The Bold Type (2017) s03e05 Episode Script

Technical Difficulties

1 Previously on "The Bold Type" Kat, meet Tia.
Tia is my campaign manager.
You'll need a platform.
Why you? We are working on it.
If me putting myself out there helps even one woman then it's worth it.
I did take a little spin through Tia's Instagram last night.
She seems to be very single.
Welcome to the digital team, Jane.
We're gonna have a lot of fun.
- Pamela Dolan.
- The photographer? She's been abusing her models.
A woman as powerful as Pamela will do whatever it takes to protect her career.
From now on, when we're in this space, in our home, I'm not Richard for the board.
I'm just your boyfriend.
- Okay.
- There's this creative side that I've recently reconnected with.
An old friend of mine has a design seminar.
I could make a call.
[alternative music.]
Boom goes the dynamite, feel like I'm taking flight It could not have gone better.
- You're incredible.
- Hey, great to meet you.
Thank you so much.
Take care.
Hey, thank you so much for coming.
If you wanna sign up to canvass you can do that on your way out.
We would love your help.
Thank you.
Diaz, hi.
That was wonderful, Kat.
If there's any way I can get the gals at the church to help out, you let me know.
That would be so great.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I can't believe that you are a finalist - for the Julian Grant seminar.
- I know.
I mean, I can believe it because you worked really hard on a new dress design.
Stop it.
No, it's exciting.
Christian Siriano took this seminar when he was starting out and then he went and won "Project Runway.
" It's gonna be you.
Protected bike lanes may remove some parking spaces but they actually increase local traffic to small businesses, which is why I support them.
You know, I want to make our streets safer and our businesses more profitable.
Okay, thank you.
- Hi, big fan.
- Oh, thank you so much.
I had no idea that you knew so much about street safety.
Oh, I didn't two weeks ago but Tia's been schooling me on everything I need to know.
- She's kind of a life saver.
- Yeah, Tia's great.
But you're the one who's out here talking to people and spreading your signature Kat-ness.
How have we never made a Katniss Everdeen reference? Slinging arrows of political justice.
Fighting for the district.
It works.
- It does.
- Does it though? - It's working.
- Okay.
Okay, we need to commemorate this moment.
We are going to take a photo in front of your campaign poster.
Or as I like to call it, New York City's beautification project.
'Cause I love that face.
But someone else does not.
Hey! - You better run! - That's not very nice! You better skate! [bass-heavy music.]
- Sit right here.
- Okay.
Is this like a sexual thing? 'Cause I'm all for it, I just really wish you would have let me brush my teeth first because I just had that garlic roll.
Put your hands out.
Palms up is fine.
Oh, it's a book.
It is a book.
Because a woman's greatest sexual organ is her brain? I'm just gonna come out and say this isn't a sex thing.
Oh, my God, this is your book? Yeah.
Oh, my God.
Look at the font and your name and [gasps.]
you have a book.
They just came in and I wanted you to have the first copy.
We have to celebrate.
Tomorrow night, Sutton is having a dinner party.
I'll bring champagne.
Also, we could celebrate right now.
So I told you this was a sex thing.
"Asked what he thought of his opponent's plan to legalize marijuana Reynolds said, 'The girl'" - The girl? - "'The girl' clearly "has brought her dorm room agenda to the ballot box "and I would prefer to focus on the important matters of the day.
'" What, like criminal justice reform, maybe? Oh, wait, this is the best part.
"I'm sure Katie is a lovely girl.
- She's just not city council material.
" - "City council material"? He didn't even answer the question.
No, he did, just very, very badly.
Okay, so tell me, candidate Edison.
Why are you in favor of legalizing marijuana? Well, Mrs.
Clayton, for far too long, black and brown people have been targeted for marijuana-related crimes at a far greater rate than their white counterparts.
Not to mention, weed is currently treated as a schedule one narcotic, - same as heroin, which is crazy.
- Preach.
And, yes, my RA may have had some bomb kush junior year but legalizing weed is not a dorm room issue.
It is a social justice issue.
Hell yes, girl.
You know what? I think we have earned the rest of the night off.
You know it's 2:00 a.
, right? I'm serious.
You slayed at town hall.
You're freaking killing debate prep.
Honestly, Kat, how hard you've worked, how much you've learned, seeing those people watch you today, you're amazing and inspiring.
You're pretty freaking cool, Kat.
Oh, you're a lot cooler than I am.
No, but I'm serious.
You're my campaign manager.
You have to tell me that stuff, right? No, I don't.
Well, tomorrow's another big day.
I have to finish your website and I have to put a dent in this fundraising goal if we're ever going to catch up to Reynolds, so you should get some sleep.
- Mm-hmm.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yep, you too.
- Cool.
Running is actually fun, you know, once you get into the spirit of it.
Yeah, me, I'm more of a sitting girl, you know? Sometimes when I'm sitting I wish that I could be sitting harder.
I gotta bench.
- I'm really looking forward to tonight.
- Yeah.
Finally having people over, merging friend groups.
Same, and this time, I promise, no girls in the bath tub.
I think it's the first time that Dev and Quinn are gonna leave their kid alone with a babysitter.
And that's the entertainment lawyer and the hedge fund guy? Quinn was an entertainment lawyer before she had the kid and Javy, hedge fund.
And he's married to Michelle.
See, that's why I'm glad we're doing this.
Now you can finally put some faces with some names.
I can't just keep calling them your Kat and Jane? Do you ever wonder if Kat and Jane are your Dev and Michelle? No.
Nice try, though.
Oh, my God.
Is that a bagel truck? Huh.
You're running! This is from that Pamela Dolan photo shoot? My arms got so tired I couldn't hold on anymore, and that's when I fell.
As soon as I landed, I knew something was wrong.
I could tell my arm was broken, but it didn't matter.
Pamela went right back to shooting.
Finally, the swelling got so bad she called it a day.
Did anyone help you or take you to the hospital? Everyone in the business is afraid of Pamela.
If they tried to help me, it would have been like going against her.
And no one wants to do that.
[cell phone dings.]
My roommate forgot her keys.
She's on her way back.
She can't know I'm talking to you.
No one can.
We will reach out for a follow-up and thank you so much.
I'll help however I can, as long as I can stay anonymous.
- Of course.
- Absolutely.
That definitely was not easy but you did a great job of getting her to open up.
As scared as she is, I think that she's just grateful to have someone to talk to.
Oh, make sure to send me that recording.
And done.
[funky music.]
Hey, Patrick, do you have a second? - You missed the pitch meeting.
- I know, I was with Yes, you were with Jacqueline.
Look, when she told me that she needed you for a story, Jane, she didn't tell me it was going to interfere with your work for the dot-com.
Okay, well, I won't let it happen again.
Uh, do you need me to email you my pitches? I gave Alex a few options.
Whatever he doesn't vibe with you can have.
So I get his reject articles? I wanna say that thing, what is it, about beggars and choosers? Namaste, Jane.
[punchy music.]
So, I am the ninth wheel, cool.
And, uh, all of Richard's friends are married? Is that bad? Married people always want to know about my sexy single dating life and I haven't had one since Adena.
What about Tia? You get a pretty stupid smile on your face every time she texts you.
Stupid because she's my campaign manager and hetero.
I think.
Think? Did something happen? No, no, nothing happened I just getting a vibe.
Or maybe wanting to get a vibe.
I don't know.
How are you feeling about this whole dinner party thing? Great.
Chef Richard's got it covered.
Oh, that's weird.
I scheduled a bunch of tweets, but they never went out.
Now I am logged out.
Is anyone else having issues with the Internet? Getting the wheel of death.
Yeah, I was just left on hold by IT.
- What, is it the wifi? - It's not the wifi.
Could somebody please fix the wifi? On it.
Uh, hey, Angie? Did you change the password on our Instagram account? Can I do that? Well, I've been logged out of everything: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.
- It's 'cause the wifi's down.
- Nope, nope, not the wifi.
I can't get into my email.
Attention everyone.
Step away from your computers now.
- Why? - "Scarlet" 's been hacked.
By now, you've heard the Safford servers were hacked by a group called the Custodians of Truth.
They've encrypted our email, data files, backups, and they've asked for 30 million dollars in Bitcoin.
- So, we're being held ransom? - Yes.
The board has 24 hours to decide what to do.
How did this happen? Someone with administrative rights, possibly someone in this room, fell victim to a phishing email.
This has nothing to do with catch and release.
Phishing with a PH, Zachary.
It's a cyberattack.
I already dealt with identity theft last year.
Don't want to do that again.
Wasn't that your ex? Doesn't negate my emotional experience.
What's going on here? Everyone's trying to get Andrew to talk.
Apparently he was in the board room where the meeting was happening.
This is Alfonso with Twitter technical support.
Come on, man.
You've gotta give us something.
At least tell us how much the ransom is.
I'm not one who's gonna break confidentiality.
But I will say that it was a lot.
Hey, can you at least tell us if we're going to lose all our data? I don't What if this ends up like the Sony hack? Wait, you mean, like, all of our emails getting out there? No one's talking about our emails being released, right? Well, they should, because that's a real possibility.
Well, I for one have nothing to really worry about so I'm Oh, no, no, no.
Okay, I'm listening but I am also on hold with Alfonso at Twitter.
I can't believe we got hacked.
I mean, this is a disaster for Safford.
What? You know, you trash-talking Patrick on the regular.
Oh, yeah, you do do that.
No, I don't.
I don't trash-talk.
- I vent.
- I vent.
You go for the jugular, and you leave a paper trail.
Okay, fine, I've been known to let out some of my frustration via email but, okay, whatever.
I'm worried because I just started getting Ingrid to trust me and if these emails get out, her name gets out Jane, they're gonna figure out a way around the hack, and if they don't, they'll pay the ransom.
Does she have a minute? Hey, Jacqueline, Andrew said you had a minute.
More like 30 seconds.
I know you can't tell me about what's going on, but, I'm worried about Ingrid.
We promised we would keep her name safe.
You sent me the recording.
This email gets out You're completely right to be worried.
The hackers threatened to release our data if the ransom is not met.
I am doing everything I can on my end to make sure that doesn't happen, but I'm not the only voice in the room.
You're gonna have to talk to Ingrid.
Be honest with her and reassuring.
Tell her that if we can just get a name of somebody that saw what happened to her, we'd be able to back up her story if this hack goes south.
You gotta earn her trust, Jane.
I will.
Are you soundtracking your life? Nope, just in a war of wits with Twitter tech support.
I'm answering questions on my social media about the hack using #Saffordhack, so I suggest you do the same.
Uh, did you not get the memo from PR? We're supposed to wait before posting anything for official word.
Our website's down, so I think if I stay silent that will raise more alarm.
Also I'm the head of digital so that sounds pretty official to me.
Oh, Kat, don't you have an offsite lunch meeting today? I do, but I can have it here instead.
Great, beautiful, thank you, Kat.
Thank you.
Hey, did you hear anything about Julian Grant? No, nothing yet.
Okay, well you got until the end of the day.
I know a couple of other people who already found out they got in so Hey, listen, you deserve to get this, - and if you don't, it's their loss.
- Thanks.
I'm just worried about this dinner tonight.
- Do you wanna cancel? - No.
I was just hoping to get out of here early, start setting up, get the cooking done.
I can do it.
I know how important this is to you, to us.
Okay, I will forward you my coq Au Vin recipe.
Oh, and Quinn's pregnant.
She sent along a bunch of dietary restrictions so So, no raw fish in the - Coq Au Vin.
Yeah, right.
- Copy that.
I'll forward Quinn's email now.
I've got to get back.
[cell phone buzzes.]
I heard about the hack online.
It's all over Twitter.
You promised you could keep my name safe.
I know.
Well, if Pamela finds out I talked to you, she will ruin my career.
That's why I'm here.
If you could give us the name of someone who was there when you got hurt, who could back up your story, then Jacqueline and I can still protect you if your name gets out.
If you couldn't keep my information safe, why would I put someone else at risk? I never normally check my phone Ten times in a minute I'm not the girl to be kept on hold Ten miles from the finish Okay, I don't know how you did it, but you managed to make a campaign website look actually cool.
Are you a witch or something? Because this is some black girl magic.
I mean, look at my candidate.
I had to step up my game.
- Okay, so let me walk you through.
- Sure.
We made all the improvements we talked about.
We now have right on your home page is your home page is your platform.
- Mm-hmm.
- Below is your bio, the all-important donate button, and yeah.
Now all we have to do is drive traffic to the website.
- To the website.
- That's it.
[cell phone buzzes.]
- Oh.
- Oh, is that a hack update? Yeah, Patrick's working with IT to get past the encryption, but it's not looking good.
Well, on the plus side, you can spend more time with your - devoted campaign manager.
- Oh, yeah.
That's true.
- That is a definite silver lining.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you again for coming to the office.
I appreciate it.
Oh, girl, the bathroom has free tampons and Crème De la Mer.
This is a spa day for me.
You just wait until I show you the beauty closet because we have the entire Fenty line.
Well now you're just talking dirty to me.
[both laugh.]
Hey, uh, would you maybe want to come with me to this dinner party tonight? It's gonna be, like, a bunch of lawyers and my two best friends.
It could be really weird, or it could be really fun.
It does sound really weird and fun, but I'm going on a date.
Oh, cool.
Who's the guy or girl? Guy, yeah, I'm a boring straight girl.
His name is Hakeem.
It's date number three, so maybe we'll see.
My campaign manager is straight.
She also has a date tonight, and she smells like lavender.
Up until very recently, didn't we think that you were straight? That's true.
Hey, what's everyone doing right now? Since my Pamela Dolan investigation is stalled, I'm writing Alex's reject article about Croc stilettos.
- Ah.
- Cute.
Probably going to pack it up and work from home though.
- Yeah, me too.
- Great news.
I need help cooking and can you cook? What? Girl, you know I can cook.
What are we cooking? I could toss the salad.
I heard that.
It happened.
And I can't take it back.
[mellow music.]
So Ryan just texted me.
His meeting with his editor got pushed to tonight, so he's gonna be late.
Have you heard from Julian Grant? No.
Have you heard from Ingrid? No, I'm just hoping that Jacqueline gets through to the board.
Has Richard said anything? He's been in a meeting all day so Is everything okay with you two? Read it.
What's it say? - "Greenwich or bust?" - What? "Can't wait to be neighbors.
" Who's this? His friend Quinn.
She'll be there tonight.
I'm sorry, is Richard trying to get you to move to Connecticut? Because we definitely did not sign off on that.
I think he's joking.
Well, he must be joking if he's trying to get you to make coq Au Vin.
What do you think you're here for, Sloan? I need help.
I really want this dinner to go well.
This is crazy.
Look at this.
It's a pretty long thread, Sutton.
I think he might be serious.
I think if he was serious, he would have talked to me about it.
Well, is Richard trying to introduce you to his friends or your future neighbors? - [cell phone buzzes.]
- Oh! - - Tia just texted.
She said she wants to come tonight.
I thought she had a date with a dude? - Maybe she canceled it.
- [gasps.]
For you? Voilà Voilà Hey, how are we doing on time? Uh, chicken just went in, beans are done, - wine is chilling.
- [doorbell rings.]
And the guests are here.
Whoo! You got this.
We got this.
- Kat's got this.
- Yeah.
It's gonna be great, don't be nervous.
Thank you! - Am I doing this right? - No.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Come on in, welcome.
- Thank you.
So great to finally meet all of you.
I've heard so much about you.
Wow, the place looks great.
So you must be Dev and Quinn and Michelle.
- Where's Javier? - Oh, he's not coming.
My assistant gave the baby sitter the wrong night It was a whole big thing.
She's the worst.
All that to say, if you know of any good assistants, I'm hiring.
Well, I'm so sorry to hear that he couldn't make it.
My God, you're even more adorable in person.
Can I clone you? - We brought desserts.
- Thank you so much.
And congratulations on baby number two, very exciting.
Thank you.
Where's the decanter? I'd love to let the wine breathe a bit.
Um, I don't think we have one.
Trust me, Hunter's got one.
I'll find it.
- Oh, he's for sure got one.
- So, where is he? Excellent question.
[upbeat music.]
[phone line ringing.]
Okay, so how long exactly does wine need to breathe? Uh, Dev said 30 minutes to an hour? Cool, cool, cool, cool.
How long has it been? Ten minutes.
- Here we go.
- Look at this.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yummy.
- Of course.
- So cute.
Oh, I see I'm not the only one addicted to my phone.
Oh, sorry, I'm waiting to hear back about a seminar that I applied to.
And? Nothing yet.
Hey, so, uh, Sutton tells us that you live in Connecticut.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know, I was born in New Canaan.
- Left as soon as I could crawl.
- I get it.
If you told me when I was your age that I'd ever move out of Manhattan, I'd think you you were nuts.
But then, I don't know, you just you get older.
And wiser.
You start paying attention to school districts.
- That's true.
- And then you realize that there's more to life than carrying your groceries up a four-story walkup.
I don't know about that, 'cause I really love New York.
You know, I love the pace, the lifestyle, the nightlife.
Sutton does too.
She even has a shirt that says it.
I'm sure that Greenwich is lovely.
Do they even make shirts that say, "I love Connecticut"? I don't think they do.
- Yeah, I've never seen one.
- Hey, can you two simmer down? I really want this dinner to go well.
- It's going great.
Hey, Tia! - I'm simmering.
I'm at a low heat.
- - Would you like some wine? [cell phone buzzes.]
Taking off? Hey.
Just waiting for my car.
You? Yeah, long day.
I hear you voted to pay the ransom.
I voted to protect our information, our employees.
I just got put into timeout by RJ.
He thought my tweets reflected poorly on the company and apparently so did a couple of our stockholders, so now I'm going home to lick my wounds.
What about you? Any exciting evening plans? How do you two know each other? Well, uh, Tia was working on this campaign for city council.
I went in to volunteer Went into volunteer and left as the candidate.
You have to hear her speak.
It's incredible.
She somehow convinced me to run.
I don't know.
Yeah, well, when I see what I want, I go for it.
Sounds so cool.
Good for you.
Hey, you guys.
- Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
- Hey, Hunter.
Hey, everyone.
I am so sorry I'm so late.
It's still crazy over there and we're probably not going to hear anything until tomorrow.
- Oh, wow.
- Also, you look gorgeous.
- And it smells amazing.
- Thank you.
Hey, um, can I talk to you in private for a second? - Yeah.
- Hey, Hunter.
Get over here.
Yeah, just a minute guys.
I'll be right back.
Hey, so, I saw the real estate listings that Quinn sent you, right under her intolerance for soft cheese.
Right, I forgot I've been emailing with her.
A lot, actually.
Are you really thinking about buying a place in Connecticut? Wow, okay.
'Cause when I moved in here, I was thinking we weren't going to be moving for a while.
Sutton, I'm just trying to think about our future here.
And if that future includes me, I'm the one you should be talking about that to, not Quinn.
Hunter, you gotta hear this.
Come on.
Yeah, we will.
But right now, I'd like to say hi to our guests.
- So why is Patrick here? - He invited himself.
And Richard said yes? Sorry, your thing's more important.
Oh, my thing's fine.
I mean, I still haven't heard about Julian Grant and Richard sorry, Hunter, wants to move to Connecticut and I said yes to going to a two-year-old birthday party and a dance recital? Yeah, so, drink up.
- Okay, but this is a lot of tequila.
- I'm good with it.
Okay, time to play nice.
How do I look? - Like a "Stepford Wife.
" - Great.
[rock music.]
Do you remember those frosted tips? [laughter.]
[overlapping chatter.]
We were roommates, what, five months? So Hunter goes out every Thursday night, never invites me, and I decided well, Michelle and I decided to follow him stalker-style, so we end up at this bar.
It was like a classic, New York, you know, - hole-in-the-wall on Avenue C - Don't forget the beard.
Oh, yeah, yes, yes.
Dragon was his name.
- Doorman, huge beard.
- Dragon, Dragon.
Okay, so Dragon lets us in and it turns out it's an open Mic night, and I'm thinking it's a one-off thing but nope.
Hunter goes up to the Mic with a notebook, and, I kid you not, a tambourine.
- What? - Hey, whoa.
It was the aughts.
- It was cool.
- It was not cool - Wow.
- Not in the slightest.
- To the aughts.
- Cheers.
And the tambourine, the tambourine man.
Have you had the green beans? Uh, I made the green beans.
And she can cook.
That's hot.
You know, I was in the room the whole time.
Richard, actually, you can back me up on this.
RJ has no idea how to get his hands on that much Bitcoin, let alone any Bitcoin, but you don't do business with cyberterrorists.
I mean, after all, these are the people that stole our election.
They're undermining our democracy.
Yeah, I invested in Bitcoin a couple years ago and I still don't understand it.
It's not a commodity, it's a currency, but it takes a full room of computers to mine a single Bitcoin.
Could you imagine RJ Safford he's still trying to figure out how to text with his thumbs.
- Hit me, Jane.
- Love to.
So you told RJ not to pay the ransom? Did he listen to you? Well, we'll see.
What's your take on the hack, Jane? I sure you have something interesting for me.
Yeah, I, uh, I haven't come up with anything.
Really, Jane Sloan doesn't have a take on the hack? You realize all our emails may be released.
There's nothing you're, like, worried will get out there? Seriously? Yeah, seriously.
This is a good opportunity.
I'm giving you first dibs.
I thought you'd jump at this.
I made a drinking game about you.
One sip for every time you don't like an article that I write and two for every time I catch you meditating at your desk.
Oh, and a shot every time I hear you say, "Namaste.
" You're drinking in the office? Oh, coffee mostly.
But the point is, that is all in my email, that and a lot worse.
Things that can hurt you, me, and a lot of people.
Oh, but I did see that #Saffordhack was trending today because of you, so congratulations, because while you were in the boardroom making whatever point it is you were trying to make, the rest of us were freaking out over what's going to happen.
So that's my take.
Since you asked.
[cell phone buzzes.]
Um, sorry, excuse me, this might be about the seminar.
Hi, this is Sutton.
Uh, yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
That was Julian Grant.
He just called to personally welcome me into the seminar.
[cheers and applause.]
Alright everybody, glasses up.
Come on, come on, up, up, up.
To my extremely talented and beautiful girlfriend who is not only a wonderful chef but a gifted designer.
To Sutton.
[glasses clinking.]
It's just an introductory course, but a lot of really amazing designers went through it, so I'm excited.
My friend did something similar, actually, Park Slope to Paris Fashion Week.
Oh, cool.
Would I know any of her work? Not unless you're into onesies.
She changed course a few years back.
Now she makes these adorable outfits for kids.
You know, I should give you her number.
- Oh, that's okay.
- Oh, no, no, it's no trouble.
Seriously, I'm a little bit more interested in high-end fashion.
Ah, I just love how passionate you are.
Honestly, you know, I miss those days.
Remember when I was in that phase and I was going to open that bakery? Um, this isn't really a phase.
It's a pretty serious career move.
- I didn't mean that - Oh, no.
I get it.
You know.
You guys seem to be really happy in Connecticut.
You've got a house, and a backyard, a pool.
But me, I love design, I love the city and the life that I'm building here.
- Michelle, are you okay? - It's okay.
It's just been a really hard year.
Gunner bit a kid at pre-K, I'm tired all the time, and the commute is killing me.
I'm fine, everything's okay, just, please, everyone keep eating.
Oh, my God, I'm a monster.
I made a grown woman cry at a dinner party.
What do I do? How do I fix it? Tequila? Okay, for starters, we're gonna lay off the sauce, and you I know, don't talk to Patrick.
No, I was gonna say apologize.
Jane, come on, he's your boss.
I'd kinda like to keep you as my coworker.
Okay? So what we're gonna do is, we're gonna go back out there and we're gonna act like normal people Get everybody blackout drunk so they forget this entire night even happened.
Or, better idea, lock the door and we crawl into the bath tub, like last time.
Oh, it looks so good right now.
No, no, I promised Richard that's not how the night would end.
Look away from the bathtub.
Look at me.
You just wanna get back out there and hang out with Tia.
You really like her, don't you? Kind of.
I just don't know what she's thinking, you know? Like one minute, she's acting like she's my date and then the next minute, it's all endorsements and ad buys and Look, whatever, because, it feels like we're doing something really big and important with this campaign and I don't want anything to mess that up.
But, you haven't liked anybody since Adena, which is also big and important.
- Okay, we're doing this.
- We're doing this.
We're doing this.
And of course, we know you're no longer in the New York area, shout out Connecticut, but with a campaign this size, any donation really, really helps.
You know, we're talking 50, a hundred, if you wanna dig deeper, by all means, but we don't need much to get off the ground.
- It's a crucial time for - Hey, why don't we all go outside and have some cocktails on the deck? Sutton's right.
The Manhattan skyline cannot be beat.
Let's go.
- All right.
- All right.
Hey, I'm thinking about taking off.
Do you wanna jump in a cab together? Let's do it.
The car should be here in a minute.
Okay, I'm just looking Michelle up on Facebook.
She was so close to donating.
I want to make sure she has your website and Can you please stop? Sure, what's going on? Tia, I didn't invite you to my friend's dinner party so that you could hit people up for donations.
You know, it wasn't a fundraising event.
Well, you know, it was a gathering full of well-off people that could help you win the election, and I'm your campaign manager.
I honestly was waiting for you to make the pitch.
Well, I didn't invite you as my campaign manager.
I invited you as As what? As my friend, or more? Um.
I don't know, I just I'm trying to figure you out.
Like, I feel like maybe you've been flirting with me.
You know, we've been spending a lot of time together and it's my job to get to know you and talk you up.
I think maybe you got confused? Really? That's all this is? Yeah, if you got another impression that's coming from you, but that's not that's not me.
Yeah, I'm glad we cleared that up.
Apology old-fashioned and apology mocktail.
In case you couldn't tell by the name, I am so embarrassed.
Please, I think the diva award goes to me tonight, thank you very much.
And Quinn? Was a condescending bitch.
Okay, okay, it's time.
Tell me everything you know.
- About Richard? - It's going to be a long night.
[glasses clink.]
[serene music.]
So I should apologize for earlier.
I was out of line.
It really is fine, Jane.
You have a right to your opinion.
And I have a right to meditate at my desk.
You don't know this yet, but, trust me, you will.
It's really not always so easy to be the boss.
Especially on days when you feel like you've let everyone down and you really could be doing it better, and maybe you've even gotten it entirely wrong.
So what I'm hearing is, you think I'm boss material.
Right now, I think you're dot-com material, and I really mean that in the best possible way.
I I love this new pitch, the drinking game.
Just need to, I don't know, just need to plus it up just a little.
Oh, that's part of the game isn't it? - Yup, it is.
- Hm.
I can't tell whether I should be flattered or offended.
A little bit of both.
Want to, want to hang on Yeah, I got you We gonna make it through One life to live Please don't give up yet 'Cause we got so much to do And when you're half alive, half alive I'll go to war, baby I'll go to war for you Just come back to life, back to life We will survive [cell phone buzzes.]
We gonna see this through Even when we're way down, way down Ingrid? Hi, yeah, yeah, no, it's fine.
Of course.
Uh, wow, yeah, thank you so much.
I promise, we're gonna we're gonna figure this out.
Okay? All right.
Have a good night.
- Hi, baby.
- Hi.
So Ingrid just called me.
- Oh, really? - Yeah, she's gonna send me a crew list of people who were working on the day she got hurt.
Maybe I'll find somebody who can back up her story.
- That's amazing.
- I know.
How was your night? You were out so late, so it must have been good.
It was, it was great.
It was really great.
They're talking about a book tour.
Wow, a book tour, that's that's incredible.
- It's all happening.
- Yeah.
How was Sutton's? How are things with Patrick? Actually, pretty okay.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Tell me about it.
Well, um, okay.
It was kind of awkward I don't want to say that I yelled at him Hey, I'll be out in a second to help clean up.
No, it's fine, I took care of it.
It's all cleaned up.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you what I was thinking.
What are you thinking? I don't care about Greenwich.
But what I do care about The school district? I don't know if it's us moving in together or seeing Dev and Michelle and the kids, but sometimes I want what they have.
I want family.
Well, we just moved in together.
I know.
- And I'm 26.
- And I'm 40.
This Julian Grant thing is a big deal for me, you know? I feel like I'm just getting started on my career and my life in New York.
I love you.
But I'm not ready for the next step and I don't think I will be for a while.
Sutton, I Don't know if you can wait that long? I was gonna say I'm not going anywhere.