The Bold Type (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Stride of Pride

1 Previously on "The Bold Type" It turns out that tiny Jane is not so great at being unemployed.
- It's been one day.
- Have you met me? - A cheating story is one thing.
- Doesn't the pregnancy thing make it feel dirty? Ouch.
Then why are you out with me? I'm glad you called me back tonight.
Me too.
[upbeat music] Brooke, meet Kat Edison, head of our social media department.
Building the social media department is gonna be a lot of work.
Staffing alone is going to be incredibly time-consuming.
We really have to move on.
Goodbye, Sutton.
I'm recently single too.
I mean, I didn't catch him cheating on tour or anything, but it still sucks.
So maybe the two of us should hit the town one of these days.
Yeah! [soft piano music] Good morning.
Sort of.
My head hurts.
Last night was fun.
Yes, it was.
I could use some room service.
- Mm-hmm.
- How about you? - Yep.
- Yeah? - Hangover food.
- Okay.
What do you want? Eggs? Bacon? Coffee? Yes, yes, and yes.
[phone ringing] - [upbeat music] - Oh my God.
[giggling] [phone buzzes] Ignore it.
- [phone buzzes] - I can't.
- I'm so sorry.
- I have to run.
It's Sutton.
It's an emergency.
Is she okay? Oh, yeah.
It's a fashion emergency.
Walk of shame.
Yeah, I didn't learn about those in med school.
I guess you didn't really get laid in med school, huh? Fair enough.
You really have to go? I'm on call for the next 48 hours.
Well, then we'll pick this up in 49 hours.
[sighs] Sutton! Oh my God, thank you for getting here so fast! Adena's gone.
I'm living vicariously.
- What is that? - Dry shampoo.
- Oh, cool.
- Disposable toothbrush.
Here you go.
- Hi! - Hey.
I better not run into Jacqueline.
You must be dreaming.
She's been here two hours already.
Did you bring me my leather jacket? [moans] So where were you? Met a music industry guy through Brooke.
Oh my God, I have to get up there.
Are you gonna tell us what happened? - Yes, but not now! - Okay.
Gotta go.
[sighs] Perfect! And I gotta go fast! How do I look? You look [smooches] - Amazing.
- Thank you.
Oh - Uh-oh.
Bed head.
- Should we have told her? Ugh, we did our best.
[chuckles] [phones ringing, indistinct chatter] Who's next? Ideas, people! Red! We have pitch meetings once a week.
Could you be on time? I'm so sorry, Oliver.
My subway station was closed, and then You stopped to audition for "Black Swan: The Musical"? This is a part of my pitch.
Why pretend that you didn't wake up in someone else's bed without time to go home and change? Why not show up to work wearing the same thing you wore yesterday with a few small adjustments? And we'll call it "How to Turn Your Walk of Shame into a Stride of Pride?" I like it.
Next time, use a shower.
All right! No, come on! Not again! Excuse me, Miss.
Is this seat taken? Uh No! I thought you would be avoiding me.
Oh, please, Sloan.
You flatter yourself.
My ego is much more resilient than that.
Can't argue with you there.
You know, the idea that as a writer, I should actually write seemed like a fair point.
I saw you didn't run the pregnancy story, so is it possible that you also grew a conscience? No, that just didn't clear legal.
- Oh.
- Daddy's still gotta eat.
No, no, don't do that.
Well, the only thing I've written today is a to-do list.
Pick up ramen, try meditation, get a job.
So you're over the freelance thing? I miss structure, you know? Having a place to be, running late for the subway Getting a steady paycheck.
That too! I've never worked harder in my life and I feel like I'm barely getting by.
Actually, I might have a lead for you.
Check your e-mail.
There's an opening at "Yes Girl!" Magazine? How did I miss this? I have a friend there who's looking for recs.
"Looking for candidates with a degree in journalism, "and experience writing about issues relevant to millennial readers.
" I could put in a good word.
You are a lifesaver! I am applying! Mama's gonna get herself a job.
[chuckles] How's it going? Any good candidates for the social media department? Uh, honestly, it's kind of harder than I thought.
Every time I pick up a résumé, it's like déjà vu.
Ivy League college, great internships, letter of recommendation.
And that's a bad thing? No, it's not, it's just exactly what my résumé looked like, you know? It's like the same person over and over again.
I've been trying to find the right person for weeks.
And our social numbers have kind of plateaued, and I think it's because we need some new voices in here.
You know how I ended up at "Scarlet"? Honestly, in my mind, you were just born here.
Internship! A gay black man from Oklahoma? Not a chance.
I was serving coffee to models at a Versace shoot.
But one of those models was Naomi Campbell.
She took one look at my ensemble, I believe a vest and jodhpurs were involved.
And she said, "Why are you wasting your talents making coffee and not working in fashion?" Now, is this before or after the phone chucking incident? People are complicated.
The point is, the only people who come through HR are the ones who know how to get their résumés to HR in the first place: Kids like you.
So I need to go around HR? You need to look harder for your diamond in the rough.
And yes, I'm the diamond in this scenario.
So how's she supposed to do that? Oh, I know how to do that.
Just put out a call on Twitter.
It's as democratic as it gets, except for the Russian bots, but I can weed them out.
Well, my work here is done.
And next time it's black people snack time, send me a memo.
[chuckles] Okay, how does "jennitehcyclist" have five years social media experience? She's 16.
[phone chimes] - Can you read me that text? - Yep.
Dylan, hot A&R guy, says, "So am I seeing you again tomorrow?" Is that the dude from last night? Yeah.
- So thirsty.
- [chuckles] What? Thirsty? I think it's sweet.
Wow, meets one hot doctor, and suddenly, the world is filled with puppy dogs and ice cream.
[giggles] Puppies and ice cream are great.
And I'm just saying it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for you to put yourself out there? I have been out there.
I meant emotionally.
You know, give a new guy a chance.
You know what? I changed my mind.
He's still very, very thirsty, but Jane is right.
Well, I can't see him tomorrow anyway because we're doing karaoke.
- Bring him! - Bring him! I'm not bringing him! [both, atonally] Bring him [laughter] Okay, fine, I'll bring him.
I'll bring him.
Oh, hey, check this one out.
"@ScarletTheMag, love 'Hot Hairstyles for Spring.
' "But boxer braids? Come on, those are cornrows, "and Kim K did not invent them.
" Burn! Who wrote that? @AngieFlorever.
She's one of the people who responded to my post.
And she's right! I didn't catch that.
Sounds pretty cool.
She's got a crazy number of followers, and her Insta's even better.
Gonna bring her in.
Oh my God! You guys, I got an interview at "Yes Girl"! - Yay! - Yes, girl! Cheers! [cheerful music] Oh, wow, this office is so beautiful.
I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to see your name come across my desk.
Well, as soon as I heard there was an opening, I jumped at the chance.
Your recent story about your relationship to faith, very thought-provoking.
Thank you.
Right here.
Angie, hey, I'm Kat.
Big fan of your work.
Big fan of yours, too.
- Oh! - I'm not just saying that 'cause this is an interview.
Okay! Oh my God, this is amazing.
Yeah, so have you ever thought about working in social media before? You're asking if I thought I could make money off of Twitter? Twitter doesn't even know how to make money off of Twitter.
So no, not really.
Well, turns out, it's possible! I mean, obviously I know social media managers exist, I just didn't think someone with my background could actually get hired as one.
Your voice is a different entry point for us.
That's valuable.
And your engagement rate is huge.
I loved how you compared the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" to our health care system.
NeNe is privatized insurance.
- Oh, yeah, for sure.
- Definitely.
And your tweet about boxer braids, that, um Which I can't find for some reason.
Deleted that.
I figured there shouldn't be evidence of me putting a potential employer on blast.
And you know, I want to raise awareness but I don't want to be preachy.
That's smart.
But I mean, to tell you the truth, that's kind of the stuff that I'm looking for, you know? It's good to cover our blind spots.
So now that you know why I'm into you, why don't you tell me why you're into "Scarlet"? You ever seen an interview with some bougie-ass director, and he's like, "I knew I wanted to make movies ever since I saw 'Amadeus' when I was 12?" Mm Well, I've been reading "Scarlet" since I was 16, and I love "Scarlet.
" It's always been there for me.
And it never occurred to me that I could even work here.
But like now, I mean, seeing that it is possible, [stirring music] I can't think of anything else.
That and I'm sick of giving away dope content for free! Okay, well, I think we can do something about that.
I am not kidding, I dressed up as Nora Ephron one year for Halloween.
Okay, I literally dressed up as the Spice Girls three years in a row.
Which Spice Girl did you dress up as? - Posh, obviously.
- [laughs] Well, there's a fun, lighter piece.
"Did Your Childhood Halloween Costume Predict Your Future?" You know, I love the fact that you have the chops to tackle heavier issues, but you also have the ability to pitch lighter fare.
Where do you live, by the way? Greenpoint.
You and half our office.
Perfect! Well, we do have a couple more interviews, but I'll let you know as soon as we make a decision.
I have to say, Jane, I think you'd be a great fit here.
[knocking at door] Kat, I take it you have a staffing update for me.
I do actually, and I found someone who is perfect.
Already sent her up to HR for approval.
- Great.
- Yeah.
And they rejected her.
She doesn't meet Safford's college degree requirement.
Really? That's not a "Scarlet" policy, that must be a Safford-wide thing.
Right, but I mean, that's insane! She's perfect! She's a better fit than anyone I interviewed with a degree.
Well, you're the only one who knows who's right for your team, Kat.
So if you think she's worth fighting for, I'm all for it.
[stirring music] Oh, wow.
That's a story I'll tell you later.
[laughs] Okay.
So do you think this is weird? You know, me meeting your friends on our second date? No, I think it just means, you know, I'm not totally embarrassed by you.
[indistinct speech] Shh.
Like we're talking.
- [clears throat] - [laughs] Hey, guys.
This is Dillon.
Dillon, this is Kat and Jane.
- Kat.
- Hello.
- And Jane.
- Dillon.
Nice to meet you both.
Nice to be met.
Bartender! Can I grab four shots of tequila, please? You guys do not want to see me do karaoke sober.
Oh, so all four of those shots are for you? Your friend is really funny.
Yeah, she's all right.
She has her moments.
But I'm actually gonna share them this time.
Here you go.
Two for you guys.
Thank you.
- And for you.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
So, ladies, what are we drinking to? To these two.
Uh, Jane, Kat, and Satan.
- Every time! - That's us! Your handwriting is terrible.
Well, we'll be right back.
- Okay.
- So what are we singing? Oh, I'll give you a hint.
The sequel is coming out.
You love ABBA! You do too! You kill it every time! [ABBA's "Mamma Mia"] I've been cheated by you Since I don't know when So I've made up my mind It must come to an end Look at me now Will I ever learn I don't know how But I suddenly lose control There's a fire within my soul But just one look and I can hear the bell ring One more look and I forget everything All: Whoa-oh-oh-oh Mamma mia Here I go again My, my, how can I resist you? Mamma Mia Does it show again My, my, just how much I missed you? Yes, I've been brokenhearted Blue since the day we parted Why, why did I ever let you go? - Yeah! - What happened? - I think it's broken.
- The words? - It's frozen.
It froze.
- Excuse me, Mr.
Man? Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Yeah, here.
I got you.
- Oh, yay! - Dillon saves the day! What a guy.
It's downloading! - Okay, okay.
- We're good.
All: I've been angry and sad About the things that you do - - Uh, what is this? Looks like a text message from your girlfriend.
Uh, that is not what it looks like.
Who's Allison? Why don't you get offstage, I can explain Who is Allison? Tell me! She's my wife.
Your wife? Sutton, just come down here, I can explain I think you should leave.
As quickly as possible.
[melancholy music] Uh, thank you, New York.
Best city in the world! [slurping] You know what? I am gonna get us another round, I think we all need to try this banana thing.
Is it good? Yeah, can you ask for extra bananas? Yes.
Be back.
Excuse me.
Hey, could I get three of those banana rum things? - Yep.
- Put it on my tab.
Thank you.
[clears throat] Uh, Leila? Kat! - Hi! - Hey.
Oh, yep.
You know what? I will never, ever be cool enough to pull off the double euro.
Oh, don't underestimate yourself.
[chuckles] [giggles] Hey, actually, Adena promised I could borrow her tripod.
Do you want to stop by in the next couple days and get it? Oh, Adena's not here.
She's at a retreat upstate.
Oh, so that means I can't come by? No! Yes, I mean, I didn't I didn't mean it like that, I was just, um How's Friday night? It's perfect.
Thank you.
All right.
[all slurping] You know what? You were right.
These are great.
It's kind of like juice.
I'm gonna be drunk.
All right, where should we go now? And does Dillon have a car? 'Cause I'm up for some egging.
Mm I don't know if he has a car.
Didn't even know he had a wife.
- Dark.
- [phone rings] Oh, I have to take this.
- Sorry.
- Okay.
[phone rings] - Hey.
- Hey.
So I just got out of drinks with my friend from "Yes Girl.
" Oh my God.
And? Not looking good, unfortunately.
Uh Really? What happened? I thought they loved me.
They did.
They really did.
But they're also making a big diversity push right now, so anyway, don't say anything.
I'm sure they'll tell you about it tomorrow, but I figured you'd want to know.
Yeah, thanks, Ryan.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
Never coming back to this bar.
Hey, baby.
So that was Ryan, I'm not getting the job.
- Oh, man.
- That sucks.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, apparently, they're doing a big push for diversity, so But that's a good thing, though, right? You know? That "Yes Girl" is doing that, it's kind of like what I'm doing, trying to hire other voices.
Yes, I know that it's important, it's just It just feels really unfair, I feel like I would've gotten the job otherwise.
I just I wanted this so bad.
So you're all for diversity as long as it doesn't affect you? That's not what I'm saying.
Then what are you saying? I feel like we should change the subject.
Why are you acting like I'm being racist? No.
Nobody's calling anybody anything.
- I don't think yeah.
- Yeah, I didn't say "racist.
" - Definitely not.
- Come on.
Okay, good.
Okay, good.
So should we go home? Yeah.
[groans] Oh.
Technical difficulties? My keyboard is broken.
So now I'm gonna have to copy and paste every time I want to type an R.
Yikes, that sounds brutal.
Or should I say "butal?" [fake laugh] So I only need to complete 94 errands on TaskRabbit to afford a new one.
So should I pick up dry cleaning in Newark, or help someone mount a large TV? You sound a little desperate.
I am desperate! I haven't gotten paid for my religion piece, and I had a horrible fight with Kat.
It just sucks.
[mellow music] Hey, do you have a second? - No, I'm going to meet Jane - I found Dillon's wife.
- Fashion closet.
Yep! - Now.
How'd you find her? I literally searched "Dillon Frank married" and found their registry.
His pizza stones were bad luck that year.
Oh, boy.
Oh my God, she went to the Women's March.
I know.
She had a good sign too.
I'm thinking of telling her.
Oh, yeah Sutton, I don't think that's a good idea.
You barely know this guy.
I know.
But I feel like I know her.
I mean, look, she could be our cool older friend.
Doesn't matter.
You're an outsider, they're a unit.
If Adena was cheating on you, would you want to know? Well, yeah.
Kat, I know it seems a little crazy, but I spent my childhood watching my mother date guys like Dillon.
They lie and cheat, and she really suffered, so even if Allison isn't on my side, I'm gonna be on hers.
[melancholy music] Hey.
So, uh I feel like we didn't really get to finish our conversation the other night.
Yeah, I wanted to talk too.
Um I just Jane, I know you're not racist, okay? But I do feel like some of what you said was kind of, uh, problematic.
Okay, and what exactly did I say that offended you? Don't you think that complaining that you didn't get a job because you're white sounds a little like, white privilege-y? I didn't get a job that I was perfect for, because I'm white.
I was just stating a fact.
But how do you know that whoever did get the job wasn't more perfect? The fact that you assume they only got it because of some diversity handout makes you sound entitled.
And coming from someone who lives in their parents' loft and has never paid a bill in their entire life, that's pretty rich.
[uncomfortable chuckle] It's actually not about me, though.
Do you know what happens to me if I leave here and get hit by a cab? 'Cause with no insurance, no money, crazy student debt, and no help from my dad, I sure as hell don't.
So yeah, excuse me for being pissed that I didn't get a job that I know I can do because of something completely out of my control.
Yeah, welcome to the entire existence of people of color, Jane.
How many times have you walked into a room of mostly white people and you don't even think about it? 'Cause I think about it.
It occurs to me.
Why have you never brought this up before? Because I've never really liked talking about it 'cause it makes me feel weird, it makes me feel uncomfortable, and I know I have my shit with privilege too.
When I decided I wanted to work at "Scarlet," my dad got me an internship.
And it's only occurred to me through staffing that there are so many people out there who are smart and capable and talented, and they don't even think of working at "Scarlet" as a possibility because of where they come from.
And now I have this opportunity to open a door, offer a seat at the table, and I don't want I don't want to mess that up.
It's important.
And I know things are really hard for you right now, but you're gonna land on your feet, okay? [phone buzzing] God, you know what? I really have to go.
But you're gonna be okay, Jane.
All right? I'm sorry, I really have to go.
I love you, okay? I love you, too.
I mean, she's amazing.
She's smart, refreshing, and hungry.
Who cares if she didn't finish college? The people that pay her salary, evidently.
Okay, I've been doing a lot of research.
And policies like this are the reason why even places like "Scarlet" that are so progressive are still predominantly white.
Like, for the most part, college entrance exams are racially and economically biased, and then, those kids face the issue of actually affording college, which, by the way, is what happened to Angie.
I mean, she made it into school; she just couldn't keep paying for it.
And your points are fair and compelling, but just because I'm a board member doesn't mean that I can unilaterally reverse board policy.
I know, but you could talk to someone.
This is important.
Elliott Waxman is walking us through "Porch & Garden's" editorial calendar this afternoon.
Maybe I could bring it up after his presentation.
Yeah, but there's something about putting a face to this that I think will make it harder to say no.
You're saying you want to pitch it yourself? No, I want Angie to.
[cheerful rock music] Got you ten minutes with the board, 3:00, don't be late.
Oh, Richard! Thank you! [cheerful rock music] So just sign in there.
Have a good class, okay? [phone ringing] - Hey, Kat.
- Angie, hey.
Quick question, is there any chance that you could come by the office today to meet some of the higher-ups? Oh my God, I'm in the running? Yeah.
Oh, I'm here till closing today, but I could do it tomorrow.
Is there any way you could step away for like 90 minutes? I don't have anyone to cover for me.
I'm sorry, Kat, you know I really want this job, but I can't risk losing the one I have.
Yeah, okay.
- Bye.
- Okay, bye.
- [phone ringing] - [groans] Rec center, Angie speaking.
Okay, you can still go to the board without Angie.
I just feel like I'll have a better shot at changing their minds if I can put a face to their stupid policy.
- I wish I could help.
- [phone rings] You can.
Take Angie's shift.
Oliver would kill me.
Oh my God, I think this is Allison.
[phone ringing] - Okay, answer it, answer it.
- Okay.
Hello? Yes, this is she.
Yeah, tonight works.
I will, uh, see you there.
She wants to get a drink tonight.
She wants to talk.
[phone buzzing] - Hey, what's up? - Kat was right.
Is there a bottle of wine that says "I have not examined my white privilege, and I'm sorry"? Well, if there is, it's probably a buttery chardonnay.
It's probably a rosé.
[groans] You're right.
It would be rosé.
Have you talked to her? I feel bad.
She's fine, Jane.
She's prepping for a board meeting.
I wish there was something I could do.
Actually, what are you doing right now? [cheerful rock music] Nothing.
There might be a way for you to make it up to her.
- Hi! - Hi! You must be Jane.
Yes, what do I need to do? Um, that's a phone.
Answer when it rings.
Okay, I can do that.
Thank you so much, Jane.
I really, really appreciate it.
Thank you, Angie! For what? Right, sorry.
Uh It's been a day.
I'm just really trying to help my friend and obviously, you.
"Scarlet" is awesome.
And I'm sure you're gonna get the job.
Thank you so much, Jane.
You're so cool.
Go! - Good luck! - Okay, thank you, thank you, thank you.
[phone ringing] Hi! This is the Theodore Roosevelt Recreation Center.
How can I help you? Yes, we do have dog yoga.
[mouths word] Shit.
We are cutting this so close.
Yeah, but it's gonna be great.
Yeah, it's gonna be great.
[elevator dings] [dramatic music] Going up? Angie's gonna be here in a few minutes.
Kat, they're already annoyed that I asked to extend the meeting for this.
Richard, please.
Kat is trying to do something big here, and she can, but only with your help.
So please give her ten minutes.
Okay, I'll stall.
Ten minutes.
Ten minutes.
I'm not sure if we teach both Broadway and rhythm tap, but I will have someone get back to you really soon with that information.
Thank you, bye.
Hi! [sighs] I should have never quit dance.
[cheerful rock music] [elevator dings] - Hey! - Hey! Don't get out, we're going up! Good luck! Thanks! Remember what we talked about.
We're about to walk into a room full with a lot of old dudes.
You ready? As long as you don't tell me to picture them naked.
You're gonna crush it.
Thanks for waiting, guys.
Here she is! We're running behind, so we can only give you five minutes.
Five minutes is all I need.
Thank you, Richard.
This is Angela Flores.
She lives in Brooklyn, works as a receptionist, and she has 16,458 Twitter followers with an engagement rate of 76%.
Now, just to put that in perspective for you guys, "Scarlet" currently has an engagement rate of 43%.
She has a younger demo, and her numbers keep growing.
But her application to work with me in social media was recently rejected.
Why? Because she doesn't have a college degree.
And I think that's a mistake on our part.
Angie? Good day.
Kat is correct, I didn't finish college.
But while other people were going to class and rushing sororities, I was answering phones and scrolling through social media.
It was my community.
It's how I found my voice.
[stirring piano music] And I mean, I know what you guys must be thinking.
"Here's another millennial talking about how every voice deserves to be heard.
" But the numbers speak for themselves.
People like my voice.
So yeah, I didn't finish college, but once I'm hired, that won't matter.
What does matter is my love for "Scarlet" and ability to reach people you wouldn't have otherwise reached.
'Cause if I do that, you guys win too.
I'm talking about making you guys money.
Anything's possible I run till I'm breathless Stand ten feet tall Thank you for your time.
Keep running Anything's possible Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh Anything's possible I will let you know as soon as I hear something.
Thank you so much, Kat.
Whatever happens, you took a chance on me, and I really appreciate it.
You deserve it, Angie.
Anything's possible Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh Anything's possible Kat! Can you come here a sec? So what happened? You got the go-ahead to hire Angie.
Congratulations, Kat.
Oh my God! Uh, and what about changing the policy? The board isn't gonna lift Safford's blanket requirement for college degrees at this time.
But they are going to lift the degree requirement for "Scarlet.
" Still a big win, Kat.
A very big win.
Well, thank you.
Both of you.
No, thank you.
You made some noise and facilitated real change.
[bright music] Okay, well, I am gonna go call Angie.
[chuckles] Good.
[knocking at door] Hi.
Are you in the mood for apology rosé? Yeah, looks great.
Bring it in.
Look, I get it, because I live with a lot of privilege too.
I mean, I'm trying to be better, but it's a process.
I'm still learning.
I shouldn't complain.
I know my life is great.
It's just, it's frustrating to not know where it's going.
And I've been spiraling, and I took it out on you.
I mean, I knew that you were having a hard time trying to find work and stuff.
I guess I just didn't realize it was that bad.
But, Jane, you're a badass! You're an amazing writer.
So things are gonna fall into place.
I got your back.
I got your back.
And you're killing it.
You are changing the world, and you have a really hot girlfriend.
[chuckles] [uplifting music] I love you.
I love you too.
Allison? Yeah.
I'm Sutton.
I guess he's got a type.
Look, I just want to say how sorry I am about all of this.
After you messaged, I talked to Dillon about you.
And he got really defensive, and he said you were some crazy stalker he met at work.
I'm not really getting the crazy stalker vibes.
Yeah, I'm not.
Can you just tell me what happened? We met at a bar.
We got drunk, um He said he had a hotel room for work.
So we went there.
And you know, one thing led to another.
And then the next morning, he said he wanted to hang out again, so we did, but I saw your text message on his phone, and that was it.
I had no idea that he was married.
I hope that you don't hate me for telling you.
I mean, I I don't know.
Maybe you didn't want to know.
But I thought that I would want to know, so I just figured No, I don't hate you.
I know it was hard.
But thank you, because I want to find a good guy who loves me and treats me with respect.
Pretty simple, right? Yeah.
It is.
You seem like a nice girl, Sutton.
And I hope you find one of those good guys.
Ask me no questions I will tell you no lies Careful what you wish for [knocking on door] Saying that we wanted more - Hi.
- Hi.
Come on in.
That was the longest shift ever.
Yeah, too long.
In the highest of high But will we ever, ever know And I need you to know [phone chimes] - But if love is enough - Could you let it show? If you feel it, could you let me know? If you feel it, could you let me know? I'm not asking for a miracle Look for forever when the end is in sight Showing what you want to We're looking for light inside an ocean of night But will we ever see it through? And I need you to know I'm not asking for a miracle But if love is enough Could you let it show? If you feel it, could you let me know? If you feel it, could you let me know? I'm not asking for a miracle [knocking at door] Hey.
Am I too late? It's all good.
You can come in, I'll just I'll just grab this stuff.
Hey, you know that's not why I'm here, right? [smooth music] Um [phone chimes]