The Bold Type (2017) s02e04 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Bold Type" You're in charge of tomorrow's accessory shoot.
Follow the Look Book, but don't let me down.
I'm trying to get this really cool photographer.
- What about Adena? - We don't even know if Adena can do this.
I want to hire Adena.
She deserves a shot.
The fact is, we are very different.
But we never let that stop us.
- You care a lot.
- I love doing what I do.
Like you, I'm guessing.
This is where you belong, Jane.
- I know.
- So what are you going to do? Go see Jacqueline, and see if I can come back.
I'm not sure that that is the best thing for you.
You need to live in this failure.
So, if you're a creative director into craft beer and street art, that makes you a douchebag, right? Mm, probably.
Well, let's live a little.
Swipe right.
Oh, my god, that's Brooke Langley, the influencer.
How does she always look like she just got off a plane from Tulum? She did, I'm one of her half million Insta followers.
She's having breakfast with Oliver.
I bet they didn't put her name in the system.
- I got to go.
- Go.
She's with me, it's okay.
I'm Sutton Brady, Oliver's assistant.
Nice to meet you, Sutton.
So how long have you worked at "Scarlet"? Uh, four years and three months.
Sorry, I don't know why I just said that like it was a baby's age.
Part of me regrets that I never got to do the whole assistant thing, you know? Meeting up with the other assistants, gossiping about bosses.
Sounds so fun.
Oh, yeah, and the money.
[both chuckle.]
Brooke, meet Kat Edison.
Head of our social media department.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- I'm obsessed with your Insta.
- Thanks.
Go ahead.
So how long have you been at "Scarlet"? Um, about four years.
And already a department head, impressive.
Between building out the team and helping with our website relaunch, it's been kind of a crazy few months.
- Great.
- Yeah, speaking of, I have a meeting with our editor in chief, - but it was great to meet you.
- You too.
- All right, see you, honey.
- Bye.
Brooke, so sorry about your security snafu.
I swear, they treat this place like it's the Pentagon.
It's not a problem.
Isn't this guy adorable? When he doesn't have a mild case of the runs, yes.
The vet has been prepped, and so have you.
[Nacho whimpers.]
[soft music.]
I lost my sanity with my socks One at a time, I barely noticed [phone buzzes.]
- We got to put this to bed - Because I got some things to do, I got some things to do Thank you.
This place is cute.
I'm sorry, is this awkward? I really don't do this often.
What, go on dates with women who profiled you in a magazine? Or go on dates period.
I mean, with my work schedule, I don't really have a lot of free time.
But I did recently try that Tinder application.
- And how did that go? - Not so well.
So, um, that's where I'm at.
How'd you end up a writer in New York? Well, I grew up in Colorado, and I was kind of one of those nerds who always knew what I wanted to do, so then, after college, I just did it.
I respect that.
You know, believe it or not, I was one of those nerds, too.
You don't say? And I know it's cool now to say you were a nerd, but I really, really was one.
Then I stayed one.
Which makes me resent the nerds who became cool.
Yeah, well, you seem to be doing just fine.
Yeah, I am.
And you? How's the writing going? [inhales.]
Well, um I should probably lie and say that it's going great, but it's not.
I left a job that I probably shouldn't have, and I got fired from another one, so now I'm just figuring things out.
I'm sure you'll figure it all out.
How do you know? We just met.
Sometimes you just know.
Thank you.
Dear God, we thank you for this food, and our blessings, Amen.
I'm meeting with Jacqueline end-of-day tomorrow, and then I am all yours.
Did you confirm the dinner rez? Wait, actually, let me just check our joint calendar.
Hold, please.
Uh "Leila Party.
" Who's that? I meant to say no to that.
She's an old friend from when I was running around in New York.
I bumped into her the other day, and she invited me to some party.
But I don't really feel like going.
Oh, really? I mean, we can if you want to.
No, that's okay.
I'm kind of tired of that scene, anyway.
What scene is that? You know, the whole New York art world lesbian scene.
I don't know, actually.
That's not really my scene.
You're not missing much.
We don't want to go.
I am going to say no.
- Hey, can I ask you something? - Have I ever said no? So I just got off the phone with Adena, and she was acting kind of weird about meeting up with her old friend.
- Should I be worried? - Uh, it's hard to say.
Why don't you just ask her about it? Communication is so hard.
Welcome to being in a relationship.
- Yeah.
- Can I ask you something now? - Mm-hmm.
- How do you get to be a Brooke? Uh, hard work and hustle? No, I work hard, I hustle.
It has to be something else.
- That's true.
- Did you know that Brooke's - mom is a buyer for Barney's? - Oh, see, there you go.
The Brookes of the world have connections.
It's much easier to make it to the top - when you know the right people.
- You're right.
But that's why you're going to make it.
Because nobody's better with people than you.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
[groovy music.]
- Bye, Brooke.
- Oh, bye, Sophie.
Sutton cool.
Uh, how did that go? While I prefer that we not glorify any influencer in print, especially one who looks like Captain Hook, that is a decision above my pay grade.
But I will need you to pull some dress options and messenger them to her apartment.
Um uh What if I do the fitting here, tomorrow in the morning? You're picking up Nacho and his worm cream.
Why would you want to create extra work for yourself? This is a good experience, and you know what they say.
You can never have too many fittings.
You can, and I have.
But if you're feeling so inspired, by all means.
- Hey, girl.
- What's going on? Oh, you know, just sending out pitches, - slowly losing my mind.
- Mm-hmm.
But I did go out for lunch with Ben, and it required me to put on pants.
Ooh, the Hot Doc.
Way to bury the lede, Sloan.
- How was it? - I really like him.
Yeah, and I think I'm going to see him again.
He was funny, but like, unintentionally funny.
He was easy to be around.
Feels like there's a "but" coming.
A big "but.
" He's religious.
Like, he prayed before we ate.
You don't see that around New York.
I'm sorry, have you met Adena? Brown skin, prays five times a day? Known to wear a head scarf? Isn't that more of a fashion statement? Well, yes, but it is also a way for her to express her Muslim faith on her own terms.
Yeah, but it's different.
- Why? - I'm not dating Adena.
But you have dated religious guys before.
I mean, remember the one from Park Slope? He made his own pickles, he was Jewish.
- Oh, uh, Josh.
- Josh.
Yeah, but in New York, Judaism is like, a lifestyle choice.
Veganism is a lifestyle choice.
Judaism is definitely still a religion.
- True.
- Jane.
It feels like maybe we have some unresolved issues? No, the one unresolved issue is how I'm going to pay for things until I get a job.
[upbeat music.]
Yeah, just have the realtor put together a list.
I'll have my assistant coordinate the viewing.
- Moving, huh? - Yeah, don't ever do it.
It it mice or loud neighbors? Worse, the ghost of an ex-boyfriend.
- Oh, that is worse.
- Mm-hmm.
We lived together two years, and then he went on tour with Steve Aoki.
And let me tell you, what happens on tour, doesn't always stay on tour.
Thank God for antibiotics.
Oh, no.
[both laugh.]
You know what, if it makes you feel any better, his music sounds like a dial-up modem.
That does, actually.
[both laugh.]
Yeah, but my place has bad energy now, so I'm just making a clean break and leaving.
I'm recently single too.
I mean, I didn't catch him cheating on tour or anything, but it still sucks.
It does.
So maybe the two of us should hit the town one of these days.
- Make our exes jealous.
- Yeah.
Here, give me your phone.
I'll give you my number.
[soft music.]
Hi, uh, could I get another water? You need to order food to keep your table.
Okay, then I will have a mini biscotti.
[ambient music.]
I see you more as a dog walker, to be honest.
[dramatic music.]
Jane Sloan, long time no see.
Yeah, seriously, what's it been, like, six weeks? Less if you count your appearance on local television.
Ah, yeah, my "Jerry Maguire" moment.
Didn't Jerry Maguire quit his job? - Hey, too soon.
- I thought you did great.
I meant to text my condolences, but I couldn't decide on the perfect emoji.
The poop one would have worked.
Please, step into my office.
[groovy music.]
- So, how have you been? - Well, you know I got fired, and I'm in sweatpants, so [both laugh.]
You look good, though.
Do you have a job interview? Oh, I had a late night.
Movie premiere, after party.
After-after party.
So this is last night's outfit.
- Wow, congrats.
- I was working last night, as a matter of fact.
I'm actually stringing for Page Six, which means, basically, I get to go out to parties - and write about it.
- That's so cool.
The best part is, my days are wide open.
I've actually been working on a novel.
- Thanks.
- How's the biscotti? What did you do to that guy? Um Your gig, uh I could do that, right? I'm sorry, what, you think I couldn't? Sloan, you're a lot of things.
But a gossip writer is not one of them.
What do you have that I don't? I'm charming, I know how to work a room.
I'm not charming? That barista doesn't think so.
This is outrageous.
You know what? - I think you're scared.
- Really? Tell me what I'm scared of.
You're scared that if we go out together, I'll out-report you.
Out-report me? That's not even a thing.
Okay, whatever you say, scaredy cat.
[groovy music.]
Come out with me tonight.
If it goes well, I'll introduce you to my editor.
- Happy? - Very.
You said I'm not charming, but I just charmed you.
Honey, I'm home.
What are you doing? Watching "Friends.
" You want to join? Well, actually, I had a different idea.
I was thinking, maybe instead of dinner, we could go to your friend's party.
- I told you, it's really - I know, it's a tired scene.
But my friends are super important to me.
- Mm-hmm.
- You met them all.
And I just think it'd be nice to meet some of the people in your life.
I want to know everything about you, and your people are a part of that.
[soft music.]
- You make fair points.
- [gasps.]
- Okay.
- Yes! I got your dress.
Oh, thank you so much, I love you.
I love you.
So, hot date with Ben? - I'm going out with Pinstripe.
- What? It's not a date.
We're just going out for work.
You're going out with Pinstripe, and it's not a date? He told me that he would show me the ropes of being a beat reporter.
- You look like a real newsie.
- Hm.
The only thing that's missing is a hat with a card in it.
It's not a date.
But I am seeing Ben tomorrow, which is.
Ah, I love me a good triangle.
No, it is not a triangle.
Triangle implies three people.
Ben and I are two, so it's more of a - A line? - Yes, a line.
- Mm-hmm.
- But I don't even know if it's a line.
I like Ben, I do.
I just The religion thing, it just still kind of bothers me.
But as far as this Pinstripe hang, it is strictly platonic.
So where are you going on this non-date? The Bronze Bomber.
Yeah, isn't that like, a really hard door? Yes, but Pinstripe has an in because of his job.
Do you think he could get me and a friend in? - Who's the friend? - Brooke Langley.
Fancy, my girl is moving up in the world.
I, uh, I'm sure it's fine, but I just asked anyway.
Oh, hey, real quick, show me your underwear.
What? Why? Well, if it's really not a date, the Jane I know is wearing full-coverage briefs, but if there is a chance that Pinstripe might see you naked, I'm guessing you're going to be packing a little more heat.
Dump it out.
- These mean nothing.
- Oh, my God.
When is the last time you had a wax? [scoffs.]
Three, six, nine, girls want to drink wine Tell the man not to waste your time If the man broke, the man, he a joke So you got to get loose with the Henny and the coke Huh, so this is how the other half lives.
Well, more like one percent, but yeah.
All right, we got some work to do.
- Mind if I borrow her? - Oh, please do.
Okay, drinks on "Scarlet.
" Ooh, well, in that case, I'll have tequila, lime juice, touch of agave.
Ooh, I like your style.
Excuse me.
Two tequilas with lime juice and a touch of agave.
Close it out, and I'll take the receipt, please.
- One for the gram? - Were we here if we don't? Nope.
[camera clicks.]
- Yes, cheekbone.
- Hey, Brooke.
Hugo, oh, my God.
I haven't seen you in forever.
Listen, I want you to know that I did fight for visitation rights in the divorce.
- Really? - Yes.
Oh, gosh.
Sutton, this is Hugo.
The only good thing to come from my ex.
- He does PR for Mansur Gavriel.
- Ooh.
So if you ever need a bucket bag in coral in 24 hours for a shoot, he's your guy.
- Uh, 48 hours is preferred.
- [laughs.]
So where would this hypothetical bag be going? - I work for "Scarlet.
" - Oh, wow.
All right, teach, so what do you actually do here? - You're about to find out.
- Oh.
Noah, how goes it? Hoo-hoo, tough day at the office, huh? [laughs.]
Thank you.
So you got anything good tonight? Marion Wallace was at that table earlier - with a couple of other Knicks.
- Thanks, Noah.
So do you bring a lot of dates here? Oh, do I detect a little jealousy? Uh, no.
What, you're telling me you're not dating people? I am, one person.
His name is Ben.
Really, it sounds like you just made someone up, and you chose the most basic name.
I'll have you know that Ben is a doctor.
Ah-ha, obviously, he's a doctor.
Yes, a very safe choice, very on brand.
Uh, okay.
Can we take it down a notch? Let's do what we came here to do, work.
So you got this Wallace guy's name.
- What's your next move? - Wait for my opening.
Most dudes don't like strange guys coming up to them at clubs and interrogating them.
Well, maybe they'd like me.
[upbeat music.]
So, that was his agent, his trainer, and a guy who I think works for Nike.
Wait, why do you think that? Because he said he was a brand rep, and his watch, his shoes, and his socks were all Nike.
He's wearing white socks to a club.
That should be your scandal.
Nike? Wallace is an Adidas guy.
Yeah, sorry, you're literally just saying words.
Jane, a New York Knick changing his sneaker endorsement? That's a story that would sell.
- Huh, I just did that.
- Somehow, you just did that.
[phone dings.]
That's just the way you make me feel That's just the way you make me feel I've never seen this many ladies in one room, ever.
It's a lesbian bar.
That's kind of the point, eh? Oh, okay.
So, this room, people you know, people you don't know? People you wish you didn't know? I would say, uh, a healthy mix.
Huh, okay.
Oh, can I please get a vodka soda, and a soda with a lime? Adena! Marie.
This is an old friend of mine, Marie.
Marie, this is my girlfriend, Kat.
Girlfriend? Adena's off the market? Marie jokes, in Istanbul, she couldn't get rid of me fast enough.
- Memories are so subjective.
- Yeah.
You traveled Turkey together? Yeah, remember, I sent you pictures.
Yeah, no, I remember it.
I don't remember seeing any of Marie.
Can I borrow? Our friends in the corner are getting jealous.
Yeah, sure, no, you go.
I'll get the drinks and I'll come find you.
[upbeat music playing.]
You must be Kat.
Yeah, hi, I'm sorry, do we know each other? I'm Leila, I'm friends with Adena.
Oh, right, Leila.
She mentioned she had a girlfriend, that she was bringing her.
I put two and two together.
Right, this is your party.
Learning a lot tonight.
- Is this your first time here? - Yes, believe it or not.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Well, it's great.
There's a mix of fashion, art, music people.
All of whom seem to know Adena's in town.
I'm way too jealous for that.
What do you mean? They're mostly just friends, right? Oh, yeah, no, of course.
Just friends.
Okay, thanks! Nike's official comment is "no comment.
" Which means it's true.
Well, a promise is a promise.
I will call my editor and tell him I found a great new party reporter, and we'll set up a meeting.
Uh, could you make it a lunch? I'm trying to get as much free food as possible.
- [phone rings.]
- Definitely.
Did you just send Dr.
Ben straight to voicemail? We're working, so Oh, I hope you're not letting this get in the way of that.
- Trust me, it's not.
- On that note, I'm going home to have a nap.
I thought that you were supposed to be working on your novel while I write pitches.
Daddy needs his beauty rest.
There's a party happening tonight at Bronze Bomber again.
If you want to come keep our Woodward and Bernstein routine going.
Might help you get the job.
Uh, first of all, please don't ever call yourself "Daddy" again, and I appreciate the offer, but I am seeing Ben tonight.
Text me if you change your mind.
[groovy music.]
Have a good nap.
- I'm hungover.
- All right, take this.
- And this.
- Stop yelling.
I was feeling bad about bailing last night, but now I'm feeling like I made exactly the right choice.
Oh, how was baby's first lesbian bar? Still processing it.
[phone buzzes.]
- - Oh, my God, are you kidding me? What? Oh, what, is her liver made of Teflon? - [keys clacking.]
- Oh, okay, round two, savage.
Yeah, well, it's really hard keeping up with you.
Me? I never leave my apartment.
We've been working here for the same amount of time.
You're the head of a department.
I'm still an assistant.
I love that you're crushing it, but I want to be crushing it too.
Hey, you are crushing it, okay? It's just, there's a lot more people trying to make it in fashion than in social media.
Exactly, which is why I have to take bigger swings.
I connected with more people last night than I have in the past six months.
I mean, if this is what it takes.
Yeah, maybe take some of this, too.
[groovy music.]
Hey, thank you again for making us go last night.
I know I complained, but it was fun to see everyone.
Yeah, I had fun meeting your friends.
It was good.
You know, I actually had no idea you had so many friends.
So many sexy, beautiful friends.
Why are you saying "friends" like that? I mean, come on, you could field a softball team with the amount of girls you had slept with in that room.
I've never played softball, so I'm serious, though, like, what's your number? How many women have you slept with? Kat, I don't ask you how many people you've been with.
You could, and I'd tell you.
Open communication is good in relationships, I'm told.
To me, the past is in the past.
It has no bearing on the future.
Uh, okay.
I'm with you now.
[soft music.]
Is that not enough? Yes, I mean, of course it is, but, you know Oh, yeah, so you know I would, but I'm going to be late for dinner with Sutton, and you know I'm always late, and Wait, are you really trying to distract me - like this right now? - Is it working? Um Well - Ben or Pinstripe? - Hm? - Girl, triangle.
- Girl, line.
Triangle - Enough.
- Hey, what's up? Jane's just trying to convince me that she's not into Pinstripe, even though she's texting him before Ben comes to pick her up for their date.
Exactly, I am texting Pinstripe, but I am seeing Ben tonight.
Methinks m'lady protests too much.
Ugh, me thinks nothing.
You know, Ryan and I get along, but he's kind of a player.
But you would be into him if he wasn't? It's moot, because he is.
I'm going out with Ben, and I like him.
He's handsome, and smart, and he believes in his job, and his community, and Okay, God, but that shouldn't keep me from giving him a chance.
And yet, you keep bringing it up.
I just think that religious people can be kind of judge-y.
She says, judgingly.
Your cheeks are flush.
You just had sex, didn't you? God, she's like a truffle pig for hookups.
And speaking of, um, how many people have you guys slept with? - Four.
- 28.
- Makes sense.
- Yours too.
And have you ever not told a guy when he asked you? Well, I once got embarrassed, and said that my number was five.
- You are so adorable.
- You know what Adena said? - The past is the past.
- Oh! My college boyfriend once told me that when I asked him if he had hooked up with anybody in Cancun.
It's never good.
Well, I mean, uh, what are we counting as sex? You know, I actually don't know what lesbians count as sex.
See, my 28 is a strict interpretation, because once you get into oral and hand stuff, I'm going to need a bigger boat.
Honestly, I don't even really care what her number is.
I just want to be able to talk to her about it, you know, and get to know her better, and get to know her world better.
Well, have you said this to her? That's the problem.
I tried, but she just keeps avoiding the issue, you know? It makes me feel like she's hiding something.
Well, what could she be hiding? Well, I don't know, what was Cancun bae hiding? [tense music.]
[both laugh.]
How about "za"? Short for pizza.
[both laugh.]
Isn't that an official word? Um, maybe in the Outback, but not in my house.
Well, feel free to challenge.
I'm glad we stayed in.
This is fun.
Yeah, so am I.
[soft music.]
Wow, I would not have pegged you as the tattoo type.
Oh, yeah, I got it after my residency.
I like it.
I can't tell if you're confused about a doctor having a tattoo, - or the tattoo itself.
- Both.
It's just, you know, you went to medical school.
I guess that I just wouldn't think that somebody that educated and scientific would - Have faith? - Yeah.
Well, working in a hospital can be rough.
Illness is terrible, so it's nice to have faith, it helps.
Nice for who? I mean, if I were in a hospital, I would rather my life depend on good health care than prayer.
Well, the faith isn't for my patients, Jane; it's for me.
Uh, sorry, I'm just trying to understand.
So you, a rational human being with eight years of school under your belt, you actually think that up there sits a god who cannot only hear your prayers, but act on them and make sick people better? [scoffs.]
We don't have to talk about this.
You're right, we don't.
Hey, hey, just hear me out, okay? According to Facebook, Adena left Marie, and immediately started dating someone else.
- Okay, we're still here? - Yes.
I mean, you see the problem, right? No.
It's not the number of partners.
It's the number of relationships.
Like, serious relationships.
That's way worse.
And how is that worse? Because she just moves from one to the next.
It's like musical chairs.
The music stops, and then, she just slides on in to the next available seat.
Okay, well, maybe, but maybe that was her past.
No, Sutton, she was dating Coco when we met.
How do I know she's not lining up someone new like, right now? - Hi.
- Hi.
What happened to Ben? Uh, don't want to talk about it.
Um, I'm actually going out to meet Pinstripe.
- Huh.
- Okay.
- Where are you guys going? - To Bronze Bomber again.
Brooke and I are going there tonight too.
All right, well, you guys have a great night.
- I think I'm just going to - No.
I'm not letting you stay home and self-sabotage.
You're coming with us, and you can invite Adena.
Smooth things over.
[thumping club music.]
- Oh.
- Huh.
Oh, there's Brooke, I'm going to go say hi.
I'm going to go look for the restroom.
Oh, okay, we'll be at the bar.
Wow, this is a pretty sweet gig.
Yeah, you know, there are worse ways to make a living - than writing about fancy parties.
- It's true, but you're a fancy lady.
- That's why it works.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
[both laugh.]
- You good? - Yeah.
Everything is chill.
Seriously, it smelled like omelets and regret.
I can't even Sutton! - Hi, what's up? - Oh, my God, girl.
- It's been too long.
- I know.
What, like, eight hours? [both laugh.]
Um, you guys, this is Sutton.
She is going to run the "Scarlet" fashion department one day.
Oh, well, a girl can dream.
Everybody looks like they need a drink, though.
- Next round on "Scarlet"? - Hmm, that's sweet.
[upbeat pop music playing.]
- Hello? - Hi.
- Be easy.
- Oh, Jane.
I'm easy.
Look, so easy.
She's just talking to a really beautiful woman.
Hey, it's nothing.
You're so right, it's nothing.
I'll be right back.
Oh, no.
- Hey, what's up? - Hi.
- Who's your friend? - Ah, Vanessa.
She runs a gallery in Chelsea.
I've known her for years.
Baby, she's married.
To a war photographer.
Who is a man.
Right, I I'm sorry, I'm just I'm kind of spinning out right now.
I'm not a jealous or insecure person.
But you know, the way you're handling this is really starting to change that.
Handling what? It's it's that.
It's exactly that.
I'm asking you really basic questions about your past, and you just play dumb.
I've been with more people than you, Kat.
I thought that I was being considerate not talking about it.
I'm sorry for trying to protect you.
I actually don't need your protection.
What I need from you is your honesty.
And I need to feel like I can talk to you without feeling like a crazy person, which is exactly how Coco must have felt.
[tense music.]
I'm going to go get a drink.
I bet you get a lot of famous people in here.
Well, that guy in the corner is on the news.
[pop music playing.]
Oh, my God.
I thought that my hands were corn dogs, and I wound up in the bathroom at the end of the night.
Which is why I don't eat petit fours anymore.
- Oh, wow.
- Oh, that's so gross.
Is it weird I want a corn dog, though? [laughter.]
Oh, thanks for the drinks, Sutton.
Yeah, thank you.
So, guys, what do we think about the Bowery? - Hm, it's cool, yeah.
- Yeah, still cool? - There's a party there.
- Let's do it.
Sutton, you in? Um, actually, can I talk to you really quick? Oh.
- Um - What's up? There is a $500 miscellaneous charge on the bill.
Do you know what that is? Yeah, yeah, I mean Oh, okay, so, one of the owners, he put a few party favors on the bill.
It's like, so much easier than cash, you know? - Oh.
- Yeah.
I see, so, I don't think I can put that - on my company card, though.
- Mm.
So that's why it's labeled miscellaneous.
It's like, totally hidden.
Um, well, it's still $800, so Oh, my God, you're Oh, sweetie.
Oh, you're so worried.
No, okay, look, this is how it works.
It's fine, I do this all the time with editors.
- It's just never an issue.
- Right.
Yeah, trust me.
Um, can you just excuse me for one second, okay? [thumping dance music playing.]
- Hi, we need to talk.
- Okay.
- Wait, what's going on? - Where's Kat? - Oh, hey.
- Hey, what's up? Sorry for the emergency huddle, but I have a major problem.
Brooke just put $500 worth of cocaine on my "Scarlet" card.
- What, how? - Oh, my God, I don't know.
It just happened, and I didn't know what to say.
How about, hey guys, sorry, but I can't expense narcotics? Yeah, that would have been great, but the thing is, I just started getting in with Brooke.
I didn't want it to jeopardize the friendship.
Well, if it jeopardizes it, then it's not a friendship.
I know, but Oliver did say that I could use the card to get to know people.
Oh, cabs and work drinks, Sutton! Kat, you come back from vacation, and you somehow have more responsibility.
I still spend half of my day reorganizing the fashion closet.
Maybe talk to Oliver about it.
- Or pay for it yourself.
- I don't have the money.
Oh, look, Pinstripe.
- I'll be back.
- Yep.
Well, there she is.
Look who finally decided to show up to work.
Oh, I was just giving you a head start.
- Oh.
- So, get any good scoops? Actually, yes.
It appears that Chad Horford, the New York 14 news anchor that interviewed me is cheating on his wife.
Whoa, I just saw him with her at a charity event.
She's six months pregnant.
That's a good story, Sloan.
Wait, what? Is it? I don't know, I mean A cheating story is one thing.
But doesn't the pregnancy thing make it feel kind of dirty? It makes it feel scandalous, and that's what we're trying to sell here.
Yeah, but you're going to ruin these people's lives.
Me? It was your story.
And now I'm telling you that it feels wrong.
Look, this guy's being a jerk, and we're calling him out.
This is part of the job.
Well, if that's part of the job, then maybe I don't want to do it.
I mean, you have to draw the line somewhere.
Ouch, I didn't realize I was lacking a moral center.
I'm sorry.
I obviously appreciate you helping me, but I mean, are you happy doing this? Chasing gossip stories? I know what kind of writer you want to be.
- It's not this.
- That's what the novel is for.
- What? - Come on, Ryan, really? How much are you actually working on that? It's okay if you want to party, but don't couch it as some incredible work opportunity.
Well, if you find my life so distasteful, then why are you out with me and not on your date with the good doctor? That's a good question.
Thank you.
You're right; he is a good guy.
She has potential.
- Hey, so it turns out - Where have you been hiding? So, the thing is, I don't think that I can Dude, Sutton, I was just telling Quinn that you have to come to our next dinner party.
They are legendary.
Like, literally every fashion designer fights for an invite.
You will seriously love it.
- [phone buzzes.]
- Oh, oh, guys, the car's here.
Let's go.
Hey, come on.
We'll wait for you outside.
Love a dinner.
[soft music.]
Thanks for coming over.
Look, I owe you an explanation about how I reacted earlier.
Um It didn't come out of nowhere.
When I was little, my mom got cancer.
And she was pretty religious.
But even more so after the diagnosis.
I would go visit her, and she would tell me to pray and that it would make it better.
At the funeral, um, the priest came up to me and he took my hands, and he looked me in the eye, and he said "It's okay, Jane.
God has taken your mom to a better place.
" And I just remember thinking I I prayed to God to keep her here with me.
Because what better place is there? Jane, I'm so sorry.
So, um, yeah, that's kind of when I stopped believing in the magic power of God.
That's awful.
Thank you so much for telling me.
You know, you don't have to believe in God to have faith that you're going to be okay, Jane.
- Have you always been religious? - Yes and no.
I mean, when I was growing up, my parents sent me to Sunday school, bible camp, the whole thing.
And then, I moved halfway across the world to go to college and rejected it all.
But once I started at the hospital, I don't know.
It just kind of clicked back in.
I guess that's just kind of hard for me to wrap my head around.
And it made me judge you unfairly.
Leave the judgment to God, Jane, and you'll be fine.
[both laugh.]
Oh, God.
[soft music.]
I'm glad you called me back tonight.
Me too.
Um Just before we take this relationship any further, what is your stance on premarital sex? [laughs.]
- I think we're good.
- Okay.
[soft music.]
Kat! Can you just talk to me? [grunts.]
If it's more bullshit about the past being the past and all of that, then I'm not really interested.
- Thanks, anyway.
- It's not.
You're right.
I haven't been totally honest with you.
And it's not because I've been trying to protect you.
I'm trying to protect myself, because because I'm scared.
What are you scared of? [scoffs.]
I'm in a relationship in a country that does not want me.
My mother turns 60 next week, and I can't leave to go visit her.
I I don't know if I'll be able to come back.
Why wouldn't you just tell me that, though? Because I don't want you to feel guilty.
And I don't want to scare you off.
But I'm I'm choosing to be here, Kat.
I'm choosing you.
[soft pop music.]
Thank you for saying that.
Then, let me say one more thing.
I love you, Kat.
I love you too.
Hey, um Will you, uh finally tell me how many people you've slept with? [both laugh.]
- Please.
- A lot.
Yeah, no, that's good, that'll work for now, but I will get an actual number one day.
["Youth" by Halie.]
Morning breaks The clouded shapes I make the same mistake again - Don't know how to break the chain - Wasting time Stupid lies Don't know what I'm doing [phone buzzes.]
- Don't know who I'm fooling - When we used to dance below the darkest skies Something is about to break We're always going to stay the same - Now we're back in the game - Now we say We stay high, never going low The night will never let go Never let go