The Bold Type (2017) s03e06 Episode Script


Previously on "The Bold Type" That was Julian Grant.
He just called to personally welcome me into the seminar.
Glasses up.
To Sutton.
You're pretty freaking cool, Kat.
You're my campaign manager.
You have to tell me - that stuff, right? - No, I don't.
I feel like maybe you've been flirting with me? It's my job to get to know you and talk you up.
- That's all this is? - If you got another impression, that's coming from you, but that's not me.
Attention, everyone! "Scarlet's" been hacked.
What if this ends up like the Sony hack? Wait, you mean, like, all of our emails getting out there? I'm worried about Ingrid.
If we could just get a name, we'd be able to back up her story.
Well, hello there, fashion superstar.
Congrats again on the Julian Grant seminar.
Thanks so much.
But now we need a new sewing machine and good ones are, like, $1,200.
- What is that? - Best of times, worst of times.
- Right? - Namaste, bitches.
No more tequila.
But, you know what? I could use several shots of espresso, though.
Hey, anything from Tia since last night? No, just this text: "Let's meet in an hour.
" - Period.
- Ooh.
Ending a text message in a period is essentially - an act of aggression.
- Yep.
As if I needed something else to stress about today.
Good! Good for you.
Vitamins Good morning.
How would you guys describe my breath? Andrew, I'm sorry.
It was one time.
Because apparently I need gum for my morning dragon breath! What is going on? The hackers released every email ever sent on the Safford server.
Welcome to Hell.
We are so sorry that this happened.
Patrick right now is off-site, dealing with our backend management, and we will get to the bottom of this leak.
People, "Scarlet" has been through much worse.
Ultra low-rise jeans and that Snooki/JWoww cover come to mind.
We can let this whole sleazy event make us angry or we could let it go, move on and get back to what we all love, which is making this very important, very inspiring magazine.
So let's get back to work.
Uh, hey, just one more thing, everyone? We're already seeing some trolling about this on social media.
So please don't engage, even on your personal accounts.
We need the official "Scarlet" handles to be the last word.
- Thanks, Kat.
- Yeah.
And remember: business as usual.
Red, come.
We'll be sending apology gifts today.
- Who'd you offend? - Manhattan.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Um, so I still feel kind of embarrassed about last night.
- Please, it's not a thing.
- All right, great.
Uh, well, it's been kind of a crazy morning at work.
But I did manage to make a couple calls.
Turns out, more than one voter in my district believes that Elvis lives in the subway station at Delancey Street.
So I told them about my plan to subsidize mental health clinics in the area.
I'd like to think I stayed on message - Hey, Kat, listen, um - Uh.
You are an amazing person and a great candidate, um, but I I think it is a mistake for me to be your campaign manager.
Oh, are are you serious? Yes.
Yep, I am.
You know, campaigns are incredibly stressful as it is, and when personal feelings get involved, it can become a real problem.
So here is a list of campaign managers, any of them can jump right in, won't miss a beat.
I mean, if this is what you want, I totally respect that.
I just kind of felt like maybe we had a chance to win it.
You do, Kat.
Um, just not with me.
Okay, here's another one of your emails.
Uh, the stylist Jason Kier, who apparently is "a sassy little bitch.
" Can't say I disagree with that.
Look, I don't get why people are so upset.
It's okay to be a little snarky if you're funny.
"Velociraptor in Versace"? - That's funny.
- It is funny.
Did you call Tom Ford's spring collection "urban bleak"? Yeah, that's, uh, that's gonna require a phone call.
- Yeah.
- Penance is so exhausting.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hi, honey.
I'm super behind on "Grey's" so shh.
I won't tell you a thing.
I saw online that your work got hacked.
- Everything okay? - Oh, yeah.
I mean, work's crazy, but I'm good.
Oh, good.
Good, I'm so glad.
What's wrong? You sound stressed.
I need to ask you a favor.
It's my car.
The, um, timing belt's shot.
And Jim says it will cost at least $500.
I need my car to get to work, and make it easier for me to pay you back faster.
$500? Mom, I I'll figure it out.
I'll figure it out.
How's Richard? You two still living in sin? 'Cause if you are, you know my advice is you better be sinning.
Richard's good.
We're good.
And don't worry.
I can send you the money.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Bye, Mom.
Bye, honey.
So where are you with that list of names that Ingrid gave us? I'm down to the last few names.
No one's willing to back up her story.
I mean, people are reluctant to talk in the best of circumstances, and this whole email hack has just made things worse.
Yeah, it's unfortunate, but I really need you to push.
Code red, Jacqueline.
Code red, Jacq Andrew, Andrew, take a breath.
This is a magazine, not a trauma ward.
Go ahead and get to it.
People do get hurt here sometimes, even if it is just their feelings.
I'm sorry.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm assuming you heard the news about the email dump.
Yeah, that's crazy.
Yeah, and now it's putting even more pressure on me to get somebody to corroborate Ingrid's story, but every time I tell somebody that I'm from "Scarlet," they're like, "Bye.
" I'm sorry.
That blows.
Bad luck.
What if I just don't say that I'm from "Scarlet"? Hm, well, that sounds wildly unethical.
Yeah, well, being wildly ethical hasn't really been working for me, so.
Hey, you only need to find one person.
It's not that easy.
Look, I get that you're frustrated, but you don't want to do something you're gonna regret.
That'll just make everything worse.
Anyway, uh, guess what? I got advanced reviews for my book, and they're good.
They're actually really good.
I've been asked to write a guest column for "Slate.
" - Oh, my God, that's amazing.
- Thanks.
And, Jane, what you're trying to do right now, it's hard enough.
You don't want to lose yourself by becoming dishonest, right? Thanks.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Y'all, RJ Safford said, "'Porch & Garden' is a bigger money suck than my wife's jewelry line.
" Are you reading the emails? I am.
It's very therapeutic and totally distracting me from the fact that I just loaned my mother $500 and now I can't afford a new sewing machine.
Uh, let me help you out.
Thanks, but I got it.
And Tia's replacements have started reaching out.
What? I can't believe she just bailed like that.
It's crazy.
We were just starting to get into a groove with this whole campaign thing, and then I messed it up.
Oh, my God.
Another email? Well, tabloids found their story.
And it's Jacqueline.
"Five years ago, luxury brand SGDA head Bobby O'Neill "nearly died in the offices of lady mag 'Scarlet.
' "Of the event, Editor-in-Chief Jacqueline Carlyle "emailed a gal pal.
"'Bobby O'Neill almost died in my office today.
"'He's fine, but I can't lie, a small part of me enjoyed it.
Karma's a bitch, right?'" Oh, my God.
He's a big advertiser.
This is really bad for Jacqueline.
Uh, let me guess, meeting in the fashion closet? Seriously, it is like the only thing I found in your emails.
Man, that day was crazy.
- Do you guys remember that day? - Yeah.
Of course, it was my first day at "Scarlet.
" And we almost killed a man.
- Call me, okay? - Yeah.
Oh, can you hold that, please? Thanks.
- Hi, can I help you? - Oh, uh Yeah, I'm, uh, Jane Sloan.
I'm starting my internship today.
I'm a little early, I didn't know if I should go to HR, if I should come straight here Hang on a second.
- Good morning, Martha.
- Good morning, Jacqueline.
Thank you.
Jacqueline Carlyle.
- Jacqueline Carlyle.
- And you are? I'm uh, Jane Sloan.
You a writer? No, no-no-no, I'm, uh, an intern.
That doesn't mean you can't also be a writer.
You look like a writer to me.
Hey, uh, you must be Jane? Hey, I'm Andrew, the chief intern.
- Come, I'll get you started.
- Okay.
So I saw you were talking to Jacqueline.
When Eleanor retires, I so want to be her assistant.
Oh, my God, I would love that.
It's my dream, not yours.
- Okay.
- Now you know.
Anyway, so I usually show the interns to their departments.
- So I'll just, like, over here - I'll take her! Oh, great, that makes my job a lot easier.
Uh, Jane, this is Lauren Park.
Good luck.
Oh, my God, Lauren Park.
I I've seen your name on the masthead, and I am such a big fan.
I've wanted to work for "Scarlet" Jane.
Follow me.
I don't have an assistant and I have a lot going on, so I'm gonna need 110% from you.
First things first, a VIP team from SGDA are on their way.
They're potentially big advertisers and they need coffee.
I look at receipts.
- Go.
- Oh, okay.
Dani Potter's desk.
I will deliver the message.
Thank you.
Hi, I'm Sage.
I'm Dani's assistant.
You're temping for me.
Oh, of course.
Um, I'm so glad you're feeling better.
- Mm-hmm.
- So what happened? They said it was a household accident? Cambodian bird's nest.
- Sex swing.
- Oh.
They screwed it right into the dry wall instead of a beam, and then the whole thing - came crashing down.
- Oh.
And I experienced a new level of penetration.
You should totally pitch that to somebody.
To who? I'm an assistant to marketing.
But seriously, if I could get paid every time I had a crazy sex story, I'd get a very different swing.
Uh, anyway, uh, doctor cleared me so I will be back full-time tomorrow.
Thank you so much for covering for me.
Yeah, of course.
See ya.
"Scarlet" digital is on top of the viral trends.
- You ready? - Mm-hmm.
Okay, let's do this thing.
You know, I was actually, um Never mind.
It's all good.
Let's go.
Ready? Hi, I'm Andrew, and I'd like to thank Jacqueline Carlyle, Editor-in-Chief at "Scarlet" magazine for nominating me to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
Donate and support.
Okay, edit that, bring it to me, - and, uh, thanks - Andrew.
I just dumped ice water all over myself.
Why are you sad? My parents are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge now.
"Scarlet's" usually such a tastemaker, but for some reason, the digital department just follows trends instead of leading.
- So talk to your boss.
- Mm.
It's not that easy.
Okay, bye.
That's a lot of coffee.
Who's it for? Uh, Lauren Park.
Some big meeting.
- Mm-mm.
- What? Well, see, okay, Lauren's kind of a coffee snob.
So when it comes to a big meeting, lobby coffee is basically treason.
What? W what do I do? First of all, you're gonna need to chill, 'cause Lauren can smell your fear.
Second of all, go around the corner.
Slave to the Grind.
It's super fancy.
The execs love it.
It's perfect.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Slave to the Grind.
Um, cool.
Cool, cool, cool Human resources.
Hi, I'm temping on Dani Potter's desk.
- Isn't Sage coming back? - Yes.
I know that Sage is coming back.
I was actually calling to see if there was anything else available, temp or otherwise? I can type 65 words a minute and Yeah, unfortunately we don't have any other available positions currently.
Okay, thanks.
Well, if that changes, let me know.
Of course.
We'll keep your resume handy.
Donate and support.
No, no, no, cut the video right there, while he's dripping.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, that's much better.
Hey, you know, I was actually thinking, maybe we could capture some content for Snapchat? Eh, so our content can disappear after a few seconds? I don't think so.
We're on the cutting edge here, Kat.
Oh, also, uh, Jacqueline and I are gonna need to see those Woman Crush Wednesday pitches before you leave for today.
- You got it.
- Okay.
So once we're finished here, I'd like to take you upstairs, introduce you to some of Safford's other books.
And after that, you and I are gonna have lunch, Bobby.
- Lunch? - Where we will discuss upping your monthly buys at "Scarlet.
" Straight and to the point.
I always liked that about you, Jacqueline.
Which is why you'll up the ad buys.
Uh where's the coffee that I ordered? Oh, some should be here any minute.
- Thank you.
- In fact, there it is now.
Um, well, our next issue's gonna focus on global designers.
And so I feel like What took you so long? - Uh - Are these even labeled? They're labeled by drink, not by name.
These were supposed to be here at the start of the meeting.
- I'm sorry.
- So am I.
New plan, just sit quietly and think about the fact that you earned this internship.
Don't mess it up over something as simple as a coffee order.
There are plenty of young women just waiting to take your place.
Coffees have arrived.
So sorry about the wait.
Excuse me, do you know where the bathroom is? Yeah, it's just over there.
Hey, you okay? Yeah, I just um, I need to get out of here.
Well, I know a better place.
Trust me, it's cool.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Wow, look at all of this.
It's pretty cool, huh? So you guys just get to come in here whenever you want? Yep, whenever we want.
I didn't realize you came here too.
Yeah, sometimes, if I'm having a bad day.
Well, this is helping me, and it's much better than crying alone in the bathroom.
There should be a special room for interns that Lauren made cry.
So I'm not the only one? - No.
- No.
You should try that on.
It's a good color for you.
Are we allowed? As long as it's not for a shoot.
My favorite are the shoes.
- Check it out.
- Love.
- How do I look? - Tiny.
You have really great legs for heels.
Oh, yeah.
She's feeling better already.
- I'm starving.
- Oh, me too.
Oh, that's another great perk, lots of free food.
The leftovers from the conference room should be out by now.
Wait, but won't Lauren be looking for me? You'll know.
When she's coming, the winged monkeys usually arrive first.
Come on.
Mmm, this is good.
You know, for like the entire week before payday, I survive off of bagels from the conference room and all the penis-shaped food that people send "Scarlet.
" Oh, the penis pasta was so good, right? Oh, so good.
So, is Sage coming back already? Yeah.
Did she really crack a rib falling off a dildo chair? - Something like that.
- Cool.
Man, it's been a while since I've had a good hookup.
- Join the club.
- I saw you with a guy this morning.
"Good hookup.
" He tasted like pickles.
Well, last guy I hooked up with asked me to rate him out of five stars.
- What'd you say? - Two and a half.
Asking to be rated cost him two stars.
I'm, um, I'm dating this guy, Eric.
- He's pretty amazing.
- In bed? Totally.
Don't you people read signs? What signs? This sign.
Okay, well, that's not our fault.
These sandwiches were for Jacqueline's lunch meeting with Bobby O'Neill.
He's the big advertiser.
The meeting starts in ten minutes.
You guys have to fix this.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God, no, she's gonna kill me.
Um, what do we do? - I I can't get fired.
- No one's getting fired.
There's so much food in this building and I know where all of it is.
Trust me.
I just have to steal some.
- Oh, yeah, that makes sense.
- Mm-hmm.
I like that.
It's good.
You would do that for us? I love to steal.
And also, it's my last day.
And it's sandwiches.
That's true.
Just text us.
- Oh, I don't have your numbers.
- Oh.
- Should we - Yeah, no-no-no, we should we should just, like, exchange numbers.
Okay, you guys head back to the bull pen and let me handle the sandwiches, yeah? - Thanks, dog.
- Yeah, thanks.
Sorry, I didn't think anyone was in here.
Yeah, I'm I'm early.
Meeting prep.
It's good to be prepared.
- I'm Richard.
- Sutton.
So, Richard, I got myself into a little bit of trouble.
And, um, the only thing that's gonna fix it is this tray of sandwiches behind me.
I'm intrigued to know what kind of mistake is fixable with sandwiches.
I would love to tell you.
I am on a bit of a time crunch though, so I was hoping you could pretend like I was never here? Secret's safe with me.
Thank you.
- Well, that was exciting.
- You have no idea.
- I think we pulled it off.
- Told ya.
Yeah, look at Jacqueline Carlyle work.
She's such a badass.
Not to be, you know, weird, but, um, do you guys want to get a drink after work? Celebrate? - Okay.
- Yeah.
- Sure.
- Cool.
Wait, does he look a little flustered? - Yeah.
- He does look kind of flushed.
- No, I'm fine.
- Are you sure? - You okay? - No, I'm Oh, shit.
Oh, my God.
Does anybody have an EpiPen? He has a peanut allergy.
Somebody call 911, now! - Is he gonna be okay? - Oh, he'll be fine.
Of course he probably thinks I did it on purpose.
Fashion closet? Fashion closet.
So should we say something? I mean - If he's gonna be fine? - Right.
I can't believe this was my first day at "Scarlet.
" Oh, getting yelled at by Lauren and stealing sandwiches and poisoning a major advertiser wasn't a part of your "Scarlet" dream? I just I've wanted to write for "Scarlet" for forever.
And I thought I would come here and be perfect.
But I've just been overwhelmed.
I hear that.
Uh, my boss, Garrett, he's friends with my dad, that's how I got this job, so.
- Well, that's good, right? - Mm.
I feel like the digital department's missing some really big opportunities, but I don't feel like I can say anything 'cause I promised my dad I wouldn't make waves.
I think if you have a good idea, you should say it.
And, Jane, it's your first day.
Keep writing, you'll get there.
I don't want you to leave.
Yeah, I don't want to leave either, but I did a deep dive and there's no other available positions.
I'm down to my last hundred bucks, so I don't even think I can stay in New York, let alone at "Scarlet.
" Wait.
Why don't you work for Lauren? God knows she needs an assistant.
There is no assistant position for Lauren.
Not yet.
Can you create a position that doesn't exist? Are you sure you wouldn't want to do that? No.
If I wind up working for Lauren, I'm gonna leave here in a body bag.
Yeah, she's pretty intense.
I do really love it here.
- Yeah.
- Me too.
Let's find a way to stay, all of us.
Perfect, great.
Oh, come on in.
I have those Woman Crush Wednesday pitches you asked for.
Okay, I can take them.
Oh, okay.
Anything else? Uh, I also I just included a couple of other pitches I've been thinking about.
Look, I know that Snapchat stories disappear, uh, but they have 46 million daily average users and that number is going up every single day.
And, I mean, Instagram is growing even faster.
I I feel like we could create a community on those platforms by curating content that feels in line with our brand, using digital to really sell the "Scarlet" lifestyle.
And why haven't I heard this before? I don't know.
I like it, Kat.
I think it sounds great.
I do too.
Sounds buzzy.
We'll get Eleanor to set up a meeting and we'll discuss it further.
- Thanks for sharing.
- Yeah, thanks, Kat.
Hey, Lauren, do you have a second? Not really.
Green juice? Yeah, Pressed Juicery Greens 3.
It's supposed to be better than espresso.
So I know you don't have an assistant, which I think is odd 'cause you're a junior editor, so I called a few other Safford publications "Pinstripe," "Porch & Garden.
" All of their junior editors are men, and all of them have their own assistants.
I think you should too.
And I think it should be me.
Keep talking.
It's the notebook again.
- I like to write by hand.
- Hm.
Girl after my own heart.
What are you writing about? Uh, expectations.
And how if we let go of them, reality can exceed them in ways we never expected.
Tomorrow, have Eleanor introduce you to Conor in our copy department.
That's a good place for a writer who happens to be an intern.
That would be amazing.
Thank you.
I think it's great.
Oh, I can't believe I just met you two weirdos.
I feel like I've known you for years.
Well, we did almost kill a man together - so if that doesn't bond you - Mm.
I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through today without you two.
For whatever reason, you decided to help me.
Of course.
We have to have each other's backs.
I need cool friends in New York.
Okay, a toast.
To long and prosperous careers at "Scarlet.
" And no more nuts.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Hey, do either of you know of a cheap apartment to rent or a spare bedroom or any room with a bed? - I might.
- Yeah? It's more of a living room than a small apartment, but it could hold a bed if it had to.
So that's what really happened.
We just wanted you to know in case you have to do damage control.
Damage control because Bobby ate the wrong sandwich? Oh.
Are you not mad? No.
No, Bobby Bobby and I, we we go way back.
And, uh, he'll he'll be fine.
I'll take care of it.
Thank you for being so cool about this.
Well, the truth is very powerful.
Well, we came clean after all these years and Mama Jackie didn't even get mad.
I love it.
What? Richard's asking which sewing machine I got.
What, you didn't tell him that you gave - that money to your mom? - No, no, I didn't.
I get it, it's hard to be open about that stuff sometimes, but I think it's worth taking the risk.
- Yeah.
- That's why I am gonna go back to Tia and ask her to reconsider being my campaign manager.
I can't imagine doing this with someone else, you know? She's the whole reason why I'm running.
She just gets me.
That's great.
Do it.
Um, mm-mm.
Country-club pour, please.
What's going on, Jane? Uh, well, Pamela Dolan is photographing the new international Gucci campaign, so.
- Wow.
- Oh, no.
Six covers in the last eight weeks a retrospective at the MoMa, and now a contract with Gucci.
It's a very exciting time.
You have found tremendous success working with relative unknown models, not established names like most photographers.
I find it incredibly exciting to break a new girl.
I'm in the process of choosing the models for our campaign, and there is so much fresh talent, all undiscovered, until now.
Look at her.
She's a sadist.
You know, I only have one more name on this list of somebody who might talk to me from the Ingrid shoot.
And it's this hairdresser in Midtown.
Oh, hairdressers, they're chatty.
I don't think they are when you're a journalist.
But what if I was just a new random client? - Oh.
- Jane.
You can't do that.
The truth is very powerful.
We learned that lesson today.
And while we're on the subject, I think this wine tastes like crap.
What I like the wine.
The label's so cute.
You have to stop picking wine by the label.
This is the third time we've been screwed by that.
Yeah, I'm gonna drink it anyway.
I'm just happier styling here - than on photo shoots.
- Mm-hmm.
- So done wrangling extensions.
- Yeah.
Uh, do you do a lot of fashion shoots? I'm pickier these days.
Some jobs are crazy.
Actually, I have to be honest, um, I'm a writer for "Scarlet" magazine.
I'm investigating an incident with Pamela Dolan.
I know you worked with her.
I was wondering if I could maybe get you on the record sharing your experience? No.
Not Pamela Dolan.
So are we done here? Actually, I do need a trim, if you don't mind? No problem.
Hey, so when does your sewing machine get here? I didn't order it yet.
My mom needed some money.
Um, every now and then, she needs some help, and I I lend her money.
And I didn't want to say anything.
Why not? I've dealt with Babs alone for always.
So, sharing it with you, it's a lot for me.
Thank you for telling me.
And I will be as involved or not involved as you want me to be.
Thank you.
Since we're sharing, I have something for you.
What, with the hack and all, I decided to take a trip down memory lane.
It's from the day we met.
Right after you left, I emailed Dev all about the "Scarlet" sandwich thief and how smitten I was.
- It's true.
- It's really cute.
So I wanted to apologize for what I said in my email.
- That's it? - That's how it works.
I apologize and you fix it.
I'll issue a statement tomorrow.
We're old friends.
Your email was just a joke that I took in the playful spirit it was intended.
- And your ad buys? - They stay.
- How's Ian? - He's great.
It'll be 21 years in August.
How's Elaine? Filing divorce papers as we speak.
- Oh, sorry.
- Yeah.
I thought the third time would be the charm, but marriage is hard Mm.
When you never really got over the one that got away.
That was a long time ago, Bobby.
Now, the Jacqueline I know has a bottle of single malt scotch whiskey and a couple of glasses in her upper left-hand drawer? Good memory.
I'm impressed.
You're welcome.
- Hey, nice haircut.
- Oh, thank you.
So, how did it go today? I told the truth.
I didn't get the story.
And I need to move on.
Well, you can't win 'em all.
How was, uh, your guest column? I handed in a rough draft.
Trish digs it, and she thinks that "Slate" will too.
What? Way to bury the lede.
I don't know.
You had a hard day.
I didn't want to make it all about me.
No matter how hard my day is, I will never not celebrate your success, okay? Same.
What are you doing here? I just need to talk to you.
Yeah, okay.
So, look, I respect the decision you made.
But I think it's a huge mistake.
Kat, I'm I already told you, I Yeah, that working together is a bad idea, I know.
But I'm telling you, I am willing to put aside whatever you know, this is, because I think what we're doing with this campaign is incredible and I think it's really special.
And if you can't see that, then that's fine, I'll walk away.
Okay, cool.
No, Kat, wait, um.
Do you want to sit? Yeah, okay.
Kat, you are so comfortable with who you are.
You get in people's faces.
You don't apologize for it.
Neither do you.
I wish that were true.
The first time I kissed a girl, I was 17.
And it was electric.
And it was terrifying.
So I didn't do it again until senior year of college.
And by then, it was really scary 'cause I knew this was what I wanted.
And I don't want to want it.
What do you mean? Well, you know, not everyone's like you, Kat.
It's complicated.
I I I don't want to go there.
And we'd be spending a lot of time together.
I I can't.
Hey, thank you for telling me that.
But that does sound really hard.
And really lonely.
So, you know, if you ever just need somebody to talk to, I'm around.
I stay very close to my phone, so.