The Bonfire of Destiny (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[Huchon] What happened with my son-in-law?
The staff saw you leaving his room.
I did what was needed.
Odette no longer slept with him.
What will he deduce?
Odette was not herself for a moment.
The fire made her unstable.
It's the last time.
He'll leave. And in a few weeks,
I'll tell him he's about to be a father.
I never thought you'd go this far
to save your baby.
But you should watch your step.
- Why are you here?
- Where are your parents?
You're alone?
- I ran away.
- Really?
You got money?
- Leave me alone!
- Quick.
- Help!
- Search her.
[boy 1] Go on!
Leave me alone!
[Léo] Leave her alone!
Leave her alone! I know her.
You're pretty banged up.
Want to get worse?
Scram. She's mine!
[Léo] No. Don't touch her. Let's fight.
If I win, I can leave with her.
Okay. Let's fight.
I'll destroy you.
[kid] Go on!
We'll see about that.
- [kid] Go on, Léo!
- [kids chanting] Léo! Léo! Léo!
[Léo grunting]
Mess him up!
[kids chanting] Léo! Léo! Léo!
[kid] Get him!
Not so cocky now, are you?
[kid] Watch out! The Apaches!
The Apaches!
Look out! The Apaches!
Look out! Go!
- Look out, the Apaches!
- [men shouting]
[Léo] Camille!
Go now! They're here for you.
- [man 1] Stop!
- [man 2] Your father sends us!
[Léo] Here they come.
[man 2] Come, I will take you back!
Come here, you brat!
- Shh.
- Camille!
Camille, stop! Your father is very mad!
Relax. I'll take you to your aunt.
Trust me.
[clock chiming]
- [knocking on door]
- Yes?
Wasn't Julien coming
for the marriage contract?
- Precisely.
- And?
And he's not here.
I worry about Alice.
What happened yesterday?
Why did they fight in public
during their engagement?
Who is this man she's ready
to testify for?
If you know anything, please tell me.
There's nothing you don't know.
Very well.
If you say so.
Thanks for helping me.
You're welcome.
I'll go find your mother.
I'll tell her you're here.
- See ya.
- All right.
See ya.
[Mathilde] Camille,
what are you doing here?
Why are you here?
I ran away.
We were supposed to leave with Mama.
[Mathilde] Thank you.
Come, darling.
Are you okay?
Yes. I'm okay.
Do you know where your mother is?
No. She was going to meet me
at the duck pond in the park.
She left with a man.
Do you know him?
No. But she wanted me to go back
to Papa's.
I don't want to go back to Papa's.
I hate him!
That's okay.
You can stay here.
Keep quiet about Mama.
Chiefly with your uncle.
It's a secret between us.
- All right?
- Okay.
It's going to be okay
It will be okay.
[Hennion] I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
If I hadn't arrested you,
you'd be in London.
I shouldn't have implicated him.
Apaches are everywhere.
I'll help you escape.
What happened between Eva Schaff
and my husband?
Forget it. It's the past.
It's far too dangerous.
Leave quickly.
I found your daughter.
I took her to your sister.
Mr. Hugues asked me.
We're almost there.
Give this to the doorman.
Make sure he gives it to my sister
in person.
All right.
My daughter came here. Where is she?
Upstairs with Mathilde.
Go get her.
You could have told me.
We haven't had time.
Camille just got here.
In fact, I think it would be best
if she stayed longer.
She's in shock.
You mean she's better here than with me?
No, but you're very busy.
And since her mother's gone,
she's very lonely.
Here she has her cousins,
and we're happy to do it.
She's coming home.
Mathilde, go get her now.
[Léo] Your husband
with your daughter.
[driver shouting]
[Marc-Antoine] I won't scold you
for running away.
She asked you to, right?
Your mother.
Mama is dead.
What about this?
What is it?
What could I have done?
She's his daughter.
- She's also Adrienne's daughter!
- She's dead.
[maid] You're filthy.
Let's take a bath.
Get undressed.
Hey! Where's my guinea pig?
- Where is he?!
- I don't know.
[Marc-Antoine] You're looking for this?
I found Fernand in Rex's mouth.
You know,
the bad guys are always punished.
Fernand, for instance.
He escaped from his cage.
He ran away from his home.
And he died, poor thing.
Yes, I know, it is sad.
Mama, also, left the house
and I'm worried about her.
I'm scared Rex might devour her, too.
So, be nice
tell me what you know.
- [Rose] Your turn.
- [dice clatter]
- Good one.
- [Thomas] That's ten.
- [Rose] Okay.
- One, two, three, four, five, six!
[Rose] You won!
- [Thomas] You lost.
- Good for you.
- [Thomas] Shall we go again?
- Let's.
- [Thomas] I'm starting.
- Go on.
- [dice clatter]
- [Thomas] Six plus six, that's 12.
[Rose] That's great.
I've got 12.
- Yes, you got 12.
- [la Trémoille] Hello.
[dice clatter]
Your turn.
[Thomas counting softly in French]
Shall we have a game?
- [Thomas] You want to play with us?
- No.
Not with you.
- [Thomas] Six plus five
- [la Trémoille] Did you sleep well?
[Thomas] That's
[Rose] Yes.
[Thomas] One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight
Me too.
[Thomas muttering in French]
[Thomas] One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven
Yesterday you made me come
as never before.
Now I'll take care of you.
It's your turn to come.
- Thomas.
- Yes?
Would you leave, please?
No. Let's finish the game.
Do as you're told and leave.
No. We finish the game.
- [la Trémoille] It's an order.
- We finish the game!
- Leave this room, okay? Or else
- [Thomas] What?
You'll hit me again?
You're a bad guy. I hate you.
Mom and Dad have things to talk about.
Thérèse, perfect timing. Close the door.
What's going on?
[Thomas] He expelled me from my room.
Let's go for a walk.
[Alice] No!
- [man yelps]
- Calm down! Stop!
What's wrong?
Nobody reads the paper around here?
What about the projector?
What do you mean?
Don't mess with me. I know what happened
at the Bazaar.
I know the fire started
near the projector.
And I know you ran off
like a turd before it blew.
I'm sure the cops want to hear this.
Because I'm accused of killing
all these people.
And all we talked about?
Brotherhood, justice,
a new society where it's not each man
for himself anymore, huh?
Talk to me, damn it!
I couldn't see!
I had to change a projector lamp.
With the ether fumes, a rag caught fire.
I tried to put it out.
But I couldn't.
It fell onto the ether container,
and then everything blew up.
I'm not to blame!
I told the organizer. It's on him!
He refused to add a window.
We could have seen better
and breathed easier.
But they didn't do it.
Now all these dead people are in my head.
I can't sleep at night! Do you get it?
Go on, scram.
Shut your trap.
Talk to nobody.
You got that?
Shut your trap. Scram.
He could testify. Why tell him that?
The organizer.
Your father set up the cinema, right?
If Michel testifies,
your father will be accused.
Alfred, have you heard
from Julien de la Ferté?
No, sir.
The cinema caught on fire.
How do you mean?
The projectionist talked.
The projectionist?
The cinema lamp needed ether.
He had to fill it up. As it was dark,
he struck a match and it all went up.
If it's the projector
I'm responsible for so many women's deaths
and for your aunt Adrienne's death.
It was an accident. You're not to blame.
Talk to the police.
You have connections. You'll recover,
whereas he
You must tell the truth to save Victor.
I'll keep my promise. I'll marry Julien.
All I'm asking
is that you testify
to save this man's life.
It's not an anarchist attack,
and it's only now you're finding that out?
It was an awful accident.
I am sorry.
To ensure I get elected,
it has to be an anarchist bomb attack.
Therefore, it can't be the projector.
Get it?
- But it's untrue.
- Don't forget
that if it is known the cinema started
the blaze, you're done for.
And so is the cinema.
You will be tried.
Who needs this, Jeansin?
Think about your family, your reputation.
Talking won't bring the women back.
Who else knows beside you?
Just the projectionist.
You know his address?
- Yes.
- Good.
I'll handle him.
A tidy sum, a good job in the colonies,
and he'll keep quiet.
These anarchists are
society's enemies anyway.
If they're not guilty this time, mmm,
they will be next time.
[Marc-Antoine] Gentlemen.
- Francois.
- [man] Hello.
- [Marc-Antoine] How are you?
- Hello, Julien.
I waited for you this morning to sign
the wedding contract.
I was worried.
Are you ill?
So to speak.
[Marc-Antoine] You all know the situation.
Paris is on edge. For three years,
we've faced terrorist attacks.
It's open warfare on the aristocracy.
As you know, if I'm not elected,
France will be given over to anarchy
to these troublemakers
who aim to destroy society.
We need to deliver a powerful blow.
And to start with,
we demand this terrorist's head.
Why isn't he jailed yet?
Mr. Leblanc, would you explain?
We're actively searching, but it's tough.
He hides in the slums.
I know where he is.
- At Le Boucan in Belleville.
- [all murmuring]
[Leblanc] Impossible.
Hennion searched every cabaret.
[Marc-Antoine] Hennion?
You're naive, Leblanc.
He protects them.
He's an anarchist.
He doesn't belong on the force.
Are you certain about this?
[Julien] I'm completely certain.
I saw him myself
only last night.
[all murmuring]
I followed Alice.
She went into a cabaret.
She kissed the terrorist.
The wedding is off.
Sorry for you and your family.
Arrest him, Leblanc.
Let's get this over with.
They probably killed the journalist
because he accused aristocrats.
These bastards, we're going to destroy
these bourgeois pigs.
[Octave] Who is she?
What do you want?
I'd like a drink.
You don't look like someone
who just wants a drink.
What are you doing here?
I know this woman's killer.
I aim to destroy him.
- [Victor] Are you with the police?
- No.
No! Of course not.
I have personal reasons.
I'm looking for proof he killed her.
You know his name, then?
Marc-Antoine de Lenverpré.
You know my mother's killer?
- Come here.
- Let go of me!
Let me go!
You say the bastard
who wants my head killed my mother?
Where did you spring from?
Who are you?
I'm his wife. I hate him, just like you.
Why should I believe you?
Because I faked my own death
to escape him.
You can check the papers.
Look for the Charity Bazaar's
victims list. I'm on it.
[door opens]
[Auguste] The engagement is off.
We're bankrupt, Alice.
Julien saw you with him
in front of the anarchist cabaret.
He followed me?
He saw you kiss this man.
How could you do this?
- How?
- I didn't kiss him.
I asked him about the projector.
Stop lying.
I'm ashamed of you.
- You disgust me.
- I disgust you?
- What should I say?
- Quiet!
That's enough.
Right now he's being arrested
at Le Boucan.
He'll be guillotined. That's it, Alice!
And you said nothing.
Nothing about the projector?
You let an innocent man be convicted?
Where are you going?
Where? No, I won't let you.
- You won't get out of here.
- Let me through!
Let me go through!
[Victor] Wait
you knew Lenverpré killed my mother?
Why didn't you tell me?
I promised your mother I'd protect you.
Protect me from what?
From him. From Lenverpré.
Your mother and he were lovers.
They met in a cabaret,
when you got to Paris.
She was beautiful. Extremely.
And had an amazing voice.
Everyone in Paris came to hear Eva sing.
He was newly elected
and madly in love.
She, too, was in love.
Too much, maybe.
He used your mother
to pass on military secrets
by encoding them in musical scores.
Your husband's a traitor.
- What?
- Yes.
He colluded with Germany
to finance his ambitions.
Why kill her?
She wanted to leave him and quit it all.
He couldn't take it.
He threatened her.
That day, she told me everything.
She made me promise to keep quiet
so you'd be safe.
remember, we're to take Minville alive.
Is that clear?
All others, no mercy.
[Victor] Lenverpré must be brought down.
Otherwise I'm dead.
We don't have the evidence
to get someone like him.
Lenverpré will likely
become Senate President.
And I'll be guillotined.
[Adrienne] Unless I can find
these musical scores.
[Victor] Because you know
where he could be hiding them.
[man] Cops! Janvier, cops!
This way.
[excited chatter]
[cop] Open that door!
- Open up!
- [Janvier] Let me through.
Move back.
Victor, it's for you! Let's scram.
[cop] Move aside!
[Janvier] Victor!
Victor Minville, don't move!
- Handcuffs.
- Scram.
No! Step back!
Nobody gets into my joint!
You too, beat it!
- Beat it!
- [cop] Drop your weapon!
Damn! Sons of bitches!
[cop] Move back!
Move back!
- Hands on your head!
- It's too late!
Get away!
On your knees!
Stop him!
[man shouting indistinctly]
[cop] Stop!
Go on!
[Victor] Get moving, everybody!
Scram, go on!
Help her!
[cop] It's over.
- Leave!
- Stop it!
Find those documents and bring him down!
Let me go!
- Move away!
- On the roof!
- Son of a bitch!
- You're going to pay, bastard!
[man] Let them go!
[crowd clamoring]
- Bastards!
- Don't lose faith!
[excited chatter]
[man] Let go of me!
I haven't done anything!
[cop] That's what we're going to find out!
Yes, we'll see!
Let go of me!
Let go!
- Let go of me!
- Let us go!
I haven't done anything!
Let go, damn it!
What's going on? It's bedlam.
We've done your job
and arrested the terrorist.
That's crazy. Who ordered it?
I did.
This is a big mistake.
He's done nothing.
He is innocent.
His blood will be on your hands.
He promised you a minister position?
Mr. de Lenverpré will soon hold
the highest of state responsibilities.
And I serve the state.
It's over for you.
I'm arresting you for collusion
with an enemy of the state. Take him.
I didn't want to believe it.
A cop like you.
A cop like me prefers to die standing
than live crawling like you.
Take him away.
[Leblanc] Look at me when I talk to you.
Do you realize what you're saying?
Blaming the projector,
that's what you've got?
It's the truth, damn it!
Ask the projectionist.
I know what I'm saying.
He told me a match set everything ablaze
- at the Charity Bazaar.
- Right!
Confess, or you'll lose your head.
The bastard will cut it off regardless.
You're his puppets.
Who are you talking about?
Lenverpré is manipulating you.
You're being eaten alive,
yet aware of nothing. Pathetic.
What more do you need to understand?
This guy is sick!
He killed my mother!
What's this bullshit?
All the fire victims,
don't they deserve a confession?
- I got people out of the flames!
- Sit down!
And where the hell were you,
you numbskull?
Shut your mouth.
You'll be less cocky on the scaffold.
Come along.
[la Trémoille] Could you tell me
where Madame is?
[Jacques] In the library.
[la Trémoille] Wonderful.
Would you bring me a drink?
Thank you.
Come along.
Dear mother-in-law
I've had an idea.
I want to throw a big dinner party
in honor of my wife, Odette.
And to honor deceased
and recovering victims alike.
I think life must go on.
You'll handle the caterer,
I'll handle the invitations.
It must be epic.
And when will you leave?
Not just yet.
I'd like to stay by Odette
to take care of her
so she will recover.
It was amazing.
- [glass refills]
- Thank you.
[Huchon] I've never seen him like this.
It doesn't bode well.
[Jean] Sir!
[la Trémoille] Yes?
I'm Jean Rivière.
I'm a coachman.
I'm looking for work, anything at all.
Fate must have sent you.
I actually do need a
A coachman.
Do you have any references?
I was ten years with the same family
Right. Very well.
Are you discreet?
Nickname's The Tomb.
"The Tomb"? That's perfect.
You're hired.
I'll introduce you to my butler.
Ah. Jacques, come over, please.
Here's my new coachman. What's your name?
[Jean] Jean Rivière.
- Hello.
- [Huchon] A new coachman?
It's not needed.
[la Trémoille] Since I'm staying,
I can't very well go on foot! Huh?
- Madame Huchon, my mother-in-law.
- Ma'am.
And Odette
my wife
who was badly injured in the fire.
[Jacques] Do you have references?
I was with the Jeansins for ten years.
[la Trémoille] Show him to his rooms.
Stables are this way.
[Rose] Let go of me! You're hurting me.
My love!
[Rose crying]
My love!
[Huchon] Why is he here?
[Rose] I don't know!
You don't? Two days ago
I learn you're pregnant.
Now he's here. You think I'm dumb?
What are you plotting?
Nothing at all!
- Oh, Jean.
- You want to join him?
You want to join him?
Well, do you?!
To say what?!
That I feigned my death?
That I hide I'm pregnant by him
and sleep with la Trémoille?
I have become a monster!
I have to leave!
I have to leave now!
No. You're not the one who must leave.
You don't have to leave.
I'll handle it.
In this house, I pay the bills.
I decide who will work for me.
He won't stay long, I promise.
But you must be present
at the dinner my son-in-law is giving
in your honor.
You must.
Then the three of us will go
to the countryside with Thomas
until the swine goes off on a trip again.
Try not leaving your room
to avoid your two husbands.
hang in there.
For 24 hours.
What happened?
[man] He was run over
by a speeding fiacre.
The jerk didn't even stop.
[woman] It's Michel, my neighbor.
His wife is coming.
I'm sure the fiacre hit him intentionally.
I saw it all.
Sorry about this morning.
I couldn't do a thing.
He showed up so quickly.
It's not your fault.
Marc-Antoine is a murderer.
He killed a woman before he met me.
A former lover.
What are you saying?
That's not all. He sells military secrets
to the Germans through coded scores.
I must find them.
Promise that if anything happens to me,
you'll take care of Camille.
Don't leave her with him, I beg you.
Meaning what? What are you planning?
You can't go back there.
It's too dangerous.
Promise me.
Yes, of course. Of course, I promise.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Don't go, Adrienne.
Don't go.
This press conference, why?
No idea.
[Marc-Antoine] Some among us lost
a sister
others children
others their wives.
Thanks to the police's extraordinary work,
I can announce
that the terrorist has been arrested.
That's foul!
He's using this for political gain.
The government is being reamed
by this jerk.
[Marc-Antoine] I want to specifically laud
Mr. Leblanc, who led this operation.
And believe me
the penalty is a message.
[man] Begging your pardon, sir,
but why are you announcing this arrest?
You are not yet President of the Senate.
[light laughter]
What paper are you with?
The Owl, sir.
Had I been in power, there would have been
no terrorist at the Charity Bazaar.
Your plan is to send anarchists
to penal colonies?
All of them, without exception.
What if the Conservative party
doesn't win the majority and you lose?
Who will dispense justice?
And will the police
Subtitle translation by
Catherine Kelsey - Homayoun Banifatemi
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