The Bold Type (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Carry the Weight

1 All right, darlings, let's catch up with our delightful trio.
A newly single Sutton - focused on her career.
- I'm actually here to pitch myself as your stylist.
But after a long night at the office, that focus got a little blurry.
Kat made a grand gesture - Adena! - and had a grand old time with Adena at the airport, but they missed their connection.
And Jane worked on a big investigative piece - It's a pro/pro list.
- Looks like "Incite" has pulled ahead.
Trying to figure out if she should take a new job, but leaving old friends behind is difficult.
Even for "The Bold Type.
" [upbeat pop song.]
All right, pick it up! Come on.
The endorphins are gonna get your mind off Adena and get your mind off of Richard or Alex.
Who are we getting our mind off of? - Ha ha! - Wait.
Why are we getting over Alex? Does that mean you guys finally talked about all the stuff? Ha ha! It's been less than a week.
Makes perfect sense that it's still in the awkward small talk territory.
And I'm not talking about this over cardio.
All right, great.
Brunch then? Yeah, dawg! [sounds fade.]
[muffled, echoing.]
Hello? Tiny Jane? - Brunch? - Yeah, sure.
- Great.
- After running.
Look, I know you guys don't like to run, but it really helps me clear my head, and I'm nervous about this conversation - I have to have with Jacqueline.
- Can't believe you're actually - going through with it.
- Well, "Incite" wants me to start in two weeks, so I'd better give my notice now.
Still not a valid reason to run.
Well, it'll help you get out of your Adena funk.
So there's a part about that night - that I never told you guys.
- Okay, but if it's sex stuff, it's gonna happen over pancakes I'm done with this.
I almost got on the plane with her.
- What? - Wait to the Middle East? Really? If I had known you'd stop, I would have told you like 20 minutes ago.
Whoa but seriously? Yeah.
I had the ticket in my hand, - and I was gonna do it.
- My God, that's so romantic! I got swept up in it, you know? The way that traveling makes her feel and the way that it makes her think, I [claps.]
I wanted that.
I don't know.
And you can stop looking at me like that, because I didn't do it.
I would have supported you if you did.
Okay what? - Yeah, what? - Yeah! Look, I know I don't talk about it a lot, and I'm not gonna start talking about it now, but ever since I got the results from my BRCA test, I just You know, life can change in a flash, so what are we waiting for, you know? I mean, like look at this view.
We should be taking in every experience.
We should be living our lives, taking risks and, you know, putting ourselves out there.
Guys? Are you kidding me? - Run, tiny Jane! - Run faster! You can do it! [energetic music.]
Hey, check it out.
1 million, 9 hundred and 90 hundred, 7,000 653 Twitter followers! Are you sure you're even saying that number right? Not at all, but you know what number is easy to say is 2 million.
I'm so close.
We really had half this when I started.
This right here is power.
- You're ridiculous.
- You're tiny.
Okay, sent.
I still haven't moved past the "almost got on the plane with Adena" thing.
Well, you're gonna need to move past it, because I have.
I've built up way too much here, you know? You make fun of me all you want, all right? But this actually means something, you know? I have an audience of almost 2 million people like right at my fingertips.
I can do so much with that.
So much more than I could wandering around some foreign country without even so much as a change of underwear.
- Really? - That's gross.
Oh, yeah.
I'm gonna go talk to him right now.
- Because I am emotionally mature.
- Show off.
[funky pop music.]
- Morning.
- Heyyyy.
[elevator bell dings.]
- After you.
- Thanks! - So how - Sutton, I [small laugh.]
You go first.
Fashion Week's gonna be insane.
I'll go first.
I am really sick of this awkward small talk.
Oh, my God, so am I.
- I mean, this - I know! I'm so happy that you said something.
[elevator bell dings.]
Good morning, Sutton.
- Morning, Martha.
- Morning.
So you wanna just go out? Like on a date.
Sutton! Come hither.
- Flying in! - Is that something - you'd be opposed to? - Um Sutton! Go.
We'll talk later.
Fashion week.
Busiest of your newly adolescent life.
I own your ass this week.
- You own my ass every week.
- You're getting the hang of this.
You will be working every second of every day this week.
You will get me out of the door to every show on time.
- We wear the designer - To honor the designer.
Got it.
I have all of your outfits steamed, pressed, and organized.
No mix-ups.
Mix-ups happen, I'm the one who ends up on page 6.
I will not share ink with Anthony Weiner.
Not today.
Not ever.
- [sighs.]
- Also I know sometimes you send assistants to cover shows when you're too busy.
I would love an opportunity to do that.
I like the confidence.
But I only send my staff that I know I can trust.
So if there's anything I can do this week - to prove that I'm trustworthy - Do you remember the story - of Cinderella? - She works her ass off and gets to go to the ball at the end? You're the mice.
Or the birds or I don't remember.
Nice work with the Fun and Fearless Denim piece.
I don't have any notes.
[pats desk.]
Um, Jacqueline I was wondering if I could schedule a sit-down with you.
I'm sitting.
What do you need? Well, I was hoping we could talk privately.
Andrew will reach out.
Kat, talk to me about the Fashion Week party.
But let's walk while we talk, because I am nowhere close to my step goal.
Uh party's gonna be awesome.
RSVPs are solid.
We got a good blend of A-listers and influencers and a bunch of strategies to get them posting all over the big four with Twitter being the obvious priority.
- Great.
- Yeah.
Everything I'm bringing to the party is total social media bait.
I actually found these really cool - green screen photo booths - Hmm.
- Sounds fun! - Yeah.
I've got a certain number of posts and shares that I need to hit in order to call the party a success.
Have you checked our Twitter lately? - Almost to 2 million.
- Yeah.
Jacqueline, these need to be signed.
- Okay.
Thank you, Andrew.
- And, uh, now is - the only time you have for Jane.
- Let's do it now.
[anticipatory music.]
Come on in.
Sit down.
I wasn't expecting to meet with you so quickly.
Um this is a very difficult conversation for me.
I know what this is about.
I figured you might.
- Jacqueline - I noticed you looking her up.
Mia Lawrence she's one of the first stories you ever pitched to me.
You want to know why I wouldn't let you write it.
Well, I saw her in the park the other day, and I-I've always thought that she was an amazing story for us.
But what I wanted to say Mia's story is a huge one.
It's emotionally very complex.
I didn't think you had the experience or the skill for it when you first brought it to me.
But attention for her has really dropped off, so you're not wrong wanting to revisit it.
- Well, actually - But I'll be honest.
I still do have reservations about giving it to you.
Jane, I've seen you grow a lot since you first started here, and I'm not criticizing your work.
It's been tremendous for a young reporter.
But it's one thing to write about yourself.
And it's another thing entirely to be able to capture someone else's trauma.
You don't think I could do it? I feel very confident that I could handle her story.
But what I wanted to talk to you Hold on.
All right.
Let's give it a shot.
But if and only if you are absolutely sure you're up for it.
I'm absolutely up for it.
Don't let me down.
I can't believe you wussed out on telling Jacqueline.
I didn't wuss out.
I wanted this to be my first story, and now it'll be my last.
It's kind of poetic.
- [phone whistles.]
- Pretty it up however you want.
- You still wussed out.
- Okay, I wussed out.
But I've wanted to work at "Scarlet" my whole life, and leaving is hard.
Yeah, I know.
We get it, babe.
I still really wanna talk about this, but I'm about to go back into the office, and then I'm gonna be off the grid, so can we switch to my thing real quick? Mm.
What's your thing? - Alex wants us to be together.
- Yeah, we can switch - to your thing.
- Wow.
- [phone chimes.]
- Oh, no! - I have to go back to Marc Jacobs! - No, wait, wait, wait! How do we feel about you and Alex? We feel open to it? Why did your voice go up at the end? - Because I'm a millennial? - Really? It's not how I thought it would go, but he's always there for me, he makes me laugh, and he's pretty cute when you get him out of the khakis.
- Oh, really? Do tell.
- Oh, don't tell.
- I sit across from him.
- No, not for long.
Go on.
I'm really into the idea of having somebody - that always has my back.
- What about Richard? No, no! That's so over, so over.
Everything with Richard was always so complicated.
With Alex, it'd be so easy.
I mean, if that's what you really want.
What I really want is to make Fashion Week my bitch.
Taxi! Hi.
Are you Are you here to take a turn? No.
I'm not.
I'm Jane Sloan from "Scarlett.
" I was hoping to interview you for the magazine.
Is that okay? [small laugh.]
I was hoping Well, that's the wrong thing to say.
I'm glad you're not a victim.
But I was hoping to take a break.
But, yeah, happy to talk.
Do you mind if I record? It is an art piece.
The whole point is to get people to see it.
- So go ahead, record.
- [softly.]
So when you first started, there was a lot of attention on you.
But that's died down quite a bit.
And is your goal still the same, to never drop the weights? I still think that there's enough women and men like me who never got justice that we could go on carrying the weights forever.
But realistically, I'll need to put the weights down at some point.
And when will that be? Excuse me.
Feel a little nervous right now.
I understand.
[somber music.]
I'm guessing my pain is your pain.
[dramatic musical buildup.]
Sutton! I already forgot why I was yelling your name.
- Your outfit for Proenza Schouler.
- Yes, that was it.
It's on the rack behind you.
The boots.
The ochre combat boots? They just came in.
They're downstairs.
Then why aren't you on your way to go get them? Because you just called my name? That seems valid.
[telephone rings.]
- Fashion department.
- Over speaker: Hey, it's me.
You're calling.
Aren't you here? I was just calling to say hi.
See, I'm a little new at this sneaking around thing.
- How'm I doing? - Not bad.
You probably want an answer to your question? - That would be nice.
- Sutton! Those boots aren't going to grab themselves.
On my way.
Give me a five-minute head start.
I'm going downstairs.
Meet me in the stairwell at the back of the building.
It all started with this one image at the prosecutor's office.
It was a portrait of Lady Justice behind him.
It was so hard talking to him, so I would just stare at her.
Felt like she had my back.
But after a year, he said there wasn't enough evidence and they were dropping the charges.
But I still believe in that image.
We met at an art show.
I walked up to him which is something the prosecutor was really hung up on, because I made the first move.
When I said I needed to go home, he offered to walk me.
No We cut through the park, and he he pulled me into the gazebo [exhales.]
I asked him to stop.
I begged him to stop.
The system failed me, so my rapist is an innocent man and he gets to just go on living.
That's what the prosecutor said that I should do.
But I don't know how to do that.
People looked at me, and I looked so normal, but I don't feel normal.
It's like the pain didn't fit my body.
And there's something about standing here, owning it.
Does that make sense? [click.]
Are these your interview notes? Yeah.
- [tapping.]
- You need to go deeper.
I want you to schedule a follow-up interview.
I already did.
I wanted to gain Mia's trust first.
She's very open, but there's a part of her that's still guarded, for obvious reasons.
I would think so.
"How does it impact you "that people for the most part have stopped coming out to see you?" Did you ask her that? Yes.
In the beginning, there were a lot of crowds, a lot of people coming out to support her, - but not anymore.
- What did she say about that? She said that as an artist, she can handle the rejection.
But as a rape survivor it's hard to stand there alone.
Jane, now, this is not a simple story, so when you have your follow-up questions, I want you to run them by me first.
[somber music.]
[phone buzzes.]
[somber music continues.]
Are you going somewhere? Ah, no, you know me.
I prefer the virtual world.
- What's up? - Nothing.
Jacqueline's just putting a lot of added pressure on this article, and I just wanna do a good job and go out on a high note.
I don't understand how many times - I have to prove myself to her.
- What do you care? Doesn't what's-her-face from "Incite" like love you? - Shh! - Shh! I care because this poor girl just wants to be seen.
I saw somebody take the weights from her, and you should have been there.
I don't think there's anything I could write - that'll be that powerful.
- [computer whistles.]
Hey, you're almost at 2 million.
1,997,400 Okay.
[thoughtful music.]
Wanna use this for good? We would use a webcam to live stream, and your art would be broadcast to our 2 million followers.
Well, almost 2 million.
Not everybody's like me.
What about people who don't wanna be on camera? Well, there's actually a button right here that people can press, so if they want to hold the weights but not have their face shown, they just press this.
The camera will tilt down and just show their hands.
Look, I know that, uh, the internet brings out the worst in people, but it also brings out the best.
And you said attention has died down on you, so we'd really like to help revive it.
Let's try it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Let me get it set up.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Well, looks like someone's conquering Fashion Week.
Yeah, I'm trying one pair of boots at a time.
I'm determined to get Oliver to send me to one of those shows.
He will.
I've watched you conquer bigger divas.
Okay, so sure.
Sure? Yeah, let's let's try this.
I'm gonna kiss you now.
I know.
[mellow music.]
Oh, hello! - Hi.
- Hi I am very, very behind on my step count, and I don't see any reason why "this" should derail that, so I'm gonna just keep on walking, and then the three of us will have a little meeting upstairs.
Should take about 20 minutes.
I'm gonna go first.
Oh! Thanks for getting here so quickly.
Just kidding.
Where have you been? - The park.
- Yeah.
So what happened? Jacqueline caught you and Alex? She's making both of us meet with HR individually.
I can't believe this.
I was with Richard for all that time and we never got caught once, and 30 seconds into whatever this thing with Alex is Jacqueline busts us? And I can't even stay here, because Oliver thinks that I'm picking out belts for him, so Take care of you, babe.
Wow, this just got so interesting.
- [whispers.]
It escalated quickly.
- [whispers.]
I know! [funky bass music.]
[phone buzzes.]
- Hey.
- Did you see? I'm looking right now.
We're getting Mia's story out there.
I'm gonna update Jacqueline.
[contemplative music.]
I'm sure you understand, as a large corporation, Steinem must investigate any and all breaches in corporate policy.
We're on your side.
We're just here to help.
This meeting is just to establish some facts.
I'm having someone from legal join us, make sure we ask all the right questions.
I'm not sure if you know each other, but this is Richard Hunter.
Good afternoon.
Richard, Alex Crawford is senior to Sutton Brady, and that's what we want to follow up on here.
I understand.
Alex is in a completely different department, - and we're not - Sutton, we're going to make this as painless as possible, and everything said in this room is completely confidential.
Right, Richard? Of course.
Can you describe the nature of your relationship with Alex? It just started, so we're not it's not defined.
And have you ever received any preferential treatment from him because of your relationship? No.
Didn't he just assign you your first styling credit? Yes.
Okay, moving on, did you ever at any point feel coerced or pressured into having a relationship with him? - We don't have - We do need a better understanding of what this is.
Was it ever intimate in nature? [lightly edgy music.]
Um I Was it ever sexual? I don't, um Yes.
Pardon me.
Okay! Just a few more questions.
This might be the worst day of my adult life.
- Time check? - Uh, you have 11 minutes until Oliver gets out of the show.
But cheer up, kid, 'cause I got you presents.
Well, Alex is in an HR interview with Richard right now, so good luck cheering me up.
- Ooh, lip stick! - Mm-hmm.
So why did we go crazy at Macy's? - Uh because I'm worth it.
- [chuckles.]
And I know it's a little overboard, but it's my party, so And you've worked really hard for this.
Yeah, I have.
And my Twitter numbers are up.
I'm using them to actually help someone, so life's good.
Everythiiing's great! Babe.
More presents.
Ooh! - [sniffing.]
- You know what? It's all gonna work itself out.
Guys how did this get so messy? [light music.]
Don't answer that! [funky bass music.]
You wanted to see us? Yes.
I wanted to talk to you about the webcam and how it specifically is supporting Mia.
Uh It's been amazing.
With Kat's help, our hashtag is trending, and the webcam feed is getting tens of thousands of views.
And of those viewers, 31% are leaving comments, which puts us in the excellent category.
Well, that does sound very excellent.
And yet, even with all those great analytics, we are still left with this one girl alone for hours in a park.
Where's all the support you told me about? Where's the audience for her art? Uh, well, they're online.
Did you see the comments? Kat no one is showing up.
This is how people show up now.
They leave a comment or send a hug emogi, you know? Yeah.
Well and then Twitter moves on - to the next big thing.
- I mean, we're doing everything - we can think of.
- Then we need to do better.
I know somebody over at the Rape Crisis Center.
We need to talk to her.
We need to reach out to other activist groups.
I mean, this article has the potential to be very powerful, and I am going to do everything I can to make sure that it is.
Okay, well, I'm almost finished with the piece.
I could show it to you tomorrow.
Jane, don't rush this.
Take your time.
This is very important.
Okay, you guys need to go get ready.
You need to tell Jacqueline you're leaving - before tomorrow.
- I know.
It's under control.
- Door mouse - What do you need? For you to get out.
If you're late to the party, I'm the one who looks like a mean boss.
- I'm almost done.
- With my show notes? You should have had those transcribed hours ago.
I did.
Check your email.
But I could never afford most of those brands.
Which is why you're always borrowing from the closet.
But most of our readers don't have the same access, so based on what you like from the shows, I'm putting together a list of similar but more affordable items from retailers in our price range.
I'll email it to you.
All my ladies Whatcha gon' do, all my ladies Grind to the left, sway to the right Drop it down low then take it back high No, I don't need introduction Follow my simple instruction Grind to the left, sway to the right Drop it down low then take it back high No, I don't need introduction Follow my simple instruction You see me, I do what I gotta do - Hey.
- Hi.
- This is amazing! - Thank you.
- Great job.
- Thanks.
- Bar? - Both: Yes.
- Bar.
- Great.
[Jax Jones' "Instruction" continues.]
Well, some say I'm bossy 'cause I am the boss - Let's - Yeah.
- Uh dessert! - Great! - Oh.
- Oh - Nope.
- Um let's take another lap.
No, I don't need introduction Follow my simple instruction Grind to the left, sway to the right Drop it down low then take it back high - What? - I'm not ready.
Follow my simple instruction You know what? I've got work to do, so you two go deal with your issues.
Like a bull in a china shop Steaming like buns Comin' in like a wrecking ball [phone chimes.]
- Luck is going all the way up - Love is raining like paper Rolling downtown with a couple young guys We got everything that we could ever want Whole city on my back like Jordan No, money can't buy [mellow pop music.]
I feel really bad.
I never meant to put you in such a terrible position.
Yeah, it wasn't my best HR meeting.
Alex held up like a champ.
He's a good guy.
He is.
I really regret how everything happened.
For what it's worth, I have a lot of regrets too.
I really don't want that to be true.
I don't mean that I regret us being together.
I mean Sutton, I got so wrapped up in work and what might happen if we got caught.
I know.
I regret not trying harder.
I don't think there's anything either of us could have done differently.
I don't think I can agree with that.
I should have fought for you.
I should have really fought for you.
You look great.
We were back to seventeen Summer nights and the Libertines Never growing up I'll take with me The Polaroids and the memories But you know I'm gonna leave behind The worst of us Who's gonna walk you through the dark side Of the morning Who's gonna rock you When the sun won't let you sleep Who's waking up to drive you home When you're drunk and all alone Who's gonna rock you through the dark side Of the morning It ain't me No no no no Don't you think her music's amazing? I know! - Jacqueline.
- [laughs.]
I have to have a word with you.
Oh, okay.
Nice to see you guys.
Thank you for coming.
Okay, see you later.
Keep up the good work.
Can I get another one, please? - You bet.
- Thank you.
It's a great party, huh? Jane, is everything okay? I've been trying to talk to you all day, and I know this isn't the right time, but I was offered a job at "Incite", and I've decided to take it.
Really? Mia's story will be my last.
I'll be leaving after that.
I wish I could have delivered the way you wanted me to, so I'm sorry I let you down.
Jane, you didn't let me down.
Well, I feel like I did.
Anyways thank you so much for everything you've taught me.
It's been an incredible experience, and I'll never forget working for you.
[Kygo's "It Ain't Me" continues.]
Hi, mama.
We got your text.
Um I did it.
I quit.
Oh! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
I think I might just take a walk or something.
- You want us to come with you? - No.
Um I should probably be alone.
- But I'll see you at home.
- Okay.
Love you.
[somber music.]
Do you have more questions? No.
Um I know I can't carry your weights for you, but I was thinking maybe I could stand with you for a little while.
That would be great.
[soft music.]
I want you to hold me down down down down Down down Hey, Alex.
Wanna take a picture with me? Uh, yeah.
Excuse me.
- Uh, after you.
- Thank you.
I want you to love me now now now now Now now Alex, I need to be honest with you.
I know what you're gonna say.
That's gonna be a great one for the scrapbook.
I never meant to lead you on.
I really did wanna try.
- I just - I don't wanna be that guy.
What guy? The guy you were with when you're really in love with the other guy.
I think you're amazing.
[small laugh.]
- I know.
- [click.]
I'll see you around, Sutton.
Come on! Never pick up when you want me Now I gotta draw a line Baby, I done done enough talkin' I need to know that you're mine [whirring.]
Gotta be right now, right now [soft music.]
The best things in life, no they never come for free [singing continues.]
You okay? Yeah, I'm good.
But, hey, I gotta tell you.
Your photo booth seemed like so much fun until I was breaking up in three international places.
- And Mars.
- Oh Which was a nice touch, by the way.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Hey, Kat, did you see? - You hit 2 million! - [gasps.]
- Congrats! - Oh "Oh"? That's it? Kat, you've been obsessing about hitting this number.
Just Just doesn't feel how I thought it would.
How does it feel? Uh empty? Should we get outta here? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Let's Find my Friend Jane.
I got it.
- Oh.
- Oh! Well, I'm glad you're here.
These nights get long.
Hey, Mia.
Hi, Kat! What are you guys doing here? Showing up.
Thank you.
Put on your face Know your place Shut up and smile Don't spread your legs You guys make me feel like I'm a little underdressed.
I could do that But no one knows me No one ever will If I don't say something If I just lie still Would I be that monster Scare them all away If I let them hear What I have to say I can't keep quiet No oh oh oh oh Oh, I can't keep quiet No oh oh oh oh oh No, I can't keep quiet No oh oh oh oh oh A one woman riot No oh oh oh oh oh Oh I, oh I Oh, I can't keep quiet There'll be someone who understands There'll be someone who understands Must be someone who understands Let it out, let it out now, let it out now There'll be someone who understands Let it out, let it out now, let it out now Oh oh oh oh oh I can't keep quiet We worked at a news magazine together, and he was senior to me, so all my stories had to run past him.
And this was over 20 years ago and my first year as a journalist.
And the environment was tough for anyone, but especially if you were a woman.
And his professional respect meant something to me.
I worked hard for it.
What happened? Oh One night he asked me to stay late.
He said that he wanted to help me with my story, that it had potential but that it needed work and I accepted.
That was not an invitation, but he took it that way.
We were the only ones in the office that night, and I have never felt so powerless.
Did you ever consider pressing charges? Not even for a second.
That would have ended my career, or at the very least defined it.
So I made a choice.
I decided to push it down, go back to work, and just pretend like nothing had ever happened.
Have you told anyone? Ian.
We started dating not long after, and he needed to understand why I had some trust issues.
I just have one last question.
Why come forward now? Well, Mia asked if she would ever feel normal again.
And I can only speak from my own experience, but I would say the answer is no.
But you find a new normal.
And it works so well that sometimes you don't even know that it's not.
And I don't think I realized how much of the weight I was still carrying.
Me pushing you on this story was misdirected.
It was not about you.
It was about me.
And I'm sorry for that.
I'm not.
You made me a better writer.
Well, I'll take that credit.
[small laugh.]
And I hope where you're going there's someone who's gonna keep on pushing you because, Jane, I really do believe that you have the potential to be exceptional.
Hey, Oliver, I have your outfit for the Marc Jacobs show.
Oh, my God.
I don't know what happened.
Hmm elegant.
But not exactly my style.
Or size.
- I'll fix it right away.
- No, it's too late.
You'll never get me a new outfit in time.
Although this one seems to be about your size.
And black is an excellent color for you.
Guess you'll just have to take my place at the show.
- Oh, my God.
Really? - Red.
Keep bringing your passion.
It's how you're gonna make your mark.
Thank you.
- Take good notes.
- Absolutely! [airy music.]
This just got so real.
Too real.
Okay, make your toast.
Hang on.
I need a second.
I have to think.
It needs to be perfect.
Both: Of course it does.
- Yeah, dawg.
- [giggles.]
To having adventures.
Ha ha ha! To making mistakes.
To sleeping with the wrong people.
And the right people.
- Mm.
- And to unleashing holy hell.
Twenty-two, such a blur, it's passing me by Twenty-one, I caught a glimpse of the light Twenty drinks later in the back of a ride - Nineteen, mama kicked me outta the house - Eighteen minutes till you bail me out - "Seventeen" magazine was telling the truth - When they said we all have issues - Just thinkin' out loud, screamin' so loud - Foolish and proud Livin' out loud Livin' out loud Out loud No, nothing can stop me Now Gonna live out loud And no one can break me down Gonna live out loud I'm screaming my demons Out Gonna live out loud, 'cause livin' out loud Is the only way out Livin' out loud is the only way I know how Oh, 'cause livin' out loud Is the only way I know how Oh Livin' out loud is the only way I know how No, nothing can Stop me now Gonna live out loud 'Cause livin' out loud is the only way I know how