The Bonfire of Destiny (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

[la Trémoille] So
is that it?
Your lover is the coachman.
- Is that it?
- [Jean] Hey!
Odette, you've sunk really low.
As a peasants' daughter,
it's back to your roots.
No, it's a misunderstanding.
You fuck my wife,
and it's a misunderstanding?
- [blows landing]
- [men grunting]
[Rose screaming]
[Jean] Stop it!
He's dead.
- Let's go.
- What have I done?
- Come on.
- What have I done?
[panting] Wait.
No. Jean!
Jean, no
- Come, darling.
- No.
Jean! Jean! Jean!
- What is it, darling?
- No!
We can't leave now.
She'll name me.
She'll connect la Trémoille's death to me.
So what? They won't find us. Come!
- No!
- Come!
I don't want us to be fugitives.
My baby shouldn't be born in jail.
- If we're caught, I'll blame me.
- No!
Jean, no!
Listen to me.
I'll make his death seem like
a riding accident.
He's known to drink.
He could have had an accident.
Trust me.
Trust me, my love.
We'll be together again.
- Rose
- I love you.
Go away. Go away!
Go away!
[footsteps approaching]
[lock clicking]
I have a surprise.
Oh, my darling, my love.
I'm so happy to see you.
Look at me.
I'll let you catch up.
[door closes]
Are you all right?
I hate being with Papa.
I know. Me too.
Listen to me.
You will leave today, okay?
A policeman friend will come arrest
your father
when he's received the letter I sent him.
You shouldn't be here.
If it's dangerous, why do you stay?
I'm not at risk.
- I don't want to leave alone.
- Listen.
It's important that you trust me.
I promise that I'll join you
in a few days, and we'll be together.
We'll never hear from him again.
I promise you.
All right?
It will be okay, I'm telling you.
You have to be brave, okay?
You have to be brave.
[lock clicks]
You'll write this denial.
Say you were misinformed
and taken advantage of.
You don't know what you risk.
What we all risk.
It's about your life.
Your life, you hear?
You've always told me
that fear impedes progress.
And progress is our freedom.
Women's freedom.
I had to speak up.
Like it or not.
You'll end up in a convent.
[Mathilde] Auguste.
Remember to lock it.
[lock clicks]
- Up!
- [horse neighing]
[indistinct chatter]
Your daughter's article, really
What got into her?
[man 2] You can't control the women
in your family? For shame.
Mr. de Lenverpré wants to see you.
Jeansin, I haven't seen
the denial I asked for.
Why is that?
Alice refuses to.
So, it's you
who will write this denial.
I can't wait any longer.
Minville's expedited trial is
this afternoon.
Your denial will end any doubts.
[door opens]
You're leading in the Senate elections.
Thank you, but it's not won yet.
It's all good.
[Marc-Antoine] Miss de Jeansin's testimony
disturbed public opinion.
By claiming the cinema's projector caused
the Bazaar fire,
this young woman accuses us
of falsifying truth
and condemning an innocent.
Poor child.
The fire caused her to go mad.
She even accused her father.
Dear Mr. de Jeansin,
I empathize with your pain, believe me.
And I thank you for doing what was needed
to restore the truth.
Is it true, about Alice?
He's lying.
She told the truth in The Owl.
The cinema started the Bazaar fire.
You'd let an innocent man be executed?
He'll have her committed
unless I tell his truth.
It will get him elected.
Times are confusing,
and Lenverpré is using the situation.
A summary judgment and an execution?
He will easily get it.
He owns all the officials. They owe him.
Myself included.
You knew this when I fingered Minville?
Where is Alice?
- Where is she?
- [butler] In her bedroom.
Why are you here?
I know everything.
I want to see Alice.
I need to talk to her.
I'm not sure she wants you to.
I didn't know it was an accident.
I didn't.
They said it was an attack! Everybody!
And I was convinced he was guilty!
I was certain!
That he had set a bomb
and destroyed everything!
Do you hear me?
I can't do anything for him anymore.
I can never repair what I have done.
But I can help you.
Do you hear me? I can help you.
I'll arrange for you to meet.
Before it's too late.
[playing Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata"]
He's here, Camille. It's time.
Mama, I don't want to go.
Not without you.
- We do as planned.
- Please, Mama!
We do as planned. Play.
Focus. You're not there.
It's too difficult!
No. Not if you do the work.
[smashes keys]
I don't like piano!
I'm sick of Papa and you!
I hate you both!
Let her. She'll calm down in the garden.
It will do her good.
[thug] Where are you going?
Where's Camille?
She went to sulk in the garden.
She was struggling with the sonata.
Go get my daughter.
I thought after the election
we might go to Deauville, the three of us.
What do you say?
Very good idea.
Camille will love the ocean.
Are you sure you'll have the time?
You take the time.
[footsteps approaching]
Your daughter's not in the garden.
Where's Camille?
I don't know.
You think I'm dumb? Where is she?
I do not know.
I'd have let her go, alone in Paris?
No, I don't know.
You got her to escape.
Well done.
You're really a slut.
Who helped you? How did you do it?
You betrayed me.
What will you do?
Kill me?
Like Eva Schaff.
Like Hugues.
I might be a slut, but you're scum.
Eva? How did you find out?
She, too, was a slut. Like you.
You're all sluts, without scruples.
She was gorgeous, too.
That didn't save her.
It's actually good that Camille's gone.
We'll be able to be together, you and I.
We can have fun.
[Jacques] He was found like this,
with his horse by him.
We surmised he tried to mount
and the horse reared up.
[man] I think it's odd.
This horse is very gentle.
Very patient.
[Jacques] Should I call the police?
Yes. They should witness the accident.
And advise the mortician.
- Does my daughter know?
- Not yet.
I'll deal with it.
Please leave.
[Thomas] Why are you crying? Are you hurt?
[Rose] No.
Did someone hurt you?
No, it's me.
I did something terrible.
It happens to me, too.
I have awful news to share
with you both.
Your father had a riding accident.
Is it serious?
Yes. Very serious.
Does it mean he's dead?
That's what it means. I'm sorry.
Tonight, can I sleep with you?
Of course.
Of course.
You'll be able to go.
I regret it happened this way.
So do I.
- Julien
- Go now.
Thank you.
[driver] Go.
[gate closes]
Come along.
[excited chatter]
[man 1] Look at that!
- [man 2] The bourgeois girl!
- [man 3] Come on!
My love
[door closes]
I spoke to the press.
I told them the truth.
Things are looking up.
They're not looking up.
I've been convicted.
I was tried in a closed session.
I'll be executed in the morning.
They can't do this.
It's over.
- Don't cry. No, don't cry.
- No!
No! No!
Stop crying.
They can't do this.
Hey. Hey.
Look at me.
No regrets.
No regrets.
Without the fire,
I would never have met you.
That makes it worth dying over.
Don't cry.
You're so beautiful.
You're so beautiful.
Where is she?
With the man she loves.
So, she can say goodbye.
Why did you let her?
He's innocent, Auguste.
You can't allow this. It isn't fair.
Alice is right. It's not like you.
We're trapped.
I can't do a thing.
Yes, you can.
Listen to me.
Lenverpré is a murderer.
He once killed his mistress.
Do you hear? He's a murderer.
Adrienne told me.
Two days ago.
She is alive.
You asked for me?
I wanted to have breakfast
with my daughter.
Thank you, Jacques. You can leave us.
And close the door after you.
I found this
in the stables
near la Trémoille's body.
What were you doing there?
What happened?
Who was with you?
We wanted to escape together.
I wanted to leave your house.
La Trémoille caught us.
He wanted to kill my husband.
I defended him.
It was I who killed him.
Jean wasn't involved.
I'm very
to learn that you want to leave,
abandoning your child.
I'm not his mother.
He likes you. He loves you.
You love him, too. You must stay.
I can't do this.
Not to Jean.
- With our baby
- Wait.
I will never turn you in.
In a few months, I'll leave this world.
I'm gravely ill.
And Thomas won't have anyone
to care for him.
Unless you decide to stay
and you swear to me
that you will bring up this child
as your own.
I trust you.
I only need your word.
At my death, you will inherit everything.
Absolutely everything.
As of today, Odette
is a widow.
She's free.
And soon she can marry again
with whomever she pleases
without anyone having a say about it.
[Léo] Hot off the presses!
Victor Minville's execution!
Opposition slams
Conservative dirty tricks!
[lock clicks]
[door opens]
[prisoners chanting] Victor!
Victor! Victor!
[crowd clamoring]
[woman] Kill him!
Move out of the way!
Go on, move it!
Move back!
Come on, move back!
Stop! He's innocent!
Please! He has done nothing!
He has done nothing!
[guard] Remove her!
He has done nothing!
Cut his head off!
Stop it!
Let him go!
I love you, Alice! I love you!
Go, move!
He hasn't done anything!
He hasn't done anything!
Kill him!
Let us through.
[crowd chanting] Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!
[crowd silences]
[man] Bastard!
[man 1] Kill him!
[man 2] Get it over with!
[man 3] Bastard!
- [man 4] You anarchist bastard!
- [crowd clamoring]
- He has done nothing!
- Stop!
He's innocent! This man is innocent!
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Listen to me!
- Listen to me!
- [crowd silences]
This man is innocent.
[woman] Tripe!
[man] Who is this guy?
The cinematograph caused
the Charity Bazaar fire.
It was an accident.
He wasn't involved.
I'm Auguste de Jeansin.
I had the cinematograph installed.
I am responsible for the fire.
For all the victims.
[man 1] How do we know
you're telling the truth?
- [man 2] Yes.
- [man 3] That's right.
[man 4] Cut his head off!
Why give myself up
if it wasn't the truth?
[man 1] Why didn't anybody say it before?
- [man 2] Why?
- [man 3] Cut his head off!
[crowd clamoring]
[woman] No, the government!
[Martin] Silence!
- [man] Talk about justice, you bastards!
- The execution is on hold,
pending further investigation.
- [crowd cheering]
- [man] Bravo!
[men jeering]
Jeansin, follow me.
[guard] Leave! You can't stay here!
- Auguste!
- Papa!
What got into you? You've lost your mind?
Like your daughter?
She's right.
- This man is innocent.
- Really?
And the accident theory,
you have proof of it?
Lenverpré killed the only witness,
the projectionist.
He'd do anything.
Even detain his wife.
What are saying?
- His wife died in the fire.
- No, she didn't.
Adrienne is alive.
She's contacted my wife
several times since the fire.
I can confirm it. I saw her.
Why didn't you say anything?
Hennion asked me not to.
Go get him.
[Auguste] He is a monster.
A monster.
- [Leblanc] I'm listening, Hennion.
- Remember Eva Schaff,
the murdered cabaret singer?
She was a lovely woman.
She was his mistress.
Lenverpré killed her
because she wanted to quit.
Quit what?
He used her to transmit
coded documents through musical scores
to the Prussian Secret Services.
Excuse me.
[Leblanc] What? What's this nonsense?
Are you insane?
[Hennion] It's the truth.
You wouldn't hear it, but he owns us all.
Lenverpré is a manipulator,
a murderer, a traitor.
I know what I'm talking about.
[Leblanc] De Lenverpré, a traitor?
The man who will become Senate President,
supported by the gentry?
Do you realize what you're saying?
This came for you.
- While you were detained.
- [Leblanc] What is it?
[Martin] Musical scores.
I hadn't looked at them.
I thought it was a prank, but now
Here are musical scores my husband uses
to pass military secrets to Prussia.
[Hennion] It's from Adrienne de Lenverpré.
She went back to get them.
She's gutsy.
You wanted proof? Here it is.
[Marc-Antoine] Scram.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Mr. Hennion, Leblanc.
What brings you here?
A problem with the execution?
Where's Mrs. de Lenverpré?
At the cemetery.
You don't read the paper?
Back then, I couldn't prove it.
Eva Schaff's murder,
the horrors you've committed
Today we have enough to execute you.
You are under arrest
for betraying the homeland.
Nothing proves they're mine.
Except if we find more.
In your safe, for example.
A handwriting test will do the rest.
For the last time, sir.
Where's your wife?
She's in a bedroom.
On the second floor.
I punished her for what she did.
show Mr. Hennion the way.
Yes, sir.
[door closes]
I don't want prison or a trial.
Allow me, Mr. Leblanc
to die with dignity.
[door closes]
Give me this key.
Damn! Sir!
Where is he?
Where is he?!
[dog barking]
- What's got into you?
- That's why you came back.
- What?
- I thought it was Camille.
What's this about?
- The musical scores you sent to the cops?
- What scores?
- Well, the cops are here!
- What?
- They're here.
- What are you saying?
For you, they're here too late.
What are you talking about?
[Adrienne yelps]
Stop it!
Stop! Stop!
You're crazy.
Stop it, Marc-Antoine!
- Shut your mouth!
- Stop it!
You should have burned alive
at the Charity Bazaar.
Well, it's only justice.
What? What?
What? No! No!
No! No!
My God, no!
Help me!
It must be horribly painful.
And it lasts a long time.
But don't worry
- No, don't do it!
- I'll be with you till the end.
You will burn in hell!
No. Stop.
Don't do this.
[Adrienne crying]
You'll see
you'll miss me.
Farewell, Adrienne.
I love you.
Help me!
[crying] Help!
Help me!
- Help!
- It's all right. It's all right.
Is it gas?
- He killed himself in the bathroom.
- Deal with her. I'll go up.
Get some water.
[Hennion] We've canvassed the city,
but we haven't found anything yet.
We think he fled to Germany.
He'll never be found.
We'll go on protecting you for a while.
I won't live in a cage.
I have plans with my daughter.
As you wish.
[all singing a nursery rhyme]
- Hello.
- [both] Miss.
[Alice] Hello.
Hello, Miss de Jeansin.
Hello, Alice.
I'll leave you.
I'm happy you came.
I was glad you asked me to come.
Why is Jean here?
He lives here now.
Madame Huchon hired him as a coachman.
He looks happy.
That's good.
He was so sad.
It's not America, but we're happy.
I feel guilty I ever doubted him.
I was afraid.
Afraid of his gaze.
Afraid he'd reject me.
Not love me anymore
or not recognize me.
But he's still here.
So, I'm trying my luck
with someone
Someone I love deeply.
I hope
that I'm forgiven
and what I did
is accepted.
I am so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I missed you.
I'm here.
We have survived.
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