The Bonfire of Destiny (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[Mathilde] When I married your father,
we barely knew each other.
But in time, we learned
to love one another.
I wanted to tell you one last thing.
Your wedding night
is dedicated to God.
[knocking on door]
You look beautiful.
They know who's responsible for the fire.
An attack?
The bomber is a damn anarchist.
He's on the run.
He won't get far.
- They're sure it's him?
- Yes.
He'll be found. He'll be convicted
and guillotined, I promise.
Justice must be served
for these poor women and my sister.
The hatred of our milieu,
of the bourgeoisie,
it leads here.
What a tragedy.
I know who you are.
He came to see you?
What did he say?
Only hello.
I'll help change your dressings.
- Get The Owl!
- No, thank you.
Get The Owl!
Get The Owl!
- Get The Owl!
- What happened to my money?
- Let me go!
- What happened to my money?
[Léo] I didn't want to. He made me.
Who did?
A tall lad. He's called the Weasel.
He took off with it all.
We'd agreed to go fifty-fifty.
Honestly, if I still had the money,
do you think I'd be selling this rag?
You took me for a ride.
- I'm sorry.
- You should be.
What do I do now?
Camille, my darling, my love, I am alive.
Meet me in secret in the park
in three days.
The aviary, your mother's favorite place.
She liked to sit where you are.
- Do you miss your mother?
- Yes, Papa.
So do I.
I miss everything.
Her voice, her scent.
I vow to take revenge on
those responsible, Camille. I promise you.
Those anarchists flout
our country's values. They will pay.
My piano lesson's about to start.
May I go?
I loved when your mother played piano
with me.
You're so like her.
Go to your lesson.
[gate closes]
[mouthing words]
I'm sorry. Forgive me.
Could we go to the park on Saturday?
Well, miss,
now that your mother is dead,
how could you have fun at the park?
If Mama were here,
she'd want me to have fun.
As you wish, miss.
[Mathilde] You were dead.
I've just buried you.
I cry day and night.
Did you stop and think of others?
I thought of my daughter.
Your daughter?
- Your own sister doesn't matter?
- Yes.
She does.
I need you.
I need money to go to London with Camille.
Is that why you came?
To ask for money?
Just for the crossing,
and then I'll manage.
If you hadn't needed money,
I'd never have known you were alive.
He took my daughter away.
What was I supposed to do?
I have no money left.
Auguste made some bad investments.
His avant-garde ideas have ruined us.
So, Alice has to marry a man
she doesn't love.
She's sacrificing herself
to save her family.
- You can't let that happen.
- [scoffs]
That's easy for you to say.
You always do as you please.
The family's rebel. No compromise.
No taboo.
You got to marry the man you loved.
You loved him. Passionately.
I had to marry the man Papa chose for me.
And whatever I do or say,
my daughter is following in my footsteps.
[footsteps approaching]
Please stay in touch.
[Hennion] You printed this accusation
without any proof.
It's madness.
You'll stir up Paris.
A bomb attack works for you.
If people are scared,
they'll vote for you.
How can you say such a thing?
My wife died in that fire.
We know these anarchists' ideas.
They preach violence and chaos.
It's him. It's obvious.
Until I have proof it was a bomb,
I'll pursue my investigation.
You're protecting them.
I know where you're from.
The same slums as that scum.
[Victor] "Known to the police,
notorious anarchist Victor Minville
was seen at the scene and identified as
responsible for the Bazaar's bomb attack."
What is this nonsense?
They know you were there.
That's enough to accuse you.
It fits their agenda.
Lenverpré needs a culprit to win
the election.
This guy's a bastard.
So, I should hide because of my ideas?
I'll prove you're innocent.
Until then, leave Paris.
Lay low until the investigation is over.
I'm innocent. I don't have to run.
You think the courts will side with you?
You'll be convicted.
What's holding you back?
What do you care? Why not just turn me in?
You're a spy. I'm an anarchist wanted
for a bombing.
If your mother were still here,
she'd beg you to lie low.
Never mind my mother.
You took off overseas when she died.
I was 8.
And 15 years later,
you're an intelligence agent,
on me like a mother hen.
Seriously, what's your game?
What's your problem?
Don't mess with me.
And listen up.
Leave until things settle down.
You got it?
Thank you.
It's not me. I swear. Trust me.
Meet me in the Bois de Boulogne
this evening. Victor.
[Julien] Are you all right?
What's wrong?
I feel suffocated since the fire.
I want to forget.
So do I. It would be for the best.
You made this flower crown?
Yes. A bride without a crown isn't
a real bride.
Do you like it?
I know you dreamed of other things.
Don't worry.
Julien and I will honeymoon in Italy.
I can't wait.
That's good.
[softly] Alice
[door closes]
[footsteps approaching]
[Alice] Hello, Jean.
Hello, miss.
A letter came while you were out.
I won't be able to stay.
Everything here reminds me of Rose.
I can't keep working for you.
I understand.
I miss her terribly, too.
Is everything okay?
These are the tickets I bought for Rose
and I to go to America.
Who sent them?
I don't know.
Why didn't they burn with her?
Maybe she dropped them outside the Bazaar.
Somebody found them.
Will you still go to America?
I don't know.
We both dreamed of it.
These tickets are a sign.
You must move on, fulfill your dreams.
That's what Rose would want.
I will miss you.
[Huchon coughing]
Thomas will soon have his snack.
You should join him.
Here are some of Odette's clothes.
Tell me about her.
She spent a lot of time with her son.
She adored him.
So, try to be a good mother.
Give me your hand.
you're no longer a maid.
You're one of Paris's richest women.
Odette liked this ring a lot.
I had just given it to her.
She only wore it once.
Lartier's latest creation.
Apparently, the Princess of Wales has
the same one.
Odette showed it to Alice at the Bazaar.
She was very proud of it.
Thomas is waiting.
Cover your face.
I'm glad you're better, ma'am.
See you later, darling.
Allow me.
Would you like anything, ma'am?
Bring me some apple juice, please.
And some brioches.
Yes, ma'am.
[door closes]
My mother hates apple juice.
I love it.
So do I.
How can someone so beautiful
be robbing corpses in the morgue?
[Hennion] Indeed.
Something's wrong, Martin.
These didn't burn in the fire.
We have to find their owner.
[indistinct chatter]
[knocking on door]
[Hennion] I need information.
In return, I'll do the same.
We're interested in the Bazaar rescuers,
like Victor Minville, the man accused
of being a terrorist.
- Did you interview him at the hospital?
- No.
I didn't have time.
He saw the cops and ran.
But according to witnesses,
he acted like a hero.
He went back into the flames
to save women.
- Do you have any names?
- No.
Could you draw up a list
of these witnesses?
And what do you have for me?
The jewels stolen from the morgue,
it was her.
[Hennion] Do you know her?
Never seen her.
No. Keep it.
You can print it.
Pass it around, too. You never know.
I'll bring you the list.
Thank you.
Shall we arrest her?
No. Not yet.
We'll follow her.
The guys you just saw,
they're worse than cops.
They gave me this.
They think you're the morgue thief.
They want me to publish it.
I should have kept you out of it.
What if you'd come back
two minutes earlier?
You'd have been arrested.
You'd never see your daughter again.
Trust me.
I'll do whatever it takes for you.
But don't hide things from me.
I'm not like him.
Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
[thunder rumbling]
- Wait here.
- No. I'm coming.
If it goes awry, I want to help.
If it goes awry, my husband will kill you.
- [barking]
- [gasps]
Rex, be quiet. It's me.
It's me. Quiet!
[Marc-Antoine] Rex!
Quick. Quick.
[barking continues]
Shut up!
[Lartier] A necklace
set with diamonds
and valued at 500,000 francs.
[Hennion] Unique.
So, you know the owner?
Oh, yes.
This magnificent piece was bought
by Mr. de Lenverpré for his wife.
I remember. I had the honor of handling
the transaction.
Mr. de Lenverpré?
You're certain?
Such pieces, you know
aren't sold every day.
Poor woman.
Thanks for your expertise, Mr. Lartier.
Not at all.
Why did this necklace,
stolen from the morgue,
not burn like the others?
It's an excellent question.
One we will ponder.
Thank you.
- [door opens, then closes]
- What happens now?
Return the necklace to its owner.
- I'll tell him you're here.
- Thank you.
[footsteps approaching]
You bring good news, I hope.
It seems this necklace belongs
to your wife.
She wore it the day of the fire.
Why isn't it burnt?
Maybe she lost it in the crush.
[door opens, then closes]
[Hennion] The jewel thief, Martin
is de Lenverpré's wife.
She is alive.
[door opens, then closes]
How's your toy?
He's not a toy.
It's Felix, my little brother.
Is that right?
You know, Felix,
you're lucky to have a big brother
like Thomas.
He's a very kind and brave boy.
He wasn't afraid of the fire.
Did it hurt?
Mama won't be coming back?
You didn't find her?
No. I'm sorry.
Tell me
would you like me to stay here
and take care of you?
Yes, I would.
Are you all right?
Wake up!
Are you all right?
Hey! Wake up! Hey!
Granny! Granny!
[Huchon] They say that after the fire
some women fell ill
because of the smoke.
[man] I don't think that's it.
Do you sometimes vomit?
Almost every day since the fire.
Do you feel dizzy?
Yes, that too.
When was your last period?
I don't know.
Last month or before?
I think two months ago.
I'm pregnant?
Congratulations, yes.
You're expecting.
- That must be a mistake.
- [man] No.
This baby survived the fire.
It's a miracle.
You had to survive.
It was destiny.
If you have any concerns, let me know.
Thank you, doctor.
You didn't know you were pregnant?
- Of course not.
- You don't see the situation?
This is a disaster.
Is it serious?
No. Don't worry.
You won't die?
I'm not going to die.
[Huchon] Come on, dear.
We'll let Mama rest. She's tired.
Here. I'm loaning you Felix
to keep you company.
Thanks. That's kind.
Thank you.
Come, darling.
[door closes]
[footsteps approaching]
[knocking on glass]
[Victor] Alice.
It's me.
Alice, open up.
It's Victor. Open up.
I didn't kill those women.
I did not do it.
Believe me.
Open up.
I could never do a thing like that.
Don't touch me.
Don't believe those who call anarchists
dangerous lunatics.
It isn't true.
Those Conservative crooks say it,
but they have no proof.
They have nothing on me. I'm innocent.
Why should I believe you?
Why would I risk my life to save yours?
And why would I risk coming here tonight?
If I'm caught, I'll be executed.
Don't think what happened
between us meant nothing.
I'm not playing with you.
I never thought I'd fall in love
with a girl like you
but I did.
Now I don't want to miss out.
Come with me.
Escape and come away with me.
Now is the time to live.
[Auguste] Alice?
A man was seen outside.
Is everything okay?
Get out.
Get out immediately.
Leave, please.
Let me explain.
There's nothing to explain. Be quiet.
He saved my life. I'd be dead without him.
What are you talking about?
Without him, 100 women would be alive,
and meanwhile you
He says you have no proof.
That's not your concern.
Think about your marriage.
I'm spending my life with a man
I don't love to save the family.
It's all your fault.
You're betrothed in two days.
Until then, you don't leave the house.
Nobody must know this man was
in your bedroom!
Do you understand?
Do you, Alice?
Do you understand?
Look at me.
[Thomas singing]
This little mouse caught in a trap ♪
And this little mouse
She heard it snap ♪
This little mouse did loudly
Squeak out ♪
And this little mouse did run
All about ♪
This little mouse said
Do not bewail ♪
And let us take hold ♪
And pull him out by the ♪
[Rose] Careful, Thomas. Don't fall.
[Thomas] It's okay. I'm used to doing it.
- [Huchon] Thomas, listen to your mother.
- [Thomas continues singing]
[Huchon coughing]
I just received a telegram.
La Trémoille arrives later.
What are you going to tell him
about the baby?
He'll have to notice it eventually.
I know someone reputable who could solve
your problem quickly.
You mean an abortion?
There's no choice.
[Thomas] Got caught in a trap ♪
And this little mouse
She heard it snap ♪
This little mouse did loudly
Squeak out ♪
And this little mouse did run
All about ♪
This little mouse said ♪
Do not bewail ♪
And let us take hold
And pull him out by the tail ♪
[maid] Miss Camille, wait for me!
[indistinct chatter]
- You have to go home.
- Why?
- I'm sorry. I don't have time to explain.
- No!
- Believe me, you have to go home.
- No!
I'll come back for you. I promise!
[Martin] Stop!
- [Martin yells]
- No!
Subtitle translation by
Catherine Kelsey-Homayoun Banifatemi
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