The Bold Type (2017) s02e07 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Bold Type" Adena, I kissed another woman last night.
I appreciate that you were honest with me.
I don't want to lose you.
I don't want to lose you either.
I was out until 3:00 in the morning with Brooke Langley, and that girl has a lot of connections.
Who did you say was gonna be there? Tyler, one of the brand reps from Balenciaga.
Did anybody ever call you "Slutten?" - Not my friends.
- It's a joke! The Jane we've seen in the past few days, she's confident, she's brave.
I want you back at "Scarlet," Jane.
- Jane? - What are you doing here? - I work here.
- You're back? [laughter] Even out in the open I - Even out in the open - Okay, what about this? When I walk through the bullpen for the first time, I want to move like a jungle cat.
No! No animal prints on your first day.
You know what? I'm gonna go with the chunky heel with the chain.
Um, quick question.
How long is this returning to "Scarlet" outfit obsession gonna last? Well, it would go faster if your closet wasn't a time capsule.
Why are we saving these? Well, Jane, people save things.
People say to themselves, "You know what? Someday, front-pleated jeans are gonna come back in style.
" [laughs] No, they're not.
Okay, you would have a lot more room for those jeans too if you weren't saving this old clarinet, which I've never seen you play, by the way.
Hm You know what might work? Is the this.
It's like a flow-y Zendaya top, Why does this have a lock? I don't know.
Just does.
You know what else I have is red.
You look so good in red.
Okay, you're doing that distract and compliment thing, like you do when you don't want me to wear your suede jacket because you say it looks bad with my classic coloring, which is a lie, because I slay that jacket.
Seriously, what is this? It's my clarinet! Is it made of gold? - Are you secretly rich? - Yeah.
- No.
- Come on.
We're roommates.
You can't keep secrets.
What is it? Okay, um It is my gun.
[laughs] Yeah, right.
Let's try the cashmere.
Whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, what? This is a gun? Shotgun.
"Betsy," from my days shooting skeet with the Kurt High School Shooting Club.
Go, River Kings! So I feel like with this, you need, like, a pencil skirt.
You know what I mean? Jane It's not going to explode.
Uh, yeah, but my head might.
Ooh Every morning I feel like running away Every morning I feel like running away Running away You did it all through high school? When I was in ninth grade, my mom realized that me having an activity would be cheap supervision.
Basketball was too sweaty.
Cheering, no.
So I joined the shooting club.
I still can't believe your school had a shooting club.
Central PA.
Opening day of deer season was a bank holiday.
Two more questions.
"Betsy?" - We named our guns.
- [scoffs] Arya Stark named her sword.
Yeah, Arya Stark is a fictional character, who lives in a fantasy world.
You live in the real world.
Hon, you know it's crazy to have a gun.
That's why you kept it from me.
Maybe I kept it from you because I knew this would be your reaction.
- Last question.
- Okay, fine.
What else are you keeping from me? Do you have a MAGA hat? Do you watch "Hannity," and do you drive a monster truck? Because otherwise, I don't understand why you have a gun.
Okay, you're done.
- Hey.
- Thank you.
- So - What's wrong? Should I be concerned that my girlfriend, who I live with, is now communicating via e-mail? That's not a great sign.
She wants to have lunch today.
- Wants to talk.
- The talk! - [chuckles] - I hate the talk.
God, I never should have told her about that kiss or the dream or any of it.
Hey, I think it's good that you told her.
You live together.
People who live together shouldn't have secrets.
You're probably right.
Thank you, and hello, Victoria Beckham, welcome to "Scarlet.
" Ah, thank you.
I needed that.
It's been quite the morning.
[upbeat pop music] - Good to see you, Jane.
- Good to see you, Milo.
I'll see you Thursdays.
Wow, I forgot how cute he is! - I didn't.
- [laughs] Jane, you've only been gone for, like, two months.
I know, but it feels like longer, and I missed it here.
Yeah, well, we missed you too, baby.
Have a great day! - You too.
Love you.
- Love you.
Andrew, hey! Jane, it's so great to have you back.
Thank you! That's so sweet! Yeah, and selfish! Without you here, Jacqueline's been focusing all her energy on me.
As I live and breathe, Jane Sloane.
Oliver Grayson.
You missed us.
Come on, I'll take you to your desk.
Hey, welcome back, Jane! Jane! Look who's back! It's good to see you, Jane! [clears throat] Uh, can't I just have my old desk? No, no.
Jacqueline said this one specifically.
Gonna be great, gonna be a good day Good morning! I tracked the Mirgo skirt, should be here end of day.
And Nancy does think that we get Chad's for the Divas and Dives shoot.
I love the focus, Red, but at the moment, I'm the Titanic, and you're moving my deck chairs.
- Okay.
- Kate Upton shoot Thursday.
We're flying her, her baseball-playing husband, her therapy Cocama [stammers] Hell, I don't know.
I think it's a cat.
Okay, full diva protocol.
Please, and that Balenciaga bag you promised? Make sure you get that.
She wants that.
Thank you.
Tyler, please.
Sutton Brady.
Oh, I'm a friend of Brooke's.
Uh Well, it's about a Fall bag, and he should know what I'm talking about.
Thank you.
[sultry pop music] Kat, how many women have you kissed? One.
Er I mean, two, but Daniella didn't mean anything.
Well, I think she meant something.
You enjoyed it, right? That means something.
It means I was drinking.
It means that you're sexually curious.
You're so new to all of this.
You know, the last ten years, I have been with a lot of women.
I know what I like.
I know how I like it, and I know that because I explored.
Whoa I think that maybe you should explore too.
I mean, I can explore with you.
It's not the same.
And I don't want you to resent me.
Okay, so what are you saying exactly? I think what would be best for us right now is for you to be free to be with other women.
I hope that you won't step away What? Well, there would be ground rules.
I hope that you're happy with me Oh.
Yes, I've thought a lot about this.
- So - Mm-hmm.
Weekends would be for us.
Safety is paramount.
No sex with people you have emotional attachments with, so new friends would be best.
What happens on open nights stays on open nights.
We don't discuss it.
And that's it.
This seems kind of crazy.
I don't know, in some strange way, I feel that this is important for us.
I will keep on waiting for ya [mellow rock music] - That one does nothing.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How's it going? Well, this chair is Why can't I have my old desk back? Does the desk really matter? Yeah, I'm in Siberia over here.
I can't talk to Alex, I can't listen to Andrew rolling Jacqueline's calls.
I'm a journalist, Sutton.
I like to know my surroundings intimately.
Jane, I didn't have to tell you about my gun.
Actually, you did.
I looked it up.
It's New York law, if you have a gun, you need a signed affidavit from everyone in the residence.
- You looked it up? - Yep.
Let's go, persons.
Saddle up.
The theme of this issue is love.
Fundamental, dangerous, endlessly complicated, and sadly, well-traveled by "Scarlet.
" That is why I need new, fresh ideas.
What is "Scarlet" magazine famous for? Our headlines! Yes, they are designed to pique interest while waiting to pay for groceries, but they are more than that.
They get to the heart of the matter and they make us pay attention.
So what is a grabby headline for the love issue? Anyone.
"Love in the Time of Cholera and Pilates.
" What does it mean? - I'll circle back around.
- Jane.
- You must be well-rested.
- I am.
Then give me an unexpected headline with the word love in it.
Um - Stephanie.
- Wait! I have one.
"I Love Everything About My Best Friend Except Her Gun.
" Welcome back, Jane.
That should be interesting.
[dramatic music] I'm gonna keep you anonymous! Like I said, I get why you're trying to keep your gun a secret.
Why? Because half the country knows that our lawmakers are bought by the NRA and think that gun ownership is barbaric.
And they think that they're better than the other half of the country, who are like me.
Guys, why don't we just Okay, are you really okay with the fact that our best friend has a gun? I mean, I I don't love it.
But I also don't know that much about it, you know? And when I think you don't know much about something, - you should explore it.
- What is there to explore? She has a gun! It's so So what? What were you gonna say? You know what? You can interview me.
Ask me anything you want.
But you have to do it while I'm working, because I need to get Oliver this Balenciaga bag, and it's becoming an issue.
Adena thinks that I should try sleeping with other women.
[upbeat pop music] - You said what now? - More, please.
She thinks I'm having a sexual awakening, and that I should explore, so that I don't resent her later on.
- Wow! - Yeah.
Am I sexually curious? Yeah.
Why else would I do what I did and then replay it in my head 100 times? Do either of you guys ever wonder if you might be a little gay or bi? I do, sometimes.
I don't really ever.
She wrote out a list of rules.
She said it can't be anyone I know.
No emotional connection.
It sounds crazy, but I think I'm gonna do it.
Well, you're doing this for you and Adena, right? Yeah, of course.
Then locate your inner sexual explorer.
And let that bitch out to play.
[chuckles] I guess I will.
[dramatic music] Sutton Brady.
Yep, like Marcia.
I don't know.
People say that to me all the time.
Okay well, I would really love to speak with him as soon as possible.
Thank you so much.
Ugh! Brooke's friend at Balenciaga promised me an exclusive to a Fall shoulder bag, but that was before I ditched her to go to your award show.
And I've kind of been blowing her off ever since, so I think she's pissed, and now her friend Tyler is withholding, which is a nightmare, because Oliver told Kate Upton that he had the bag.
And now I really need it.
Not your typical gun owner.
See? I think this is part of the big problem.
People like you making assumptions about gun owners.
I'm not making assumptions.
I just think that having a gun in the city is dangerous.
Lots of things are dangerous, Jane.
Cars, medicine, the auto bronzer you bought on the subway platform.
Okay, well that auto bronzer wasn't made to kill people.
I wouldn't use it again.
Okay, let me just ask you something.
How do you feel about all these mass shootings? Parkland, Vegas I know you did not just ask me that question.
That's just bad journalism.
Fine, I'll rephrase it.
How do you feel about assault rifles? I think they should be banned.
And I also think we need better background checks, but Jane, assault rifles and mass shootings have nothing to do with me or with my shotgun.
[scoffs] Your gun is made to shoot people.
Actually, Betsy was made to hunt birds.
Oh, you hunt birds? No.
And by the way, what is the key ingredient in your favorite chicken salad? Oh, that's right! Murdered birds! Oh, come on, this has nothing to do with my chicken salad.
No, but it is about people like you with really strong opinions ignoring the facts that they don't like.
What am I ignoring? Reality, Jane.
Where I'm from, Central Pennsylvania, you know nothing about it.
You know nothing about my gun, and nothing about my shooting club! You're right.
Let's fix that.
[dramatic music] Hey, what are you doing? Tindering.
Why does every lesbian have a small dog or a huge cat, and what's with all the shih tzus? Is that a thing? Mm-hmm.
- Lot of left swipes? - Yep.
Yeah, I think part of my problem is the fact that I'm an expert on social media, you know? Like, okay, so I look at this woman's candid.
And she looks great, but then I start to think how many snaps did that really take? And who are you really? And why don't you like your real self? - Dark.
- It's not a turn on.
What are you gonna do? Just do it the old fashioned way? Meet, drink, flirt.
Well, if you need a break, "Atomic Blonde" Brady is gonna do a show and tell for my article.
All right, here she is.
Say hello to Betsy! Hello, Betsy.
That was weird.
Is that how you plan to bed your new lovers? [giggling] Okay, here is my shooting team.
Polly, Maureen, Hallie, Georgie, and that is Cathy.
She was the school valedictorian.
Oh my God.
Look at this.
We shot once a week for two hours.
And then after, we would hang out in the dirt parking lot with the boys team as late as our parents would let us.
We would listen to Blake Shelton and make out.
It was so fun! That is so much less supervised than my childhood.
Yeah well, life with Babs Brady was not supervised.
At least, not by her.
Okay, so the two cardinal rules for guns.
One: Never point it at anybody.
And two: Always assume that it's loaded.
So We're gonna check the chamber.
No shells.
Not loaded.
I don't even have any in the house.
You don't have to put it together.
I know.
I just want you to understand.
And I think that you might feel a little bit more comfortable if you see the shotgun.
You keep saying shotgun like it's so different.
Well, it is different.
It's not an assault rifle, it's not an AR-15, it's not a handgun.
It's different.
It's still a gun.
[melancholy piano music] Okay.
Um I was in first grade when Columbine happened.
I wasn't there, but I was five miles away.
My kindergarten teacher's daughter was killed.
Well, you never told us that.
I also never told you that the first thing I did when I got home was I threw away my favorite light-up sneakers because I thought they'd make it easier for the next shooter to find me.
I was traumatized by the whole thing.
Those boys who shot up the school, they used shotguns.
Did you know that? No.
Well, now you do.
So what do you think? It's terrible.
It really is.
But it's not the shotgun's fault.
So guns don't kill people, people kill people.
Well, that is bullshit.
I don't think it is.
And you can quote me on it.
- Really? - Yeah.
Why the change of heart? Because I'm tired of being made to feel guilty for something me and my gun had nothing to do with and no control over.
So use my name, Sutton D.
Brady, and let everybody know that I still like my shotgun and why.
Well, this is I mean, this is as close to a rant.
Un-nuanced, one-sided, "The gun lobby uses what-about-isms "and NRA scare tactics about a government takeover "to mobilize its base with zero regard for our citizenry.
" Where is Sutton's POV? Okay, I just thought that I'm trying to figure out why Sutton keeps a gun.
Well, it doesn't seem like it.
I will be happy to take another look.
I'd like that.
Thank you.
Did I do something wrong? No.
I mean, this draft has a long way to go, but you'll get there.
You seem, I don't know, irritated and annoyed.
I'm neither.
What I am, Jane, is your boss.
[dramatic music] I let you have your job back and I know you're better than this, so I need you to find some alternative views on guns, and do whatever you need to do to deliver this story.
Okay? Okay.
[line trilling] - Hey.
- Hey.
During my time in the dark underbelly of Manhattan's late night beast Stealing that.
I noticed that you knew a lot of security dudes.
And I hear some of them carry guns.
You want to get somebody whacked, Slim? No, I just found out that Sutton has a shotgun.
And she loves it.
I'm just trying to understand why.
Man, I miss that place.
Maybe she needs it for defense.
No, she says that she likes shooting skeet.
It's fun.
[sighs] Just 300 people get shot every day in this country.
How can she ignore that? I don't get it.
She must really love shooting skeet.
Ever seen her do it? No.
["Lines" by bulow] - - All right, there you go.
Hey, Oliver.
So could I borrow Sutton for a few hours? Jacqueline told me to do what I needed to get the story, and what I need is Sutton.
[chuckles] The return of Jane Sloan.
I assume you're on top of things? Always.
Thank you! - Where are we going? - First, home to get outdoor clothes and also Betsy.
[playful music] Another weekend How'd you get the day off? Our boss is pretty cool.
She lets us run our own show as long as we deliver.
You forgot you said you'd drive me home Hey, thanks for doing this.
Are you kidding? I'm pumped.
Ohh, so we're not speaking Hey, Brookie, it's "Slutton.
" I saw that you went to the Bronze Bomber on Instagram.
How dare you go without me? [chuckles] Listen, anyway, I really need that Balenciaga bag, so just call me back on my cell ASAP.
I love you! She hates me.
Can't you just tell Oliver the truth? And look like an idiot? No.
What I need to do is figure out a way to get this bag.
So you're in school right now? Yeah, I'm training to be an acupuncturist.
Oh, that's cool.
Both my parents are MDs, but I love Eastern medicine.
Yeah, me too, but people, they look at me like, "Is she about to put a needle in my head?" But, I mean, it's hard work, but I'm getting it done.
Well, good for you.
Yeah, but school is not cheap, so driving around, it's a good little side hustle, you know? Make some little extra bank.
And meet cool people.
There's a thing called lines - ["Lip & Hip" by Hyuna] - Lips, hips Lips, hips Oh, God, I love this song.
Me too.
Go ahead, crank it up! [rapping in Korean] So anyway, she, like, reached into the glove box to get a pen, but it was, like, across me.
I could smell her hair products, you know? Coconut, lemongrass.
It's nice.
So it was like a lesbian version of a boob graze.
Isn't that just a boob graze? - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, whatever it was, I liked it, and I was thinking about you know, what it would be like to kiss her.
And? I like that too.
I can see it.
All right, Larry.
I want to try to get the big piece too.
Pull! [shotgun blasts] Hell of a shot! It's fun! Do you want to try? - Come on! - All right.
Pull! [shotgun blasts] - Did I hit it? - No! - Go again.
- Pull! - [shotgun blast] - One more time! All right.
Pull! [shotgun blast, clay shatters] - Yes! - Ahh! I did it! - Oh my God! Nice! - [laughs] Jane, you want to try? Come on.
[clears throat] Okay, there you go.
[tense music] Close it up.
- Lift it to your chest.
- [sighs] Okay.
Lean your body forward.
And then, when you're ready, say, "Pull.
" Pull.
[shotgun blast] Nice! All right.
You want to try again? - I hated it.
- Well It takes a lot of practice.
No, no, Sutton, I hated it.
I came out here to see what you love about it, and to see the other side so I could write about that, but [melancholy music] When I pulled the trigger all I could feel was how deadly this thing is.
I mean one mistake, one bullet They're not bullets.
It's shot.
Whatever! It's deadly.
- I could feel it! - Jane.
We're very safe right now.
I don't want this in our apartment anymore.
I want it out.
Are you kidding me? I won't feel safe with this there.
Haven't I just shown you I know what I'm doing? I don't care.
It's too dangerous.
It's in a locked case.
The only person who has the combination is me! What do you think is gonna happen? How is this gonna hurt you? The only thing I can think of is somebody breaks into the apartment, finds the case, and hits you with it.
- Hey, guys - My gun is not dangerous! I just fired it.
Yes, it is.
But you know what really bugs me, Jane? I just showed you how good I am at this and how safe we are, and you say that you're my best friend, and you still don't trust me! Why don't you write about that? How are you doing? Fine, yeah, just wasting time on "HuffPo.
" Open slow, I know - Scared to let you see - I think I'm going to go downtown to see some of Gigi's new sculptures.
- Cool.
- You? Just work.
I know You don't want to see Kat? I know we're not supposed to talk about this, but I just wanted to say one thing.
It's okay.
I can still feel in the dark All right.
Bye, love.
You're not really going to move out, are you? I mean, how big a raise did you get? No, I'm not gonna move out.
But I just don't understand why she doesn't get rid of it.
Well, if you want my opinion By the way, where's Ben right now? Because this sort of counseling is usually the boyfriend's job.
He is out of town, helping low-income mothers, and being generally awesome.
Of course he is.
He's a vagina expert! [chuckles] Honestly, I think Sutton has a point.
I mean, what is gonna happen with her gun in your apartment? What's gonna happen is I'm gonna feel uncomfortable in my own apartment.
Maybe, but still, that's not a great argument.
Okay, if you knew that something was making one of your friends uncomfortable, wouldn't you stop? I don't know.
What about your friends? I never hear you talk about them.
Who's your Sutton and Kat? I don't have a Kat or a Sutton.
Not like you.
Why not? Seems like a lot of work.
I mean, look at you right now.
Is it really worth it? Yeah.
I couldn't survive without them.
But you don't trust them? I'm sorry, but I think I agree with Sutton.
And if she really is your friend, maybe you should work a little harder to understand where she's coming from.
[sighs] Brooke! Hey! Sutton! Oh my God, what are you doing here? I'm here to see you.
I saw you were here on Insta.
Aw, yeah! One-hour barre class and a bump, - I feel great! - [both laugh] Yeah.
Anyway, you texted you were in the weeds, so I grabbed my machete, and I came to you.
So how do I get that Balenciaga? Oh.
Yeah, you know what? I didn't know when you wanted that, so I sent it back to Tyler.
Oh, um Okay.
Well, do you mind texting him and just letting him know that I'll come pick it up now? Please? Yeah, sure, I will Oh, you know what? Yeah, I think that Tyler's at a retreat right now.
Yeah, yeah he is.
- So - Okay.
Well, I'll see you around.
So you know, that's uh that's my situation.
I just I thought you should know up front.
- ["Deep end" by Lykke Li] - If you really love me Okay? That's it? Are you sure? Okay.
That's it.
I'm sure.
Kat, you're asking if I want no-strings-attached sex with a super hot woman.
You want another Moscow mule in a coffee cup? I think I'm okay.
I want to be all there.
- Good.
- Yeah.
Me too.
Thank you.
I think I feel another wave, another wave I'm diving in, I'm diving in anyway Diving anyway I'm in it, I'm in it I was only gonna touch it, now I'm in it Swimming pool, swimming pool Swimming pool, swimming pool Indigo deep blue All right, well Whew! Be gentle with me.
Oh, um What? I just I kind of like to be the gentle one.
- So - I'm submissive.
I like when you push me around a little, tell me what to do.
Okay, so I should just just Go to town, Kat.
Um, okay.
Here we go! [mellow music] Uh so I just, um I wanted to let you know that I I figured out what I'm gonna write about for my article.
Yeah? Yeah, I'm gonna write about how the debate on guns is more complicated than I thought.
Look, I know that I'm never gonna completely understand.
You know what's crazy is shooting yesterday made me remember how much I love it.
You know? It's just simple.
It's a target, and you hit it.
- You okay? - Not really.
I have to go to Balenciaga right now and talk a receptionist into lending me a Fall bag.
[chill electronic music] ["Lick It" by Valentino Khan] Down Oh, no! Are you okay? You've never really been dominant.
- Pass it down - Uh I mean, in life, yes, totally, you have no idea, but But in bed with a woman? Not really.
Okay, here's the thing.
I don't want you to hurt me, but I like being told what to do in bed.
That's relaxing for me.
So, be a little bossy.
Lick it, lick it, down, down Lick it, lick it, down, down Lick it, lick it, lick it, lick it Lick it, lick it Down, down I want you to put your arms back.
- Grab the headboard.
- That's good.
Don't talk.
Lick it, hold it, pass it down [shotgun blast] Nice shot.
Did you track me on your phone? Yeah.
But I also figured you might be here.
Oh, yeah? Why is that? I was looking through your yearbook, and Hallie wrote that Tuesday afternoon was when the Kurt High shooting club met.
And I also remember you saying that Monday night was really Saturday nights for Babs.
Which ended Tuesday morning, when the Gin Rickey's ran out.
And you had to pick up the pieces.
[ethereal music] So? So after you took care of your mom, you went and shot skeet.
You were great at it.
You were in control.
I wonder if that's what you love so much about Betsy.
Control? Yeah.
Yeah, maybe.
What is so wrong with that? Hey, I am the queen of wanting control, but do you need to lean on a gun to get it? Look, this isn't about trust or your right to own a gun.
I just think you just need to ask yourself why you're fighting so hard to keep it.
I know you've been feeling really out of control with Oliver and this bag and all the Richard stuff.
It's been bumpy.
I know.
But maybe you can feel control some other way.
Maybe without keeping your gun.
[peaceful music] I know it's late, but I need to talk.
What's up? Uh, today I tried what we talked about.
Okay, fine.
But you're not supposed to tell me about it, remember? Okay, well, I know I'm not supposed to tell you, but just so you know I want to tell you.
Not to make things weird or to make you jealous or anything like that, but just to share [gentle jazz music] You know, our lives, and to feel closer to you.
[scoffs] This must've been quite the adventure.
Um Yeah, okay.
Are you sure? Screw the rules.
I can handle it.
Okay, so I tried something new.
Well, that was the point.
Yeah, but I was dominant.
- [both laugh] - I think I liked it.
- [grunts] - I did, but I also think that I'm probably just kind of regular.
- I mean, I'm not boring.
- No.
- I'm not boring, right? - No, you're incredible! - [chuckles] - [laughs] We all must learn the difference If I knew then what I know now I may lose it for a second now and then Oliver! Why doesn't anyone ever sing it? Oliver, Oliver Never before has a boy wanted more I don't have the Fall Balenciaga bag.
And I'm not going to be able to get it before the Kate Upton shoot tomorrow.
You're telling me this now? I tell you now.
Look, I made a mistake running around with Brooke Langley, and then I made more mistakes trying to cover those mistakes up.
I can't control what I did in the past.
But I can control what I'm doing now, and I just want you to know that I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make this work.
So what should I do? Should I call Kate Upton? Oh my God.
Tyler, it's your benefactor.
Yes, the wizard.
I'm fine.
How are you? I need your Fall bag with brass tabs and thin shoulder strap for a shoot tomorrow.
You know Tyler? I got him his first job.
He was selling units on Roosevelt Island.
Perfect! Three more favors like that, lad, and we'll be even.
- Bye! - Oh my God.
Listen to me, Red, I've been doing this for almost 20 years, and I can be delightful when I have to be.
You don't think I know people? I'm glad that you're taking control.
It's the only way to live.
Just remember, you and I are a team.
I help you, you help me, because we are a what? - A team.
- In total control.
If you need help, just ask me.
If I need help, I'll bark at you, okay? - Okay.
- Because we are a what? [sighs] A team.
In total control.
- [pop music] - Angels on my shoulder List of pickups.
That should keep you busy for quite a while.
Go team! - Go! - Okay! I'm livin' when I feel like this I'm livin' when I open my eyes Your story Much better.
It started about guns.
Now it's turning into something else.
Yeah, well, Sutton is pretty amazing.
Yes, but keep going.
I look forward to seeing how it ends.
Actually, Jacqueline, I was just wondering if I could have my old desk back.
- Really.
Why? - Well, I know it better.
I'm more comfortable there.
It's like I'm onto something big when I don't over plan it And that is exactly why you don't want me there.
It's good to have you back, Jane.
We're gonna have a lot of fun.
Thank you, Jacqueline.
I'm livin' when I feel like this What's going on? Well, we heard that you didn't like your new desk very much, and Sutton thought she'd help decorate it.
I was running some errands for Oliver and I had a little extra time.
You got me flowers? There's a place in Red Hook that turns guns into other things.
This is Betsy? That's actually somebody else's gun, but they are turning Betsy into earrings later this week.
I love it.
Thank you.
And you were right.
I was holding onto something that I don't need anymore.
But poor Betsy.
It was time.
Also, I have to ask, why Betsy specifically? Well, we all named our guns after heroes.
And even in tenth grade, I loved to sew.
Betsy Johnson.
Betsy Ross! Why wouldn't you just name her Stella McCartney? Oh, I should've named my gun Stella? Yes.
When you were looking for it, you could've gone, "Hey, Stella!" [laughter] Stella! - Say it louder.
- Stella! Together: Stella! [upbeat music]