The Boys (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Nothing Like It in the World

[REPORTER] Federal authorities have
initiated a manhunt for William Butcher.
It's Vought.
It's a fucking coup from the inside.
I know who killed Raynor.
Something to do with the Supe terrorist
smuggled into Jersey.
Her brother.
I just want me wife back.
[GRACE] Bring Langley the terrorist
and you'll have her.
[BECCA] I was told he would never know
about Ryan or me, that was the deal.
You need to make him leave.
Because if you don't,
I'm gonna take Ryan and I'm gonna run.
Superheroes are not born
but made by Compound V.
We got a Supe terrorist below deck,
and shit could go sideways just like
Fucking diabolical!
[HOMELANDER] I said he was mine.
[STORMFRONT] You snooze, you lose, gramps.
[EDGAR] Our newest hero, Stormfront,
stopped the terrorist before
he could take more innocent lives.
Communication is everything.
Steve and I had been dating for two years
when he asked me to marry him.
At the rehearsal dinner,
my dad said we should look
into a 529 account for our kids.
Steve laughed and said that was nuts,
and that we were never having kids.
Which was news to me. Yeah.
Long story short, the caterer
was totally cool with everything,
but the Marriott did keep our deposit
on the banquet room, so
Yeah. Communication.
details are still emerging
about the Supe terrorist
whose senseless attack
on an apartment building
left 59 people dead
and over a hundred injured.
His name, Kenji Miyashiro,
a Japanese expatriate
living in the Philippines,
Miyashiro was radicalised
by the extremist group
Shining Light Liberation Army.
Witnesses who caught a glimpse
of the killer
described him
as dead-eyed and unemotional
as he rampaged
through the apartment building,
- killing innocents indiscriminately.
- It wasn't your fault.
Many of the 59 victims have not yet
been identified by law enforcement
Kimiko. Look at me.
Look at me.
I I didn't mean to.
I'm sorry, I was just
No one can debate
that New Yorkers owe their lives
to the brave actions taken by Stormfront.
Earlier today, Stormfront made
an appearance at a New York City park.
How many more people have to die?
You guys, I have been shouting
up and down the hallways at Vought,
and you know what they're doing
to stop another attack?
Let's show Vought what they have to do.
Tomorrow morning, Vought Square.
Be your own hero. Make your voice heard.
I am counting on you to show us the way.
Don't let me down.
[WOMAN] There you are.
I was beginning to worry.
Oh, I've missed you
so much.
Are you thirsty?
Hmm. Mm, mm-hm.
Hmm. My good boy.
I ever tell you about my recurring dream?
I'm on stage, alone, at Carnegie Hall.
Audience is made up of every poor bastard
who got killed by the superheroes.
[BUTCHER] What are they doing?
Nothing. They're all just watching me.
Waiting for me to do something.
We hit a dead end on Raynor.
I'm sorry.
Christ, I don't want to hear sorry.
Sorry is not an option.
We can't have anonymous
skull-exploding assassins walking around.
What if they hit the Speaker next?
Or the President?
Liberty. You mentioned her before.
Second-tier Supe, active in the '70s.
She was all over Susan's private server.
Get Marvin to talk to this Liberty.
Address on the back. North Carolina.
All right.
We'll see what we can find.
[GRACE] Wait.
I found Becca.
Or at least our best guess
of where she is.
Vought facility, armed to the teeth.
Won't be easy.
We had a deal. I didn't come through.
Jesus, Butcher, I'm just giving it to you.
It's my fault
you stopped searching for her.
I put a target on Homelander's back
and pointed you right at him.
I didn't know Becca was still
It'd be good to have one less person
in that audience staring at me.
See? When you get disrespected over
and over and over, that's what happens.
I mean, how much shit
is he supposed to take?
Everybody respects you.
That fucking terrorist was my save,
not hers.
It was mine.
What, now that media whore
is the face of The Seven?
- No, she's not. No, you are.
- Come on!
It's not just her, it's the entire team.
- No.
- Yes, it is.
It's a whole chain of weak links.
- It's very hard not to take it personally.
- Oh, I know. I know.
I'll tell you one thing
- you wouldn't put up with this shit.
- Mm-mm.
One little raise of the eyebrow
and you would've knocked them all
back in line.
- Yeah.
- God, I miss that about you.
You don't need me to do that.
The Seven is your team.
You nurtured them.
You watered and fed them.
That's I did!
Yes, and if they can't respect that,
or you
well, it may be time to tear out the weeds
and start all over again.
Change back. Change back!
I'm sorry! I can only hold a shape
for so long before it really hurts.
Change the fuck back now, Doppelganger!
It's okay. Come here. It's all good.
Oh, my little boy. Come on.
It's okay.
I love you.
I love you.
You're the most powerful man
in the whole wide world.
And there's nothing that you cannot do.
[MILK] Storming an off-the-books
Vought compound alone.
How is it possible that you're dumber
than you look?
Mate, it's Becca.
No shit.
But win or lose, you ain't coming back.
Of course I am.
That's bullshit.
Look, it's not like Vought's
gonna let us settle down in Orlando.
We got to get gone and stay gone.
And what about us? Hmm?
We're the Spice Girls, right?
You're in charge now. Mazel tov.
I don't want to be in charge.
Matter of fact, I don't want to be here.
I gave up my family for this. For you.
Now, when do I get them back?
You find this Liberty slag.
See what you can rumble.
You jump through a few hoops
for the colonel,
and she'll help you
the same way she helped me.
She always liked you more, anyway.
What about Frenchie?
He's been high as a kite for days.
- He won't even notice I'm gone.
- Mm.
And Hughie?
Kid's a weeper.
Don't want him to get snot
all over me jacket.
Hey, Homelander.
Maeve begged me to spare your life.
So I gave you a second chance,
and you failed me.
- What are you talking about?
- No more lies.
Go ahead and scream as much as you want.
What What did I do?
I told you to kill Hugh Campbell
and you hesitated.
I I said that we should go
to the police.
You disobeyed my orders
because you're with him.
Fuck you.
Hughie Campbell broke my fucking heart
worse than anyone ever has.
And part of me
wants to blast his fucking face off.
So no, I'm not with him.
But if you want to kill me
because I'm not a murderer
and I won't straight up execute someone,
then go ahead.
So tell me, am I lying?
You're not lying.
Black Noir. Hi.
Would you like an Almond Joy?
Do you mean William Butcher?
Well, he was definitely on the yacht
with the terrorist.
Some of his known accomplices were too.
We lost them in these storm tunnels.
So, yeah. There you go.
I'll keep you posted when we find them.
Or I can look right now.
Just run a facial recognition search.
Or you can join me.
- Thanks for coming.
- Hey.
- Oh, you're so bruised. [GASPS]
- Oh, no, it's fine. It's okay.
That was all me?
It's cool. Really.
I mean, you know, chicks dig bruises.
When I was in fifth grade,
I took a tether ball to the face,
and Amy Burtenshaw, she brought me
Jell-O Pudding Pops for like two weeks.
I'm talking way too much.
I could've killed you.
But you didn't.
- I got your voicemail.
- Oh, God. Can
Oh, God.
Can we just chalk that up to a drunk dial?
I'm okay, really, it's just
Do you just mind?
- You mind if we don't talk about it?
- Yeah.
So we got the Compound V out there
and Vought is still kicking,
so we risked our lives
just to make the world way worse.
Wait, no, no, no. That's not true.
I mean, you know, these things, they
- Look, Annie, they take time.
- [GROANS SOFTLY] How much time?
Sorry, just give me one second.
Hey, M.M.
Raleigh? Like, the one in North Carolina?
Yeah, okay, okay.
Jesus, I was just asking.
Yeah. Yeah.
Just pick me up
at like 81st and Central Park West.
Okay, okay, all right.
I have to go.
What's going on?
Can I call you later?
Are you just gonna hang out
- here?
- Yeah, I
I just I can't go back
to the Tower right now.
- Why? What happened?
- I can't
I can't do this anymore.
[MILK] Are you fucking insane?
She can't come with us, Hughie,
she's chipped.
So I have a second cousin
who lives around there.
I could tell Vought I'm going to visit.
[HUGHIE] We'd be out of the city,
away from cameras.
- I mean, no one would see us.
- No.
Even her standing here is dangerous.
Maybe he's right. I
This is a bad idea.
If we're gonna go
knock on some Supe's door,
don't you think it makes a bit of sense
for us to have one of our own?
Look, she's in rough shape.
She needs this.
You mean you need this.
Hey. How you doing? Cool.
What's up, man?
Oh, fuck.
Don't bullshit me, Ashley.
Shockwave is just here
to talk about Vought for Tots.
I swear to God.
What the fuck is Vought for Tots?
It's a new fitness outreach for toddlers.
Apparently, they're getting obese.
Well, shit, I fucking love fat kids.
Use me.
Oh, good, you're here.
You tell him yet?
Tell me what?
I thought we were gonna have
a strategy meeting.
A-Train, you're out.
- Out of what?
- Out of The Seven.
You did great,
but we're going in a different direction,
so you're out.
What the fuck?
You just said everything was fine.
You're gonna have a whole year of parades.
Tribute concerts.
You're gonna hit the talk show circuit,
you're gonna have
your own reality show on Vought Plus.
The outpouring of love and gratitude
is gonna be off the charts.
Oh, this is bullshit!
You used to get my fucking coffee!
Oh, fuck this. I'm not going.
A-Train, you can't run.
- Yes, I can run. I just
- Buddy.
You think I don't know
what's been going on?
It's your heart.
I doubt you're even
cracking the top 20 anymore
and that makes The Seven, me,
look pretty ridiculous.
I do want you to know, though,
this was really hard for me. Okay?
It's nothing personal.
We'll always be friends and et cetera.
- Does anyone mind if I put on some music?
- Yeah.
Oh, God.
You have a really good voice.
You can do that, like, wavering thing
they do on American Idol.
- You've got to be kidding me. No, no.
There it is. Yep.
We didn't start the fire ♪
No, we didn't light it
But we tried to fight it ♪
Birth control, Ho Chi Minh
Richard Nixon back again ♪
Moonshot, Woodstock
Watergate, punk rock ♪
Begin, Reagan, Palestine
Terror on the airline ♪
Ayatollah's in Iran
Russians in Afghanistan ♪
Wheel of Fortune, Sally Ride
Heavy metal suicide ♪
Foreign debts, homeless vets
AIDS, crack, Bernie Goetz ♪
Hypodermics on the shore
China's under martial law ♪
Rock and roller, cola wars
I can't take it anymore ♪
Hey, hey!
This ain't no
little Vegas road trip, okay?
Y'all ain't on no date either.
Just chill.
I'm not your goddamn chaperone.
They say if you love someone,
you should set them free.
But that seems crazy to me,
because if you love someone,
you will never let them go. Never.
Have you heard of The Lovers of Valdaro?
They were alive like 6,000 years ago,
and they were found in this tomb in Italy.
These two skeletons
with their arms around each other.
That's love.
You smell like a wet dog.
- Oh, you want a drink?
- Mm-mm.
Whoa, who says I'm alone, asshole?
So are you gonna tell me what's wrong?
Or you just gonna stain my clean sheets
with your sweaty despair?
I tried to kiss her.
Her brother died.
I wanted to make her feel better.
You thought a kiss
would make her feel better
or you feel better?
She was in pain. I wanted to help.
You always want to help.
You think that by saving her
you can make amends
for all the people you hurt.
For those children
that Lamplighter burned.
- Okay.
- You don't know anything.
Look, she's not a kitten up a tree.
Just leave her alone.
Let her grieve.
What good does grieving all alone ever do?
[REPORTER] And in our continuing coverage
of the recent revelations over Compound V,
protesters all over the Middle East
have taken to the streets demanding
- Thanks.
- I'll be right back.
You two want a room?
You and the donut.
I'm sorry.
It's just my mom
never let me have this stuff.
Just, weight gain in our household
was a capital crime.
But my dad,
he'd take me to Dunkin' on the sly
and he would get me
a chocolate cream-filled donut
and he'd ask me to tell him about my day.
And he'd he'd listen.
every Sunday after church.
My pops, he'd always ask for samples.
Now, this place had 31 flavours,
and that man would taste
each and every flavour,
every time we'd go up in there.
There'd be a line out the door.
People would be mad as hell,
yelling, cussing.
"Yo, my man,
get your fucking ice cream and bounce!"
- You think that stopped him? Hell, no.
He would stand right there
and order another sample.
"Can I please try
the Jamoca Almond Fudge, please?"
My ass was so embarrassed.
I'd be sitting there, wishing the floor
would open up and just swallow me whole.
Of course, now I'd give a year off my life
just to be able to see that man
going through spoon after spoon
just one last time.
- When did he?
- Sixteen years ago.
To fathers and sugar.
To fathers and sugar.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, are you dry-wiping?
- Am I what?
- Come here.
Listen, any part of your body,
and I mean any part,
when you dry-wipe,
you're not cleaning anything.
You're just smearing shit
all over your skin.
Here, got to use wet wipes.
There you go.
- You just carry these around with you?
- Damn right.
- No, no, no.
- They're hurt, they need help.
No, no, no.
This is not the time to be a Supe, okay?
We're low-key. Not with us here.
- Annie.
- I mean
There's a ton of people here.
Okay, that guy, he's calling 911.
- It'll be okay.
Come on. Come on. We got to go.
- Told you this was a bad idea.
- Calm down.
Anyplace around here
without a million bloody cameras?
- Are you okay? Did he hurt you?
- No. I'm okay. I'm fine.
I thought you were dead.
I stopped looking,
I shouldn't have stopped.
I couldn't call anybody.
I can't imagine
what it must have done to you. I'm sorry.
I'm so fucking sorry.
No, you've done nothing wrong.
Look at you.
My girl.
Billy, it's not safe for you to be here.
He finds you, he's gonna kill you.
And you know that.
Fuck him.
I got out of the last scrape all right,
didn't I?
That was a one-time deal.
What'd you say to him?
I said if he hurt you,
I would kill myself in front of Ryan.
And my last words would be,
"Your father did this to me."
He seems desperate for a relationship
with his son, so it worked once.
it's a good thing
he don't know your tells.
I wasn't bluffing.
I'm gonna get you the fuck out of here.
Yeah? How?
Over the fence.
The same way that I come in.
No. No, Ryan can't climb that fence.
I saw his eyes glow.
I thought he might
Don't he got no powers?
No. I mean, yes,
but I'm not raising him like that.
Hey. There's a garbage truck
that comes by the house
every morning at 11.
I doubt anyone checks the hopper.
- You sure it's not a fucking compacter?
- Yes, I'm sure.
- Okay. Then that's the plan.
- Yeah. Yeah.
I have to go.
They get suspicious
when I'm gone too long.
Wait here. I'll be back. Okay?
Okay, so we got two rooms,
there's three of us.
So I guess I'll be
bunking with M.M., naturally.
Good choice.
- Hmm.
- [HUGHIE] That an Almond Joy?
Nobody likes Almond Joy.
Jeffrey Dahmer.
That's it. He's the only one.
This is in my top three for sure.
What are your other two?
Charleston Chew and Bit-O-Honey.
Jesus Christ.
Those are the, like, three worst
candy bars in the history of candy.
- That's it. You're sick. In the brain.
- Hey, what's up with M.M.'s OCD?
- Wait, what OCD?
You know, when he changes lanes,
he taps the steering wheel three times.
He stirs the coffee three times.
The antiseptic wipes. Really?
- You haven't noticed any of this?
- No. But, wow, you're right.
It's just control over things
he can't control, I guess.
I mean, I should be the last one
talking about that.
Says the girl
who's just stress-eating all day.
Oh, my God! That was
- I It was so good.
That was really good. I enjoyed that.
- It's harder than it looks.
- Meh.
I think, you know, actually, I think
I went the other way with the eating.
- I think I've lost like seven pounds.
- Mm.
I did not have seven to lose.
Well, [SIGHS] I sleep
about four hours a night.
I wish I slept four hours a night.
I mean, I'm too busy
chewing my fingernails down to the quick.
I don't know, whatever a
I don't know what a quick is, but
Here's one. [CHUCKLES]
I walk around The Seven Tower
with this knot in my gut,
just wondering if Homelander
is waiting around every corner to kill me.
It's like living
with a loaded gun in my face.
Do you feel that way now?
Wait. Wait. I got it.
I still want to see you.
[ELIZABETH] Love is a leap of faith.
Like, my last boyfriend was obsessed
with Ed Sheeran.
Yeah, I know. But he was obsessed.
"Shape of You," "Galway Girl,"
the whole catalogue.
So he asked me
to get one of these with him.
Two weeks later, he broke up with me.
I fucking hate Ed Sheeran.
Took you ages to quit.
- All them little patches, eh?
Do you want one?
The beard's new.
Fancy it, eh?
Eh. Haven't decided yet.
How long you been here for then, eh?
Since I gave birth.
Fucking hell.
How are you holding up?
Yeah. You know,
you forget about reading the news
or going to a restaurant
smoking pot on the couch
and eating Cheetos.
I just act like, you know,
Carol-fucking-Brady all day.
It's okay.
You know?
Ryan's happy, and that's what matters.
You're gonna like him.
He's sweet
and very smart and so kind.
I know you hate kids and all,
- but I think that he's pretty
- No, no, no, I don't hate kids.
I'm just
not a very good role model, am I?
How have you been?
Oh, you know, all right.
Started a private security company.
- Mm.
- Mm.
- You know, weddings, bar mitzvahs
- Bullshit.
said you were "a man possessed."
He said you've been
chasing after him for years.
Well, I thought he killed you,
so, yeah, I've been on a bit of a warpath.
But on the bright side,
I'm sleeping in a basement
beneath a pawn shop in East Flatbush.
I'm sorry.
I never wanted that for you.
Well, what was I supposed to do?
Huh? Let him get away with it?
What was I before you?
And you saved me.
And here you've been,
fucking living in this shithole,
for all this time,
and I haven't been here for you.
I'm gonna make it up to you.
I'm gonna make it up to you
from now till the day I die.
I swear to God.
Is the supervillain threat real?
Hundred percent. Very real.
But The Seven will protect you.
[HOMELANDER] That's right. Right.
Always listen to Maeve.
She always tells the truth.
And we're grateful, every day.
On a related subject, Compound V.
Did either of you know about it
before the news broke?
No. Absolutely not.
Madelyn Stillwell, she lied to all of us.
Turns out she was a monster.
We're just as hurt and upset
and confused as everyone else.
Let's talk hashtag "HeroesSoWhite."
The numbers are rather startling.
Ninety-two percent of heroes
are Caucasian.
African American, 6 percent.
Latin and Asian, each 1 percent.
Why doesn't Vought want diversity?
Wow, these are some real hardballs,
Maria Menounos. [CHUCKLES]
But check your facts.
Let's take The Seven, for example.
We've got A-Train. He's a Black man.
We got Black Noir, he um
Well, he doesn't identify with any race,
really, so they're covered. [CHUCKLES]
And we have a gay hero.
Really? Who in The Seven is gay?
Queen Maeve.
Scoop for you, Maria.
Maeve here is a strong, proud lesbian
with a beautiful girlfriend, Elena.
Hispanic girlfriend.
And I, for one, am so proud of her.
Where's Elena? What did you do to her?
She's fine. What did I do to her?
I set her free, and you.
You've been living in the shadows so long.
Doesn't it feel good to be out in the sun?
Hold on. Me and Elena are just friends.
- Oh, just friends?
- Yes.
Because I heard you two
talking on the phone,
and it sounded a little more than friends.
So I did a little digging
and imagine my fucking surprise.
- Okay, we had a relationship. Once.
- Mm.
Once? A relationship. "Relationship"?
That's such a vague word.
What does that mean to you?
What, long walks in the park?
A shoulder to cry on?
Scissoring each other raw?
I ended the relationship
when I joined The Seven.
When I met you.
Stop fucking lying to me!
I'm at my wit's fucking end with the lies.
We're together.
And you love her?
I see.
Well, best of luck to you both.
Oh, is it so hard to believe
that I want you two to be happy
and in love?
Honestly, Maeve,
I am really, really happy for you.
And have you seen Vought's
"Saving America" ads?
Don't they make you feel
all warm and squishy and patriotic?
Vought wants you to feel calm and safe.
So that you continue
to buy their shitty toys
and drinking their shitty energy drinks
and going to see their shitty movies.
- [MAN 1] Assholes!
- But maybe we shouldn't feel so calm.
- Or safe.
- [MAN 2] Yeah!
[WOMAN 1] Take them down!
[STORMFRONT] One Super Terrorist
has already gotten through,
more will come.
And for all we know, these maniacs
could already have flown over our borders
and be standing next to you,
just waiting for their chance
to kill us all!
So, what are we gonna do?
We're gonna sit around
and cross our fingers
that Homelander's gonna save us
when he's not on Maria Menounos?
Or will we demand that Vought do better?
[ALL] Yeah!
That our government do better!
What do you say?
- [ALL] Stormfront! Stormfront! Stormfront!
Mon coeur, please. You would not survive.
Stormfront! Stormfront! Stormfront!
[MAN 3] Marry me, Stormfront!
[WOMAN 2] We love you, Stormfront!
Let's go home.
- Hello?
- Hello. I'm Hughie.
Is there, by any chance,
a woman living here
who used to go by the name of Liberty?
We have the right address, right?
Is that?
Please leave.
Miss, I'm sorry if my friend offended you.
But we just want to ask
a couple questions.
Just leave me alone.
I took your damn money,
I signed your damn papers,
and I kept my mouth shut.
You think we're with We're not
with Vought, okay? We [CHUCKLES]
We want to learn what we can
about Liberty, that's it.
Then y'all are just some damn fools.
It sounds like you know her. Or knew her.
- You're wasting your time. Okay?
- Miss, miss, miss. Hear us out.
After that, you want us to leave, we go.
[SIGHS] Go ahead.
My father was a lawyer.
Small-time, very smart and aggressive.
When I was a kid, something happened
between my family and Vought,
which I'd rather not talk about,
but it was bad.
See, my dad, he believed in the law,
and that nobody was above it.
Not even Vought.
So he went to work.
He got after their asses.
He had one of those You remember
those little black typewriters?
The manual ones with the keys?
I'd go to sleep at night
to all that noise,
my father banging away at that thing.
Wake up the next morning,
he'd still be hammering away.
All night.
But, see, Vought wasn't about
to let this one Black man
put his foot on their necks, mm-mm.
So they hired teams of lawyers.
Paid off judges.
But my father never gave up.
Until one morning, I woke up, and
I didn't hear those keys anymore.
Just found him hunched over
that typewriter, dead at 55.
- I'm so sorry for your loss.
- [MILK] I'm not here for your sympathy.
But I am going to tell you
that his fight got passed down to me.
I'm going to make Vought pay
for what they did to him.
And, ma'am, from what I gather,
what they've done to you as well.
I mean, it's been 48 years.
What good is dredging
all this stuff up now gonna do?
Honestly, we don't know,
but we still need to hear it.
I tried to get people to listen.
Lord knows, so many times, I tried.
But a little Black girl accusing
a white superhero of murder
- in these parts?
- Yeah.
It was during one of those summer rains
that you just knew was coming
by the smell in the air.
I was 11 years old.
Asleep in the back seat of my folks' Ford.
My brother, Myron, he was driving.
[MYRON] What's the trouble, ma'am?
- [LIBERTY] Get out now.
- [MYRON] Hey.
Your car was involved
in a robbery tonight.
No, it wasn't. I had it.
I don't know nothing about any robbery.
[LIBERTY] Just confess.
Why are you doing this to me, lady?
Ain't you supposed to be a hero?
I am a hero,
for killing a Black piece of shit
like you.
I wanted to go to the police.
But my folks,
they thought it was pointless.
So when that man from Vought,
when he showed up
and he offered us that money,
we just took it.
Two thousand dollars.
That is what my brother's life was worth,
just $2,000.
But y'all have got to promise me
that you won't tell anybody
that I sat here and I talked to you.
Because if that woman finds out that
I opened my mouth, she's gonna kill me.
Miss Hunter, that woman. Liberty
Nobody's seen her since 1979.
She's probably dead by now.
Oh, no. No. I Hold on one second.
Right here. That's her. Right there.
That's Liberty.
Valerie was a little girl, she said
it was raining, so she could be wrong.
She seemed pretty certain.
Yeah, but if Liberty and Stormfront
are the same person,
then that makes Stormfront like, what,
- 70 years old? More?
- Yeah,
but who knows what Compound V can do?
I mean, maybe she doesn't age
like a regular person, okay?
It's the same Stormfront that became
America's favourite two-fisted Supe.
And might've popped Raynor's head
for getting too close.
- Oh, my God.
- What the fuck is going on?
I didn't know that about your dad.
Sounds like he was a real hero.
I thought so, but
Nah. He was just a man with a disease.
Passed it down to me,
and, if I'm not too careful,
I might end up passing it down to my
Who the fuck do you think you are?
What, you think I don't see it?
- Trying to undermine me, steal my team.
- Hold on a minute
Let me tell you right now. It won't work.
I'm the face of The Seven! Not you!
Me! I still score higher
in every demo that counts.
Eighteen to 34, 18 to 49, 25 to 54,
they all love me.
Well, congratulations.
I mean, this constant need to be loved
by everyone is kind of pathetic,
but Yay.
Okay. Calm down.
I clearly pushed you a little far,
I'm sorry.
Look, I'm I'm just trying to help.
Really? How?
By taking what's mine?
Let me tell you something right now.
I built this team from the ground up,
and there is no fucking way
that anyone is gonna take it away from me.
You spent $273 million
on that "Saving America" bullshit,
and I'm running circles around you
with five guys on laptops,
churning out memes.
I practically pay them
with Arby's gift cards.
You can't win the whole country anymore,
no one can.
So why are you even trying?
You don't need 50 million people
to love you.
You need five million people
fucking pissed.
Emotion sells, anger sells.
You have fans. I have soldiers.
Look, I know
that you probably won't believe this
I think that you are the best of us.
I think that you
are everything we should be.
You just need a little help
connecting with your audience.
You know, change with the times.
God knows I did.
I don't need help
connecting with my audience.
Thank you.
Okay. Well, just know I'm always here.
Door is always open. For anything.
You're late. Where's the kid?
Hey, we got to get in the truck.
We'll miss our chance.
I'm not leaving.
What are you talking about? You are.
Grab the kid, let's go.
You don't want Ryan to come with us.
Of course, I do.
I said I'd take him, didn't I?
And I wanted to believe you.
Believe me.
Come on, we've got to get a shift on.
Listen, if the three of us leave,
you're gonna find a way to get rid of him.
I know it.
It won't be in an obvious way,
- it won't be right away, but you will.
- No, Becca.
Billy, I know you.
I know you better than anybody,
and I saw it in your face.
I see it now.
He's a billion dollar piece
of Vought property.
They are not gonna let him go.
You and me
Becca, you and me, we've got a chance.
Babe, it's Ryan they care about, not us.
Yeah, and then what?
And then Vought raises him
without a mother, right?
Then we have Homelander again
and there's two assholes in this world.
We could disappear, all right.
Just start again.
- Start a new family.
- I have a son.
He's a fucking Supe freak.
Fuck. Listen, I I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
Becca. Becca, please. Come with me.
You were wrong about me, do you know that?
You put me on this pedestal,
and the truth is
I never knew how to save you.
You were always one bad day away
from pounding someone to death
in a parking lot.
- That's not true.
- Billy.
He raped me.
And when I found out I was pregnant,
I went to Vought.
I didn't come to you.
I didn't come to you
because I was scared.
I knew that you'd chase after him,
and you would seek revenge,
and it wouldn't be good for anybody.
- I love you.
- I love you. [SOBS]
But the hate that you carry
and the warpath that you're on
it started so long before me.
I can't
- Becs. No, I'm not leaving without you.
- You have to go. Please.
Every guard in this goddamn place
is gonna be here in 60 seconds.
You have to go.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Oh, shit.
- Small token of the trip.
- Mm.
John Wayne Gacy
used to give those out to kids
- when he was a birthday clown.
- Whatever, I still love them.
Thanks for letting me come.
It was fun until it got so horrible.
Yeah. What can I say? It's my speciality.
Well, listen, if you're ever in the mood
for another Almond Joy,
just shoot me a text.
That came out so gross, I'm sorry.
We can't do that again.
No. No, no, no. No, we can't.
Why, though? I mean, the
This is good.
But that's just it.
I mean, we can't afford to feel good,
or to feel safe, or to let our guard down.
But you can't go through this on your own.
We're all alone. That's the truth.
It doesn't have to be like that.
Goodbye, Hughie.
I believe the secret
to a great relationship
is to be willing
to do anything for your man.
I'm a feminist, but I'm also very sexual.
And I don't see that as contradictory.
What's wrong with giving pleasure?
And receiving it?
Thank you for coming in, Gianna.
Yeah, we appreciate your candour.
[DEEP] Thank you so much.
Anytime. It was really great meeting you.
Really great.
So great.
[CHUCKLES] Her. Gianna. I choose her.
I mean, she's the one. No question.
- [CAROL] No, she isn't.
- Wait, what?
She was, like, hands down the winner.
It was not even a contest.
It's Cassandra.
Cassandra? The one?
The one with the hair and the creepy
skeletons hugging each other story?
Yes. That's your wife.
But I thought I got to choose.
You do. And you're choosing Cassandra.
Yeah, but I mean, Gianna
Is lovely. She's lovely.
She's a valued member of The Collective.
But this marriage
isn't about satisfying your base desires.
It's about rehabilitating your image
and getting you back in The Seven.
That is what you want, isn't it?
There you are.
I was beginning to worry.
Oh, I missed you.
Are you thirsty? Want some?
Oh, I want you so bad.
Are you okay?
Would you like me to be someone else?
I can be whoever you want.
I don't need anyone
but myself.
Like what you see?
See how hot you are?
Come on.
How much do you want this?
How much?
I'm gonna suck your cock so fucking hard.
So good.
You're gonna look in your own eyes
when you come.
And it's not even gay
if it's with yourself, right?
Oh, you're so special.
The most special man on the planet.
Everybody loves you.
Their love is your strength.
You're pathetic.
I don't need everyone to love me.
I don't need anyone.
I don't need you!
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