The Bold Type (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

The Scarlet Letter

1 Previously on "The Bold Type" You could add the fact that you're black.
It's what's on the inside that matters.
Why are labels a bad thing? I am "Scarlet" magazine's first black female department head.
- I like her.
- That's why Oliver gave her the job.
This slut-shaming thing you're doing; it's gotta stop.
- I wasn't.
- You were.
This is Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Jane I screwed up.
I've already booked an interview on NY14.
So "Incite" was factually inaccurate.
When we sensationalize people, that story gets lost.
I made a mistake when I thought you would be a good fit.
- I was trying to make a point.
- Jane, you're fired.
Aw, you brought me breakfast to cheer me up and tequila.
Well, you guys are so sweet for doing this.
Thank you, but seriously I'm fine.
I mean I got fired.
Big deal.
You're nobody until you get fired.
I mean, uh, Steve Jobs got fired.
- Oprah got fired.
- Hmm? And besides, I went out in a blaze of glory.
Becoming a meme is basically like a millennial rite of passage.
Do you think Jacqueline saw? Babe, everybody saw.
Well, anyways, "Scarlet's" in the rearview.
Onwards and upwards.
It's my plan for the day.
- She made a list.
- Of course she did.
Yes, I made a list because I'm a writer.
- We'll let you get to it.
- So no tequila? Uh, no.
No tequila.
All right.
- Have a great day.
- You too.
- See ya.
- Bye.
[upbeat music.]
I was just thinking there is Maya Angelou.
She used to have a glass of sherry before she wrote, and I always thought it was kind of cool.
So Go, Tiny Jane.
Oh, you're having it too.
- Both: No.
- We have to go to work today.
- You can have all three.
- I'm working today too.
Are you, though? - Yep.
- Solidarity.
Thank you.
- To Tiny Jane.
- To Tiny Jane! All: Ugh! Hi, this is Jane Sloan calling for Hillary Lin.
No, I was not aware that she left the magazine.
Anyways, I worked for the editorial staff at "Incite," and Yes.
Yes, that was me on TV.
Well, I was formerly at "Incite.
" Parted because of creative differences.
I guess fired is another way of saying that.
Push past yesterday Look round and about Push past yesterday Look round and about For all of the making out I'm gonna be doing later with the men of "Scarlet.
" How long will this continue? Hard to say, Mitz.
It's real fun.
My accessories shoot needs a photographer, someone new.
You use them three times, and they think that they're creative partners, not hired guns.
Style? Just get someone who can shoot product and who can make it pop.
I already have an idea.
A photographer.
I've been tracking him on Instagram.
He's gotten real hot real fast.
Then why are you still standing here? No good reason.
I think plus-sized model Tess Holliday will agree to do a top ten fashion trends story for our Snapchat, and I'm totally geeking out.
I love hearing you get excited about your work.
What about you? How was your morning? Didn't you have that meeting? Mm-hmm.
I did.
I met with a few galleries.
No one has availability right now, but at least I have time to get organized, get inspired.
Time's kinda something you don't really have, though, with your visa and all.
Yes, but until I find a gallery, I just have to focus on creating the work.
Well, have fun.
Thank you.
[somber music.]
[upbeat music.]
- Hey, Alex.
- Hey.
Is that Le Labo? Yes.
Body wash.
- Wow.
- [sighs.]
- Did you have a question? - Yes, I do.
Do you still have the hookup with the Yankees? I'm trying to book this photographer.
He's from the Bronx.
And according to his Instagram, he loves the Yankees, so figured I'd sweeten the deal with some tix.
Straight to the bribery.
It's called greasing the skids, kid.
Someday I'll show you how the world really works.
Can you get these to Oliver? Yeah.
Terrific-looking issue you've got in the works.
You know, in the board's mind, this whole theme of body positivity is evergreen.
- Good.
- There's just one thing.
This piece on being fit and fat the science on that isn't really there yet.
Well, it's not really a scientific article.
We're just normalizing the notion that there's no one ideal body type, which I think is a very important message to convey.
But we still need to promote health.
Body positivity is about self-love, self-acceptance, which is very healthy.
Listen, you can fight this if you want, but you're really swimming upstream.
You should pull it.
The men on the board agree.
I just wanted to give you a little heads-up.
Well, thank you for that, Cleo.
Of course.
We really need to look out for each other.
- We do.
- Mm.
So I'm just gonna head back upstairs, then.
- Good.
- Hmm.
[dramatic music.]
I left Why'd I leave? That is a great question.
Yes, I am that girl.
Where was I previously? "Scarlet" magazine.
"Scarlet" magazine.
No, thank you for your time.
Great question.
This place is disgusting.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Wow.
It is so fresh and so clean.
Do you see this? - Wow, wow, wow.
- Damn.
Oh, now this makes sense.
Step away from the cleaning supplies.
- You gotta stop.
- It's therapeutic, and I honestly don't know what to do with myself right now.
The fridge is nice and clean.
That was my 3:00.
Please tell me color coordinating the bookshelf was not your happy hour.
Look, it has been a rough day.
I brought you some "Scarlet" swag.
What is this? Ooh.
A nervous breakdown kit.
Yeah, guys, it turns out that Tiny Jane is not so great at being unemployed.
- It's been one day.
- Have you met me? You know what else? All of the answers to your problems are in that bag.
- Come back to "Scarlet.
" - Nonstarter.
- Why? - Because I told Jacqueline that I need to broaden my horizons.
I'm not gonna go crawling back.
[phone ringing, buzzing.]
Yes, this is Jane Sloan.
- It's a job.
- [mouthing words.]
- [gasps.]
- Yes, thank you.
That was impressive.
She's calling every friend she knows.
She'll have a job in, like, two weeks.
- Yeah, probably.
- [phone chimes, buzzes.]
The house has never been this clean, though.
I'm really gonna miss it.
Ah, yes.
Alex got the Yankees tickets.
What now? I'm trying to get this really cool photographer for an accessories shoot that I'm doing.
- Oh.
- I really wanna introduce Oliver to somebody new and cool, you know? Yeah, hey, um crazy idea uh, what about Adena? - For the photographer? - Yeah.
I mean, you've seen her work, right? Yeah, she's amazing.
But she does, like, gallery stuff, right? Not really editorial.
Yeah I'm sure she could, though.
Um does she have a portfolio and a résumé? Mm-hmm.
I can get it to you.
- Awesome.
- Cool.
You guys I have a job interview.
Yeah, apparently this editor at "Next Century" got my résumé and he wants to meet with me tomorrow.
- Cool.
- Thank you so much for all this food.
It was so sweet.
Um but I'm going to need to excuse myself from this hang.
- What - I have to prep.
It's, like, 7:00.
I think there's dish soap in this glass.
I'm a big fan of "Next Century.
" I thought your piece on charter versus public schools - was fascinating.
- Great.
And I don't even have kids.
Even more impressive.
Great résumé.
Great samples.
Thank you.
You look so familiar.
What do I know you from? Petite white girl.
Brown hair.
There are a lot of us.
Jane Sloan from "Incite," of "Sorry, Not Sorry" fame.
Oh mild fame.
You kinda threw "Incite" under the bus.
Well, I think that they lost sight of what was really important.
Well, thanks for coming in but I don't see this as a staff position fit.
- But it was nice to meet you, Jane - What about freelance stuff? Uh, stringer.
We tend to use those for more specific assignments.
Okay, like? Well, we're working on an issue on the next century of health care.
So who are the innovators? What are the ripple effects of a health-care industry under attack? That sort of thing.
Okay, I could work with that.
Um Jane.
I have another interview.
Right, okay, um but I have an idea, and so I will be getting back to you with a pitch.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Um, thank you so much.
Yankees tickets, as requested.
Ugh, I owe you my firstborn.
It's gonna be a while.
- Actually, you owe me $185.
- Copy that.
- And no Bitcoin this time.
- Ripple? - Cash.
- Mm, we'll see.
Hope you get that photographer.
- Me too.
- What's up, Alex? - Hey.
- Bad news, Red.
My country chic shoot in the Berkshires has gone sideways.
The designer dropped out once he realized this was for our body positivity issue.
He doesn't want his brand associated with anything but a size zero.
- That is horrific.
- Preach.
Anyway, now I have to drive up to the boondocks and banish his negative juju from my set.
If there are mosquitoes, they love me.
Apparently I'm delicious.
All of this means you're in charge of tomorrow's accessories shoot.
Was anything I said confusing? No, uh it's just my processing face.
They're accessories.
They don't demand grapefruit sparkling water at exactly 61.
3 degrees, and they don't accidentally walk off with a pair of Louboutins.
They're the size of your fists and they stay where you put them.
Just follow the lookbook, - and make sure the candy pops.
- Okay.
As long as the photographer has film in the camera, you'll be fine.
But don't let me down.
[dramatic music.]
- Well, you should be all set.
- This is so dope.
Thank you, Kat.
- Yeah.
- Tess.
I'm Sutton Brady.
I just had to come meet you.
I work in the fashion department.
Your swimsuit line is incredible.
Thanks, girl.
Uh, Tess is taking over our Snapchat for a day of shopping.
It's gonna be really tough shopping in New York on "Scarlet's" credit card, - but I'm mentally preparing.
- [laughter.]
Like, honestly, we are so excited to have you and your body positivity message.
Well, I love "Scarlet" a whole bunch, - but I have to run.
- Yeah.
It was so good to see you, Kat.
It was nice to meet you, Sutton.
- You too.
- All right.
- I'll see you later, okay? - Bye.
All right, bye.
Ah! [squealing.]
- She's amazing.
- Okay, I gotta go.
Oh, hey, wait.
I have something for you.
Adena's material.
Oh, I'm kind of in the middle of something with Oliver.
No, no, come on.
It'll take, like, two seconds.
Uh, this is her tearbook, and here is a flash drive with her most recent work.
Well, you should take a look.
- Oh, wow.
- Yeah.
Very artistic.
Did you know she studied at Speos? I don't even know what Speos is.
It's a photography institute in Paris.
Oh Paris.
Very impressive.
So what do you think? I think that she's an option, but I'm looking at other people too.
Okay, well, you know you can trust me, right? I'd never put you in a bad position.
I know.
What? Well, I mean have you considered what I want? A good photographer? We don't even know if Adena can do this.
I mean, product photography isn't what she does.
Yeah, but she's a professional, so She's also a little off-brand for "Scarlet.
" Um [scoffs.]
It wasn't that long ago that she was actually featured in the magazine.
And besides which, maybe she can spice it up, you know? Yeah, I don't need somebody to spice it up.
I just need someone who can get it right.
Oliver put me in charge, and I can't mess this up.
Uh, you think Adena's gonna mess it up? - Look - She needs this job, okay? I mean, if she doesn't show her photography and get good press This is about Adena's visa? Yeah.
Partly, yes.
- That's a lot.
- I know.
Look, I get it.
You wanna help her.
I wanna help her too.
I just don't think that this is the right shoot.
- Why? - Because.
Adena has a great career.
She can find other opportunities.
But Oliver putting his trust in me to run something and me doing a good job, that could be huge.
A huge step.
I don't see how you don't get that.
All right, well, just let me know what you decide.
- Damn it.
- [phone rings, buzzes.]
Wow, you sound worse than me, and I am super unemployed and currently in a tangerine eye mask trying to fend off a panic attack.
What's up? Do you remember that doctor from the other night at the bar? The one that specialized in low-income patients? Ben with the biceps and the dimples? Uh, not the point, but yeah.
Do you think I could interview him? Yeah.
I don't see why not.
How was your interview? Ugh.
Not great.
The editor saw me on New York 14 and was not impressed.
But I convinced him to take a look at a freelance pitch.
Yeah, you did.
Yeah, except now I need said freelance pitch.
They're doing an issue on the problems facing health care today, so I figured Ben would have an opinion on that and maybe I could pick his brain.
I am sending you his number right now.
Do you think he'll remember me? Yeah.
Meeting you at the bar was definitely the highlight of his week.
I mean I'm sure he delivered a couple babies and witnessed the miracle of life, but you were a close second.
Oh, hey, how's the photographer search going? Not great.
Kat is really pressuring me to hire Adena.
What do you think I should do? That's tough.
I don't know but I know you'll make the right choice.
I really miss you.
I wish you were here.
I know.
I miss you too, Munchkin.
- [phone chimes, buzzes.]
- Oh.
Ben just texted me back.
I gotta go.
I love you.
You got this.
Thank you for seeing me so soon.
So what's your article about? I wanna explore the business of pro bono medicine post-Obamacare.
- [phone ringing.]
- Oh, sorry, it's my clinic.
Hey, yeah.
Yeah, just make sure Mrs.
Flores gets a free sample of that Z-pak, and I want to see her in two weeks.
And get her number before she leaves and test it.
You run a free clinic, and you work for a hospital.
Well, I have a lot of patients in need.
There are programs for low-income people, but they're a scam.
The paperwork's byzantine.
It means administratively overcomplicated.
I know what it means.
They do it on purpose.
I mean, to save money.
Get people who are ESL to just give up on the filing 'cause it's too difficult.
So I do a lot of the paperwork myself.
Sometimes all of it.
Lucia Marie Villapando.
Can't you get in trouble for that? Yeah, but it's unlikely.
And Lucia needs a pap smear, so [pager buzzes.]
Hey, I'm happy to answer more questions, but you're gonna have to come with me.
- Where? - Maternity ward.
Patient's in labor.
[upbeat music.]
- Coming? - Oh, yeah.
- Hi.
- Oh, hey.
I was just looking for some things for Oliver.
Well, I just need an accessory for this outfit.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
Help you Do you do you ever work with friends? Yeah.
You thinking of working with a friend? Sort of.
A friend of a friend.
- Hiring her.
- Mm.
Could she do the job? I think so.
I hope so.
I would be taking a chance on her.
Try this.
- Good eye.
- Thanks.
Look hiring anyone is always a game of chance.
Have a seat.
The best work comes when taking the biggest risk.
You know how I got my first writing gig? I don't.
Adele Ritter.
Former editor in chief of "Scarlet.
" When I was in my 20s, I used to go to this little coffee shop down on Amsterdam, where I would write, and Adele would see me there, and one day, she just sat down right in front of me.
She said, "Oh, my God, every time I see you", "you're just writing away like there's no tomorrow.
I must know what the story is you're so determined to tell.
" What were you writing about? Benazir Bhutto.
First woman to lead an Islamic country.
I gave a copy to Adele and a few days later, she offered me an internship here.
She took a chance.
I know you're really busy, but why don't you write anymore? You know, I don't know.
Thanks for the bauble.
Thanks for the advice.
[phone ringing, indistinct chatter.]
- Hey.
- What are you doing? I am helping young women love their bodies without the help of modern corsets.
No, thanks, Spanx.
[Tweet whistles.]
- Cool.
- Yeah.
Here is the paperwork.
She'll get the concept abstract via email, but I wanna hire Adena.
What happened to the photographer you liked? I told him it wasn't gonna work out.
I let him keep the Yankees tickets to soften the blow.
Hey, thank you.
I know you're going out on a limb for Adena.
Adena's a pro.
She deserves a shot.
Both: Yeah.
[both chuckle.]
Where's she at? Water broke at 10:00 a.
Contractions are six minutes apart, but she's only dilated 3 centimeters.
Nunes, I'm Dr.
Ben Chau.
Ay, no, no, no.
Where's Dr.
Harrison? Well, he's not here, so I'm on call.
But we need to get you dilated so you can meet your baby.
What do you mean he's not here? Dr.
Harrison is at his daughter's graduation.
But do not worry because, Dr.
Chau is gonna take such good care of you.
He looks like a baby himself.
I've been practicing for five years, and I've delivered 1,272 babies and yours will be 1,273.
So let's do this.
- I am not listening to you.
- That's fine 'cause now it's time to dance.
[disco music playing on stereo.]
What the hell? I could give you pitocin, but your chart says "natural.
" So I'd rather get you on your feet dancing.
It helps speed up labor.
- I am going to sue.
- Well, that's fine.
You can have my golf clubs, which I never use anyway, but dance first.
Otherwise, you'll have nothing to sue about.
He keeps a boombox in his backpack? He swears the sound is better than bluetooth.
Come on, Jane, Miriam.
You don't get to just watch.
Come on.
When we're in a disco Doin' our favorite moves Disco sucks.
There we go.
Let's bring that baby out.
You feel it? It's coming? There we go.
Too long my back's been breakin' Too long I've been No, she's in a meeting.
No, I can't get her out right now.
She's very busy.
Hold my calls for the next hour.
No, that wasn't her.
I had a revelation That's not how life should be Now I know that my freedom Was never yours to give to me 'Cause I don't I don't belong to you You No, I don't I don't belong to you Are we doing atmosphere? No, Oliver wants all these shots to be pin sharp.
Copy that.
Hey, how's it going? - Good.
- Yeah.
- I'm excited to be here.
- Oh, good.
I was looking at the concept last night.
- Mm-hmm.
- Using candy as a backdrop for the jewelry is fun.
I think what we're trying to explore is that jewelry can be fancy but also playful, so all of the candy is over there for you to play with.
We wanna use contrasting colors to make all the pieces pop.
Can I make a suggestion? Sure, um, but I also have to kind of stick to what was approved.
I have a few thoughts that could make it better.
You want this to be great? Yes.
Um I also have a really tight timeline.
Let me put together a shot and show you.
This won't take long.
I'll be right back, okay? Okay.
[phone ringing, buzzing.]
Hi, boss.
Just checking in.
How's it going? Great.
Really good.
I'll be back in the office in the morning.
Can't wait to see the proofs.
I can't wait to show you.
You sound optimistic.
Definitely gonna have some really good stuff.
Thank you for letting me tag along today.
No worries.
Hey make sure L&D has a room ready, - and let me know when it's time.
- Of course.
So I'm guessing it worked.
Yeah, she's headed down to delivery soon.
It was fun dancing, watching you dance.
Uh - fun and a little painful.
- [laughs.]
Well, I never said I was any good.
You care a lot.
Just write a good story.
I will.
The struggle for low-income women to navigate a health-care system that's designed to leave them out.
Sounds about right.
Um, can I ask you a question? [chuckles.]
What, like you haven't been all day? [laughs.]
You went to UCSF and Columbia Med School on scholarship? That's on the Internet? I am a journalist.
I can dig.
Yeah, when I was 15, my parents split up, and I came to the U.
with my mom.
She couldn't afford to send me to college, let alone med school.
And we weren't rich, so had to be smart.
But you could be working somewhere else, making a lot more money and working a lot less.
Why would I do that? Because you could be making a lot more money - and working a lot less.
- [both laugh.]
Jane, money's nice, and I'm fine, but I love doing what I do.
I mean, I love the people I work with.
I jump out of bed every morning and I wish there were more hours in the day.
Like you, I'm guessing.
It's pretty obvious to me you love doing what you do.
Yeah, I-I do.
Um, that was meant to be a compliment, sorry.
Oh, no, no, I know.
Um I really appreciate it.
They're ready for you, Dr.
I've gotta go.
Of course.
You better, uh, boogie to it.
- Bye, Jane.
- Bye.
[dramatic music.]
[upbeat music.]
We comin' in hot, we comin' in We comin' in hot, we comin' in hot We comin' in hot, we comin' in Hi.
Um, smashed candy was not part of the plan.
I know, but I think it captures the sense of playfulness you want in an unexpected and irreverent way.
Oliver's expecting the expected.
Just let me finish lighting it.
I think you'll like it.
Just trust me, okay? Hey.
How's it going? Oh.
What? It's a disaster.
I knew this was gonna happen.
- Why, though? - She's going full artiste.
Oh, okay.
Um Well, maybe that's not such a bad thing.
No, it is a bad thing.
"Scarlet" is not the place for her edgy protest art.
She doesn't get it.
And she is not listening to me.
No, I'm sure she's just trying to help, you know? I don't even think she respects me, Kat.
What are you talking about? Of course she respects you.
She blew right past my idea like it was somehow inferior.
Because she hangs her art in galleries and goes to Paris and I'm an assistant? You act like she's so different.
She is so different.
- [tense music.]
- [claps.]
Let's go back to the original plan.
Let's get the unbroken candy over here, please.
Thank you.
Fortunately for the women of east New York, it is Dr.
Ben Chau's profound love for his job that fuels him.
Everyone in that low-income community is much better for it.
Even Ben who truly loves his job.
[soft music.]
Hey, can I take a look? Yeah, of course.
Uh, I'm still working on the color balance, but we're almost there.
Um I am sorry about earlier.
I was disrespectful.
This is your shoot, and I respect you very much.
You did hear that? - Um, yes.
- Ugh, Adena - No.
- I'm so sorry.
No, no, no, no.
Um you were right.
The fact is, we are very different, but I believe we're also alike.
Um we both have passion.
We're both outsiders, but we never let that stop us.
We both care deeply for Kat.
You're right about all of that.
And you're right about this.
This concept, it's it's not working.
It's childish, right? It's not connecting with me either.
Yeah, it's Ugh, this was supposed to be easy.
Okay, um well, we can fix it.
If Oliver were here, he would improvise.
This is our body positivity issue.
We could use a real woman, not a model.
[upbeat music.]
- That's unexpected.
- Yeah and crazy, so shoot this in case Oliver tries to kill me.
Um, but do it fast and leave us some time at the end.
Okay, you got it.
- Hey.
- Hey, uh, look, Sutton, I know that I I put you in a really awkward position Oh, don't worry about it.
I know you were just trying to help your girlfriend, and, honestly, something really cool came out of it.
- Well, that's cool.
- Yeah.
What came out of it? - [phone chimes.]
- Oh.
- Tiny Jane's coming.
- Oh, good, we can use her.
We're getting naked.
Okay, cool.
Okay, homies.
Everybody good with the plan? - Both: Mm-hmm.
- No makeup.
No airbrush.
Just embracing the flaws.
Pimples and moles and stretch marks, oh, my.
Just happy to be with my girls.
What do you think Oliver's gonna say? Hopefully that he loves it.
Otherwise I don't want to think about otherwise.
Hey, no matter what, I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of all of us.
Is everyone ready? - Adena.
- What? I am making my models more comfortable.
And we don't have all day.
Drop those robes, girls.
Everyone ready? - She ready.
- Ah, showtime.
Stand up to the whole world Feelin' like you've finally found home You make me proud I wanna tell the world About you now You know it's you that I love You that I love, oh So hear me say it loud, loud Know I'll swear I'll never let them bring you down You know it's you that I love You that I love, oh Stand out in the whole crowd Shinin', now you found your true glow Glow, oh No doubt, do your mama proud I forgot how good your boobs looked.
- Thank you! - I didn't forget.
It was so much fun.
I loved it.
We noticed.
God, I miss this.
The three of us in here.
You know, it feels like old times.
I know.
Ugh, seeing Ben with his patients and his coworkers, it, like, made me miss being part of a squad, you know? Writing alone is real lonely.
Why do you think Sylvia Plath put her head in an oven? [laughs.]
I mean, like, what we did today, that's something that I wish that I saw in magazines when I was growing up.
That was so great.
And we were together.
That was the best part.
Come back.
This is where you belong, Jane.
I know.
So what are you gonna do? Go see Jacqueline and see if I could come back.
- [laughs.]
- I was right! [laughs.]
[all laughing.]
[dramatic music.]
I didn't hear you come in last night.
Yeah, you know, fashion closet turned into happy hour turned into almost closing the place down.
Jane was pounding liquid courage.
How is Jane? With any luck, she'll be back at "Scarlet" soon.
It was a fun shoot.
- [both laugh.]
- Yes, it was.
I was happy to be a part of your "Scarlet" world, even if it was brief.
It was brief but - definitely memorable.
- Mm-hmm.
I had no idea you were a full-on nudist.
Oh, well, now you know.
And thank you for putting me up for the job, for being so supportive.
Felt good to be working.
Well, you know I got your back, always.
I heard, um, you and Sutton fighting about me.
Yeah, Adena It's okay.
She wasn't wrong.
You know, we are different people.
But we both want you to be happy.
And you're at your happiest when your friends are too.
And I love that about you.
So don't ever let me come between you and them, okay? Okay.
All right.
So what about these sheets, though? Do they have to keep coming between us? Oh, they seem unnecessary.
They're so stupid.
I hate them.
- [laughs.]
- I hate them so much.
[soft music.]
Morning breath.
Oh, I don't care.
We're past that.
I'm gonna be late again.
- Jacqueline.
- Cleo.
Do we have a meeting? No.
No, no.
Just wanted to come and check in.
I heard from the board.
You're doing a letter from the editor this month? I am.
In fact, I'm planning on making it a monthly feature.
Oh! You know, this magazine hasn't done an editor's letter since the '90s.
Well, what's old is new again.
So tell me, what is this inaugural letter about? The notion that fit and fat don't need to be mutually exclusive and embracing our bodies is the healthiest thing we can do.
You know, I should thank you.
In trying to figure out the best thing to replace the "Fit and Fat" story, I realized that I had some experiences I wanted to share.
I have not written for a long time.
And getting back to it was invigorating.
Turns out I still have a lot I want to say.
[both chuckle.]
Well, I cannot wait to see what you have in store.
I appreciate the support.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
[breathes heavily.]
I know it isn't what you originally pitched.
Oh, and here I thought we simply had different ideas of what "candy" meant.
I love them.
I think they're fierce and real and important.
I think this is what our readers need to be seeing reflections of themselves, not some airbrushed I never said I disagreed.
They're captivating.
And they fit the real-people, body-positivity theme of this issue.
The photographer is Adena El-Amin.
I don't know her.
You should.
We should use her again.
Well, she's certainly on my radar now, and maybe we will.
This was very risky, Red.
I know.
Nice work.
I have a model coming in for a fitting.
Why don't you help me pick out a few looks? I woke up this morning with some things Laid on my heart Couldn't go another minute being in the dark - Will there ever be tomorrow, we will never know - - But we're in this world together - And together we should grow Oh-oh Hi.
Good to see you.
I have a meeting with Jacqueline.
Good to see you.
Come on down.
I know for sure Every little thing gonna be all right Every little thing gonna be all right 'Cause I say so Every little thing gonna be all right Go ahead and take a seat.
'Cause I say so So I saw your interview on NY14.
That was quite a moment.
Yeah, it was.
Victoria doesn't know who she's lost.
Uh, that's actually why I wanted to talk to you.
Going to "Incite" was a huge mistake.
I [sighs.]
I really screwed up.
No, don't beat yourself up.
If anyone's to blame, it's Victoria.
An editor is supposed to support their staff, not exploit them.
Yeah, I know that now.
I took you for granted.
I took for granted how special "Scarlet" is, how empowered I felt every day walking through that lobby, how challenged I was when you pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and the community that you fostered.
It wasn't just a job.
It was home.
I left without truly understanding how lucky I was.
I know that no one has been hired to replace me yet.
When you left, the board made an executive decision to reallocate your salary towards the relaunch of the dot-com.
I don't have any room in my budget to bring you back.
Okay, um well, is there any room to revisit the issue? I mean you're Jacqueline.
You always get what you want.
I could ask.
And I could probably get the money.
But I'm not sure that that is the best thing for you right now.
[somber music.]
You have some growing up to do, Jane.
You need to live in this failure.
You can't be afraid of it.
I'm not here because I'm afraid.
I'm here because I love "Scarlet.
" Mm, I think, if you're really being honest with yourself, it's both.
You just lost your job, so you want to feel safe, and you think that if I fix this, everything will [clicks tongue.]
get right back on track.
Now, I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but this is going to be an invaluable learning experience for you.
Now I have a meeting.
How can I begin again if you don't let me in I know that I'm not for show I believe in you, Jane.
How can I begin to let you go where we know Thank you for taking the time.
Maybe I am trying to escape you Maybe I need you more than I can really give Maybe I don't wanna mistake you For love if there never is And where do we go when the sunlight hits right Hits right I've been alone all night, all night Long time coming, oh