The Bonfire of Destiny (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

After you.
[door closes]
Here you are.
This is my home.
[bells tolling]
You can still change your mind
and go home.
I know it's horrible using this tragedy to
fake my death, but I don't have a choice.
I don't get it.
My husband will bring Camille back
for my funeral.
I will get her and leave.
If you can't let me stay here,
I understand.
Tell me now and I'll manage by myself.
I will help you.
Come here.
[Adrienne] Thank you.
[woman wailing]
Watch out!
[all clamoring]
- No. We have no beds left at all.
- All right.
She has to go in the other room. Go on.
[woman] Doctor!
[nurse] Be careful.
Here's a free bed.
Don't worry, ma'am.
We'll take care of you.
Ma'am? It's going to hurt
when we move you.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
One, two, three
Give her morphine.
You'll be fine, ma'am.
You'll be fine.
My apron! My apron!
Wait a minute!
The tickets.
- The boat tickets for America.
- The tickets?
You'll be fine.
It's going to sting.
It's going to alleviate the pain.
[all clamoring]
Mr. Jeansin, Hugues Chaville from The Owl.
What happened?
Sorry. I don't have anything to say.
As the Bazaar's honorary chairman,
you have nothing?
I declared the Bazaar open
yesterday morning.
I don't understand how such a tragedy
could have happened.
Do you know the cause of the blaze?
That's all you're interested in, is it?
But look around you!
Mr. Jeansin
Are you stupid? Go.
[speaking indistinctly]
[woman] She's dead!
[door closes]
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
- So?
- Dozens might be dead.
It's horrific.
This is Mr. Hennion from State Security
and his assistant, Martin Dorman.
What happened?
It all burned down in 30 minutes.
According to witnesses,
the blaze took off after an explosion.
Excuse me.
An explosion?
You think it was a bomb attack?
No, sir. It's too early to draw
any conclusions.
I'm sorry. I have to go.
I went to almost every hospital
in town, and
I'm looking for my daughter.
Good luck.
Poor chap.
- [man 1] You can't go in.
- [woman] I want to see my daughter!
- I want to see her.
- [man 2] Don't you know who I am?
I'll have to answer
to Paris's most powerful families.
So, hurry and find some answers.
Come on, Martin.
[woman coughs]
Nobody goes in, ma'am. I have orders.
I'm looking for my daughter.
Open the door.
If I get caught, I lose my job.
This is one month's salary.
Go on in.
[woman wailing]
[man speaking indistinctly]
[Rose moaning]
It's me.
It's Mommy.
You have to let my husband know.
You must tell my husband, Jean.
You must let him know I'm alive.
Please, ma'am.
Tell my husband.
Ma'am? Tell him I'm alive.
Ma'am, please.
[Marc-Antoine] Where is my wife?
Adrienne de Lenverpré.
I've been around to all the hospitals.
Sorry. I can't help.
I have patients to treat.
Try harder.
My wife isn't easily forgotten.
I know it's difficult, but if you haven't
found her, go and check the morgue.
My wife is not dead.
Where is the morgue?
[Huchon groans]
[Huchon sobbing]
Oh, my darling!
My little girl.
Ma'am? I'm going to change your dressing.
I'll give you some morphine for the pain.
Give me that, I'll put it in your pocket.
Look, it's right here, under your arm.
That's it.
Thank you.
[footsteps approaching]
Will she be disfigured?
[man] Yes, there's every chance.
I'm very sorry.
I'll take my daughter home.
It's too soon. She needs care.
I'll pay for a nurse.
She'll be better off at home.
As you wish, we need beds anyway.
- Find me two orderlies.
- Yes, doctor.
They might be in another hospital.
We mustn't lose hope, sir.
[Mathilde] Auguste!
She's alive!
[both crying]
She's here. She's here.
It's a miracle.
- Ma'am?
- [Mathilde] She's fine.
- She's in her room.
- [Jean] What about Rose?
What about Adrienne?
Any news of my sister?
- No. We must keep looking.
- [Jean] Ma'am?
Did Rose return with Alice?
Forgive me, Jean.
No, Alice came back alone.
[boy] Were the flames big?
Don't think about it.
Leave us now, children. Would you please?
Your sister needs to rest.
- Papa
- I'm here, darling.
Jean is scouring the hospitals.
I'm sure he'll find her.
It's no use.
Maybe she isn't at Beaujon Hospital.
Don't lose hope, Alice.
She's dead.
Julien pushed her, she fell.
She didn't get up.
What are you talking about?
Julien would never do such a thing.
He killed her, I'm telling you.
To save his own skin.
I saw him. He pushed her.
He pushed her. She wasn't moving anymore.
You're in shock. It's only natural.
You must rest.
Don't tell your mother.
We'll talk about it
when you're feeling better.
He killed her, Daddy.
Try to get some sleep. Okay? Come on.
[Alice crying]
Lie down. There.
[glass shatters]
[woman] Don't cover her too much.
She mustn't be too warm.
[Huchon] And how do I proceed
with morphine?
[woman] When she's in pain, give her some.
Don't exceed 30 drops a day.
- Or what?
- She may die.
Your daughter was very lucky.
[Thomas wails]
[Thomas] Granny, Granny! Granny, Granny!
There are nasty black monsters
under my bed and in my cupboard!
- No, darling. That can't be.
- Yes!
- It was just a nightmare. You see?
- [Thomas] Look!
[Huchon] There are no monsters.
Can I go see Mama?
Soon. When she's better.
All right?
- [Thomas] Promise?
- I promise.
Come on, let's go chase
those nonexistent monsters away!
Ask Thérèse to sleep in Thomas's room
and to let me know if he cries.
Poor child.
And send a telegram to my son-in-law
saying Odette's face was burned,
but she will recover, and Thomas is well.
So he'll leave us alone.
I'll see to it, ma'am.
[boy] Buy The Owl!
There is mention of a bomb attack.
So, is it an accident or a bomb attack?
Buy The Owl!
How are you?
It's dreadful.
I have no other word. Here.
About 100 victims, all high-society women
and their maids. No men.
With the revolving door,
they got trapped
Why only women?
My God, I know all of them.
Pauline Carrière.
The Countess of Gosselin,
Hélène Delaune and a girl
of barely 20.
Alice, my niece, isn't on the list.
She's not listed, meaning she's alive.
Here are some clothes. [clears throat]
I'm going to the paper.
Will you be okay?
I'll let you know
if your husband brings Camille back. Hm?
Do nothing without telling me.
Don't go out.
Do you promise?
Yes. Don't worry.
I won't be long.
[typewriter keys clacking]
The fire and the smoke sending the women
to their sad fate.
Worthless. Come on.
[bells tolling]
[footsteps approaching]
[knocking on door]
[boy] Mr. Hugues?
It's me, Léo. There's a letter for you.
Léo, wait! Would you like
to make a bit of money?
- Yes, of course.
- Come.
Mr. Hugues isn't here?
No. Now listen to me.
I need to sell some jewelry.
Place Vendôme wouldn't be discreet enough?
- No.
- I do know a guy,
but he's not from the nicest part of town.
Wait here.
This is for you.
Remember, don't tell a soul.
Especially not Mr. Hugues.
[clock chiming]
For the lot, 100,000 francs.
- One hundred thousand!
- Are you joking? They're worth much more.
This ring alone is worth twice that.
My husband gave it to me.
- One hundred twenty with the locket.
- It's not for sale.
Are you sure?
One-twenty for the lot without the locket.
- Thank you.
- Now you know where to find me.
[Léo] Come on, let's go.
[bell rings]
[door closes]
[dealer] Clean the jewelry
from the morgue.
[footsteps approaching]
[knocking on door]
Julien's here. Will you come down?
I'm tired. I can't see anyone.
Oh, darling
After what happened at the Bazaar,
don't leave him like this.
You need to reassure him. Hm?
I don't feel well.
The smoke has given me a headache.
But he's so upset.
Tell him you're fine.
Please, I don't have the strength.
I'm sorry, Julien.
Alice is not feeling well.
She won't see me?
No. Why do you say that?
It's just the aftereffects of the fire.
She'll be better tomorrow.
We were holding hands during the fire.
Then we lost each other.
As soon as I realized,
I turned back into the flames.
I looked for her.
I called out her name all around.
I couldn't see her.
I did everything I could to save her.
I could have died in there.
Don't think about it anymore, Julien.
Tell her what I just told you.
And tell her
that I'll always be there for her.
I'm sure she already knows that.
Very well.
Goodbye, Julien.
[door closes]
[Alice wails in flashback]
[shouting indistinctly]
[Rose screams]
I'm thirsty
I'm thirsty.
Is anyone here?
It hurts.
Help me!
[Rose yelps]
Granny, why is Mama in pain?
- [Huchon] Thomas, go back into your room.
- No!
[Huchon] Go to your room, I said!
[Thomas] Granny,
why are you locking Mama in?
[Huchon] To protect her.
[Thomas] From the black fire monsters?
[Huchon] There is no such thing.
[Thomas] What are
all the big bandages for?
- [Huchon] She was hurt. She'll get better.
- Is it serious?
- [Huchon] No, not at all.
- Let me see her.
[Huchon] No, Thomas.
Please, get back here now!
- [Thomas] Mama! Mama!
- [banging on door]
[Huchon] Stop that and calm down.
Calm down!
[Thomas] I want to see Mama!
[Huchon] You will. Calm down!
- Thomas, stop it.
- [Thomas whining]
I'm going to get angry, Thomas.
[Thomas] Mama!
I'm not Odette.
I'm not Odette.
- Any news about Rose?
- No.
Thank you.
Forgive me, I searched the hospitals
all night, looking for Rose.
I have to try the morgue.
May I take the afternoon off?
- Of course, Jean.
- Thank you.
- [Alice] I'll come with you.
- What?
Alice, the morgue! You can't be serious.
It will be a shock for you.
Let her go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[Leblanc] You read
the initial investigation reports.
There's mention of an explosion
near the cinematograph,
among the children and maids.
The speed at which the fire spread
suggests it, but we can't be sure.
It was an anarchist attack, Hennion!
It's obvious.
Assassinating President Carnot
wasn't enough for these bastards.
It's just a hypothesis. It could be wrong.
That's enough.
Check for anarchists among the injured.
They're getting impatient upstairs.
Upstairs can wait.
We can't accuse anarchists without proof.
To hell with your proof!
I want teams sent out
to all the hospitals.
The morgue was robbed.
All the victims' jewelry is gone.
[Leblanc] Why the morgue?
Who would do that? Without jewelry,
how do we tell the ladies from the maids?
[bells tolling]
I'll go in alone.
The morgue is no place for you.
Let me come with you.
I'll go in alone.
- [man 1] Call for a doctor.
- I'll be right back.
- [man 2] Please
- [nurse] I'll be back.
[Hugues] What's your name?
I'm a cook in the restaurant
next to the Bazaar.
what you did was incredibly brave.
- I didn't think about it.
- I'm telling you.
- You acted like a hero.
- Mm.
These poor women had to be saved.
They say people like you were braver
than all the aristocrats. Is that true?
That lot ran away like yellowbellies.
I even saw some hit women with canes
before trampling them.
Put that in your article.
Those bastard sons of bitches.
[man 3] You two stay here.
You two to the left building.
The rest with me. Pay attention.
Nothing here.
- Hello.
- Hello.
How are you?
I'm really well. How are you?
And your hand?
It's fine.
[man 3] Hurry up.
Search the other building!
Let's get some air, okay?
What are you doing?
- You're hiding from the police?
- No.
That's not my style.
I really have to leave. Are you coming?
I'm waiting for a friend.
I understand.
See you soon, I hope.
I ride in the Bois de Boulogne daily.
At the Plaine des Hêtres!
I'll be there!
- [indistinct chatter]
- [dog barking]
[piano playing jaunty music]
[Victor] Where's Octave?
Upstairs, with the others.
[patrons laughing]
Happy now you've set your fucking bomb?
The plan wasn't the plan.
We take the money and run.
What didn't you get about that?
We're not terrorists.
The main thing is a hundred nobs died
like dogs.
None of those women deserved
to die like that.
I don't care,
just like they don't care about us.
I didn't plant that bomb,
but I wish I had.
[man] Victor, cops are everywhere.
Why did you attract attention
at the Bazaar?
He was playing hero
for those rich bitches.
Thank you.
[Mathilde] Yes?
Thanks, Louise.
I've asked Julien to lunch,
to discuss the wedding.
- The wedding?
- Yes.
Alice is traumatized.
She won't even see Julien.
My sister's missing, Rose is dead.
And you want to plan a wedding?
Alice needs time. You said so yourself.
You know we don't have time!
Anyway, you always decide.
I'll go to the morgue with Marc-Antoine
to look for Adrienne's body.
Adrienne can't be dead.
She wasn't in any hospital in Paris.
This has to be her.
It's not Adrienne.
She's not wearing jewelry.
Nobody does anymore.
The morgue was broken into.
Unidentified bodies go
to a mass grave tomorrow.
We can't let Adrienne be buried like
[crying] Like an animal.
What does it matter to you?
She's my sister.
- She's my wife.
- Yes.
Unfortunately for her.
Why do you say that?
Because she hated you.
I know she wanted a divorce.
Send the body to my house.
[Hennion] For the last time,
who sold you these?
These jewels will prove
very costly for you.
A woman sold them to me. An aristocrat.
[Hennion] Describe her.
[dealer] Very beautiful woman.
A redhead.
[door opens]
- Up already?
- I didn't sleep.
- Freckles?
- [dealer] Of course.
- [Hennion] Nose?
- What about it?
Straight, bent, aquiline?
I finished my article. It will make waves.
[Hennion] Mouth. Full or thin lips?
[dealer] Thin.
"The Charity Bazaar Fire:
Where Were the Men?"
They fled the fire. That's what happened.
They beat women and trampled them
to escape.
What about you? How do you feel?
I wait for Camille's return.
[Victor] Hello.
[Alice] Hello.
How are you?
Well, thank you. And you?
I'm fine, thanks.
My family and I want to reward you.
We have money.
[scoffs] I don't care about money.
What do you want?
This is what I want.
To spend time with you.
I like you.
And you like me, too.
Why do you say that?
You wouldn't be here otherwise.
I'm engaged.
Are you in love?
- Yes.
- [snickers]
No, you're not.
You're right.
I shouldn't be here.
[Alice] One, two, three, freeze!
One, two, three, freeze!
One, two, three, freeze!
One, two, three
- [Julien] Freeze!
- [kids laugh]
You were avoiding me.
Why are you here?
Your father invited me for lunch.
Marguerite, Paul, please go.
I'm glad you're fine.
I was so worried about you.
Because you worry about me now?
[Mathilde crying]
[Mathilde] Auguste.
What's wrong with Mama?
- [Mathilde] Adrienne
- [Alice] Go up to your rooms.
[Mathilde] I'm lost without her.
I'm lost without her.
You pushed us.
You trampled us.
Who did, Alice?
Men did. You did.
That's not true.
At least own up to your cowardice.
Alice, what's got into you?
Julien isn't a coward.
He's a man of honor.
It was coachmen,
waiters and laborers who saved us.
Not so-called men of honor.
Why did you tell Mama you looked for me?
Because I did! I lost you in the crowd.
You ran off and left me alone
in the blaze!
- What are you saying?
- The truth!
That's your version, not mine!
Alice, apologize immediately!
Your behavior is intolerable!
Shoving a woman to save
your own skin is not intolerable?!
She's dead because of you!
What? Alice?
He killed, Rose, Mama!
That's what your man of honor did.
[Mathilde] Alice
- I'm sorry. She's upset.
- Alice!
Since the fire, she hasn't been herself.
But you must know that she loves you.
And I love her.
Why else would I want to marry a girl
whose father is financially ruined?
Listen, I can't bear the idea
of Alice hating me.
It's up to her whether we marry or not.
[Huchon] One, two, three, four
eight, nine
- Ten.
- [Rose] Please.
[Rose groans]
I am not Odette.
Please tell my husband.
Mrs. Huchon, please.
I'm Rose, the Jeansins' maid.
Tell my husband, Jean. Please!
You'll be fine, dear.
I'll change your dressing.
Why is the door locked?
Let me go home!
I can't let you leave now.
Why? Why?
Why is the door locked? No!
Odette, please.
- Come on, now.
- Stay away from me!
Don't come near me!
Don't shout like that, dear!
It'll only hurt for a moment.
No! Leave me alone!
Calm down!
No! No! No!
There. You'll be fine.
What do you want?
What do you want to do with me?
You'll be fine, dear. You'll be fine.
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