The Boys (2019) s04e02 Episode Script

Life Among the Septics

Come on ♪
Ha, sicker than your average ♪
Poppa twist cabbage off instinct ♪
Don't think shit stink, pink gators ♪
My Detroit players ♪
Timbs for my hooligans
in Brooklyn, that's right ♪
Dead right, if the head right ♪
Biggie there e'ry night ♪
Poppa been smooth
since days of Underoos ♪
Hey, yo, Reggie! Re-up.
Biggie, Biggie, Biggie,
can't you see? ♪
Sometimes your words
just hypnotize me ♪
- And I just love your flashy ways ♪
- Shit.
Guess that's why they broke
and you're so paid ♪
Biggie, Biggie, Biggie,
can't you see ♪
I thought you were too sick to practice.
Done with all that, Coach.
When's the last time you
had a decent meal?
Come on.
Mary's always happy
to have you at the table.
- Nothing you say is gonna change my mind.
- Damn it, Reggie.
You're the most talented
superhero I've ever seen.
Yet you're you're
throwing it all away
slinging yayo for gangbangers?
You don't know me, Coach.
You don't know nothin'.
I know you've got heart.
I know you want more than this.
You've got a choice, son.
Either outrun this life,
or you can run yourself
into an early grave.
Now, please. It's me, Coach Brink.
Come back with me.
To the suburbs.
Yeah, what I want doesn't matter.
I'll never be free of these streets.
[BOURKE] Cut! Holy fuck.
Holy fuck, we're not gonna beat that.
That was fucking perfect.
We're going again.
- I don't
- Ferrell fucking Streep.
There are tears.
Literal tears.
Who's happy they spent two weekends
at the Compton Youth Center now, huh?
I'm not giving off too much
of a Blind Side vibe, am I?
[BOURKE] As if that's a bad thing?
Are you Wait, what is that smell?
Will everyone stop?
What is that smell?!
[SNIFFS] Is it Is that you?
I had falafel for lunch.
- What?
I smell an Oscar nomination.
Shut up, man.
- [BOURKE] No, I won't.
- [FERRELL] Don't jinx it.
You can't jinx gold. Look at me.
You better make some shelf space,
De Niro. Do you hear me?
All right, let's get
you back to one, huh?
- I'm gonna watch playbacks, okay?
- Absolutely.
Yeah, let's get him some
cans, please? Thank you.
One more quick thing.
Let's sidebar here a little bit.
It feels like you're having
a little bit of trouble
getting out of the starters' block.
Maybe it's the scene.
Baby, this scene sings.
All right, look at me.
In the arc of your character,
this is your low point, right?
Everybody's given up on you,
you're all alone,
until the coach
Swoops in and saves me from the ghetto?
No, no, no, you actually
save each other.
It's a very balanced narrative.
All the sensitivity readers
that we hired, they all agreed.
- My brother was the only coach I ever had.
- Right.
He was a waiter at Buster Beaver,
not a fucking crack dealer.
And he must be so
proud of you right now.
Let's get this train back on the tracks.
- Just give me a minute.
- Yeah, sure.
Wait, wait, you know what?
One more tiny little thing.
You said what I want "doesn't matter".
But as scripted, it's actually
what I want "don't matter", okay?
All right, good stuff.
All right, everybody,
let's get back to one!
I want to make this fucking day!
Hey, can we talk?
You don't talk. It's
like your one thing.
Look, playing Noir has been
a meaningful challenge,
but yesterday was wack as fuck.
I've never actually
murdered anyone before.
Does Homelander make us
kill people, like, a lot?
And when he does, do we just do it?
Look, don't get me wrong,
I am stoked to be here
and I am down to ride the wave.
I'm just having trouble
with Noir's motivation, you feel me?
His motivation is being
a braindead maniac.
Just keep your mouth shut
and do as you're fucking told.
in our blood-splattered streets
against decent, hardworking Americans.
Folks, if you're thinking
of letting your children
play carefree outside
and without supervision,
think again.
I mean, these two animals,
Benny Long and Ian Rashford,
savagely beat three good men to death
outside the courthouse yesterday.
The Starlighters have shown
their true colors, folks,
rioting at multiple quote-unquote
"peaceful demonstrations"
across the country.
I, for one, do not take our liberties
in this great country for granted.
But apparently the Starlighters
feel differently.
[DAPHNE] Let's see. Soy for pH,
hyaluronic acid for deep moisturizing
- and arginine for circulation.
- What is all that?
Um, I'm a Voughtality consultant.
5K away from the red,
white and blue Caddy.
I thought it might be helpful.
You You work for Vought?
Voughtality. "For a Super You".
You know Vought killed
my girlfriend, right?
I'm literally fighting them right now.
I think I have rosemary oil,
it's really good for the joints.
Can you just Can you
stop please? Just for
- Please stop. Mom, stop. Just stop.
- Okay, I'm sor
Okay, sorry, sorry. Just, um
I'm sorry. [CHUCKLES]
You look good.
Got tall. [CHUCKLES]
Yeah, that adds up, since
the last time you saw me
I was six fucking years old!
Please don't yell at me.
- What are you doing here?
- The hospital called.
Yeah, when they couldn't reach me.
And I'm here now, so
He doesn't need you. Neither of us do.
Your dad didn't tell you. [SIGHS]
About what?
He gave me power of attorney,
including medical decisions.
And he signed a DNR.
H-He didn't update his will?
He did.
Why the fuck would he give you
power of attorney over me?
Well, I mean, we've been talking,
the last year or two, now and then.
Besides that, you'd have to ask him.
But Hughie, don't worry,
- I am really good in a crisis.
- Don't.
And I-I-I can handle this.
I promise.
You promise.
You leave the money on the dresser?
I didn't want to wake you up.
Yeah, maybe you should
stay in bed today, no?
Could've been a lot worse.
I mean, it would've been
a lot worse if you weren't there.
Thank you.
- Oh.
[KATRIN] Your speech therapist Gloria
has filled me in on the work
you've been doing.
How's that been going?
You know, psychological mutism
is often a symptom
of trauma in one's past.
What do you think about that?
I couldn't agree more.
But sometimes you have
to confront your past
in order to be free of it.
Why don't we start
with something simple?
Tell me about your parents. [GASPS]
[HUGHIE] Jesus.
You're just telling us now?
Have you seen any specialists,
have you, um
So how long you got?
It's none of your fucking business.
- I'm not sure why I'm telling you at all.
- What's going on?
Let's just say I got
an angel on my shoulder.
And she's a right bloody nag.
Butcher, I tried to warn you
that that shit was poison.
You ain't one of us.
- Hey!
- All right!
A word.
You're done.
- What?
- Fired.
Grab your shit and get the fuck out.
I level with you lot and
this is the thanks I get.
Fuck me.
- See what being honest gets you?
- Honest?
Motherfucker, you've been lying
to us for the last six months.
Not telling ain't lying.
Look, you need all the help
you can get, mate.
Not from you. You're
a liability, Butcher.
I ain't gonna let this stand, then.
The Boys is mine.
Says a dying man with one last bluff.
Now grab your shit and get the fuck out.
Or I'll throw you out.
- Just
- I don't want to hear it.
He's out.
You can join him if you don't like it.
Small-town kid grows up on
a Montana ranch with his mom.
On the surface, he's an everyday
all-American boy.
But deep in his heart, he knows
he's different, special.
He's always asking himself, "Who am I?"
Then one day that question is answered
when Homelander flies down from the sky
and says with tears in his eyes
No tears.
and says, proudly,
"Son, it's time for you
to take your place by my side".
And for Ryan it feels
surprising, yet inevitable.
He always knew he was
destined for greatness.
Because he came from greatness.
- Oh.
Oh, buddy, can you believe that?
W-What do you think?
It's cool, I guess.
You guess? [CHUCKLES]
[STAMMERS] I think it looks amazing.
- Oh, so amazing. Really marketable.
- So marketable.
The whole pitch blows.
It does not blow.
It blows, harder than Nancy Reagan
on the MGM backlot.
I'm sorry, why are you here?
Vought got rid of most of the
sidekicks after Gunpowder.
The settlements exceeded profitability.
but I don't think Ryan
is gonna file an HR complaint
against me. [LAUGHS]
- A what?
Ryan is the first
natural-born superhero.
And his brand needs to reflect that.
He's not one of Vought's lab rat freaks.
He was chosen by
fate, God, whatever
to be the one who saves the world.
But let's not forget
why he is special.
Shall we?
He's my son.
Chosen by God, sure, but, uh
made by me.
The chosen one narrative
only works if he stands alone.
Harry Potter. Neo. Luke Skywalker.
Hollywood's trained
people to fall in love
with white boy lone saviors.
So, America will want
to fall in love with Ryan.
What is this?
Uh, it's a crime itinerary.
Your first save. Congratulations, son.
[WHISPERING] I'm not on the call sheet.
You wanted a kingdom for your son.
I'm helping you get it.
- Excellent.
- Mm.
Just as we discussed.
Feel free to move forward.
Ah, if you don't mind?
- Hmm.
I'm here because
Homelander wants me here.
Because he trusts me.
I know you're the smartest
woman on earth
Smartest person.
Let me give you some advice.
You know, girls supporting girls.
You cannot talk to Homelander like that.
I'm telling him the truth.
You're so afraid of him,
you've plucked yourself bald.
If I were you, I'd make myself useful.
You know, get some lactation going,
let him suck on those titties.
Before you end up
like Madelyn Stillwell.
Oh, Ashley, hey, what's up?
Just the girl boss I wanted to see.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Hey, so I heard that Ryan's
doing his first solo save.
I want to talk to you about something.
I have this idea.
[CLEARS THROAT] Okay, so, what if
and just hear me out on this,
what if I was there?
That's it. That's the pitch.
Hmm. You want to join
a family-friendly PG save?
While PETA still has you
on their bestiality watchlist?
I swear to God.
Stupid people who think they're smart
make me want to eat my own shit.
Why do you let her
talk to you like that?
She's just a bitch.
It's probably that time of the month.
It's like a full moon thing, isn't it?
You're a genetically superior being,
and she's the evolutionary
equivalent of a capybara.
- Cappuccino ?
- It's a giant rodent from South America.
- Oh.
- You're better than her.
Act like it.
- And you should be at the save.
- It's a good idea.
Thank you.
[MOTHER'S MILK] 1:16, Todd
and the other Hometeamers
are seen going into Planet Vought.
And not seen again until
2:09, when their dead bodies
magically appear at the rally.
Now, how do you think they got
there without anybody seeing?
A-Train. It had to be A-Train.
You promise? Like you promised
Dad for better or worse?
We boring you, Hughie?
Sorry. Sorry. I'm, um
[ANNIE] But the Hometeamers
died of blunt force trauma.
Nothing said anything
about super strength.
[MOTHER'S MILK] Because they're getting
a lot better at covering their ass,
probably because of her.
Sister Sage. 32 years old,
from Detroit, Michigan.
She cut ties with Vought a while back,
when they kicked her off of Teenage Kix.
[ANNIE] What are her powers?
Smartest person on the planet.
I've already tapped Sage's cell phones.
She made a reservation
at the Vought Garden
Suites & Courtyard Express
in Harrisburg tonight.
Who's down for a little road trip?
You know what? I'm gonna stay here.
If A-Train framed
those two Starlighters,
I'm gonna take a run at him.
I-I'm gonna go with you.
I got to stay close to my dad.
Understood. All right.
You two are with me.
Aw, look, she made a cute little
penis and balls.
Hurry up, get the money.
Lights out, you fucking muff taco.
Get back!
Back off.
Hey, whoa, be cool, man.
Noir, what are we supposed to do?
- Let her go.
- Out of my way, kid.
It's gonna be okay.
- Do you promise?
- I promise.
Who are you?
My name is Ryan.
And I don't like bullies.
It's good. Pretty good.
It's getting better.
Solid work, guys. Noir, your entrance,
you're doing too much. Just walk in.
Okay, but would Noir just
enter stage right like that?
I feel like it's more in character
if I come in through the skylight.
You don't fucking talk.
- Sorry.
- Still talking.
Let's just stick to the blocking
for now, okay?
Deep, drop the "fucking muff taco",
this is for families.
- Okay.
- Ryan,
on the day, you're
gonna throw me for real.
- I can take it.
- Yeah.
Let's take five and we'll run it back.
- Great.
- Okay.
Thank you, Koy.
- Dad?
- Yeah.
Did I look dumb?
You really You got
to put your back into it.
You know, like
You really got to sell it.
You understand?
Are all saves like this?
Like, with stunt people
and rehearsals and stuff?
No, no, of course some of them are real.
I-I've saved a lot of people.
This is just to help you
get your sea legs, all right?
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Hey, Ryan. You want to rehearse
the throw a few times?
- Great idea. Yes!
- Yeah. Sure.
Yes. Excellent.
Hey, so, um, just to be clear,
we're not actually killing people
on the day, am I right?
Just shut the fuck up.
[KOY] Just be real precise
with your steps, you understand?
You can't talk to me that way.
I didn't say anything.
I mean from before.
Because I am the
I'm the peak of human evolution.
And you're just, you're
just a capabarnia.
- It's a rodent from South America.
- Oh.
So you're fucking land mammals now?
I am the lord of the seven seas.
You talk to me like that again
and I will drown you
in your fucking toilet,
you stupid bitch.
After I've used it.
Is that what you want?
- No.
- "Sir"!
No, sir.
That's right.
- Let her go.
- Out of my way, kid.
That kid's face is made
for the big screen.
A complexion like butter.
He's practically glowing.
[SETH] Well, thank God.
Air-brushing the wrinkles out
of The Dawn of the Seven
put VFX nine mil over the budget.
We were neck fold to neck fold
with Sex and the City 2.
Oi, oi.
Fancy some steam tray eggs?
- How the fuck did you find us?
- Come off it, mate.
Your password's Janine2012.
[MOTHER'S MILK] I want you
to put that shit down
and get the fuck out of my operation.
Well, it's lucky for me that
you ain't my boss no more.
And as a private and concerned citizen,
I'm allowed to say fuck you
to any deep state cunts
that try and keep me from the truth.
Welcome to the monkey house.
Watch out ♪
You might get what you're after ♪
Cool, babies ♪
Strange but not a stranger ♪
I'm an ordinary guy ♪
Burning down the house ♪
Hold tight ♪
Wait till the party's over ♪
Hold tight ♪
We're in for nasty weather ♪
There has got to be a way ♪
Burning down the house ♪
Bunch of tinfoil-hat-wearing
Nazi motherfuckers.
Why is the world's smartest person
in a place such as this?
Oi. There's our girl.
Where's Kimiko?
You can be what you wanna be ♪
In the land of the free ♪
Love America, love America ♪
Love America, love America ♪
If you want it to get better ♪
Open up your loving arms ♪
Try to keep them safe from harm ♪
You can say what you want to say ♪
Because freedom is the only way ♪
Splinter, come here.
Am I too shiny?
You're good.
You look perfect.
Love America ♪
Best get a move on.
The Flat-Earthers get the space at 4:30.
Yes. Okay.
- H-Hey, everybody.
Um, so, our next speaker
is not only a true visionary,
she's also my close friend.
So please join me in welcoming
author, filmmaker, political activist,
commentator and a leading voice
of the alt-Supe movement on YouTube,
Well, howdy there, Truth Seekers.
Hey there! Aw, well,
thank you, thank you.
- Whoo!
- [MAN] Tell us some truth, Firecracker!
I ain't gonna sugarcoat this.
We got ourselves a national crisis.
Homelander himself said
Starlight traffic skids
and her Starlighters just murdered
three of our brothers
yesterday to cover it up.
They're killing us. Wake up.
Over the next two hours,
I will prove that Starlighter
works with Oprah and Tom Hanks
to set up a Satanic
home delivery service.
An order of a hot dog gets you a boy.
- A taco, a girl.
A combo gets you a child they
forced to have trans surgery.
And a soda gets you
a shot of adrenochrome.
We all know
- that Oprah has been under house arrest
- People actually believe this shit?
ever since she sat down with Harry
- and that monarchy-fucker
- People will believe anything.
Meghan Markle.
- For those who say that the evidence
- Even something as ludicrous as
- the moon landing.
- against Tom Hanks is less clear-cut, well,
that's because the brave
whistleblower who was gonna blow
Forrest Gump's pedo ring wide open
fell off a bridge before
he got the chance.
Frenchie. See what he's up to.
- [FIRECRACKER] Coincidence?
- But do not engage.
Ah, ah, ah.
You ain't leaving my sight.
of all of the Tom Hanks movies,
you get 311, which is
the police code for child porn.
It's just math!
[ANNOUNCER OVER P.A.] Stormchasers
United is starting in 20 minutes
in conference room B.
Hey, stop, no. Give it back.
Stop being a pussy.
Go get some of
Colin's penis or ass
Or maybe both?
But go get it!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
Are you drunk?
I just had a beer.
Four beers.
What is wrong with you?
Six beers.
You're holding back with
Colin because of me!
What? No, it's
It's nothing to do with you.
Well I fucked someone.
The barista at Jitter Bean.
He stuck his penis right in my vagina.
You should stick your penis somewhere!
Mon coeur, truly, merci.
But it's not about you, I swear.
[ANNOUNCER OVER P.A.] The Alex Jones
look-alike contest is in
Can we go back to work now?
Eight beers.
What's that about?
Mon Dieu.
This isn't what it looks like.
It's okay.
[HUGHIE] Maybe your source
at the Tower is fucking with you?
[ANNIE] No, no, no, if she
says A-Train shows up here
every Sunday at 3:00 p.m.,
he will.
Yeah, you promise? Your promise
is as worthless as you are.
Sorry, I was just, uh
workshopping what I
should've said to my mom.
You really don't have to be here, okay?
You can go to the hospital, you should.
No. No.
No, nothing to do there except, uh
relive my childhood trauma.
[NEWSCASTER] Tensions are high after
the murder of the Homelander Three
allegedly at the hands
of two Starlight followers.
Skirmishes between
the two groups have
[HUGHIE] All right, enough of that shit.
Uh, has Kiara woken up yet?
No, and I have about a thousand messages
asking me what the
Starlighters should do.
Spit it out.
People look up to you.
No, they look up to Starlight.
They look up to the suit.
You're the one who wore it.
I get why you ditched it, I do.
It's just, I can also
see the value in it.
In superheroes?
You're defending
superheroes right now? Really?
As cheesy as it sounds,
people need a symbol.
You know, someone they can rally behind,
a little fucking hope.
That can be you.
I don't want to lead anybody. I don't.
And I cannot go back to her.
To me [SIGHS]
she's just, she's a symbol
of so much bad shit, and I-I can't.
I can't. I won't. It's just, it's
Yeah, I mean
Oh, God. He's here, he's here.
So I'm at the Tower, right?
And we get a call from Boise, Idaho.
There's a terrorist who's got,
like, the whole movie
theater held hostage.
- And
- [FAN] A-Train?
I love you. Can I get a selfie?
Yeah, of course.
Hang on.
I ran across the Rockies,
took out the terrorist,
disarmed the bomb.
Then what?
What you mean, man?
Then I got some popcorn,
I watched the rest
of Pacific Rim: Uprising.
[NATHAN] Why don't you
tell them the truth?
just be chill, all right?
You're sneaking around
with my boys, behind my back,
but I need to chill?
- [HUGHIE] What's going on?
- [ANNIE] I don't know.
And don't think y'all
ain't in some deep shit.
Sorry, Dad.
Come on, Dad.
Uncle Reggie was just
telling us about his saves.
- You want to tell them or should I?
- Come on, man,
let's not make a big thing
That movie theater in Idaho,
that was a soundstage in the Bronx.
That terrorist, that was a stuntman.
Those mountains, they
added those in post.
I know because I was there.
Is that true?
It's complicated, you know?
[NATHAN] No, it's simple.
Your saves were never real.
You never actually saved anyone.
Yet here you are, lying to
your own flesh and blood.
I told you.
Your uncle is no hero.
And I don't want you anywhere near him.
Come on.
Nathan, I'm sorry.
Hey, hey. Wait, wait, wait.
Give him a second.
[FAN] Your videos got me
to see that my entire family
had been brainwashed by
clovergenders like Starlight.
I told them that I couldn't
speak to them again
until they did their own research.
It's been three years now.
Good for you. You keep up the fight.
Can I get a selfie?
Of course.
Thank you.
Truth bomb.
The Sovereign Citizens meeting
has moved to 6:00 p.m.
Do you actually believe all of this?
Or is it just bullshit
smeared on top of a personal vendetta?
Ain't you a little mouthy one.
Appreciate the subtextual racism there,
but I'm a Supe.
Sister Sage.
I work with Homelander.
- Is he here?
- Of course not.
He wouldn't be caught dead with these
ringworm-infested cousin fuckers.
Though there's a chance
you could meet him.
First, I want to see
your powers, though.
Wow, that is lackluster.
- I'm strong too, though.
- Look, what's important is:
what are you selling?
[AMPLIFIED] I'm here to share the truth
and nothing but.
What are you selling?
Did I stutter?
I sell purpose.
These people got nothing.
Maybe they lost a job or a house
or a kid to Oxy.
Politicians don't give a shit,
mainstream media tells them to
be ashamed of their skin color,
so, well, I bring 'em together,
tell them a story,
give them a purpose.
Which would you rather believe?
That you belong to a community
of warriors battling a secret evil,
or that you're a lonely,
inconsequential nobody
that no one will ever remember?
Deep's Blue Sea Room. 9:00 p.m.
Sage has got no powers, right?
Besides her brains? Nope.
[BUTCHER] So, why all
the sneaking around shite?
Let's just grab her,
work her over and rumble what we need.
- This is surveillance only, okay?
- All right,
you sit tight and watch me do your job.
All right, enough.
Get your fuckin' hands off me.
Just go home, all right?
Or what?
We have a Barney?
Well, come on, then. Have a go.
- Butcher, for fuck's sake.
- You've been gagging for it.
Ever since Soldier Boy.
Ten pounds of C4 with an inch fuse
pokin' out your arse, you are.
Well, come on, then. Have at it, son.
'Cause that's the only way
you feel any regret
is to get it beaten into you.
You're a shit skipper, you are.
Hughie's fucked off, Kimiko's hammered.
We've been here for hours
and still know fuck all.
You're gonna get this bloody lot killed.
You can't eat, you can't sleep,
and you ain't willing to do
what it takes to run this mob
'cause you ain't got the bollocks, son.
Nice try, Butcher.
But it ain't gonna work.
Yeah, ain't that what your wife said?
All that bullshit you pulled,
and the mess you always leave behind
for me to clean up, you know
why I kept coming back?
'Cause I thought maybe this time,
it'll be a little different.
All the fucking shit we've
been through together, man.
I thought maybe this time,
maybe you and I could just
just be fucking brothers again.
Just go home, man.
Hey! Hey!
- [BYSTANDER] Oh, shit.
If you really cared about children
you'd go after real traffickers
instead of these fairy tales!
If you must inflict pain,
perhaps I can endure
so others don't suffer.
[MAN] Hey!
Come on.
Took y'all long enough to
get here from Trenton.
Traffic, am I right?
The fuck are you doing here?
The eyes? It's always the eyes.
What is this?
Security cam footage
of your two Starlighters.
About a mile from the bodies
at time of death.
It's hard to commit a murder
when you're 20 blocks away.
Why are you giving this to us?
You could have got in my face
in front of my family, but you didn't.
Let's call it a thank-you.
Thank Hughie.
I would've blasted the shit out of you,
and you would've deserved it.
Yeah, I agree.
Back up.
Back off.
Noir, what the fuc
What the heck are we supposed to do?
Ow. Ow!
- Let her go.
- Out of my way, kid.
You're gonna be okay.
- Do you promise?
- I promise.
[KOY] Who are you?
My name is
- [BYSTANDER] It's Homelander!
- Dad?
[HOMELANDER] It's okay, son.
I'm here.
We're going to save America together.
Throw him hard. Throw him. Now.
- Holy shit.
[HOMELANDER] It's okay, everyone.
It's okay. Everything's under control.
You saved me.
Good girl.
- Smile. Smile.
All right.
I thought we weren't
killing the guy today.
I just feel like I'm not getting
clear direction for this role.

She said 9:00 p.m. in the
Deep Blue Sea Room, no?
- [FIRECRACKER] I sure did.
Toss your guns.
Eh, your rifles are garish and vulgar.
They're American, you
fuckin' surrender monkey.
Marvin, did you really think
you could tail me
- without me knowing?
- So, what now?
These assholes are CIA.
Genuine deep state moles.
They've taken out more superheroes
than anyone in the world.
And Homelander would like it
if you killed them.
Consider it your final audition.
Audition for what?
The sooner they're dead,
the sooner you'll find out.
You're not as impressive as I heard.
Oh, I'm gonna send your ass
back to China, bitch.
- She's Japanese.
What are you doing?
Oh, pink eye. Too much
salad tossing, huh?
No. No, no, no.
It's allergies. It's allergies.
- Achoo.
- Shut the fuck up.
Oh, hell nah.
Hava nagila, hava nagila ♪
Hava nagila venismecha ♪
Hava nagila, hava nagila ♪
Hava nagila venismecha ♪
Mazel tov.
Hava nera'nena ♪
Hava nera'nena venismecha ♪
Hava nera'nena, hava nera'nena ♪
- Hava nera'nena venismecha ♪
Uru achim ♪
Hava nera'nena, hava nera'nena ♪
Hava nera'nena ♪
- Damn. I'm out.
- Me too.
So are they.
Get away from me, pink eye!
The storm has arrived.
Splinter and I are being attacked
by CIA agents
after infiltrating a Zionist cabal.
- The proof
the proof is right here.
- Now I'm calling on all
- [THUD]
[SPLINTER] Firecracker!
You gonna let me
smack your girl like that?
No wonder she put you
in the friend zone, mate.
Get the boys out of here!

No. No, no, no! Not Prime!
We loved you.
From your first Holocaust hoax video.
You know, you
Who wants a creamy, delicious milkshake?
- Hmm?
Oh, Ryan
Okay, come on.
Come on. It's okay.
Don't worry.
Okay? Don't worry.
You'll get plenty of
solo saves, I promise.
But I really do think
that my being there
is good for your numbers.
- Yeah.
- No.
- No, no
- Yes.
I killed Koy.
That's what you're upset about?
Hmm. Okay.
Accidents happen all the time, okay?
Humans are fragile.
You can't save them all.
But isn't that our job?
Look, Koy died doing what he loved.
It'll be better next time.
- No.
- Yes.
No, I'm never doing that again.
Jesus Chr
How many times do I have to tell you?
They're only human, Ryan.
You can't go around feeling bad
about what you are
'cause a few things break.
Who cares?
You are destined for so much more.
You understand? You're
chosen, young man.
Sooner or later,
you got to accept it.
[CROWD CHANTING] Not guilty!
Not guilty! Not guilty!
Not guilty! Not guilty!
Not guilty! Not guilty!
Not guilty! Not guilty!
Not guilty! Not guilty!
Are you sure about this?
I'm gonna let a shitbag like
A-Train step up, but I won't?
I got this.
- [FAN] We love you, Starlight!
[CROWD CHANTING] Starlight! Starlight!
Starlight! Starlight! Starlight!
Starlight! Starlight!
Starlight! Starlight!
Starlight! Starlight! Starlight!
Starlight! Starlight! Starlight!
You look like shit.
Where are you?
Plausible deniability, pumpkin.
Let's just say I'm a
Contessa from Luxembourg
on permanent holiday.
Cherie you, uh,
you remember Colin Hauser?
- The judge's son?
- I saw him
at, uh
Narcotics Anonymous.
Did he recognize you?
We started talking.
He was having a hard time,
so I helped him get a job
at Starlight's House and
You're fucking him, right?
For fuck's sake, Serge,
what is it with you and
taking in strays all the time?
I didn't mean for it to happen.
I was just seeing him day after day,
one thing led to another, and
So what happens when he finds
out you murdered his family?
Your promise isn't worth the
piece of paper it's printed on!
[STAMMERS] I don't understand that.
Just, earlier [GROANS]
Earlier, you said that
you you said that
you promised to handle Dad,
but you're not handling shit!
Can you just lower your voice?
No, no, no. You don't get
to tell me what to do, okay?
The day you left, it was a Friday.
You walked me to school,
and you promised to
buy us tickets to Billy Joel.
I was vibrating with excitement.
That was the last I ever saw you.
I spent a week standing
by the front door,
telling Dad you'd be back,
because why wouldn't
you be? You promised.
But your promise didn't mean anything.
I'm so, so sorry, Hughie.
This isn't about you and me.
This is about what's best for your dad.
You don't know what's best for him.
You don't know what's
best for either of us.
From now on, you don't
talk to a doctor without me,
you don't make any medical decisions
without me signing off.
And if you don't like it,
I'll take you to court. I'll challenge
you for power of attorney.
And get rid of all your
fucking rosemary oil crap.
Dad would hate it and
it smells like shit.

What you did back there, you
you saved our asses.
You should've left me.
To be a good skipper,
you gotta be a right asshole.
Ain't no room for compassion.
The right move to make
was to nab that cunt Sage.
Instead, you walked
the boys into a trap,
and then risked their lives
to save some twat
who's gonna be dead in six months.
We was lucky,
but next time,
someone's gonna die.
I look back at my life,
and all I see
are the messes I've made.
I've fucked it up.
Every step.
And I ain't got time to fix it.
But maybe
maybe I can do one thing right
with the time I got left.
Get Ryan safe.
I can't do that alone.
I can't do it without you.
Too fucking little, Butcher.
Too fucking late.

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