The Bold Type (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Oh Hell No

1 Meet three besties killing it in New York City.
- Lady, move your ass.
- Excuse me.
My friend - is having a moment.
- Kat, "Scarlett" magazine's social media director told a lesbian artist - that she isn't into - This.
But clearly she is.
Jane just landed her dream job.
All she has to do now is write about her most embarrassing moments.
- Give me what you got.
- Easy.
Sutton is the hardest-working assistant in Manhattan, but she wants to do so much more, and she already is a board member named Richard Hunter.
These women are the Bold Type.
[dynamic music.]
I feel like fire I feel like rain - It can't be done.
- Agreed.
- But maybe.
- No way.
- No, it's it's a no, right? - No, it's a maybe.
What did Sage say, exactly? Just that she wants me to verify that it's physically possible before sending it up to Jacqueline.
Oh, I think you're getting hazed, babe.
I'm not getting hazed! Ugh, I'm getting hazed.
No, no, no, I think we can do this.
- Get up on this thing.
- Yeah.
- Excuse me? - Come on, help me help you.
I'm gonna need you to kind of, like Yeah, but with your legs you got to - Oh! - That's great.
- Wow.
- Wow, those barre classes are really working out for you.
- You're so strong.
- Yeah.
Okay, it's a two-person job.
- Yeah, wait, can I be the dude? - Yes.
- Yeah! - Sure.
So then you should probably go - If I go - Nope.
- Turn the other way.
- Nope.
- Yeah, flip it.
- All right, cool, cool, cool.
And then just Is this good for you? - Great for me so far.
- Okay, and then push up.
Does this look sexy? 'Cause it doesn't feel sexy? - This is pretty - Good morning, ladies.
Oh, my g hi.
- Hello.
- Good morning.
Um, we were just Verifying a new sex position.
And? I I don't think it's physically possible.
Oh, no, this is absolutely possible.
Staff meeting in 15.
Consider this approved.
And baby, worship me Worship me Anyone else read the latest advice from our hot friend downstairs? - [laughs.]
- I'm sorry, is he kidding with this advice? I mean, who wants to F-asterisk-percentage sign-K like a porn star? Uh, if it was with him? Might make an effort.
Yeah, but this is just typical male fantasy crap.
I mean, that's not what real men want, is it? Being the only man in the room, this is directed at you.
Am I allowed to respectfully abstain? [light laughter.]
- No.
- Okay, I'll be honest.
I think there's a reason his column is so popular.
Yes, with men.
Well, it is a men's magazine.
Men watch porn.
Yeah, and so do women.
A study just came out that one in three women are regularly watching porn.
- That cannot be true.
- Show of hands.
All right, Sage, you've got your assignment Porn: love it or hate it? It's clearly something we need to be talking about.
Let's make a feature piece out of it, which means we need somebody to cover your sex column this month.
Oh, uh, actually, I had this political piece that I wanted to pitch to you.
- I'm really excited about it - Well, that can wait.
- We need a sex column.
- Yeah, but I'm not exactly - I know you're not exactly.
- That's why I want you doing it.
Oh, we haven't done a best orgasm piece in a while.
- Those are always strong.
- That's great.
All right.
I look forward to it.
What else we got? Alex? Spooning or forking.
Which one makes you hungrier? All right, so the response to our sexual health campaign has been good and bad.
The links are being heavily read but not shared.
People don't love retweeting about herpes.
I'm already on it.
I, uh, added a few feel-goods to help boost our likes, okay? What about that Adena piece, the Muslim photographer? That got us some good traffic.
Yeah, um, yeah, but it's been a few weeks.
Attention on it's kind of died down.
So why aren't you doing a follow-up? I I've actually tried to get into contact with her, but she's been a little tough to reach, or a lot tough to reach, actually.
She deleted all of her social media accounts.
Well, I know this is a fairly controversial idea for your generation, but have you considered telephoning her? I thought you were grabbing me ten minutes ago.
The board pushed the meeting ten minutes.
You're right on time.
She's not in a very good mood, is she? Mm, she's in as good a mood as she gets.
- Do not wuss out.
- I don't know.
I do.
Now go.
Hey, Sutton, you got this.
Hey, Lauren, I was hoping to catch you for a quick minute - before the meeting starts.
- Uh-huh.
I've been on your desk for three years.
I've worked incredibly hard.
I like to think that I've made your life easier, and it's been an amazing learning experience, but I think I'm ready for the next step.
So what exactly are you asking me here? I'm trying to be more proactive.
What job do you want? What department? I was a biz econ major in college, but I haven't actually had the opportunity to explore the business side of the magazine.
I'm impressed.
Most girls come here with these crazy dreams, wanting to do something they're totally unqualified for.
I respect that you want to do something practical.
Okay, well, let's get some informational interviews set up for you.
- Really? Wow, thanks.
- Richard.
- Yes? - I have a favor to ask you.
Oh, no, he shouldn't because I He's so high-level, I wouldn't want to trouble him.
Sutton, we need to get you better at speaking up for yourself.
Could you spare 15 minutes to talk to my assistant about the business side of the magazine? - Of course.
- Fantastic.
[pensive music.]
[line ringing.]
- [disconnect signal.]
- We're sorry.
Your call cannot be completed as dialed.
[background chatter.]
She wants me to do a best orgasm piece.
Oh, those are fun.
This is your worst nightmare in the best possible way.
- Yeah, I can't write this.
- Sure you can.
Just open a bottle of gin, chase it with nothing, - start typing.
- Who was your best orgasm ever? It had to have been Eric, right? - No.
- Really? Doesn't surprise me.
Men are always such a letdown.
I can get the job done better myself.
That's because you never stick around long enough.
Takes time to train them.
Speaking of men I've trained, Lauren cornered Richard into giving me an informational interview later.
When are you just gonna admit you want to work in fashion? Everybody wants to work in fashion.
It requires this little magical thing called talent.
- You have talent.
- Do you know that Lauren told me she respected me for choosing something practical? Lauren has never told me that she respects me.
Okay, my turn.
I had a sex dream about Adena last night.
- What? - Yeah, I know.
It was so weird.
- But sometimes sex dreams - Guys? - don't really mean sex.
- No, this one did.
- You guys.
- Wow, we're gonna have to - unpack this.
- You guys! I can't write this story because I've never had an orgasm before.
I'm gonna need a more detailed description of never.
Like, never.
- Like, not even with yourself? - Correct.
Like the basic definition of the word never.
- Hostile.
- She's allowed to be hostile.
She's never had an orgasm before.
I'm fine, okay? It just I feel like a fraud.
We work for this magazine that's all about having the most amazing sex ever, and you guys are having the most amazing sex, and Jacqueline obviously is.
I can't tell Jacqueline.
I just need to figure out a way to have an orgasm.
- Okay, so let's make it happen.
- Loving the can-do spirit.
- I'm a problem-solver.
- Yeah.
Okay, here's what we're gonna do we're gonna call your gyno.
She's gonna rule out anything physiological.
You think it could be something physiological? No, I think you're very highly strung and probably have trouble getting out of your own head, but we need to at least check in on your vageen.
[phone chimes.]
Great, it's Jacqueline.
She wants me to come to her office.
God, does she have this place bugged? Kat? There's somebody at the front desk for you.
Okay, thank you.
Adena, hi.
Good to see you.
Oh, my God.
After you got out, I texted you a lot, so you better have a good excuse for ghosting me.
Well, I don't know if it's a good excuse, but after I was detained at the airport, I received, um, an increase in death threats.
- Oh, Adena - It's okay, but, um, we've been hearing for a while that American immigration officers are looking through Muslims' phones, so I ditched mine.
That's probably the best excuse for not returning a text I have ever heard.
But I I want you to know that I did receive your picture.
Oh, yeah, it was That was stupid.
I was trying to be funny.
It wasn't stupid.
Maybe a little funny, but you touched me here too.
[soft music.]
[phone chimes, buzzes.]
Anyway, my manager told me that you needed something from me for the magazine? Oh, right, yeah, uh, your article was really popular, so we want to do a little follow-up interview.
If you could sit down with one of our writers, I think Alex probably has some time? I have to run today, but Thursday I have a show.
It's downtown at a gallery.
If he can come to that, I would love to speak to him.
Totally, totally "Scarlet.
" Okay, and Kat, you should come too.
I'd like that.
You wanted to see me, Jacqueline? Yes, you looked terrified this morning.
You look terrified now.
Does writing the sex column make you uncomfortable? No, I, um I'm a little uncomfortable, but I'm very excited to be a part of this writing staff and to stretch myself as a writer.
Okay, well, I guess we are done here then.
- [papers rustle.]
- That's it? Well, I'm good if you're good.
Are you good? There's just a lot of pressure here, and I don't want to disappoint you.
I want to live up to your expectations sexually and You know what I mean.
You just have to make the article your own, Jane.
You can't try to do what Sage does.
Very people can do what Sage does.
You've got to make it personal.
- Mr.
Grey will see you now.
- That's not funny.
It sort of is, and if we weren't - in a glass conference room - But we are in a glass conference room right now, so this is what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna pass you my resume, and while you pretend to look at it, we're gonna talk about how completely my 76ers destroyed your Knicks last night.
Well, that's just hurtful.
You know, why can't we have an actual informational interview? Because this is awkward for me.
Look, we're in a good place.
Outside of work we're having fun.
It feels good.
It is good.
[soft music.]
Well, I know that you're feeling stuck on Lauren's desk, and holy uh [clears throat.]
Sutton, this is a heck of a resume you got here.
- [giggles.]
- Summa cum laude.
Wow, and why Penn State? I could save money living at home.
And it says here that you did an internship in finance.
Why finance? This is starting to feel suspiciously like an informational interview.
Humor me.
Look, it's not like I love finance.
Mm, probably don't say that in a real informational interview.
My mother is complicated.
I had to be the adult.
It made more sense for me to do something practical.
And you didn't want to pursue finance after graduation? Oh, you mean when I graduated into the worst job market in 50 years, thanks to your generation? Mm.
I couldn't get a full time job, so I started to temp.
That's how I wound up at "Scarlet.
" But you stayed.
Longer than I intended to.
I just I love this magazine, and I would like to stay here, but I need to start thinking seriously about moving on.
[soft music.]
Emile Rosenberg in HR There's an opening in ad sales.
Give him a call, 'cause I think you'd be perfect for it.
I could just lay here [phone chiming.]
Hello? Yes, Dr.
Morris, thank you so much for getting back to me.
Um, hold on.
So I saw you a few months ago for a pap smear, and I just wanted to - Oh, that looks good.
- Um - That one's hot for summer.
- Hold one second.
Um, I swear this is important.
I don't mean to waste your time.
I just, um Hold on a second.
The issue I'm having is, um, I've never actually climaxed before, and I'm just wondering if there could be a problem with my Hello? Oh, God, no, no, no, no, no.
Can you hear me? Yeah, no, no, no, I'm I'm in an elevator.
No, I I said a problem.
No, a problem? - [elevator bell dings.]
- [whispers.]
Oh, my God.
A problem with my vagina! [ahem.]
And I'm so sorry.
I'm gonna have to call you back.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You're the new "Scarlet" writer, right? Yup, Jane, hi.
Did you write about getting dumped in a train station? Oof! It was very cute.
- I'm Ry - Ryan from "Pinstripe.
" Yeah, I know who you are.
You wrote the article about getting your girlfriend to screw like a porn star.
- Yes.
- Also very cute.
- Well, I'm flattered.
- [elevator bell dings.]
So what are you working on now? [chuckles.]
Well, it was nice meeting you, Jane.
I hope your vag is okay.
I been thinkin' we're meant to be But I don't know how to show you the best of me Clap your hands if it feels good, clap your hands - Hey.
- Hey.
- You looking for Lauren? - Kat, actually.
I got a message she wants me to do an interview with Adena.
Do I look like Kat's assistant? No, but you look like someone who knows where Kat is at all times.
She's with Jane at the She's helping Jane with her article.
Thank you.
What's that? Uh, nothing, or maybe something.
I don't know.
There's an ad sales job opening up that I'm thinking about going for.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Why? Is that bad? - I just didn't realize that's something you wanted to do.
I mean, ad sales isn't really my dream job, but look at this compensation package.
That's some good money.
Yeah, life-changing money for me.
Is that a bad reason to take a job? That's exactly why you take the job.
Right? And it could be fun.
I would be selling ad space in a magazine that I love.
I'm good with people.
I could be good at this.
Yeah, you're amazing.
Your personality You'd be great at it.
I'm gonna get some Shake Shack.
Ooh, I'm in.
Jane, welcome.
I'm Dr.
- Hi.
- Come in.
Get comfortable.
This is your girlfriend? - No, no, we're just friends.
- I'm her moral support.
- Yeah, we're both straight.
- Oh, but actually, you know, since we're here, I am having some sexual identity issues.
- Kat.
- I've always been into dudes, but then I met this girl, and she's awesome.
And I just saw her for the first time in a while Okay, well, and we will get back to that [laughs.]
because Wow! Um - But - Yes.
This brings us to my problem.
I've never had an orgasm before, and my gynecologist says that there's no real medical issue, so here we are.
What exactly does a sexologist do? Well, I'm gonna give you some physical exercises - and assignments.
- I'm into this.
- Of course you are.
- Let's start here.
Ever heard of a yoni egg? - Yes.
- This will help strengthen the vaginal muscles and increase sensitivity.
These were all over Gwyneth's blog.
Yeah, but there were, like, a million takedown pieces.
This is, like, an infection waiting to happen.
Not if you use the right ones and in the right way.
I don't really feel comfortable putting a yoni in my yoni.
Which is exactly why I want you to.
- So crazy how they - Don't touch it! Could you please tell her - to stop being so uptight? - There's absolutely nothing wrong with being uptight.
- Thank you.
- The problem is when you let it hold you back.
Jane, if you want to have an orgasm, you have to find your inner freak.
If you wanna go, throw your keys in the lake [man and woman moaning on TV.]
She did not seriously tell you to watch porn as an assignment? She wants Jane to find a fantasy so she can awaken her erotic creature.
Okay, you know what? My erotic creature is plenty woke, okay? Then tell me one fantasy you have.
Okay, sorry, there's no way this woman is enjoying this.
- No.
- Could somebody please - make her stop moaning? - Yeah, I want to pick one.
Honestly, it's the production value of half of this stuff that turns me off, you know? Give me an erotic novel any day of the week.
- Wait, you actually, like - Get myself off to high and erogenous literature? - Oh, yeah.
- [Kat giggles.]
Henry Miller, am I right? Oh, yeah! "Tropic of Cancer," so good.
You know, it's not like I don't have fantasies.
- I do.
- Okay.
I just I wind up getting too logical.
Like, okay, so there's this one - Ooh.
- where I'm in a cotton field, and this really hot soldier, and he, like, rips off my corset, and then I'm like, "Well, if I'm Scarlett O'Hara, "then that means that he's a Confederate soldier, and then that means that I'm on the wrong end of the Civil War.
" Oh, babe, I appreciate you not being racist in your fantasy, but it's just a fantasy.
That's the whole point.
You're supposed to just totally give in to whatever.
Yeah, well, I'm not a "totally give in to whatever" type of person.
I wish I was.
What should we watch next? - So - What is the[murmurs.]
? Mm-mm.
- Amateur? - Mm-mm.
I have a job interview tomorrow.
- What? - Oh, my God! That's amazing.
For what? - In ad sales.
- Ad sales? Yeah, it kind of came out of nowhere, but I'm really excited about it.
I feel like I'm kind of perfect for it.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah.
But why wouldn't you go out for something - in the fashion department? - No way.
I mean, even if I could get a foot in the door, there's no money in it unless you really make it, which, I mean, the odds of that happening are basically zero.
Well, yeah, but ad sales? God, it sounds so boring.
Okay, uh, this right here.
Every time I think about Adena, my mind eventually goes to this, and I'm just like, "Nope.
" Really? Ad sales is kind of boring? I mean, I'm just talking about changing the course of my entire future, and that's all you have to say? No, I mean, it is though, isn't it? - It's a good job.
- You guys.
Yeah, but Sutton, is that really what you want to do with the rest of your life? I need a job, Kat, a real job, not an assistant job that doesn't pay anything.
- All right, I'm gonna go.
- What? No.
- Where are you going? - Don't go.
I have an interview tomorrow.
I can't stay up all night watching porn! We could shut it off.
I would be more than happy to.
That's fine.
I'm going to sleep at Richard's.
- You guys suck.
- I messed that up, didn't I? Yeah, good job.
Shut this off.
Can't sleep? I snapped at my friends tonight.
No, you're just nervous about your interview.
I just feel like they don't know what this could mean for me Kat especially.
She's never had to worry about money.
She doesn't have student loans and a mom who can't pay her own bills.
This job would literally change my life.
Yeah, it's a big deal.
Can I tell you something that's probably gonna sound insane to you? Tell me.
Before I moved here, I took a $100 bill, and I put it into an envelope.
I carry that envelope with me.
It's in my purse right now.
Okay, why? Uh it's my plan B.
It's just enough money to buy a train ticket home if I fail.
Sutton, you're not going back to Harrisburg.
I don't know.
It's been four years carrying around that emergency envelope.
It used to make me feel safe, and now it's this horrible weight.
First thing I'm gonna do if I get that job, spend that $100 bill.
Damn right you will.
[soft music.]
- [zipper sound.]
- Wow, it's so big! - [click.]
- [sighs.]
[funky music.]
[woman moaning loudly.]
Are you hungry for a change Everything you want is for you to taste If you wanna bounce, take your feet off the brake - Hey.
- Hey.
- Whatever I said last night - It wasn't you.
It was me.
[phone buzzes.]
Because, you know, if you want this job, I totally support you.
[phone chimes.]
I know.
Thank you.
But I don't know, Sutton.
- Do you? - [phone buzzes.]
Oh, why is she calling me again? Uh, yeah, I do, and for what it's worth, I'm really sorry that I didn't take the Adena thing seriously last night.
Is this real? I don't know.
I definitely feel something for her, but then I think about all the sex stuff and what that would mean, and my shrink parents would probably say it's because she was unreachable for so long, I probably confused my concern for romantic feelings or something.
Is that really what they would say? - Oh, yeah.
- [phone chiming.]
All right, Jane.
Hey, can I call you back? Don't hang up.
The yoni egg, I tried it.
Ooh, hey, good for you, babe.
How's your yoni? Oh, Sutton and I It's stuck.
What? Wait, stuck? I'm coming up.
Meet me in the closet.
- Oh, come on.
- Good morning.
Do you need me to press the button for you? No, I got it.
You seem a little tense.
You know what? I lied yesterday.
Your article wasn't cute.
- Ouch.
- The way you write about sex, you put these unrealistic expectations on women, so then of course we feel like failures if we can't You know what? Just for once I would like to see you actually talk about a woman's needs in bed, maybe giving your readers a little advice on how they could do that? What? Why are you smiling? You haven't read my articles at all.
[elevator bell dings.]
Also, I'm smiling 'cause there's nothing I find sexier than a woman who speaks her mind.
- Both: Not it! - No, I said it first.
- I have a job interview today.
- Congratulations.
So what? I can't have my hand up there an hour before I'm supposed to shake it with the entire ad sales team.
You're the one who wants to explore her sexuality.
- Excuse me? - Oh, my God, seriously? If you love me, one of you just get it out! Come on, come on, come on, come on Hey Oh, my God.
All right.
I appreciate you.
[funky music.]
- Hold my Fitbit? - All right.
- Lay back.
- Okay.
Okay, I'm gonna need you to slide down to me.
Spread your legs.
All right.
A little.
- Oh, my God.
- All right.
- Don't stare.
- Sorry! All right, ready? [exhales.]
- [strangled gasp.]
- Okay.
The female form is actually quite beautiful.
Can you not narrate this? Okay, fine.
I need you to relax.
You know what helps me to relax is you telling me to relax.
I need you to relax, or I'm not gonna be able to get it out, okay? - Sutton? - Huh? Oh, Yeah.
Stay with me.
We're on a beach.
We're drunk.
There's, like, a whole pack of really cute puppies running in slow motion down the beach.
- Do not ruin puppies for me.
- Ooh.
Okay, breathe, breathe, breathe.
Oh, wait, I think I got it.
No, wait - You think you got it? - No, I can feel it.
This is the worst Easter egg hunt ever.
Okay, okay.
I got it! - Wha aah! - Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
You got it.
You're the best friend ever.
Thank you.
What are friends for? Are you okay? I'm not a lesbian, Jane.
Just not.
And you can relax.
It wasn't your vag.
It's just who I am.
I'm not about the ladies, you know? I'm hetero, totally hetero.
I'm hetero, right? Are you trying to convince me? - Catch! - Oh.
Hey, I'm about to head out, go to Adena's show.
You coming? Yeah, I'll be there.
I just need, like, an hour 'cause I have to finish this.
- What is all this? - Research for my article.
It's very science-y.
It's giving me flashbacks to high school, gross.
I haven't been able to have an orgasm, and that's kind of the whole point of this, - so I have to turn something in.
- All right, fine.
Somebody really needs to get themselves off though.
Tell me something I don't know.
Okay, I'll tell you something you don't know.
Uh, these little charts and graphs and stuff they're not gonna help you.
You got to do something.
You got to do something crazy.
I know you, tiny Jane, a little better now, but I know you got a freak in there somewhere.
Just got to let her out, you know? - Text me when you're done.
- 'Kay.
[mellow pop tune.]
- Jacqueline? - Yeah? Sorry to interrupt.
I have my article for you.
Oh, great.
How did it turn out? Uh, well, it's [clears throat.]
You'll see.
Uh, but before I give it to you, I just wanted to ask.
I know you don't normally let writers publish anonymously, but I was hoping you could make an exception just this once.
Do you know why I don't like to publish pieces without real names? You want our readers to feel like they can trust us.
I want them to know that we are real women just going through the same things they're going through.
Yeah, yeah, I get it.
Uh I'll just hand it over.
Never? Hmm.
I'll give it a read.
[singing pop melody in foreign language.]
What? Oh, my God.
Did you know she was gonna use this? - You look great.
- I did not know.
- Whoa! You look gorgeous.
- Wow.
- I understand you.
- Oh, yeah, thank you.
[cheers and applause.]
Do you want to introduce me? What? Yes, yeah.
I I just feel like we should give her a minute, so Seriously? What, is he, like, following me now? Ryan from "Pinstripe"? He's reviewing the show.
Oh, great, just what the world needs, an interpretation of feminist art through the male gaze.
Well, he's actually a pretty good writer.
- I need a drink.
- Did you say drink? - Yup.
- Mm, you know what? This is a work call, so I'm just gonna Yeah, yeah.
I just got an email.
That's exciting.
It's asking my approval to send out an offer letter, and I'm violating like three different confidentiality clauses by telling you this, but I wanted you to hear it from me.
You're getting the job.
- Wow.
- You must have dazzled them in the interview today.
Good night, Sutton.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Um, I'm kind of in shock.
I got the job.
Hey, congratulations.
Okay, I thought this was supposed to be a good thing.
Yeah, it is good.
It's great.
- But? - I don't know.
I should be ecstatic.
The money is incredible, but But nothing.
It's amazing.
I don't know what I'm talking about.
Okay, forget the money.
What's your dream? Fashion.
I've always loved it, but it's too risky, you know? I can't afford to fail, and there are practicalities that I I need to consider.
I get it, but you get to have a dream too, Sutton.
Do you break it off when it hurts But it hurts so good, can you say it Can you say it, it hurts so good - Hello? - Jane, hi.
Um, so I I read your article.
I'm just gonna cut to the chase.
I need you to take another pass.
Do you have any specific notes? Uh, yeah.
You're holding back.
All I see are facts and figures, and where are you? I'm I'm at an art gallery.
Do you need me to come back? No, I mean where are you in this piece? I I don't know.
I don't want percentages.
I want your point of view.
Those percentages aren't boring to me.
I mean, 10% of women say they've never had an orgasm before, and researchers say that number's probably higher.
But no one will admit it, and, you know, knowing that I'm not the only one it's comforting.
Jane? Look, it's amazing that women are owning their sexualities in this way that they've never been able to before, but [sighs.]
for someone like me, it's a lot of pressure to live up to, and even this magazine makes me feel bad about it sometimes.
I'm sorry.
I I didn't mean that.
I'm gonna do something.
I am gonna let you write this article anonymously, but in return I want the real story from your heart, not your head.
I want to know what this is really like for you.
I'll expect the next draft on my desk tomorrow.
Don't touch the art, please.
[background chatter.]
I think I got to go.
- Oh.
- Have you said hi to Adena yet? Uh, nope.
So why do you think that is? Mm, gay, straight, I don't I don't know.
I I don't think it matters, so I I'm just gonna go talk to her.
- Go talk to her.
- Okay.
Wide awake through the daylight - Get it, girl.
- Will you hold me Like we're burning in paradise When it hurts But it hurts so good, do you take it Do you break it off when it hurts Hurts so good Kat.
Are you okay? God, I feel like such an idiot.
I just completely misread that whole situation.
Hey, you're not an idiot.
No, you're not.
I mean, you're the bravest person I know.
You take risks, and you put yourself out there.
I mean, I wish I could be more like you.
Yeah, me too.
Like I said, you got to do something crazy.
You know what? I can, and I will.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So have you been flirting with me? Yeah.
'Cause all of the downs and the uppers Keep making love to each other And I'm trying, trying, trying, trying Can't keep my hands to myself Can't keep my hands I have to go.
I have to write.
And nothing else Oh, I want it all Hey.
I've been waiting for the right moment to come talk to you.
I know.
It's been, um, a very busy night, but I'm so happy you came.
Yeah, me too, and I wanted to talk to you about something.
I'm I'm kind of nervous to say it.
The photograph? I know.
I should have asked your permission.
No, no, no.
Honestly, it's so fine.
I'm actually kind of honored.
What I was thinking of was just how incredible this show is.
It's amazing.
Thank you.
I'm getting a drink.
You? - Definitely.
- Excuse me, can we please see the champagne menu? - Yeah, sure.
- Thanks.
We'll take a bottle of the Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label.
- Sure.
- That's an expensive bottle.
- Mm-hmm.
- I take it we're celebrating.
Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Cheers.
To your new job.
I'm not taking the job.
Then what are we celebrating? Crazy dreams.
I want it all I want it all Ooh ooh Can't keep my hands to myself I mean, I could, but why would I want to? - - It's honest and funny and brave.
I want to put it up on our digital site right now.
Uh, wait.
Can I just make one change first? Sure.
You ready? Yeah.
Why you hanging in the background Like a painting that's been turned 'round Come on, come on, come on, come on Come on, come on, come on, come on It's your time now Can you feel it now You got the heart of a phoenix So let them see you rise Hey-ey-ey, hey-ey-ey Let's see you show how high you can go Flying right past the ones who said no Let's give them all one hell of a show Hey-ey-ey, hey-ey-ey You got the heart, you got the heart You got the heart of a heart of a, hey You got the heart, the heart You got the heart, the heart of a