The Bold Type (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

The Deep End

1 Previously on "The Bold Type" So tell me, what do you want to write? I don't write for the dot com.
I found my new full-time writer.
Welcome to the digital team, Jane.
We're going to have a lot of fun.
You want to design? Be a designer.
There is this creative side that I've recently reconnected with.
An old friend of mine has a design seminar.
- I could make a call.
- That would be amazing.
Tia is my campaign manager.
- Kat is here to - Just to volunteer.
Even though they want us to believe that we don't have the power to change things, we actually do and we will.
Linda and I were thinking that you should run.
[Ciara's "Dose"] Dark child I'm a groundbreaking woman I get loud when I want to Put me down I go harder - Hi.
- Hey.
Promise that I give you life Wow.
- Did you bring me dinner? - Yeah.
Fifth night in a row you've worked through dinner.
- You've got to eat sometime.
- It will be over soon.
My application is due in three days.
Then you will officially be a fashion student.
I mean, it's not fashion school, it's a design seminar, but it's pretty competitive so the dress needs to be great.
And it needs something, I just I don't know what.
Thank you for this dinner.
It's very helpful.
Happy to be of service.
You know, if you want to be of service [chuckles] You know I'm pretty sure that board members are expressly forbidden Shut up.
It's midnight.
No one's here.
100, 100, 100, 100 rounds [giggles] See, this is working for me.
I feel a creative breakthrough coming.
Oh baby ooh baby Ooh baby if you think you're ready Ooh baby ooh baby Oh! Are those brass buttons? Tell me if you can handle this Just get back up again Just get back up again when you fall Wow, Jane, really stepping up that fashion game.
Oh, yeah? This old thing? Found it in the fashion closet.
Hey, what about your dress? When am I going to get to try it on? The one you're making for your design class application.
Well, as soon as my dress convinces Oliver, who is my highly regarded fashion professional, that I am worthy of the Julian Grant seminar then, uh, then it's all yours.
- You're worthy.
- Thank you.
So this is district one, huh? Yeah, plus NYU, Tribeca.
Basically here to downtown.
Just the tip of Manhattan.
Oh, my god, you're going to be the councilwoman for just the tip? - Oh, yeah.
- [both laughing] What does a councilperson for just the tip do? Well, a lot, actually.
They make laws like Congress but on a city level.
They can create affordable housing, hold law enforcement accountable.
They can actually have a pretty big impact on the community.
But what about "Scarlet"? Would you have to leave? Oh, well, I don't know.
Maybe, but I haven't even made a decision yet.
Well, I think you would be a great councilperson, but what do I know? Thanks.
I think I might, too.
All right, Madame Secretary.
Where we off to? Uh, we are going this way towards politics.
Gather around.
Come on.
Pitch meeting is about to begin.
Okay, whoo, I had an extra shot of B12 this morning so I'm feeling more myself than ever.
Hit me.
Uh, "Game of Thrones" versus "Stranger Things" sex positions.
What is hotter: the dragon or the Upside Down? I say go with the goddess.
Um, I was thinking a retro collection of Jacqueline's best pieces throughout the years in conjunction with her ten year anniversary gala.
Okay, that's cool, but with Alex's Jeff story going viral, we kind of need to raise the bar a little bit and I'm not sure Jacqueline's party does that.
What about if I give you the date night column and I can send you on a date with a pack of models? Huh? So I'm going to send you plus the models to this new place in Ridgewood called The Rage Room.
- The Rage Room? - Yeah, it's really cool.
It's like, you go and you like, break consumer objects with a baseball bat.
Kind of like an anti-capitalist theme park.
It's fun.
Jane? What's up? You feel the rage? - I really do.
- Groovy.
[pensive music] Toby, thank you so much again for meeting us on such short notice.
- I appreciate it.
- Of course.
You saved my ass on the DeBlasio campaign.
She's like a political superhero.
Hey, but Kat had those kids enraptured by zoning laws at the rally.
It was ridiculous.
Well, it was your idea to ply them with IPA.
Okay, but I didn't think of gluten-free pizza.
- That was all you.
- [soft laugh] So, uh, if I do decide to run, what needs to happen? Well, first you're going to need seed money.
So a little fundraising.
Then you're going to need a thousand signatures to get your name on the ballot.
- And we're almost there.
- Okay.
And those need to be filed by the end of the week.
Uh, and then you'll need a platform.
Why you? Well, the incumbent Lawrence Reynolds is letting developers destroy the neighborhood.
Okay, well that's why people shouldn't vote for Reynolds but not why they should vote for you.
So, why? We're, uh, working on it.
Great, and while you do, I'll run a quick oppo research report.
- Great.
- Oppo research? Yeah, it will give us an idea of what Reynolds might use against you in the race.
Yeah, like if you've got an ex lover who's an international spy.
- [gasps] How did you know? - [laughter] - We'll clean that up.
- Yeah.
Uh, but really we just want to make sure your registration is up to date, your residency, that kind of thing.
All right.
And I can keep working full-time while I run? Well, if you've got an understanding boss and you can run on fumes, then probably.
Sleep's overrated and, uh, I'll find out about the boss.
You're one of us already.
[both laughing] [punchy music] Oh, hey, Carly.
What you reading today? Um, what's it called? "Fifty Shades of" - What? - Don't mind her.
She's a natural Maya Rudolph.
She's actually reading "Three Dark Crowns"? I don't know.
Uh, okay.
And these are the dazzling dresses worthy of ten years of Jacqueline? I mean, not all of them.
I gave her a few to try on today.
But, uh, don't worry because I have a bunch more coming in this afternoon.
This whole place is going to be just, dazzle city.
Okay, yeah, and, uh, call Zac Posen, have him send his best.
Remind him, this is Jacqueline Carlisle we're talking about.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Hey, um, real quick.
I know that you just, um, got custody of Carly, but has she been out of school all week? Yeah, she was up late and I don't have the gene that lets me say no to one more "Queer Eye.
" - Okay.
- You know, why don't you worry a little bit less about Carly and a little more about that dress you're submitting for the Julian Grant seminar? I can't write my recommendation until I see it.
I just have a couple last-minute tweaks.
[BLACKPINK's "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du"] Ah yeah ah yeah [singing in Korean] How we feeling? Bat, sledgehammer? Definitely sledgehammer.
So you guys come here often? Oh, yeah.
Patrick turned us onto it.
We follow him on Instagram.
Our lives have never been the same.
Yeah, Patrick has that effect on people.
[bell ringing] You're up.
[The Regrettes' "Hey Now"] Enjoy.
Hey now what's your name? You're really cute and really nice I think we should go out on a date Oh hey now I want you now now now now now now now - That felt so great.
- [both laugh] So I only have a few more questions.
What about your job makes you enraged? Well, I once worked with a photographer who made me wear a bikini for eight hours straight - in freezing cold weather.
- Yeah, similar.
I had a photographer who made me ride a mechanical bull in "Daisy Duke" shorts.
My thighs still haven't recovered.
But, I don't know, it's nothing too bad.
It's not like we worked for Pamela Dolan.
Yeah, I hear she can be tough.
What? Off the record.
I know she is considered a genius and her work lines the halls of MoMA But a friend of ours worked with her a few years ago.
When she came back from her Pamela Dolan shoot, her eyes were red from crying.
She had bruises.
I mean, she was really shaken up.
Oh, my God.
What happened? We don't know.
She never really opened up about it.
But whatever it was, it was obviously bad enough.
It sent her back to Missouri.
[soft dramatic music] [upbeat music] Hey, Oliver.
Um, can I ask you a question? Yes? Pamela Dolan.
What's she like? Uh, tough as nails but talented as hell.
Honestly, it's been years since I've worked with her.
I mean, she's been so busy these days, we don't even try.
Why? Um, I did a date night with a group of models and And you heard the rumors? You know about the rumors? Nothing substantial, and I hear rumors about everybody.
[soft dramatic music] But my two cents? Drop it.
A woman as powerful as Pamela would do whatever it takes to protect her career, even if it means destroying yours.
And they're only rumors.
Well, luckily it's worth it.
[soft laugh] Uh, hey, Patrick? Do you have a second? Yeah, yeah, of course.
What's up? I was wondering if I could set a meeting.
I want to run something by you and Jacqueline.
Okay, well I'm here right now so you can run it by me.
Okay, um Okay.
So you know that city councilwoman that I was volunteering for? - Mm-hmm.
- Well, she dropped out.
And I'm thinking about taking her place.
- Wait, you want to run? - Maybe.
- Oh, wow.
I love that idea.
- Oh, really? The dot com could follow you on the campaign trail.
I mean, this is the kind of thing that just generates content and content.
- Hold on, hold on, hold on.
- Oh.
[camera shutter snaps] What are you doing? I'm polling our readers.
This is an interactive marketing moment.
Oh, my God, I'm turning myself on a little.
Okay, well, maybe we should slow our roll because I don't really know if I'm going to do it yet and I still haven't spoken to Jacqueline.
Hey, Jacqueline, did you hear that Kat Kat is thinking about running for city council, I see.
I think it's a great idea.
I totally gave her the go-ahead.
Oh, well, we'd be sorry to lose you here but I think the city would be lucky to have you.
And so I vote: yes.
[phone buzzing] Oh.
Hey, RJ.
What's up, man? Yeah, yeah.
I can meet you.
- Keep me posted.
- I will.
[soft upbeat music] No, Natalie, We are not setting you anywhere close to Carl.
[laughing] All right, okay.
All right, see you there.
- Bye-bye.
- Jacqueline? - Is this a good time? - Uh, yeah.
What's up? I was just wondering if you saw that we're running some of your old articles on the dot com in celebration of your ten years as editor and chief.
I did.
I especially loved that piece you did on the Gotham Girls.
Made me want to join a roller derby team.
So, uh, I stumbled upon a story and I would really love to write it for the magazine.
Oh, but you write for the dot com now.
I know, but I think this piece could be huge.
And it's complicated, so I really need it to go to somebody that I trust.
[soft music] - What's the story? - Uh, Pamela Dolan.
The photographer? I think she's been abusing her models.
Emotionally, physically, psychologically.
Well, I've heard that she's difficult to work for, but abusive? Well, women are just as capable of bad behavior as men are.
Of course, but who are your sources? Well, I spoke to a bunch of models yesterday and they were telling me about these rumors.
Rumors? Have any of them suffered any abuse? Yes, one of them had a friend who did and after her incident, she moved to Missouri so she's been a little tough to track down.
I know I can't do this piece without any solid evidence, but I really feel like there's a story here.
And I've never done a serious investigation, but you have, so I was hoping maybe you could help me navigate it? Well, the thing about investigative reporting is that, you know, it takes a lot of time and resources and a lot of other things that I just don't have the ability to dig into right now.
I could dig in and get the ball rolling.
Go for it.
Andrew, hold all my calls.
I'm going to try on more gala dresses.
Well, Oliver, it's that time.
Okay, Red.
I know that we sometimes call ourselves teammates and I might be moody but I will never be able to sync periods with you.
Well, I do dream of the day that we can.
Um, I meant that it's time for me to show you my dress so you can write me that recommendation.
Oh, uh, okay.
Impress me.
Okay, so.
The V-neck and the bishop sleeves are a nod to boho-chic which is making a big comeback and, um, well, I did fall in love with the detail around the waist.
And the tassels, I mean, [soft laugh] who doesn't love a tassel? So? I admire the effort.
Um, you know, there's a lot going on here and - [text message chimes] - Um.
It's Carly.
She wants me to pick her up early from school.
You know, I I don't know, Red.
I'm not sure we should base the recommendation on this dress.
There are like eight different ideas happening at once and none of them tell me who Sutton Brady is.
[soft dramatic music] I will need to see the reworked cover before the end of day, and can somebody please get the headline writers a thesaurus? There must be another word for "quickie.
" - You got it.
- They used it three times.
[indistinct chatter] Oh hey oh uh, Jacqueline? I have a guest for you.
- It's RJ Safford.
- Oh.
Oh, my wow.
[laughs] RJ.
What a surprise.
I can't believe you're here.
What, did they run out of scotch in Prague or something? Ah, I'm too busy for Prague, too busy for scotch.
But how could I miss your party? Especially since I'm the one who is introducing you.
Really? What an honor.
You know, I did want to talk to you about the fall double issue.
Patrick feels it's not going to be cost effective.
Um, well that's not really Patrick's domain.
Uh, I know, but these days, lines are blurring.
We're just hoping we can spend more of that money on additional video content for the dot com.
Patrick has been doing an incredible job.
Just trying to compute.
I wasn't aware that you and Patrick were collaborating.
He's a big part of "Scarlet.
" He's just going to walk me through his plan later today.
Okay, I will, uh, have Andrew check my schedule.
That's not necessary.
It's a preliminary conversation.
You have got a big speech to write for your gala.
Ten years as editor and chief.
What an achievement.
It feels like there is something that you're not telling me.
Really looking forward to your speech.
[uneasy music] Okay, so, what did we find? Misdemeanor arrest last year for punching a guy when you were out with your girlfriend.
Oh, yeah.
Well, he totally deserved it.
A video of you smoking what is almost certainly a joint outside of a Lana Del Rey concert.
Oh, Lana Del Rey.
It's gonna be tough to explain.
Yeah, good luck with that.
Also a dropped Poli Sci class in your sophomore year of NYU.
- Uh-huh.
- And a terminated pregnancy in 2013.
I'm sorry, I thought, uh, medical records were private.
They are, but you wrote about having an abortion on a message board a few weeks after under the screen name "KitKat4" which we were able to link back to your profile.
So, the question you need to ask yourself is, "How comfortable am I with any of this coming out?" And if the answer is less than 100%, is it worth it? Oliver did not hate your dress.
He hated it.
Hello, Oliver hated my dress so maybe you should rethink me as being your campaign designer.
You're so dramatic.
Well, I'm kind of rethinking myself as candidate, so.
What? Why? Uh, opposition research came in.
Uh, they dug up my arrest, footage of me smoking a joint, and a dropped Poli Sci class, and an abortion I had when I was 20.
- We didn't know that? - No, I didn't know that.
Why didn't we know that? It's not something you just drop into conversation.
We're the queens of dropping things into conversations.
Yeah, that's true.
I don't know.
Uh, I just I just didn't know how to bring it up.
We get it.
You you don't have to tell us everything.
But you can.
If you want to.
Do you remember Paul Attie? You know, my best friend in college? Well, we co-hosted a radio show together at WNYU, and we just scored this huge interview with DJ Khaled.
- [soft gasp] - And no, I did not - hook up with DJ Khaled.
- [exhales] So we were celebrating at the studio and it wasn't like a planned thing, and I thought he pulled out in time but he didn't.
I know, we should have used a condom, but I mean, there was never any question.
I had to get an abortion.
But he was great.
He split the cost with me, he came with me to the clinic.
So Toby thinks that they would use this against you? - [exhales] - I mean, it's your body.
It's your choice.
Yeah, this is New York City, 2019.
Things are weird right now.
And when it comes to abortion, it just I mean, it feels like it's 1973 except we have bots and trolls and doxxing.
Well, there's always going to be people with really loud opinions but we'll help you tune them out.
- Mm-hmm.
- I should talk to Tia.
I had sex on that last night.
Hmm, well done.
How? [playful music] And don't forget, we have an Elie Saab waiting in the wings.
Oh, and I saw Carly in your office.
She is so cute.
[soft chuckle] How you doing with all that? It's uh It's intense.
Not that I'm complaining.
It's nice to be busy.
You and I? They're going to have to wheel us out of here.
[soft laugh] I'm not so sure about that.
- Is this about Patrick? - [both scoff] Jacques, you and I have seen a lot of shiny new things come and go.
Did I tell you that this shiny new thing thinks our double issue is excessive? And it seems that RJ is listening.
I don't know, it just reminds me of when RJ brought Tina in to push Adele Ritter out.
Why would RJ listen to Patrick? He's not even old enough to rent a car.
Yeah, but dot com is performing and it's hit all of its targets ahead of schedule and that's a good incentive to listen.
Do you really think that Patrick is coming for your job? I think Patrick is going after the entire magazine.
I think that he wants to make "Scarlet" purely digital and I think it's only a matter of time before RJ gets on board.
[soft dramatic music] Wow.
Let's look at the Elie Saab.
I know that's Oliver's lunch but what do you say we make it our lunch and have a picnic? Oh, that sounds so great right now, especially because Oliver hated my dress.
- Really? - Yeah, he said it wasn't me.
Well, he may not have loved the dress, but he loves you.
I'm sure he'll still write you a recommendation.
I don't want to get into the seminar because he loves me.
I want to get in because I'm good.
You are good.
Why don't you get some other big name in fashion to write you a letter of recommendation? Dana Jacobs said that if I want to design, I should be a designer; maybe she'll write me a letter.
She'd be good, but didn't your meeting go pretty rough? Yeah, but I wouldn't even be trying to design if it weren't for her.
You know, maybe she'll be flattered that I took her advice.
- I love you.
- Enough to give me two French fries? - No.
- Oh.
[punchy music] Jacqueline? She waited until I was in the bathroom to interrupt you.
Jacqueline is working on her speech for the gala.
Respect the process, Jane.
It's okay.
Okay, so I've been working on this and I think I have something pretty solid.
I found the name of a model who showed up to a shoot with rope burns on her arms after - working with Pamela Dolan.
- Mm.
It's a start.
So I got the ball rolling and we can do this.
You are definitely a "Scarlet" writer.
I love your determination and your passion.
I think you should definitely go after this story.
And I think you should write it on your own.
What are you saying? Well, I'm sure you've noticed Patrick and the dot com are thriving and that is wonderful, but it's definitely shifted the dynamic here at "Scarlet.
" Yeah, but you told me not to worry about that.
I may have been off when I said that.
Jane, Jacqueline is not leaving "Scarlet.
" You weren't there.
You didn't hear her.
All of a sudden she changed her mind.
And she told me to write the Pamela Dolan story by myself.
Don't you write all of your stories by yourself? This felt different.
If she was leaving, there would be rumors - Yeah.
- Or something.
There were rumors.
Remember the "Decline of the Celebrity Editor" story? - Oh, yeah.
- I'm just saying, weird vibes.
Well, vibes are not facts.
They are vibes.
So I say we don't jump to any conclusions.
I concur with the city councilwoman to be.
Ah, all right.
I gotta go see a lady about a dress.
- Wish me luck.
- Both: Good luck.
Thank you.
Hey, Dana, thanks so much for taking the time to see me.
Of course.
- Is that the dress you're submitting? - Yes.
Um With the waist, you're clearly inspired by Giambattista Valli.
And the shoulder pads are a nice nod to Elsa Schiaparelli.
And the rest is muddy.
[soft dramatic music] Uh-huh, okay.
Um Do you have any suggestions? Try again.
And maybe don't quit your day job? Thank you.
It was like I went into Dana Jacob's office naked, sang the theme song to the "Titanic," did the floss, and then took a giant dump on the floor.
That is oddly specific.
You know, the crazy thing is that before I started dreaming about designing, I was really happy being Oliver's assistant.
So what? Now you're just not going to apply for that seminar? Correct.
My new plan is day drinking.
How is that different from any other day? [mock laugh] You were so happy making that dress.
Come on, you can't give up.
Watch me.
It's called adjusting to the new reality.
Now you sound like Jacqueline.
She's not going anywhere.
You didn't hear her.
She sounded resigned.
Want to know what this place would be like without her? I just got assigned a story by Patrick about vaginal rejuvenation.
Because apparently our vaginas are tired.
Tell me about it.
Richard's got my vagina like: - [yawn] - Oh.
Okay, well, you're disgusting.
- Bye.
- Love you, bye.
- Uh, so Toby's report came in.
- Uh-huh.
Reynolds is going to have a field day.
Hey, we can spin anything.
Reynolds is a douchebag.
I am not worried.
I don't know if it's a matter of spinning per se.
I had an abortion in college, never told anyone.
Uh, they found it.
- Oh, wow.
- Yeah.
[Kira's "If It Makes You Feel Better" playing] And look, I'm not usually one to run away from a fight, but this just feels like a lot, you know? I don't know if I'm ready to be the face of abortion, you know? - I get that, yes.
- Yeah.
And look, I know I'm letting you down.
No, no, no.
You're not.
You're not.
I I um I had one, as well.
And I do not think I could handle it coming out.
- Really? - Yeah.
I was at Bronx High School of Science.
My parents were super proud of me, so I couldn't tell them or anybody really.
So I went to the first place I could find which turned out to be a fake clinic.
You know, a crisis pregnancy center where they give you an ultrasound and then flood your brain with anti-abortion propaganda and false medical statistics.
I'm I'm sorry, is that a thing? Oh, it is very much a thing.
There are actually a few in your district.
And they're run by anti-choice groups.
And they're designed to scare women away from getting medical help.
- Crazy.
- It is crazy.
Anyway, I finally found a real place, but by then of course I was terrified and guilt ridden and Wow.
- That's some dark stuff.
- Mm-hmm.
Anyway, enough about me.
[both laugh] What are you, uh, what you thinking? Uh.
[sighs] No idea.
I feel like I need to sleep on it.
I mean, I still haven't figured out my platform.
You know how bad I want you to run.
And I am by your side if they come for you.
But you gotta do what's best for you.
I can tell you I will see you again Hey, where's my recommendation form? Isn't it due soon? Yeah, um, Oliver, I'm not going to submit my application.
Because I don't want you to write a recommendation that you don't believe in.
Okay, I believe in Sutton Brady.
And I gave you my honest opinion not because I think you don't have talent but because I know you do.
I'm not getting in with that dress, am I? No.
Do you want me to be honest or do you want me to be nice? Honest? Take a beat.
Rethink it.
Because I know that you're going to be able to come up with something great.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
And, Red, if you want to make it as a designer, you're going to have to be able to take a note, roll with the punches, and bounce back with the confidence of a mediocre white man.
[laughs] I could channel my inner Kevin Costner.
Now can you also get me that form? Okay, I will.
- Right now? - Mm-hmm.
- Right now.
- Mm-hmm.
[keys clacking] - [message whooshes] - [phone buzzes, chimes] Great.
Now start designing.
If it makes you feel better babe I can tell you I will see you again If it makes you feel better babe I can tell you I will see you again Hey, Jane, hurry up.
Jacqueline's party starts in an hour.
What happened? I moved out and you don't have any mixers? Yeah, I do.
Use the cran-tabulous stuff.
That is not a mixer.
That is UTI medication.
I have a thirst, not a burn.
Yeah, but you know, cranberry juice actually doesn't cure UTIs.
- What? - Mm-hmm.
Just proved.
- Well, hello mixer.
- [chuckles] And thank you for the public health announcement.
Is that because you're about to be public servant Kat Edison? Oh, we'll see.
I don't know.
Oh, hey, wait.
Is that a slit in that dress? You know, it's so funny that you ask because yes, it is.
- Whoa.
Hello, Angelina.
- Yeah.
Guys, I'm still trying not to freak out about the fact that it might be Jacqueline's retirement party.
Oh, Jane, dramatic much? You didn't see her last night.
- I did.
- Yeah, I guess.
Isn't there anything she can do? No, I'm pretty sure she's resigned to her fate.
Well, is there anything we can do to help? [sighs] I don't know.
But I'm going to try.
Gonna need some help first.
[Ralph's "Gimme"] Oh, yeah, love that.
Hey, any chance you can go put your dress on now? Yeah.
I'm good at floating Floating on the waves I'm good at waiting waiting for a change But I'm only human, babe Don't make me wait all day - Wow.
- Okay.
So come on give it to me Oh.
Amazon Jacqueline.
Get in here.
[camera shutter snaps] [laughs] There she is.
Who would want her to leave "Scarlet"? Not me, and I'm pretty sure not her.
- Wish me luck.
- Good luck.
- [indistinct talking] - Cheers.
You know, RJ's got me drinking scotch You know what they say Do the work and you'll get paid I've been P-A-T-I-E-N-T I'm so patient So give it to me give it to me Yeah, I think Ian and I have wanted to go to Alaska since Since before the Jacqueline decade.
[soft laugh] That's true.
Anyway, I'm so glad you could be here tonight.
Yes, good to see you.
You remember Ian? - Yes.
- Of course.
Jane, how are you? - Nice to see you.
- Very nice to see you again.
And I think it's probably time for me to replenish those glasses.
- Good bye.
- Thank you.
- Great turn out.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you really get to know a lot of people in ten years.
And write a lot of great stories.
Oh, thanks.
I was actually rereading the Gotham Girls piece for, like, the tenth time.
What is it with you and roller derby? Well, I just I really love Sandra DiMesa's story, how she broke her neck when she was 41 and then three months later, she skated in the championship.
She is a force of nature.
- And she's still skating.
- Hm.
I found her on Facebook and I reached out.
She says congrats by the way.
Oh, well that's nice of her.
Uh, I actually asked her why she still does it, why she puts herself through the work day after day.
She says it's because she loves it, and because she's good at it, and she doesn't care if people think that it's time for her to hang up her skates.
But most importantly it's because her fearlessness and her heart make every woman on that team better.
[tender music] Anyways, um, it's a great party.
Have a good time.
You too.
[pop music playing] Hi.
Hey, uh, Carly wants to skip school tomorrow, so I need to call the sitter, see if she can work.
Make sure I don't miss Jacqueline's speech.
Oliver, you can't keep doing this with Carly.
You can't keep making excuses for her and letting her skip school.
- You don't understand.
- As the child of an alcoholic, I think I do.
You gave me some tough love, and now I'm gonna give you some.
Kids need rules, boundaries, consistency.
So tell her she's going to school and make her go, and they day after that, and the day after that.
And the day after that is a weekend so probably not that day, but you know what I mean.
She'll be mad at you for a while, but then she'll be really, really grateful that you did what was right and not just what was easy.
Damn, Red.
Has the student become the teacher? Don't get too ahead of yourself, Miss Brady.
And now, a woman whose tenure speaks for itself.
Jacqueline Carlyle.
[applause] [soft dramatic music] Did you talk to her? Yeah, but I'm not sure it helped.
When RJ asked me to run "Scarlet" ten years ago, I was terrified, but I said yes, because I had promised myself that I would always run towards what frightens me most.
Which is why I love roller coasters.
[laughter] Well, this past decade has certainly given me the thrill of a rollercoaster ride.
But these past few months could better be described as a gravity drop.
Enough so that The media landscape is changing so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up, let alone stay ahead of the curve.
And I will be really honest with you, I am still terrified.
I'm scared that if I do stick around, I will fail.
I'll let our readers down.
I'm scared that I'll let all of you down.
But earlier tonight, I was reminded how how contagious fearlessness can be.
[soft upbeat music] And I realized that I have to keep that promise I made to myself over ten years ago, and I have to run towards what terrifies me so much.
So, I need to stay.
And not just because I love what I do but because that is the essence of "Scarlet," to inspire young women to face challenges head on, to take a leap of faith.
And yes, it is frightening.
But that's the beauty of it, isn't it? Because without that leap, we'll never know what could be, we'll never know what we are capable of.
And I, for one, can't wait to find out.
Thank you.
[applause] [indistinct chatter] Thanks.
Well, that was an amazing speech.
I thought you'd like it.
So these Pamela Dolan rumors.
That would be a big story for "Scarlet.
" So I can write it for you? Oh, you're not writing it for me.
You're writing it with me.
- But Patrick - It's "Scarlet.
" It's still my magazine.
[soft laugh] Yeah.
Thank you.
[STORME's "Starlight"] Look up at the stars hon Do you see the magic oh - - All the dreams we want All of it is right beyond us Like a blue wave Let's go Following the wild stream warm below [keys clacking] In the blue wave You know - Fallen drops of tears - Can make us glow Look into my eyes love I know it can be hard to find it But underneath your skin A seed is meant to grow [knocking on glass] Much higher Like a blue wave - Hey.
- Hey, so I've been thinking.
And I know the dress is a lot, but just ignore it for now.
- Okay.
- Uh.
At first when I got Toby's report, it felt like it felt like a list of all the reasons why I shouldn't run.
I was scared and I was ashamed but you know what? I think that that's the problem.
I think that the list of strikes against me should be my platform.
- I like the sound of that.
- Right.
Like, okay, yes, I was arrested but I was standing up for something that I believe in and honestly I'd do it again.
And I like to think of myself as a pretty, strong, empowered, forward-thinking, open-minded woman, but up until now I haven't been able to talk about my abortion.
So if me putting myself out there helps even one woman to feel less alone, less ashamed, and less guilty, then it's worth it.
And I want to shut down those fake clinics.
[soft laugh] Do you Do you have any idea what's happening right now? I don't.
A dance of joy is happening right now because I am so about everything you're saying.
I'm 100% in.
We're going to win.
[singsong] And I just need you to join me, yes Kat - You got it.
- No, no, but I need can you Look, you're gonna have to be a fool when we're campaigning, that's right.
Let it go, let it go, 'cause we're gonna win.
Hi, excuse me.
Is this Linda Zephyr's headquarters? Yes.
But she's not running, actually.
Uh, I am running.
And I don't usually dress like this but, hi, I'm Kat Edison.
Nice to meet you.
And just so you know, um, I smoke weed sometimes, I support immigrants rights, and I had an abortion.
Well, my kind of candidate.
Please let me tell you more about this amazing woman.
Um, we're just getting our platform together now but I have so much faith in her.