The Bonfire of Destiny (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[Huchon wheezing]
- Let me out.
- You shouldn't
I want to go home!
- But you are home, ma'am.
- No!
[Huchon] Odette!
I am not Odette!
Don't let her out!
- She's lost her mind.
- [screaming]
Odette, my darling, please
Odette, calm down.
- No!
- Calm down.
But I'm not Odette. Look!
Odette, calm down.
I am not Odette.
Madame Odette!
[Huchon] Let's carry my daughter
to her room.
[Auguste] She has to agree
to this marriage.
I've asked Julien to talk to her.
We'll sort this out.
[Mathilde] Really? How?
By forcing her to marry?
To a man she accuses of pushing Rose
into the flames.
We had promised each other
to let her choose, Auguste. Remember?
I have no choice.
We'll be ruined without this marriage.
Whose fault is that?
You bankrupted us
with your reckless investments.
The cinematograph.
"New technology," you said.
Our fortune went up in smoke,
thanks to your childishness.
What do you want?
Why have you locked me in?
Go ahead. You may walk out and go home.
To do what? Work?
You'll never find work looking like this.
You'll sink into poverty.
And your husband
do you think he'll want to live
with a monster like you?
My daughter died in the fire.
You look like her.
You have the same eyes.
I won't let De la Trémoille,
my son-in-law, that crook,
inherit her fortune,
which belongs to my grandson.
He needed money.
We wanted an aristocratic name.
We never should have accepted
this marriage.
But if she isn't dead,
just seriously burned
I'd take your daughter's place?
You're totally mad.
A nice life
with money
things you have never known.
Think about it.
You look so alike.
I'll give you 24 hours.
[indistinct chatter]
[Hugues] Excuse me!
Several witnesses have told me
they heard an explosion. Your opinion?
Is it an attack by the anarchists
who killed President Carnot?
An attack, really?
It would suit some.
Why do you say this?
You just want a scoop.
I read your article on the cowardice
of aristocratic men.
What was your catch line?
Oh, yes.
"But where were the men?"
A splashy headline.
There was blood on some walking sticks
and long female hair.
They hit women in their way, threw them
to the ground and trampled them to escape.
I should have hushed it up?
It would have made less of a splash,
Do your job. And I'll do mine.
[door opens, then closes]
Your burial is tomorrow morning.
How do we get your daughter?
Any ideas?
I don't know yet.
[Julien] Your father asked me to come.
But if you have nothing to say,
I'll leave.
Did you wonder how I got out?
You're alive. It's all that matters.
And remember, I was holding your hand.
I did everything to protect you, Alice.
No. That's not true.
Another man saved me.
A man who risked his life to save mine.
A man who didn't push a woman
into the flames.
- I didn't push her.
- You did!
- I did not!
- I saw you push her!
- No!
- I saw you!
- Say it!
- I was scared, Alice!
I was just scared!
Everybody was shoving one another.
If I pushed her, it wasn't intentional.
You can't resent me for surviving.
You can't.
What you're saying is awful.
If I were dead, you'd be mourning me.
You'd miss me.
Maybe you'd even swear
you'd never love anybody else.
But the fire happened.
I no longer want to marry him.
We need to talk.
Come on.
Sit down.
I wish I had a choice, but I don't.
But I think that
you're old enough to hear
what I have to say.
I was given bad advice for my investments.
At this point
my paper's on the brink of bankruptcy.
If nothing's done within two months,
we'll have to sell it all
and move out.
The only thing that can save us
is your marriage to Julien.
He's wealthy. He loves you.
He will help us.
You sacrifice me for money?
I wouldn't ask if I wasn't certain
you'd be happy with him.
Julien has long been part of our family,
hasn't he?
[Camille] Good night, Mama.
I wanted to say goodbye because
I wasn't able to before because of Daddy.
I know it was him who sent me
to boarding school, not you.
He wanted to separate us [coughs]
to hurt us.
I hate him!
I wish I had died with you at the Bazaar
so I'd never see him again.
I promise I will never forget you.
I love you with all my heart.
You were the best of mamas.
Rest in peace.
Go to the paradise of mothers.
[door opens]
[Marc-Antoine] Camille, it's late.
Go up to bed.
Goodbye, Mama.
- [knocking on door]
- [door opens]
[Leblanc] This anarchist was among
the wounded.
He was hired as a painter the day
before the Bazaar opened.
He's the terrorist.
He planted that damn bomb.
We're not sure it was a bomb.
The police department is more efficient
than your men, Mr. Hennion.
Remind me, how many people died
in the fire?
One hundred twenty-six.
Including my wife.
My wife died in that fire.
I was at her burial this morning.
Find this man, and fast.
Very well, sir.
[clock chiming]
[door opens]
I'm not hungry.
I have to go out.
To bury my daughter.
[woman] My little Rose.
[woman sobs]
[bells tolling]
It was nice of you to come, Alice.
Rose was my friend.
[Jean] In a couple of days,
we were supposed to go to America.
She didn't tell you
for fear of hurting you.
She was very fond of you.
And I of her.
Forgive me.
I did this for Thomas, do you understand?
Forgive me, my darling.
[Thomas] Mama.
Mama, are you there?
It's me, Thomas.
Mama, could you open the door for me?
Say something.
[footsteps approaching]
[woman] Master Thomas!
Master Thomas, let your mother rest.
Come and have your breakfast. This way.
Come along.
Oh, no!
[knocking on door]
[Jacques] Ma'am?
- Yes.
- Miss Alice de Jeansin to see you.
I told her you weren't seeing anyone,
but she insisted.
- I'll send her away.
- No!
- Send her up.
- Very well, ma'am.
[knocking on door]
[Rose] Come in.
Hello, Alice.
Hello, Odette.
You may not be aware,
but Rose didn't survive.
We buried her today.
She wasn't lucky like us.
I thought about you during the ceremony.
[Rose gasps]
I can't even begin to imagine
the suffering you are enduring.
But you are alive.
As is your son.
You must think of him.
He needs you.
You'll see him grow up.
You must cling to that.
[Rose] Alice
Look at me.
Rest assured,
I will always be there for you.
You'll be all right, Odette.
leave now.
[door closes]
Take this to the Jeansins'.
Very well, ma'am.
It's for their coachman, Jean.
I'll see to it.
[carriage approaching]
Alice de Jeansin came by.
What did you tell her?
She didn't recognize me.
I've spent half my life with her
and she didn't recognize me.
Rose is dead. It's over.
I accept your offer.
It's a wise decision.
I have a condition.
I won't sleep with Odette's husband.
That's not a problem.
He rarely comes here. And when he does,
he sleeps with everyone
except his wife.
I'll bring you Thomas.
I'm not ready.
He keeps asking for you.
[bells tolling]
[Adrienne] "Camille, my darling, my love.
I am alive. Meet me in secret,
in the park, in three days.
I love you. Mama."
It's risky to go out.
Where are you headed?
I don't know.
London maybe?
Why not come with us?
I've decided to take Camille to London
when I get her back.
the paper offered me the job
of assistant editor.
My article caused a stir,
and they're pleased.
That's wonderful.
That's why I accepted.
I didn't know.
Let's go for a stroll like a real couple,
which we'll never be.
The next elections will be crucial.
If I become Senate president,
you can count on me
to restore France's greatness.
But first, we must eradicate
this nascent revolution,
these unhealthy ideas that defile
our beautiful country
and raise the specter of renewed attacks.
Prefect Leblanc has an important message.
We are convinced that the fire
at the Charity Bazaar
was an anarchist attack.
[man 1] Good God!
[man 2] The anarchists again? I knew it!
[Leblanc] We know who is responsible.
This man.
He's a notorious anarchist.
Victor Minville.
Our agents are actively searching for him.
And we will release his photograph
to the press.
[indistinct chatter]
Why were you at the Bazaar?
I picked a couple of aristocratic pockets.
I knew you'd have the cops after you.
I didn't plant any bomb. I even risked
my life to save those women.
What women?
Do you have names?
Their testimony would dispel any doubts.
I don't know them.
You don't know them?
You're stubborn.
Decide well, or it's the guillotine.
Stay here where you're safe, Victor.
Keep a low profile.
I'll do as I please.
I'm innocent.
How did you find me?
Last time, you just slunk away.
We can't see each other.
I don't have a choice.
I'm not free like you.
You mustn't stay here.
Don't let yourself be sold.
You deserve so much more.
[Mathilde] Don't worry.
Julien won't see you.
He's meeting with your father
and his conservative friends.
[Alice] I should be free to choose.
Daughter of mine
whatever your decision, I won't mind.
But if I refuse,
I'll be responsible
for my family's downfall.
Do you think that's fair?
[Marguerite]three, four,
five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten.
Miss Alice.
I'm sorry.
I spoke out of turn.
[Julien] I forgive you, Alice.
The money.
- The money!
- What money?
- Léo?
- Only Léo knew there was money in here.
What was he doing here?
I sold my jewelry with his help.
All the cops are searching
for the jewels stolen from the morgue!
I need that money!
I warned Camille. She's supposed to wait
for me at the park tomorrow.
Yes. I left her a note in the aviary.
You went home? Are you crazy?
What if she told her father?
- She won't.
- She's just a child!
She's my daughter!
I know her better than you do.
Why not trust me? Huh?
Why not talk to me?
You wouldn't have let me go out.
Not to do something this stupid!
From now on,
do nothing without telling me, okay?
Excuse me?
You're just like him.
You can't help but tell me what to do.
You're comparing me to your husband?
I want to protect you.
I don't want to be protected!
- Adrienne, calm down!
- Let go of me.
- Calm down! Adrienne!
- Let go of me!
[door shuts]
[Huchon] Mama really wants to see you,
but she's in pain.
So, you have to be careful
not to touch her.
All right, Granny.
She has to cover her face
until she gets better. Do you understand?
All right.
We won't stay long because she's tired.
You can go see her.
Hello, Thomas.
Can I go back to my room?
Won't you say hello to Mama?
It's madness.
It will never work.
It has to.
Did you say yes?
I have to.
Have to?
No one has the right to force you.
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