The Bold Type (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

The Woman Behind the Clothes

1 All right, people, pay attention, because these three young women are on fire.
Jane finally got her dream job but learned it won't be easy, especially when she received her first assignment.
She wants me to do a "best orgasm" piece.
You see, Jane has never had an orgasm, but the assignment did help her make new friends.
Sutton, hard-working and diligent, would win a gold medal if the competition was Manhattan's best assistant.
Lauren Park's office.
But Sutton is ready for more.
- What's your dream? - Fashion.
And Kat was busy managing "Scarlet" magazine's social media account and even busier managing her own volatile spirit.
Well, then, I guess I'll just have to show them a woman defying them.
Because Kat has found herself unexpectedly smitten.
These are the women of "The Bold Type.
" [upbeat rock music.]
See a lady on my walk from a mile away Oh Look me dead in the eyes, baby, I don't play No, no - Good morning.
- Morning.
- May I? - Sure.
- What are you working on? - Okay.
Let's just get this out of the way.
I kissed you.
And then ran.
Yes, I kissed you, then ran.
I don't really know how to explain it.
You don't have to explain it.
I read your article.
You wanted to do something unexpected.
So you read my article.
The one about never having had an orgasm? Multiple times.
You should be proud.
I don't know about proud, but I'm not embarrassed.
- I meant of the article.
- Right.
It was really truthful, completely brave.
Thank you.
- What are you doing? - I figured if you were gonna jump up and kiss me, you probably would have done it by now, so I'm giving you my number.
[phone buzzes.]
Your friends have a message for you.
[clears throat.]
You want to roll with me Well, you gotta play I should go to work.
See you around, Jane Sloan.
[rock music continues.]
Built for speed, and I'm built to last [line rings.]
Goes down so sweet [ringing.]
- Hello? - Have a drink with me tonight.
Can't stop, won't stop Can't stop, won't stop Two writers rival publications.
Ugh, so poetic.
- [whispers.]
So poetic.
- [laughs.]
Uh, we're not rivals.
It's not poetic.
It's just a drink.
It's a good start.
- You need to get laid.
- Wha Sorry, uh, but she does.
As long as she doesn't do it in here.
[elevator bell dings.]
I won't.
[girls giggling.]
Come find me in the closet later, 'cause as your friend, I can't let you go on a sex date - looking like that.
- What is wrong with this? It's drinks, not a sex date.
Mmm, sounds like you're working on a follow-up article.
Jacqueline, uh, no, actually.
I wanted to pitch you something while I have your attention.
You don't, but if you can accept that I'm only half-listening, proceed.
Congresswoman Helen Wolfe is in town, and I would really love to do a profile on her.
She's relatively unknown, but I think she could be the next Elizabeth Warren.
Kamala Harris is the next Elizabeth Warren.
Then she's the next Kamala Harris.
I know who she is.
She's interesting.
She's only in town for a few days, so if you're okay with it, I would really like to get started.
It's quite a departure for you.
Which is exactly why I want to do it.
Go ahead and reach out.
See if you can get an interview.
But Jane, just in case it doesn't work out, make sure you take notes during your sex date.
[funky music.]
- Hey.
- No time.
Lauren has an insane day getting ready for the Planned Parenthood fundraiser.
Oliver's assistant up and quit to take a job at Bal-mane.
What? - Are you sure? - Positive.
I overheard the fashion interns when they were putting together an outfit for me.
Why were the fashion interns putting together an outfit for you? Jacqueline asked me to speak at the fundraiser about the men's health services they offer, and she said I need to represent the brand.
She wants you to lose the khakis? You're missing the point.
There's an assistant's job opening up in fashion and styling.
[phone rings.]
Don't go anywhere.
Lauren Park's office.
I love the way you answer the phone.
She's on a conference call right now.
Can I take a message? Let's go to dinner.
Lauren likes to avoid dinner meetings.
Can I schedule something in-house? I'm tired of ordering in.
I want to take you out.
Somewhere we won't be seen.
Olive Garden, Times Square.
8:00 p.
Cozy little booth in the back.
She does love breadsticks.
I'll put you on Lauren's calendar.
We have got to get you off this desk.
Fashion department.
Fashion department.
Thanks for the Intel.
Right now, everyone is front row at a fashion show, but, I mean, the possibilities are endless.
We could take our readers through a private workout with one of our trainers or even to the UN to see Emma Watson give her speech on women.
While we're launching, we would let people try them out at events, give a certain number away as freebies.
More and more people are owning VR goggles - [phone chimes.]
- in their homes.
This is definitely the next big thing, so I want "Scarlet" to be the first magazine with their own VR app.
How do think you'd do presenting to the board, like, tomorrow? I'd do great.
Yeah? You think you'll be ready? - Yeah.
- All right.
It's on their agenda.
- All right.
- Oh, and Kat.
This is your first time presenting solo to the board.
They can be intimidating.
Be ready.
Oh, yeah.
I got it.
Okay, uh, how's everyone enjoying the fashion show? I feel seasick.
Well, that's weird.
I think I'm gonna throw up.
Oh, no.
Really? Ugh, at least you didn't throw up in my bag.
Can I get you, like, a toothbrush or some water? Oliver, how bad is it? Mom jeans with fur slippers bad.
I can't even get Jasmine Lee on the phone.
Her publicist is apologetic I would hope so, being that her designs were our entire fashion show, and we don't have a fundraiser without her.
How exactly did this happen? She's about to launch her collection at chain stores across the country.
They're pressuring her to cut her ties with Planned Parenthood.
Well, Jasmine Lee can't stand behind her convictions, but we certainly stand behind ours.
The event's in two days.
Is there any designer out there worth anything who can pull something together that fast? No.
We'll have to get creative.
We need looks that are bold and strong and feminine.
- Armor.
- Armor.
Focusing on the female form.
I'll pair delicate items from the closet with - Sculptural accessory pieces.
- Exactly.
I might need extra assistance.
I heard what happened.
Balmain is dead to me.
Well, you can have all the interns.
And I will approve overtime for any assistants who want to work after hours.
But Oliver, make this happen.
Lauren, I was wondering about that position opening in the fashion department, I was hoping you'd put in a good word for me.
You literally could not have picked a worse time to talk to me about this.
- I know.
- I normally wouldn't bring it up.
It's just those positions get filled so quickly.
Sutton, we have 10,000 things to do.
Last week, you were all about ad sales.
I don't have time to explore every whim with you.
We can talk after the fundraiser.
I need you to start on those RSVPs.
Oh, and my green juice.
I need my juice.
I'll get right on it.
- Uh, Oliver? - Do not bring me bad news.
So sorry to bother you.
I just, uh, wanted to let you know that if you need anything this week Who are you again? Sutton.
I was just, uh, sitting behind you Sutton, I need everything this week.
I'm I'm your girl.
I would love to help.
Call these accessory designers and set up appointments for me today.
Line them up going downtown.
- You're free to go.
- Oh.
Right, yeah.
I'm on it.
You got it.
There hasn't been an assistant position available in the fashion department the entire time that I've worked here.
This dress for tonight.
[funky music.]
Uh, it's not that kind of date.
Then don't take it off.
I don't know how I'm gonna cover Lauren and Oliver this week, and if Lauren doesn't help me get this job Ugh, she's the worst.
I think Madeleine Albright was actually referring to her when she said there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.
These boots and I am not gonna let her hold me back.
Good for you, babe.
Oh, I'm going full "Hamilton" on this.
'Cause I'm the definition of young, scrappy, and hungry, and I'm out! Oh! Wow.
Hey, sexy.
- Hi.
- Ugh.
Okay, so get this.
I just got off the phone with the VR people, told 'em about my intern hurling.
- Yeah? - Guess what they asked me? - What? - Is she currently menstruating? - What? - Turns out women are much more likely to get motion sick from VR and especially when we're menstruating.
Can you stop saying "menstruating"? - No.
- Also, why is that? Something technological.
Blah, blah, blah.
Apparently, hormones play a part in how we interpret images.
- So VR is inadvertently sexist.
- No, it's "vertently" sexist.
- That's not a word.
- Uh, it's definitely a word.
I mean, they use technology that favors the male brain.
- Ergo, "vertently" sexist.
- Hmm.
Anyway, I wrote a little something about it for the digital site, tweeted it out with the title, "Hey, VR Bros, Don't Forget the Female Gaze.
" - Good title.
- Thank you.
- What about your pitch? - Oh, my pitch is so fine.
Unless one of those old white guys on the board is currently menstruating.
I know you love that word.
How do I look? - Uh, you look amazing.
- [phone chimes.]
And I just got 300 responses.
Girl! [laughing.]
Always under water Cool place.
So, are you an astronomy guy, or is this like a "Rear Window" kind of thing? - Can't it be both? - [chuckles.]
- Are you ever gonna sit down? - I've read your column.
I know what's happened on that couch.
Oh, is that why you won't sit down? I could get you a towel or something.
No, thanks.
So, does it ever bother you when people say that you're just a sex writer? Yes.
Yes, it does.
That is offensively limiting.
I write about sex and relationships.
Why do you ask? I just I don't want my writing about sex to be my brand.
But you're so good at it.
Seriously, you're honest.
You've got a unique voice.
I want to write about bigger things.
What's bigger than sex and relationships? I'm serious.
It's why a thousand ships were launched.
It's the reason we fight wars.
We've impeached a president 'cause of sex.
Why do you think Vladimir Putin is riding around Russia on a horse with no shirt on? It's 'cause some girl rejected him in high school.
- That's not true.
- It might be.
The fact is, it always comes back to sex.
[music playing over stereo.]
[phone buzzes.]
Oh, my God.
It's actually pronounced "Ryan.
" No, um, Ramon is the door guy of this hotel where Helen Wolfe, the congresswoman, is staying, and I've been trying to get an interview with her but I haven't been able to get access.
He just said she ordered a town car and it's leaving in 20 minutes.
You really want to get this story, don't you? I do.
Maybe we could pick this conversation up again tomorrow night? I'd like that.
These responses are disgusting.
We're getting amazing traffic, though.
I started the conversation.
I'm not sure if "Shut up, 'Scarlet' whores" is a conversation.
Okay, look, I called them out on being misogynists, and they responded by being absolute misogynists, so they're basically, you know, proving my point for me.
- Congratulations? - Thank you.
[email whistle.]
They know who you are? It's fine.
They'll get bored in a couple of days and move on to the next dumb bitch.
- Sutton! - He knows my name.
- Come sort these garments.
- Go get 'em, babe.
- - - Right here! - Sutton, I'm leaving.
I want that seating chart by the morning, if that's possible.
You got it, boss.
Sutton! [phone buzzes.]
Ugh, damn it.
- Sutton.
- Coming, Oliver.
On fire, you gonna see me coming Gettin' higher, let's keep on moving - Oh! Right there.
- Darlene! The congresswoman is on her way to dinner, but we can take three members of the press with us on the drive to the restaurant.
- Right here.
- Oh, oh.
"New York Times.
" Let's go.
And "Washington Post.
" - Here! - Credentials? "Scarlet" magazine.
"HuffPo," it's your lucky night.
Good evening, everyone.
I'd love to stop and chat.
You all have a great night.
Congresswoman, I would just love to ask you about your Sorry.
Not tonight, "Scarlet.
" Go, go, go Go, go, go All I do is go, go, go Where's the St.
Laurent slip dress? That needs to be shortened.
Come on, people.
Get me a Kombucha and an Ativan.
I love this.
That was in the reject pile? - Yes, but - We don't have the armor for it.
Wait! What about this? Maybe.
Sutton? Delivery downstairs for Lauren.
Can you just leave it at my desk? You have to go sign for it.
Get in before we're busted.
Come on.
I want you [laughs.]
Are you my delivery? - I am.
- Put me in a trance too Maybe find something That is quite a restaurant.
Do I smell breadsticks? You do.
I stood you up and you still brought me breadsticks? This is amazing.
You're amazing.
It's not Lauren who's keeping me here late tonight.
It just seemed easier than getting into the whole thing in a text.
- What whole thing? - You're gonna think I'm crazy.
Because last week, I almost took a job in ad sales, but what I really want to do is fashion.
- I don't think that's crazy.
- [giggles.]
Oh! Oh, my God, it's not crazy, is it? Why did I wait so long to do this? And now I feel, like, this intense time pressure.
It's like my last chance or something.
- Why? - Because I've been on Lauren's desk for three years.
I mean, I can't stay there, it's I'm gonna be 26 this year.
What? You have so much time ahead of you, you do.
- It doesn't feel like that.
- I know.
I remember feeling that way.
But you do.
I really want this.
Then you go get it and then call me after.
[both laughing.]
- Bye.
- Bye.
Give 'em hell.
The Congresswoman's press secretary literally looked me up and down and said, "Not tonight, 'Scarlet.
'" Like all we write is fluff.
- So degrading.
- I felt so judged.
Can you pass the milk, please? [email whistling.]
Kat? - Hmm? - The milk.
- Oh, yeah.
- Thanks.
Even if we're fluff, - we're fluff with a huge - [phone buzzes.]
millennial voter readership.
Lauren Park's office.
I'm sorry, she's not in yet, but I'll give her the message.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, what is with the Lady Gaga? Are you gonna sing for us? Do you love it, or do you love it? I love it.
It's so that I'm not chained to Lauren's desk and also, it makes me more available to Oliver.
- Ah.
- Oh, my God.
These Twitter trolls will not stop.
- Look.
- - Oh, my God.
- Most of these are rape threats.
Yeah, I know, I wish they'd be more imaginative.
Kat, it's not funny.
This is scary.
Oh, come on.
It's not scary.
Jane, it's annoying, it's disgusting, but it's not scary, okay? It's just words.
Anyway, I gotta go crush this presentation, so I'll see you guys later.
Go crush it.
Count on it.
Kat? Ready? Mm-hmm.
Gettin' lost on the wild side In my mind where no one can go - [email whistle.]
- Think I'm losing my cool, oh - Oh, oh, oh - On my way off the rails, I Don't pretend I come Kat? How's it feel being you, oh Oh, oh, oh [woman vocalizing.]
Our fears get magnified Well, Kat Edison has been with us for several years now, and in that time she has grown our online presence tremendously.
I have always known her to come forward with smart, cutting-edge ideas, and today is no exception.
Kat, the floor is yours.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, in this uncertain time in the magazine industry, "Scarlet" is, uh, one of the few books that actually continues to thrive.
Our readers are technologically savvy and [phone vibrating.]
And, uh So So not only do we need to continue to stay relevant with platforms like - Kat? - We need to [email whistling.]
continue to push forward, and, um [email whistling.]
[whistling intensifies.]
Uh And anticipate what's next.
[edgy music.]
I'm sorry.
I [sniffles.]
I'm not feeling well.
What just happened in there? I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know? You said that you were ready.
I saw it right before I walked in.
I I don't know.
I didn't know what to do.
But you know that that's not me.
I shouldn't have walked out, okay? I know that.
It's stupid.
But I can go back in now, and I can do this No.
I'm gonna reschedule it for tomorrow.
Honestly, I'm good.
I can do this.
Kat, you need to trust me.
You need to catch your breath, take an hour, fall apart, come back, and we're gonna figure this out.
We'll figure it out.
[soft piano music.]
You know what? I don't even care about the picture.
I I really don't.
I'm proud of it.
It's the fact that they violated my privacy.
- Maybe you should stop looking.
- Oh, jeez.
Oh, yeah, I'm a slut because I took a topless photo of myself in the south of France.
What is wrong with these people? Okay, hey, look.
It's not all bad.
The CEO of a VR company tweeted at you.
Emily Ramos says, "Sorry for what you're going through.
" I support you and have your back.
" - [email whistles.]
- Oh, wow.
Followed immediately by someone who thinks my boobs aren't that great.
"He says as he takes a break from masturbating in his parents' basement.
" Come on.
Don't engage.
I'm not engaging, Jane.
I'm fixing this.
- [mellow upbeat music.]
- Time to be done with you Feels good when I wake in the morning Let the sun come through [vocalizing.]
I'm not thinking 'bout you - Feelin' good when I - Congressional offices.
This is Jane Sloan from "Scarlet" magazine.
- Yes? - I would love to talk to the congresswoman about her style.
I'm doing a super fun piece.
It's called "House of Furstenberg Meets House of Representatives.
" - For your magazine? - Yes, it'll reach a lot of young, awesome, fashionable millennial voters.
Would the congresswoman be interested in doing an interview? - Hold one moment, please.
- Yes, I'll hold.
What are you doing? She shouldn't have underestimated me.
- Ms.
Sloan? - Yes.
- She is available.
- She would? - Yeah, ten minutes.
- Perfect.
Ten minutes is all I need.
Thank you.
And that's how it's done.
Comes back around Ooh This is Jane Sloan from "Scarlet" magazine.
Thank you.
Congresswoman, it's such a pleasure to meet you.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
You have five minutes.
[clears throat.]
[soft beep.]
So, what would "Scarlet" readers like to know about how I dress? Well, let's start with the basics.
On the campaign trail, flats or heels? Flats.
Stylish, of course, but when you're putting in 16-hour days, comfort is key.
And do you have a go-to power outfit? I do not.
I think every day is different, and every outfit is important.
How so? We all saw what Hillary went through.
The day after each debate, they scrutinized her pantsuits more than her policy.
So when I'm choosing an outfit I'm thinking, "What do I want to communicate? How can I use fashion to my advantage?" I would like to ask you about a few serious issues.
For example, your vote in favor of the Keystone Pipeline.
That surprised a lot of progressives.
That's a "Mother Jones" question.
Our readers are just as interested in your politics as they are in your fashion.
I know I am, and I'm so inspired by everything you do for women.
Um, but your voting record on environmental issues Jane, I'm sorry, but um, we're gonna have to cut this short.
You are so sweet.
It was lovely to meet you.
Uh, I-I would like to ask you about your voting record? Thank you.
- Lauren Park's office.
- Hey.
Hey, what's up? I ran into Oliver this morning.
I asked him about the assistant job.
I couldn't help myself, but don't worry.
- Kept it casual.
- Okay, and He's already got a stack of resumes, so just to give you a heads-up, you might have to move a little fast on this one.
- Yeah, I figured.
- And, Sutton, he wants someone with fashion experience.
I'm not saying you shouldn't throw your hat in the ring, just thought you should know, that's all.
- [beep beep.]
- Okay, thanks.
I got to take this other call.
Fashion Department uh, Lauren Park's office.
What are you doing? I'll have to get back to you with that information.
I, uh, was just, um, uh 'cause Oliver was wondering if you wanted to, uh, wear one of That's a tie.
Um, I was helping Oliver.
He's shorthanded.
I'm shorthanded.
My assistant never seems to be at her desk.
The seating chart you sent me you put Tim Gunn next to Lady Gaga.
What did I tell you? Opposite sides of the room.
I'll fix it right away.
How can you expect me to put in a good word for you with Oliver when you're completely neglecting my desk? I need you focused.
Is that clear? I'm sorry, Lauren.
Focused, yes.
Do you, uh Do you want a green juice? You know I do.
Is this the face that launched a thousand ships? It is, and I come bearing gifts.
- Oh.
- Sorry I'm late.
How was the congresswoman? [exhales.]
Um She thinks I'm sweet.
Oh, you must have loved that.
Just open the wine, please.
I mean, she thinks I'm sweet, and I think she is frustratingly inconsistent.
She's a total champion of women but a total enemy of the environment.
Someone needs to press her on it.
- That'd be a good story.
- It would be.
But all she would talk to me about was her choice of footwear.
I had a plan.
I was trying to be sneaky and smart to get the bigger story, and now I'm gonna go from just being a sex writer to just being a fashion writer, so - - Uh "Why Girls Sometimes Fake It and Do We Even Care?" Let me explain the angle I'm going for.
Oh are you writing about me? No, no, not not you in particular.
Just women like me who fake orgasms.
I I'm just trying to work something out.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Am I research? - No.
- I swear.
- You're unbelievable.
I thought we were connecting, but you were just using me for a story.
No, it's not like that.
Jane, please, don't go.
Look, you wrote about me, right? I wrote about me.
I wrote about something personal and difficult.
And it got me thinking.
Honestly, your article, it inspired me.
Oh Oh, great.
Because that's so satisfying to me as a writer that I would inspire you to write more sexist crap.
'Cause that's all I do, right? I'm just another sexist pig writer.
You have me all figured out, don't you? - It's not that hard.
- Jane, this is what we do.
No, it's what you do.
[intense music.]
So you think he was using you to write his story? - Are you sure that's what was happening? - I don't know.
I mean, I thought that we were connecting and that it was real, but the guy's good at his job, so who knows what's real with him.
- I'm sorry, babe.
- Hey.
You guys, oh the trolls, - they tweeted my home address.
- What?! Oh, my God, how? - Okay, who do we call? - Uh, no one.
Have the police been contacted? Uh, the IT department is trying to find the guy's IP address, but they can't.
Legal is threatening to sue anyone who displays the photo online, but - Okay, so that's something.
- No, it's nothing.
Okay? It's nothing.
It's the Internet.
It's already gone.
Can't get it back.
[melancholy piano music.]
I'm sorry, babe.
[cell phone chimes.]
Um, what now? Oh, Jacqueline wants to see me.
All right.
Gotta go.
[clears throat.]
Love you.
Please tell me that is not you engaging in another flame war.
- It's not.
- Good.
'Cause you know better than to respond to those trolls.
Yes, I do, but I used my own personal account, so it's not gonna hurt "Scarlet.
" Well, that doesn't matter, Kat.
These are pathetic, bored, angry people, and if you engage with them, you're giving them exactly what they want.
I know that, but I can't just sit here a-and do nothing.
Come here.
[mellow music.]
I sleep away all the light I keep away out of sight, out of sight I know this is hard.
In my day, if somebody didn't like something, their only option was to tell me to my face.
So I didn't get very many rape threats.
But the anonymity of the Internet has completely raised the stakes.
Yeah, it has.
But you are stronger than that.
I creep away and let you sleep [sobs, voice breaks.]
I I don't know if I am.
Oh, how I try Oh, my, my, my I do.
Oh, how I tried - Oh, my God.
- Oh, yeah.
You're getting that black Jared Kushner vibe, right? Yeah, I mean, you're only missing the flak jacket.
- Who did this to you? - Fashion interns.
And what did you do to them? Will you please just fix it? Lose the shirt and the shoes.
I mean, they do know what's in fashion but it doesn't necessarily mean that it works for you.
- This is more my speed.
- Mm-hmm.
You are good.
You need to go for that assistant's job.
Feels like that's gonna be an uphill battle.
Especially without Lauren's rec.
And I kind of blew that.
Lauren just doesn't want to lose you.
I don't know if that's it.
Trust me.
You're way too good at your job.
You made yourself indispensable.
It's a classic assistant's mistake.
I look good! Thank you.
I was complimenting myself.
Say everything's better in the daylight So why'd you leave me in the dark? If you're gonna say something, say something - Don't say nothing - [rhythm picks up.]
When you believe in something 'cause it sounds right And when you told me I don't want to hear Don't just say nothing, say nothing Just say something If you want to say something Man up, don't say nothing Oh, I speak the truth Yeah-eah If you want to say something Silence don't mean nothing But it does to you Ugh, I have to go get Lauren's green juice, 'cause that's my life.
I hate it when she's on a cleanse.
- Do you want to come? - I can't.
"HuffPo" did a profile on the congresswoman, and it was basically what I was gonna write except they actually got a quote.
- Oh, man.
That's awful.
- It is what it is.
So now I'm doing a piece on congressional fashion.
Yeah, that's what I was talking about.
That jumpsuit is beyond awful.
Okay, you're part of the problem.
You should be criticizing her politics, not her pantsuits.
I mean, look at these comments.
They're just mean.
"A walking Popsicle"? "'Star Trek' reject on acid"? How much do people suck on the Internet this week? This was the day that she voted to roll back the Clean Water Act, but instead of talking about that, they're all talking about this hideous lime green situation.
And then she turned around and said that she was being unfairly attacked as a woman, and that became a story.
I mean, I would never say this to her, and I would never put it on the Internet, but to you, I'll say, that's a terrible color for an adult.
How does she not know that? I think she does.
"So when I choose an outfit, I'm always thinking," 'What am I trying to communicate? "How can I use fashion to my advantage?'" [keyboard keys clicking.]
What are you doing? I'm seeing what she wore when she did that press conference defending the Keystone Pipeline.
- Ha! It's hideous.
- It's hideous.
She is using fashion as a smokescreen.
That's kind of genius.
And I have my article.
- Sweet.
- Yay.
- Will you get me a green juice? - Nope.
- Earrings.
- Earrings.
[murmuring to assistant.]
- One less bracelet.
- Just take the bracelet.
- Something neck.
- Get me a silver brooch and the Dior earrings.
A, E, I, O, U You Accessories, bracelets, rings.
[Oliver murmuring to assistant.]
And around.
This is great.
That was my idea.
[small laugh.]
Thank you.
"Pay Attention to the Woman Behind the Clothes.
" Your congresswoman piece went to a place I did not expect.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I like surprises.
Well, believe me, no one is more surprised about where it ended up than I am.
I know.
You have this idea of the kind of writer you should be, but don't let that keep you from the kind of writer you could be.
- Yeah, okay.
- We're uploading it right now.
Good work, Jane.
Thank you.
"Tech whores like Whitney only complain because they can't get any.
" "The world would be better off without you.
I'll supply the rope.
" "Dumb bitch @EmilyRamos should be on her knees, not running a VR company.
" "I'm gonna design a VR game where you get to rape Kat Edison.
" There's a human being on the other end of your tweet, so please, type with kindness.
- What do you think? - It's amazing.
Yeah, I tagged all the losers who trolled me.
And, uh, thank you, you know, for what you wrote me.
- Really helped a lot.
- I'm glad.
Oh, I want "Scarlet" to be on the cutting edge, and that means VR.
Your company's the only one that I'm gonna present to the board, okay? We need to partner with a firm that's tailored towards women, and that's you guys, so what do you say? - Are you in? - I'm in.
- You want to show me? - Yeah.
Okay These are so much less bulky than the other ones.
Anyone can get love Anyone can get laid You know who you are when you find The ones who stay Brave enough not to tame But let you burst into flames Stoke the coals and then watch You blow it They're the ones we can trust in the universe When you're lost and you left and it's getting worse They're the ones you know will get you by We are all Strange Lauren? Hey, you said that we would have a chance to chat after the fundraiser.
Um maybe I went about this the wrong way.
Okay, I definitely went about this the wrong way, but I've worked really hard for you, and I'm really grateful for everything that I've learned working at your desk over the past three years But it's time for me to move on, and I'm gonna go for this job in the fashion department with or without your support.
But I realize that it's a long shot, so I would be really grateful to have a solid recommendation from you.
- Okay.
- Really? Let's figure out how to get you that job.
- You can sit.
- Okay.
[upbeat melody continues.]
[woman vocalizing.]
- - Hey - Anyone can get paid - Anyone can get saved - Every day, I still walk - - Into the world - The only thing I can see The only real guarantee Ain't smiling They're the ones make the choice in the universe When I'm lost and I'm left and it's getting worse They're the ones who I know will get me by We are all strange - Hey.
- Hi.
Third time's the charm? "Ask a hundred different women why they fake their orgasms, "and you're likely to get a hundred different answers, "but here's the thing.
It's not the lie that matters.
"It's that women feel that they have to.
"And gentlemen, that's on us.
So let's talk about it.
" Oh, don't stop now.
I love hearing my own work.
So are you gonna invite me in?