The Bold Type (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

The Domino Effect

1 Previously on "The Bold Type" Maybe the two of us should hit the town - one of these days? - Yeah.
Brook just put $500 worth of cocaine on my Scarlet card.
- What? How? - Oh, my God.
I don't know.
This is where you belong, Jane.
- I know.
- So what are you going to do? Go see Jacqueline and see if I can come back.
I'm not sure that that is the best thing for you.
You need to live in this failure.
You must be Kat.
- I'm Leila.
- Right, Leila.
Adena promised I could borrow her tripod.
Can I stop by the next couple days and grab it? Oh, Adena's not here.
- Good morning, sunshine.
- Ow! - Come on.
- Light burns my skin.
Kat is here and she is making you a greasy brunch.
- Hey.
- Oh, my God.
Hangovers are, like, 90% about your attitude.
Come on! Couldn't sleep last night so I stayed up, taught myself how - to make the perfect frittata.
- Oh.
It's all in how you whip the eggs.
- Afraid to go to sleep? - Sex dreams come at night.
It was one dream, and it only happened because Adena's away and I miss her, so You know, when she gets back it'll stop.
How was your night? I was out until 3:00 in the morning with Brook and the entire Argentinean polo team.
Yeah, I'm aware.
You kept yelling at the microwave to do its job better.
Vamos, el microwave.
Shouldn't take that long to heat up frozen pizza.
So this is a lot of partying for you.
Is it because, maybe, you saw Richard with that woman? Oh, God, no.
I mean I'm making so many contacts and, you know, networking.
I feel really focused on my career - right now, you know? - Yeah.
- Oh, my God.
- What? I got nominated for a Mandy Award.
- That's amazing.
- Yes.
- What is that? - Yeah, what is it? Oh, it's a women's lifestyle magazine award.
- What? That's amazing! - Oh, my God.
We need some champagne.
The category is outstanding achievement in biographical feature writing for my "Carry The Weight" article.
That's the one you wrote about Jacqueline? - Mm-hmm.
- Three, two Oh, my God.
So loud.
Oh, come on.
Here, have some hair of the dog.
- That's a lot.
- Yeah.
She needs it.
What? What's happening? Are you okay? Just go slowly.
No no, don't do it.
- Photo shoot with Jacqueline.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- What are you doing out here? You know, just stooping it.
Are those for me? Well, it depends.
Are you an award nominee? I am.
Well, good.
Works out then.
Thank you.
So getting nominated for an award for writing, that's pretty impressive.
Yeah, it is.
Your voice is kind of high right now.
What? No.
Jane, come on.
It's a nomination for an article that I wrote when I was at Scarlet.
Before Jacqueline rejected me.
Yeah, but now you've got a Mandy nomination.
You've never been rejected before, have you? No, it's the accent.
I mean when I went back and asked for my job and Jacqueline said no all I could think was, "Did I ruin my career?" But then I sold a few pieces.
The article I wrote about you came out.
I feel like I'm finally moving on.
Exactly, so what's the problem? This nomination and With Jacqueline, it just pulls me back in.
I think you're thinking about this all wrong.
I mean, I'm sure there's a lot of magazines out there that would love a piece written by a Mandy winner.
So stop looking backwards and capitalize on the buzz of the nomination.
I saw Angie's Snap story comparing single-payer healthcare to "The Bachelor.
" Seems like your team's already doing a fantastic job.
Yeah, thanks.
I think so too.
We're working on a social media campaign for Scarlet's Mandy nom right now.
Congratulations, by the way.
Jane's the one who deserves all the credit.
- How is she, by the way? - She's good.
She's stoked.
Glad to hear that.
Yeah Kat, coming? Yes, yeah.
You're 20 minutes late, Red.
Yes, but only because I was getting you a gift.
This better be Ativan.
Or Sour Patch Kids.
I'm a complex man with varied addictions.
Vintage Van Cleef.
How did you procure these? Brooke Langely.
Man, that girl has a lot of connections.
I'm sure she does.
You taking care of yourself? You look a little puffy.
I have a keen eye.
It's my job to notice these things.
I am.
And more importantly I'm taking care of you.
I'll be right back with coffee.
She's not available.
Okay, well, can you let her know that Jane Sloan called? Yes.
Yes, it's my first nomination.
Thank you.
Oh, she is available now? Great.
I would love to sit down with you.
Lunch at Babbo? Yes, yes.
It's "S-L-O-A-N.
" And please tell Mr.
Seltzer I have always wanted to write for "The Daily Review.
" He does? Yes! Need you to pull some clothes from the closet.
Medium to very sexy.
It this for a photo shoot? A board member's date to the Mandy's.
A request from Jacqueline to style her.
Oh, wow.
Size two, C Cup? One of the board members trading in his wife for a newer model? No, this one isn't married.
At least not yet.
Richard Hunter.
You know who he is, right? I think he put in a good word when I hired you.
"The Daily Review" is interested in fresh perspectives, and as much as I may wish Millennials were relegated to the punchlines it seems your voices are the only ones people are interested in hearing these days.
Thank you? It would be a huge honor to write for your magazine.
I have a story that would be perfect for you.
Uh, what's that? A follow-up to your "Carry The Weight" piece about Jacqueline Carlyle.
I'm eager to write about something new.
Something new? You wrote about the MeToo movement before there was one.
There's so much more to explore.
- Well, what about - The domino effect, how the brave acts of powerful women like Jacqueline Carlyle inspired other victims to speak their truth.
One woman steps forward, then another and another until you have a movement, so A feature in "The Daily Review.
" What do you think? That sounds great.
I know what you should dress her in.
Uncomfortable shoes, itchy taffeta, something super hippy.
I'm not pulling ugly clothes for her.
Ugh, you're a saint.
It isn't in my DNA to put somebody in something that's not beautiful, even if that someone is Richard's new girlfriend.
Hey, how do we feel about this? Oh.
It's cute.
Leila invited me out with her friends tonight.
Leila sex dream Leila? Okay, that's not why I'm going.
Why you going? I don't know, 'cause Adena introduced me to this whole scene that I never even knew existed, and I guess I'm just curious.
Go have fun.
- You should wear that shirt.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Sorry I'm late.
That's okay.
Congratulations on the nomination.
It's a big deal for you, a big deal for Scarlet.
Thank you, and congrats to you too.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Let's have you both seated next to each other.
Oh, okay.
So tell me what you've been up to lately.
Uh, well, I just had lunch with Jeff Seltzer - from "The Daily Review.
" - Oh.
He wants me to write a follow-up to the "Carry The Weight" article.
Really? What's the angle? Let's have you stand up.
Well, it's about the domino effect.
How when one person in a position of power steps forward it inspires others to do the same.
Well, it was incredibly healing for me to tell my story, and it really means a lot that my coming forward has had a positive impact.
And I owe that to you.
Thanks, ladies.
We're good.
All right, well, it seems like the freelance lifestyle's working out for you.
It is.
I actually just wrote an article about women's healthcare for "Next Century Magazine.
" I'm happy to see you happy, Jane.
Thank you.
And now I've got to run.
Oh, right, Wednesday afternoon pitch meeting.
See you at the awards.
Yes, you will.
It's hard to let it go Let it flow away and never mind it It seems so much more So intense, so you never find a way To forgive, to forget, to be unconditional We don't have to fight no more This isn't the time to be tumbling on the floor We just have to walk through that door Kat.
- Hi.
- Oh, hey.
I'm so happy you came.
I'm sorry I flaked the other night.
It's all good.
Guys, this is Kat, Adena's girlfriend.
Head of Social Media at Scarlet - and all around badass.
- Oh, thank you.
Drink up, woman.
You've got a lot of catching up to do.
- Shots, okay.
- Cheers.
I was so worried about making this story not about Jacqueline but I don't think it's gonna be a problem.
Oh, yeah? Tell me.
Well, there are so many women who have spoken out and are inspiring others to do the same.
It really is like a domino effect.
I already have so many people who I've interviewed and I think it's gonna be a really positive piece.
That's great.
And I think Jacqueline was actually impressed.
How did the photo shoot go? Well, at first I was really nervous, but then after seeing Jacqueline I just remembered how much I like her.
The whole thing was really nice, actually.
I don't know.
I was so angry at her for not bringing me back, but the truth is is she was right.
This time has been good for me.
Sounds like you really turned a corner.
Yeah, I have.
I just want this piece to really honor Jacqueline.
She deserves that.
I'm so glad you're feeling better about this.
I am.
So, um Would you wanna go with me to the awards? I'd be honored.
I'm assuming this would be a three way date with Kat and Sutton, though right? We are a package deal.
And to think that just a few months ago I couldn't get a date with a single woman.
Well, you're welcome.
- - Oh.
There is another woman who is interested in being part of my story.
That's interesting.
She wants to meet me in person.
Okay, cool.
Can we stop working now? Yes, I just need to DM her really quick.
Okay, but then I want to DM you.
I don't think you know what that means.
I don't.
This one's from the girl at the end of the bar.
Sweet, okay.
This is like the third drink tonight, and from a different girl every time.
Do people think I'm Solange Knowles or something? - 'Cause you know, I get it - No.
You're just kind of a big deal around here.
How? I've never been here before.
Yeah, exactly.
The lesbian scene is so small.
Tiny, incestuous, desperate for new blood.
Hey, don't scare her, Daniella.
Don't get me wrong, it's the best.
It's just small.
What, even in New York though? - Even in New York, so - Yeah.
When someone new comes along, it's exciting.
Who did you say was gonna be there? Tyler, you're gonna love him.
One of the brand reps from Balenciaga.
Oh, right.
I can't wait to meet him.
Sorry, I just I had a horrible day.
I had to pull pieces for my ex's new girlfriend.
Okay, well, do not let him ruin your vibe.
Or mine.
So come on.
Let's pour some of North Dakota's finest tequila.
- Best tequila around.
- Uh-huh.
Okay, your ex sucks.
You are a goddamn queen.
To my sexy single Sutton and a night of debauchery.
I need a drink Whiskey ain't my thing I guess it's all good I can handle things Like I wish that you would You've been out of reach Could you explain? I think that you should What you been up to, who's been loving you good? I'm just on the floor like a model But don't you worry, I can handle it If you let 'em touch ya touch ya touch ya Touch ya touch ya touch ya The way I used to Used to, used to, used to Used to, used to I'm just curious Is it serious? Is it serious? Oh, my God, it's so hot.
Coming! - What time is it? - 3:00 in the morning.
- Hot pocket? - Oh, no thank you.
This better be somebody telling us - to evacuate the city.
- Who is it? It's me.
- Hi.
Oh, no.
- Kat? What's going on? I kissed a girl.
- Hmm! - No.
I kissed, I touched - Grinded on.
- What? You know, when I did my psychiatric rotation - I found that infidelity - Babe.
Ah I'm gonna You guys probably want to discuss this alone, so I'll see you back in bed, Jane.
He's good.
- Good man.
- Yeah.
So what are you doing to do honey? I don't know.
I guess I have to tell Adena.
What? No! Oh, my God, that is gonna suck.
Fine, I'll do it for you.
I would do that for you.
Told Dillon's wife.
- Basically a pro.
- Okay.
You need water.
And you.
I mean, what does this mean? Did you like the kiss? Did you like the girl? I don't like her.
I just I was drinking and everyone was flirting with me, and and then we were dancing, and it was sexy.
And then I was just kissing this random girl.
Well, that doesn't sound like you hated it.
Kind of didn't.
How were her boobs? Did you touch them? - Are you kidding me? - What? Um, oh, ah, sorry.
I have been drinking.
Are you gonna be okay at work tomorrow? Wha First of all, Kat is drunk right now too and secondly, I kept my tongue very firmly inside of my own mouth, thank you very much.
I know, I was only asking because I know with everything with Richard and You wanna know something else, Jane? I'm only drunk right now because I had drinks.
With Balenciaga rep.
Do you want a Hot Pocket? Well, yeah, if you have pepperoni - Yeah, I do.
- Me too.
- There's only one.
- Okay.
Where are those clothes I asked you to pull? Oh, multiple options.
Then you can help.
Richard Hunter's date is here.
- Hi.
- Hey.
This is Sutton Brady, my talented assistant.
She is going to assist you today.
I'm sure you're going to be the best of friends.
Lovely to meet you.
What do you think? It's beautiful.
So you're going to the Mandy's.
- That should be fun.
- Yeah, it will be.
My boyfriend and I don't do enough stuff like this.
How long have you two been together? It's actually a funny story.
We used to date in law school.
But then I did this job in Paris.
We couldn't make it work.
Then when I came back, Jacqueline said that he was still single.
So we reconnected.
It's almost like no time has passed between us.
You know those people in your life that you just have that chemistry with? Yeah, I do.
I think this time he's really ready to settle down.
And so am I.
Well, I think we've found your outfit.
Thank you.
- He's gonna marry her.
- Oh, come on.
- You don't know that - No, I do.
They were in love.
And she's his age.
And genetically perfect and he's ready.
Sutton, you have to stop.
- You're right.
- Mm-hmm.
Adena's coming home tonight.
Red, I need you.
What is this, nap time? You're gonna be fine.
All right, you ready? - No.
- Yeah, well, me neither.
But up we go.
Thank you for meeting me.
Of course.
I'm so glad you reached out.
Do you mind if I record this? Go ahead.
So was there someone in particular who inspired you to come forward? Well, I think it's great that Jacqueline Carlyle spoke out.
She is very inspiring.
I was an assistant at "News Today," which is the same news magazine that Jacqueline worked at when when she was assaulted.
Were you there at the same time as Jacqueline? No, I was there five years after her.
But he was still there.
And he assaulted me too.
That That is terrible.
I'm so sorry.
Um, I hope you don't mind me asking this, but how do you know that it's the same person? Jacqueline never named her attacker.
She didn't have to.
The way she described him and the attack it was all the same.
I thought I had closure when he died a few years ago, but then I saw your article about Jacqueline, and everything came back.
That must have been awful.
I know it's hard to speak about assault, let alone report it.
But I didn't come forward either.
For many of the same reasons Jacqueline didn't.
But learning that another woman was assaulted before me is it's complicated.
I don't know, I just can't help but wonder what would have happened if Jacqueline had spoken up sooner.
I guess what I'm saying is, reading your story made me realize how important it is to speak up.
Not just for ourselves, but for future victims.
Kats? I missed you.
Missed you too.
The retreat was amazing.
So many talented people all together sharing ideas.
I did some work that I'm really excited about.
Which, you know, it hasn't been very easy for me lately, so it's a huge relief.
Are you okay? What's wrong? Um Adena, hey, I I have to tell you something.
So I kissed another woman last night.
And it didn't mean anything.
It was just this random girl.
It was at Habit Forming.
You know, and we were drinking and dancing and then, it just happened.
- The thing is - The thing is? I also had this dream.
About Leila.
Like a Like a like a sex dream.
And, I've been thinking about other women.
The only reason why I'm telling you this stuff is because I can't lie to you.
I'm just so confused, you know, and I'm trying trying to wrap my head around this.
Wait can hey, can we please just talk about this? I can't.
I, uh I have to go.
I don't even know where Adena went.
She still won't answer any of my calls or texts.
Oh, love, she's just getting her head straight.
Hey, you told the truth.
Sometimes that can be hard to hear.
All right, change of subjects.
I'm getting the anxiet So, are you gonna include that woman's story in your follow-up? I don't know.
It could devastate Jacqueline.
I mean, how do you tell a woman that the man who assaulted her did the same thing to someone else years later? But, Elena's story is part of Jacqueline's story now, so Yeah, that's hard.
I need to get ready for your awards show and I'm gonna need a lot more wine if I'm seeing Richard and Jessica.
I should get ready too.
Okay, no.
You're not coming.
What? Why? I'm not making you see them together.
Jane, you're up for an award.
And I ended things.
I'll be fine.
Hey, it's okay not to be okay.
And you.
Do you really wanna go to a gala where you're gonna have to smile and make small talk all night? Mm-hmm.
I will tell you all about my night later, but I would rather know that you guys are okay than to make you suffer through crap food and heartbreak.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, Ben'll be with me.
- He'll take good care of me.
- Kay.
This is all very grown-up.
Yeah, what are we doing here? Wow.
You're a star.
Thank you for coming with me.
How are you feeling? You know, excited, but mostly nervous.
I just I still don't know what I'm gonna do about my piece.
Maybe you could think about it later? Just be in the moment? I wish, but it's due tomorrow.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Mama brought the good stuff.
It is Mezcal time my girl.
We're gonna do some shots tonight.
You know where the glasses are.
Pour me extra, because I had to style Richard's girlfriend today, and I don't mean pull.
I mean literally help her into articles of clothing.
And she's perfect.
She's also a lawyer.
And, let's see, what else? Oh yeah, they went to law school together, - they have history - Stop.
I say this with love.
This sad Sutton is not working.
You have gotten really boring about this guy, okay.
So it is time to get over him, Or at least get under somebody else.
I tried that with Dillon.
Oh, my God.
Does anybody ever call you Slutton? Uh, not my friends.
Okay, it's a joke.
Okay, you want to take your shot.
Don't be sad.
We are going to go downtown.
And hit the "kloobs.
" Hey, do you have any deodorant I can borrow? Oh, maybe we should get some blow.
Adena? - Oh.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here? - I'm here to get you.
I've been making some bad choices.
And I realized that our best friend is nominated for an award and we need to be there.
You can deal with your Adena thing when you get home, and I can deal with my nervous breakdown sometime.
- But right now - We gotta be with Jane.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Um I think I need another lamb slider.
- You look lovely - Thank you.
So do you.
Thank you.
- Um, this is - Ben Chau, one of Scarlet's extraordinary men that make the world a better place.
Good memory.
Well, I never forget a Scarlet photo shoot.
Can I get either of you a drink? White wine would be great.
Thank you.
So, how's your article coming? The follow-up to "Carry The Weight.
" Right, it's uh good.
Just good? Great.
It's it's really great.
Um, I've had a lot of really great interviews.
You're doing that repeating thing.
You see, I'm a poker player.
If Jeff Seltzer is giving you any trouble No.
He's not.
Guess I'll see you at the table.
Actually, um there is something.
I've still got it.
What's up, Jane? Can we speak a little more privately? Um So? What's up? Today I interviewed a woman, Elena, who worked at "News Today" after you left.
And she believes that she was assaulted by the same man who assaulted you.
It's devastating.
To think another woman was victimized by the same man who assaulted me.
Your story inspired her to speak out.
But she said she's upset with you even though she knows you're not to blame.
I didn't know this was her story when I agreed to meet with her and I don't even know if I'm gonna use it, but I needed you to know, just in case.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're about to get started.
Would you kindly take your seats? The ceremony's beginning.
And now the Mandy's honors this year's - Oh.
- Okay! - We're almost there.
- These shoes are killing me.
The nominees are Sondra Prokop, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," an intriguing profile of the embattled female coach Thank you.
Gloria Temez, for "Rising Tides," a harrowing account of one woman's fight against an ever-encroaching Diane Myers, "Do We Really Need Our Mother," a heart-warming story of a mother's journey home.
And finally, Jane Sloan, "Carry The Weight," a poignant piece giving voice to the survivors of sexual assault.
And the winner is Jane Sloan.
Jane Sloan, Scarlet.
I won? I think you need to give a speech now.
Wow, um, this is so unexpected.
But really, thank you.
First, I would like to thank all of the survivors out there for having the courage to speak out.
One voice can inspire others.
One voice can start a movement.
And in this case, that voice belongs to Jacqueline Carlyle.
Jacqueline was not only the subject of this very difficult piece, she was also my editor, and my mentor.
She pushed me to dig deeper even when it was too painful.
And she taught me that what matters most isn't your byline or these awards.
What matters most is the story and the truth.
In our personal lives and the stories we tell, the truth must always come first.
So thank you.
- Tiny spoon for tiny Jane.
- Thank you.
Oh, boy.
Jane Sloan, you just won a Mandy award.
What are you gonna do next? - Disney World.
- Ooh, ooh.
- I vote Epcot.
- Oh boy.
Hey, guys, I just want to say I know I've been kind of a lot to deal with.
No, don't apologize.
I've just been partying with Brooke so much lately and saying that it was because of all the connections I was making, but really man, losing Richard was just so hard.
And then I just got so wrapped up in my own thing, and I almost missed something really important to you and that's lame as hell.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Does this mean I get my friend back? The one you drank? - Mm-hmm.
- Good.
Okay, you have the spirit stick.
Anything you want to say? Did you just quote "Bring It On"? Do you want the spirit stick or not? - Mm-hmm.
- Yes, I do.
Okay, I just want to say I am really proud of you, and I'm so glad that we got to be there to witness your first big win.
- I love you guys.
- I love you, too.
It's Adena.
She's home, wants to talk.
Thank you, wish me luck.
- Good luck.
- Good luck.
- You got this.
- Thank you.
- Love you heaps.
- Heaps.
Wasn't sure if you'd come back.
Well, I did.
I'm ready to talk.
I appreciate that you were honest with me.
I remember the first time that I kissed a woman.
It was like fireworks everywhere.
For you, there's only been me.
Um, are you Are you breaking up with me? I don't want to lose you.
I don't want to lose you either.
But this, this curiosity that you have, Kat, it doesn't just go away.
So what do we do? I don't know.
- Hello? - Hey, Jane.
It's Andrew, Jacqueline's assistant.
Hi, Andrew.
What's up? Jacqueline wants to see you as soon as possible, Did she say why? Yeah, she told me all about it.
I have no idea.
Uh - Hey, look at that.
- Look at what? - You're early.
- Well, get used to it.
Hey, Jane.
She's waiting for you.
- It's good to see you.
- Good to see you too.
- Did you get taller? - Did you get shorter? Jane, come in.
So I read your article.
And, uh You could have left Elena out of it but you didn't.
I didn't mean to cause you any pain, but you always taught me that the story comes first.
I know it's not my fault, what happened to Elena.
But I never considered that there would be others after me.
I managed to convince myself that it would never happen again.
Your article pushed me to face the fact that it did.
I've reached out to Elena and we're gonna start working together to make sure that there are safe spaces for women who want, or need, to tell their stories.
That's so great.
When you came here asking for your job back you were in a place of fear.
And when I said that you weren't ready to return to Scarlet I meant that.
But this article and the Jane that I've seen in the past few days is not fearful at all.
Thank you.
I want you back at Scarlet, Jane.
If you're interested.
We've missed you.
I missed you.
What's going on with you and Adena? I don't know.
We're on uncharted territory.
You're gonna be okay.
Yeah, hope so.
Jane? What are you doing here? Huh, hello? Excuse me, Jane? - Hello? What are you doing here? - What are you doing here? I work here.
- Ugh, Jane, we're fragile.
- Don't.
- I work here.
- You're back? Oh, my God! - When did that happen? - Five minutes ago!