from the crime scene, and elimination samples from the owner and his brother, Mick.
- How did it go? - Yeah, fine, thanks.
So, Quinn's last victim, was she harmed? Er, no.
No, the money was never recovered.
How did they get Quinn? DNA.
Believe it or not, he blew his nose on a handkerchief and then gave the handkerchief back to her.
Claims he was just the babysitter, but he never gave up the other members of the gang.
Rosa, we need to find the source of that pollen, ASAP.
- Rosa! - Hm? - Pollen, ASAP.
- Yeah, OK.
- Oggy? - Soil samples, on it.
- Mike - Yeah? You need to go back and work his caravan.
DI Hale.
Would you run a profile through Missing Persons? Don't tell me that's it? What the? What part of "don't touch the caravan" do you lot not understand? We couldn't stop her, it's tradition.
It's her right to fire the van when he's dead.
Oh, it gets even better than that.
I can't even talk to the mother.
Why not? Oh, well, you know, because women can't talk to men.
Well, I'm not a man.
So why don't you and Mike go and walk around with the other men, and I'll Are you sure about that? Yeah, I'll be OK.
Get out of the way, will you? I'm sorry about your loss.
What brings you here, then? I want to talk to Mrs Quinn.
About? About her son, Raymond.
My son, Raymond, was a good, good son.
We'd best talk inside, then.
Sorry? Talk inside, Eileen.
All right.
Oh, God, look at your neck.
Look at What have you done, Raymond? What in the name of God have you done? Running pollen samples taken from the body of Raymond Quinn.
Beginning analysis of the species type in order to discover its provenance.
Did you do something to a woman, Raymond? Have you seen me dogs, sir? Aren't they beautiful creatures? Down, boys! Yeah, very nice.
Guard dogs, yeah? No, fighting dogs.
- Fighting dogs? - Yeah, best in the country.
You do know that's illegal, don't you? Well, is that right, now? Cross-referencing elimination samples from the garage with trace elements found on the victim's body.
This is weird.
What is? DNA comparison is showing that Raymond Quinn is a cousin - to Mick and Martin Flannery.
- What? - Why didn't they tell us this? - I dunno.
It's strange, though, isn't it? But there were no traces of female DNA on the crime scene.
Female, no - why? Wake up, Oggy, there were scratches from a female on Raymond Quinn.
No, no, she's not on the scene.
I'd better tell Eve about the cousins link, though.
No, no.
- What? - I'll do it.
But I discovered it! OK, thanks, Rosa.
We weren't aware that Raymond was a cousin of the Flannery brothers.
Who's been telling you things, then? Raymond told us.
It's in his blood.
You can't deny your own blood, can you? How well do you know the Flannery boys? They're my nephews.
It's just, when I met them, they didn't seem like travellers.
Yeah, well, they wouldn't, would they? Them boys grew up in a house.
Their father, Lord rest him, married a country girl.
A country girl? - One of you.
- I see.
But she took to her heels a few year into it.
You see, blood is thicker than water.
OK, mate, stick or twist? Hit me.
And that's why Martin gave Raymond a job when he got out of prison.
Look, Martin is a good boy.
Did Raymond have a wife or a girlfriend? Er, well, you know, Raymond He just He didn't fool around with women, anyway.
- Raymond was, um, different.
- Different? Harmless.
King We should find the men.
Yeah, please, thanks very much, Teresa.
Good bless.
I'll see you later.
How many is a king? Ten.
Let me see.
Am I bust? Only by 30 this time.
21 See ya.
You'll get yourself in trouble thinking those thoughts, Ray.
What are you smiling at? You know exactly what I mean.
The pollen's from apple blossom.
Well, there's the garage Oh.
That could be an orchard there.
There you go.
What? OK, I'll pull up the Land Registry.
So Hadersbury Fruit Farm, owner Martin Flannery.
Application for planning permission to build a halting site.
- Halting site? - You know, travellers.
I'd better bring Hale up to speed on all this.
- I'll do it.
- But! And you're not too far from the orchard now.
OK, send me directions, can you? I've sent the coordinates to your phone.
It'll Bluetooth to your sat nav and take you straight there.
Er, I don't have Bluetooth set up.
Yes, you do, I installed it for you.
Thanks, Oggy.
No problem partner.
Hale, can you check if Raymond Quinn had a psychological evaluation - when he was in prison? - Sure, why? Just a niggle.
Hey, let's all be careful out there.
He's been watching reruns of Hill Street Blues.
Oh, is that what it is? I wondered.
What? You seem depressed.
Really? I'm here for you if you ever want to talk about anything.
Or, there's Eve.
Urgh Eve.
So, what is it, then? Oh don't you feel like you spend your whole life just working? No.
I just I haven't done anything, I haven't been anywhere.
You could become an eco-warrior - that would be an adventure.
You know, save the whales, the forests.
What about being an ice-road trucker? That'd be fun.
I can't drive a truck.
- Extreme logging? - Too hard.
What about working on a lobster boat in the cruel seas off the coast of Alaska? Too cold.
I have to go in now.
There's lots to do.
Good talking to you.
Good, honest conversation.
Thank you.
Eve, it seems like Ray isn't the sharpest tool in the box.
Did they quantify how sharp? Er, IQ of 80.
Check these tyre marks.
- Oggy, are you getting this? - Yeah.
We'll send you some in high-def.
Got it.
Right, let's get suited up.
NRN detected.
Ninhydrin reactive nitrogen it's the chemical signature of a dead body.
Can we forensicate it? You know that's not a real word, don't you? Yes, it is.
Well, it is now.
Look, handprints.
That one looks like it's female.
Are you sure those marks are made by a female? It's a mixture of male and female, but I'm pretty certain that one is female.
It's smaller than the others, and those are possibly from long fingernails.
Like the nails that made the scratches on Quinn's neck? Yeah, well, we'll find out.
- And these big marks are? - Well, where she was flailing about.
So we've got the female on the body of Quinn from the scratches and we may have her here as well? Would she be on the MISPER? No, I've already tried - there's hundreds of them.
I'll need something that narrows it down.
Axle ratios.
Come on, come on, come on.
So, you're a Ford Transit Eve.
OK, great, thanks, Oggy.
Ford Transit at the garage.
Rosa? Eve? Can you get back to the garage and check out the Ford Transit van? Work it for me, will you? - Will do.
- Oh, yeah, - and be careful.
- I'm not stupid.
No, I didn't say you were stupid - I said be careful.
Yeah, well, I know how to do my job.
Look at that.
" That really does narrow it down.
- I'll get onto the MISPER database.
- Yeah, and it's bespoke.
It's got the jeweller's stamp on it.
Well, trace it.
Oggy, my camera.
Got it.
The maker's name is Edward Worrall.
Specialises in custom-made jewellery.
I have an address.
- Send it to my laptop with a map.
- OK.
Amanda! Amanda! Oh, Jesus Christ, Amanda's only a child! Raymond, you'll have to go now because they'll kill you.
Thank you.
No Amanda on Missing Persons.
So she's not missing, then? Well it means she's not reported.
You'd expect a teenage girl to be reported straightaway.
Let's hope this guy can give us some kind of lead.
- Yeah? - Edward Worrall? Yes.
DI Hale.
No, no, you can't be here.
I'm sorry? Hiya.
I'm Rosa Gilbert.
I'm here to carry out further forensic examinations on the property.
- Straight through.
- Thank you.
You just can't be here.
May we sit down? Yeah, yeah.
Did you make this? Oh, my God! Are you all right? My daughter I made it for her, but where did you get it? Mr Worrall, what's going on here? Well, they told me not to contact the police.
Sorry, who? Well, the kidnappers who took Amanda.
That's why you're here, isn't it? Kidnappers? How did they contact you? Well, they sent me this.
I'm not hurt.
You just have to open up the shop and let them in.
They won't hurt me.
You just have to stay calm, and they will contact you.
Don't contact the police.
I love you, Dad.
And you received this when? That was yesterday.
Mr Worrall, when did you last see your daughter? Around lunchtime.
So she didn't come home last night? No.
And what about her friends? Sorry, I don't understand.
Well, we need to know where she may have gone.
Who are her friends? I It sounds terrible, I know, but I really don't know.
She she's been locking me out.
We've been having problems communicating, you know? And what about her mum? Well, we're divorced.
I have NRN in the Transit.
Rosa, get the police to secure the whole property, will you? And just tell them I'm on my way.
Can I take that picture of her? Yeah.
Does she have a computer? Yes, that's it there.
I tried to look into it, but she has a password on it.
Listen, I'll need a family liaison officer round here ASAP.
Yeah, you know the address.
And also some form of surveillance, thank you.
Mr Worrall, I'm going to send somebody round to sit with you.
Also I'm going to have to take a copy of that e-mail, and I do need this.
Is there anything else you can tell us? Oh, um, she has sometimes she has a problem with epilepsy.
It would be very helpful to us if we could get an item of her clothing, something that hasn't been washed, or the pillowcase from her bed.
I'll go and get it.
Mike? Yeah? We're looking for a 17-year-old girl, 5'4", slim build.
What do we know about dump sites? Well, if the murder is unplanned, there is no disposal plan.
Just a quick dump of the body, and then the logic becomes convenience-led.
So somewhere quick and easy.
And usually temporary.
The killer will return under planned conditions to move the body to a better place.
- Thanks, Oggy.
- Cheers.
What? You're not nicking stuff, are you? No.
I'm Just doing your thing? Yeah.
Find anything? I can't say.
Hello, Mick.
Are they all here for me? I've got a warrant to search all the outbuildings, all the vehicles.
What are you looking for? Amanda Worrall.
She's not here.
Well, I hope not.
You've had a dead body in the back of that van.
I guess you can prove it? Yeah, I think I can.
Sounds like I'm in trouble, then.
Certainly are.
Oh, did I forget to mention? You're under arrest.
Read him his rights.
OK, we've got a scent.
So she's here, yeah? Her scent's here.
She's not going to the van.
So that's not her NRN in there, then.
Yeah? She's not here.
So, based on what we know, where you are is her most likely location.
Hey! What comes first? Drawn to carrion? Eve.
Mike, are you OK? I've found her.
Um, call off the search.
You've found her? Yeah.
Eve? Go ahead, Oggy.
I've matched the boot prints from the garage, the shack and the Transit.
They belong to Mick Flannery.
Right, thanks, Oggy.
Also, the soil from Raymond Quinn's clothes, the garage, the Transit and Mick's boots is the same.
And it's contaminated with canine blood.
I get it, Mick.
You decide to kidnap Amanda, get Ray to look after her like you did last time, only this time things get out of hand, she ends up dead.
What I don't understand is why you have to go and kill Ray and then stage him as a break-in.
Hale Ray's your brother.
Hale Dogfighting.
- What? - You mentioned dogfighting.
Where? On the halting site.
Why? Right.
It's just, it's forensically linked to all of our crime scenes, to Raymond Quinn and to our prime suspect.
Oh, really? I need TSG.
Another search? No, as backup.
We're going to a halting site.
Oh, Rosa, can you go back to the farm and help Mike with Amanda's PM? Initial examination of Amanda Worrall.
Extensive bruising to the body.
Injuries to lower arms and wrists consistent with being restrained.
What is the cause of death? Nothing external, no visible puncture wounds.
No open wounds.
No bleeding.
The jaw is locked.
Suggesting death occurred during a severe muscle spasm.
And her airway is blocked by her tongue.
Right, thanks a lot, Mike.
Can you get her back to the farm? Yeah, will do.
I need to know what happened here.
I think there was more than dogfighting here.
Is this the Quinn murder site? Well, luckily for us, it rained very heavily last night, so the blood should have washed down through the subsoil.
How long do you need? Not long.
Oggy, are you at the test site yet? Yeah.
What do you need to know? The saturation depth for 24 hours under heavy rain.
- Heavy rain without grass? - Yeah.
And no run-off.
You're looking for an accumulation of 4 to 6 inches into the topsoil.
There's a lot of blood and it's in the right area.
Human blood, and it's a match for Raymond Quinn.
So this is where Ray Quinn died.
This is where he bled out, and in a lot of company.
There's a lot of cross-contact contamination between her and Raymond Quinn.
Mick Flannery definitely put her body in the tank.
- How did you get that? - Multiple hits.
His footprints are in the shack and tracked along the ground to the tank base.
Plus cross-contamination with the ladder to the tower.
I'm going to keep working on Amanda's computer she had it encrypted, but it shouldn't be a problem.
Keep me up to speed.
We've got positive for semen from the rape kit.
Ray Quinn? No.
Belongs to one of the Flannery brothers.
Mick? Martin? Neither.
- See this? - Yeah.
Are you jealous? No.
They're hiding a brother from us.
Well, we've got a profile from the sample.
And I did see a young male running from the orchard.
Do you love her? You can't ask me that.
Why not? Yeah, I love her.
What's it like? What's what like? Her love.
All right, babe? Ow! All right, secure this area.
I want them rounded up down here.
What in the name of God do yous want now? Keep those dogs chained up or they'll be shot.
You're hiding a Flannery boy.
Where is he? All this lot for one lad? Where is he? Go and stuff yourself.
Search the place.
It's strange that Eileen hasn't come over here with the rest of them.
Leave it to me.
Right, here's the deal.
A Flannery boy is wanted in connection with the kidnap and the murder of a young girl.
Now, none of you are going anywhere until I find him, OK? And I don't care if it takes all night.
You can't keep us all penned up here like cattle.
I can do what I like! Listen to me! Every single one of you are involved in the cover-up of this young girl's murder.
And look at you.
You stand there and you say nothing.
And, what, you wonder why people don't trust your kind? Huh? I will arrest every single one of you if I have to! And no-one goes anywhere.
You'd better get yourself down here quick.
I'm in.
Oggy to Hale - come in, partner.
I've cracked into Amanda's photo albums.
There's pictures of Amanda with a boy.
Could be him.
- Great, well done.
- Thank you.
His name's Danny.
I'm sending some photos to your phone.
Over and out.
Um, great.
Over and out, Oggy.
Over and out.
Boom! Why aren't you out there with everyone else? Why? I've no-one to worry about out there in the world.
All my troubles are waiting for me beyond the grave.
Of course.
Why are you here with me again? Mrs Quinn, I know that Ray was beaten to death out there in front of the whole community.
Did you see it? No, no.
You smiled.
Mm The fact that you can think that a woman might be allowed into that that's man's business.
I didn't do anything bad.
I was trying to help her.
Her? Her? Did you do something to a woman, Raymond? Danny's Amanda.
Amanda? Amanda? - Oh, Jesus Christ.
Amanda's only a child.
- I didn't Raymond, you'll have to go now, they'll kill you.
Raymond Quinn, come out.
That's Martin.
Listen to me, Raymond.
There's no running now.
You've got to fight him.
Listen, it's Martin who's out there, not Mick.
Soft, not even a proper traveller.
Brought up in a house.
You're much stronger than he is and you have much better blood in you.
Come on! I suppose I don't know anything about your life, but I do know how your son died.
No crime was committed.
He fought a fair fight with another man, and what happened happened.
And that's it.
He just didn't have it in him.
Raymond Quinn, come out here now, or we'll go in there and drag you out.
Come on! You have to face them like a man.
Look at you a big, tall man like you.
You can do it.
Come on, Raymond, you can do it.
Be afraid of no man.
I love you, Ma.
I love you, too, son.
Oh, God! I love you.
I want you to stay in.
I will, I'll stay in.
And I'll pray for you.
I promise I'll pray for you.
I think maybe you are the one who has it wrong.
Meaning? Meaning I'm assuming it was some kind of honour fight over something Ray did, something terrible.
For killing Amanda Worrall.
But Amanda Worrall wasn't murdered.
What? We've examined her body and we're sure that she died of an epileptic fit.
No, there's No, there's there's a man who swore on the Bible.
A witness.
Your son was innocent of murder.
God forgive us.
Now, I know that your community has rules and customs that say you shouldn't help the police.
My poor boy But I think there's one set of rules that we all try to live by, and the ninth one of those rules is, "Thou shalt not bear false witness.
" Come on, now.
Don't let your family down now.
I didn't do it.
Come on, you've not to be a coward now.
Think about your poor mother.
Right, now, I'll be the fair-play man.
We'll have a fair fight.
No choke holds, just straight boxing, right? You got that? Right, on you go.
I'll not throw the first punch, Martin.
You've been good to me.
Damn you, Ray.
Why didn't you just hand yourself in to the police? I'm not going back to prison.
I can't.
I've got to do this, you know.
Start it, will you? Martin, let me do this.
No! Fight back, will you? Get up out of there.
Get back.
Jesus! Ray You can't just leave him there! Do you hear me? I'll look after it.
We'll say nothing, but you can't leave him there.
I said I'll deal with it.
Well, see you do.
Ray Hey, look at me.
He killed a girl, do you hear me? He deserves this.
Don't you touch me! What do you want, Eileen Quinn? Danny Flannery.
Liar! Danny Flannery bore false witness against my son.
My son is innocent.
I didn't lie, I swear it! What's all this? She's got the proof.
She can tell you he's innocent.
Don't listen to her! Is that true? Yes.
Look, they're taking Danny! We want the truth! Oh, you want the truth now, do you? Calm down, all of you! What the hell are you doing with him? - He's under arrest.
- He's 16, so I'm going with him.
Say nothing, Danny! Enough! Enough! Enough! If this is all about what happened to Ray, I can tell you now it were a fair fight between me and him in front of all these witnesses.
Because Danny told you that he saw Ray killing Amanda? Yeah.
But I didn't mean to kill him.
You can tell that to the jury.
Arrest this one as well.
- What the hell do you want Danny for? - Kidnap! Let me get this straight.
You fought Ray Quinn because Danny here said that he saw Raymond killing Amanda? But, like I said, I was just settling it so he'd hand himself in.
He went down after a couple of blows.
Yeah, a ruptured liver would do that to you.
OK, Raymond's dead, and, what, you move the body to the garage? I did that.
Why the garage? Cos he was supposed to be working that night.
At the garage.
- Right.
- I also moved Amanda's body to the water tower, let's be clear on that.
- Yeah, I know that.
- Good.
Look, if there is any part of this mess that I can't fathom and I think you can help me, then I'm going to ask you.
Fair enough.
Right, Danny in fact, all of you I want you to watch this.
This was downloaded off your mobile.
Is this OK? You ready? Yeah.
I'm not hurt.
You just have to stay calm, and they will contact you.
You just have to give them your bank card and the PIN number.
I love you, Dad.
Say about opening the shop.
Oh, right.
You just have to open up the shop and let them in.
They won't hurt me.
That's the unedited version, of course.
I mean, the finished product, that's not it, the one that you sent to her dad.
Jesus, Danny! Why? Needed the money to run away.
What? Are you sure about this? We talked about it, you agreed.
Yeah, I know.
Her dad wouldn't let her be with me.
You could've just moved in with us.
You don't get it, do you? I wanted to run away from you.
You wanted what? I love you.
I love you too.
Come on.
All this traveller bullshit, it has nothing to do with me.
I'm not a part of it.
- It's your blood! - I'm not one of you.
- You need a smack.
- Whoa, whoa Like Ray? - I did that for you.
- I didn't ask you to do that.
I expected you to go to the police.
What you did's not normal.
Danny, this puzzle is all starting to come together now, but Ray how was he involved? What? The kidnap.
He wasn't.
Then why did he die, then? I left Amanda in the cabin.
I went to the internet cafe to send a message.
I came back.
I saw Ray running from the cider house.
When I went inside, she was dead.
Raymond, what are you doing here? I saw you through the window.
You can't be here.
You have to go.
What's wrong? Amanda! Aman! Stop! Stop! Amanda! Amanda! No! No Amanda! And you thought that you would go and tell your big brother here what happened.
But you left out the bit about the kidnap plot.
Jesus! Ray Then Raymond was an innocent man.
Why didn't you tell us? Danny! It's not his fault.
It's mine.
Yeah, you're right - I should have gone to the police, let them deal with it.
Then none of this would have happened, would it? Can I see her? Sometimes the truth about a loved one's death won't bring us comfort.
Sometimes it'll leave us even more confused, in even more pain.
Amanda's death was tragic, but it wasn't murder.
Raymond Quinn's death was horrific, but even that wasn't murder.
And as for motive a dangerous blend of fear and rage, love and desire these are emotions we all possess and which, in the wrong circumstances, can erupt with no heed of the consequences.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I'm sorry you had to deal with that.
I should have been there when you found Amanda.
What, to hold my hand? No.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, I know.
It's OK, I'm fine.
The good news is we're in good financial health.
- We are.
- So we don't need To take on so much crime scene work.
I think we should stick at it.
Really? It's good for the farm.
Farm? Yeah.
Go on, admit it - you love it.
It's, um it's engaging.
It is.
Guys, dinner's served.
OK, Oggy, we're on our way.
Even when the truth is painful and destructive, we must pursue it ceaselessly.
Without truth, justice is blind, the law alien.
Without truth, we cannot hope to give voice to the victim, nor offer their loved ones closure.
And that's our purpose.
That's our promise.