The Bold Type (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Rose Colored Glasses

1 - Enjoy your Squeeze Press! - Thank you.
[phone buzzing.]
- Hey.
- Where are you? Squeeze Press.
At a table facing the office.
Wait, what? I thought we said the Midtown location? I've been looking forward to this all morning! Why would we go to Midtown? Because that's where my appointment was.
- [line beeping.]
- Hold on, it's Jane.
Are you at the Midtown location? I'm at the Brooklyn location, like we discussed.
- Both: Brooklyn? - I'm in Midtown.
Yeah, and I'm in Madison Square Park.
- I'm dying to know.
- Okay, just tell us.
- How was it? - Well then you know where to find me.
Oh, and ladies? - It's worth it.
- Kat! First one there gets the details.
- [laughs.]
- No! - Yes, yes, yes! - No! No! - No! - [laughs.]
[both chattering.]
[all scream.]
La la la like it La la la like it, like it Oh, my God, I can't believe you guys.
- And, Jane, your shoes.
- Oh, please, she doesn't care.
Yeah, the only thing I care about right now is you telling us what it was like to go down on Adena.
Go ahead.
Well, uh, it was awesome.
I mean, I was completely freaked out at first.
- Of course.
- Who wouldn't be? Then I realized I have one of these, and I know what I like.
So, I did it.
And I liked it.
A lot.
- Ooh! - That's amazing.
And things with Adena are awesome.
- God, I miss Richard sex.
- Oh, babe.
You just need a distraction.
I just want to like a guy again, you know? - Yeah.
- [phone chimes.]
Oh, great.
- I have to go deal with this Emma Cox takedown.
- Actually, we have to go too.
- Jacqueline pitch meeting.
- All right.
Uh, hey.
Baby? The Emma Cox thing is gonna be fine.
- Mm - Mm-kay.
Guys, are you gonna walk with me like this? - Both: Yeah.
- Let's go.
- Off to work.
- [laughing.]
[funky upbeat music.]
Hey, Victoria.
Do you have a second? What's up? My piece on Emma Cox is completely different than what I handed in.
Do you know why we call this place "Incite"? - Because it - Because we incite conversations.
Your nuanced piece on when good intentions go bad didn't do that.
But the part where Emma Cox brands OTR as charitable, even after her product makes homeless women sick was interesting.
So I made that the article.
I get that.
Um It's just, you hired me for my voice When it aligns with "Incite's" brand.
You just missed the mark this time.
I just wish that I would have seen it before it went live.
At at "Scarlet" This is not "Scarlet," Jane.
Another hero caught beating off on camera.
How hard is it to keep your junk in your trunk? I don't think you're using that right.
- Not the point.
- When in doubt, - don't pull it out.
- Exactly.
Not that hard.
Ooh, I do not envy any of you having to navigate dating in this climate.
So there is something else that we need to talk about.
Our allies.
The guys who show up at women's rallies, and who speak up when others are silent.
I want to do a roundup of honorable men.
Good doctors, firefighters, human rights activists.
Alex, you'll do the interviews.
And we'll make it a fashion spread.
Can't we just do a write-up? You know how I hate styling the general population.
I have faith in you, Oliver.
And you have a great support staff.
And a meditation app, if you need it.
Kat, we need to bank some content for Snapchat, and this photo shoot will be a perfect place to start.
Hashtag "they're not all bad," you know you make that better.
- Yeah.
- All right, so, what's in the hopper for our "Love and Lust" section? Uh, household appliances that will charge up - your sex life.
- Electric toothbrush.
What? What, nobody else And a Waterpik.
- People still use those? - They will, - after they read my article.
- Hmm.
- Give me your top six.
- Sure.
All right, everyone, that's it.
Uh, Kat, can you hang back for a moment? Sure.
Now that you are a department head, I'm going to need your bio for speaking engagements and media tie-ins.
I really want you out there as the face of social.
- Great.
- You do have a bio, right? I have a Twitter bio and an Insta bio.
All right, well, I'm gonna need something a little bit more professional.
You know, just a couple paragraphs, make it interesting.
People are gonna want to know who Kat Edison is.
Good to see you.
To what do I owe this honor? A board seat just became available.
Did someone die, or move to Boca? Stanley Rogers retired to spend more time with his family.
And you're telling me this because I think you should go for it.
It'd be a lot of fun to have you upstairs.
- [laughs.]
- We could really shake things up from the inside.
Mm, that would be fun, and I love the idea of another woman being upstairs.
But you and I both know I'm not leaving "Scarlet.
" Unless, of course, that's no longer a conflict.
No, it is.
I figured it was a long shot, but you can't blame a guy for trying, right? [chuckles.]
Well, keep me updated on who they find.
Of course.
Everything else good? Yeah, good enough.
Men like you.
Walk with me.
- Figures.
- You don't know this, well, because you're young, but styling the general population is hell, even if they are handsome.
Which is why I want you to be my right hand.
- Got it.
- And my left.
Here's your binder of extraordinary men.
Pick five who can be here in the morning.
- Tomorrow morning? - You'll need to fit them.
These are not models, so they are not one size fits all.
Oh, and Red, these guys are amateurs when it comes to photo shoots, so they're going to need a lot of hand-holding.
You're welcome.
[soft dramatic music.]
"Emma Cox is a fraud.
" Oh, my God, this is crazy.
Are "Incite" readers always this harsh? Yep.
And I take it you don't agree with them.
Yeah, because they only have one side of the story.
I mean, she did one bad thing, and it wasn't on purpose.
Oof! Brutal.
Come on, we have a pitch meeting.
Yeah, I'll be there in a second.
[phone beeps.]
[line ringing.]
Hi, this is Emma Cox.
Please leave a message.
Hi, Emma.
This is Jane Sloan from "Incite.
" I just wanted to say how sorry I am.
Ooh, working on your bio? Kind of.
Is that Susan and Marcus? [laughs.]
I want you to meet them.
I'm supposed to have dinner with them tomorrow night, so maybe we could invite them over, or Um are you sure you want me to be there? I know you've never introduced anyone you were dating to your parents before.
Yes, I'm sure.
Not to mention, a woman.
They know.
They're cool.
They want to meet the person I'm crazy about.
Then, uh, I'd better do my research.
[soft pop music.]
Each page just keeps getting better and better.
Their careers are very impressive.
Who are you? "Their careers are very impressive?" Have you even looked - at this binder? - It's a binder - of professional men.
- [scoffs.]
It is a binder of hot men, and you get to fit them.
Because men like me.
Okay, someone's cocky.
Oliver's words, not mine.
Do you think Oliver wants my help because he heard people talking, and he thinks I'm the office flirt? No.
I think he wants your help because you're good at your job.
- All right.
- But that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy some eye candy with your best friend.
How cute is this guy? And he's a doctor.
With a free clinic.
I think I have an itch.
You do know this is a round-up of good guys in light of all the sexual harassment claims? Oh, and I'm objectifying them.
I see the irony, and I'm okay with it.
Why did I leave "Scarlet," again? Because you wanted to do hard-hitting journalism.
Well, you know what I would hit hard? - [phone chirping.]
- That.
Oh, what is this? [groans.]
[phone chirping repeatedly.]
What's "Sorry Not Sorry Jane Sloan"? It's getting retweeted like crazy.
Hi, Emma.
This is Jane Sloan from "Incite.
" I just wanted to say how sorry I am.
That's not the article I wrote.
It was turned into a total hit piece.
- Call Kat.
- Yeah.
If you could give me a call when you get this, - that would be great.
- [phone chirping rapidly.]
How could she do this? She put my voicemail on Twitter.
Why would she humiliate me like this? I was trying to apologize.
Maybe I should just email her my original article, - and she'll take it down.
- Both: No.
Have you learned nothing from this experience? Well, I should at least email Victoria - and tell her what happened - Hey! - Do not touch - No, no.
- [groans.]
- the computer.
- But Victoria is - Will handle it.
Remember when the stripper sued you? Jacqueline took care of it.
This is way above your pay grade.
"Sorry Not Sorry" is trending.
Not the Demi Lovato version.
Yeah, but it's totally gonna blow over.
- Right, Kat? - Absolutely.
These things have a 24-hour lifespan.
Just wanted to say how sorry so-so-sorry I am.
[distorted voice.]
How sorry I am.
[to a rap beat.]
This is Jane-Jane-Jane Jane-Jane-Jane Sloan.
I just wanted to say how sorry so-so-sorry I am.
[distorted voice.]
How sorry I am.
This is Jane-Jane-Jane Jane-Jane-Jane Sloan.
I just wanted to say how sorry - so-so-sorry I am.
- Sorry.
[distorted voice.]
How sorry I am.
It's not funny.
[indistinct chatter.]
Hi, can I help you? Tim Benson.
NYFD lieutenant.
Sage, "Scarlet" sex writer.
I'm here for a fitting.
- We all are.
- Okay.
Oh, right! Right, uh, sit tight, I will be right back.
Oh! Whoops! Excuse me.
Sutton, there's some men in reception.
Real men.
Not models.
People with impressive jobs.
Uh, yeah.
Uh, do you want me to wait with the guys in reception? - I really don't mind.
- That's okay.
Just send them over to me.
Okay, if you need anything, - I am - Just send 'em on down.
Can I ask you a favor? - What's up? - Okay, I was just wondering if you could take a look at my bio and make sure it's reading okay before I give it to Jacqueline.
I'd be honored.
- [chuckles.]
- Oh, my God, I I already hate this.
I could never be a writer.
Well, see, the key is to add - as much detail as possible.
- Okay.
Like, you could add the fact that you're black.
It'll read something like, "Kat Edison is 'Scarlet' magazine's first black female department head.
" See, that sounds impressive.
Yeah, but it's also irrelevant.
You know, I'm a department head.
That has nothing to do with the color of my skin.
Okay it's a big part of who you are.
Yeah, but I'm also part white, and no one asked me to write that down.
Not the same thing, but okay.
Uh, any other suggestions? Yeah Kat, you have this really cool opportunity to be a role model for young black girls.
Don't you want that? Why would you ask me that? Of course I want that.
But I want it regardless of my race, not because of it.
It's what's on the inside that matters.
But you're black on the inside too, Kat.
Oh, really? Are are you questioning my blackness right now? Because, uh, up until very recently, you were wearing khakis and cardigans, which is just about the whitest fashion statement imaginable.
That is an interesting projection - of internalized racism.
- Oh, cool.
- So now I'm a racist? - I didn't say that.
Yeah, you didn't have to.
[tense electronic music.]
[electronic music.]
This'll only take a second.
Oh, no problem.
When in "Scarlet," am I right? If you're Sutton, then yes.
Why do you get all the good assignments, Sutton? It's 'cause men like her.
At least that's why Oliver gave her the job.
We're We're just jealous.
Speak for yourself.
Don't listen to them.
- Oh! - [both laugh.]
Okay, you're good! You can put your clothes back on now.
Thank you.
Remember: measure twice, cut once.
I just wanted to say how sorry so-so-sorry I am.
[distorted voice.]
How sorry I am.
[to a rap beat.]
This is Jane-Jane-Jane Jane-Jane-Jane Sloan.
I just wanted to say how sorry - so-so-sorry I am.
- [clears throat.]
How sorry I am Victoria, I'm [sighs.]
- I'm so sorry.
- Apparently.
Those words just seem to flow out of your mouth.
I know I screwed up.
I should have never contacted Emma, but You did screw up.
We just need to change the narrative and show that "Incite" is a serious publication.
I've already booked an interview on NY14.
Oh, thank you so much for taking care of this.
Me? [laughs.]
You're going on television, and it's live.
Have we media trained you yet? No.
[pop music playing.]
Okay, you ready? - I was born ready.
- [laughs.]
Just another one of the things I love about you.
- [doorbell rings.]
- Oh! Coming! - Hey.
- So good to see you.
Oh [laughter.]
Hey, babe.
Come here.
- Hey, missy.
- [laughs.]
Mom, Dad, this is Adena.
It's so good to meet you, Adena.
- Such a pleasure.
- [laughs.]
And, uh so nice to meet you, Dr.
Edison - Ah, hey.
- Marcus.
[all laugh.]
Come on, come on.
Wardrobe came in for tomorrow, and unless one of your honorable men is a pirate I must have written the measurements down wrong.
I thought you grew up making your own clothes.
Or was that just a story you sold me to get you hired? No, I made my entire wardrobe.
Then you can fix this.
And whatever's going on, for the love of God, get it together.
[Fenne Lily's "Top to Toe".]
Tell me it's the best for us Stake away the truth because Sleeping top to toe with me Isn't what it used to be - Hi.
- Hi.
- [elevator dings.]
- After you.
And you tell me I'm a child And take my light To smoke your mind But I don't smile Like before [doors rumble.]
Uh, I just realized I forgot something.
Take him to your bed It's all been said You need this more I mean, I went to him for a simple suggestion, and then he told me that I should add the fact that I'm the first black female department head.
I just don't really see how that kind of detail is necessary.
Your bios don't list your race.
Because it has nothing to do with our ability - to treat patients.
- Exactly! The color of my skin has no bearing on my performance as a department head.
No one said it did.
Well, Alex seems to think it's my responsibility - or something - No, your responsibility - is to be true to yourself - Yeah.
You don't need labels to do that.
But why are labels a bad thing? My bio literally reads, "proud Muslim lesbian.
" It's a part of who I am.
Why wouldn't I want everyone to know? - [phone ringing.]
- Oh.
[clears throat.]
Excuse me.
You know what, this is Jacqueline, so I'm just gonna take it real quick.
I'll be right back.
Hi, Jacqueline! It's important you hit all the talking points.
Other than admitting you were wrong to call Emma, and apologize, this is not about Jane Sloan.
It's about preserving the integrity of "Incite.
" - It's about? - Uh, "Incite" being a hard-hitting, factually accurate news outlet.
Emma Cox misrepresented her organization.
How did she misrepresent her organization? Uh, by calling the company "charitable," even after her product made a group of homeless women sick.
Remember, "Incite" chases the stories that matter, - even when it's difficult.
- And, um what if they ask me about why I reached out to apologize to Emma? Tell the truth.
You're new to "Incite" and hard-hitting journalism.
And you got too personally invested.
And, Jane, your style.
You're gonna have to lose all of that for the interview.
You're representing "Incite" now.
Not "Scarlet.
" [soft dramatic music.]
Of course.
[gentle piano music.]
So - she's great, right? - She is.
[clears throat.]
- Dad? - What are her parents like? Uh honestly, I don't really know.
I mean, she talks to her mom a lot, but I don't know much about her dad.
I think she left home kind of early.
- That's interesting.
- Oh, please, do not psychoanalyze my girlfriend.
- Marcus.
- No, what? I mean she's rebellious, the way she insists on people knowing who she is and what she stands for.
- Mm-hmm.
- It just seems almost - adolescent.
- Okay, how about this? How about, "Thanks for dinner, Kat.
" And, "I'm glad to see you happy.
" - Thanks for dinner, Kat.
- [laughs.]
Good night.
- I'm so happy you're home.
- Yeah.
- Love you, baby.
- Bye.
I always thought side-by-side washer and dryers were a waste of space until now.
Did you know that women can have six different kinds It's not important.
- Okay.
- So let me guess.
Another old white guy.
You wanted a woman, right? - We got Cleo Williams.
- The digital fitness mogul? Yeah.
Her perspective is impressive, and since we're revamping our online image, made sense to bring her on.
Send me her contact info.
I want to welcome her properly.
Your parents seem lovely.
You know, they try.
Even though they are psychiatrists.
Well, they didn't mess you up.
Yeah, I hope not.
You know, what I said earlier, um, about your bio.
It's up to you.
- Yeah, I know.
- We all have our own way.
And mine has always been to put it all out there.
I I can't imagine living any differently.
But that's just how I do things.
Doesn't make my way or Alex's way any better or worse than yours.
[gentle dramatic music.]
Uh, Jacqueline? This is Cleo.
Oh, Cleo! I'm so happy you could stop by.
Oh, are you kidding? I am thrilled to finally meet you.
I've been a fan of yours since I was in my 20s.
Well, now you're here on the board, overseeing "Scarlet.
" - Mm.
- Uh, please.
- Thank you.
- Coffee? Oh, no, that stuff will kill you.
Well, I am hearing many wonderful things about you - from the board.
- Oh.
- They are very excited.
- Well, I am hugely excited for the opportunity.
Particularly, the chance to expand digital.
What made you want to get into the digital space - to begin with? - Besides the fact that it's the future of everything? You do know that our print magazine sets the trends, and digital comments on them.
Yes, of course.
But, in my experience, I've seen the power of the internet.
When I first started, I was just a bored mom, making these workout videos to share with my other mom friends.
Now I run a fitness empire that reaches millions from the palm of my hand.
And it allows me to have dinner on the table every night for my family.
I can have my homemade rice cakes and eat them too, I guess.
All while doing squats.
- And taking selfies.
- [chuckles.]
Should we take one for my Instagram followers? I think they'd be really thrilled to see an image of me with Jacqueline Carlyle.
- Sure.
- Okay.
[Charli XCX's "Boys".]
[camera shutters clicking.]
Boys Boys Head is spinning thinking 'bout I need that bad boy to do me right on a Friday And I need that good one to wake me up on a Sunday Sutton, a bit of help? Uh Hands-on, Red.
- Uh, let me help you.
- Yeah.
I'm looking down and My girls are blowing my phone up Them 20 questions they're asking me - All right.
- Cool, thanks.
I was busy dreaming 'bout boys You're only eating the green ones.
- What's wrong? - Nothing, I'm fine.
- How about a Boomerang? - Okay.
It's social media, be positive.
Red! - We going with that one? - That's fine.
We have a problem.
Apparently he can deliver a baby without breaking a sweat, but ask him to smile for the camera, and he freezes like a deer in headlights.
Go over there and get get him to relax, for the love of God.
I need good photographs.
I'm a glorified fluffer.
- How's it going, Kat? - I am getting great snaps.
Good, good.
How's your bio coming? Bio.
Uh, yeah.
- It's almost done.
- Yeah? Good.
I need it on my desk tomorrow morning.
You got it.
Still sitting on that bio, huh? I really don't feel like talking.
I didn't mean for things to get so heated.
Nope, it's all good.
I just thought that you you've always been this super confident badass.
You speak your mind.
You stand up for what you want.
Point is, you never back down.
Not with your friends, not your girlfriend, and definitely not with work.
But when I brought up adding "black" to your bio, a wall goes up? [tender music.]
Yeah, you're right.
Do you know how everyone always wants to be able to put you in a box, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Black, white, girl, boy.
Even those standardized tests they make you take as a kid.
You know, where you have to fill in the bubbles? I remember getting to the section that says, "Select your race, Caucasian or African-American," you don't have any other choice and thinking like, how do I pick? I mean, 'cause if if I pick, uh if I pick black, then I'm rejecting my mom.
And if I pick white, then I'm rejecting my dad.
So what did you pick? Well, actually, I just left it blank.
It was easier to deny both than to pick one.
But you're not a kid anymore.
And standing up for who you are matters.
Yeah, I know.
Chad Horford.
Nice to meet you.
Jane Sloan.
You're nervous.
Don't be nervous.
It's the first time I've done something like this.
Ah, don't worry about it.
It'll be good.
We're on air in two seconds.
[news theme playing.]
Hello, New York.
If you're a fan of "Incite," then you've probably heard of Jane Sloan, best known for her apology to OTR's Emma Cox that went viral.
Now, Jane is here to set the record straight in her own words.
- Thank you for having me.
- We have a full slate, so let's get right to it.
You wrote an article on Emma Cox, which, according to your now very public apology, was heavily edited.
So what happened? Is "Incite" fabricating their stories? No.
"Incite" is a hard-hitting, factually accurate news outlet.
She misrepresented her company as a charitable organization, and "Incite" readers deserve to hear that story as much as anything else.
Even though it caused her to lose funding for her company? I allowed myself to get too personally invested in Emma Cox.
I'm sure there are a lot of aspiring journalists watching right now who appreciate your candor.
Well, there you have it.
Setting the record straight, that's Jane Sloan.
We'll be right back - to meet New York's - I'm sorry, if I could just say Um I do think that Emma Cox is making great strides for women.
She is revolutionizing feminine hygiene.
Her cups are eco-friendly and affordable.
Okay, are are you saying I'm saying that she made one mistake: not recognizing the sanitary conditions needed for her product.
But people make mistakes.
And if they're good people, they course-correct.
Which Emma did, when she made new disposable cups for less optimal conditions.
So, "Incite" was factually inaccurate.
I think that we're all so quick to take each other down, to find someone to blame.
"Incite" is not all right or all wrong, just like Emma Cox is not all good or all bad.
And when we sensationalize people for the purpose of getting more eyes on a story, that story gets lost.
Okay, then.
Something for all of us to think about.
- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you.
We'll be right back.
And, we're clear.
That was great.
[rousing music.]
[Noyes' "Say It To My Face".]
You see me when I'm out of sight This guy needs to relax.
What do you think? How's it going? I don't feel like myself at all.
I know exactly what you mean.
You're on display.
You're being judged.
I don't know about that.
It's not a good feeling.
Red! What the hell is going on? Okay, you can't take simple measurements, you can't fix a guy's tie, and that guy looks more uncomfortable now than when I asked you to talk to him.
Let me handle this.
- What's wrong? - Um some of the assistants found out about me and Alex.
And you went through the proper HR channel, so No, I know.
We're not together.
Not since you caught us in the stairwell.
Okay, um so what's the problem? When the assistants found out, they started to talk about Alex giving me preferential treatment.
That's not why I was getting the assignments.
- I know that.
- No, of course not.
But then Oliver assigned me this photo shoot.
He could have picked anybody, and he chose me because he thinks that I work well with men.
[soft music.]
I felt people in the office judging me for that.
And I started to second-guess how I carry myself, and how I - use my sexuality - Sutton.
You are a people person.
And men are people.
- [sighs.]
- It's that simple.
It's just with everything that's been going on lately Yes, it is undoubtedly a very complicated time for men and women in the workplace.
I mean, as stories continue to come out, we're all checking ourselves, but we cannot lose sight of who we truly are.
And we cannot dim our light that makes us special.
You have a magnetic personality, Sutton.
That is a good thing.
Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.
Now, you get back out there, and make that person - [laughs.]
- photogenic, please.
I'm on it.
Okay, Ben.
You want to finish this up, I'm here to help you make that happen.
- Let's talk, just me and you.
- Okay.
Question number one: why are you doing this? It's good press for the clinic.
So is taking out an ad.
What are you not telling me? Did you lose a bet? - I don't gamble.
- Really? But if you must know, I have a list of things - that make me uncomfortable.
- A list.
So what, like a reverse bucket list? Mm-hmm.
Being photographed - is one of them.
- Okay.
So you enjoy being uncomfortable.
- No, I hate it.
- [laughs.]
But it reminds me that I'm alive, so Alive and uncomfortable? That sounds terrible.
- It does, doesn't it? - Yes! That is so weird.
I'm just kidding.
[both laughing.]
That's it.
All right.
Got it.
[upbeat pop music.]
- Thanks for meeting me.
- Of course.
Everything okay? Yeah.
What is it? Why are we so against labeling ourselves? Uh, well, I guess it's because your mother and I, we feel that, um, it's what's on the inside that matters.
Right, but I kind of think it's more than that.
The other night, you asked me about Adena's parents.
So what about your parents, Dad? I mean I know everything about grandma and grandpa.
But I don't know anything about Dad's side of the family.
So why is that? [somber music.]
My childhood was a lot different from yours, Kat.
I grew up with blacks on one side of the city and whites on the other.
And the label of race? We didn't want that for you.
And I don't think we did such a bad job.
You're confident.
You're successful.
Everything you guys are saying kind of just feels like a way to avoid really talking about it, and I'm trying to understand why.
Maybe it's my fault.
When you were little, and I would take you to the park, people assumed you weren't biologically mine.
Maybe I avoided labels because I just wanted to be your mom.
I didn't want to be your white mom.
Sweetheart if we ever made you feel that you cannot take ownership of who you are that was not our intention.
You're a grown woman.
You're beautiful, smart, strong These are your choices to make.
Not ours.
[Alex Lahey's "I Love You Like a Brother".]
Nice work today, Red.
Good to have you back.
[phone beeping.]
Hey, Jane.
How'd it go? Well, I went off script, so I'm not entirely sure.
But I feel good about it, so that's something.
- How was the shoot? - You know what? I love men.
And men love me.
And there's nothing wrong with that.
Well, that's cause for celebration.
- Should we get drinks? - You read my mind.
There's just one thing I have to do first.
Hey, Mitzi.
So this slut-shaming thing you're doing.
- It's got to stop.
- I wasn't You were.
I know it, and, unfortunately, a few of the assistants also know it.
But we don't tear each other down.
Not as women.
And definitely not as women of "Scarlet.
" If you want some competition, I'm totally up for that, but it has to be based on merit and talent, and not petty gossip.
- Got it? - Got it.
Hey, guys! - Who wants to get a drink? - Let's do it.
- Yeah.
- Is that on your list? I love you like a brother Just like I oughta just like I oughta, yeah Hey I got the feels for you - [laughter.]
- Cheers! [all cheering, laughing.]
Okay, how great did everybody feel today? - Awesome.
- You looked great.
You looked great, you looked great, - and you looked great.
- Well, thank you.
Come here.
There's somebody that I want you to meet.
- Hi.
- Hi, Jane.
This is Ben.
Ben, this is Jane.
Oh, my God! You guys are both great people, who like to make really weird to-do lists.
Thank you for the awkward introduction.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Uh, so - Both: Drinks.
- Yeah.
Do you want to talk? Yeah, but not right now.
Right now, I want to drink.
I can make that happen.
Bartender! - Tequila or tequila? - Tequila.
- [both laughing.]
- Thank you.
Here we go We have to raise the roof Raise it up till it's right Not goin' nowhere Oh, I love this song.
- I have to go dance.
- Okay.
All my people Pimps and divas Come on and walk this way Oh, hey! - All my people - All my people Pimps and divas It's time we all went for a drink Whoo! Hey.
Hey, morning.
You going to work already? Yeah, I, uh promised Jacqueline I'd have my bio in first thing, so These things can be hard to look at.
Yeah and especially when you've been raised with rose-colored glasses.
Your parents they did what they believed was best for you at the time.
Yeah, I know.
But I also know that I chose to keep those glasses on.
Long after I moved out.
Kat, it's it's okay.
[Sigrid's "Don't Kill My Vibe".]
- Come here.
- [sniffles.]
Oh, oh oh Oh, don't kill my vibe Oh, oh, oh - Oh, don't break my stride - You think you're so important to me Don't you But I wanted you to know That you don't belong here Think you're so important to me Don't you Don't kill my vibe You love to tear Hey.
So what did you choose? I am "Scarlet" magazine's first black female department head.
- Sounds impressive.
- [laughs.]
And I'm so proud to be biracial.
But for right now, it feels important to embrace this part of myself.
Oh, oh, oh Hold that! Thanks.
Oh, good morning, Richard.
- You get a chance to meet Cleo? - I did.
And She won't be joining our poker night, if that's what you're asking.
But I think she'll be an asset to the board.
And a fresh perspective.
[elevator dings.]
Still wish you were riding to the top with me.
Maybe one day, Richard.
Not yet.
Say I'm yours, I don't care I'm a queen, no-no-no-no Say I'm yours, I don't care I'm a queen, no-no-no-no [beep.]
Hi, Jacqueline, it's Cleo.
I just saw the layout for next month's issue.
It's gorgeous.
Had a few thoughts.
Call me, let's discuss.
Hey Now ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh - Victoria? - Just the person I wanted to see.
Have a seat.
We all make mistakes.
The important thing is that we learn from them.
Yes, uh, that's exactly what I was going for with my angle on Emma Cox.
I made a mistake recently when I thought you would be a good fit for "Incite.
" [laughs.]
But I It was it was a good interview, I I did what you said.
I hit all my talking points.
Jane, you went on television to represent "Incite.
" - You made it about yourself.
- No, I I was trying to make a point Jane.
You're fired.
Don't kill my vibe