The Bonfire of Destiny (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

It was great.
Well done.
Thanks, Leblanc.
Nice speech.
- Today the Senate
- [door closes]
President of the Republic?
Your dream.
Why did you come back?
I don't know what got into me.
You took Camille from me,
and it drove me crazy.
I regret it.
And sleeping with the journalist,
you regret that?
- Come with me.
- [Adrienne yelps]
I have to leave you since I have things
to do before la Trémoille's dinner.
Sorry, but I didn't expect you back.
- Excuse me?
- Yes.
- Do you work for The Owl?
- Yes.
- I have things to tell.
- What about?
The Charity Bazaar fire.
Follow me.
[indistinct chatter]
Excuse me.
I have a question.
- Well
- What is this?
These are Madame Odette's
personal envelopes.
I see.
Why do you have this?
It was on the ground.
- Really? Is anything inside?
- No.
So? Don't you have better things to do?
[footsteps approaching]
[knocking on door]
- Yes?
- [Huchon] It's me. Please open the door.
Here's the gown you'll wear tonight.
As well as these.
A wig and a mask.
You won't be alone.
Many women injured
during the fire wear these now.
It will go well.
Avoid talking.
Don't stay long at dinner.
The guests will forgive you,
given your condition.
I'll help you dress.
Are you sure of this?
I am certain.
[journalist] Hey, guys, listen up!
The fire wasn't an attack but an accident.
The projector caught fire
and an ether container blew up.
Where is this from?
This young lady told me.
Her father's de Jeansin,
who financed the cinema's installation.
She met the projectionist, who told her.
Oddly, he was run over by a carriage.
Don't you think it's weird?
They wanted to shut him up.
Who would benefit?
Hmph. Lenverpré.
By accusing Victor Minville,
he gives people a scapegoat
in order to bolster his political line.
An avenue toward the elections.
Victor Minville won't have a chance
at his trial.
As far as your father's concerned,
it will be real messy.
For your testimony to have impact,
you must put your name to it.
Are you ready to?
I won't let an innocent man be sentenced
to death.
She's been gone for hours.
She'll be back eventually.
You're hiding something. I feel it.
The wedding is off.
It's all canceled.
Our daughter
prefers an anarchist to Julien.
The one accused of the attack
at the Bazaar.
And you kept quiet?
- I'll wait for her.
- [Auguste] No.
We're going to dinner.
Alice won't be there, so
What will people think?
I don't care what people will think!
Your reputation is all you think about!
When our daughter is missing!
For the money, I'll find a way.
I'll go to Marc-Antoine.
I won't owe anything to that man.
As for the dinner, do what you want.
I'll stay here. I'll wait for my daughter.
You ordered wine?
What are you doing, Thérèse?
Your wife's pregnancy makes you nervous?
You didn't know.
Madame's pregnant.
She's nauseous
has dizzy spells.
She's hot.
She even craves apple juice,
when she never used to drink it.
What are you saying?
I even overheard her talk
with Madame Huchon about abortion.
It's impossible.
I know.
You haven't fucked in years.
Go on
Take revenge.
You're gorgeous.
You're expected.
If you were pregnant,
you would have said, right?
There are rumors.
You wouldn't dare sleep with me
to saddle me with a bastard?
If so, you're a whore.
I'm telling you
if this thing exists here
it will not live.
[indistinct chatter]
- Hello, Odette.
- Hello.
Great to see you again.
Hello, Odette.
Hello, Odette.
We're glad to see you.
[masked woman] Hello, Odette.
It's me.
Come on.
Friends, gather round, please.
Thanks for coming.
Tonight, I am
very happy that my daughter Odette
is among us.
And that she's able to attend this dinner
given in her honor
and in the honor of all the women
victims of the Bazaar fire.
But soon, they will get justice
thanks to Mr. de Lenverpré
whose presence here honors us immensely.
[man] Bravo!
[Marc-Antoine] Count on me
to make Minville's trial exemplary
and a definitive message
so that justice will be served.
I want to thank Mr. de la Trémoille
for welcoming us in his home
so we can gather together among friends
after this ghastly tragedy.
[Huchon] Darling, are you okay?
I'm fine.
Don't worry. Everything's okay.
My husband and I have great news to share.
Let's tell them.
We are expecting.
I am pregnant.
[crowd murmuring]
[Marc-Antoine] Congratulations.
This child is reborn from hell's ashes.
He will be the symbol
of our collective strength
and also of our fight against terrorism.
Good for you.
Thank you.
I knew she was pregnant.
But it's a miracle.
What do you mean?
They haven't slept together in years.
- Really?
- You must admit,
since the fire, she's not the same.
- See what I mean?
- No, I don't.
Like someone else came out of the flames.
Really? Whatever.
[scoffs] You don't get anything.
Your father told me everything
about this anarchist.
I get how much you're suffering.
He's right though.
You have to forget him.
He saved my life.
He's also responsible
for over 100 people's deaths.
Talk to me.
Nothing left to say.
[bells tolling]
I'm sorry to ask this of you.
I am ready to help you
with your money issues.
And don't thank me.
That's what family is for.
I know, but thank you.
I mean it.
Naturally, I'll pay you back quickly.
I'm sure you will.
Ah, by the way
there's no longer an issue
with the projectionist.
Problem solved.
He's said to have been run over
by a carriage. Poor soul.
What did you do?
I saved you from a disaster.
[Marc-Antoine chuckles]
[carriage door closes]
[maid] You called?
Yes. Could you help me
with the corset, please?
Does Camille know I'm here?
At least tell me if she's okay.
I won't tell you anything.
You have no child.
You can't understand.
I've worked for your husband for 40 years.
Since his mother left.
I raised him as my son.
[water splashing]
So, this dinner?
They were all at my feet.
[Marc-Antoine grunts]
I'm sure they were.
Could you pass me my robe, please?
Thank you.
[Huchon] Have you gone insane?
He knew I was pregnant. I had to act.
He wanted to kill my baby.
[la Trémoille] Odette! Where are you?
I think we need to have
a little conversation.
You really made a fool of me
this evening. Whose is it?
- You knew about it?
- [Huchon] Please.
Whose is it?
Stop it! Let go of her!
- And whose is this goddamn larva?
- Don't touch my daughter!
- You slut!
- Go sleep it off!
Slut! [grunts]
You knew of this?
The old bag obviously knew.
The mother-in-law!
The Queen Mother.
- Do you need help, ma'am?
- No.
If I find the man
who has put this little larva
in Odette's womb, I'll gut him!
The law is with me. I have the right!
I'll gut him!
Luckily, we still have laws
meant to protect us men. Yes!
I'll gut him!
[door closes]
Go back to bed. It's over.
Get into bed. He won't be back.
I'll stay awhile.
[Huchon coughing]
[Mathilde] "Cinematograph's projector
responsible for the fire"?
"A damning account by Alice de Jeansin."
[newspaper crinkling]
"The organizing committee president's
daughter states the cinematograph
is responsible for the fire
and rebuts the anarchist theory"?
It's not against you, Papa.
Do you realize what you've done?
You smear my husband and children,
all to save
this terrorist you have a crush on?
- Victor is no terrorist.
- That's enough!
It's no longer about a wedding or money.
You're sullying your family and siblings!
You make us out to be terrorists!
Tell her it's true.
What scares you? You're not even liable.
It was an accident.
Is it true?
It's not an attack?
Say something.
[doorknob turning]
Thank you.
your first night back?
I slept like a log.
A nomadic life
that's not for me.
What about you?
I don't sleep well
when you're not near me.
Camille is so cute.
Please let me see her.
Only your daughter matters
She's my only child.
You didn't want another, remember?
We were good together.
We could be again.
Bring me back to life
and we could be like before.
Back to life?
I could have suffered from amnesia
after the fire.
Can you imagine?
The future Senate President's wife rescued
from the Bazaar fire.
People will cry about it.
You will be on everyone's lips.
And the people will be with me.
Let's celebrate tonight.
- Just you and me?
- Mm-hm.
- In the music room?
- Hmm.
- Like we used to?
- Hmm.
- Do you remember?
- Yes.
I do remember.
You're out.
It's your last day.
Here's your pay.
Pack your bags and go.
- What did I do wrong?
- Nothing.
Mr. de la Trémoille hired you.
But here, it's Madame Huchon
who is the owner.
She doesn't need a coachman.
Get your things and go.
I don't want it.
You seem honest.
Don't worry. You'll find work.
- [knocking on door]
- [clears throat]
It's Jean.
The coachman.
I must leave, but I have a question first.
Could I ask?
Go ahead.
I received an envelope with boat tickets
for New York.
I'd given them to my wife before the fire.
I don't know how or why,
but I got them back
when they should have burned.
I got the tickets in an envelope
of your own stationery.
Understand something.
If my wife had been burned like you,
I would have loved her just like before.
If she had decided to vanish
for whatever reason,
I'd have forgiven her
because she was my wife.
She was the love of my life.
If you hear anything
you must let me know.
[Rose crying]
I knew it was you.
I knew it.
I want to spend my life with you.
I love you.
- Shh.
- [Rose] No
Forgive me.
I shouldn't have left you.
I should have protected you.
I'll never leave you.
Never. I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
I'll never leave you.
Do you hear me? Never again.
Look at me.
My love
- [Huchon] Jacques!
- [Jacques] Yes, ma'am?
[Huchon] I'm back with Thomas.
Fix him a snack. I'll go see my daughter.
[Jacques] Very well.
[footsteps approaching]
- [Jacques] Are you hungry?
- [Thomas] Yes.
[Jacques] What would you like,
Master Thomas?
[Thomas] Brioche and apple juice.
Goodbye, ma'am.
[door closes]
[knocking on door]
Mr. de Lenverpré would like
to see you, sir.
Send him up.
He didn't want to come in.
He's waiting outside.
- [carriage door closes]
- [Auguste] Hello, Marc-Antoine.
What got into her?
Alice has always fought for truth.
My truth is the truth.
Your daughter's testimony
must not get Victor Minville acquitted.
Nothing proves the projector ignited.
I've made the evidence vanish.
You'll do what you're told.
You will order Alice to publish a denial.
If she refuses,
you will say that your daughter
has lost her mind because of the fire.
Claim my daughter is crazy?
You're out of your mind.
- It's Alice, your niece.
- Don't forget what I'm doing for you.
Without me,
you and your family are homeless.
Keep her quiet.
- Or it's straight to the madhouse.
- [taps on glass]
[footsteps approaching]
What's going on?
Talk to me.
Your newspaper article was useless.
All evidence was destroyed by your uncle.
- He has no right to do this.
- He does.
He has power, connections
and the money keeping us afloat.
Absent Julien, no choice remains.
You've destroyed us, Alice.
You'll issue a denial.
Never, do you hear?
[door closes]
[lock turning]
What are you doing?!
Let me out!
Mama! Please let me out!
Mama, please!
You are going to kill him for money!
What are you doing?
[Alice] Let me out!
I'm protecting us.
- I'm protecting us.
- [Alice] Let me out!
[piano playing next door]
[piano playing classical music]
Everything I've ever done
it was for you.
you'll be the wife of
the next president.
[Marc-Antoine sighs]
My love
I've missed you so much.
So much.
Missed so much.
[playing notes]
- [footsteps approaching]
- [maid singing and humming]
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