The Boys (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

We Gotta Go Now

1 [Victoria.]
They want us to believe Vought superheroes are the answer.
What else do they lie about? - A-Train, you're out.
- Out of what? The Seven.
I ended the relationship when I met you.
Stop fucking lying to me.
And you love her? We shouldn't feel so calm or safe.
So, what are we gonna do? Cross our fingers that Homelander's gonna save us? - I'm the face of The Seven.
- I'm just trying to help.
- [Myron.]
Ain't you supposed to be a hero? - [Stormfront.]
I am a hero.
That's Liberty.
William Butcher? I found Becca.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
- I'm not leaving.
- Becca, you and me, we could disappear.
- I have a son.
- He's a fucking Supe freak.
[dramatic music playing.]
I'm here.
[Ruby coughs.]
[metal groaning.]
Looks like you saved me, Red.
No, you saved us.
If you hadn't broken into the DHS mainframe True, I am a hell of a hacker, but I'm no hero.
You are a hero, in lots of ways.
What do you mean? You're not afraid to live your life.
To be who you really are.
Me, I'm I'm afraid to show the world who I am.
Yeah? So who are you, Maeve? I'm a lot like you.
I'm gay.
We have to keep moving.
Come on.
And cut! Brilliant.
Yes, that was absolutely brilliant.
Gang, let's check that.
And, ladies and gents, it is a wrap for today.
Good job, people.
That was so great.
Let's hit it hard in the a.
Thank you.
That's a wrap, people.
Hey, Marty, play that back, please.
- You enjoying this? - Yeah.
This new Joss rewrite really sings, huh? - When are you gonna stop torturing me? - Don't know what you're talking about.
If I promise to never see her again, will you stop? But, Maeve, you're in love.
It's beautiful.
Elena's good for you.
I won't let you throw that away.
Not now, not ever.
I mean, that would be cruel.
- Come on.
- Can I have a word, sir? [Homelander.]
Oh, look at this.
Look at these strong female lesbians.
Hm? I'm inspired.
- You inspired? - Oh, yeah.
- Girls get it on.
- "Done.
" Girls get it done.
- They sure do, Ashley.
- In private.
It's urgent.
[all yelling.]
[woman screaming.]
[screaming and sobbing.]
They're all starving, but one of them's got a cell phone? I wish you had cleared this with me before you went over there.
Jesus Christ.
I don't have to clear shit with you.
I saw a chance for an easy win, and I took it.
- How many views? - They posted last night.
We scrubbed it 17 minutes later, but that's forever.
And there's been some blowback.
Blowback? All right.
Fine, fine, fine.
So, what, uh, I'm down a point? A point and a half? Two? - [clears throat.]
No, nine and a half.
- Nine and a half? Nine? Nine and a half? [Ashley whimpers.]
[people shouting on tablet.]
[all chanting.]
Homelander kills! Homelander kills! What, they're fucking protesting me? - Oh, my God.
They're protesting me.
- They've been at the Tower all afternoon.
Why didn't you fucking say something? Goddamn it.
Don't these ingrates realise I killed that asshole for them? What do they think "Saving America" means? PR is drafting a response as we speak.
- Acknowledgement, apology, action.
- No, no, no.
Apology? No.
You schedule a press conference, and I'll clean it up myself.
Well, Mr.
Edgar and Legal would like your official position to be "no comment" at this time.
Please, no press, until the Crisis has an actionable strategy, okay? [Stormfront.]
Bad day? Hey, I'm with you.
Fuck these maxi pad-wearing ingrate hicks.
But there's a way to handle it.
I do not need your fucking help.
Sure, you seem to be doing so well on your own.
Well, I'm here when you want me.
[Dead Tired playing "Punks at the Gym".]
[cell phone ringing.]
Hello, hello.
Hughie? [Hughie.]
Hey, hey.
Hi, Hi.
Sorry, thought I was getting your voicemail.
- That why you called five times? - No, I thought you should know.
Liberty, that Supe that Raynor was looking into? Turns out it's Stormfront.
Vought changed her name.
They're moving her around like a Catholic priest.
- Right.
- Um She probably murdered Raynor.
Annie's trying to figure out why.
But, you know, who the fuck knows? Well, as long as Starlight's on the job, we're sorted then, yeah? I'm not I'm not mad, you know.
What do you mean? I just want you to know that, um Yes, you are leaving us holding the bag on this shitshow.
But I want you to know that I get it.
It's, uh, Becca.
I'd do the same thing.
I'm not mad.
Well, wouldn't matter if you were.
How is she? Lovelier than the day I met her.
Where are you? Heading off-grid.
Argentina, maybe.
Early retirement.
Butcher? Yeah, what? Could've said goodbye.
I know we been through some shit together.
You were You were always like my canary, I suppose.
Thank you.
- Goodbye, Hughie.
- Your canary? Hello? [woman on TV.]
On your feet, soldier.
Take me home to Lallybroch.
What are you watching? A show called Eat My Dick.
Have you seen Frenchie or Kimiko? No, no.
Not for a while.
Why? Fuck.
Uh, I just got off the phone with Butcher.
I think something might be wrong.
Like, really, really wrong.
What makes you think that? He was nice.
And called me his canary.
[ominous music playing.]
Tell me everything he said.
Agent Pearson, sir.
[dramatic music playing.]
You're a sight for sore eyes.
Agent Cruz, I thought we lost you.
Got by with a little help from a friend.
So? Good news or bad? I'd say that's good news.
- [Bourke.]
And now the CG mutants approach.
- [Pearson.]
And there's the bad news.
There's no way we can restore the grid if we don't get that flash drive to the Tower.
- How will you get through all of them? - [Stormfront.]
Don't worry.
Girls get it done.
And cut on rehearsal.
No one move.
No one move.
Starlight, I'm not touching, but can you take a step? Keep going, closer.
Can you mark her? Closer to Stormfront.
Mark her, please.
And let's just pretend like you like her, okay? [laughing.]
Okay, if I have to.
Okay, good stuff.
Let's try one for that.
We should've shot that.
Clearly you like me.
You've been eye-fucking me like a lovesick stangirl all day.
Why is that? I don't know.
I think that you're a good actor.
I just feel like a frigging fembot up there.
You know [Bourke.]
Everybody, can we stand by to roll? Let's try to make our day.
How about that? Thank you.
And turning now to superhero news: Former Seven member The Deep surprised everybody last week when he married Cassandra Schwartz, an anthropology professor at Vassar, in an intimate ceremony.
The couple asked Banana saltwater taffy.
- God bless.
Ron can't live without it.
- Ha.
[doorbell chimes.]
- Billy? - Hello, Judy.
Who's this? It's my nephew.
[tea kettle whistles.]
For Christ's sake, Billy, you gotta ring your mum.
Where's my boy? Your mum and dad are flying over.
Your mum's worried to death about you.
You tell them, no.
It'd be a waste of a perfectly good plane ticket.
Your father's quite ill.
Cancer's spreading fast.
Yeah, well, not fast enough.
I ain't seeing him.
Now where's me boy? Oi, Terror.
You little rascal, eh? Look at you, little fucker.
You ain't changed a day.
How's about you and me go for a little stroll? Yeah? Come on.
So this is what it all comes to, eh? Metamucil and wringing our dicks out for a few drops of piss.
I used to think that you, me, and Becca would grow old together.
Bloody stupid.
Turns out she What the fuck was any of it for? [Bourke.]
Yes, there he is.
There's my guy, looking spectacular, as always.
- How we doing? - Good.
- Feel good? - Yeah.
You ready for this big fucking scene today? That's basically what I wanted to talk to you about.
- Great.
- I did a bit of a rewrite.
I want you to take a look.
- [clears throat.]
- Wow.
What a lot of work.
Yeah, I just felt like the dialogue was a little off.
You know, A-Train would never say any of this shit.
And you definitely just don't need that giant expo dump at the end.
Your big farewell speech? Honestly, I think it's better if we just leave it open-ended.
- Okay.
- Know what I mean? We can just play it in looks and just not a whole bunch of words.
- Right.
- Maybe make it more of a question.
- Is A-Train really leaving The Seven? - Yeah.
- We don't know.
We don't know.
- We don't know.
I think we'll go ahead and do the scene as scripted.
Thank you for putting thought into it.
You got a lot of heart.
Take that heart, put it in the scene.
All right, good stuff.
I'm not doing it.
I'm not doing this shitty scene.
Well that is way above my pay grade.
Bring that up with Ashley.
Right? Right.
Oh, by the way, I got the crew a Vietnamese crêpe truck.
They make a gluten-free bánh xèo.
It is fantastic.
You're gonna be great.
- Where are we going? - [woman.]
They need to see you in Wardrobe.
Deep, you look so happy.
I hardly recognise you.
Katie, I'm in love.
You know? To an extraordinary woman I'm now blessed to call my wife.
That's really nice.
Well, let's address the elephant in the room, shall we? You know, I'm glad you asked, because, uh, yeah, you know, Kevin here has had some issues in the past.
But people grow.
If you could see the letters that he writes me, you would know what a beautiful soul he has.
Thank you.
She's only saying that because I make her breakfast in bed.
- Oh, stop.
- French toast.
[both laughing.]
So you are both members of the Church of the Collective.
[speaking in Russian.]
It's not realistic.
Alexander Hamilton wasn't no Puerto Rican.
That's the point.
It's a metaphor for the immigrant experience in America.
But he was a white guy.
You know what's really good? - [door closes.]
- [in English.]
Can we help you? [in Russian.]
She's just a girl.
Show her a picture of kittens or some shit.
How about I show her my motherfucking dick? [Russian pop music playing over speakers.]
Bitch ain't right in the head.
Fuck! Holy shit! [screams.]
[all grunting.]
Stop, please.
Oi, Billy, you should've told me you were bringing company.
Oi, who's this one remind you of? Isn't he the spitting of Lenny? No.
Thought you were retiring.
Argentina, right? I am.
What are you doing here? Well, Hughie heard a dog toy on the phone.
I know you keep Terror at your aunt's, so Brilliant as ever.
Time to go.
- Come help us with Stormfront.
- Came all this way for that? No, we came because we're worried.
Your cunt sense tingling, is it? Well, don't you worry.
I'm sorted.
Where's Becca, man? Becca? What's he talking about? Waiting for me at the Hampton Inn, so Lots of thanks.
Time to piss off.
We're not going anywhere.
Just so you know, that's Terror's girlfriend.
What? His fuck pig.
[engine starts.]
[ominous music playing.]
[lock clicks.]
Black Noir is here.
What? [Mother's Milk.]
It wasn't us.
We were cautious.
We swapped cars, no toll roads [Billy.]
It's not you.
It's me.
He must've tracked me from Becca's.
Billy, what's this all about? It's complicated.
Becca's not with me.
You couldn't get her out? She didn't want out.
I'll explain everything.
But right now we're in a bit of trouble.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have come.
Okay, maybe Maybe we can make a run for it, just get to the car.
Nah, he moves faster than a car.
But if he wants to kill us, he'll have to do it with an audience.
[sirens wailing and horns blowing.]
[man on loudspeaker.]
This is the fire department.
A natural gas leak has been reported.
Everyone, out of your homes.
I repeat, a gas leak has been reported.
- Nice one, M.
- [man.]
Out of your homes, please.
Let's hope they stay a while.
Ma'am, do you have any nails, ball bearings, electrical wiring? Pressurised aerosol products? I need a can about this big.
Really appreciate it.
Team Britney, 2007.
- Remember the meltdown? - Oh, mm, yeah, that But, you know You're a firecracker.
Mom? Annie.
Oh, you look so pretty.
What What are you doing here? I'm in town.
I've been texting you for days.
I wasn't trying to ambush you, I promise.
Did you get any of the Vietnamese crêpes? Because they're dope.
No, no, no.
I'm good, thanks.
Your mom was telling me about the hero pageants you used to do.
My mom would never let me.
Adele did not go in for that sort of thing.
I had to do all my speeches to a brush in the mirror.
I like this one.
Mom, this isn't a great time.
I know you're busy, but you don't have to entertain me, I promise.
I wanted to see you, sweetheart.
I I miss you.
Uh I think that this is something that we need to discuss in private.
- [Stormfront.]
Donna, can I tell her? - Tell me what? Look, your mom is so sorry about the Compound V.
And she understands that keeping that a secret really hurt your relationship.
And I used you as a trophy to make myself feel important.
I know that now.
Why are you talking to a stranger about our relationship? She's not a stranger.
She's your teammate.
Annie, look, the whole world knows about Compound V.
I mean, lots of parents did what I did.
I I'm hoping that you'll That you'll forgive me.
Please, forgive me.
This is not the time or the place for this.
Look, everyone is upset about Compound V.
I mean, someone was so upset, they leaked it to the press.
Can you imagine how angry that person is, whoever they are? I'll let you two hash it out, but I just think, if it was me, I'd be grateful to have a mom like Donna.
Honey, please.
I need to get back to set.
Do you need someone to drive you back to your hotel? No, I'll get a cab.
Okay, now, Queen Maeve.
A goddess.
But our Empress of the Otherworld struggles inside.
Questions of identity rock her to her core.
- Until she meets - Elena.
The connection is immediate, all-consuming.
A sweet Sapphic love blossoms, raising Maeve's consciousness and revealing her own inner truth.
She's gay, and it's okay.
- It's - Powerful.
She's more than just a superhero now.
She is a symbol.
Representation matters.
She's hashtag "Brave Maeve.
" We're recommending a multipronged image makeover.
- First guest spots on Queer Eye.
- Then an exclusive It Gets Better PSA.
Kimberly Peirce might direct.
Grand Marshalls at New York and Chicago Pride, because you are two proud lesbians.
You know Maeve is bi, right? I just feel like lesbian is an easier sell.
A bit more cut-and-dry.
Now, for Elena - [Elena.]
Me? - You're gonna love it.
Why am I a part of this shit? We are going with a polished, tailored look.
[Elena sighs.]
That looks like menswear.
Pew Research shows that two feminine women in a relationship sends a problematic message.
This isn't Penthouse Forum.
Americans are more accepting of gays when they're in a clear-cut gender role relationship, like Ellen and Portia.
Okay, let's get one thing straight.
I have no interest in being in a public relationship.
You will be compensated.
I am not for sale.
Really? You're not gonna say anything? I'll fix this.
Elena, wait.
If they want a lesbian Ken doll, they can find someone else.
I'm gonna cash in my vacation days and go stay with my sister.
- No, you can't do that.
- Why? I'm not under contract.
This is Homelander, okay? And he's fucking with me.
If you go out there Elena, there is nowhere you can go that he won't find you.
Please, stay.
I can't protect you if you leave.
But what are we gonna do? We're gonna take that motherfucker down.
- You trust me? - Yeah.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Is this right? Just like Home Alone, except way less delightful.
Butcher? No.
It ain't right.
What's going on? That ninja cunt's here for me, isn't he? [Hughie.]
But you can't go out there.
He'll kill you.
So So that's it? Expecting a happy ending, were we? Well, I'm sorry, Hughie.
It ain't that kind of massage parlour.
Now, I can keep him busy for a little while, yeah? Give you lot a chance to leg it.
I'm knackered.
I could use a little lie down.
Fuck you.
Am I supposed to be impressed by this blaze-of-glory jerk-off? Guess not.
You don't think I thought about cashing it in after Robin? Because I do.
A lot.
But I don't.
And the thing that kills me is that your wife is alive.
She just doesn't want you, that's all.
Say that again.
So you don't have shit.
Welcome to the fucking club.
I mean, come on, what do any of us have besides? Who the fuck asked you to come here, eh? I don't need your help.
Jesus, you're fucking pathetic.
You're so scared of being alone, Hughie.
First you latch on to Robin, then Starlight, and now me.
Well, you know what, son? I ain't interested.
Look, just get out of the fucking way.
Don't make me move you.
You can move him.
Good luck with me.
[speaks in French.]
She wanted the job.
You have her doing hits? The Albanians have her doing hits.
I'm just a girl getting 10 percent.
I'm sorry, pumpkin.
But I told you, she's no kitten.
She can make her own choices.
Why? How is this stopping Stormfront? I know you blame yourself for your brother.
I know the rage you feel.
But this, this is not the way.
This is poison for your soul.
I know.
Come with me, mon coeur.
I got my own baby brother killed! He was the only thing that mattered to me! Stop trying to help me! I don't want your help! I don't understand what you're saying, because you won't teach me.
[pensive music playing.]
Fuck this.
Fuck you.
Go be a monster.
Remember when you were young and the world was full of possibilities? Before all the mistakes, heartbreaks, and disappointments? What if you could go back to the way things were? I used to be angry, insecure, and unsure.
But thanks to the Church of the Collective, I now know the kind of man I want to be.
The kind of man who calls out injustice when he sees it.
- Stop.
- Come on.
Hey, dude.
That's not cool.
The kind of man who stands up for what's right.
Come on, guys.
Knock it off.
The kind of man who sees the potential in all of us.
So join us at the Church of the Collective.
And be the person you were always meant to be.
[dramatic music playing.]
That's a bunch of bullshit.
Didn't used to be.
Church used to mean something.
Are you a member? - I was, long time ago.
- Hm.
That place used to be pure.
And then they just started letting all kinds of people in, you know? I don't know.
So why don't you tell me? Well, I think you do know.
Some people are quality, and others are garbage.
Oh, by the way, I heard they're retiring you.
So unfair.
You have a problem? Of course not.
Why would you say that? Can I have a word, please? Adam tells me you don't want to do the scene.
I can't be a part of something I don't believe in.
I know it's not easy losing your job.
When I got fired, I Tindered my way through Barcelona.
Everyone in that city ate my paella.
Fucked a guy with elephantiasis.
But I got through it, and so will you.
Yeah, but I'm still making it happen.
My A-Trainers sell how many pairs a year? Look on the bright side.
You served four years longer than Mr.
- Now, that is something, okay? - But Please.
Let me just talk to Homelander.
We both know that's not a good idea.
I'm sorry.
I'm not saying the lines.
Okay, this can go one of two ways.
One, you leave The Seven with your dignity and your severance package intact.
Or two, you get fired for breaching your morality clause by shooting up Compound V and giving yourself a heart attack in the fucking process.
It's your choice.
You know, the truth is, I've been running my whole life.
I think it's time that I stay put for a while.
It's time I went home.
I know this is the Dawn of the Seven.
[melancholy music playing.]
But it's sunset on A-Train.
- It's been a good run.
- [Bourke.]
Cut! Hey, dude, that was awesome.
Awesome? A-dog, that was fucking gold.
Buddy, look, I'm ready to move on.
But how do you feel? Want another one? Let me know.
No, go ahead and move on.
All right, check it.
Moving on.
- Tiffany, we need you over at Mocap.
- [Tiffany.]
I'm heading there now.
Yes, it's true, Vought has all the money and the power.
- And we have, no offence, jack shit.
- [man.]
We love you, Victoria! But after Homelander's war crime, how can I stay quiet and still look my daughter in the eyes? I can't.
I know you can't.
And guess what.
The House Judiciary can't, either.
Finally, we are going to hold hearings on Vought and Compound V.
- [cheering.]
- Yes.
[cheering stops.]
Hey, everyone.
[people whispering indistinctly.]
May I? Thank you.
Congresswoman Neuman, everybody.
Isn't she great? Did you love that "Walk Like an Egyptian" dance she did online? So fun.
I loved it.
- But fun isn't what we're here for, is it? - No, no, no Let me just start by saying how pleased I am to see you all here.
Everyone get the fuck out.
Get the fuck out.
Fuck you.
Get out.
all your voices to be heard.
I know that some of you are a little upset by that video online of me stopping the terrorist.
And I just want you to know that I understand.
I'm upset too.
I mean, come on, guys.
Nobody wants innocent people to get hurt.
Of course not.
But sadly, well, the bad guys, they don't think like us.
And so, sometimes, well, these things just happen.
[man 1.]
This happened before? - [man 2.]
How many times? - Well, no.
Hold on, guys.
My point is, we all have the same goals, don't we? - To keep our country safe.
- No.
So American lives are the only ones worth protecting? Of course not.
But if you've served with our amazing soldiers like I have, you would know that freedom comes at a price.
You don't speak for us.
- Yeah, you don't speak for us.
- You don't speak for us.
- You don't speak for us.
- [clamouring.]
Oh, all right.
Everyone, just calm down.
Calm down.
Let's not let your hearts get in the way of your heads.
- You don't speak for us.
- Everyone just relax.
- You don't speak for us.
- Calm down.
You don't speak for us.
You don't speak for us.
You don't speak for us.
- You don't speak for us.
- [man.]
Fuck Homelander.
You don't speak for us.
You don't speak for us.
You don't speak for us.
You don't speak for us All right.
You guys are the real heroes.
God bless you.
Love you, guys.
You don't speak for us.
You don't speak for us.
[crowd cheering and applauding.]
- You guys are all good.
- Oh, thank you.
[fire engine horn honks.]
[sirens blaring.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
It's time.
Right, lads.
To the taffy room.
This is bullocks.
This is the taffy room? Affordable alternative to privatised health care.
She's a dealer.
[crowd clamouring on screen.]
All right.
Everybody, just calm down.
Calm down.
Let's not let your hearts You guys, you're the real heroes.
You fuck.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
[dramatic violin music playing.]
No one ever said the job was easy.
Look, he's just a kid, 17 years old.
You don't gotta look at him in the face.
Look, no one's ever achieved anything without sacrifice.
The kid's a hero.
Think of it like that.
Right, a hero.
[knocking on door.]
Come in.
[Homelander chuckles.]
Where do you get all these? This is just the first batch.
I'll have Logan punch up the fear.
- [Homelander.]
Logan? - [Stormfront.]
My meme queen.
- [Homelander.]
- [Stormfront.]
So When you see it on your uncle's Facebook page, then you know it's working.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[gun cocks.]
Um Can I ask you something? I suppose I got the time.
Who's Lenny? You said I look like him.
Billy wouldn't want me to say.
Fuck Billy.
Lenny's his little brother.
Butcher has a brother? Yeah.
Skinny, nervous little bugger.
Like you.
Fourth grade.
Little wanker named Dorian Savory breaks Lenny's nose.
Well, Billy goes to work on him.
Was bringing the seesaw down on Dorian's noggin, wham, wham.
Probably gonna top him.
Kids, teachers, trying to drag Billy away, but no, no good.
Not gonna happen.
Dorian's a goner.
Then Lenny steps in, face all bleeding, and leads Billy away, easy, quiet as a lamb.
That was Lenny.
He had a way of making Billy not be [sighs.]
well, you know, Billy.
I think Billy needs someone like that, you know? Where's Lenny now? Oh, God rest his soul.
What happened? [explosion.]
[footsteps overhead.]
[footsteps continue.]
- Whoa, shh, shh.
- [growling.]
Easy, Terror.
Easy, easy.
Come here.
Come on, everybody, out.
Out the side door.
- [Hughie.]
Butcher? - Get them out of here.
Butcher, wait, wait, wait.
What are you? Butcher? Butcher? Butcher, what are you doing? Butcher, you don't Don't do this.
All right, you fucker.
Where are you? [ominous music playing.]
So you want to take me on, do you? Think you got the bollocks? Well, come on, then, cunt.
What the fuck are you doing? Get out.
Oi, gimp cunt.
Over here, gimp cunt.
I'm the one you want.
Come here.
[Hughie yells.]
You kill him, and you can kiss your fucking career goodbye.
I got photos of Vought's dirty little secret, my wife's son, Homelander's son.
Now, you lay one fucking finger on any of us, and those photos go out of the cloud, and into Ronan Farrow's inbox.
And then the whole world will know that Homelander is nothing but a filthy fucking rapist, and Vought has been hiding his little laser-eyed bastard.
Now, you cunts went to a lot of trouble to keep that a secret.
I reckon you might want to keep it that way.
[cell phone ringtone playing "Hallelujah".]
Oh, hello, cunt.
How can I be sure you actually have the proof of which you speak? You can't.
Roll the dice, cunt.
I reckon he'd be more popular than Meghan and Harry's little sprog.
Here's my first and final offer.
That information never sees the light of day, and I'll call off Black Noir.
All right.
You got yourself a deal.
Want to shake on it? Put Noir on.
Oi, missus wants a word.
Jesus Christ, Billy.
, you all right? I'm okay.
Do you really have those pictures? Of course I do.
They said there'd be food.
Well, this is food for your soul.
Go with love.
Oh, my God.
- What brought you here? - Oh.
Wait, are you? - You want to check this out? - Fuck, no.
Listen, uh, we should talk.
If any of these Moonies are gonna help you get back in The Seven, and that's a big "if" then you're gonna need a woman to tell everyone that you're not a complete piece of shit.
I can be that person for you.
- You think I'm a piece of shit? - Fuck, yeah.
The point is, I can help you.
If you help me.
Yeah, I've got Stormfront.
Flying in.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Why are you in my trailer? You know, you had no right to talk to my mother about personal shit.
What were you trying to prove? Okay, sorry.
Just trying to help.
She didn't just lie to me about Compound V, okay? She lied to me about everything.
So don't try and broker some kind of peace between us, because I don't want it.
Wow, that I mean, that is a performance.
Oh, my God.
Look, I'm, like, tearing up.
You don't suck, Starlight.
You are Tilda fucking Swinton.
I know you leaked it.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Not as good.
Magic's gone.
Lightning really doesn't strike twice.
You know what? I need to get to set, so That hack-a-limb, Gecko.
Yeah, he stole the V, and then you, you leaked it to MSNBC.
What do you think Vought's gonna feel when I tell them? Well, how do you think the world will feel when I tell them that you used to be Liberty? Wow, you are a special kind of poison flower, huh? Going against your own people? You mean fucking white people? Starlight.
Don't be racist.
Oh, my.
Oh, yes.
That is adorable.
I do like you.
You got spunk.
- You're gonna be a big help to me.
- What the hell does that mean? [knocking on door.]
Come in.
Hello, you two.
Not interrupting, am I? No, just between us girls, right, Starlight? Yeah.
Yeah, that's right.
- See you around.
- Mm-hm.
- Can't wait to shoot our scene together.
- Yeah, me too.
What was that all about? You girls friendly? No, just running lines.
What's up? Uh, me.
Five points.
- Ah.
- Mm-hm.
Yeah, people are, uh, checking boxes like "patriotic" and "unwavering.
" I owe you.
Well, what are you ever gonna do to repay me? [siren wailing.]
Well, here we are.
I'm sorry.
I almost threw in the towel, like a bleeding twat.
We're harder than that, ain't we? I will get your mom back.
I swear to God, I'll get your mom back.
Just take a little bit longer.
You hang in there, all right? You be a good boy for Judy.
Who's a good lad? Oh.
I almost forgot.
I got you something.
Terror, Fuck it.
That's my boy.
[Terror panting and Homelander doll squeaking.]
- You're all right, for an old bat.
- Yeah, yeah.
[Aerosmith's "Dream On" playing.]
Let's go.
Every time that I look in the mirror ♪ All these lines on my face Getting clearer ♪ The past is gone ♪ It went by, like dusk to dawn ♪ Isn't that the way? ♪ Everybody's got the dues in life To pay ♪ [music stops.]
Do it.
You know you want to.
I'll cut you in half.
Come on.
Right here.
Don't be a pussy.
Laser my fucking tits.
Oh, God, it fucking hurts.
Don't stop.
[Stormfront panting.]
See? I told you I don't break easy.
[music plays.]
Yeah, sing with me Sing for the year ♪ Sing for the laughter Sing for the tear ♪ Sing with me, just for today ♪ Maybe tomorrow The good Lord will take you away ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream until your dreams come true ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream until your dreams come true ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream until your dreams come true ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Oh ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Dream on ♪ Oh ♪ Sing with me Sing for the year ♪ Sing for the laughter Sing for the tear ♪ Sing with me, just for today ♪ Maybe tomorrow The good Lord will take you away ♪ Sing with me Sing for the year ♪ Sing for the laughter Sing for the tear ♪ Sing with me, just for today ♪ Maybe tomorrow The good Lord will take you away ♪
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