The Bold Type (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

Feminist Army

1 All right, darlings, pay attention, because you don't want to miss what these three besties have been up to.
Sutton took a big risk and left her job as the hardest-working assistant in editorial to join "Scarlet's" fashion department.
But things with Richard, a member of "Scarlet's" board and 15 years her senior, were complicated.
What they had was real and really difficult.
- [door chimes] - Richard, hi! Hey, Sutton! So she decided to end things.
But the heart wants what it wants, and that door may not be fully closed.
Jane finally got her dream job and found her voice as a writer.
With Jacqueline encouraging her, Jane became a shiny new star in New York's media heavens.
But then edgy Internet magazine "Incite" came calling.
I was offered a job at "Incite," and I've decided to take it.
Kat was killing it as "Scarlet's" social media director, when she unexpectedly fell for Adena, a controversial artist who opened Kat's eyes and heart.
But Adena's visa troubles kept her out of the country.
After their missed connection, Kat realized there's more to life than work and decided to follow that big heart of hers back to Adena and around the world.
So keep up, lovelies, because these are the women of "The Bold Type.
" - [Frankie's "Paper Doll"] - Wake up in the morning Put my sneakers on, that's fine by me Wake up in the morning Put my sneakers on, that's fine by me, me I do what I please [engines roaring] - Darling, don't be confused - Excuse us.
- This is really nice of us.
- I know.
We're nice people.
[gasps] Oh, my God! I see her! Where? Wait.
No, never mind.
- Jane.
- I know.
You said no screaming.
It just came out.
[engines roaring] [funky pop music] [indistinct announcement over P.
system] I'm so excited to see her.
So excited.
If you masturbate on a plane, do they charge you for hijacking? [laughs] Adjective to describe a smell.
Hey! Jane, Sutton! [both shriek] Oh, my God, we missed you! I'm not a piece of paper You toss when you're through - You are glowing.
- Yeah.
Oh, thank you.
The whole trip was incredible.
Wait, so Adena is coming to New York, - like, right now? - Yeah, she got on the last flight out, and her visa got approved for three months while she looks for work, which will be easy, - 'cause she's great.
- Oh, "Scarlet" social media director and international artist.
You guys are officially a gay power couple.
Well, we kind of are, huh? - Should I call Page Six? - I have never - seen you like this! - [chuckles] - Uh, hello.
- You are a goner! - Bye.
- You know what? Fine, yes, I'm a goner, whatever.
I want everyone to know it.
Excuse me? Hi, um, I don't know if you know this, but I have a girlfriend, and she's amazing, - and her name's Adena - Okay, that's - enough of that.
- What? - We're not done with you yet.
- Well, I'm not done with you either.
I have questions.
Have there been any more Richard hookups? Mm, no.
It was just the one.
- And it was closure sex.
- [clears throat] Okay, fine, it was twice.
And anyway, we both love our jobs, and as long as we both work at Safford, it's I keep telling her she should just come and work at "Incite" with me, but the fashion there's a little more hoodie than haute couture, so she's like, "No, dawg.
" - Mm.
- [gasps] Oh! Can we add a stop? Delancey and Essex? - Thank you so much.
- Why? There's an Olivia Ruth VIP pop-up that I need to go to.
Gotta get a bag for Oliver.
Right now, though? Your flight was delayed three hours.
The pop-up store closes in 30 minutes, and then they put the bags on the floor - for the masses to fight over.
- Ew.
- The time is now.
- Civilians? Ugh.
- Can you get us a discount? - Yes, but hurry up.
[funky music] - I'm gonna try this on.
- Yeah, I'm gonna try this.
Maybe for the cover reveal party.
[indistinct chatter] - So fancy! - [sighs] - How cute is this? - Ugh - so cute.
- Then I'm buying it.
Oh no.
- Oh.
- Oh, no.
No, you know what? It's stuck on your - Is that a hat? - I'm stuck.
- It's not, okay.
- Help.
I can't take you guys anywhere.
- No, it's stuck - [all talking at once] - Is that your ear? - No, it's my hair.
- Oh, sorry.
- Just pull a little harder.
Just ow! Okay, just don't rip it.
- Hello, Jacqueline.
- Ha-ha, very funny.
Welcome back, Kat.
Thank you so much.
Hi, Jane.
Hi La-la-la-la-la Bet you I can make - Thank you.
- Thank you, Ms.
So your own vertical.
That's a big responsibility.
It is.
I'm starting with a series called "Feminist Army.
" It's gonna showcase millennial women who are changing the world.
And I met the most incredible businesswoman.
She's revolutionizing feminine hygiene, making it greener, safer, healthier Jane.
This isn't a pitch meeting.
Sorry, I I'm just really excited.
Of course, you should be.
You know, I was sad to see you leave "Scarlet.
" [Dua Lipa's "Be The One"] But what you're doing over at "Incite" celebrating smart, powerful women is important.
It's good for you.
It's good for all of us.
Thank you.
I'll see you ladies tomorrow.
- Bye! - See you.
Not a fool, not a fool - Not a fool - Hello, Internet! We're back! And it's a beautiful, freezing cold day in New York! - Look at this! - Come on, no more videos.
Let me post just this one.
Forget about posting.
Come back to bed.
- [chuckles] - You can finish what you started last night.
You know, I'd love to, but I have to go to work.
This is my first day back at "Scarlet"! - Mm-mm.
- Maybe, uh, you should come by the office - and have lunch with me later.
- Okay.
- I'll see you then.
- Yeah.
Gotta go! [mellow instrumental music] Get ready to own this town.
[peppy tambourine music] - [horn honks] - [elevator bell dings] Yeah, so at first, I was just, you know, throwing up for what seemed like hours.
But then it started to settle, and I went on this incredible journey.
I was actually able to go into my own body and hug my own heart.
Ayahuasca's so intense.
Yeah, I barfed and farted at the same time.
I'm basically a shaman now.
Wow, wow, wow.
- Are we good here? - It's a little weird, - but we're playing it cool.
- Okay.
She is back! - Hey, Alex! - [chuckles] Wow! Oh, my God.
Things are happening here that are very Yes.
Yes, yes, yes.
- I like it.
- [laughs] "Scarlet's" finally rubbing off on you.
Well, something like that.
Hey, Sutton.
Where should we take the dresses for the Rachel Antonoff shoot? The fashion department.
I have to steam them.
- Thanks, guys.
- Hey, uh, Jacqueline wants me to write this story on the most effective profile pictures.
I'm gonna need a few looks.
Do you have the time to style it for me? Yeah! I always have time for a styling credit.
Cool! I'll reserve the studio.
- Great to have you back.
- Red! I'm drowning in Rachel Antonoff fallopian tube sweaters.
Please, help me.
You know, they're uteruses as well, um, the entire female reproductive system Red, I know.
I've been with one.
Or two.
I can't remember.
It was the '90s.
I don't know.
Kat! My office? Okay.
Well, I really appreciate you giving me the time off, especially on such short notice.
When you asked to go, it was pretty clear to me that this was about more than needing a vacation.
Yeah, it was.
And while I was gone, it hit me.
Everything that matters to me is because of "Scarlet.
" Adena, my two best friends, my career And now that I am back, I'm ready to kick ass for you.
Well, that is great news, Kat.
- [chuckles] - And I'm glad that you're recharged, because building the social media department is gonna be a lot of work.
Staffing alone is gonna be incredibly time-consuming.
I am getting a finalized staffing budget this week.
In the meantime, I'm putting together what my needs will be.
And there is one other thing.
We recently did some in-depth research on the numbers for the dot-com, and the results were disappointing.
The board is meeting this afternoon to discuss a possible relaunch, and I'd like you to sit in.
- Okay, I'll be there.
- Great.
No problem.
You're welcome, bye.
Carolina Herrera's office called.
She wants to confirm that Karlie is wearing the Tanya Taffeta skirt to the cover reveal party tomorrow night.
I can confirm that she's wearing Carolina on the cover, but who can say what she'll show up wearing tomorrow? You know, I can't control models any more than I can control my moods.
[chuckles] Just kidding.
Mood stabilizers keeping me steady as she goes.
- I'll let her know.
- She'll have to wait.
It's sexual harassment time.
The seminar You guys get what I mean.
- Let's go.
- So do not forget, it does not matter what your intention was.
It matters how it makes the subject of the intention of the joke feel.
I know "Scarlet" has made some changes to their corporate policy.
Richard Hunter, house counsel, is going to speak to that.
[nervous music] So given the rapidly changing world we now live in and our recent corporate merger, - the board has decided - - to review our sexual harassment policy.
- In that process, we realized that there is far too much gray area.
So new policy.
If two staffers engage in any type of romantic relationship, they need to report it to Human Resources and fill out a consensual relationship agreement.
Now, it's a legal document stating yes, you guessed it - that the relationship is consensual.
- [whispering] What are you doing? Uh yes? So, um if if two employees want to date who work at different departments or at different levels of the company, they can without any issue? Correct.
What if they're at, like, way different levels? [whispering] I'm gonna kill you.
They need to go to HR.
They'll review the agreement with you and your partner, separately.
Then you sign the contract saying that the relationship is consensual, and you are free to date.
That's all the time we have today.
If you have any further questions, swing by my office.
My door's always open.
Thank you, everyone.
What? [grunts] [exhales sharply] [Madison's "Hustle"] My movement is fluid my body can do it I'm crafting a notion I'm mixing a potion My power is endless a little relentless I'm breaking the ceiling I'm loving the feeling I'm on that hustle You see me fly Me and my shadow Against the time I'm on that hustle Guys, our numbers were down last week.
I don't like to see that.
So surprise me this week.
I want out-of-the-box thinking, okay? Adam, go.
It's not just for anarchists anymore.
With the growing distrust of the federal government, middle-class families are starting to un-bank.
I'm only interested if the middle class are becoming anarchists.
I'll find out.
All right, Jane.
You've had a week to settle in.
Time to push you out of the nest and launch your vertical.
Talk to me.
[sighs] Okay, um so as you know, I want to feature young women who are changing the world, and my first subject is Emma Cox.
She is the CEO, or "she-E-O" of OTR, which stands for "Off the Rag.
" They make menstrual cups.
Menstrual cups are like a a diaphragm.
You buy one, and you reuse it.
They're becoming way more popular than tampons - among millennials.
- Wait.
Who here uses cups? I don't.
I make my own tampons.
They're organic.
Right, um Look, Emma is 29, and she's taken OTR from a small start-up to a million-dollar company.
And for every OTR cup sold, the company donates one to a homeless shelter.
Why this story? I'm just not seeing it.
I came to "Incite" to write stories that inspire and challenge.
And Emma Cox is the embodiment of that message.
[soft upbeat music] Very well.
It's your vertical, and I like your passion.
Go write it.
- Hi.
- Mr.
Hunter, hi.
About what you were, um, saying At the seminar, right.
Yeah, of course.
Come on in.
Thank you.
- Were you - Talking about us? Yes.
This new policy changes everything.
[sighs] It can't be that simple.
I was just as skeptical when it came across my desk.
But as of yesterday, this is the new company policy.
I want us to be together.
And we can be.
There is nothing standing in our way anymore.
Nobody has to leave their job.
No more hiding.
We can make plans, go to dinners, vacations We could walk into a party together.
We could walk out of a party together.
[sighs] I miss you.
I want us to be together.
Don't you? I do.
Emma, I think what you're doing here is so amazing, and you were integral to the repeal of the pink tax in New York, that taxes tampons as a luxury good.
Was activism always a part of your vision for OTR? Yeah.
I love that a customer can buy an OTR cup and feel good because she knows a homeless woman is gonna benefit from her purchase.
I'm proud of that.
Yeah, I get that.
And, I mean, the publicity doesn't hurt.
- Well, yeah.
- [both laugh] I was a millennial woman walking into investor meetings asking for money for a company that makes menstrual cups and wants to give half of them away for free.
Yeah, either you're really crazy, or you're really brave.
Well, I think that a lot of young women are gonna be inspired by how you run your business and the choices you're making.
I know I am.
[funky music] Oh, okay, we're doing this.
Yeah, so basically that entire presentation - really was for me.
- Or was it to address the very real epidemic of workplace sexual harassment? Yes, also that, but can we just stick with what's happening, because I'm freaking out? - And Jane needs to be here! - Oh, yes! On it! Okay.
[cell phone rings] - Oh, my God! Hi! - Jane hey! Aww, you guys are in the fashion closet without me! Yes, we are.
And we have some hot goss about Richard.
Go ahead, honey.
Oh, you're frozen.
Hello? - Can you see me? - Jane? - Jane? - Nope.
Go over in the corner.
The service is better.
Okay, we're coming.
Hold on.
Hold - Okay, is that better? - No, it's super not.
- Oh - No, I can see you! - Hello? - I can see you.
Can you see me? What about Richard? - [groans] - Okay, this isn't working.
I will text her every detail.
- Just tell me what's going on.
- [sighs] Richard signed the agreement.
He wants to go public.
He is all in.
[gasps] Oh, my God, it's like an episode of "That Girl.
" It's so romantic! Right? Yeah, no I mean yes.
We've had this huge obstacle in our way for so long, and now it's just gone.
I-I'm just I'm trying to wrap my head around it.
Well, nothing's simple.
I mean, my relationship is completely controlled by U.
immigration policy.
It's complicated, but it's worth it.
[sighs] That's true.
Yeah, so is this happening or I'm gonna go for it.
I'm gonna set a meeting - with HR.
- [squeals] We're gonna go on double dates! - Yeah! - Aww! I can't believe you've been coming here alone - for the past two weeks.
- I know.
It sucks.
I've been, like - talking to shoes and stuff.
- The Louboutins? - Duh.
- Mm.
[energetic pop music] And as you can see, the website's just not that intuitive.
We have to rebuild it from the ground up.
But the dot-com has a deeper issue.
We need to figure out a way to appeal - to a broader audience.
- Well, actually, it's the opposite.
[clears throat] I just got back from a couple weeks in Peru with my girlfriend, and while I was traveling, I talked to all different kinds of women.
And I realized that, true or not, "Scarlet" is perceived as a magazine for straight middle-class women.
And the magazine is not gonna change I mean it it shouldn't.
It works, but the website can afford to take more risks - and push the envelope.
- More than it already does? There are so many stories about - orgasms.
- You are welcome, America.
[all chuckling] Continue, Kat.
I'm gonna tweet out links to two different stories, one about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the other about this guy: Sparkle Pony, who self-identifies as a unicorn.
Which one do you think is gonna get more retweets? Okay, fine, I'll play.
The royals.
[funky music] Nobody else? Okay.
All right.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have 14 likes and 8 retweets.
And Sparkle Pony has 45 likes and 23 retweets.
24 25.
When it comes to the Internet and millennials, it's not about the story.
It's about the conversation it starts.
That's how we reach the trend-setters of today.
[tweet whistles] 34 retweets - 35, 36 - All right, Kat.
Thank you.
You've given us a lot to think about.
Moving on You should have seen the look on the board members' faces when I was breaking it down for them.
They were like, "What what is happening?" [both laugh] Sorry, old guys, it's time to let someone else speak.
Kat is back, and she's on "fi-yah!" - Scorching.
- [elevator bell dings] Everyone knows that Sutton has been sleeping with him.
It's the only reason she's getting all - of these styling credits - Uh, what the hell, Mitzi? [tense music] Fashion closet now.
Is there something that you would like to say - to my face, Mitzi? - Yeah, I don't care what paperwork you sign.
It's bullshit.
You're getting preferential treatment just because of who you're sleeping with.
Sutton is not getting preferential treatment.
This is the second styling credit he's given you.
Did you honestly think no one was gonna notice? Are you talking about Alex? We all know you're banging him.
Oh, it was one time.
And it is none of your business.
It is when you're stealing jobs from us.
I'm sorry, are you new here? I'm not stealing jobs from you.
I'm working my ass off.
You're sleeping your way to the top.
It's a story as tired as that outfit.
[tense music] All right, listen up, Mitzi.
Sutton does not need to sleep with anybody to be amazing at her job.
And the outfit is fierce.
Good night.
Oh, my God.
Everybody knows.
And if they didn't before, they do now.
No, Mitzi's an idiot.
I heard she named her dog Charmin, - like the toilet paper.
- I have to talk to Alex.
Oh, see, I don't know if that's a good idea.
I don't know if he's the type to talk about hookups Kat.
Oh, hey! - Hi, Sutton.
- Hey, Adena.
I'm so sorry to be rude, but I have to run.
- Is everything okay? - Uh, not really.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Do you think she'd like to join us for lunch? Oh, actually, I should have texted you.
Is it okay if we rain-check? I just want to make sure Sutton's okay, and I have to follow up on this wild board meeting I just went to.
It's just it's been a crazy first day back.
- You know? - Okay, I understand.
- I'll see you later? - Okay.
I can't wait.
[upbeat music] - You're at work.
- Oh, so what? Let them see.
I'm a rebel.
Bye! Thank you so much for your time.
Um, I'm a writer for "Incite," and I'm doing a story on Emma Cox.
So I just wanted to get a quote from you about how the OTR free cup program has impacted the women who stay here.
Um, I'd say quite poorly.
Three of our clients wound up in the hospital with infections.
I don't understand.
They're safer than tampons.
Yeah, if they're washed and sterilized.
But the women who come here don't have regular access to sanitation.
Look, the intentions were good, but these cups were made with women of privilege in mind, not women who don't have access to basic facilities.
These cups are not only useless.
They're dangerous.
[somber music] Have you communicated this to OTR? [chuckles] Yes.
I've spoken to Emma Cox personally more than once.
She's well aware of the problem.
Good luck.
I never said a word.
Then how do people know? I don't know.
We were so drunk that night.
Anybody could have seen us.
What's wrong? Are you embarrassed? No, it's not that.
It's just, Mitzi thinks that you're giving me these styling credits because we slept together.
Oh, come on.
That's crazy.
I know.
But why did you choose me for the styling jobs? Because you have the best eye.
[cell phone beeping] It's Rachel Antonoff.
Oliver Grayson's office.
Hey, Rachel.
Yes, I sent over the proposals for the layout.
Me? Um, I really like the first one.
I think that it goes really well with the themes for your Royal Bitch collection.
Amazing! And I did set up a car for you, okay? Cool, see you soon.
Rachel Antonoff asking your opinion.
Look who's fancy now.
Look maybe you should find somebody else to style your shoots.
I can't have people thinking I'm getting preferential treatment.
It just sucks.
Look, don't let people get in your head.
You're really good at your job.
Thanks, Alex.
But I'm not sure it's enough.
[slow pop music] Emma, why didn't you mention the problem with the cups to me earlier? As soon as we realized this was happening, we stopped the program, and we're working on a prototype for a disposable cup that doesn't need to be sterilized.
You're not donating any cups right now, but your advertising still promotes that program.
Look, I'm in a tight spot here.
If we lose customers, then we can't afford to do the research and development on the disposable cups.
I want to expand to the schools too.
Did you know many low-income girls don't go to school because they can't afford sanitary products? This a huge gender issue that no one is talking about.
Yeah, I know.
But this is a huge safety issue that you are covering up.
Jane you know what it's like.
You take a big swing, and sometimes it pays off.
Sometimes it falls apart.
That's just the cost of taking risks.
[melancholy music] [cell phone beeps] [sultry R&B music] Hey, babe.
- Oh, my God, did you cook? - Yes, I did.
Oh, it smells amazing! All day, I have been craving you and fesenjoon, and now I get to have both, hmm? So how about this: me, you, fesenjoon, and a super fun "Scarlet" party? Hmm.
I'd love to just stay at home and be with you tonight.
Yeah, I know.
I mean, I want to stay home too.
But I have to go to this party, so why don't you come with me? You know, I'll introduce you to everyone, show you off.
Yeah, okay.
That sounds nice.
And fesenjoon is even better the next day.
It's gonna be so much fun.
You're sure I can't change your mind? Uh, no.
I can't go to a "Scarlet" party and face Jacqueline, especially when my vertical's supposed to launch tomorrow and the only thing I've done tonight is stress-tweeze my eyebrows.
Oh, honey.
We both know where this can go, so please hand over the tweezers.
[chuckles] Thank you.
- [growls] - Emma lied.
- Can't you just write that? - No.
I don't want my first column to essentially be an exposé.
I want to lift women up, not tear them down.
[sighs] I don't really want to go either.
I have no idea what I'm gonna say to Richard.
[sighs] Thank you.
How did you know you were making the right choice when you left "Scarlet"? I didn't.
Quite frankly, right now, I feel like I made a huge mistake.
So this isn't a pep talk? [snickers] - I'm sorry, okay.
- [laughs] Okay, I'm with you, so just break it down for me.
Let's say you did go all in with Richard.
I mean, what are you so scared of? That even if I become insanely successful, like the next Grace Coddington or something, people will say, "Sutton Brady got to where she is because of who she slept with.
" And that's not something that Richard has to worry about.
No, that double standard is, like, one of the classic rock hits of patriarchy.
[laughs] [solemn music] Well, I guess you just need to make a decision.
I mean, what are you more willing to gamble with, your career or your love life? That was not really reassuring, was it? No, but it was honest, and I need that.
- Do you have something? - Yeah.
I've been putting so much pressure on myself to make this article perfect.
But it doesn't have to be perfect.
- It just has to be honest.
- About Emma? About me and Emma.
I went in with the best intentions, and it didn't work out.
Same with her.
But we have to keep pushing.
We have to keep trying.
That's what Jacqueline would say.
And that's inspiring and relatable.
[keys tapping] You did make the right decision, - going to "Incite.
" - Thanks.
- I hope so.
- [inhales deeply] [exhales sharply] I'm off.
Ah, you know what? [sighs] I'm coming with you.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
- What about your article? - Well, now I know what it's gonna be, so I can face Jacqueline, and I can help you face Richard.
- [gasps] - Unless you don't Oh, please, I have the perfect dress.
[groans] Style me.
[Jaded's "In The Morning"] I ain't looking for a ring 'cause I got what I want [camera shutters clicking] I ain't looking for a ring 'cause I got what I need 4:00 in the morning I buy you a drink 6:00 in the morning I take you back to my crib uh-huh I'll teach you things baby teach you things Show you every move and make you reach for things I'll teach you things baby teach you things In the morning You know what I'm like - Any sign of Jacqueline? - Nope.
- Any sign of Richard? - Nope.
- Drinks? - Yep.
[laughter] [indistinct chatter] - Hello, you two! - Hey! Jacqueline, I have to thank you for your generosity during our time in Peru.
You made some of my culinary dreams come true.
Oh, well, I got to live vicariously - through your trip.
- Jacqueline.
Are you ready? Kat, I would love you to walk the carpet.
The more our digital audience can get to know you, - the better.
- Yeah, sure.
- Come on, let's do this.
- I'd rather not.
Um Well, um, we'll be waiting for you - when you're ready.
- Okay.
What's up? Why wouldn't you want - to walk the carpet? - Kat, please.
Just go have your photo taken.
I don't want to do it.
[stammers] - Go.
- Okay.
This is our new social media director.
[Photronique's "Super Loud"] Make it super loud Ooh Make it super loud make it super loud [lively pop music] [indistinct chatter] Hey.
So what was that about? Kissing me in front of your coworkers and all the selfies and now a a walk down the red carpet together.
- It's too much.
- No, I don't want to hide anything.
And we don't have to.
It's not about hiding.
- You're going too fast.
- Okay, we just spent weeks traveling together, just the two of us, and now you are essentially living in my apartment.
I don't understand how one public photo is going too fast.
We are just in the in the beginning stages of this, Kat.
It's it's delicate.
We're still finding each other.
Okay, I think you're being a little precious.
You are ready to to show me off and introduce me to the world as your girlfriend and and put photos of us all over social media, but then - Never mind.
- But what? Just say it, Adena.
You're not ready to go down on me.
- What? - You don't go down on me.
- Hi.
- We're gonna go to the bar.
No, no, no, stay, stay, stay.
I'm sorry, this was not the right place - or time.
- [sighs] Yeah, you're probably right.
Maybe we should talk back at the apartment.
- I'll wait up for you.
- Great.
Well, that did not look good.
It wasn't great.
I have an idea.
- Come with me.
- Okay.
Hey, you look like a girl who could use a bathroom break.
What are you talking about? Are you trying to steal something? No, no, we just need a moment with our girl.
She just got into a fight with her girlfriend, and, uh, I'm guessing it's the first one.
- Mm-hmm.
- Anyway, um, we need to chat, and we don't really do bathrooms; we do closets.
Sure, I get it, and I do really need to pee.
Just don't steal anything, okay? - Okay! - Great.
What if I don't know how to do it? Or what if I do it and I don't like it? Or I do it and it's weird or You know, then what? Am I really queer, or has this whole relationship been a lie? And why would Adena want to be with someone who doesn't know how to do something that she clearly likes? - Hey.
- What? You two are crazy about each other.
One sex act is not gonna break you guys up.
Just talk to her.
You're new at this.
That's okay.
You don't have to get it perfectly right every time.
Been there.
[sighs] Okay, let's go.
[all grunt] - My women.
- So tiny, yet so strong.
[chuckles] All right, I gotta go find Adena.
- Or at least her vagina.
- [laughs] - You couldn't resist.
- I could not.
[indistinct chatter] - Hey, Rachel! - Hi.
Uh, Sutton from Oliver's office.
Sutton! Come here! Oh! Yay, such a warm hug! - Hi! - Hi! I'm so happy to meet you.
I just wanted to make sure that you have everything you need.
Thank you.
And yes, everything.
You have been beyond amazing this week.
- I cannot thank you enough.
- Oh, good! Seriously, your instincts are awesome.
- My pleasure.
- There she is! Oliver Grayson! - [cell phone dings] - Now, I have picked - all the looks for the shoot next week.
- It's going to be incredible.
Sutton sent me a mock-up.
I'm so excited.
This girl is a gem.
Seriously, she is so talented.
If you're not careful, I'm going to poach her.
- Um, back off.
- [chuckles] I know a good thing when I have it.
You look like you could use a refresher.
- [cell phone dings] - Oh, yes.
- Whatcha drinking? - Champagne.
- Well, Rachel, Red, let's hit the bar.
- If you'll excuse me.
So good to meet you.
Wonderful meeting you.
Okay, let's go.
Scotch neat, please.
Jacqueline? Hi.
Jane! I-I love the Karlie cover.
Oh, thank you.
Well, we were so thrilled to get her.
How goes the vertical? Well, actually, uh, - it launches tomorrow.
- Really? Yeah, it's it's kinda scary but exciting, and I'm really enjoying the challenge.
Well, it sounds like moving to "Incite" was the right decision.
Congratulations! I look forward to reading your piece.
All right, time to hand-hold some advertisers.
It was lovely to see you, Jane.
You too.
[muffled music playing] Hi.
- Hi.
- You look amazing.
Uh I know that it's hard to understand but I can't sign the agreement.
Richard, you're a board member.
You're 15 years older than me.
I'm an assistant.
I make in a year what you take home in a week.
You know what people will say.
Which is why we have legal protection.
A contract cannot protect a reputation.
You're walking away from someone who loves you, who wants to build something with you, because some assistant is gossiping about you? It's a gamble.
All of it.
But I'm putting my money down on my career and believing that love will fall in place.
I couldn't feel more opposite than that right now.
[somber music] Don't you think that's a problem? [sighs] I can't do this anymore, Sutton the secret meetings, the texts.
I know.
Not because I don't want to see you or because I don't want to talk to you.
- It's - I know.
It hurts both of us.
So we really have to do it this time.
We really have to move on.
Good-bye, Sutton.
Through unrest and stillness [door closes] Hi.
There's still some dinner, if you're hungry.
Oh, thanks.
Uh so I kind of feel like I screwed this whole thing up.
No, no.
Kat, don't say that.
Um it was not just you.
I I'm sorry I snapped.
I could have been more honest.
Look, it's on me for not offering, but I don't know Why didn't you just ask? [laughs] Do you remember what you said to me the first night that we hung out? You couldn't ever - "do that.
" - Oh.
- Couldn't even say it.
- Oh.
Yeah, but I didn't know what I was talking about.
Kat, it's okay.
We are still new to this.
I I didn't want to push you to do something that you weren't ready to do or - didn't want to.
- Oh! No, no, no, it is not that.
I'm so attracted to you.
But I guess I was a little, uh, worried and scared.
Well, of course.
It's, um It's cunnilingus.
It's the last frontier.
Where no man has gone before.
You know, Kat, it's not even the act that matters.
It's you and me being able to have these conversations.
Talking about it is the most intimate thing.
And that's that's what I should have said at the party.
- This is what matters.
- I know.
But, my God, I've never talked about oral sex so much in my entire life, - and I work at "Scarlet.
" - [laughs] Okay? You don't know what it's like there! [both laughing] [Dagny's "That Feeling When"] I knew love as something painful Two hearts unstable I went and ran away So I wouldn't be able To get let down I was high To touch the ground from the sky - I knew love as something fatal - And I wouldn't be able I think you're changing everything 'Cause I'm about to let you in now Ey I feel it I'm feeling That feeling That feeling when Ooh, ooh when Ooh, ooh I feel it now I need it That feeling That feeling when Ooh, ooh I felt myself unravel Too scared and too shattered Build walls as high as castles Too high for anyone but I wasn't expecting you Like a punch that knocks the wind out I think you're changing everything 'Cause I'm about to let you in now I feel it I'm feeling That feeling That feeling when Ooh, ooh when Ooh, ooh I feel it now I need it That feeling That feeling when Ooh ooh [cell phone buzzes] [gentle somber music] Hey, Oliver.
They're waiting for you at Fendi.
[cell phone rings] - Hi, Victoria.
- Jane.
Your vertical is on the website, and you made the splash page.
Really? Just a heads-up, I made a few adjustments.
Of course, you're my editor.
Um, thank you so much for the heads-up.
See you later.
Great, see you then.
[curious instrumental music] [funky dramatic music] - - Oh, shit.