The Bonfire of Destiny (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

I'm sorry.
We were at the park, and
Somehow she disappeared.
I think she ran away.
She didn't run away, you idiot.
I told you not to let her
out of your sight.
You're fired.
- But, sir
- Get out of here.
Get out!
Camille, my darling, my love,
I am alive
My wife is not dead.
She's out in the city with my daughter.
Find them.
[Hennion] You're a surprising woman.
Why use the fire to fake your own death?
Why sell your jewels to a fence?
And why sneak into your own house
like a thief in the night?
What's your game?
That's enough. Like all police,
you're under his thumb, so go on.
Bring me back to my despicable husband
so he doesn't punish my daughter.
You're misinformed.
I'm under nobody's thumb.
You have no right to detain me.
It's not illegal to disappear.
True, but we're not the police here
but State Security.
I'll detain you if I want to.
So, tell me
why are you running from your husband?
Why would I tell you?
Your husband stands
for everything I despise.
We'll keep you a while.
Someone will get the cases.
Very well, Mr. de la Trémoille.
- Sir.
- Jacques.
- It's been a while.
- Indeed.
I didn't expect you to be alive.
Take my luggage to my rooms.
And tell Madame de Lançon I'm here
and I'm eager to see her.
[Jacques] Very well, sir.
[la Trémoille] Good evening.
Dear mother-in-law.
Dear son.
So, the flames didn't scare you?
[la Trémoille clears throat]
Here. Look, I brought you a gift.
A lovely knife.
I'm not allowed to play with knives.
Well, one day you will be.
[Thomas] Granny?
I'm full. May I go to bed?
Of course, darling.
- [bell rings]
- [door opens]
[woman] Yes, ma'am?
Marie, take Thomas to his room.
- [Marie] Yes, ma'am.
- [door closes]
- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
[Huchon] Put that thing away.
It doesn't belong here.
Of course. Shall we go?
Good night, Granny.
Good night, darling.
He's changed a lot.
Well, you see him so rarely.
You, though, haven't changed.
You've already contacted your mistress.
I take it you won't stay here long.
Where are you off to next?
No idea yet.
South America maybe?
How's Odette?
Like someone who lost her face
and almost died.
- Don't disturb her. She needs rest.
- I'm entitled to see my wife.
[knocking on door]
How ghastly.
[door closes]
- Good evening, sir.
- Thérèse. [clears throat]
Perfect timing. Here's a gift.
Oh. Monsieur has spoiled me.
Bring some wine to my rooms.
Of course.
How about some champagne, too?
If it pleases you.
- It would a lot.
- Mm-hm.
And I also really feel like
- Yes?
- Chocolate.
A little chocolate?
It's been a while.
Too long.
Champagne, chocolate, a party.
Very well, sir.
- [Auguste] Have you seen my daughter?
- No, sir.
Mathilde, I can't find Alice.
Where is she?
She went riding.
Right before her engagement party?
Why not?
She needed to relax.
Ah, put this bouquet in the smoking room.
Julien's here. Will you welcome him?
It's a big day, sir.
The luncheon's ready.
It will be perfect, as usual.
I'm delighted joy is returning
to the house after the tragedy.
You just missed Alice.
She went riding in the park.
- [Julien] I'll go join her.
- You'll never find her.
Don't worry. Seek and you shall find.
I knew you'd run away with me.
You know I can't.
Can't or won't?
Look, that's not why I came.
I want to help prove you're innocent.
You love me.
Let's stop lying.
[Julien] Alice!
[horse whinnies]
Is that him?
I'll tell him.
You have no right.
You'll regret it forever.
Who was that?
Someone who was lost.
Shall we ride?
Alice, wait.
I have a question.
Will you be my wife?
You have to ask me at lunch.
That's how it's done.
I wanted us to be alone.
I've said yes.
Your father said yes.
I'd rather you said it.
You're so beautiful.
[indistinct chatter]
[Julien] I love you, Alice. I do.
You look gorgeous.
[woman] Look at the diamond.
I wish my parents were here.
To see your beauty as I see it.
Hello, darling.
Here. Cover yourself.
I've sent for someone good.
- We have to act fast.
- No, I won't do it.
Don't worry, I've never had
a single accident.
Odette, calm down. We talked about it.
You know it's the only way.
Don't touch me!
My baby survived the fire. It will live.
- If she doesn't agree
- Stay out of it! I'm paying enough.
Now lie down.
Don't touch me!
Resolve things with your daughter,
then I'll come back.
Killing my baby when you've lost
your daughter
You're a monster!
Try again and I'll tell the police.
Tell them what?
The truth.
That you abducted me
and that I'm not your daughter!
And I'll say I was tricked
by the Jeansins' maid
who took advantage
of a mother blinded by grief
to impersonate her daughter.
No one will believe a maid.
So, get rid of your baby
or give birth in prison.
[gate unlocks and opens]
[gate closes]
[footsteps approaching]
My husband couldn't bear me divorcing him.
The law allows it, but men forbid it.
I'm fleeing because he took my daughter
away to send her to a boarding school.
When you arrested me,
I was about to get her back.
Thanks to you, she's back with her father.
I've asked around.
Your daughter didn't go home.
How can that be?
I'm sorry.
My daughter is lost in Paris,
thanks to you, and you're sorry?
Your husband's looking for her.
Let me out.
Let me out!
He's looking for you, too.
He's hired men to find you.
I must find her before he does.
You don't know what he's capable of.
I know him better than you think.
I could never prove it, but
he killed a woman 15 years ago.
He beat and strangled her.
Eva Schaff.
She sang in a cabaret.
Le Boucan.
I ran the investigation.
It cost me my job.
Why tell me all this?
So you'll be careful.
He would think nothing of killing you.
You're already dead.
Let me leave.
Adrienne. What happened?
I looked for you everywhere.
Hugues, I don't know where Camille is.
She didn't go home to her father.
She's lost.
That cop recognized me, followed me
to the park and arrested me.
I told Camille to go home.
- Hennion?
- Yes.
I spent the night in jail.
This afternoon, he told me
Camille hadn't gone home.
He also told me my husband
has hired criminals to find us,
Camille and me.
He knows I'm alive.
He's a murderer.
Apparently, he killed a woman
15 years ago, Eva Schaff.
We must find my daughter.
Listen to me, calm down.
I have many contacts. They'll get on it.
We'll find her.
- Someone will have seen her.
- Anything could have happened to her.
- We'll find her before he does.
- Yes, all right.
- Wait! I'll come with you.
- No!
It's too dangerous.
Trust me.
I'll find her.
[Léo] Follow-up regarding
the terrorist attack!
Police hunt for anarchist Victor Minville!
- Get The Owl!
- Léo! Léo! Léo!
I need a favor.
- You know the lady staying with me?
- Mm-hm.
She has a daughter, Camille, right?
- Yes, I know her.
- You have to help us find her.
Ask all the street kids and go to churches
where they give out food.
- Right.
- Okay?
Go. I'll give you three sous.
[Léo] Thank you.
I don't understand
what you like about this rag.
It's everything you loathe.
[footsteps approaching]
Thank you, Catherine.
MEET 14 H. 10 H. MEET 17 H.
[man] I covered the story at the time.
Eva Schaff.
A Prussian singer savagely murdered.
A beautiful woman.
Redhead. She had a lovely voice.
She could have become famous.
She was suspected of being a German spy.
I always thought
the Secret Service killed her.
The investigation concluded
it was a villainous murder.
She was beaten to death
her earrings had been ripped out
her face mutilated
An act of butchery.
You should talk to the cop
who investigated the case then.
- Who was it?
- Hennion.
- Hennion?
- Yes.
He was obsessed with this case.
I'm sure he had an affair with her.
It cost him his job.
He was sent to the colonies right after.
The affair was well and truly buried.
Watch yourself if you dig into this.
Keep the change.
Thank you, ma'am.
[excited chatter]
Stop! Stop!
[Léo] Bastard!
Quick, let's go!
- [Léo] Let me go!
- Shut up!
- [horse whinnies]
- [driver shouting]
[Marc-Antoine] You run errands
for my wife?
This H, who is it?
H. H.
[man] Answer him.
It's very important that I find her.
[man] Answer.
Answer the boss.
[Marc-Antoine] Who's this H?
Look at me. Look at me.
[Léo groaning]
Who is this H?
- So?
- No trace of the kid in the hospitals.
- And the contacts on the ground?
- Nothing yet.
And the park?
- Continue
- [Léo] Mr. Hugues! Mr. Hugues.
What happened?
I didn't want to, I swear. He forced me.
What do you mean?
The lady's husband knows your address.
I'm sorry.
If you find Camille,
don't take her to my flat.
Take her to her aunt's,
Mathilde de Jeansin, 12 rue Boileau.
- All right?
- Okay.
Where is my wife, Mr. Chaville?
She's gone abroad with your daughter.
You won't find her.
It makes me so mad to have
to repeat a question.
Where's my wife, Mr. Chaville?
Have you got a cigarette?
But seriously
you thought you'd make Adrienne happy?
The crappy, little journalist
in your shabby apartment?
And yet she loves
the crappy, little journalist.
I remember the first time I met her.
Outside your house.
She was beautiful.
She didn't seem happy.
We wanted each other right away.
- Madly.
- Mm.
It never stopped.
We made love everywhere.
In coaches
on this bed.
It was beautiful.
I helped her flee because she hates you.
You sully her.
And now she's gone, far away!
I won't tell you where she is
for anything!
[muffled screaming]
[driver shouting]
My God, Hugues!
My God!
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
I'm here now.
I'm here. Breathe
My God.
Please help! Help!
[Martin] Boss, I have some information
you're going to like.
Seems Jeansin's daughter was saved
from the fire by the anarchist.
A witness saw them.
[kids yelling]
A gentleman from the police wishes
to speak to Miss Alice.
[Mathilde] The police?
He says it's urgent. It's regarding
the investigation into the fire.
Tell him not today.
I'll speak to him.
[Hennion] I'm sorry to bring this up
on a day like today, but it's important.
You were seen speaking to this man,
the bombing suspect.
[Auguste] Couldn't this have waited?
No, the matter is very serious.
They say this man acted like a hero
during the fire
and saved your life.
It's true.
I'd be dead if not for him.
Why help me if he had wanted me dead?
A man fleeing the police is a man
who has done something wrong.
[Alice] Not necessarily.
He's wrongly accused. He should worry.
You would testify on his behalf?
In public? Out of the question.
Under emergency security laws, this man
will be condemned to die without a trial.
I want to testify.
[Hennion] Thank you, miss.
I'll expect you tomorrow.
Again, sorry to interrupt.
I'll show you out.
[Julien] Why didn't you tell me
he saved your life?
What would it have changed?
You haven't forgiven me.
You're pretending.
You'd rather testify for an anarchist.
Have you considered the scandal?
No. You don't consider anything.
Stop it.
How far will you go to save this man? Huh?
To save an innocent life,
I'd do whatever it takes.
Now let go of me. I need some fresh air.
Alice! Alice, come back!
I forbid you to go out! Stay here!
I'll do what I please!
[Thérèse moans]
[la Trémoille and Thérèse speaking
[la Trémoille] Turn around.
[whipping noises]
- Did you like my gift?
- [Thérèse] Oh, yes.
I prefer the actual one.
[la Trémoille] You like that?
You still like it?
[la Trémoille clicks tongue]
Go in the room.
[la Trémoille] Shh.
- Open your mouth.
- [Thérèse] Ah!
[Thérèse] Again!
[whipping continues]
[Alice] Hello, Odette.
Hello, Alice.
What's the matter?
I argued with Julien
at our engagement lunch.
I just needed fresh air.
Do you want to talk about it?
You know
Victor Minville?
The man accused of bombing the Bazaar.
He saved my life.
He's innocent.
Have you seen him again?
He hasn't done anything.
Everyone's blaming him.
My father
he hasn't done anything.
I must prove this man's innocence.
I was at the cinema before the blast.
I went to collect Thomas from Rose.
Did you see?
He's really beating him up.
[Rose] A fire started
in the projectionist's room.
I saw a man trying to put it out.
But he couldn't.
And he fled.
I didn't see his face.
I think it was the projectionist.
I heard my father say he was dead.
His body wasn't found.
And yet he ran away.
He must be alive.
Then why doesn't he speak up?
He may be afraid.
He may feel responsible
for what happened to us.
Where have you been?
Odette's. I needed to talk to a friend.
I'm sorry, Alice.
I reacted inappropriately.
If this man saved you and is innocent,
then he should be defended.
I'll call tomorrow to finalize
the wedding plans.
Thank you.
Until tomorrow.
Until tomorrow.
Your mother was crushed when you left.
I shouldn't have. I'm sorry.
Luckily, Julien understands
and forgives you.
If he knew that man had come to see you
in your bedroom
He'll never know. I'm marrying him.
All's well.
You really intend to testify
for this terrorist?
I'm tired, Papa.
[woman] A republic that keeps women
in a situation of inferiority
cannot make all men equal.
It's true!
It starts with the right to vote.
- Yeah!
- Right!
Access to universities!
Being able to work
in the profession we choose.
That's right!
The liberation of our bodies.
[crowd oohing]
It's time to make way for a new woman!
She's right!
For a new society!
I agree!
[woman] Cheers!
Cheers, comrades!
They preach women's liberation.
I think they're right.
[woman] Louisette, talk a bit about love!
You should try to do the same thing.
[woman] Come on, Louisette, make us dance!
To free yourself.
I do that by coming here.
[Louisette singing]
If you weren't here ♪
How could I even live? ♪
I wouldn't know ♪
So, let's dance.
- No.
- Yes!
Yes, let's dance.
- Come on. Please.
- Victor.
When I am in your arms ♪
My heart bursts open from joy ♪
How could I even live? ♪
If you weren't here ♪
Sometimes in spite of myself ♪
I have irrational fears ♪
A single evening without you
Saddens me so ♪
You're back and suddenly ♪
I know what happened at the Bazaar.
It wasn't a bomb attack.
For you, erase it all
With just a caress ♪
Come. It will be quieter outside.
If you weren't here ♪
How could I even live? ♪
[indistinct chatter]
Before the explosion,
a fire started
in the projectionist's booth.
How do you know?
A friend who survived told me.
A man tried to put it out.
She didn't see his face.
Probably the projectionist.
I know him. We set up
the Bazaar booths together.
He lives by Abattoir Street.
You must talk to him.
If it's him, we can prove you're innocent.
[Louisette singing]
If you weren't here ♪
How could I even live? ♪
[nurse] Easy. Easy.
- That's good.
- [woman groans]
Hugues. Hugues.
Your husband.
[Adrienne] Shh.
Rest. Don't talk.
He'll never let you go.
Get some rest. Get some rest.
We'll talk about it later.
Be careful.
Get some rest.
[crying] Get some rest.
[Rose] Wake up.
[la Trémoille] Who's there?
It's me, Odette.
I'm alive.
Make love to me.
Don't touch me.
No, don't touch me.
Just lie back.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Let me see your face.
- Don't touch me, I said.
- [moans]
- I'm not afraid.
- Don't touch me!
- You like this?
- Yes.
- You like this?
- Yes!
- You want me to hit you?
- Yes.
Like this? Like this?
- Do you like this?
- Yes.
Come on. Make love to me.
- Just once.
- Don't touch me.
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